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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the crack of lightning fills the skies over the east bay north of vanesiea. it's part of some strange weather striking the area this weekend. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 4th.
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let's start with a first look at the weather, here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. things are really wiping down. and the light show while you were sleeping brought down about.2-inch of rain in napa and a few hundredths in cordelia. we are look at rain showers toward rain showers and wind through south lake and sonora. and temperatures back home are mild in the north bay due to the wind mix necessary the higher elevations at night. we have the red flag warning through 10:00 this morning for elevations above 1,000 feet. due to that temperatures are on the mild side. it's cool by fremont. we will talk about a slightly warmer forecast today and then things are really going to heat up again. i'll tell you when, time it out for you coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. a wind advisory issued by the chp last night remains in effect in morning. it's for the bay bridge and the
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san mateo bridge. and the gusts have also caused plenty of damage in san francisco. abc7 news reporter lilian kim takes a look. >> the scaffolding on bay shore boulevard was no wind that swept through san francisco. all of it came crashing done down on two parked cars in this parking lot. the owner of this s.u.v. was walking into the store when it happened. >> i'm so blessed. if i stay inside the car i get hurt in the head. it got my car and the mirror on top. >> on 7th and market street, more damage. this time a wall separating it from the construction site toppled over. a 51-year-old man walking by was taken to the hospital for cuts to his head of the meanwhile, in the mission district the palm trees on mission street swayed precariously. but on 24th street a large branch snapped off.
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no damage and no injuries. as was the case in pacific heights, where a large tree collapsed on clay street near fillmore. >> i heard the tree fall, and at first it didn't occur to me that the tree would have fallen, and then i came outside and like it was just there. i was like, oh, my god. i'm so glad that didn't hit the house. >> a close call, but it's not over yet as long as the wind advisory remains in effect. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a similar scene in the north bay. high winds brought down a large tree, crushing a car yesterday afternoon. the strong gusts also took out a power line in novato, leaving as many as 2,000 people in the dark. pg&e said the power has been restored. in the east bay strong winds, up to 50 miles an hour, went through the trees. abc7 news reporter alan wang tweeted out this video
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at tildon park. you can see on the sign saying the fire danger high because of winds. there's a red flag warning through 10:00 this morning. >> breaking news out of san jose. take a look at these flames jumping from a strip mall on center rode. it includes a nail salon and a laundromat, among other businesses. firefighters are still on the scene battling this four-alarm fire. no word yet on the cause or if anyone was injured. now to the oregon school shootings. churches in roseburg are expected to be filled for sunday's service this morning following last thursday's massacre. last night hundreds of people gathered in the nearby town of winston to hold a candlelight vigil for the victims. the names of the nine killed were read one by one. a local pastor said he has the unthinkable duty of organizing nearly a dozen funerals this week.
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and while people come to grips with the tragedy, we are learning more about how the gunman died. abc news reporter brandy is in roseburg. >> this nursing student can't forget what happened last thursday. it was at umpqua community college. >> rapid, rapid fire >> she and her classmates quickly found out what they thought were firecrackers outside their room were gunshots. her friend kim had no idea until she was hit. >> and i was please, just breathe. come on, kim. >> but it was too late. that's when a 30-year-old army veteran showed up and told everyone to get down. >> he said it's my son's birthday, it's my son's birthday, come on, dude, come on.
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and then he was shot seven times. >> that's a true sign of a hero. he put his own life in front of everyone else's. >> new details are also emerging about the man who pulled the trigger, 26-year-old chris harper-mercer. he came armed with six guns, including an automatic rifle and wore a bulletproof vest. law enforcement was on the scene in six minutes and two minutes after that the gunman was down. >> the cause of death was suicide. >> back inside the school, she was still helping the wounded. she had a gunshot wound in her leg. so you sticked -- gave it to other cop. you see the memorial is growing outside the campus. you see this sign reads "pray for roseburg." classes will be cancelled through all of next week. abc news, roseburg, oregon. >> the survivors are now telling their stories of the horrors that happened during english
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class. one who came out unscathed said the gunman burst into the room and started talking to another student. >> and said to her beg for your life, and i won't kill you. she begins to beg for her life, and he shoots her. he then says to the rest of them, crawl to the middle of the room. and lacy said apparently we weren't doing it fast enough, and his voice got louder and he said, i said get to the middle of the room. they crawled as quickly as they could, all of them to the center, and he walked to the center and began to shoot them as they were laying down. >> lacy was partially covered by a student's body and lying in a pool of blood. the gunman apparently thought she was dead. another survivor, a 16-year-old cheyenne fitzgerald, was shot in the back because she refused to tell the gunman her religion.
