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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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with live, breaking news. >> good evening. thanks for being with us. we begin with breaking news tonight. two planes have collided at oakland international airport. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live with breaking details. lilian? >> chris, from what we are hearing a southwest plane was leaving the gate when another southwest plane was coming in. we have a photo of the damage. a passenger took a picture of the clipped wing. he was leaving for john wayne airport in orange county. it was a 9:05 flight. the plane was backing out when it hit another plane taxiing in to the you adjacent gate of the passengers were complaining of whiplash and neck pain. we talked to one man who saw
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it from his window seat. >> we were backing out and 10 seconds from the gate and heard a loud popping noise and basically a jolt. once that occurred we looked out and saw a chunk of the wing tip on the right side coming up. both planes clipped each other because the movement wasn't natural. we looked at each other and then kept backing up. look there. that's not supposed to look like that. >> we have calls to the f.a.a. and southwest airlines, but have not heard back. those two flights were canceled, so those passengers are trying to find another flight out. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> now to our other top story. highway 101 in burlingame is now closed until 4:00 tomorrow
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morning. it is the roadway's second long-term closure sense friday night, but this time it was shutdown on purpose. abc7 news reporter joins us live from burlingame and, sergio, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. >> and it has just started 45 minutes ago. the 101 freeway was supposed to be shutdown at 10:00 on the dot, but it didn't quite shutdown completely until 10:10, 10:15 or so. since then we have been watching pg&e crews begin their work. especially the two guys in that big orange bucket up there. what they are doing is guiding the lines. that's one of the temporary poles. this is just part of the work that will continue until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. highway 101 is empty. no traffic on one of the peninsula's most vital arteries. residents are studying detours. >> i was looking how i will get to work tomorrow.
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i drive in. >> what do you think it will be like in the morning? >> pretty busy. everybody try to go to work. me too. >> pedro florez had to take his wife to work at 4:30 in the morning. he knows highway 101 should be open by then, but he will avoid it anyway by taking surface streets. the highway patrol is warning most 101 commuters may not be the best options. they slow to a crawl during the first shutdown earlier this weekend. >> certainly el camino real can't handle the volume of cars. >> pg&e crews will be working through the night until about 4:00 a.m. they will be streaming six different power lines across the freeway. this is a section of one of the power lines that came down on friday night. >> it did not break when it came down which actually made the impact far less significant. of course once the tower came down we wanted to make sure we were replacing the line. >> they were installed today.
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the cables will be pulled by ropes to the steel towers across the freeway. what is left of the damaged steel tower has since been loaded up and hauled away. it was knocked over on friday night by a massive piece of construction equipment that was part of a bridge widening project here. several people were trapped in their cars for hours as pg&e crews worked to de energy the high voltage lines. some of which were lying on top of the vehicles. no one was hurt. in burlingame, abc7 news. abc7 -- >> abc7 news will keep you posted. download the app to your smartphone and tap the notification tab. you will receive our alerts on the reopening tomorrow. >> new at 11:00, pleasant hill police want to find the robber and the man who drove him away from a union 76 gas station on monument boulevard. the armed robber hit a clerk with a handgun while demanding cash around 5:30 this
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evening. witnesses say the robber jumped into a waiting 1990s model tan or gold nissan maxima. paramedicsess took the clerk to the hospital. police in san francisco shot a man with a shotgun. it happened near romney and del monty. the man is now in stable condition. cornell bernard has more. >> a shotgun sits in the middle of del monty avenue, marking the spot where police officers shot an armed man. >> i was about to go outside for a run, and then i heard a gunshot. right after that i heard the sirens going. right after i heard that i said i am going to stay inside. >> police got a 9-1-1 call that there was a man with a gun walking down romney avenue. >> it was a male subject armed with a shotgun or a rifle. >> two officers located the 45-year-old man and told him to drop the shotgun. >> he was given multiple
