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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. >> it's saturday, october 3rd. i'm chris ngyen. here's lisa argen with a quick look at the live doppler hd. >> hi, chris. we have a red flag warnings for elevations above 1,000 feet in the north. fog in napa and the peninsula. 52 in san ramon. 55 in livermore and 56 half moon bay. upper 40s in the north bay. so the winds will be picking up throughout the evening hours in the overnight hours, and with the ground so dry and gusty
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winds, some trees and branches could be toppled. with that we could see fire starts, rapid fire growth and dangerous conditions through tomorrow. keep that in mind if you are in almeda, con straw cast two county. we will talk in details about the highs. chris. now to developing news out of roseburg, oregon. a hospital in the city of springfield reports all three shooting victims taken there are expected to survive. two remain in critical condition, the other in fair condition. we still don't know why the suspect, chris harper-mercer opened fire, only that tip people died, including the gunman. we are live in roseburg with the latest. brandy, good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. we are standing as close as we can get to the college campus because of a police barricade. look what popped up overnight. the growing memorial and a sign
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that reads "pray for roseburg." this community is devastated. 9 people shot and killed on campus and witness are coming forward describing heroic efforts to try to save lives. >> surround by gunfire, she said she an exclusive interview she tried saving her close friend. kim dietz. >> you could hear pop, pop in the other classroom. >> but it was too late. >> i was breathe, please, just breathe. >> nine people shot and killed in roseburg, oregon at the umpqua community college. and there are more stories of heroism. >> he ran back into the building, and i don't know what happened to him. >> 30-year-old army vet chris pulled the fire alarm while charging the shooter and survived seven gun shot wounds. >> he looked at the gunman and said it's my son's birthday
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today. he was shot two more times. the gunman, 26-year-old chris harper-mercer was enrolled in the class he targeted. witnesses said he asked the victims about their religion beliefs before firing and the sheriff's office is investigating whether the attack was motivated by religion. mercer was found with six guns and owned seven more. all purchased legally. >> whatever drove him to do it, i don't care. i care about the families that he's affected. >> there have been so many families affected by the tragedy. we are learning a lot more about the victims. some were children of local firefighters and paramedics. the oldest was a professor in the classroom and four of them were teenagers. their lives just getting started at adults. hoping to pursue a bright future and they never got the chance to say good bye to their families. reporting live, brandy hix, abs7 news. chris.
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>> you had news about the gunman. what did they say about him enrolling in the military? >> in. >> in 20 he tried enrolling in the military. went to boot camp and he lasted only a month and failed. he was discharged because the military told abc news he didn't meet the minimum standards. when you talk to neighbors, he had a fascination with the military even after all of that happened he dressed strangely and wore large combat boots all the type. we also know along with the weapons found on campus, officers discovered a flak jacket that had metal plating in it and several rounds of ammunition, chris. >> thanks for reporting. see you soon. the community of roseburg is now trying to do something it never imagined, process an unspeakable massacre that shattered a small town's innocence. wayne freedman is in roseburg with coverage. the roseburg indians were
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supposed to play a big football game at home against sheldon but it was not to be. no friday night lights. game cancelled. nothing to cheer about. >> no, nobody is cheering. our thoughts are all with the families. >> that has become a uniform refrain in this small city of 22,000 people. it's just large enough to disappear and just small enough that in times like this people band together. >> i just can't believe that such a horrible thing happened for no apparent reason. it's just senseless. >> you work hard and we don't want this kind of attention. >> now they have it, like it or not. roseburg did not want to become a symbol, but with much of the world's focus here, that's become unavoidable. why should is happen in america? why should it happen here? frankly, those are questions roseburg does not want to answer right now. instead, roseburg wants to grief for friends, for neighbors. or in the case of crystal martin, her next door neighbor, 19-year-old lucero alcaraz, who wanted to be a nurse.