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her mother said cheyenne then heard him tell another student he was the lucky one. >> he called one guy, gave him the envelope, and told him to go to the corner of the classroom because obviously he was going to be the one that was going to be telling the story. >> authorities say they have the shooter's manifesto, but have not revealed the contents. cheyenne lost a kidney to a bullet. doctors say she has a long road to recovery. tonight the san mateo chapter of the brady campaign against gun violence will hold a vigil in support for the oregon shooting victims many the vigil begins at 6:00 at the congregation natural church. in san francisco the giants are flying the flags at center field at&t park in honor of the victims of the oregon massacre.
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and if you would like to express your condolences to the shooting victims and their families, just go to our abc7 news facebook page to share this badge. four high school students have been arrested after authorities uncovered a school shooting plot. according to investigators, it was still in the planning stages at summerville high school in sonora. deputies uncovered the plot reportedly when other students began talking. they talked about their suspicions. the suspects have been arrested on conspiracy to commit an assault with deadly weapons. a fremont man believed to have murdered his mother is being shot by police this morning. take a close look. police want to know if you have seen this man. he is considered dangerous. he may be armed. abc7 news reporter alan wang has the details. >> i feel safe every time i look at the door and i never fear for my life. but after kendall dawson's mother found out her fremont
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neighbor was murdered next door and the victim is wanted and on the loose -- >> i didn't feel good with my child being here so we are taking him back home. >> she is moving him back to oakland where she feels it is safer. but the commute to college will be longer. >> there was severe trauma on the body, on the mediocrity. >> fremont police won't say how the woman in her 60s died, only that she lived in this apartment with her son, a 31-year-old man. he was nowhere to be found after police conducted a welfare check and found her body in the apartment. >> they found her on tuesday. did you hear any commotion prior to that? >> no. >> police won't say why he murdered his own mother, but he could be a threat to the public. >> by the nature of the crime, a homicide, yes, he could be considered dangerous.
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>> omar petigen is 5'11" and 150 pounds. police say he could be anywhere in the bay area but he's known to frequent oakland and san francisco. abc7 news. the final day of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival begins later this morning. ♪ >> yeah, he is jamming. abc7 news was in golden gate park yesterday for the free concert. more than 100 musical artists are performing on seven stages. as the name implies, it's not all bluegrass. the foundation started by late san francisco philanthropist warren hellman pays for that yearly event. artists began taking the stage at 8:00 this morning. today's headliners including fantastic negrito, loss lobos and indigo girls. it looks like they are having a great day out there yesterday, lisa. and no reason to doubt they will have another one today. >> quite an eclectic list of musicians there. >> yeah. >> we will see the last of our
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wind in the next couple of hours. things are really winding down. we had a few rain showers. that's out of the pictures. but still upper-elevation wind may be affecting some of you. right now it's in the upper 50s in san francisco. we will see more sunshine today. a very pleasant afternoon around the bay. does it continue for the week ahead? yes and no. i'll have the answers, the real answer coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, new details on that devastating valley fire. the ordeal four firefighters faced shortly after the flames ignited. and a warning for some businesses in the south bay. the big crackdown ahead of the super bowl.
