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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 30, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. right now, deadly winds. trees come crashing down. whipping up giant waves. power out to thousands. while in the south, flooding rains pound florida. the remnants of erika hitting hard. rob marciano is tracking it all. looking like a candidate? vice president joe biden, the hugs and handshakes. new video this morning. plus, what the latest poll numbers are showing. hillary could be in trouble in one key state. new questions about the execution style murder of a texas deputy. was the accused shooter motivated by hate? >> black lives matters.
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all lives matters. cops' lives matters, too. >> the latest on the investigation and the vigils for the victim. and all eyes on amal. mrs. george clooney in the spotlight. the human rights lawyer speaking out on the verdict that will send three journalists to prison. >> it sends a message that journalists can be locked up for simply doing their job. proving she and george are a true power couple. and good morning, america. on this last sunday in august. summer is fleeting. dan is off again. great to have tom by my side once again. you came back. welcome back. >> it was torture -- i mean, it was so much fun. there's a lot of news to get to overnight. we start with the weather, problems in the south and the west. take a look at this dust storm in eastern washington.
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you can't even see there. cutting down visibility to near zero. making it impossible to drive. and shutting down parts of highway. >> while erika has sizzled out it's still packing a punch. as can see from this lightning. rob has been monitoring this from the start. he has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we got some rain yesterday. we're about to get some rain today. as thunderstorms fire up behind me. remnants of erika rolling this way. and flood watch in of place in much of the state of florida. we start with what's going on in the pacific northwest, a very strong october-like storm slamming that part of the state. overnight, a wicked storm blasting the northwest with high winds, taking down trees. pounding this highway in violent 50-mile-per-hour wind gust us sending a dust storm whipping through down town spokane. the falling kees killing two in
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seattle and at ft. mccord, four runners injured when limbs came crashing down on an army and air force triathlon. the storm knocking out power to 450,000 homes. nearly half of them still in the dark this morning. >> the wind was blowing pretty hard. soon enough, big branch next to us. >> reporter: wind whipping down stages and tearing down tents at the end of this oregon relay race. as erick ka a breaks apart, south florida feeling its effects this morning. torrential rains dumping miami beach, ft. lauderdale and home stead. here on marco island, this is the spot where the last hurricane hit florida, last major storm to hit the u.s., ten year streak. looks like that streak will be ongoing. as mentioned, the erika remnants are going to continue to filter up through florida. rain roll across southeast florida, southwest florida, and as we come through time the
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heaviest flow i think will be going up the west coast and tampa susceptible to flooding. they do not want to see more rainfall and they could get, 3, 4-plus inches of rainfall. we got another pulse of moisture coming into thing pacific northwest and the heat is building across the northeast. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> rob, it is a serene scene behind you. to politics now, it's your voice your vote. vice president joed then making headlines for his surprise visit at a high pro fill political event. ed then giving a ten-minute speech,ing thanking hig supporters overs years. all this, as the clinton camp could be in trouble, her lead shrinking in one key state. dev yib with dwyer is on the beat this morning and joining us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, there's troubling signs for hk
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hk. she lost a third of her supporters in iowa since may, many consider joe biden. overnight, vice president joe biden joining a jamboree of delegates. >> it's good to be home. >> reporter: sources sayed then didn't talk about a 2016 campaign, but hugs and hand shakes fueling speculation about his imminent decision. hillary clinton's lead in iowa she rinking to its lowest ever. just ahead of bernie sanders. the 73-year-old socialist from vermont, now nipping at her heels. even biden, not in the race, draws 14% in iowa. 13% of democrats there, still undecided. on the republican side, donald trump continues to ride high in the latest poll, while scott walker once the front-runner in iowa seems to be disappearing. down is single digits. >> leading big in iowa, leading tremendously big in new hampshire.
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great people. >> reporter: in tennessee saturday, trump drew a crowd of conservatives and protesters. offering no apology for a sharp, new personal attack, this time on hillary clinton's most trusted adviser. >> she's married to a guy who's obviously psychologically disturbed. i think it is a fair fair statement. >> reporter: huma abedin is married to anthony weiner. the former new york conman who redesigned in disgrace. the clinton campaign swiftly condemning trump's statement as disgraceful. the new eye would poll has favorable for trum. up 36% since may. this, as the clinton down plays those tightening results, they always expected this race to be close. >> so many talking about that poll this morning. for more on this let's bring in martha raddatz who's hosting "this week" later this morning.