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it's heartbreaking. we heard them crying, and i didn't really think it hit this close to home. >> but it has, and in such a seemingly quiet, innocent place. maybe that's why roseburg resonates. from roseburg, oregon, wayne freedman, abc7 news. if you would like to express your condolences to the shooting victims and their families, go to our abc7 news facebook page to share this badge. it will let people in oregon know that you are with them. 6:06 is our time. turning to our local headlines. two more deputies at the santa clara county sheriff's department are under arrest this morning. it's the result of continuing internal investigations at the department. more areference could follow. alan wang has the story. >> santa clara county corrections deputy ryan saunders is accused of illegally using a criminal data base. >> he had access for work-related issues, but he used
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it for personal issues. >> no details were given on saunders case or the separate case of corrections officer martinez. he was arrested for work man's comp fraud. investigators say he was really injured during playing softball. >> this is actually unrelated to the recent murder in the jail. these investigations were months in advance to that prior incident. >> three other corrections deputies were arrested for the beating death of inmate michael tyree. another inmate, walter roaches, died a week after he was forcibly extracted from his cell. and the department confirms three more deputies are being investigated for undisclosed violations. a total of eight deputies are on administrative leave. >> there's an appearance that there's something wrong with the culture here at the santa clara sheriff's department. >> it's not true at all. the sheriff's office are affecting these arrests, and that's why we made the arrests today. we are taking care of when we know things are going on wrong.
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the sheriff is taking the proper actions to fix those problems. >> the fbi is now assisting them with those problems because as many as 100 complaints have been filed against the department since the death of michael tyree. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee first broke this story on twitter yesterday. you can follow us on abc7 news bay area for stories as they happen and connect with us on our news appear. the app is free on apple's app store or on google play. we have nor information on san francisco police need your help this morning. we are trying to find a sexual predator who assaulted a boy at a public library. it happened inside the restroom at the branch. the attacker ran off when the boy's mother found out what happened and called for help. here's the police step. investigators believe the attacker is a white man, 28 to 32 years old. he stands about 5'8". >> the widow of robin williams
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and his children have children have their legal fight over his estate. it was over millions of dollars of personal items like his awards and his bicycle collection. both disputed the value of a reserve fund to let susan williams live in the home. robin williams committed suicide in august of last year. more help is on the way this morning for people displaced by the valley and butte fires. governor brown has issued an executive order. this decision will speed up the approval process to set up temporary mobile home parks in two counties. combined, both fires destroyed more than 1700 homes. a fundraiser that we reported earlier this week for victims of the valley fire raised nearly $100,000. the money was raised by three
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napa valley wineries. organizers said 300 people attended the fundraiser. two lake county-based organizations will receive the proceeds. the valley fire has burned more than 76,000 acres, and is 97% contained. as we bring in our meteorologist lisa argen. the weather later today, the winds could be an issue for firefighters? >> yes. certainly fire weather today with low relative humidity, gusty north winds certainly in that area, and really in the upper elevations. right now it's calm here in san francisco with 56 degrees. some fog later on today. wind gusts over 20 miles an hour in the city. but even gustier offshore. we will talk about that, a slight chance of a shower and a fall-like forecast for the week ahead come up >> also lost at sea, the search this morning for a missing american cargo ship as hurricane joaquin bears down. and plus your child may have received a bad vaccination and you may not even know it yet.
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this morning a sigh of relief for the east coast. forecasters believe hurricane joaquin's path will shift and not directly hit the united states. it hit the bahamas yesterday, ripping off roofs, downed trees
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and unleashing heavy flooding. thereof bp no injuries or deaths reported. the east coast is getting drenched by rain but forecasters say the category 3 hurricane should weaken later today. as that storm blows through, the search for a missing american cargo shift traveling from florida to san juan has resumed. 33 people are on board, including 28 americans. abc news reporter tells us the coast guard is now battling 20-foot waves to find them. >> the u.s. coast guard over choppy waters in the bahamas trying to locate this american cargo ship, the el faro. strong winds rock the island nation with 130 miles per hour winds from hurricane joaquin. >> the vessel could be disabled right here the eye of hurricane joaquin. >> with 33 people on board, 28 of them american, the el faro was heading from there to puerto rico. the coast guard got notification
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that it was lifting at n45 degrees. 12 people abandoned another cargo shift north of haiti. the hope for the same kind of rescue for the 33 people aboard the el faro. >> this is what we train to do. we will go and try to save lives. >> and that crew hasn't been heard from since thursday morning. are feeling in new jersey. abc7 news, jersey shore. an attorney for former teen idol david cassidy is denying his client left the scene of an accident and was driving with an expired tag. florida police say the 65-year- old sideswiped a truck and tried to cover his license plate before driving away with a flat tire. his attorney counters that he gave officers his license and registration before leaving the
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scene. he's best remembered for starring in tv's "the partridge family." >> solo will again be facing charges. >> a lower court decision has been overturned to dismiss a case. solo is alleged of beating up her nephew and half sister. a gun committed the case on procedural grounds. solo has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong. her attorney says they will appeal the decision. now to an abc7 news i-team follow-up. a san mateo county father is furious this morning after seeing surveillance video of his nine-year-old son with autism and a school bus driver. it's been five months since the driver was fired for mistreating the boy, but the school district, police and bus company refused to show the video of the incident. after pressure from the abc7 i-team, they finally played the video for jason sanchez yesterday. >> he turned to go back to where he was sitting. the bus driver went up, grabbed him by the hood. bam, bam. >> just like that?