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the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train. we have new details this morning about the ordeal of those four cal firefighters burned in the valley fire. the four faced a sheet of flame on cobb mountain during the first hours of the voracious fire. they tried to take their shelters out of their backpacks. one firefighter had to remove his gloves to tear away a melted plastic covering. another could not get his shelter out of the case because the cover had already melted and fused to a plastic sleeve. all four suffered burns of various degrees. two are now back home and another will soon be released
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from the hospital, but the fourth firefighter has third-degree burns across his entire body and it will take some time to recover. a facebook tip helped the fbi catch a fugitive wanted from a double murder that happened nearly a year ago in watsonville. last october police say a man shot and killed a rival gang member outside the valley inn hotel. bullets hit a nearby restaurant killing a four-year-old girl and wounding a man. a tipster saw him on the fbi facebook page and contacted them. san jose is trying to weed out massage parlor that may be fronts for prostitution before the super bowl next year. according to a new report, the city has issued five citations or warning letters to massage parlors since june. 20 others have been investigated over the last year.
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none has been cited for human trafficking, but it's a concern with the super bowl coming to santa clara. >> if you have thousands of people coming in, some looking for escort and massage services and other super bowl cities have experienced that problem. what seems to go with that is the human trafficking problem i think we are all trying to address. >> san jose can now force massage parlors to obtain permits from police before they open because of a new law that took effect last january. >> happening today, the celebrated blue angels team will arrive at the oakland airport for beginning of fleet week. the team arrives at 6:00. pilots begin practicing on thursday at the airport's northfield. their airshow begins this friday at 4:00, and it runs through sunday. fleet week, which starts tomorrow, also includes the popular parade of ships and plenty of ship tours >> also happening today, runners
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will soon begin limb berg up for the annual bridge-to-bridge run in san francisco. it's the 39th annual oral floss run. you see the course on the map there. the course benefits the special olympics. participants can choose either a 5k or 12k course. they both start ferry building on the embarcadero and the runners go past the waterfront. they end at the marina green. and you still have time to make the run. you can do it and get back in time for the 10:00. >> you think so? >> well, actually maybe the 9:00? >> you have a lot of faith, girl. yeah, she's seen me run, right? okay. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7hd was pretty active while you were sleeping and we are still continuing to see activity in the sierra nevada. just light showers.
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but napa reporting .2-inch of rain. you saw lightning by core deal yeah. other than that it's quieting town. the winds are still a factor some for some of the higher elevations. in terms of rainfall, we are looking at wind and rain through south lake tahoe and reno and bear valley and sonora. conditions will steadily improve as the area of low pressure heads south into southern california, bringing the wind and rain with it. raining in san luis now. winds just 40 miles an hour. here is the hawaiian island chain. but with this trap cal storm, it's the 15th named storm of the season. they are cranking them out here in the pacific. hopefully that's indicative of a good el nino forecast for the nation that would help us out potentially. but we are looking at big-time
6:20 am
problems here. hurricane joaquin continues to weaken and moves 100 miles off show. it's bringing heavy rain to bermuda and gusty winds. it's been pumping in the moisture to south carolina since thursday. they had forecasted catastrophic flooding with 15 to 20 inches of rain that has verified today. another and a half yesterday. they set a record 11 1/2 in one day. by monday they have about a half-inch of rain forecasted and after in this should shut off. so really a lot of problems there. hopefully you've got some prayers going for the people down in the southeast. emeryville look at partly cloudy conditions. 64 with that wind up around santa rosa. 50 in novato. elsewhere we are slightly cooler this morning, compared to the north bay where there's upper
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elevation wind. it has really mixed down to the surface, allowing for a warmer start. it will be a warmer afternoon too for the north bay valley residents. near average through the middle of the week. the second half of the week, much warmer weather on the way. just in time for the weekend. looks like thursday could warm up. winds singing south into southern california. we are on the back side of it many just another couple of hours and the national weather service should cancel the wind advisory. 70 in yosemite. look at all the activity, southern california through press no and the northern half of the state much calmer and dryer. 77 san mateo and oakland today, as well as rich manned. san francisco 73. 79 san jose. mid-80s napa and santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast. little change. tomorrow and tuesday looks nice and even into wednesday a slight warmup. you will notice by the end of
6:22 am
the week 90s are returning with 80s around the bay. if you neutral it was the blue angel weekend you would think not so shocking because it's always like that for the blue angels. so that will work out well. >> and they get thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands of people in town. >> yeah. expect nice weather, yeah. but we could use some rain. >> i know. >> up next we are talking about a test that stresses out high school seniors. why it left a sour note for some students in san francisco yesterday. and abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today we are recognizing this young lady, stephanie bravo. these a first generation college graduate with degrees from both san jose state and stanford who founded student mentor to help other students like her. her message has even made it to the white house. we have more details on instagram a
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>> high school students in san francisco will have an unexpected two weeks to study for the s.a.t.s. this sign greeted more than 100 students at mission high school yesterday saying the exam was cancelled. students say they had no advance notice. they have not been told why it was suddenly called off. the nonprofit college board runs the tests and the san francisco unified school district told abc7 news it is that group's responsibility to communicate with the students about any changes. "the san francisco chronicle" reports there will be a makeup exam on october 17th at mission high school. that could mean students applying to the university of california won't have their test scores back in time to meet the application deadline of november 30th. cowboys and cowgirls from all over california were in oakland yesterday for the oakland cowboy parade. the highlights include music, people on horseback, of course, floats and clowns on stilts. the annual event celebrates the contributions black cowboys made in the west.
