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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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computer. have a great night. welcome to "world news tonight." u.s. servicemen on a high-speed train, jumping into action, grabbing a shooter's gun, saving lives. >> i looked over at spencer and said, let's go, go. >> tonight those heros speaking out. the stunt pilot in the military jet, thousands watching as something goes horribly wrong. the fireball, the sky full of smoke, the deadly crash landing onto a crowded road. donald trump packing a stadium, arriving in his plane, playing to his fans. >> i'll prove once and for all that it's mine. >> did he break a campaign record? and the hip-hop star at the center of the hit movie "straight outta compton" making millions on his bad boy image, what dr. dre is apologizing for tonight.
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good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with that heroic moment on a high speed train, two american servicemen and their friend on vacation in france praised for stopping what could have been a mass killing. tonight this video inside that train. there's the attacker tied up. those americans beating him with his own rifle. one of them seriously hurt in the takedown, and we are learning more about these heros, their quick decision to act. today president obama calling each of them to thank them for their courage. abc's ron claiborne leads us off. >> reporter: spencer stone waved as he left the french hospital tonight where he had been treated for cuts to his neck and hand sustained in a furious struggle with the heavily armed suspect on that high speed train. this video showing the dramatic scene on the train. stone, shirtless and bleeding, tending to another passenger.
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his attacker, the gunman, tied up a few feet away, not moving. on a nearby seat, the gunman's automatic weapon. authorities say those three americans and a british man took down the suspect after he shot another passenger, almost certainly they prevented a massacre. the two unwounded americans praising their friend's quick actions. >> spencer ran a good ten meters to get to the guy, and we didn't know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. spencer just ran anyway. >> i'm really proud of my friend that he just reacted so quickly and so bravely. >> reporter: the suspect was identified as ayoub el khazzani, a 26-year-old native of morocco. french authorities say he may have belonged to a radical islamic movement. on board the train authorities found an ak-47, a handgun, a box cutter and ammunition. >> it could have been a really carnage, no question about that. >> we're very lucky that nobody got killed, especially spencer. >> reporter: president obama
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today praising the three americans -- stone, national guardsman alex skarlatos who was returning from duty in afghanistan, and their civilian friend, anthony sadler. tonight stone just out of the hospital is expected to be reunited with his fellow heros. tonight el khazzani is in french custody. he's undergoing interrogation. he lived in belgium and was known to authorities. investigators there and in france are trying to determine where he got the weapons, all those weapons he had on that train, and what he planned to do with them. >> what those servicemen did was totally remarkable. good to see you tonight. next to a devastating accident at an air show. thousands of people watching it all in horror. it happened over these fields in england. a military jet beginning this high flying stunt but then something went tragically wrong. the jet slamming into a busy road. abc's jennifer eccleston from london tonight. >> reporter: the pilot at this air show attempting a routine loop when suddenly the jet starts to plummet. onlookers horrified as it goes
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down, crashing into a busy road. >> there's nothing we can do except stay where we are. and keep clear. >> reporter: a cloud of smoke engulfing the area. enjoyment turning to horror for thousands of spectators in west sussex south of london. >> it just plowed straight into the road and the trees over the way there. >> reporter: the casualties, at least 7 dead and 15 injured. all of the dead on the road near the air show. >> i swerved off the road and literally just across the other side of the road it just went up in flames. >> reporter: the plane that crashed, a 1950s military jet. investigators say the pilot is critically ill and fighting for his life. >> in this case, it was either a mechanical problem or the pilot failed to have enough altitude as he came down. >> reporter: ambulances and helicopters lining up to evacuate the dead and wounded. it's too soon to say what brought down the vintage jet,