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>> yeah. >> she does not have the right. >> his son is now in therapy and santos is pushing the d.a.'s office to reconsider filing criminal charges against the bus driver. more than 1500 bay area children need to be revaccinated after a refrigerator malfunction at a penninsula health office. doctors are moving quickly to notify parents. we have more. >> there's a new refrigerator to store ten different kinds of vaccinations inside the stanford children's health hospital in san a mattio. old one was running too cold. >> some of the vaccines were frozen intermittently, which can diffuse the efficacy. >> an employee noted the issue september 21st. an internal investigation reveals the problem dated back to january.
6:18 am
>> the individuals who noted the temperatures, obviously didn't recognize the importance of having the correct temperature. the vaccinations were allegedly ineffective for serious diseases. the office is mailing letters to 1,551 families, urging them to have their children revaccinated here for free. >> that would be a tough letter. >> parents we spoke with do not take their children to this particular medical office, but sympathize with parents who do. >> those parents have a lot of thinking to do about whether or not they are going to continue to go there. >> a similar faulty refrigerator incident occurred in may when the palo alto medical foundation notified 4,000 families were notified that patients would need to be revaccinated. the medical director here said staff waited to get in touch with families because they wanted to make sure they contacted the right ones n in san mateo, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> snow in yosemite. as far as we know this is the first snow of the season.
6:19 am
someone snapped this picture driving up thursday. it's possible it could snow more this weekend. lisa argen is here now with a look at the forecast. >> a very vigorous area of low pressure that will be increasing the wind. the problem is it is moisture-starved but it will pick up a little moisture as it pushes over the ocean and that could ripping out a few showers for us tonight. and the sierra nevada, southern california through tomorrow. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. we have some fog. it is around the peninsula and in napa. overall we are looking for some big weather changes with this area of low pressure. it is sort of defined here and it drops down paralleling the coast. it is dry, but it could pick up a few areas of moisture and drop them around the bay. a live look outside right now with a sutro camera showing the city below. 54 san francisco, mountain view and oakland looking at 55 at half moon bay. big time cooling today. went from 8 to 11 degrees cooler
6:20 am
due to the cooling air mass that invades the bay area today, bringing the gusty winds in novato. down to 46 right now. with the winds it will dry out the atmosphere. the relative humidity has been running around 35% and in some areas better than that. today it should be below 25% with the gusty, drying winds that are forecast today increase by about 3:00 this average in the higher elevations. the advisory goes into effect tonight into tomorrow. so north bay mountains, marin, napa. and almeda and contra costa counties look at the gusty winds above 12,000 feet. here's the wind profile. san francisco better than 15. also in oakland. and then we go through 4:00. notice 25 miles per hour wind gusts half moon bay. even oakland getting into the act with breezy winds. and through the evening hours it may dial back a little but it will be quite breezy toward sunrise tomorrow, as well.
