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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 4, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening right now -- catastrophic flooding. relentless rains. smashing records. south carolina the hardest hit. >> and the water was up above my waist. >> rescuers and residents boating through the streets. neighborhoods submerged. and there is more rain on the way. our rob marciano right there in the thick of it. the new hillary clinton? >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> her "snl" appearance showing off her funny side. is this the new strategy? will it work with voters? basketball sex scandal. allegations rocking the prestigious program at the university of louisville. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. >> were escorts hired to have sex with top recruits? what the university is saying this morning. a no-hitter for the second time.
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it's go big or go home. >> and max scherzer has thrown his second no-hitter of the season! >> >> max scherzer throws himself in the record books, 17 strikeouts. take that. good morning. paula is off, but it's great to have cecilia vega back with us on a sunday morning. we have a lot of news this morning, including this new video from the man who has emerged as one of heroes of that horrific school shooting in oregon. chris mintz was shot seven times. many believe he saved a lot of lives in the process. what he's now saying from his hospital bed. >> he has an amazing story to tell. but we begin with that breaking news, weather, flooding in south carolina. take a look at these pictures. coming in via social media. flash flooding. interstates closed. dozens of water rescues.
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rainfall records smashed. and there is more on the way. president obama has declared a federal emergency and rob is right there in charleston. rob, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia, it is just unbelievable how much rainfall this area got yesterday alone in charleston, south carolina, over 11 inches of rainfall, clearly a record. an area outside of town, two feet in three days. in down town, this is what so many neighborhoods look, knee deep in waist in water. a true emergency. this morning, historic looked in flooding hammering south carolina. rescues happening overnight, as president obama declares an emergency. surging floodwaters creating treacherous conditions. >> i just live one block that way. i tried coming this way. the water was up above my waist. so, i couldn't do it. >> reporter: record-setting rain, dropping over a foot in the last 24 hours, closing roads, submerging cars, and
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stranding drivers. additional crews brought to in to assist with more water rescues. >> everything downtown is flooded. charleston is closed. about every street down here is closed. >> reporter: winds toppling trees and taking down power lines, leaving more than 30,000 customers without power. >> there's a couple of feet here now, last night, it had to be 4 feet. >> reporter: in north carolina, roads under water and sinkholes opening up. the governor there urging residents to use caution when reeving their homes. >> please be extremely careful when in and around especially water, because that's where most of our deaths occur. >> in the water. >> reporter: watch this home in new jersey, seen here before it was literally ripped apart by water, now floating away. up and down the coast, mother nature not letting up. more torrential rain expected through tuesday. i want to take you further upsaid to the capitol.
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columbia, south carolina, where they're having rescues happening. near the university of south carolina a small stream coming over over its banks and rising to historic levels. they had evacuations and rescues. we're hearing similar reports of that in counties just inland of columbia. the rain will continue looks like for the next several hours. let's look at the radar and go future in time. watch how things wrap up. i think the moisture plume will come back through the coastline and winds increase before this thing finally spins out and up the coast, probably not until tuesday or wednesday. we've got flood advisory, flash flood warnings. a lot of the state is painted red because of these flood emergencies. in some cases another foot is certainly possible. a lot of this moisture is tropical, tapping in part into what was, at one point, a very, very intense hurricane joaquin. that's heading towards bermuda.
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we'll talk about that later. >> an unbelievable sight. and you said it could get worse. >> we want to say that the weather situation doesn't end there, hurricane joaquin now headed for bermuda after leaving a trail of destruction in the bahamas. >> and vanishing in the storm a cargo ship, but this morning, a new clue. abc's linzie janis has the latest from nassau. >> reporter: good morning. improved weather conditions in this area have helped coast guard searchers find the first sign of the el faro in three days. overnight, in the stormy seas near the bahamas, the u.s. coast guard finding a life ring, the first trace of the el faro. officials calling the discovery validation. they're searching in the right area for the giant cargo ship that vanished 72 hours ago near the eye of hurricane joaquin. friends and family members holding on to hope the 33 crew members, including 28 americans, are still alive. >> i'm very hopeful.
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until they find a reason for me not to be i'm going to remain hopeful. >> reporter: rescue crews scouring 30,000 square nautical miles. mostly by air and in treacherous conditions. the el faro was traveling from jacksonville, florida, to san juan, puerto rico, when it was beset by joaquin. the ship, sending a distress signal at 7:20 a.m. thursday saying it had lost electricity, was taking on water and listing at 13 degree. tote maritime, the company that owns the ship, saying the captain was aware of the hurricane's path. >> the captain in this case, had been monitoring the track of this tropical storm for a number of days prior to departing. >> reporter: here in the bahamas, government officials have now been able to fly over the affected islands, and they describing major devastation on the scale of hurricane andrew back in 1992.
