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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: espn home of the college football playoff. >> mike: ohio state on top of indiana, 34-20. and there's the man that has done the damage, ezekiel elliott, with a career-high r h rushing 234 yards just in the second half. this looks like one of the three games he finished the season last year. >> ed: his number kept going up every game against wisconsin, just over 200 against alabama, 220 and the championship game, 700 yards in the playoff run last year. >> mike: 266 for this game. this is hall on the return. and a scrum at the 21.
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>> ed: if first two runs was both fourth and short. indiana committed to the run. elliott able -- he's just got incredible speed for how big he is. another fourth and short. this one on their side of the field. getting a will it bit of a spark. this is a call that urban meyer made. they needed some type of spark. on this last one, a little bit of a hold on the edge by michael thomas, not too bad. but elliott, once again, outrunning the field. >> mike: you talked about him being a track athlete, he just won three sprints in the second half. diamont trying to get to the outside, on his feet, diamont! touchdown! 79 yards. are you believing this?
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and sthair 10:03 to go in this game. >> ed: unusual for ohio state. but vonn bell the safety got himself out of position and was not expecting diamont, that time bell got too close up to the line of scrimmage and diamont put on 30 pounds during the offseason, had to come in with nate sudfeld out, a much faster runner. >> mike: i hop you haven't missed the last 4 sebs. because we have had 154 yards in rushing and two touchdowns. >> ed: tyvis powell. let's see the read that powell has, slides to that side. but powell is just going to miss
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the tackle there. just a bad angle by powell. tyvis powell, the safety, had a bad angle and diamont is much faster. sam hubbard misses the tackle. you don't expect powell to miss that angle as much as he did. this guy, solid thrower, not quite sudfeld, but that's what he gives you. >> mike: during the last commercial, they had sudfeld up and trying to throw on the sideline, he just can't move. he can throw. he would be a stationary target if you bring him in game. but with joey bosa out there, you don't want to be a stationary target. but we are back to a seven-point game. wilson. . can anybody stop anybody in the second half? >> ed: what you're seeing, a
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really, indiana's defense has played so hard and this game feels like it has taken forever. they just haven't been able to slow down ezekiel elliott in the second half. but can they get one stop? can they find a place to get a stop? >> mike: this game has already lasted 3:30. >> ed: for the defensive players in this game it feels a lot longer than that. the amount of energy you have to expand as a defensive player than an offensive player is the pursuit to the ball. >> mike: this a huge series, indiana desperately need a stop and they desperately need it now. >> ed: and ohio state needs a drive to feel good about themselves as they go in for the rest of their season. >> mike: time-out, ohio state. they were going to lose five
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yards. as the play clock was winding down. >> ed: we talked about -- we have seen ohio state twice, you know, it looks like to me they have a championship-caliber defense, the offense obviously has some work to do. but what about for kevin wilson and indiana? this is -- this is, when we saw them last year, they were down to their fifth string quarterback against michigan state, they didn't have a chance that day, but zander diamont came in, got better as the season went on, he wasn't ready to play against michigan state. you can see in the line of scrimmage. indiana has gotten so much better over the last three years. not being pushed around. solid offensive line. >> mike: three seniors, a junior and a sophomore out there. they can all play. not just veterans, they can play, and they can play at this level. elliott.
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not this time. ezekiel elliott taken out of bounds at the 22. he'll lose about three yards. yeah, this is a feisty bunch. >> ed: remember, this is a defense in indiana that's missing their best defensive lineman, darius latham we mentioned is suspending pending an ethical review from the university. they still got a little pop in them. >> mike: elliott. they string it out again, he tries to cutback, lot of defenders there, led by mangieri. that brings up a huge third down. >> ed: two runs, two tosses out to the outside. another indiana player is down on the sideline.