6:21 am
then we will add in the possibility of a shower. so sunny and cooler today. gusty winds with the possibility of a shower. and then a pretty fall-like week ahead. temperatures will rebound tomorrow. that one area of low pressure that brought anywhere from almost half an inch of rain to gilroy is moving out. and the next one, it's a dry one but it's very vigorous and it's bringing the strong, gusty winds. certainly what we don't need to increase the fire danger with the drought-stricken grounds, the dry trees and the possibility of some of those trees and branches coming down and the gusty winds could cause some problems. 77 today in morgan hill. about 8 degrees cool ersan hose. 57 in milpitas. look for low 70s from redwood city, palo alto to mountain view. a nice day about you with the winds kicking up it will feel cool. san francisco 68 degrees. a few clouds later on in the day. up in the north bay you will notice the mild numbers from stinson to sausalito. 76 in sonoma.
6:22 am
near east bay looking at low 70s for oakland and san leandro. 75 in fremont. you head inland and notice it will be just in the upper 70s for you in walnut creek, san ramon and pleasanton. in the city today it should be nice. it will get breezy throughout the day. lot of sunshine. 68. with mid-60s at 4:00 and the winds up to 20 miles an hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast windy, cooler, slight chance of a shower tonight into tomorrow and things will really settle down. it will be cooler, comfortable, very seasonable weather through the middle of week. then next weekend looks to be a warmup just in time for the blue angels. you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd anytime with the new abc7 news weather app. it's free at a become c7 really definitely what we don't need with the wind >> good information, he'sa, thank you many coming up next, the hollywood blockbuster that could awesome moviegoers motion sickness this weekend. we will explain.
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>> dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is come up on "good morning america." >> coming up, the dang rug forecast this morning. hive threatening and historic rainfall on the east coast, parts of south carolina directly in the bulls eye. entire roads washed away, bridges wiped out. hurricane joaquin is still a major hurricane and now threatening bermuda. this woman not only survived the oregon school massacre, she also worked to save the lives of some of the victims. what she saw, what she heard and what she did. this, as we learn the names and stories of the nine people who were murdered there. and we have some breaking news in the murder of a dallas den at this time. she was shot execution style in the parking garage of her upscale apartment. two individuals now in custody. they are charged with capital
6:27 am
murder. while police are pursuing the woman they believe hired the hit men to eliminate her romantic rival. we have a busy saturday morning. we will see you soon. >> for me this is nice! >> a new release. a new movie brings realism to a pulse-pounding movie. there are reports people have gone sick in theaters with some even vomiting. it's the true story of a tightrope walk against the world trade center. the director said he wants to put viewers on the wire, knowing some would get vertigo. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. breaking news from afghanistan. the death toll rises after bombs hit a charity hospital. what the pentagon is now saying. also the efforts to create a separate recreation path along a
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give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meet lisa argen, tracking the conditions where you live.
6:31 am
>> a beautiful shot. the pink and purple. official sunrise about 7:07. we have a little fog in napa, also around the airport. temperatures are cooler in parts of our north bay. but here low to mid-50s from mountain view to san jose. we have plenty of wind on the way with the cooler day today. temperatures coming down by as much as 10 degrees in some spots. this cold area of low pressure with not a lot of moisture will head all the way down into southern california. and with it the windy conditions and the possibility of maybe a few showers, mainly south of the south bay. and perhaps the sierra nevada. so with he will talk about 60s and 70s today and a look at a more fall-like forecast coming up. chris. >> thanks, lisa. breaking news out of afghanistan now. a u.s. airstrike may have hit a doctors without borders hospital killing nine staffers and seriously injuring 37 more. afghanistan officials say ten to
6:32 am
fifteen terrorists were hiding in the hospital and all were killed in the explosion. american forces conducted an airstrike against individual threatening. he said the strike may have resulted in collateral damage. the incident is under investigation. turning now to the oregon school shooting. authorities in roseburg publicly identified the nine victims who lost their lives on thursday at umpqua community college. among them a writing professor, an 18-year-old student only four days at the college. with a 33-year-old attending college for the first time ever and a quadruplet. the school itself will be closed until sometime next week. we are learning more details about chris harper-mercer. he served time in the u.s. army but never made it past basic training. he was discharged after just five weeks. harper-mercer was a student at the college and was enrolled in the english class that he
6:33 am
targeted. investigators say harper-mercer left behind writings that showed he identified with gunmen of previous massacres. as we mentioned, investigators have identified the nine people killed. all targeted in the classroom they shared with the shooter. we have more >> some just starting out. only four days into college, quinn cooper was 18. funny, sweet and compassion nate. his family says they are shattered beyond repair. 18-year-old rebecca carnes of myrtl creek was also in her first week of school and all smiles in her face book photos. lucas eibel volunteered at a local animal shoulder. and lucero alvarez. 19. her sister wrists on facebook i never got the chance to tell you how proud of you i was. >> the son of a local
6:34 am
firefighter, 20-year-old treven taylor anspach. and a professor of english, 57-year-old. and jason johnson started after recently completing a repack program. here's his cousin. >> it is supposed to be the other way around. when you do the wrong thing it is supposed to be bad and when you do the right thing you learn what you should have been doing and what you are going to do from then on but he never got that chance unfortunately. 44-year-old sarena dawn moore. and at aim 59. kim saltmarsh dietz, someone posted online she stood in front of the door to block the shooter. all killed in a writing class, and yet there's no sentence, words that will capture the magnitude of the loss.