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much more news ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. bracing for record rainfall on the east coast. the severe flooding hitting south carolina this morning. and why there's a big celebration planned today at
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>> welcome pack, earn. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. anywhere from a tenth to.2-inch of rain since you were sleeping here. things are certainly quieting down in the bay area. no more showers. we have spotty showers from reno to tahoe, down through bear valley and southward into southern california. but for us we still have the upper elevation wind through 10:00. that's marin, sonoma, napa, contra costa and almeda counties. this should be subsiding within the next several hours. sosa far we kind of dodged a bullet with relative humidity coming up today. 52 right any in hayward.
6:31 am
54 san jose. a couple neighborhoods warming up just modestly today. we will talk about a bigger warmup in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you. developing news this morning, potentially historic. life-threatening flooding is hitting the east coast. take a look. a live look at charleston, south carolina. you can see the mess there for people whose cars are under water or at least submerged there. the east coast has endured days of record-setting rain. there's no place for the water to go. take a look at columbia, south carolina and how bad it is. the water so deep people had to form a human chain to try to rescue a man from a flooded street. at least five weather-related deaths have been reported. the rains have prompted five governors have declared states of emergency. for some places the worst may be yet still to come. here's abc reporter.
6:32 am
>> reporter: scenes like this in north carolina were repeated up and down the east coast as floodwater in swaths of large areas of land. storms turned this home on the new jersey shore to driftwood. this facebook photo shows the home this trouble as the water rose. by daylight only wreckage was left visible above the waterline. i've lived here 15 years and have never seen it this bad. >> this doctor tried to get to work. >> i tried getting this way, but the party was up above my waist so i couldn't do it. >> you see water on the road, tell them, look, i'm not come today. it's better off saving your car instead of having to buy another one. >> myrtle beach, south carolina, first responders had to come to the rescue of more than a dozen people here trapped by the rising water. >> the water came and kept on come. >> high winds ripped floodwater into north carolina streets, downing powerlines and trees. this one into a church. and heavy rains opened up this sink hole.
6:33 am
though hurricane joaquin is hundreds of miles offshore, it's reach is strong enough to be felt in florida. >> we went under a few times and then came back up. >> waves are topping 7 feet and beachgoers are warned against potentially deadly rip currents. the forecast said some areas who have already seen over a foot of rain could see up to ten inches more in the coming days. abc news, new york. >> this morning at least 25 people are recovering after a roof collapsed at a school in north carolina. police say a rental truck slammed into a support beam. the concrete awning crashed down to people attending a band competition. first responders had to rescue several people trapped under that rubble. three victims have life-threatening injuries. vice president joe biden said there is no longer any question that transgender people can serve in the u.s. military. biden made the statement last night at the human rights campaign dinner in washington, d.c.