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they say they now anticipate there will be loss of life. dan? >> not happy to hear about that. linzie, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. meanwhile, new developments and new questions this morning in the oregon college massacre, what we now know how the gunman died and why he singled out one student it for survival. this as we're hearing from chris mintz, who got shot seven times trying to save lives. neal karlinsky is on the story once again in roseburg. neal, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. they have just opened the road to the school that's just behind me for the very first time. a sign the town is trying to get back to normal. at the same time, an fbi behavioral analysis team has now arrived on the scene here to try to understand what may have set the gunman off. from his hospital bed, chris mintz hailed a hero by survivors who say he put his life on the line to save others, remarkably putting out his own video message. >> hello, everyone.
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i'm doing well. i'm overwhelmed by the support i have gotten from everyone. >> reporter: the army veteran, who was shot seven times, even as he pleading with the gunman that it was his son's birthday. faces a long road to recovery. >> i just want to wish the other families a safe and speedy recovery. >> reporter: the sheriff leading the investigation hadn't seen the video until we played it for him. >> he's lying there with seven bull et cetera in him and wishing everyone a speedy recovery. >> right, right. impressive. that's the true sign of a hero right there. he put his life in front of everyone else's. >> reporter: this morning, the medical examiner has ruled the alleged gunman chris harper mercer's death a suicide. but the sheriff believes two heroic officers who exchanged fire with the gunman stopped him. >> he may have been hit and then -- turned the gun on himself. >> reporter: before that moment, the gunman apparently singled out one student to live.
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now telling her mother that the gunman chillingly left one student with a message that only police have seen. >> he called one guy, gave him the envelope and told him to go to the coroner. obviously he was going to be the one who was going to be telling the story, that he was the lucky one. >> reporter: even though the road is now open, the school won't be for some time. the only thing that will be going on here will be grief counsel lynn for anyone that needs it. cecelia? >> neal, thank you for your reporting. now to the race to the white house. it's your voice, your vote. democratic front-runner hillary clinton getting a ton of laughs last night on "snl." no one was off-limits. not donald trump's hair, not even herself. abc's mary bruce joins us now from the white house. clinton showing her funnier side, did it work? >> reporter: well, "saturday night live" certainly has had a lot of fun at hillary clinton's experience. last night she's trying to show
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that she's not being laughed at, but laughing along. >> hey, bartender, keep them coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: overnight hillary clinton getting in on the joke on "saturday night live." >> oh, i get it, you're a politician. >> yes. yes. and how about you? >> well, me, i'm just an ordinary citizen who believes the keystone pipeline will destroy our environment. >> reporter: this is hillary clinton 2.0, the candidate trying to show she's funny, authentic and spontaneous. >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> reporter: from girl talk with actress lena dunham. >> do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: to showing her whipped and nae nae skills on "ellen." and jumping on stage with marc anthony in miami. the candidate has been trying to show off her lighter side. with bernie sanders drawing huge crowds.
