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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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friends, many people may have died. we're live in the newsroom with more. >> these three friends clearly relied on their military training and ensignings, risking their lives to save others. >> with two words, alek skarlatos gave the initial command that thwart another terror on a train. >> i said, basically, let's go. >> heeding the words, his friend and airman spencer stone. >> spend send ran ten meters to get to the guy, and didn't know his gun wasn't working. >> the gunman slashed spencer. here he is walking out of the hospital, surviving the injuries. >> i showed up and grabbed the gun from him, and we basically started beating him in the head until he went unconscious. >> reporter: passengers on the train helped tie up the
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26-year-old moroccoan gunman. they were on vacation. >> in the aftermath we saw that a man's throat had been slit, and he was bleeding profusely, and spencer, who had some paramedic training, just clogged up his neck so he wouldn't die. >> authorities say the gunman had an assault rifle, a knife, and close to a dozen additional cartridges. >> talked to spencer. he said i would have been killed if it wasn't for alek. >> i talked to alek, and he said the same thing. mom, if it weren't for spencer i would be dade. >> an up likely vacation store making tree friends heroes. >> the parents of anthony sadler say they're stunned and relived to hear about her son's heroics. he is a student at sacramento state university.
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>> his word, jumped him. they put a whooping on him. >> the sadlers now are hoping to get their son on a plane as quick as possible and get him book home. as the story continues to unfold, depressed on abc7 news and follow us on twitter, abc7 news bay area. san jose police on the lookout for a driver wanted for a deadly hit-and-run. happened just after 6:00 this morning. one called police to report a man down on the road. appliance found a man in his 60s dead. they do not have information about the driver or vehicle involved. dozens protested outside the planned parenthood clinic in any hairedword, calling for an end of federal funding for the health care organization. the protests are in response to an anti-abortion group that secretly filmed videos the group says showed planned parenthood staffers selling feet tall tissue for research. planned parenthood denied the allegations.
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firefighters now have the tesla fire 85% contained. 2700-acre wildfire broke out wednesday near livermore. only one uninhabited home was destroyed. the cause is under investigation. san francisco city attorney has a new plan to stop graffiti by suing the vandals. the san francisco chronicle reports the city can legally seek civil damages for cleanup. the law allows courts to treat the city like a property owner. the city is suing one woman accused of 28 acts of graffiti. >> the east bay is abuzz as thousands of uc berkeley students return to campus for fall classes. cornell bernard is live with more. >> reporter: some call it move-in win week, others call it controlled chaos. we have seen a lot of new students moving into the dorms off college avenue, with their parents, not far behind. army of students are converging
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on their new home away from home, we'lling dorm and school supplies with them. an amazing 7,000 students are moving into campus housing this weekend, and thanks to advisers posted their in the dorms, everybody is being pointed in the right direction. traditionally it is a time to party and celebrate the college experience. campus cops say, have fun, but they warn no booze allowed in the dorms. >> it's college life so we can't say people aren't going to drink, but we would like to drink responsibly. >> i'm really excited for my first year at uc berkeley. going to be fun. i'm going to learn a lot of new stuff and going to meet a lot of new, interesting people. >> reporter: and lots of long goodbyes to parents, sons and daughters. we have seen a lot of them today. classes begin august 26th. we're live on the campus, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, we go inside a million dollar illegal
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marijuana grow operation that authorities say is causing severe damage to parts of california. >> think like an animal. rye searcher said it could help safe many a species on the planet. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma, of a sunny sky today, the clouds are moving back in. how long will we have the below normal temperatures?
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undercover drug enforcement agents have broken up a marijuana farm run by the mexican cartel in southern california. this dropped from helicopters and found 2500 plants and hundreds of weapons and ammunition steps away from hiking trails. the pot is estimated at $1.25 million. the freshes are nowhere in sight. they even diverted a stream into a hand-dug reservoir to water the plants. >> water deversion killed everything downstream. >> on thursday authorities hauled down waste and materials left behind. federal agents estimate they only raid 30% of the illegal pot grows in california. a new study confirmed what many people already thought, humans are the super predator on earth and our dominance is not sustainable.