6:34 am
he says transgender rights are the civil rights issue of our time. republican presidential candidate donald trump is channeling actor charles bronson at a rally in tennessee yesterday. trump defended second amendment rights by saying he has a handgun carry permit in new york, and if he's attacked, he would emulate bronson in the vigilante film death wish. trump is criticizing gun-free zones saying the oregon shooting in roseburg could have been limited if instructors or students had been armed. trump may expand on those views when he talks to george stephanopoulos this morning on "this week." he said the issues are more about mental illness than gun control. new jersey golf for, and republican presidential candidate chris christie will also be on the show. "this week" with george stephanopoulos airs at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. >> a unique comic expo has
6:35 am
returned to san jose this weekend after 15 years in san francisco. abc7 news was at the san jose convention center yesterday for the alternative press expo. it started back in 1994 to celebrate independent graphic novels and pop art. the expo's founder said it's the perfect place to find something that's just not available at your standard bookstore or comic shop. >> a lot of people coming to an event like this will be seeing these things for the very, very first time, even though some of the stuff that we've published -- because this is our 30th anniversary -- is maybe as much as 15 or 20 years old. >> the expo was in san francisco since 2000, but the founder brought it back to the south bay this year. he said san francisco is too expensive to remain there. happening today a special birthday celebration for an iconic structure in monterey.
6:36 am
the city's old fishermen's wharf is 170 years old. take a trip there this weekend and you will be treated with a whale-themed slice of birthday cake. monterey's old fish he mens wharf was built back in 1945 and it's become the most visited attraction in monterey county. still ahead on the sunday morning news, the local cheese shop wants you to buy a big slice of it's future. the $1,000 bond it's owners are hoping to dish out. and here is a live look from our ex-toreium camera on this first sunday of the month. average temperatures to start the week, but then what happens? well, lisa argen along shortly well, lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather ♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. well, lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather
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>> happening today, the city of belmont will be filled with the sound of music for the annual save the music festival. that festival raises funds to keep music programs going in belmont redwood shore schools. if you head down to twin pines park, you will see all the fun. local high school bands and performers will be on hand, as will the epic battle of the marching bands between the stanford and u.c. davis bands. this is the largest annual
6:40 am
community event in belmont, and it is for a great cause because schools don't always have the funds like they used to to have these music programs. >> that's right. belmont, san carlos in the mid-70s today, nice average. so it looks pleasant there. in santa cruz we are at 50 degrees and temperatures will be in the low 70s today. slightly warmer than yesterday. less wind. so maybe not such a beach day, but, boy, we have warmer beach weather on the way. did you want to hear that? well, it's come. the forecast is a few minutes away. >> ready or not. also next, 18th-ranked stanford running all over arizona down on that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
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>> in sports lots going on today. both the raiders and the 49ers are playing nfc fourth teams. the raiders will try for their third straight victory against the winless bears at soldier field. kickoff, 10:00 this morning. then this afternoon the niners will try to snap a two-game skid against the undefeated packers at levi's stadium. kickoff at 1:25. next saturday 24th-ranked cal will face 10th ranked utah. looking to improve to 6-0 for the first time since 1950. yesterday they stayed undefeated after an exciting comeback against washington state. here's collin resch. he has the highlights in this morning's sports.