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and closed closing in on clinton's lead. her campaign is hoping the new strategy will help her turn the page after a summer full of controversy. candidates have cashed in on the show's popularity in the past. >> good evening, my fellow americans, i'm john mccain. >> and i'm just sarah palin. >> who is that under there? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and now, clinton is hoping being live from new york will help liven her likability. now, hillary clinton didn't just poke at herself, she took a stab at donald trump, even showing off her trump impersonation. now clinton's new personable push comes at a critical time with the first democratic debate just nine days away. dan and cecilia. "s" those poll numbers dropping and bernie sanders raising a lot of time. a critical time, indeed. thank you, mary. let's dive more deeply into this with abc chief news anchor
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george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week." >> hey, guys. >> george, it's not been a good week for hillary clinton. i could watch that "snl" stuff all day long. you've got this hacking, this reported russia hackers trying to crack into her personal e-mail accounts. you saw those crowds with bernie sanders and you got this looming threat of joe biden, as mary said, this debate is just days away. >> this month is so big for hillary clinton. who would know that october would be so critical. you got the debate, as you said. she's got that benghazi testimony on october 22nd. a huge dinner in iowa. on october 24th. of course, this decision from joe biden. first of all, she has to stop the bleeding, stop these questions about these e-mails. the best chance of that is at that benghazi hearing on october 22nd. number two, try to figure out how to blunt the rise of bernie sanders. 20,000 people in massachusetts so much energy on the populous side of the democratic side. in some ways joe biden getting in could actually help her on
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that score. she could run to the right of bernie sanders, to the left of the joe biden. putting her in a bit of a sweet spot. but that is not something the clinton campaign wants right now. let's switch parties, you got donald trump on "this week" later this morning. we've got a preview of the interview in which you ask him about this recent school shooting in oregon. here is it. >> no new gun laws? >> well, the gun laws have nothing to do with this. this isn't guns. this is really about mental illness. and i feel very strongly about it. again, politically correct, we're going to solve the problem, et cetera, et cetera, you're always going to have difficulties no matter how tight you run it. even if you had great education having to do with mental illness, you educate the community, and still you're going to have people that slip through the cracks. >> so, given what we're hearing from the republican candidates and even elected officials from the republican side in the wake of this school shooting, do you think there's any chance that president obama and his allies are going to be able to push
7:14 am
through some gun safety legislation? >> no. you saw him concede that in the angry appearances both at the white house and the day of the shooting. the president saying quite clearly, unless you have single issue voters on gun control, there's not going to be any change. >> george, thank you very much. want to remind everyone, george has a big show this morning. he goes one-on-one not only with donald trump but the governor of new jersey, chris christie, who's also running for president. that's later this morning on "this week," right here on abc. and ron's got more. >> good morning to you, cecilia and dan and george. good morning, everyone. we begin with some terrifying moments for more than a dozen student band members. outside of a school in north carolina. a concrete overhang collapsed right on top of the high school kids shortly before their competition. 21 students and one adult were injured. at least three of the injuries were considered serious. officials say a box truck was most likely hauling band equipment and hit the concrete
7:15 am
awning. and president obama is calling for a full-scale investigation into the apparent u.s. bombing of a hospital in afghanistan, what he called a tragic incident. 19 people, including 3 children, a number of doctors also were killed in the air strike. it hit a medical facility hit in the northern city of kunduz that was run by the humanitarian group d kunduz and the region around it was seized by taliban last week. they said the air strike was a violation of international humanitarian law. and moscow is vowing to intensify its air strikes in syria. on saturday, russia released a new video of the air raids. russia defense officials say that isis militants are being routed by their air assault. russia claims it is solely targeting isis, but the u.s. says at least some of those air strikes have appeared to have
7:16 am
struck western backed rebels. opposed to the syrian government of assad that russia supports. and pope francis has opened a meeting of the world bishops on family issues by asserting that marriage is a bond between a man and woman. the conference called synod comes one day after a priest was fired from his post after he revealed that he was gay. called on the conference to denounce homophobia in the church. and former sprint car champ tony elliott was one of four people killed in a plane crash. elliott, a two-time race car winner, was traveling with his friends to watch the clemson/notre dame football game. the wreckage from the single-engine airplane was found near lake hartwell. that is on the georgia-south carolina border. no word on what caused that air crash. and here in new york city, investigation under way into this deadly explosion inside of a brooklyn building, a woman was killed in that blast. three other people on the street were injured. initial reports suggest that the explosion was linked to a tenant who removed a stove without turning off the gas first.