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but investigators will be combing the wreckage, searching for clues as to why this popular family event turned so tragic. cecilia? >> a lot of questions. jennifer, thank you. now to the race for the white house. donald trump ever the showman, the republican front-runner filling a football stadium in alabama. the crowd count, now official, trump drew more supporters than any candidate so far this season. abc's tom llamas was right there and he reports in from mobile tonight. ♪ sweet home alabama >> reporter: taking the stage to the sound of "sweet home alabama", donald trump wasted no time giving that record-setting crowd what they waited hours to see. >> we have politicians that don't have a clue. they're all talk. they're no action. >> reporter: singling out fellow republican jeb bush on education. >> first thing that happens, like i said, your schools go to hell. >> reporter: and on immigration. >> very weak on immigration, wants to let people come in. >> reporter: bush heading to the border on monday and not letting
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trump be the only voice friday night, sending this video to voters in the state. >> i cut taxes every year. he's proposed the largest tax increase in mankind's history. >> reporter: trump also taking a shot at hillary clinton over the investigation into her private e-mail account. >> some bad things came out today. you know those classified, you know the word classified. >> reporter: playing to the crowd in mobile. >> as much as i love the art of the deal, it's not even close. we take the bible all the way, right? >> reporter: trump's rhetoric striking a chord here. police estimating 30,000 showed up to this rally, the largest event so far this election season. >> he's honest and we need a businessman to finally run the united states instead of a politician. >> reporter: trump backers showing their support wearing donald wigs and trump himself showing off that famous hair. >> you know if it rains i'll take off my hat and i'll prove -- i'll prove -- i'll prove once and for all that it's mine, okay?
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>> reporter: that bush/trump battle may roll into next week with bush on the border in texas on monday and trump in iowa on tuesday. cecilia? >> tom, thanks. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. now we turn to the democratic side. word tonight that vice-president joe biden had a secret political meeting today. abc's dechb dwyer joins us from the white house. who did he meet with. >> reporter: the vice-president had been vacationing with his family in delaware but word that he met privately with popular liberal senator, elizabeth warren. that would be critical if biden were to get into the presidential race and we know right now he's weighing that decision. >> hillary clinton was supposed to be on vacation this week but she's hitting the campaign trail instead? >> reporter: she's be skipping the beach to week, this as that e-mail controversy continues to
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swirl. 56% of americans now say they think mrs. clinton did something wrong by using that private e-mail server. this is troubling to the clinton campaign but they deny that they made any numbers changes because of this. >> dechb, thank you. next tonight, the desperate battle against raging wildfires, one of the fires burning in washington state forcing 2,500 people out of their homes. more than 70 major wildfires burning tonight. the northwest hit especially hard and that is where they are asking for all the help they can get. abc's kendis gibson reports in from that area. >> reporter: tonight, crews battling the massive wildfires raging out of control in washington, finally getting reinforcement. >> this is our practice fire shelter. >> reporter: up to 3,000 citizen volunteers answering the unprecedented call for help, training today, on the front lines tomorrow. >> if they call for volunteers and we can help in any way, we'll be here. >> reporter: the okanogan
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complex fires in central washington scorching more than 227,000 acres, responsible for the deaths of three firefighters, the president declaring a state of emergency. >> there's been folks here since day one that, they're tired. it's hot, it's windy. they're watching lots of ground be lost. they're watching some homes be lost, and that just adds to it. >> reporter: 60 mile an hour wind gusts fueling the flames, the fires damaging power lines, leaving hundreds of people in the dark tonight and many towns remain evacuated because of the danger. tonight officials say hundreds of homes remain in danger, but after all that's burnt around here, they're hoping a break in the winds could finally help firefighters get a leg up. cecilia? >> they sure do deserve a break. kendis, thank you. next to that severe weather. rob is here now. 15 million americans in this threat zone tonight. you're tracking it all. what's going on? >> this is a big system, cecilia. it's the same system that brought the destructive wind to the fire zone yesterday.