6:35 am
abc7 news. the annual march for elephants will make its way through san francisco. just to be clear, noel fans will actually be marching. it's a group that brings attention to the thousands of african elephants killed each year for their ivory. china is the world's largest market for illegal ivory. but the government there has recently pledged to end the domestic ivory trade. the u.s. supreme court will announce as early as monday if they will take up the challenge to bring the a's to town. they claim the major league baseball's refusal toa allow them to move to san jose is a violation of the anti-trust laws. baseball has enjoyed a nearly century long exemption thanks to a u.s. supreme court decision. as you you know, the giants have long claimed san jose as being a part of their territory.
6:36 am
this morning a effort is underway to make a scenic stretch of a popular east bay highway a little safer. canyon. it's beautiful but it has also seen its share of tragedy. we have the story. >> its pretty, but niles canyon road has also proven to be extremely dangerous, even deadly for cyclists. >> there's hardly any bike room. >> he is president of the fremont freewheelers who has regular rides and host cycle events that often include trips through the canyon. >> i wear a heart rate monitor and it goes on every time i go through the canyon. it makes you nervous. >> in august a man was killed, hit by a car while riding through niles canyon. >> my wife had a bad experience. bike shop owner bryan price said his wife was struck two months ago from behind while riding
6:37 am
niles canyon road. she survived but was seriously hurt. >> the driver saw her, but said they saw her signal, but, you know, managed to run into the back of her and toss her off her bike. >> now there's an effort underway to put in a recreation path, one separate from the highway. a safe way for cyclists, hikers and others to enjoy the canyon. >> a class 1 trail on the south side of almeda creek, which is just behind me. it would be about 8-foot wide for bicyclists, strollers, joggers, equestrians. >> on october 11th the road will be closed completely to cars and trucks from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. a test ride of sorts for what it could be like to ride this road without fear. in fremont, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. a big day ahead for the 15th annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival in san francisco. what makes this event different
6:38 am
from all the other ones out there. first here's a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast in
6:39 am
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and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. the city of palo alto is taking immediate steps to save it's tree-lined streets.
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trees are dying in larger numbers than previous years. city leaders said they removed 400 trees this year. it's the first time the number topped 1% of the total trees in the city. most years fewer than 250 trees are removed. extra crews are delivering more water while staying within state guidelines. they have to pick and choose which are most important to maintain. they say it will take decades to replace the trees the city has already lost. lisa, as we bring in you for your perspective here, this is something a growing number of cities are facing. >> yeah. and like that story said, for decades we will be looking at how this has affected a lot of not only the trees but the ecosystems around the area. and we are looking a the a clear shot outside where temperatures will come down today with breezy winds. high fire danger is with us. we will talk about if we can see any rain. that is a possibility coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, a big honor for giants rookie matt duffy. larry beil has the details and highlights of the game against
6:42 am
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in sports all three bay area schools are in action today. number 24 cal is a heavy favorite against washington state at memorial stadium. kickoff at 1:00 p.m. tonight at 7:30, number 18 stanford faces arizona down on the farm. today the giants will honor the career of tim hudson. he's retiring after 16 seasons in major league baseball, including the last two in san francisco.
