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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 1, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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with i.c.e. should naughton -- not have been released. two in san francisco have laid blame at the sheriff for his orders and i underscore his sheriff's order, we allege in the claim filed today, the sheriff acted in excess and in abuse of his authority wherein he issued an order in direct contravention of federal law which precluded orders that prohibited any local law enforcement agency precluding them from issuing orders that their employees, their sheriffs, could not cooperate and communicate with i.c.e. that is a direct violation of federal law and an abuse of the authority the sheriff had.
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regrettably, the multiple failures that set in motion the events that led to kate steinle's death, do not end with the sheriff. we have seen the finger-pointing. when these marries were brought to the attention of the sheriff he deflects blame. he put it on the shoulders of i.c.e. those responsible for immigration and customs. what he said is he personally had told i.c.e. they were required to complete paperwork, a warrant or an order from the court demanding the return of an individual he had in custody. mr. lopez sanchez and they failed. what we have are two people who are blaming one another but no
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one standing up to take accountability. that is why we have taken the steps today to use the civil justice system to have those who have spoken publicly take up ownership of their failed policies, their failed orders, their acts, their only missions. i wish i could stop there. the third claim today is filed against the bureau of land management. the secret that has probably haunted all of us, how could a gun that belongs to a federal official, a ranger, somehow get taken, stolen, and used in this horrible, horrible killing? due to ininvestigated efforts we
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have been figured out what has been kept as a secret: the gun was actually placed in a backpack and that backpack was in plain view. the gun was stolen or taken in clear violation of regulations that have to be followed that says the guns have to be kept in locked containers, unloaded, with the ammunition separated from the weapon. here we are not talking about a simple smith handgun, we are talking about a 44 caliber weapon. there was a failure to comply with mandatory requirements on locking that gun. today, i would rather not be here. kate steinle's family would not rather be here.
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we are here because of a tragedy and here for people to take ownership and send a message that things have to change. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. first, i would like to commend the comments made by my colleague, frank petri and describing the self-layers of failures of both the city and the federal government and ultimately resulting in the tragic, tragic event. what i am here to describe and to discuss in further detail would be the claim that was filed, directed at the bureau of of land management. as we have all come to know, it took very little for the unlawful taking of a firearm from a federal agent's car.
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that loaded weapon found its way into the hands of an individual with a track record of drug abuse and narcotics use, a foreseeable event that person would act erratically and bizarrely in an unpredictable passion and in doing so use a lethal weapon to cause some grave and irreversible harm. as we know, the gun that had been taken from the bureau of land management ranger was taken from downtown san francisco not far from where we are speaking today, an area widely known to be victim to break-ins, car break-ins and thefts. the policy of the bureau of lap management is that weapon should have been kept under lock and key, secured, in a hard case, and in a position where it could not have been taken by someone inadvertently or purposefully. because of that failure, that
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--. >> have been listening to a news conference coordinated with the attorneys of the family of 32-year-old kate steinle who was shot and died on pier 14 one of business of -- business of the piers in san francisco. the gun was stolen from a bureau of land management issue, so we have immigration policy if san francisco, the sanctuary moms the first attorney recent talking about so there are claims against all three the we expect kate steinle's parapets -- parents to speak after the tomorrows and we will go back to the news conference. >> san jose city council is moving forward with action on one of the highest priority issues. skyrocketing rents. matt keller joins us from city hall to report.