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commands to comply with the request. he remained armed with a firearm which forced the officer to fire his weapon. >> the man was wounded and taken to the hospital. >> i was like this guy is gonna get it. >> one witness who didn't want his face on camera says the suspect pointed his gun at officers. gee they told him to get on the ground, get on the ground. they said it several times. he kept advancing toward the police officer. he raised a long object, what appeared to be a shotgun. he raised it up and, bang, one shot and he fell to the ground. >> the officers were not hurt. neighbors say they had never seen the man before. others say this is the last place they would expect a police shooting to happen. >> very scary. >> quiet neighborhood? it usually never happens here. >> the next step, a police investigation that is now underway. in south san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we are wrapping up a cool weekend across much of the
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bay, but are these mild conditions here to stay? let's head over to lisa argen who is in for drew with a first look at live doppler 7hd. >> hi, chris. we are waiting for the fog. it has been slow to return. in fact, with the weaker winds at this hour, the temperatures are quite mild. in the 60s. 65 in san francisco. 67 in mountain view and san jose. 66 in morgan hill. tomorrow morning at the early morning hours when you are driving into work you may run into some fog along the coast of the peninsula. the north bay with the north winds, looks like we won't see much in the way of fog. we will get the afternoon sea breeze, but the temperatures are still going to be quite mild to warm for your monday. we are talking about cooler changes on the way. in fact, they will take up much of the upcoming workweek. and then we'll tell you about labor day. all sorts of ups and downs in the next seven days. >> look at these images. this fire moved quickly in
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martinez. the contra costa county fire district tweeted these pictures showing flames destroying one of two small buildings. investigators tell us it started as a vehicle fire. flames then raced through dry brush at franklin canyon road. the crews spent the day containing it and it burned seven acres. members of the search-and-rescue team are back in the bay area tonight after finding a hiker who had been missing for nine days. as abc7 news reporter lilian kim tells us, it was the sound of a whistle that caught the attention of one of the 1est -- youngest members of the team. >> i heard a whistle. at first i thought i couldn't believe my ears. >> he alerted his team when he heard the sound for help. that whistle was coming from the 62-year-old hiker who was missing for thine days in the sierra national forest after suffering a terrible fall. >> i didn't think i would hear the whistle. and then adrenaline starts running through.
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>> we have voice contact with our missing person. >> he was 700 feet below from the rescuers. about a 10-minute hike down. they were the first to treat her. >> she was happy to see us as we were happy to see her. she was a bit emotional when she arrived on the scene. i was emotional because it was important for us to find her. >> these members are among the most highly trained. they are part of the department's mountain rescue team that specializes in rugged terrain in some of the most rugged locations. she said she wasn't sure if help would ever come. she hadn't eaten in nine days and despite two broken legs from the fall she was able to find water after dragging herself a half mile to the creek. she flew her to a hospital in fresno where she is said to be exhausted, but in good spirits. >> we had some successes, but
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this was the best outcome. >> an outcome made possible by the dedications of the seven men and women. in san rafael, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, two northern california high school players suffer brain injuries after their game ends. and california beaches clear after shark sightings. and clifford cars mean freedom for one couple until one spouse was
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all of the bay area this. is
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abc7 news. two high school football players from sacramento are recovering from brain surgery following a football game. they are on the junior varsity team in el dorado and just ended a game on friday night when people noticed something was wrong. one of the teens passed out. both were rushed to the hospital and underwent brain surgery. one remains in critical condition. the school superintendent says the school officials and boy's family are unaware what trig you ared the symptoms. -- what triggered the symptoms. a san diego beach has been closed after a large hammer head shark was spotted. and at another beach miles up the coast a woman narrowly avoided being chomped by a great white. ryan owens has details. >> on one of the last weekends of summer, two close calls with sharks have shaken two california beaches. one shark near san luis obispo taking a big bite out of a surfer's board. >> i was on my board, is
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little further up than anybody else. i looked down and said wow, what is that? i thought it was a dolphin. it bit the board and i started swimming. >> the bite believed to be from a six-foot great white. the same day another shark just north of san diego reportedly eight to ten feet long. it was spotted on saturday under the kayakers. >> came close enough to the swimmers to be concerned. the swimmers climbed on board kayaks that were nearby and escorted to the beach safely. the whole time the shark was following the kayak. >> reporter: beachgoers near la jolla shores evacuated. >> i saw the fin. it was going over to the kayakers and it was a hammer head shark and it was being fiesty. >> reporter: at a time when technology is letting people film sharks closer than ever, this foot -- footage is airing on discovery.