7:17 am
and talking about too close for comfort. about a dozen college football players from the university of oregon got sand witched together in their hotel elevator hours before kickoff on saturday. the offensive lineman tyrell crosby live-tweeting the experience. much like sara haines does. this elevator sat idle for 20 minutes. players cheering when they were finally liberated and posing for pictures with their new friends. the oregon ducks went on to beat the colorado buffalos by a score of 41-24. and finally -- >> can you imagine being stuck in an elevator and sara haines live tweeting? >> let's make it a segment. we got more, this is going to be longer than "pop news," folks, and better. well, maybe not better. but competitive. finally, washington
7:18 am
nationals ace max scherzer waking up a member of a very elite group. take a look at this. with that pop-up, it happened, it's coming up, here it comes. as curtis granderson of the mets, popping up, swinging in slow motion, oddly enough, scherzer became the sixth pitcher in major league history to throw a second no-hitter. in one season. scherzer, shutting out the mets, 2-0, the nats won the doubleheader on saturday. the mets have been no-hit twice this season. but the mets, keep in mind, are going to the playoffs, not the nats. not spelled g-n-a-t. >> that's exactly what dan -- i want to hear your sports play by pray. >> the nats are going to the history books. >> wow. >> i think i would rather be in the playoffs. but that's cool. >> thank you, everybody, to try to expose my lack of sports knowledge let's go back to the weather now and charleston
7:19 am
and rob marciano. >> the rain a little lighter, b buts it floodwaters surrounded by floodwaters. gives a little hope there. a lot of rainfall, tapping into hurricane joaquin. pulling away from bahamas, and towards bermuda. that mes bermuda will be on the worst side of this thing. krps deteriorating as we go through the afternoon through that island. mean while our storm will intensify in its own right. that means the winds will pick up pretty much for the entire eastern seaboard from florida up through new jersey, maybe parts of long island. a tinny wind gradient there, waves pounding the shoreline, too and very, very windy conditions. system out west. red flag warnings and winter storm watch inland for it some
7:20 am
beneficial snow and beneficial rain. they will take it inland, but they will get light rain across parts of southern california that includes san diego where the chargers are playing today. that's a bit of an unusual event. we >> that's the late frist charleston, south carolina. talk to you guys in another ten minutes. we'll sigh you then. >> thank you, rob. ron, your assignment is to come up with the top ten things you would do while stuck in the elevator with sara haines.
7:21 am
>> number one, ear plugs. aww. >> number one, earplugs. we love hearing sara haines chat no matter what it's about. most of the time. coming up here on "gma," explosive charges against the prestigious roughly basketball program. the self-described former madam who says she and her escorts were hired to woo recruits. what the school is saying about all of this morning. plus, the abc news fixer is in. the woman who said a cell phone company gave her a royal runaround when it come time to cutting a rebate check. what you need to know to get your money back. and will this be the best halloween costume ever? the celebrity ready to break the mold up ahead in "pop news." >> ever is a long time. >> i'm going to let you guess who that is. keep guessing. >> kelsey grammer. >> dan! "good morning america" is brought to you by boost nutritional products. stay strong, stay active with boost.
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♪ ♪ it's got to be the good life >> that is as gorgeous sight. balloons, color filling the sky at the albuquerque international balloon festival. i always wanted to do that. one of the most photographed events in the world. good morning, america. >> look at darth vader and yoda. >> now, i want to do that. we were talking in the last half-hour of the pros and cons of being stuck in the elevator with sara haines. ron, would you rather be stuck in an elevator or in the basket of a hot air balloon, traveling over the earth. >> that's a tough one. but definitely a balloon. you can always jump out. >> thick but it. >> sara and ron --
7:31 am
also coming up before ron and sara go at it, the abc news fixer on the case. helping out a woman who had trouble getting her promised rebate from verizon. what you need to know when you're looking to get your own money back. but we start with the shocking allegations in the way some basketball players were allegedly recruited to the prestigious program at the university of louisville. >> all in a new book based on thousands of journal entries and text messages from a self-described madam. and these story, well, abc's mara schiavocampo with some pretty salacious stuff, mara. >> reporter: the university reeling from the allegations. the newly released book claiming that escorts had sexual encounters with recruits allegedly. a sex scandal targeting one of college basketball's biggest power houses. >> it almost got me sick to the stomach. >> reporter: the ncaa investigating the university of
7:32 am
louisville, following allegations made by self-professed former madam katina powell in her new book. powell alleging that she and other escorts were hired to have sex with team members. a charge head coach rick pitino calls unbelievable. >> i questioned everybody. 15 people said that they had no knowledge of anything, never seen anything. >> reporter: but, in the book, "breaking cardinal rules," basketball and the escort queen co-written by dick cady, powell shares text messages and ledgers. which she said graduate assistant paid her and other girls to dance and have sex in the cardinals' dorms between 2010 and 2014. >> they're probably 14 different women who were at these parties as dancer. >> reporter: the women allegedly entering through the dorm's side door. then, according to the book, the players would pick which girls they wanted to have sex with,
7:33 am
and, andre would, quote, work a side deal. >> we never paid her to have sex with a recruit. >> reporter: mcgee now on administrative leave denying powell's story. his attorney saying, there's no proof. >> we haven't located a single witness to corroborate the allegations in this book. >> reporter: louisville says as soon as the university became aware of the allegations they notified the ncaa. and will continue to fully cooperate with any investigation. mcgee's attorney has reportedly also hired his own investigators to look into these claims. it's important to remember, none of them have been independently substantiated but shocking allegations. that's true. another look with the morning headlines. back over to ron. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the search resumes today for the cargo ship that vanished in the path of hurricane joaquin. overnight in the stormy seas of bahamas, the u.s. coast guard finding a life ring. the first trace of a ship named
7:34 am
el faro. 28 americans were among the 33 crew members onboard that vessel. in california, four high school students are under arrest accused of plotting a mass shooting, officials say the teens had a list of potential targets. but their plot was in the beginning stages according to officials. and, the company behind the cigarette maker, american spirit is part of a class action lawsuit, marketing deliberately trying to mislead smokers into believing their products are healthier. other tobacco products uses words such as "natural" and "additive-free" in their ads. finally, take a look at this. these three little bears, mess with the wrong house. this mighty pup named jules, taking the cub intruders -- don't let the pint-sized french bulldog full you. jules is a true guard dog. the bears were estimated to wear 100 pounds each.
