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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are under arrest. police and local leaders will hold a news conference on the chase that started on lombard and end across the bay in oakland. lilian kim has more. >> members of the thai air force left san francisco general hospital where a fellow airman was treated for a gunshot wound to the arm. the shooting happened on lombard street as they walked to the tour bus. san francisco police department say two men grabbed the cameras. he was shot when he ran after them. >> we were told there are areas we cannot go at night so it was dangerous and --. >> next, the start of a four hour ordeal, the robbers took off in the cartridgerring a high-speed chase across the bay. police arrested one of the men after the car crashed on 60th street in oakland. the second suspect was found by a search dog after a three-hour manhunt. >> he was being chased by police
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and drove up 630th and into the pole and jumped out, two guys, and this guy jumps the fence. >> she commit add felony crime and decided to shot someone this is someone we do not want on the streets. >> the victim will be okay and has been released from the hospital and returning to vacaville where he and the air force friends have been training at travis air force base. >> this morning, more testimony is expected in a preliminary hearing for an undocumented ingrant charged in a san francisco murder case that has been making international headlines. we were in court yesterday when a key witness testified she saw francisco sanchez run away after 32-year-old kate steinle was shot at pier 14 taking a photo of him that officers say led to his arrest. most important witness may have been the person who say heard the shot and saw it
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tossed into the bay. >> a couple who lives in a home is accused of kidnapping and running a recent constitution human trafficking rain. for 15 years. investigators say the 50-year-old james joseph and his common-law wife, avisa lavassani, operated out of san ramon and later a danville home. police say they arranged for women to be friend to wealthy climate changes an the country. women between 18 and 25 were enticed with international makeup artists and modeling contracts. >> there are a lot of ways people were kept here by fear and intimidation that if they did not cooperate they could be hurt or killed. >> local police and f.b.i. arrested the couple at their him and arrested 42-year-old anthony reynolds for helping. >> former banking analyst in san francisco pleaded not guilty to insider trading charges. he worked for j.p. morgan chase and accused of leaking inside information on deals to two
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friends. the justice department said the group made $600,000 from the illegal trades. >> police in san leandro need your help to find a well dressed bank robber who targets a bank of west branch demanding money from a actualer at the washington avenue location on wednesday. the teller complied. police searched the area. they could not locate the robber. >> this morning, investors are watching how wall street reacts after key indexes in china ended down for a 5th straight day. the shanghai index swung back-and-forth 20 big losses and gains before closing down 1.3 percent. there were positive signs including stocks in japan rally with the nikkei up 3.2 percent and south korea's kospi rebounded up. beijing cut interest rates to stabilize the markets and at home the united states stocks are boyed to open higher after a 10 element couple of days. >> a suspected gunman stopped by
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three sacramento men facing terrorism charges in france. cell phone video shows ayoub el-khazzani after three train passengers disarmed him. he brought an assault rifle and other weapons on to the paris-bound train to commit mass murder. the man watched a jihad video on his phone just before friday's attempted attack. ayoub el-khazzani said he found the weapons and was going to use them to problem passengers. >> one of the three americans who took down ayoub el-khazzani is back home in sacramento this morning. anthony sadler flew in along with his parents yesterday. spencer step, one of the three, is treated for injuries suffered subduing the attacker and alek skarlatos will return to oregon the all three are originally from sacramento. there will an parade their on. >> they were on the train. they did not passively wait and see what would happen. they saw danger to not only
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themselves but to others and they step up and saved lives. >> details of the parade have not been revealed but sacramento mayor johnson said that it will be something special. >> another woman has come forward accusing the napa valley wine train of threatening to remove her and her friends from the train because of a racial bias. early this week the company apologized after a black women's week club was forced off the train on saturday after passenger cop plains. the women said they were not louder than any other group the according to a website, a 28-year-old woman said that the wine train employee told her group in april they would be kicked off if they did not control their noise level. she believes the manager discriminated against them because they were a big group of latinos. at 7:00, "good morning america" will have more on the wine train incident. >> quick action from firefighters in san rafael kept a fire "suspicious," from spreading out of control breaking out yesterday near the