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what do his new poll numbers say about the state of hillary clinton's campaign in iowa? >> the campaign has to be worried, she's lost one-third of her support since may, but the campaign is putting the best spin on this, saying, we have always said that this would be a competitive primary, nothing is inevitable. they feel confident in the state of the race right now. let's remember 2008 she finished third behind barack obama and john edwards. this morning, the pollster in iowa who conducted the most recent poll said this feels like 2008 all over again. let's turn to republicans, trump is up in the poll. someone who was up in iowa is down in a significant way. >> scott walker has to be another unhappy candidate taking a real tumble in the polls, the des moines register poll showing him now in a tie for third place.
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he was number one in that poll in may. he's gone from 17% down to 8%. donald trump, still has that significant lead. >> so much going on, okay, martha, thanks so much. you can watch this week here on abc. later this morning, martha will be speaking with democratic candidate, bernie sanders. we turn to that arrest in that an unprovoked execution-style killing of a sheriff's deputy. he was gunned down at a gas station, didn't even see it coming. execution-style shooting. police have arrested shannon miles. abc's kendis gibson is in houston with the very latest. >> reporter: paula, good morning, this entire community reeling from this horrible shooting. police say they know who did it. they are still trying to figure out why. >> we have identified the suspect. responsible for the senseless and cowardly act. >> reporter: this morning the search for answers following the execution-style murder of a texas deputy. >> six to eight shots and an officer is down. >> reporter: overnight, officers
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charging 30-year-old shannon miles with capital murder. saying he's the man captured here on surveillance camera suspected of killing deputy darren goforth. >> this is just a cold-blooded execution. >> reporter: the 47-year-old deputy's fatal trip at this gas station, stopping to fill up his patrol car in uniform when police say he was shot in the back multiple times, dying on the scene, tightening fear in law enforcement groups. >> cops' live matters, too. >> reporter: now investigators questioning if the motive behind goforth's murder is related to recent shootings by police officers. >> there are a few bad apples in every profession, that doesn't mean there should be an open warfare declared on law enforcement. >> reporter: overnight, a community in mourning. ral leg behind the family of a
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slain deputy leaving behind two children and a wife after his murder. a friend reading emotional words from his widow. all the language i know is inadequate for what i want to express. >> reporter: authorities calling this act an assault on the fabric of society itself. the 30-year-old suspect who has a long criminal history, expected to make his first court appearance today. tom, paula? >> kendis gibson, thank you. turn things over to ron who's been tracking the other stories. including tragedy at a ballpark overnight. good morning, it happened in atlanta. during the yankees and braves ball game. a fan plunging from the upper deck of the stadium. fans players, and the game announcers left stunned. >> someone just fell over the upper deck. they had to stop the game. oh, my gosh! >> the game was paused as
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emergency crews tried to revive that man, he later died at the hospital. the man in his early 60s fell 60 feet to the concrete surface of the lower level of turner field. nobody else was hurt. witnesses said he slipped. foul play is not suspected. overseas now to europe's mounting migrant crisis, three children, all from syria, recovering after being found crammed into a small van, along with 23 other adult migrants on the austrian-german border. this comes as four men appeared in court in the discovery of another truck in austria containing 71 boies considered to be migrants. a hiker missing in the rugged sierra nevada mountains for nine days 62-year-old
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miyukiharwood was found. she was 18 miles into the dense wilderness when she became separated from many her group. she's now in stable condition. the city of los angeles is reportedly one step closer to replacing boston as america's bid to host the 2024 olympics, according the the associated press, the city council in l.a. will meet on tuesday to decide whether to pursue that bid. should the council give the go-ahead the united states olympic committee will announce los angeles as the choice of the city. and they would want former olympian h-it caitlyn jenner to carry the trofrjorch. the triple crown american pharoah at the finish line, coming up short, in upstate new york, finish second, to a horse named teen ice. first triple crown winner in 37 years, lost the lead. many wondering if this is american pharoah's last race. he lost the lead in the far turn. many wondering if this is
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american pharoah's last race. finally a 12-year-old boy from pennsylvania is on top of the world after this little league world at-bat. he's going to crush this. walk-off rbi. single. giving his team the u.s. title. the crowd so fired up he turned red. >> look at that. >> a record crowd of 46,000-plus. >> he put his hands up even before -- >> 46,000 -- >> 46,000 people? wow. >> they'll take on undefeated tokyo team later today right here on abc, folks. >> could you imagine bringing home the game-winner? >> imagine being 12 and playing in front of 46,000 fans. >> 46,000. >> he'll be playing that video for everyone in his life. >> that is amazing.