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that looks like greg gooch. that's two stretch runs for elliott when the money has been that power play, where -- one side of the line blocks down you bring around a big guard. this is all sideways running. you're trying to make basically a picket fence, but the power has been when you run right at them. able to run off the tackle, running manier at them. little confusing why they would go to the stretch play here when they have -- yeah. >> mike: gooch able to get up. he's a 62", an important third down. still 9:15 to go in the game. only a one-score contest. >> ed: it felt like in that third quarter, ohio state was going to run away with this by
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21, 28 points. amazing what a couple of turnovers can do to changes things even when your heisman trophy running back is playing out of his mind in the second half. >> mike: elliott has had that monster second half. marshall is the man in motion. elliott, up the middle. very conservative. just wanted to make sure they don't make a mistake and give the ball to indiana this close. >> ed: i know that cardale jones is their starting quarterback, but that call looks like they're not quite confident enough. they have enough missed throws from jones in the beginning of season, we're up seven, that call right there says everything you need to know that ohio state isn't confident in throwing the ball.
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>> mike: yogii said it's not over until it's over. >> ed: a good read by diamont. joey bosa stayed home. he haendz it to running back redding who scores. diamont caught him coming down inside, a bad angle by powell. a missed tackle by hubbard the defensive end. all of a sudden, we have our ourselves a ball game. ton of game left. >> mike: redding got stuffed. as he tried to take it off the left side. clock running. 7:59 to go. the numbers on diamont, three out of nine for 41 yards and that big run for the touchdown. sudfeld still with the helmet
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on. when he tried to warm up a few minutes ago, he could barely move on the sideline. diamont. they must reach the 41 to keep it going. and your fear right now if you're indiana, if you give this ball up you may not see it again. >> ed: you either won't see it again or ezekiel elliott will go 70 yards and score on a short-yardage drive. but they got the ball back from that last one. third and 12 is not what you want to be at here. now you can run a screen and do a few things that you don't have to force the ball down the field with the inexperienced quarterback. >> mike: burning a lot of time here. diamont. took to the 36. fourth and five. we're already down to 6:45.
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>> ed: well, you have to punt here if you're indiana with three time-outs. but i'm with you, mike, you have your three time-outs. 6:35 left. so, i get the punt here, i just wonder if indiana is going to get this ball back. >> mike: they might have been your last shot. >> ed: by the way, that was joshua perry, the outside linebacker, that was trying to throw the swing pass, perry did an awesome job. >> mike: toth to kick to marshall. marshall gripping that ball. turns to go the other way and taken down at the 15 yard line. a loss of one after a pretty punt of 48 yards. so, the buckeyes take over with 6:01 to go in the game. couple of first downs and then they can salt it away, can they get it?
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elliott, that's the third best in this history of ohio state. that's pretty good backs in that program, haven't they? >> ed: run by keith byers on this drive, i guess. >> mike: elliott hurdles somebody and pays the price for it. they got him at the 15 yard line. >> ed: well, if i'm inden ind, if i have a third, fourth, fifth guy i could put up around the line of scrimmage, it's clear that ohio state does not throw the ball. already an interception from cardale jones, he has at least one in every game this year and so if you're byrne knorr, the defensive coordinator for indiana, look at how close those safeties are, everybody is within striking distance of that line of scrimmage. >> mike: the clock just melting
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away. elliott. after a little hole, needs to get to the 26. to move the chains. >> ed: let's see how much clock they're going to take away. you've got 30 seconds here on the play clock. let's see, there's brian knorr, the defensive coordinator, this is a big third down for his big group. i would be shocked if this isn't another ezekiel elliott run. >> mike: if you're the hoosiers, you have to sell out on this one. little touch pass to marshall and marshall couldn't turn the corner. the hoosiers' defense stands tall again. >> ed: i like the play call here
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by ohio state, because it looked like they were trying to stet up elliott, get the edge, but this was an excellent job at the point of attack. marshall came up to attack. nick vannett, the tight end knocked him back in the backfield. >> mike: that action across the face keeps those linebackers where they are, they can't go outside, you're trying to use marshall's speed -- >> ed: but that was awesome job by marcus oliver, the tight end, knocked him into the play. >> mike: very high, very short. that's pretty good field position after a 35-yard punt. they'll start near their own 43 yard line. >> ed: and there's kevin wilson telling, get with your guys, don't talk with me. but, this is four downs.