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now it's in the plains. much cooler behind this. it actually snowed in montana. ahead of the front, we've got tornado watches from kansas city, des moines, minneapolis, right into canada. the roughest weather is tonight and tomorrow this system gets weaker but still stormy from chicago into detroit. >> you're also following tropical storms. >> we have been talking about danny which was the strongest storm we've seen in this part of the atlantic in five years. now it's barely a category one. 75 mile per hour winds. the weakening trend is going to continue. it skirts to the northern islands of the caribbean. they can use the rain so they will take the storm. we'll have to watch this for the u.s. next week. speaking of the u.s., hawaii, kilo, this is very weak but forecasted to strengthen into a hurricane and potentially make a run at the hawaiian islands by mid-week. >> you'll be watching that, rob. thank you. we turn overseas to china. there has been another explosion at a chemical plant. nine people injured in this one, the blast triggering a fire. the tremors felt a mile away. it comes just ten days after those massive blasts at a
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warehouse storing dangerous chemicals in tianjin. that disaster killed at least 121 people. to violent clashes on europe's border. take a look at this video. thousands of migrants escaping the violence in syria, trying to pass from greece into macedonia, clashing with police there. it started when parents with small children were allowed to enter, then others crushing forward. several people there injured. back here at home now and a major win for nba great michael jordan scoring big in court. a jury awarding him $8.9 million. a now defunct grocery store ordered to pay up for using jordan's name and his jersey number in an ad back in 2009. jordan saying the money will go to charities in chicago. and if you are headed out to see a movie this weekend, you may encounter this. bag checks at the door before you even buy your popcorn or take your seat. america's largest theatre chain instituting this new search
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policy after a series of violent attacks. abc's clayton sandell reporting in from the movies tonight. >> reporter: the places we go to escape reality are now having to face it head on. >> we are in the movies and someone started shooting people. >> reporter: at this louisiana movie theatre in july, two people are killed, nine more wounded. earlier this month in nashville, a man attacked moviegoers armed with a pellet gun and a hatchet. of course aurora, 12 people killed, 70 more hurt. regal cinemas, the largest movie theatre chain in the u.s. announcing all bags will be subject to inspection. shantell martinez says these days going to the movies with her kids is very different. >> i'm always aware of my surroundings and keep my children close to me. >> reporter: regal says they want customers and staff to feel safe, saying we acknowledge this procedure could cause some inconvenience and it is not without flaws. >> it's an invasion of privacy for sure, but also, you know, i
5:43 pm
know that they're doing it for safety reasons. >> reporter: at this regal theatre in new york, we watched ticket takers checking some backpacks, only glancing at others. in denver, some were being inspected, but these large bags got by completely unchecked. cecilia, searching bags may not have prevented the massacre at this aurora theatre three years ago because the gunman didn't bring his weapons in the front entrance. he snuck them in an emergency exit around the back. cecilia? >> clayton sandell, thank you. coming up next, one of those movies people may be headed out to see, the growing outrage behind this weekend's blockbuster, "straight outta compton," that has hip-hop's cash king apologizing tonight. and the little voice on the other end of this critical call for help. >> hello, um, my papa, his chest hurts. >> how old is he? >> he is 84. >> what this 6-year-old did that just so happened to save his grandfather's life.
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the blockbuster, "straight outta compton," is expected to top box office sales again this weekend, but the movie's success is also bringing to light some old allegations, and now one of the biggest names in hip-hop is apologizing. abc's aditi roy has more. >> yo dre? >> what up? >> i got something to say. >> reporter: the blockbuster hit, "straight outta compton," the biopic of rap group nwa, drawing criticism tonight for not addressing allegations that former member and hip-hop mogul, dr. dre, physically abused women. dr. dre expressing regret in the "new york times" saying, 25 years ago i was a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life. however, none of this is an excuse for what i did. adding, i apologize to the women i've hurt. ♪
5:47 pm
>> those decades-old allegations have resurfaced on social media and revolve around three women, hip-hop journalist dee barnes, fellow rapper tairrie b, and singer and dr. dre's former girlfriend michel'le who spoke who spoke earlier to urban news site vlad tv about dr. dre allegedly shooting at her. >> one night we was arguing and he got the gun and i just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and missed me by that much. >> reporter: nearly two decades later, the former nwa rapper reinventing himself as the entrepreneur behind beats music, which apple bought in 2014 for $3 billion. >> dre is one of the greatest, most influential music producers of all time. then this is another element of the story, that he did things that he's ashamed of. he acknowledged that that's part of his story as well. >> reporter: aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. still ahead on "world news
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tonight," the massive alligator setting a near record in alabama. can you guess how much that guy weighs?