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his little cheeks. >> he'll be 40 years old, look at this video. >> an al bundy moment. >> great story. thank you, ron. we want to turn now to amal clooney whose's taking center stage who's married to george clooney is outraged after three europeanalists were sentenced in egypt to three years behind bars. alex marquardt is in london for us. this is not the outcome that any of us were expecting? >> reporter: it's not. good morning, paula. this trial has been slammed by government, legal and human rights activists all around the world. it's a stunning sentence and the global outrage against it is being led by amal clooney. someone we've seen a lot of, but almost never heard from. it was expected to be the end of a long and painful process for the three algazeera journalists. believed to be trumped up
7:15 am
charges of spreading false news but the judge stunned the courtroom and the world by handing down three-year sentences to the three men. one, who is also canadian has been represented by amal clooney who blasted the government for the ruling. >> it sends a message that journalists can be locked for simply doing their job. >> reporter: clooney's reputation for conquering courtrooms as a human rights lawyer was somewhat eclipsed when she conquered hollywood's most famous bachelor. >> i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. since her 2014 wedding to george clooney, amal has been stealing the show on red carpets and magazine covers and getting a shoutout at the golden globes for her long list of accomplishments even though george was the honoree. >> so tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.
7:16 am
[ laughter ] >> but now it's the fight to free the al jazeera staff back in the spotlight, amal clooney is taking charge here too. leading an international outcry against a regime wildly condemned for going after respected journalists. >> every single party that looked at this from the beginning, from the u.n., u.s. u.k. there's no evidence to sustain any of the charges. >> reporter: and shortly after the sentence was handed down, the u.s. state department called on egypt to reconsider, saying the freedom of the press to investigate, report and comment is fundamental to any free society. tom and paula? >> certainly is and certainly shocking. pre dom of speech freedom of press. everything we take for granted. >> all right let's turn now to sara who has an upset on tennis. >> they gave me sports today. serena is hoping to make more history, going for the calendar grand slam. now, no one has won all four
7:17 am
major tournaments in the same year in nearly 30 years. abc's mary bruce is in flushing meadows where the u.s. open gets started tomorrow. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, sara. it all comes down to this -- serena williams has had a banner year, 48 wins, right here this week she'll attempt to pull off what is arguably the most difficult achievement in all of sports. this morning, the queen of tennis is appearing to play for the ultimate crown. >> next stop, new york. >> reporter: -- the illusive grand slam. serena williams attempting to take all four major titles in the same season a feat of athletic excellence not achieved in nearly three deck aids and the pressure, so thick williams could slice it with her famous serve. the williams, playing it cool in an interview with our robin roberts? >> how do you keep it all
7:18 am
together as you get closer to the start of the open? k >> actually it's easy. i don't feel pressure to win here. probably more than anybody. i want to win here more than anyone. but at the same time, i don't feel that pressure. i felt a lot of pressure in wimbledon going for the serena slam, getting that four in a row, that was interesting. >> reporter: this year, she's already won the australian open the french open -- >> the 20th grand slam title and counting. >> reporter: -- and a nail-biter at wimbledon. >> serena williams, the wimbledon champion for the fifth time. >> reporter: this week, taking on the u.s. open, she's won it six times before, including each of the last three ye williams now striving not just to wind, but to also be grand. now, this is her salute, serena williams has no clear rival here at the u.s. open and even she's acknowledged the only thing standing between her and history is herself. tom and paula. >> good point, many people say she's the greatest. okay mary, thank you so much. espn will be the exclusive home
7:19 am
for the 2015 u.s. open, coverage of the two-week tournament begins today. >> i have never been to the u.s. open. >> oh it's so fun. >> we should go. all of us. >> the food is great. they have amazing food. >> and the world class athletes are pretty amazing. >> that, too. something to watch while you're eating. >> rob is a world-class meteorologist, we want to send things back to rob who's on marco island. it's actually the sunrise behind you is actually brightening things up. it was all blue before. >> yeah, it's getting a little brighter here and it's going to be dry at least to start, we have some thunderstorms heading this way. by the way, i was supposed to go to the u.s. open tomorrow but i think i'm going to be here in one of my favorite states. we'll talk about the pacific northwest, they got their fair share rain which they will take. but the winds last night really damaging at at times deadly. another pulse of rain and wind. especially for seattle tonight and tomorrow.