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you're going four downs every time if you're indiana. you got to make sure your quarterback knows that, don't take a sack, if it's third and six, you can't take a big sack. there's kevin johns, the offensive coordinator, has called a nice game. with quarterback diamont. >> mike: 15 tries and indiana has never beaten a number one ranked team. five of those were ohio state. they're one possession away from tying this game. diamont to the 48 yard line. the clock will run. marked back at 47. still a gain of three. >> ed: that's where kevin johns feels, the way we're going to do this run game with diamont, has a good feel of it. not quite the arm of sudfeld, but good change of offensive philosophy. >> mike: quick throw in the flat, complete to rickie jones.
4:19 pm
spun down. there's 15 yards. huge. >> ed: darron lee as he tried to come over to make that tackle, jones with a little ankle injury made the guy miss -- >> mike: boy, almost ripped off the helmet off his head. that's the sixth 15-yard penalty. >> referee: penalty, defense, 15 yards from the end of the run, automatic first down. >> ed: watch, excellent job that time by vonn bell dropping his head. and lee grabs the helmet and pulls him back and gets called for the personal foul. >> mike: boy, jones is lucky he can get up from that one. >> ed: now, the question becomes, if you're indiana, if you score a touchdown, are you going to go with two, or go to overtime? with the injuries, i think two
4:20 pm
would be the play. >> mike: redding picking his way to the 35 yard line. 2:50 on the clock. with two time-outs. you can whatever play you want. you don't have to worry about throwing the ball over the middle or running the ball. krk krg all three time-outs. they can go fast. but the run game from the quarterback position has been the difference. sudfeld out with an ankle injury, their starting quarterback. >> mike: line up redding in the eye. no place to run over there. height have been a hold and the flag went down right when i thought there was holding on the play. >> ed: yeah, once again, adolphus washington showing his athleticism. beating his guy to the point. the gatorade ohio state
4:21 pm
basketball player of the year, not football player of the year. >> mike: how about that? >> referee: number 67, ten-yard penalty from the previous spot. repeat second down. >> ed: that's a good player feeney that adolphus feeney is beating. clearly not letting go of 92. a little acting. a little bit so we can see it. good job number 92. >> mike: all of the way back to the 49 yard line. it is second and 20. now, play calls are restricted. >> ed: thinking three plays for 18. diamont. deep out. lot of contact and a flag. and that's going to be interference. eli apple. seventh major penalty against the buckeyes. and two on apple for p.i. it was intended per jones.
4:22 pm
>> referee: holding -- defense, number 13. ten yards from the previous spot. automatic first down. a difference without -- >> ed: the ball is not in the air, to. of your screen, eli apple working against jones. he's got his jersey there, and as jones fights it off, the that's why they're calling it. he's got great position. such a smooth athlete. that's the second penalty on apple and what a change from the ten-yard holding on adolphus washington which made it second and 18. now first and ten all over again for indiana. >> mike: still 35 yards to go for pay dirt. and now only 1:48 to get there. redding. nowhere to go. i mean, nowhere. >> ed: well, they tried that stretch run now with a couple of times with redding. get diamont back involved with
4:23 pm
the zone read. now, the clock is starting to tick a little bit to a place, you have three time-outs, not much of a panic, but boy, they're taking their time. >> mike: diamont, complete, very close to a first down. jones is still inbounds. let's see where they mark it, that's a very generous mark. >> ed: what a dime by diamont. >> mike: it was. >> ed: not as tight a spiral but that time he really fit that in nicely on the line to jones. >> mike: and great pattern with ri ricky jones ran. 1:09. sudfeld all he can do is cheer on his backup. post. jones to the 6. holy cow! what a great throw and jones, again, a tremendous pattern, he was almost invisible in the first half. and now, they're throwing at him every time. >> ed: leading receiver in the
4:24 pm
big ten, came in with the bum ankle, they said he looked okay during the week, diamont, another really nice throw to jones. >> mike: are we watching history? redding. i think they're going to have to use one of their time-outs and talk about this. >> ed: yeah, i'm really surprised tsh -- on the right side for indiana. >> mike: that's going to cost them five. now they're going to use a time-out. backing up five, it gives you more room to run the ball, more
4:25 pm