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>> rental praises are skyrocketing in san jose. the question is: how do you provide affordable housing to the difficult while also being fair to the property owners? that is the question facing san jose city leaders. >> technology is not the only thing booming in silicon valley. housing is just as hot. 3,700 units are popping up in south san jose but do not for get to bring your wallet. >> we were shocked about the prices. we moved in, in december and they let us know when the lease would go up, it would go up a few hundred dollars if we stay. >> rental prices have skyrocketed in five years and san jose said the average rent in 2010 was $1,450 a month. this year it is $2,227, 54 percent increase as the median income has only increased by 11 percent. the city does have a represent criminal palm but only for
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properties with three or more i'ms build before 1979 which is 35 percent of the 122,000 renter occupied dwellings in san jose. landlords are limited to 8 percent increase in represent a year without an exemption and have to give 60 days notice if they dough a no cause eviction and are not allowed to raise the rent to market helpfuls for the next renter. today, the city council will decide which direction the staff go on this issue taking into account the exact on renters and property owners. some people already making tough decisions about where to live. >> $3,000 a month in gross pay how can you afford $2,000 a in in rent? >> there will be a rally today and the goal is to have a proposal in front of the city council by december. >> now back to the news
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conference from the family of 32-year-old kate steinle what was shot and killed two months ago today. this is her brother speaking. >> in a moment, your daughter or son could be taken from you. the fracture to respond and make any changes says to me what was done to kate was okay. that she was collateral damage. she didn't matter. that nothing will be done to change in the future. no amount of money will ever bring kate back. i hope standing here today making a statement will start the process of change so people will feel safe when they come to this city. thank you.
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>> i am kate's father, jim and i appreciate you being here today. just going to say that shortly after indicate died we got condole helps and cards and letters and text from the mayor, from the police chief, and on and on and on and shiver -- sheriff mirkarimi and since that time the silence is deafening. we are hear for kate primarily but we talk and prayed about it, we are here for every citizen of this country every citizen that comes to san francisco. to brad's point, if you think this can't happen to you, think again. i'm walking down the pier arm if arm with my daughter and a close friend. she stops, takes a selfie, turns
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around and shot. as she fell she said, help me, dad. that is my bedtime story every night. if you want it to be your bedtime story every night then do nothing. but if you feel this was wrong, and it is, be active, let the people in this city and the state and the country know this cannot go on. to give you an idea of how crazy it is, a peace officer from hayward california had his gun stolen two weeks ago. also, after that, the police chief of uc berkeley had her weapon, a 44, stolen from her car. this is a police chief! what brings to my mind, is there no protocol? do they not care?
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are we out of control? i think it is a little bit of everything. we are just...trying to let people know what is going on. it is sad. when you think of the sheriff that is elected and appointed to do two things: to keep the people, the city and the county and the people that come interest caltran safe; and to have people abid by the laws of the city and the state. but this man on his own thoughts, whatever, decides who in their right mind would let a seven year fell listen undocumented, violent felon, lose on the streets where you people are now standing? it is frightening to think about it. we are here not only for kate and to keep her momry alive but
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to have something done so we get a call or a t or e-mail from one of these government officials and say, this is what we are doing to solve this problem. as of this moment and this day, that hasn't happened. thank you. >> this is for accountability. for public officials that we have voted for and put in office not doing their job. this is for humanity. this is for the future. ours is gone. it is again from us. but we want it better for the good of all. that is our hope and our wish. i hope and wish that all of you and anyone watching this would write your congressman, get ahold of your senator and make them know we are tried of not
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getting anything done, we are tired of the wheels running and running like a rat in a cage and nothing getting done. we need to be proactive and make it a safer world for all of us to live in. thank you. you can see the commitment of our --. >> this is a live news conference in conference for the family of kate steinle, the woman who was shot to death at pier 14 in san francisco by a five time deported mexican national, igniting debate over immigration specifically illegal immigration. her attorneys continue to speak for the family and the parents and the brother, we heard from all of them urging different strands of change but one of then, certainly, is taking issue with the fact that under the
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>> uc berkeley officials are urging anyone on has not been vaccinated for meet els to do so after a student was diagnosed with measles. the student has traveled to