6:45 am
the pregame ceremony starts at 12:45 prior to the game against the rockies. a similar ceremony is playing -- planned for tomorrow for jeremy affeldt. last night the giants announced this year's willie mac award winner. here's larry beil with the details in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the giants are wrapping up the season with three games against the rockies. and the willie mac award was presented last night, given annually to the most inspirational player on the team selected by his peers. and third baseman matt duffy takes on the honor. he's the first rookie ever to be so honored. nolan continues to give the giants nightmares. but the second inning, tenth homer of the year just off a giant. his 42nd of the year. overall 1-0 rocks. here's the lesson in 2015. don't throw him a strike in the third inning. doubles over the head of jared parker. rocks, not the way they wanted to end the season. corey dickerson with a blast
6:46 am
into dead center field. eight runs in 3 2/3 as the giants fall 9-3. a's ending their season with a set in seattle. third inning, the pitch. look at marte. guns to second and that goes into the outfield. an error on the shortstop. he's fast. heading home. there is the second error on marte. a throwing error. so two errors on one play. 1-0, a's. two on in the fifth. nelson cruz up the middle. base hit. deuces on the board. it stays that way until the eighth. here it comes, there it goes. danny valencia gets a hold of a fastball up, and he crushed it. his 17th of the year. and the a's win 4-2. on the first day of his indefinite leave, steve kerr was back at warriors practice. steve, come on. listen to the doctor! he went to get treatment on his back.
6:47 am
he dropped in for a few minutes of practice. i'm guessing to spend a few minutes with his new staff member steve nash, who promptly told him to please go home. many expect him to be back before the start of the season. right now it's time for the players to step up. >> we have older young guys. so, you know, even though the young guys are there, we have checked to be on the same page with or without steve. we understand what we need to do to get better. >> college football, the cal bears have a chance to open 5-0 if they can beat washington state this afternoon in berkeley. this is an air-raid against a bear raid. a ton of points here. they beat them 60-59.
6:48 am
>> you never know what to speck. that the the great thing about college football. no ebb knows what and going to happen and who is going to play well. i didn't know if i would anticipate that kind of game this year in terms of scoring. i know saturday's game will be a competitive, hard-fought football game that we have to play very well to have a chance to win. we will now have the highlights from all the games at auburn on "after the game" following notre dame and clemson that kicks off at 5:00. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> 6:48, the time. how is the weather looking for the cal-washington state game at memorial? >> pretty good. we are going to see lots of sunshine, cooler temperatures. and with that we could even see a little bit of shower activity. >> it's not for the entire bay area. this is what is on the way. you can kind of see it. an upper level low that will drop down the coast later today.
6:49 am
but before that we have a few low clouds and fog to speak up. 56 in san francisco. its kind of a cool start out there. 54 mountain view and 52 in morgan hill. up in the north bay some numbers dropping into the 40s. our exploratorium camera. we are up to 50 in novato. you are 46. 52 in napa. 54 in concord. and we will be looking at a fall-like forecast for the first part of your weekend. so a red flag warning is in effect tonight, through tomorrow morning for elevations above 1,000 feet here where wind gusts could be in excess of 45 miles an hour. with that the possibility of rapid fire growth. the relative humidity could drop to below 20% in some of these areas. and at the surface winds could be at could be to 25 miles an hour. so about 2:00 this afternoon notice point reyes. 35 mile-an-hour wind gusts. san francisco across the bay
6:50 am
into oakland. it will be a breezy to windy day, depending on where you are later on throughout the afternoon. so getting started, it's quiet out there with sunny and calm conditions. but gusty winds. a slight chance of a shower and a fall-like week ahead. so as we take a look at what's happening, this system brought the rain for parts of the south bay and the snow for the sierra nevada. this system is really encompassing dryer air. so while we do have a slight chance of a shower, notice the fog comes back late tonight. then you can see just a little bit of activity from monterey to gilroy and most of it is up in the sierra nevada. so you could see some higher elevation snow and the possibility for a slight shower could be anywhere around the bay. but mainly south. in lake tahoe today 68 degrees. 79 in yosemite with low 80s in los angeles. so it is looking a little bit more fall-like with temperatures coming down. once that system moves out of here, numbers will rebound tomorrow. today for the hardly strictly