7:20 am
you'll take the rain again. but the wind is an issue. it will be cooler too, but the wins out ahead of it is going to fan the flames of the fire. building heat, look at the temperatures across the upper midwest, near 100 degrees near the canadian border. this heat kind of locking in place and shifting a little bit to the east and building into the northeast, temperatures will be heat waivish in new york city. near 90 today, 90s, monday tuesday, wednesday. same deem for d.c. boston, and
7:21 am
>> remnants of erika. >> remnants of erika. some thunderstorms across the everglades and down across the florida keys. we'll be heading this direction not only today but for the next couple of days. next we'll talk about several category 4 hurricanes in the south pacific. see you in just a little bit. >> we thought it looked like a glacier behind you. we want to make sure you're not in antarctica or alaska. >> pretty nice beach. >> it looks like snow. coming up, taking the stand, the man who murdered his neighbor after a long-standing feud, said he's forced to shoot. face to face with great white sharks to get these incredible images. look at that. the new invention that has allowed divers to get closer than ever before. and miley cyrus hosts mtv's
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to ask about levemir® flextouch®. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. coming up on "good morning america" -- the man on trial for shooting his neighbor in a feud that turned deadly. and coming up on grg gg the man on trial for shooting his neighbor. >> and up close and personal with the ferocious predators of the deep. new insights into the great white shark. keep it right here on "good morning america." see you in a bit.
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[bell chime] ting ♪ ♪ >> i'll just eat my bagel. >> i don't know what is it going on here. apparently, that's miley cyrus. she's keeping us guessing with some bizarre promos. >> stranger -- >> she's riding a cat. >> i've seen stranger things than that on the subway. >> all right, we want to know who can forget her performance there two years ago, who had some people wondering if she had crosseded line. we'll tell you the promises she's making about her new gig. who could forget. >> i can never look at a teddy bear at the some way. still ahead, they're the most fear some creatures of the
7:31 am
deep. we're not talking about sara and paula. we're talking about great white sharks. but first, we begin with the feud between neighbors that turned into a murder trial. >> a jury will decide the case of a tennessee man who confessed to shooting his neighbor to death after a long history of disagreements. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the latest developments in the case. >> reporter: tom, good morning. that man is fighting second-degree murder charges. friday, taking the stand in his defense, saying he had no choice but to shoot his neighbor in order to save his son's life. >> this is 100% within his control now. not to die from me. >> reporter: you're hearing the voice of former school security guard kevin wagner, prosecutors playing the audio tapes taken before he shot and killed his neighbor. >> you can be so oblivious how close you are to dying. >> reporter: the accused taking the stand friday, claiming
7:32 am
self-defense. >> i didn't have a choice. >> reporter: wagoner said an the intoxicated man knocking kolton while on a knock. knocking kolton in the head and neck with a fence post. that's wagoner fired his gun. >> it was so obvious that he wanted to kill kolton it was -- it's frightening. if he had gotten through me, no telling what he would have been to kolton. >> reporter: claiming he would often threaten his family. even catching his neighbor on camera cursing and appearing to throw rocks from across the street. >> what the [ bleep ] is your problem, pull that gun -- >> reporter: but his widow telling a different story. saying he would afternoon yell across the yard and at one point held her husband at gunpoint. >> i'm the mother, you don't talk to my children, you don't
7:33 am
video tape them 24/7. you come out every time that school bus drops them off, video tapes them, no, you don't do that to a child. >> reporter: the trial has already gone longer than scheduled. but closing arguments are schedule to start monday. if convicted, wagonner faces 15 to 25 years in prison. >> all right, mara, we'll be following the developments. thank you so much. turn now back to news with ron and ron you're still following that cop killing out of houston. >> reporter: there's now been an arrest in that execution-style murder of a texas sheriff deputy. the suspect has been identified as shannon miles. he's allegedly shot and killed the deputy darren goforth while he was pumping gas. and new video inside this flight from las vegas to germany that had to be diverted friday because of an unruly passenger, the flight was escorted by two f-16 fighter jets to denver where it made a landed. a passenger tells us a woman on
7:34 am
board was making threats, after the flight crew locked her cat in the bam room. she had it in a purse instead of pet carrier. and just like that the old university hospital in denver was reduced to rubble, the intentional implosion of the building clearance the way for a new residential development on the site of that old hospital. some out of the world photos that have the internet buzzing this morning -- they snapped these images on mars recently. while most earthlings see rocks, signs of alien life. what do you think, is it a crab, a mermaid? >> a mermaid. a mermaid. >> or just a weird pile of rocks? >> mermaid. >> it's a lizard rock. >> the important thing they're not moving. >> not yet at least. >> evolution, give it time. >> better watch out. ron, thank you. the.