room to run patterns. >> ed: it does. >> referee: time-out. >> ed: good job inside a minute. the penalty on offense, you don't get the ten seconds off which could be tragic if you're indiana to go down to 13 here could be tragic. >> mike: here's the historical part of this, 35 years since indiana was 4-0, haven't beaten ohio state as number one, they have five tries, this is the sixth and they have never beaten a number one team. they're 0-15 against number one in the ap poll, but you can forget all the history. you only have to do it once. >> ed: and if you're in the moment for indiana, it's all about the 23 seconds and our two time-outs. we have a minimum of three plays to score. second, third, fourth. remember a defensive penalty, you can get an automatic first down. so, don't waste too much clock here. use one of those two time-outs.
4:26 pm
especially if you run the ball. >> mike: 23 seconds left. this is the second down play. diamont. off the hands of his intended receiver in the end zone. and that was his tight end jordan fuchs who caught a pass in this quarter. >> ed: vonn bell had terrific coverage on this. this took forever to develop as bell is chasing the tight end. nice job by the quarterback to avoid bosa. got a little bit of tip. nice job by bell. >> mike: 16 seconds left. >> ed: time-out, ohio state. didn't like what they saw >> referee: 30-second charged time-out, ohio state. >> mike: playoff implications of this, should indiana win this game, do you see a path that ohio state can come back to
4:27 pm
defend a national championship? >> ed: i do. most conference champions are going to have one or two losses. they beat michigan and michigan state and won the big ten championship attend of the season, indiana will probably have eight, nine wins before the end of season. i don't think she a nail in the coffin for the playoffs if ohio state loses. this drive has been held out by a couple of penalties. this one by lee after a penalty, a holding penalty. would have gotten, would have put them in second and long. apple gets a defensive holding penalty and diamont, found a little bit of a moneyman in ricky jones. and bell with a terrific dive to knock away that pass. >> mike: changed the traject i have so fuchs couldn't catch it.
4:28 pm
diamont caught from behind. down he goes. time-out. >> mike: now it all comes down to this fourth down play. with nine second s left in the game. >> ed: i would move diamont out of the pocket. don't let him stand in the pocket and there's a guy in simmie cobbs who had a drop earlier, this receiver can get separation, i would want diamont rolling to his side. i know he's had some drops, but this has been their best weapon near the goal line for indiana. you can see cobb there, talking to kevin jones. be surprise if we don't see cobbs in there. roll him to the right. stand there and get two, three guys in the end zone. >> mike: even though ohio state has big defensive backs, simmie
4:29 pm
cobbs is bigger than any of them. >> ed: he's working down here on conley at the bottom of the screen, just surprised if he's not in the mix here. >> mike: barring a penalty this is it. bad snap. throws for the end zone, jump ball, tipped. incomplete! the ball got passed zander diamont and it was desperation after that. >> ed: give diamont all the credit in the world, this is just a bad snap. just off to the left. he had to get over there and block adolphus washington. and he knew diamont keeping the
4:30 pm
ball alive, hit ricky jones in the hands. what about diamont to keep that alive. >> mike: eli apple was there at the end. got his hand in there. but diamont, the backup quarterback to the injured nate sudfeld and devine redding, the backup running back to injured jordan howard, they just played their hearts out. >> ed: sure did. ohio state has a lot of work to do. defensively they're the best team in the country. they obviously didn't trust cardale jones down the stretch to throw it. they knew what they had in elliott. what a nice job for indiana. let's go to jerry punch. >> jerry: urban meyer walked over to the indiana sideline. you were patting their players on the back. never ness conference. what you were thinking with indiana inside the 10? >> we have a good pass rushers. i thought maybe bosa, adolphus,
4:31 pm
that's one of our best, is pass rushing. >> jerry: first-half offense had trouble moving, early in second half, and you move almost at will. what was the difference? >> we have ezekiel. we're 5-0. 1-0 in the big ten. >> jerry: passing gamer cardale struggling with accuracy and touch. how do you fix it? >> keep working and keep grinding, and we'll get better. >> jerry: coach, congratulations. >> mike: urban meyer is so good, such a brilliant coach, great teams play poorly and still win, they did it on the road against a team that's undefeated. >> ed: undefeated teams go into college playoffs. >> mike: do they ever. tonight, number 6 notre dame versus number 12 clemson.