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north gate mall. several homes were threatened, firefighters, though, knocked down the flames in an hour. investigators are looking for a brown of teens last seen running away from the scene. >> in the pacific northwest the largest fire in washington state history continues growing, now burning more than 258,000 acres. mind boggling and only 15 percent contained. foreign firefighters are now brought to the united states to battle flames for the first time in seven years. four red cross volunteers are there providing disaster relief to those affected. >> the oakland school district is considering a plan to use part of city land for affordable teen are housing. the plot is located southeast of lake merritt, city leaders wanted to sell it to a development company to make luxury housing. groups, though, protest the decision. the deal fell through because it violated state law by not offering enough affordable housing. today, the school district board will consider the new plan and decide if they should pitch it
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to the city. >> it is always not just about our teachers but people want firefighters, police officers living in the community where they work. >> the school district has until september 12 to notify the city of its interest. >> waking up and checking with meteorologist mike nicco on the forecast. >> we will start with. toes loan the east bay. good morning, castro valley is at 58, along with berkeley and orinda at 57, fremont at 59. union city and san leandro and alameda and richmond at 60 and oakland is 61. we 59 right now in pleasanton and 61 in san jose and livermore and antioch is 58. 59 in san carlos and san francisco and pacifica at 56 and novato is 55 and napa is 53, with longer nights getting the deep valueers -- deeper valleys cooler.
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it will be hot inland east bay headed to the afternoon at 90 to 95. the cost and san francisco prettier, warmer-than-average, 67 to 73, and around the bay, we will have 75 in oakland to about 86 in san jose and toward the santa rosa. we do have partly cloudy conditions and 58 degrees at sfo right now. we will keep an eye on that. an hour and 20 minutes away before we learn if there are delays. the heat peeks tomorrow and mid-90s inland, and mid-80s around the bay and low 70s at the coast. cooling is on friday, get ready for below average weekend with sunday just ahead. >> mike, thank you so much. looking pretty good out there right now, this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and no wait at all, just a quick note if you are taking eastbound 580 from west street to mcarthur boulevard, this is road work the now, this is the san mateo bridge where traffic heading westbound, those are the tail lights, also, flowing smoothly and now is the time to hit the
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road if you are trying to get across the bay. >> drivers caught by surprise on a south bay freeway. next, the wild chase that even a taser could fought step. >> frustration at the road the slow commute is costing you more than stress. than stress. stay tuned.
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital.
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i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... >> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> crews are working to fix a water main break in san rafael that burst yesterday near black step drive in the marin wood area. this is cell phone video of the water just pour down the street, people askedded up the water to use for their lawns.
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marin municipal has shut off the leak. a dozen families were affected. >> you may have been a commuter in san jose where police tried to catch a shirtless man running wild on a freeway. the driver captured this on video. our reporter explains why it was so hard to catch him. >> something going down. i don't know what it is. like...someone running around the street or something. >> not your usual traffic jam. on interstate 880. san jose police tried to catch a bear help chested man on freeway around 9:40 in the morning and a passing driver took this cell phone video. >> where the shirt last man came from is a mystery but it started near the overpass where i am standing. he grabbed construction columns and starting placing them on interstate 880 staling traffic. as you can see behind me, there is recent construction in the area is cones were there to grab
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the he assaulted two officers would tried to detain him as he darted all over the roadway. >> the question everyone asked: was he on drugs? >> police suspect so. possibly pcp. >> you can see him urging, with tasers bang weeing from the back. >> if he got tazed and kept running... >> a half dozen officers can be seen chasing the man along with three c.h.p. officers who help. >> the police did everything right. it is crazy. >> a second taser deployment subdued the unidentified man. miss say he was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. from there, the officers backed him into the santa clara county jail on two counts of battery on a peace officer, up the influence and resisting arrest. a new report shows the bay area drivers are the most stressed in