7:35 am
little jules weighs just 20 pounds. >> did this happen in france? >> i don't know. it's monrovia county. remember the video where the cat ran out and saved the little boy. none of the cats that i own would ever do that. but cats do do it. >> your cats haven't been tested. >> i'm pretty sure they would fail the test. time now for the weather and let's get it back to rob in south carolina. hey, rob. >> reporter: good morning, guys. sounds like you're having way too much fun up there. i wish i was there. we're in the flood waters here in charleston, knee and waist deep in many areas. as you know, floodwaters are not that pleasant. we'll have issues here even after the flood waters recede which may not happen for a while. look down this street, countless neighborhoods in and out of to charleston area look just like this. it's a tough go. especially upstate, we're seeing some tremendous -- by the way, this is low tide. it's only going to get higher later today. look at where the stream of moisture.
7:36 am
this is tropical stuff, as we mention. that's why it's rain sog hard. just to the east and north of charleston and up through columbia. that's where we have flash flood rescues happening right now. officials saying, don't go anywhere unless you're fleeing high water. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour in spots. not just in the carolinas but up through the delmarva, jersey shore, as that treasurpressur p tightens once again. the northeast, if you live up, a pretty big chill the last couple of days, freeze watches and advisories and warnings are out this morning. it's chilly to start. but we look for a gradual warm-up in new york city, boston, philadelphia and d.c. as we go through the next several days. that
7:37 am
>> this weather report brought >> this weather report brought to you by petsmart. the rains keep coming. it's light ping up just a little bit. we're hopeful that it will end at some point. but, can't come soon enough. >> rob, great job covering that story. we should say, answer your phone, it's sara calling you. she wants to talk to you about some meet logicali meteorologicl issues. >> there's some rough weather, rob, i wanted to warn you. >> luckily, rob's satellite just went out. he won't get to respond to that. let me tell you what's coming up on the show this morning. one woman's fight to get her promised rebate from verizon. it comes with a big dose of advice. >> sara, what is popping up
7:38 am
perce percent skoep /* /- >> you can see behind the scenes. we wanted to the try the elevator experience. we were having a tough time. >> anybody would be lucky to be stuck in an elevator with you. >> dan, come on. >> dan, i love you. we'll be right back. keep it here, everybody. we'll be right back. keep it here, everybody. hat he's eating natural food made with real quality ingredients, and no soy, no wheat, and no corn. all he knows is, there will be no crumb left behind, and you're to thank for it! petsmart has a wide selection of natural foods and knowledgable associates to help you find what your pet needs. right now, save up to $7 on select bags of dry dog food. fill your pet with love. petsmart®. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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lot of companies offering rebate programs to sweeten a deal. >> here's the question, what happens when you have a hard time getting the money you were promised. here's what went down when one frustrated customer called in the abc news fixer. the best iphone on the best network. >> reporter: verizon offers rebate programs for customers who upgrade their phones or transfer their service. eunice clark was one of them. from sun up until late at night, she works 12-hour shifts as a pediatric nurse. and she's also a graduate student. hitting the books when she's not at work. when she saw she could get a rebate by buying a new phone from verizon, it was icing on the cake. >> i was due for an upgrade. verizon was offering a trade-in program where you could get up
7:43 am
to $200 for your old iphone. >> reporter: it sounded like a great deal. that $200 rebate for turning in her old phone would help pay for the new run. eunice waited and waited for her rebate. >> i called them probably two, three times a month for eight months. to no avail. >> like many large companies, verizon uses an outside vendor for its rebates but when she tried to call, she got nowhere, saying sometimes she would be on hold for an hour only to be disconnected. >> i have been hung up so many times. >> reporter: so eunice called in the abc news fixer and our fixer stephanie zimmermann got on the case. she researched the problem, one day after the fixer contacted the can to ask what happened. a day after she contacted the company the problem got fixed. rather than make her wait, the company decided to credit her
7:44 am