6:44 am
>> this is what sonny dikes envisioned when he came to cal. an attacking defense that force turnovers and an explosive offense. of course, it helps to have the best quarterback in the country. cal 5-0 for the first time since 2007. klay thompson spent three seasons at washington state before being drafted by the warriors. still a proud coug. proud of his team. this spectacular one-handed grab. 21-13 at the half. early in the third cougar the fake punt but he has the punter run it. not a good decision. lit up by a pack of bears. scoops it up, 45 yards the other way. cal within a point. later in the third. goff. nfl accuracy here. recaller, another fantastic grab. got the put-town and they led 28-26. ensuing kick-off. cal goes on-side kick. they recover. that sets up goff. harris finds the lane. 24 yards. bears hold on for the 34-28 win. the defense was solid all day. be seven sacks. cal stays perfect, 5-0. stanford started the season
6:45 am
scoring six points in the loss to northwestern. they have looked like an offensive juggernaut. last night they put a whooping on the wildcats of arizona. his squad averaging 42 a game since the opening-season loss. they have found a groove. 49 yards here. this will set up a field goal. 156 yards rushing on 17 carries for the sophomore. all season he set up touchdowns and finally got one himself. first of the year. 4 yards, cardinals up 14-0. -- 13-0. wright scores a touchdown. 16-yard screen from kevin hogan stanford up 17-3 at the half. barry sanders had the long touchdown he run against oregon state a week ago. 65 yards here. another gear when he eyes the end zone. stanford improved to 4-1 after rushing arizona 3555-17. a big payday for san jose state. $1.6 million to travel to auburn. the spartans came for the money. they also came trying to get a win. first quarter joe gray, to
6:46 am
winston. 18 yards. tied at 7. you can hear the name keaton barber in his sleep. third touchdown of the game. give the tigers 21-7 halftime lead. third quarter. barber extending up and over. it's 28-14, auburn. no quitting spartans. and irvin follows the 300-yard performance last week with 116 yesterday. a one-touchdown game. the spartans couldn't stop barber. 36 yards. his longest carry of the game. he was credited for all five auburn touchdowns. and 35-21, the final. san jose state dropped to 2-3. well, if the giants finish up their final week of the season, it's time for farewells for pitcher tim hudson. he said good-bye yesterday. hudson getting emotional during a pregame speech thank the fans, teammates and family. as for the game, bottom of the one. tomlinson hits one into triples alley but he's not thinking
6:47 am
triple, he's thinking inside-the-park home run and he's going to get it. in two batters later, marlon byrd gets his third as a giant. in the fourth, brandon crawford takes the first pitch he sees. puts it into the garden. it was seven weeks between his homers. 3-0 at that point. giants with win it 3-2. matt cain starts the season finale today. two games left in the season for the a's. going into their game last night against the mariners. david valencia, a bright spot for the a's this year. a season to forget. first inning, 3-run shot. his 18th homer of the year. the game goes to extra innings. marcus simeon, gone, and this one is gone. 15th of the year. the a's win it in 13, 7-5. nfl, niners host the packers today and the raiders on the road in chicago. mike shumann will be in with all your highlights and reaction at 5:00. with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> all right. we wish our sports teams luck. the weather?
6:48 am
>> yeah. i almost sneezed, but i didn't. [laughter] >> good morning, everyone. >> so there. >> yeah, so there. we are looking at a calmer day in terms of the wind. with he had a little rain and here's the loop of the radar the past four hours. activity is in the sierra nevada heading down toward the southern sierra and anywhere from .09 in sacramento, .2 in south lake and napa picked up .2-inch of rain throughout the early morning hours. lots of cloud cover. the wind remains and the shower and thunderstorm activity pressing southward. you can see bakersfield looking at a few lightning strikes. light rain and scattered showers into southern california. we remain quiet, but the traffic, boy, with the 15th-named tropical storm here, it's quite active. 45 miles an hour with the tropical storm. this will not hit the island chain but will bring heavy rain to the big island and then move off to the east as it weakens. other side of the country, still
6:49 am
hurricane joaquin weakens as it moves over bermuda, but it is still pumping tropical moisture into the carolinas. linds at 115 miles an hour. you can see as it pushes over bermuda, they will have some big-time flooding, but really nothing like what has happened in the carolinas where they picked up anywhere are 15 to 20 inches since thursday. they were forecasting this, this one in 500 year historical fighting. 4 people have lost their lives. more rain today and half-inch tomorrow and after that things should shut down. but it's just been crazy there and folks are really under the gun trying to get to higher ground and save property and lives. so very dangerous there. in fran right now 56. 54 oakland, mountain view and san jose. emeryville is looking pretty quiet this morning under partly cloudy skies.