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this footage and the kayaker's video is way too close for those trying to enjoy the waves. that beach near la jolla reopened on sunday morning, but the one to the north of here, that state beach is still closed. authorities say they will wait 72 hours before letting anyone back in the water. ryan owens, abc news, santa monica, california. turning to weather now and a check of the full forecast, here is lisa argen tracking the weather where you live. >> we are looking at a pretty nice night. the dew point temperatures are are relative and the humidity is lower. it will feel warm again tomorrow. this system up here really won't be impacting us until tuesday. out ahead we will still see some warm temperatures and very little fog. i do want to update you on this hurricane. it is a category 3 and still getting awfully close to hawaii. it will not make a straight impact there. here it is. and this is an even stronger
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hurricane. it is a category 4 and it will take suit -- it will follow ignacio. in the meantime it will spread some high surf and some rain and brush the northern islands 200 miles away. and it will weaken into a tropical storm by monday and tuesday. but still plenty of rain on the way and some life-threatening surf there and another hurricane to follow. here is a live look outside. 65 in san francisco. this is the mild temperatures. 67 san jose. mountain view 67. and there is very little fog. in fact, i don't think we will see much at you will -- see much at all due to the northerly wind pushing it out of the way. clear and 62 in napa and 68 by the delta and 71 in concord. 68 in livermore and 62 in napa as i said. we are looking at the winds that are lighter except at the coast and they are out of the north.
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that's making a difference and will allow for some patchy fog. we will talk about a day similar to today except some areas will have warm numbers in the upper 80s and cooler in the middle of the week. and then we have the all important long holiday weekend. mid50s in the north bay and 59 san mateo. 56 morgan hill. we are looking for temperatures on the warm side with plenty of sunshine in the south bay. 80s san jose. 86 in morgan hill. 80s santa clara and 81 in sunnyvale. patchy fog along the shoreline here, but more 80s for you from redwood city to mountain view. very little change there. north bay, you are going to be warm. we will see numbers in the upper 80s to near 90 in cloverdale. 83 san rafael. upper 70s, a pleasant day, but more 80s moving into newark and union city. head inland and you notice the reds and the oranges here, and we are warming up 86 in
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concord to 88 out by brentwood. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, not only do we cool down abruptly on tuesday and wednesday we will get mist and drizzle and a lot of gray to start out the day. the temperatures turn around and just in time for the long holiday weekend, and the rebounding. tons of sun at the beaches and numbers are back into the 90s inland. sandwiched in between the seven days, the cool, pleasant weather. >> i am already looking forward to the cool down. lisa, thank you. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a lot of movies on netflix are going away next month and they won't be placed. how it is part of a new focus bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of
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dozens of local racing fans swabbed their cheeks to help save a young boy's life. it came to the sonoma raceway today. fans and some of the indycar racers took cheek swabs to see
11:24 pm
if their bone marrow can help jack yankey. he has an autoimmune disorder that only 29 other people in the world have. the only cure is finding a bone marrow match. today a bay area nonprofit celebrated 25 years of helping children in livermore. >> and you can see some of the kids sang along to journey's "don't stop believing" during the taylor family foundation day in the park event. cheryl jennings and mike niko lead the live auction. about 3,000 youngsters with special needs and children facing serious illnesses attended camp every year thanks to founder elaine taylor and her late husband, barry. >> this turnout means we can keep doing what barry and elaine dream they can do and the vision they put into place
11:25 pm
25 years ago. and it is care for the wellness of northern california children and keep it going. hopefully for more than 25 years. >> abc7 is a long-time and proud sponsor of day in the park. great to see the community come together for that. shu is here with a look at sports. the giants head to l.a. to face the giants on monday as these teams battle for the national league west title. and there was a no hitter against the boys in blue.
