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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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caught on tape. a man is attacked in these own garage. what the victim is
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> a victim fights whack after an armed robber breaks into his garage in broad daylight. this video is intense. good evening. thank you for joining us. it all happened in the sunset drisk in san francisco. abc7 news reporter talked exclusively with the victim who turned the tables on his attacker. >> in surveillance video released you can see him in a white shirt getting attacked in his own garage by a man wearing a gray hoodie. >> the gun was out and the gun was full force. >> it is shocking. you can see them wrestling. it is a struggle that goes on for several minutes. >> if you can see i am
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reaching for the gun. i want immediate control of the weapon. >> he is able to pry the gun out of the attackers' hands. he sprinted out of his dpaw raj raj -- out of his garage. >> i wanted to be a safe distance. i drew down and the weapon was jammed. >> a police spokesman says there was no clip in the gun. neighbors say there were several garage break ins over the last few weeks. but they say it is homeless people rock looking for the transient they have come across. >> it looks like he might have known who he was and brought a gun and he is fighting him. if i got a gun pulled on me i wouldn't go straight to fighting him. >> the whole ordeal is a shock. he remembers being terrified during the fight. >> this could be the day i die.
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i'm like omy dwod and i felt so alone. >> but he was determined not to let his attacker keep that gun. abc7 news. >> what we have new details. a man suspected of killing his mother in fremont has been arrested. he was arrested early this morning in kensington. his mother was found dead in her apartment on monroe avenue on tuesday of investigators say the level of violence used in the killing was severe. he will be arraigned on tuesday. authorities believe a man last seen on his boat in an east bay lake has died. they will look at the lake for 31-year-old's body. they say the sales force i.t. contractor was shuttling them across the lake on friday. it was over capacity for his aluminum boat. several people swam to shore, but thoab was wearing a life jacket.
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>> they require a life vest and it is important to take the recommendations of the craft and the staff. >> they were at the lake today and did not speak on camera. the company e-mailed a statement that said our thoughts are with the family and friends during this time. we are receiving updates from local authorities and have no further information to share. residents flocked to church in the wake of last week's deadly shooting. students will briefly be able to return to school where the shooting happened. >> how could something like this happen anywhere. >> a small turn is in mourning. they gathered at church to eastbound are the nine people killed in thursday's shooting rampage. >> i am not even sure if grateful covers it. >> his prayers were answered and his 18-year-old daughter was saved when the fellow student fell on top of her after being shot.
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she played dead. >> we believe his blood saved our daughter's life. >> witnesses say the student gunman showed no mercy ordering some victims to crawl and beg before taking their lives. >> hello, earn. >> he was shot seven times trying to save others posted this to facebook. >> i am overwhelmed by the support i have gotten from everybody. i want to wish the other families a safe and speedy recovery. >> sitting next to a student who was chosen to live and deliver material to police. >> the shooter said you're the lucky one. you are the one who will live. in this backpack there is a flash drive and things you will need. >> for days investigators have been scouring evidence at his home and on campus for a motive. >> we did thought want to be part of the sandy hook club, but we are now members. >> it will re-open for the
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tiers time tomorrow so students can retrieve their belongings and get reacquainted. the classes will not be in session. abc news, roseburg, oregon. >> the father of the gunman says he believes gun raws should change. ian mercer was stunned to learn how many guns his son accumulated. >> i had no idea he had any guns. i had no idea he had guns whatsoever and i am a big believe are you don't buy guns. you don't guy -- buy guns. >> they held a vigil in support of the victims and their families. tiffany wilson was there and tiffany, attendees say they hope this is the tipping point. >> that's right. they hope this is the last mass shooting our nation will mourn and they hope concrete changes will be made. >> there is grief for those
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lost and and hope for the future summed up with one word. this dad thought sandy hook would be the tipping poift. >> >> he hopes to show his twin daughters that things can improve and it starts with communities coming together. >> he says americans don't have the luxury to be cynical when people continue to die. >> you always have to keep working against all odds even if it feels that way. you do it for the future to save lives. no room. >> the campaign against gun violence say they encouraged everyone who attended to call their representatives and push
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for stricter gun laws. >> this mass shooting is a reflection on how we are empowering people to use these guns to solve their problems of the what we want to do is keep guns out of dangerous hands. >> they posted them on-line, but no one commented and no one showed up at the event. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. developing on the east coast, at least seven people are dead after the heavy rainstorms they have there. south carolina has been hit especially hard. homes are flooded. take a look to the rooftop, destroyed. many people without drinking water because of the watermain break. people are asked to stay home because of the flooded out streets there. let's head to drew with a closer look at what is still ahead for residents on the use coast. >> natasha, unprecedented flooding over south carolina. live doppler 7hd says they are