6:50 am
winds have mixed out the atmosphere in santa rosa, 54 there. 52 novato, 53 livermore w the mixing of wind we are warmer. half moon bay, san carlos and livermore. a little warmer in the north bay and the east bay valleys. san francisco will be sunny. it should be a pleasant day today. the winds there calm down. the national weather service should lift the advisory by about 10:00. right now it's for for higher elevations above 1,000 feet. we get the warmup come thursday and friday into next weekend. so the area of low pressure heading south into southern california. you can see the track of the rain through the interior of california. not much in l.a., spotty showers. we look for temperatures statewide to be cool with the clouds. 75 fresno, 71 in los angeles. 72 in san diego. with he will see mid-70s on the peninsula. san francisco 73. 79 in fremont. 80s for you in livermore.
6:51 am
today 82 concord with 83 napa, 80 in cloverdale. the accuweather seven-day forecast, very little change tomorrow. patchy fog, still pleasant on tuesday. more sunshine. some of you will warm up wednesday, and then the rest of us will have another pleasant day on thursday, but offshore winds will kick up by the end of the week and that brings 90s back with 70s in san francisco. it should be a nice weekend. maybe one of the warmer last weekends of all this heat? we will have to look into that. >> yeah. can you believe it's already october? >> yeah. we need to get into the fall. >> definitely. thank you, lisa. now for a story all you cheese lovers will like. a popular san francisco restaurant has a new item on the menu that will run you $1,000. so what could possibly cost that much? abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has been looking into it. >> with the $12 cheese plates and the $10 wine, there's
6:52 am
something new on the menu at mission cheese. >> we just put it up a few days ago. to be honest, it's been surprising how few people have mentioned it. >> though they specialize in that familiar fermented delicacy. >> cheeses for breakfast, cheeses for dessert, cheeses for a snack. >> sue bought the one thing on the menu you can't eat. the $1,000 founder special. >> feels like it sort of fits with the movement. >> when sarah opened the tiny spot four years ago, she had no idea how big it would get. >> if you come here on a saturday and you see the line out the door, that makes me feel pretty confident that people are excited about what we do. we've had so many people ask, are you going to open a place here, are you going to go here, are you ever going to think about opening another place? the answer is yes with a little help. the founder's special isn't a dish, it's an investment opportunity called a direct public offering. >> to invest in our next business is almost as easy as buying a glass of wine or beer >> putting it on the menu is
6:53 am
a bit unconventional. having a direct public offering is an old concept. it's been tried before which a couple of guys who know a thing or too about dairy products. >> ben & jerry's is one of the more famous companies who have didn't it in the past. >> it will earn 4% interest for seven years. they will use it to build makers common, a market and wrestling -- a restaurant where they will cure their open meat and serve more of the delicious cheese. >> it actually provides a reasonable risk on a respectable return. >> and valencia street is closer than wall street. >> you actually feel like you are investing in your community. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> up next, a piece of "star wars" history. how much a fan paid for princess leia's iconic bikini in "return
6:54 am
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>> k here are the winning numbers from last night's $40 million power ball draw. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $50 million. >> new this morning, if you have seen "return. the jedi" you have to have noticed the bikini worn by princess leia. someone bought it for $96,000. it was worn which the actress kera fisher is made of flexible, gold-painted urethane rubber. it has color and chains.
6:57 am
the chain links used by java the hut to keep his kidnapped treasure on a short lease. the winning bidder was not named. "star wars" is owned by disney, the parent company of abc7. let's get an update on the forecast. >> less wind in the next couple of hours. 85 in santa rosa. there's your warmup with low to mid-80s from vallejo, concord to antioch. 79 san jose. 77 in palo alto and oakland today. a little change and then we will slowly warm it up by the end of the week with an offshore flow. >> all right. thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is up next. have a great sunday, everyone, and a great week beyond!
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good morning, america. happening right now -- catastrophic flooding. relentless rains. smashing records. south carolina the hardest hit. >> and the water was up above my waist. >> rescuers and residents boating through the streets. neighborhoods submerged. and there is more rain on the way. our rob marciano right there in the thick of it. the new hillary clinton? >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> her "snl" appearance showing off her funny side. is this the new strategy? will it work with voters? basketball sex scandal. allegations rocking the prestigious program at the university of louisville. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. >> were escorts hired to have sex with top recruits? what the university is saying this morning. a no-hitter for the second me


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