7:35 am
>> now that we put fear in all of you. let's send things back to rob who remains in marco island, florida, rob you mentioned earlier some hurricanes. what's the latest on that? >> we've got several in the pacific. we got erika here, what's left of it rolling over florida. over my left should e-behind those clouds a full moon about to set over the gulf of mexico. but that moon is going to make the tides higher than usual. that's one. concerns and issues coming over florida in many places. dark clouds to our south and east. those thunderstorms heading this way. heres the flood watch, take a look at the map. we'll go over the storms as well. flood watch at least tomorrow for about two-thirds or three-quarters for the state of florida. three to four-plus inches especially for the west coast. jacksonville may get some as well and tampa susceptible after all of that rain earlier this month. looking at three hurricanes in the pacific, all of which are category 4, can you believe that, jimenez, kilo and ignacio. that's the one of greatest
7:36 am
concern. 145 mile winds. tropical storm watches posted for maui too because this thing has gotten so big and so strong. not a direct hit expected for hawaii but as a category 1 or 2 storm heads to the north, we'll see tropical conditions at least for a document of those islands. also, watching our latest storm. this is just coming off the african coastline, tropical storm fred poses no threat to our land but tropical storm watches are posted for the cape verde islands. >> this weather report is brought to you by carmax. >> this weather report is brought to you by carmax. beautiful for now here on marco island. wish you guys were with us.
7:37 am
back to new new york. >> rob, we wish you were with us, too. right? actually we wish you could come back so you could go to the u.s. open. >> actually, ron wants your tickets. >> all right, rob thanks. coming up on "good morning america" -- diving into the deep to learn more about the great white shark and the moment these divers got away. plus, sara haines has so much going on in life, social media, there she is in periscope. >> i'm better on periscope because i have you guys to play with. and today if you click on our link i have a little light anything round with ron claiborne that will be to be continued. he kept it brief. there weren't enough questions coming in. it was only 20 seconds. we had to go fast. >> we'll be right back, everybody. ♪ >> we'll be right back, everybody. ve to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle.
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♪ >> caught on camera the moment this massive great white shark launched itself into the air. >> i don't think we slo-moed'd that video down.
7:42 am
the power these creatures have. understand all we can about them. and the recent rash of shark attacks is one reason why discovery is running its first-her schweekend. this summer dominated by shark attacks. >> it was the biggest shark i had ever seen. >> reporter: this summer dominated by shark attacks. >> it all happened very quickly. >> reporter: eight swimmers were bitten off the coast of north carolina's outer banks. just this week, off the coast -- >> it was wild pretty surreal. like it never happened. >> reporter: why would anyone voluntarily put themselves in the path of those terrifying jaws? for jeff kerr it's his job, the veteran shark week filmmaker, along with a team of researchers, has created two new cutting edge shark chasing
7:43 am
vessels the wasp and the hornet allowing them to get closer than ever before the latest installment of air jaws. they can come face to face. with a herd off the coast of new zealand. >> it's a mobile cage that the divers can pick it up and walk around the bottom. >> reporter: of course just because it's safe doesn't mean it's not terrifying. >> duck, duck, duck! >> i turn, there's a white shark right here. you never want a white shark to get close in this head. >> reporter: in south africa, where pro surf mick fanning tang lted with a great white, viewers watching in horror as the battle unhurled. divers use the stage called the h.o.r.n.e.t. a massive 15-foot beast out of the ocean and into the air just a few feet in front of his face. capturing the whole thing for the first time from above and below the surface.