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australian researchers look at thousands of interactions between predators and prey. foremostables there's a balance to how they hunt. when humans hunt and gather animals the methods for devastating at at thes the course of evolution and forces them to extinction, researchers suggest hunting more like other predator, program, fishermen releasing older fish which lay more eggs. coming up next at 6:00, a california mother warning parents about what she claims to have found in her baby wipes. a warm weekend could turn into a hot work week, drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> mike leek made one mistake today. so did hundred irstrickland and. those one mistakes add up to a
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in washington lighter winds helped firefighters gain the upper hand. resources are stretched so thin officials began providing training to volunteers who have machinery to help dig firelines.
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volunteers from new zealand and australia are joining the fight to help save homes. >> they're committed. they're tired. they're working long hours. they're not getting sleep. they're getting chased from one house to another. but they're giving it their best. they're doing a great job. >> three firefighters were killed in a firefight on wednesday. president obama signed an emergency declaration yesterday allowing for more federal resources. hugies responded to an angry video of a mother who claims she found glass in her child's baby wipes. million people viewed the facebook video of the mother opening bags of hugy wins. she says something sharp cut her eyelid and found glass. she contacted hugies. they have reeseed a statement saying their products or evaluated to make sure they're
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staph and have string gent policy controls in place. people joined together for the friends of faith breast cancer fundraiser in oakland today. the 5k walk and run was inspired by a bay area broadcaster who passed away in 2003 from breast cancer. carolyn tyler was her friend and has been part of the movement. while a great day to be outside, walking or running. joined now by drew tuma. which one did you do? >> i ran. beautiful, nice cool morning. the fog along the coast, now those clouds are moving back in. live doppler 7hd is dry. the wind is a big factor in the forecast over the next couple of days. right now out of the west between 12 and 15 miles-per-hour but we're seeing a gust to 21 at hayward and the winds are going to push the crowneds inland tonight and that means mainly cloudy skies overnight.
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live lock from golden gate bridge camera, clouds are moving in. it's comfortably cool. oakland, 69. mountain view, 7 4. san jose as well. half moon bay, 6 2. love this camera shot. emeryville camera showing the clouds on the horizon. generally right now in the east bay and inland areas we have sunshinement current tours, 71 in santa rosa. novato, 77. 79, fairfield. livermore, 79. so, here's the live doppler 7hd along with satellite. the setup we're seeing with the clouds along the coast. notice in the pacific it's a quiet pattern. just see a little spin off the coast and that's an upper level low. it's just keeping the ma leap layer in place for another day. so future weather has you covered going hour by hour remember tomorrow morning, 7:00, we have seen this pattern many times. clouds early on, widespread across the bay, by the
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mid-morning and early afternoon hours, clouds pull back and linger along the coast. the ha marine layer is 2500 feet tomorrow so that's going to keep us cool but the westerly winds. in the pacific, an update on tropical depression keala. moving to the west northwest another 15 it will encounter warmer waters and hurricanes love warmer waters so will strengthen into a category 1 storm wednesday and thursday, but you do notice it slows its motion and meanders in the pacific late next week. so all indications are that this hurricane stays west of hawai'i. but we'll be tracking that. overnight, mid-fives in to low 60s. out in of to the question that an isolated patchy drizzle may pop up. tomorrow, south bay, afternoon sunshine, 81. 77 the high in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 77, redwood
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city, 65, pacifica. a comfortable 69 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. 6, south san francisco, afternoon sunshine. 78, santa rosa. 72 vallejo. 80 in santa rosa. oakland, 73. 77, fremont. 71 richmond, and inland, 80s. 82, pleasanton, and 85 the nye livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, monday it's a bit warmer inland, partly cloudy on tuesday, wednesday, weak ripple of energy could bring morning drizzle but beach weather, thursday and friday. so a week from today we could be tracking showers. >> i never remember this much rain in the bay area for all the years i've lived here. it's really unusual. thank you, drew. >> colin is in for shu today and we're talking about giants with a tough matchup. >> pittsburgh. they've really dominated the national league west and have the giants' number, everybody.