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the nation because of worsening traffic congestion. bay area drivers waste two work weeks each year stuck in traffic, which is double the national average. the congestion translates into wasted gas, more than $1,600 each year for oakland and san francisco commuters and $1,400 for folks in the silicon valley. unless more money is invested in grabbing infrastructure the congestion is going to get worse. >> pools open in hayward and fathers are urged to walk with their children to classes. >> hayward is one of 600 cities across the nation taking part in the million father march encouraging men to make the commitment to education and to the children in their lives. organizers hope to attract moms and other adid you to take part, as well. >> so, how is the weather? >> the back-to-school forecast i am working on that, and, now, hayward, specifically, we will have other school districts, and
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they will have temperature around 60 this morning under partly cloudy skies and we will top out at 78 this afternoon. looking at san jose where it is partly cloudy this morning, with less cloud cover and about 59 degrees right now as we look at 87 near the shark tank and we will have hazy sunshine and more warm the today and fewer clouds, not quite so mild tonight but most of us are going to be able to enjoy the free air conditioning with showers looking to our north this weekend and so is the cooling trend still looking good for us. winds are 21 miles per hour in fairfield and everyone else is light and variable at less than 7 miles per hour so we have not had a subject of clouds like year. now, high pressure near the four corners, is low in the gulf of alaska and the high is winning out but it is far enough away that the monsoon moisture is going to stay in southern california, and, in fact, around palm springs there could be flooding today, we are in between the storms and we are going to have some of the high
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clouds rolling our way, so it will not be total sunshine this afternoon and it will be sunglass weather with temperatures above average in the south bay from low-to-mid 80s from 82 at sunnyvale to 86 in san jose and low-to-mid 90 in los gatos and morgue hill and gilroy and up the peninsula, pool weather and heading to the pool after school and up to 85 in half moon bay and pacifica, at 6868972 downtown and 73 downtown and south los gatos and 79 topping out at 86 in calistoga and santa rosa. and mid-70s for berkeley and upper 70s and low 80s elsewhere, from oakland at 77 to castro valley and fremont at 82 and inland east bay, hopefully you enjoy the cool weather because it will be in the low-to-mid 90, and hot this afternoon. lows tonight are running warmer, still mid-50s in the north bay valley, and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 60s and,
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now, as we head to friday, here is the area of he pressure, let me move over to the other side so you can watch it move in, notice the showers at mendocino county, north, and they will be out of here by 11 o'clock in the morning. for us, it brings in the cooler air mass, and, in fact, check out temperatures, we spike tomorrow, mid-70s at the coast and mid-80s around the bay and mid-90 inland. guys, now we are back to sunday's forecast, about 5- to 15-degrees cooler than today. now, back to you. >> all right. we take a look at traffic here showing you 101 in the south bay where usually on this wednesday morning traffic is light and moving right along and there are some issues out this eastbound 580, for example, from west street the lanes are closed until 7:00 a.m. lanes two through 5 and another look at cameras, walnut creek, interstate 680 the tail lights
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are holding southbound from north main traffic moving along without any problems, as well, and the left until 5:00 a.m. >> we have breaking news in indianapolis, right now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver suspected of purposefully running down at left seven people this morning. it appears they may have the area blocked off with a lot of police on the scene there, andens withs say the man was seen driving erratically through downtown intentionally running down people with his car. >> don't know that is the suspect but that man is being obviously detained and his hands are cuffed behind his back and he is surrounded by police officers. you can see there is a birth town out of police officers. you can count five cars and we saw earlier, a shot of the edge showing more police officers and
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vehicles. >> they say that the suspect has stabbed somebody elsewhere in the city so they have been chasing the person and hopefully the situation is coming to a resolution in indiana. >> now, booze on demand? >> amazon is getting into the alcohol delivery business. details in the tech bytes. >> hello, liquor deliveries from amazon. it is for amazon prime and only available in seattle so far. amazon already delivers wine in some cities but the test will add beer and hard liquor with two hour delivery is free and one hour it will cost you $8. >> speaking of fat delivery sony is showing off a super fast drone prototype that flies for two hours up to 106 minute. the drone can carry up to 22 pounds subpoenaed for taking pictures. >> selfies could be to blame for an increase in lice.