4:32 pm
for the entire crew, this is mike patrick thanks for watching. so long from bloomington, indiana.
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now on a blchlt bc 7 news, a warning before the super bowl comes to levi's stadium. international manhunt over, one year after the murder of a girl in watsonville. investigators announce an arrest. how they finally got their man.
4:36 pm
new details about the final moments of a shooting rampage at a community college in oregon. abc 7 news starts right now. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> san jose cracking down on massage parlors that may be a front of prostitution. they want to get in front of the issue before the super bowl. we begin with the massage parlor crackdown. abc 7 reporter m eer melanie wo spoke with neighbors. >> reporter: i did. one of the concerns here is that these neighbors don't necessarily want to live next door to some of the massage parlors. none of the ones recently cited had human trafficking but it's a big concern around big sporting events like the super bowl which is of course coming up. the one i'm standing in front of now is just across the street
4:37 pm
from the west field mall. it's also next to quite a few homes here including residents who would like to see it go. >> i don't see many ladies going in there, put it that way, it's all guys. >> reporter: longtime san jose resident said neighbors began no t t noticing more massage parls. >> buying coming in 10:00 before they close. >> reporter: he lives next door to aroma care spa on forest avenue one of five recently cited. an employee here said she didn't speak english. also on the list, aroma spa on i lincoln which changed owners. >> i come around here after school and do some massage. the massage i do is therapeutic massage. >> reporter: he showed us a sign inside that reads, absolutely no touching and no sexual harassment in this health spa.
4:38 pm
an employee at lily's spa on north first street said there were new owners in place. the effort to clean up these types of spas follows neighborhood complaints and a new law that went into effect in january. local governments can require massage parlors to obtain a permit from local law enforcement in addition to the california permits individual massage therapists must also have. san jose city attorney rick doyle says one of the biggest challenges is resources. city officials want to clean up this problem before the super bowl. >> if you have thousands of people coming in and there's a demand for escort and massage services and i think other super bowl cities have experienced that problem, what seems to go with that's is the trafficking problem that we are trying to address. >> reporter: in san jose, melanie woodrow abc 7. police in fremont looking for a man accused of killing his
4:39 pm
mother. they released this picture of him. tuesday night his mother was violently killeden in apartment near monroe. the 41-year-old lives in free month but visits oakland and san francisco often. he may be warmed. facebook helped capture a suspect that killed a 4-year-old girl. abc 7 news was in watsonville as police announced the arrest of the man. nearly one year ago he shot and killed a rival gang member outside a motel room but some of the rounds went into a nearby restaurant killing 4-year-old girl and wounding a man. the tipster in mexico saw the wanted poster on social media and contacted the fbi. >> facebook ended up playing a huge role in this case and tracking down robles through a facebook post that an individual in mexico saw that and brought it forward to the fbi.