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants are three and a half games behind the dodgers and their next opponent is the
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l.a. dodgers. they are 9-3 against their so-cal rival. after eight and two-thirds inkings this dodger fan is pleading for just one hit. but he was too strong. the third pitcher to throw a no hitter at dodger stadium. but he got chase utley swinging for final out. no hits, no runs, 12 strikeouts. 14th no hitter in cubs history. the second time the dodgersers have been no hit in 10 days. >> it went by so quick really. i don't know. it feels like that could have been five innings the way it played out. stuff was good. exanded the ball well. commanded the ball well. speechless right now. >> the giants lose their second straight to the cardinals. the first batter of the game and second for chris heston.
11:30 pm
a solo shot and the giants go down 1-0. they trail 3-0 after one inning. but on his 38th birthday able to get two runs back. meanwhile he lasted three and two-thirds innings. allowed five runs on nine hits. solo shot in the fourth. cards win it 7-5. d-men on the way for a three set against the dodgers. three and a half games back in the west. a's take two straight from the d-backs. he drills his 18th homerun and tie itself at three. a's lead in the 9th, but the bull pen faller its again. bull pen falters again. 4-4 and we go to extra innings. oakland loads the bases off brad swreeg -- brad ziegler.
11:31 pm
carson palmer is back in the black hole leading the cardinals to a victory over the raiders. the news gets worse. watson ruptured his left achilles tendon and probably out for the season. rt cards are up eight. and they lead the raiders on an 83-yard drive. 23-23 after a two-point conversion. both teams looking for a win. capped off with a touchdown run by marion griece. the first cuts are tuesday as the teams get down to 75 players. >> there are still some things we have to clean up. >> there are things that are that close. we wanted to score a lot of points. we felt we left a lot out there and we did. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity.
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is abc7 news. >> breaking news at oakland international airport where two planes collided on the runway. a plane headed to orange county clipped the wing of another plane taxiing into the gate. passengerses complained of whiplash and neck pain. they say it sounded like a car crash. highway 101 is closed in burlingame as pg&e workers string power lines to the temporary power pole usa cross the freeway. a construction crew damaged a transmission tower and brought down the lines. the highway is set to open at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow just in time for the morning commute. be sure to check out the abc7 morning news at 4:30 tomorrow morning. leyla will keep you posted on the reopening of the highway.
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a man is in good condition after police shot and wounded him in south san francisco this morning. the man was walking around carrying a shotgun around romney and delmonte avenues. they say officers told him to drop the gun and he didn't listen. a man considered for one of the masters of horror has died. today wes craven passed away after a battle with brain cancer. he directed the "scream" and" nightmare on elm street" movies. he recently signed a television deal and was working on a graphic novel series. his family says he was surrounded by loved ones and family members at the time of his death in los angeles. friends and admirers tweeted reactions. courtney cox starred in the "scream" series and she said" today the world lost a great man, my friend and mentor, wes craven." rose mcgowan called him gentle and smrt and said "please say there is a plot
11:37 pm
twist." and "brides maids" director said" you were one of a kind. thanks for all of the years and the scares." wes craven was 76 years old. one of sacramento's hometown heros says his life is getting back to normal after he and two friends helped disarm a suspected it terrorist in france. he attended services at shilo baptist church in sacramento and that's where his family serves as a pastor. >> he is adjusting, but it is slow. some of it has to do with the travel. some of it has to do with the experience itself as well. that part is still soaking into him and the entire family. >> anthony's father looks forward to celebrating when alex and spencer stone return to sacramento. they sprang into action on board a train on august 21st. president obama's administration plans have
11:38 pm
changed the names of the tallest peak from mount mckinley to denali. it is seen as a gesture to the native alaskans who called it denali for decades. it means "the high one." they officially called it mckinley in honor of president william mckinley who was assassinated in 1901. new numbers reveal who is ahead and who is behind in the race for the white house. the two front runners enjoyed a sunday off trying to push their messages. and as abc news reporter reports, it appears to be working for one democrat. >> new trouble for hillary clinton as bernie sanders nips at her heels. fresh poll numbers are showing a tightening democratic race. >> is hillary clinton's campaign is in trouble? >> i don't know, but our campaign is doing great. >> he says his ideas are winning. >> the vast majority of people