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another county we learned. here is the latest. >> the patient caught a bus from here on campus to contra costa county and officials are doing what they can to get the word out. here at uc berkeley, officials have tested those who came in very close contact with the patient to see if they are immune and protected. they sent an e-mail out this morning to the entire campus letting everyone know about this case. remember, you are contagious with measles for several days before you know you are sick. it stays in the air for several hours. now the students have the next we ask what they should do with it. >> the news is, if you hat your -- if you have had your measles vaccine, two doses, you are fine. if you have not been protected, you can come to the health student have and get a dose of the vaccine to protect yourself. any are not immune and ex
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exposed you need to see if you develop symptoms. on monday august 24, the patient took a.c. transit to 99 branch market in richmond. if you were in the store between 3:30 and 7:30 you may have been exposed and are encouraged to check on your own immunization and watch for symptoms. the student has not been identify. the student is in isolation. this is no human contact and the isolation is only scheduled for another day because the patient is expected to be okay. >> glad to hear. >> looks like sun in berkeley and sun in san francisco. >> mike is checking it out. >> a lost sunshine and we started off differently this morning, good morning from the top of the news broadcast
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center. we will look back and show you what i mean. the many layer came back during the overnight hours and it did not last. the clouds, that is, looking from the east bay hills camera to emeryville and it was enough to she us that things are going to be cooler today, and you can see the wall of clouds lining up west of the golden gate bridge so breezy and cooler start to september and we are going do have more clouds the next couple of nights so patchy drizzle is possible the sun will shine and surging warmth this weekend. summer may be over for a lot of us but not here, we are going to be warmer this weekend. winds are picking up at 10 miles per hour at half moon bay and concord and napa and 14 in fairfield and pick up speed this afternoon but nothing like the next couple of days, our two coolest days with the wind keeping the clouds close to the peninsula coast in monterey and unlike year not so much sunshine, and we are only 76 in santa cruz and below average at 79 today in san jose and we should be 82 degrees. as you move up the peninsula we
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will hang out in the mid-to-upper 70s and millbly only at 72 and with the clouds, mid-to-upper 60s along the coast and more sunshine and seasonal 70s downtown san francisco down from the 75 yesterday. we will have low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley and as you head to vallejo at 76, heading to the coast with the sunshine, mid-to-upper 60s and richmond the breeze is around 72, and everyone else is delightful along the shoreline at the mid-to-upper 70s like oakland at 74 and moving inland if you haved weather you had this afternoon it will not family too bad. we have mostly cloudy and cool 6 by end of the game much the lows tonight are another comfortable night with our coolest temperatures in the north bay valley, mid-to-upper 50s and along the coast into the south bay and the rest of us are around 60 degrees. the area of low pressure on the top of the screen will slide south along the coast and it is going to hang there, not only
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today but dome and thursday and friday and saturday to a lesser extent and that is why tuesday and wednesday we are or wednesday and thursday will be the coolest and breezy days and friday and saturday we are back to average and sunday and monday it is going to be warmer-than-average as we round out the holiday weekend. hope you enjoy the sunshine today. you will need the sunglasses. >> actor tom hanks heard the pleas of california high school students asking him to come to
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>> coming up, is a cancer diagnosis now just a smartphone swipe away? there is a new app claiming it can help determine if moles are cancerous and the concerns the technology are raising. at 5:00, small suvs crossovers are appealing to first time new car buyers and we find out whether they are worth the money. >> google introduce add new logo on the home page. the logo is thought to look like a more modern and playful with the colors softer than they used to be and bold. it has a resemblance of the new
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parent company, the biggest change since 1999 when google first cleaned up the liters and settled on the four primary bold, bold colors. >> actor tom hanks hears the central valley high school's request for him to appear at their homecoming, loudly and clearly. the graduate of hockey skyline tweeted gear up for homecoming i am working on something for the festivities. students started a campaign to get the actor to show up and appear at their october 9 event. the theme this year is tom hanks movies and a lot of options so they wanted to be in a "league of their own," and they invited the star to make a real life cameo appearance. >> so many movies to choose, really great to have him back in the bay area. >> forest gump, apollo, on and
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on. just fantastic. >> they could even vote him homecoming king. >> thanks for joining us.
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[cheers and applause] >> yeah! hey! [laughing] thank you! welcome to the show, everybody. i'm terry crews. some of you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine, and i'm also lucky enough to be here hosting millionaire! [cheers and applause] well, today's first contestant is a pizza delivery man from american fork, utah, and today he's looking at dough in a whole new way. please welcome david wilkinson! >> whoo! >> [laughs] all right! oh, what's up? let me tell you something, man. at my house, everybody loves to see you. the pizza man. do you enjoy it? >> i love it,


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