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straight to the index starting with a comeback for tiger woods, woods near the top of the leader board at the wyndham championship in greensboro, north carolina. the winner of 14 grand slam tournaments now coming off the most miserable summer of his career. watch this one. a big oops on a road just outside of boston. ouch, this produce truck slamming into that overpass. luckily no one was hurt, but that bridge has been a headache for drivers there.
5:52 pm
more than 50 accidents since 1986, many involving trucks just like this one, too tall for that low clearance. it's less than 11 feet. and next, what's 13.5 feet and green all over? well, this massive alligator caught last week in alabama's lake eufaula, has officially weighed in at a whopping 920 pounds. it took six men to pull it in. it is the state's second heaviest gator ever caught during a regulated hunt and it's believed to be at least 60 years old. across the pond, if you're afraid of heights you might want to close your eyes for this one. a new luxury apartment development plans to build a glass sky pool 90 feet long, straddling two buildings, suspended ten stories up. the pool is supposed to give swimmers the feeling of floating through the air over central london. not bad. when we come back, little kids remembering three little numbers. >> how old are you? >> i am six years old. >> quick thinking that saved the
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finally tonight, when should you start teaching your children those three crucial numbers, 911? as abc's john donvan tells us,
5:57 pm
perhaps no child is too young. >> reporter: a call comes into 911 and it's a kid's voice. >> hello. um, my papa, his chest hurts. >> okay, how old is he? >> he is 84. >> how old are you? >> i am six years old. >> reporter: yes, 6-year-old trevor fowler and it was his grandfather willard having the heart attack at home in burlington, north carolina. >> is he breathing normal? >> yes, sir. >> is he changing color? >> yes, sir, he's getting pale. please hurry. >> reporter: it was only in january that we reported on the story of a 4-year-old in kalamazoo, michigan who called 911 when her pregnant mom started having seizures. >> this is calise manning. she's shaking. she's having a baby. >> reporter: that time things ended happily. her baby brother delivered safely. >> he's cute and i really love him. >> reporter: her mom taught calise how to dial 911. back to trevor and listen to how cool he stays.
5:58 pm
>> how long will it take them? >> i can't tell you a time. >> he kept his composure. if adults would do that, it would be so easy. >> reporter: it got his grandfather saved. there they all are along with trevor's mom who, guess what, had also trained her child for this moment. >> my mom is diabetic so she keeps telling me how to do it. >> reporter: there's a lesson in there somewhere about what kids are capable of when they're the ones you have to count on. john donvan, abc news. >> go trevor. i will see you tomorrow morning on "gma." "this week" with george is on, too. and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega in new york. thanks for watching. good night.
5:59 pm
next at 6:00, a look at the northern california man who stepped up to help stop what could have been massacre in europe. cries of protests against a women's healthcare service in the bay area echo other demonstrations across the nation. the return of students brings back an ongoing problem around cal's campus. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. he tackled him. >> tonight we are learning more about how three men with northern california ties helped take down a gunman on a european train. cell phone video shows the suspect hogtied on the floor of the train as it headed to paris. french authorities said if not for the actions of at the three
6:00 pm
friends, many people may have died. we're live in the newsroom with more. >> these three friends clearly relied on their military training and ensignings, risking their lives to save others. >> with two words, alek skarlatos gave the initial command that thwart another terror on a train. >> i said, basically, let's go. >> heeding the words, his friend and airman spencer stone. >> spend send ran ten meters to get to the guy, and didn't know his gun wasn't working. >> the gunman slashed spencer. here he is walking out of the hospital, surviving the injuries. >> i showed up and grabbed the gun from him, and we basically started beating him in the head until he went unconscious. >> reporter: passengers on the train helped tie up the


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