11:39 pm
in this country are not necessarily anti-hillary clinton. they are pro-bernie sanders. >> the former secretary of state's lead in the early voting states have the lowest level yet. bernie sanders seven points back and joe biden not even in the race gets 14% this weekend the vice president joining delaware democrats fueling speculation about whether he'll run. >> does joe biden get in? >> i don't think so. i think the response from the dnc was discouraging. >> it is probably unlikely at this point. >> i think it is the wrong year. >> among republicans, donald trump is staying strong and leading in iowa with 23%. his closest competition, neurosurgeon, ben carson. today their rivals trying to steal some of the spotlight over immigration. >> people who want to come to our country should learn english and uh lopt our value -- a you don't our values. >> secure the border and force the laws. no amnesty. >> and governor chris christie
11:40 pm
is defending his comments on fox news sunday that they should track immigrants with systems used by fed ex. >> i don't mean people are packages so don't be ridiculous. >> as it enters september, a quiet day ahead. the front runners are staying home. abc news, washington. the u.s. army has issued an odd request tonight. it is asking the public to help find a missal that fell from a helicopter. the missal looks like this one. it is called an m-36 captive flight training missal. officials say it is a dummy. it lacks a motor and doesn't carry explosives. >> coming up next, how a lost $20 bill made one man a millionaire. >> and we have a million dollar forecast for your monday. in fact, the temperatures are very mild right now in the 60s and even a 70-degree reading over there.
11:41 pm
another warm day tomorrow and changes for september and into the labor day wee
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11:43 pm
some changes in the months to come. the tech website reports netflix is giving up big hollywood movies to focus on smaller movies of its own. a contract with huge movie studios will expire in september. users will lose access to hunger games and world war z. netflix movie from adam sandler and christopher guest
11:44 pm
is in the works and a new netflix deal with our parent company disney will begin that will give users access to movies and television shows from pixar, marvel and "star wars." the bay area clipper car lets people ride on transit. it means freedom for -- freedom in their retirement. michael finish fee helped out. >> he recalls the sickening feeling. >> i was rushing and i dropped it. >> he realized he dropped his wallet on the platform. >> noticed it was gone immediately after the train door was shot. >> the train whisked him away and the wallet was left behind. >> i went one stop and retraced my steps and couldn't find it. >> he spent the next frantic hours can selling his credit cards and gas cards and the clipper card he uses on bart. >> i thought okay this is a pain in the you know what and i acted fast enough. >> sure enough ruth went
11:45 pm
on-line and found no one used his credit cards, but the clipper card was a different story. >> i look on my clipper account on-line and see that somebody had been using it all day. >> turns out a thief had been kris crossing the bay all day using bruce's clipper card. the person hoped on an ac transit bus and then bart to san francisco and then a bus to oakland and then back to the city again. >> i don't know if it was joy riding or doing their business. >> the thief racked up $24 in charges. bruce figures he wasn't responsible. after all, he had reported it missing right away. boy was he surprised to find out he did have to pay. >> you're on the hook for what is charged that whole day. >> he pointed to this clause in the customer agreement. it says the card holder is responsible for payment made with the card up until the end of the day it is reported lost or stolen. >> think about this. clipper is basically saying to a thief you can steal
11:46 pm
somebody's card. we will let you use it all day and we will charge the customer. >> he contacted 7 on your side and we asked clipper why not shut off the card right away? spokesperson john goodwin says it is a technical issue. clipper has to instruct every card reader in the bay area to block the stolen card. some don't update the read -- reader until the end of the day. >> we -- every credit card company can get the information out instantly. clipper can't? >> clipper is work organize -- working on a update. and the new system may or may not instantly block stolen cars. on top of everything bruce tried to get a new car, but clipper said he had to pay a $5 fee and his cards were all blocked. bruce no longer uses clipper.