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no one likes to see pittsburgh this year. they own the nl west. 18 wins, four losses. number 18 today in walkoff fashion as the pirates beat the giants. great setting. engaged to brandon crawford's sister. second inning, take that, bro. oh! sterling marte. sorry. cole goes seven innings, three hits, no earned runs. blanco stealing second. throw gets away. blanco to third. then one hit allowed. there it is. solo shot by kong to tie it at 1. then conk all over the fast ball. pirates take the 2-1 lead. giants in the eighth. soria, breaking ball in the dirt. gets away from stewart, matt duffy scores, we're tied. george camp -- marte we two
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outs, walkoff. pirates, four hits, three of those four hits, home runs, 3-2 the final. giants' third one-run loss on the current road trip. after tomorrows' series finales the giants come back home and face cubs. cubs, miguel montero and solo bo back-to-back in the eighth, come-from-behind and now lead the giant biz five games for the second wild card spot. >> collin kaepernick limited to one possession in the niners preseason opener last weekend. you can expect two or three from him tomorrow night when they host cowboys. after sitting out the hope ohmer tony romo is supposed to play but there's no certainty. concern over the condition of the field at levi's stadium seems to be the main reason for concern. the niners defense is prepared
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to see the cowboys' first team offense. >> a great opportunity going into the season. great quarterback, great receiving group, couple of good insides, and something we can see before the season. probably make mistakes but that is what preseason is for. just something good to do going into the season. >> drew, check this out. raiders preseason in minnesota, murray, 75-yard drive but derek california r in the second quarter, 6-6, and then the game is halted. lightning in minneapolis. so currently suspended. they're expected to restart the game somewhere around 7:00. arena football. national conference final. saber cats and ratters in stockton. myer scrambling. launching. 42 yards for the touchdown.
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reynolds right now. tied at 28 late in the second quarter. >> a rare lead going the weekending higher wood hoped to put the competition in his right-hand but the opposite happened. now, has to come from behind to win his first tournament in two years, tiger, an opening birdie but they were hard to come by for him today. not for jason gore, nine birdies. shoots an 8-under 62. final one on 18 would get him to 15-under. takes the lead into sunday. tiger paired with tour rookie tom hoagy in the group. asked if he could recognize hoeingy, tiger said, i want. he was 2-over. tiger rolls in a birdie putt but a bogey at 18 has them to back of gore. quakes in our nation's capital, take only d.c. united. san jose scoring three minutes into the night.
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this is his 12th of the season. 1-nil second half. then going to try to chip it to his teammate. goes in. i'll take it. quakes on fire, man. look at this, 2-nil. seven goals. none against. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west, and another golf note, ko leading at the pacific women's open by one shot. >> speaking of weather, flooding goals into the opponent's goals. >> they've been struggling to score all year and now it's just an offensive barrage. >> good to see if you're a quakes fan. >> and doing it on the road. next at 6:00, you have heard of therapy dogs. what can make this cat a more effective therapy pet for wounded soldiers. >> on ms. we mark the anniversary of the august 24th august 24th earthquake.
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touching reunion after a rough day for this puppy. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, when you think of robots you might think of something like this, but a bay area man is gambling on a totally different kind of mega robot. what he plans to do with it tonight at 11:00. a kitten in san diego will soon have something no other cat in the world has. sofia will be the first cat with a bionic leg, a real leg had to be amputate when she was weeks over. a san diego company called fab lab is making the prosthetic leg. her owner hopes to turn her interest a therapy cat to help soldiers who have lost limbs. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. you can watch abc7 news live or on demand with watch abc, and the watch app available for xbox and your tablet, smartphone or computer, have a great night.
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