4:40 pm
>> agents arrested him and his girlfriend yesterday. six others also arrested. agents are looking for one more man in mexico. learning more about the heros in the oregon community college shooting from the man who confronted the shooter to a woman who tried to save her friend. learning more about how the gunman died. >> reporter: nursing student sharon kirkham can't forget what happened thursday at umpqua community college. >> rapid -- rapid fire. >> reporter: she and her classmates quickly found out what they thought were firecrackers outside their room were gunshots. her friend kim had no idea until she was hit. >> begging her to please, just breathe, come on, kimmy. >> reporter: it was too late. that's when 30-year-old army veteran crissman showed up and said everybody get down. >> it's my son's birthday, come
4:41 pm
on, dude, come on. you hear rapid fire again. >> reporter: shot seven times but survived. nine other people died raging from 18 to 67. new details about the man who pulled the trigger, 26-year-old student chris harper mercer. he came armed with six guns including automatic rifle and wore a bulletproof vest. law enforcement on the scene within six minutes, two minutes after that the gunman was down. >> cause of death of the shooter to be suicide. >> reporter: back inside the school, still helping the wounded. >> she had a gunshot wound in her leg. i carried her to give her to a cop. >> reporter: you can see a memorial growing outside the college campus. the sign reads "pray for roseburg" classes cancel through all of next week. take a look at these black
4:42 pm
ribbon helmet decals letters ucc tweeted out by espn. paying tribute to the victims of thursday's mass shooting. if you'd like to express condolences to the shooting victims a victims and families go to abc 7 news and let oregon people know you're with them. how long this gusty weather's going to stick around. also the latest on the a's possible move to san jose. a decision this
4:43 pm
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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ven niche shah, san ramon, all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> u.s. supreme court could announce as early as monday whether it will take up the challenge by san jose to bring the a's to town. the city claims that major league baseball's refusal to allow the oakland a's to move to san jose is a violation of antitrust laws. baseball has enjoyed a century long exemption. many think san jose doesn't stand a chance. giants long claimed san jose part of their territory. to the weather now, in for a very windy weekend in parts of the bay area under a high fire warning. take a look at this. abc7 reporter alan wang captured strong winds today. let's get the latest on the wind and the red flag warning.
4:46 pm
drew? >> those winds today had been nearing 50 miles per hour in parts of the region. live doppler 7 hd, i want to take you to the east coast quickly a stalled front that is bringing flooding rains to the carolinas, more than a foot of rain likely. hurricane joaquin, in conjunction with high pressure, two opposing forces bringing gusty winds onshore and beach erosion. joaquin going out to sea. here at home, live atop the rooftop here, you can see flags are waving, trees are moving. an active breeze now. look at this, sfo wind gust of 48 miles per hour. oakland, 32 miles per hour. 28 in hayward, 24 in concord. the reason why, an area of low pressure dropping in from the north. it's giving us onshore winds and it will continue to do so through the evening hours. gusty wins we have a wind advisory in effect starting at 8:00 lasting through tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the morning, specifically for the north bay mountains for elevations above
4:47 pm
1,000 feet. northeast wind could go between 20 and 30 miles per hour like now gusting higher than that, and the fear is that trees could come down and power lines and that could spark new fire. so we also have a fire weather red flag warning in effect today through tomorrow morning as well for elevations above 1,000 feet for gusty wind gusts to create rapid fire growth especially north bay mountains and east bay hills. today, increasing clouds in the south bay. here's that area of low pressure could bring a spot shower in the santa cruz mountains, sprinkle around san jose but that's. out of here quickly. by tomorrow morning, future weather 4:00 on sunday, decrease in clouds and the wind will will finally begin to relax early tomorrow morning as the low pressure system gets out of here. overnight tonight, clear skies in the north bay. more in the way of clouds in the south bay. otherwise, most areas dropping in the 50s. fair field warmer, 50. 56 in san francisco.