bill for 200 ducks. >> it's fixed, abc news fixer, thank you. >> another happy customer. let's bring in the fixer herself, stephanie zimmerman. we see rebates on all kinds of products, what do we need to know? >> these rebates are a really popular way to get consumers to buy a product or switch a service. what many people don't realize these rebates are handled by third-party vendor many times. if there's a problem, you're going get stuck chasing down that outside vendor. >> you're the fixer, you got the money back from the verizon. how can us mortals protect ourselves? >> definitely keep good records. screen shot the original offer so you can have a record of what was there. these deals come and go. mark your caendar with the day you expect to receive the money and finally, follow all of the instructions to a "t," because many of these rebates have very strict rules about who
7:45 am
qualify us. >> wow. given all of the red tape, makes me wonder if it's worth it. stephanie, we appreciate your guy dance. go to "good morning america" on yahoo! to read more about this story and to contact the fixer about your own consumer issue and perhaps be right here on "gma." >> some good tips there. demi lovato very revealing photo shoot. what she's saying about it in "pop news." >> those ribbons were not part of the shoot. we added those. ♪ brandois heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from...
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♪ ♪ ♪ you know that sound. >> yes, we know sara haines is coming. what's going on? heidi klum is one of those people who takes halloween very seriously.
7:49 am
last year everyone thought she outdid herself with her amazing metamorphosis into a butterfly and a year before, transporting herself a few decades -- just a few -- into the future. there's eye creams for that. now some clues about what she'll do next. her crew gooping her up, that does not look comfortable at all. and writing, so yukky, but so worth it in the end, i can't wait for the results. she's always so good. she's always the headline. she always get really creative. >> a lot of pressure to outdo herself every year. >> if i looked like heidi klum, i would be a hot girl -- demi lovato's daring photo shoot for "vanity fair," raising eyebrows. the singer and actress like we have never seen her before, shot nude without those ribbons, without makeup, without retouching. demi has battled eating disorders and said she never thought she would be in a place in her life that she would be comfortable doing this.
7:50 am
she said it's empowering and she said you can overcome the obstacles of body image issues. actually, i think that's really cool. >> she looks good. >> she looks really good. she's been very open about her battle. i don't even want a bathing suit on. >> for somebody in her position to be open about body issues. >> yes, and untouched. it's really good. thank you for just going with me. i appreciate that, dan harris. >> i would go anywhere with you, sara haines. >> i'm quoting you on that. justin bieber has a hit on his hands with a catchy tune, what do you mean? along comes a group of guys on wheels to deliver a mind-blowing cover. take a look. ♪ what do you mean >> so cool. ♪ you want to say no ♪ what do you mean >> their smooth moves with help from the choreographer going crazy on social media right now. they make it look so easy. have any of you guys been on one of those?
7:51 am
>> no. i want one. they look fun, but not easy. >> i saw someone in our office instagram a video of this. and they look so wobbly. >> is this a cover or they're actually dancing? do they make a new song in. or did they -- >> sorry, they're just dancing to it. it's not really a full-blown cover. >> because that would be even more impressive. >> thank you more making this not look as impressive was it really was. they're on segways, dan harris. >> segways or hover boards. >> yeah, what are they? i thought they were segways. >> fact-checking "pop news." sara set that rule. you can't get away with it. >> i'm leaving. >> sarah actually has one more story she was going to tell but she's so annoyed with me -- she cu
7:52 am
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7:56 am
ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you pick on sara haines during "pop news." >> this was a choice. this was a choice. >> i'm stuck in the middle of this. >> it's tough. will you forgive me? >> sara, come back. >> i guess not. >> thanks for being with us this weekend. have a great rest of your sunday.
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together, we're building a better california. >> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- one-on-one with donald trump. surprising new revelations from the republican front-runner. what would he do about guns in america? how does he respond to critics of his tax plan. and what would make him quick the race. we're face to face with donald trump. hillary's bad week. donors defecting. her poll numbers dropping. can she turn her campaign around? and, gun debate firestorm. this morning, the clash over how to keep america safe heats up. >> announcer: from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning, a lot to get to this week. our roundtable standing by to reflect on the latest mass shooti


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