7:44 am
>> so big! >> we did it. >> and you can catch more shark action tonight on air jaws, walking with great whites as discovery shweekend continues. >> that's the biggest shark ever. never seen a shark that big. okay, coming up on "good morning america" -- are lullabys in justin timberlake's repertoire? something i struggle what to sigh. i often bond whaer justin timberlake does at night. anyway, coming up in "pop news." ♪ and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the hallwonder what justin timberlake does at night. anyway, coming up in "pop news." ♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back. time now for "pop news" and sara haines. >> thank you, tom.
7:48 am
thomas llamas. cue the craziness. we're just hours away from the mtv video music awards, where there are always memorable moments and where they also hand out trophies. the host of the event is miley cyrus, who looks ready to ride her way on to the stage, so get ready, she promises a show that's psychedelic and raw. she was looking pretty psychedelic during rehearsals giving us a peek at some of the seating arrangements. taylor swift has nine nominations will launch her song. justin bieber launches his comeback performance, his new single "what do you mean." and kanye west takes the stage to receive an award and could make his own headline and i can't get that whole visual of miley riding a cat. >> you're not supposed to ride cats, you're supposed to ride horses. >> it's a big cat.
7:49 am
>> dan would be so offended right now. maybe it's better he's not here. in more music news, a little pop quiz, what do you think new dad justin timberlake since to the baby -- >> cry me a river. >> quit guessing. >> it was a trick. wife jessica biel seen here is the serenader in the family. she said her husband, who posted this picture, likes to work in the office. so she's the singer in the house, usually belting out "somewhere over the rainbow" and sometimes hitting the high notes. >> i think i have heard her sing. >> i think that's false advertisement for justin timberlake. if you marry justin timberlake, he better be singing at home. justin, come on. let's do it. >> she didn't sign up for that. >> paula, you sing to your kids. >> she sings during commercials. >> yes, they usually plug their ears. beyonce can kill it when she since, how are her talents as a
7:50 am
pitch person. an actress is offering her impersonation of what beyonce would send like if she were narrating fast-food commercials. >> i'm lovin' it. >> chicken tastes so good. >> i was wondering. i couldn't understand this video. >> that smile as we laugh talk is part of beyonce. >> that's her voice. >> that's the beyonce impersonator. >> i'm sure she does other things as well. but she nailed this one. >> i want beyonce to do a commercial at this point. come on, beyonce, give us a commercial. mixed feelings for downton abbey fans. sad this is the last season for the hit series but excited to get a look how it will all wrap up. the new trailer for season six was just released. it hints at more changes at the abbey.
7:51 am
we know it all will wrap up before the 1929 stock market crash, leaving lots of ground to cover. if a movie ever happens, there have been warnings from the cast, we'll need kleenex for the last episode, for sure. >> i need to catch up on that. >> but they just announced there's going to be a season seven. i'm just joking. >> you just called me thomas llamas -- >> oh, my gosh, tom. >> thomas llamas. >> he liked it. >> i love it. >> we got to see the grade from ron. >> i'll take that. >> oh, generous. >> b for better. b for better. >> i didn't even bring food, ron. >> see you in a bit. >> thomas, llamas. >> your face was amazing --
7:52 am
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one bottle, six benefits. thanks for watching everybody and, tom, thanks so much for joining us. a pleasure. it was wonderful. >> rob wants to wave good-bye as well. we'll see you tomorrow. >> is rob there?
7:57 am
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the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- trump's new target! the donald trashing a top clinton aide. >> she's married to anthony weiner, who's a perv -- >> announcer: tangling with the media. >> sit down. sit down. >> this morning, new everyday his hard-hits are pushing him to an all-time high. hillary's big slide. the stunning fallout right now, revealing bernie sanders is surging, can he grab hillary's lead? sanders is here live. and a split verdict. >> not guilty. >> announcer: the new reaction to the jury's decision to that prep school sexual assault case. >> announcer: from abc n


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