4:48 pm
53 san jose. 57 concord. tomorrow, winds lax. not as breezy of a day. 73 san francisco. 28 concord. 79 san jose. 85 santa rosa. antioch up to 85. seven-day forecast, tomorrow winds relax around here. monday it's sunny and nice. across the region. tuesday, still rather pleasant. a nice stretch of weather the next three days. wednesday, sunny, bump up in temperatures. thursday, morning fog to afternoon sunshine. friday, watch what happens. we talked about how october can get warm here. friday and saturday, october heat, in time for fleet week. >> love it. october's one of the best months. >> beautiful here. awesome. thank you so much. college football to talk about? >> yes. it's a great month for college football as well. wild game in berkeley, cal and washington state square off. lawler, might be the best receiver in the countr
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this momt is perfect in eveay
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just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. calf football on the rise, trying to start the rise but facing a tougher than expected. looking good early, cal down 21-7, 40 seconds left in the half. look at the throw and a better catch from lawler, one-handed grab, with defenders draped all over him. bears down 21-13. this backfires, fourth and one, fake punt. fumble, step on the floor. back the other way. cal down 21-20.
4:52 pm
lawler, that's a laser, perfect right there. cal down 28-26 after a missed two-point conversion. they take the lead after recovering a wazoo fake onside kick, harris does the rest. 24 yard. cal winner 34-28 the final. bears improve to 5-0. qíp date. $1.6 million just to show up to face auburn. sparty looking for a win. ties it up at 7 apiece. tigers big touch downbefore the half. barber, nice blocking and sweeping into the end zone. 21-7. third quarter, barber, flies in for his fourth of five touchdowns in the game. san jose state hung tough. solid game, irvin very good. but the tigers win 35-21, sparty drops to 2 and 3 into more college football coming up.
4:53 pm
farewell to a giant. tim hudson, hello! my name is phil zietlow. i work on the cheerios team and it's always bugged me that we couldn't say that, "cheerios are gluten free". you know, cheerios are made from oats which are naturally gluten-free but sometimes grains
4:54 pm
that contain gluten get mixed in. so we came up with a way to remove them. which means now, cheerios can be enjoyed by everyone! just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs)
4:55 pm
reports of alabama's demise have been greatly exaggerated. after the tied loss to ole miss, some thought 'bama was in trouble. they were wrongen the bulldogs were in big trouble today. not only wet and rainy, but then he had to watch 'bama destroy the bulldogs. second quarter, fit patrick blocks the punt.
4:56 pm
tide scores easily. ramsey with a throw, picked off by jackson who will weave his way 50 yards for the touchdown. not sure we have enough time in the program to get to the end zone. this is taking a while. 'bama cruises 38-10. sparty takes 21-0 lead at half thanks to shelton. wow, look at the convoy he's got in front. diving to the pylon. 23-yard score. boiler makers fight back. down 24-21. middle of the fourth, jones flying into the end zone. a minute to go. fourth and nine for purdue. still down three but nonfield goal range. the pass knocked down. incomplete. michigan state escapes narrowly, 24-21. number 19, wisconsin hosting undefeated iowa. that's a badger right there. oh! don't make the badger angry! wisconsin quarterback stave was angry, they committed four turnovers, the badgers did,
4:57 pm
under eight minutes left. iowa hangs on for 10-6 upset on the road. they're now 35-0? tim hudson said good-bye. getting emotional during the pregame speech, thanks fans and teammates and family. tomlinson, the rockies outfielders, not hustling that much. tomlinson circles the base, inside the park home run. very fast. byrd homered in the game. crawford did as well. getting the veggie salad. giants hang on 3-2. matt cain will start the finale tomorrow. notre dame and clemson next in a monsoon. >> goodness. honey badger don't care. >> thank you. larry. that's for this edition of abc7 news. you want more college football. that's what you're going to get.
4:58 pm
all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
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>> chris: something rare and special in clemson tonight. they've waited forever for this event. for the fighting irish to return. the faithful are undeterred. their spirits undampened of days of flooding. a heavier dell luge is due here later. two playoff contenders must step forward and prove it, right now. notre dame versus clemson, death valley is alive and electric. >> the moment is here. a clash of two teams who haven't faced one another for nearly 40


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