11:47 pm
>> and that was 7 on your side's michael finney. david's card was reported. clipper sent him a new card and a good samaritan gave him his wallet back. he didn't realize he used the old card at bart. a man who found a $20 bill outside sfo is now $1 million richer. he used the money to buy a scratcher ticket that was a big winner. he bought it in mill gri. for now he is saving the money. he last bought a lottery tickets 10 years ago. checking the weather, it has been a calm night. let's send it over to lisa who is tracking the weather. >> that's right. we had gusty winds around sunset. those have backed off and the temperatures are mild. here is a look. 65 san francisco and 67 san mateo. mountain view is 71 in concord. but it feels a little cooler in the north bay. the dew points are way lower. so we have a healthy on shore
11:48 pm
flow to look forward to tomorrow because this trough is gonna sit here and for tomorrow it will be a nice day. it is tuesday and wednesday when we wake up to the morning mist and drizzle. we have patchy fog and the temperature will be down in the low 90s. 70 in san francisco and 79 palo alto and 80 in san jose. 86 in concord and the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a warm day. in fact, pretty nice inland. cooler on tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we will begin to turn things around. and then we get warm and beach like for the labor day weekend. >> i call this perfect tennis weather. >> the u.s. open starts tomorrow and all eyes on serena.
11:49 pm
chris used to teach tennis. there you go. who would have thought? tennis open with serena williams and the top story she goes for the grand slam winning all four majors in the same year.
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
is back at the black hole leading his cardinals to a win. the bad news guess -- the bad news gets worse. young raider fans. the first team defense did a good job containing carson palmer. he came to the raiders. big game. he will be a player. carr's final game, a ball he should have never thrown. first and goal. carr knows better than to throw that. cards were up eight with two minutes to go. but he leads the raiders on a 12-play, 80-yarder. arizona goes on a drive and capped off with an 11-yard td run.
11:53 pm
cards win it 30-23. first cuts made on tuesday as they have to get down to 75 players. >> we are fully confident in what we can do. we know what we are working for and working toward and we are still coming together. i thought we had a pretty good showing. there are always things we can work on. >> there are still things we have to clean up. there are still things that are that close and with the whole offense -- as an offense we are upset right now. we wanted to score a lot of points. we felt we left a lot out there and we did. >> dodgers and giants match up. they got no hit by the cub. after eight and two-third innings of agony he says please give us a hit. becoming the third visiting pitcher to throw a no hitter. he was a walk and an error away from a perfect game. 2-0 your final. a complete game and no hits and no runs and 12 strikeouts. s history.
11:54 pm
dodgers are three and a half up on the giants. baseball's field of dreams in pennsylvania stages the annual little league world series. this is where dreams are created and crushed. today we had a final for the ages between japan and the team from lewis barry, pennsylvania. they took the lead and the kids from pennsylvania responded with 10 runs in the bottom half of the inning including a grand slam. 10-2usa. japan beat mexico with two hits and seven innings yesterday. today, 22 hits. five homeruns and three in the second inning. the kids are only 12 years old. little leaguers from tokyo win their third little league world series and tied for most all time 18-11 your final. the indycar series with the go pro grand pre of sonoma. they are battling for the season ending title. justin wilson honored today. including his number 25 on the car. there were a lot of errors and it looks like trying to drop
11:55 pm
him off. juan pablo montoya to win the championship. could not do it. dixon wins sonoma and his fourth indycar title with more wins this season. >> i still can't believe it. it was such a long shot to get it through. sorry for them, but fantastic for the team. already had an ace on number three. his shot and on-line and. second ace of the day. only the third player to hit two aces in one event. jason day carrying his momentum and destroyed the competition. 19 under and six-shot victory. he was one of five players to
11:56 pm
have a shot at the $10 million bonus. final major of the year. maria sharapova with a leg injury. going for the grand slam winning all four majors in the same year. trying to be the first to do so after steffi graph did it. the fourth to pull it off. serena loves new york. >> it feels good to be here. i love it here. >> it is a place where every player dreams of playing. there is nothing like the new york 9 matches and the crowd is behind you and you feel spectacular to be out there. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by infinity. i think serena will be her own worst enemy. there is so much pressure to pull that off. one more tidbit. 2007 coach of the year in the bellevue era jie. getting to
11:57 pm
know each other. >> thank you. and thanks to you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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