6:51 am
bluegrass look for low 60s sunny skies. in san francisco, golden gate park. then notice an increase in clouds and breezy winds. 78 today in concord. look for 81 in livermore. so all of these temperatures anywhere from about 6 to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's about time, right? 77 morgan hill. look for 64 half moon bay. 80 in santa rosa. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, that will be great if we didn't have the wind. but the wind is going to kick up today. it's going to feel cooler, increase the fire danger and that will be with us for the first part of tomorrow. and then for tuesday, wednesday and thursday looks pretty nice. but by next weekend the temperatures climb once again, and that's the blue angels. so you can really make that forecast a year in scrans. it's always the same. >> thank you. this weekend golden gate park in san francisco will be filled with the sounds. free music. the second day of the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival begins at 7 :00 a.m. the festival has something for
6:52 am
everyone. >> when the air is warm and filled with banjo music, it must be that time of year again >> it's the best festival in the world. it's incredible. for those lucky enough, it's the perfect day to play hooky. >> a day in october you can't beat. the february of poor man's whiskey knows from experience. this time playing for a crowd of kids allowed to cut class. it's their 11th year. they are playing their bluegrass instrument being, but not the traditional tunes. they want to send kids a message. >> with modern technology, cell phones, and people are so connected to their devices that we can show kids that you can pick up a guitar, a fiddle, a banjo, make some noise and you can get really a lot of joy out of it. it's the joy the philanthropist ron wanted to spread when he started the festival. i think he wanted to create the utopia and have the base be bluegrass music because it's such a tradition. >> back then it was strictly bluegrass. now it's hardly the case.
6:53 am
>> every year i see a band i never expected to see here that i really like. >> bands like this one comes back year after year and new ones are come all the time. >> have you been to the festival before? >> no, never. >> one thing has never changed. >> no selling anything, no products to be push. the only thing to be pushed is a good time and having fun. >> that was ron's tradition. his grandparents are proud. he left behind money to keep it that way. >> it's been a huge gift for me. and everyone just loves coming here. i even know people who moved to the san francisco because of going to the bluegrass festival. >> if it feels magical looking this way, just imagine how it feels from up there. you look out at the crowd from the backstage and you think this is the best city in the world. >> there are still two solid days of music left in the festival. the show runs from 7:00 to 11:00 each day. you don't even need tickets, you just show up. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. up next, the spirit of
6:54 am
frankenstein. how a california farmer is growing his ma
6:55 am
that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
6:56 am
give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. new this morning, a pumpkin farm in southern california has a special face for halloween this year. a familiar but scary face. frankenstein meets pumpkinstein. the farm's owner said it took him five years to perfect the method of placing a face inside
6:57 am
the hole. they sell forasmuch as $125. for next valentine's day look for heart shaped watermelon. pretty cool, lisa. >> yeah, that's ingenuity for sure. good morning. we are looking at a windy afternoon. to start out it's calm and cool. 78 concord, 75 in fremont. high fire danger in the upper elevation was low relative humidity many gusty winds throughout the evening and overnight hours. we will look for temperatures to come down today. we will go back up a the tomorrow and looks pretty nice. very fall-like for the week ahead. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is up next. as we say good-bye, let's take a look outside from the exploratorium camera pointed at the bay bridge this morning. a beautiful view to wake up to. we will see you again at 8:00
6:58 am
a.m. ññ ♪
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good morning, america. happening right now, historic flooding. the southeast soaked with record rain. neighborhoods underwater. homes flooded. plus, whipped by joaquin, the bahamas battered. >> survivor halfway up. >> the high seas rescue and the urgent search for a missing cargo ship. dozens of americans on board. the abc news exclusive. in the oregon college massacre, the woman rushing to help shooting victims as the bullets were flying. >> begging her just breathe, please, just breathe. plus, inside the mind of a gunman. what he did just hours before this rampage. breaking overnight, love and murder. cops collar the alleged gunman who targeted a beautiful texas dentist. >> it was a murder for hire. >> was it a romant


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