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the centers for disease control lists head to head contact as the most common form of transmission. other experts say there is in connection. blamist on a selfie. >> another reason to eradicate the selfie. >> pest reason yet at 4:50. worried about groesbeckteria in your house? get rid of your men and your dog. we will show you how filthy man and his best friend really can be. it is "national dog day." it is "national dog day." stay tuned.
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>> 4:52 with a view showing the lights and the clouds over the bay area right now and we will find out watt clouds mean to our weather forecast in a couple of minuteses. >> a large part of the south bay will fight the west nile virus and will be fogged. the treatment will begin at 11 o'clock tonight scheduled to end at 2:00 a.m. on friday. the spraying is done after adult mosquitoes tested positive for the virus. residents are asked to day inside during the treatment. >> in lake county one or two human cases of west nile virus which attacks the nervous system with permanent serious side effects of the bought parties are said to be making good recoveries. >> they love it unconditionally. now it is time to show us a legal love. we talking national dog day about man's best friend. so media lit up with adorable dogs, people showing favorite
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photo using # nationaldogday. the unofficial holiday was founded in 2004 to bring attention to our k-9 friends and animals waiting in shelters for foster homes or forever homes. we want to see pictures of your friends by posting them using # abc7getup. our viewers have posted some already, and we will share them. >> could be a nice day to take director dog for a walk. >> we already had a national holiday for snoop dogg but i guess not. >> snoop lion. >> i am so not hip. >> cubs and giants...boy. 66 and dropping down to 64. they beat the giants. palm springs 106 and 102 in fresno and sunshine if lake tahoe and 96 in yosemite and let
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me show you churning in the pacific a tropical storm but by sunday, look what comes into play, yes, the island. it could be this by monday. back to you guys. >> thanks, a quick look at the commute this early morning and now, a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving very well, very light, and tail lights are headed through foster city with smooth sailing and the golden gate bridge is looking equally if with the headlights coming into san francisco and a quick drive in both directions, gist a quick note, road work eastbound 880, we are talking about the eastbound 580 to eastbound 80 ramp the lanes, 2, 3, and last shoulder are closed for striping operation until 6:00. >> there will be a complete transformation of the aging
4:56 am
facility that will be renamed the hills, calling for mix used town center with retails dining, office space, housing and 30 acre community park and nature preserve. >> if you have geico auto insurance, they will pay $6 million to settle a come complaint that it overcharged certain customers. according to the consumer federation of california, geico would have higher minimum insurance quotes for women, low income motorists and would inflate quotes to avoid insuring those as "undesirable." geico has 60 days to change how they handle all line insurance quotes and until then the federation said drivers should be extra careful when selecting right quotes from geico. >> listen up, the most jim riddle place on the plane is not the bathroom. it is the armrest according to a study. the tray table was in second place and night attendants say some passengers use the trays as
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baby changing stations. third most dirty is the toilet handle. >> hope you are not having breakfast. if you are worried about gross bacteria, pets and men could have something to do with it. bringing a pet into the house means import the bacteria found in the animal's mouths. researchers say human house mates have a similar affect with bacteria lurking on human skin are more common in men. >> 4:57. time to go, that is the message from san francisco mayor lee to the homeless, ron behind a new effort to clear out the hottest spots. >> problems with protecting your personal information, the reason that california is criticized for the way it handles sensitive material for millions of residents. >> we look you with abc7 now looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge and weather and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. 5:00 a.m. we thank you for waking up early and joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> now a check on weather and traffic starting with meteorologoist mike nicco. >> here is a look at the next three hours. there is nothing coming out of the limited cloud cover we have. you can see how it is broken from the east bay hills camera to the west. the 12-hour day manner is the same as yesterday, at 55 to 52, with more


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