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falling at this hour. the wider picture, hurricane joaquin that just moved through bermuda is funneling its moisture into the system and that's why the rainfall has been so incredible. the past three days, look at this. from columbia to the charleston intersection you can see over a foot of rain and even some smaller towns like plant mess sent. like mount pleasant. that's more rain than san francisco picks up in an entire year. you can see why the flooding has been immense. you can scatter showers and the rain will exit early on tuesday morning. good news there. back here in the bay area, we are tracking warmer temperatures. we will have those numbers with the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, drew. there are new details about how four firefighters were badly burned in the valley fire and what exactly went wrong. the firefighters were trapped inside a goat pen and surrounded by a wall of flames of the they ran to a nearby garage and jumped into the
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fire shelters which are portable tents they carry designed to deflect heat. two of the firefighters had to share a tent because one had trouble getting his open. one of the firefighters is still in critical condition tonight. a cal fire report lists 13 i have safety issues. the valley fire is 98% contained and burned 118 square miles. nearly 2,000 structures are destroyed. they hope to have 100% containment by tuesday night. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, an attempted burglary interrupted at an expensive car dealership. who caught the crooks in the act? and a new warning about the safety of the bay bridge. the expert with a dire prediction. and fleet week starts tomorrow. the blue angels are getting the action started. we have a preview when abc
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well, take a look at this. san francisco police interrupted a burglary in progress for 11th and folsom streets tonight. it happened around 8:00 prime minister. officers arrived to find one stolen vehicle abandoned on 11th street outside the dealership and another coming out of its garage. the suspects took off on foot and are still on the loose. a warning for the bay bridge's eastern span. he says rainwater leaking into the bridge's anchorage is making it vulnerable to corrosion. it reports that bridge officials downplayed the threat and are pre occupied with the possible corrosion of
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the rods at the base of the span's tower. a bundle of 137 strands of steel form a figure eight at the top of the tower, critical to the bridge as integrity. >> any one stretch if it fails it will collapse. this main cable, that's the most important thing on this bridge. that's what holds it up. >> they don't believe they are being transparent about the corrosion problem or take it as seriously as it should. >> it closes a loophole in the ivory trade. it makes it illegal for anyone to sell elephant ivory after july 1st of next year. it is america's biggest market especially here in san francisco. it will reduce demand.
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the oakland zoo collected 10,000 signatures from visitors to help sponsor the bill. abc7 news was in oakland at the main attraction. it will begin early tomorrow morning and it is the 35th year honoring the history. pilots. >> they do have the same skill as the same maneuvers, but they take it to another level. >> no mustache. he is flying with the blue angels this year. the team will have its first practice on thursday afternoon. their big shows are next friday, saturday and sunday. new this year is fleet fest.
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it has food trucks and eleven music and a chance to meet other service members as well. you will want to find out more on and many people in our abc7 news community are posting fleet week photos including this selfie with a sailor picture if you take a photo or video you can use the hash tag. will we have good weather? >> we will have lots of sunshine. it will be beautiful for the week ahead. we are tracking some wintry precipitation in the higher elevation. a wenter weather advisory in affect through tuesday morning we could see several inches of fresh powder. that's welcome news. we open it up the fourth day of october. sfo at 73 and spot on for this
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time of year. oakland at 73 as well. 2 degrees warmer than normal and san jose at 81. that's 3 degrees above normal. outside we go and our exploratorium camera, the financial district and it has clearkies. that fog or coastal clouds. you will wake up to clear skies tomorrow morning. 61 in oakland and 62 in san francisco. 60 throughy in mountain view and fremont and concord and currently at 63 degrees. the big story yesterday we were tracking winds between 30 and 50 miles an hour. the reason why live doppler 7hd and satellite, this area of low pressure was responsible for the gusty winds. building in its wake is the high pressure. that will supply the sunshine, but it will build the heat. so a warming trend is on the seven-day forecast. we will take you to the tropical pacific. the good news is it will stay away from the island chains
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and you are not going to get the wend and the rain. we have clear skies and nice sleeping weather. temperatures are dropping into the 50s. let's get you out the door for work and school. we will have the porning chill and plenty of sunshine. we are warming up by midday. 60s along the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s popping up inland. highs are in the south bay. 78 san jose and 79 los gatos. 76 is the high in sunnyvale. seven-day forecast 5 palo alto. 75 san mateo. we may see a little patchy fog late in the day. 71 in downtown san francisco and 68 for daly city. to the north bay we will see 78 santa rosa. into the east bay, oakland is 75 tomorrow and 77 fremont. 74 berkeley and 77 hercules. inland sunny skies and 78 pittsburgh and 82 pleasanton.
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walnut creek is up to 78 degrees. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. coastal fog out there. could see some late in the day. otherwise it is a pleasant fall day and a staid de pat -- steady pattern through thursday. saturday and sunday we are calling it mild to hot around there. some people may like that so no rain. >> i love it. >> october is one of my favorite months. appreciate it. >> still to come on abc news at 11:00, a big settlement from linked in. the because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space.
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user you could get money from the site. they are paying $13 million in claims that it sent out too many e-mails. they were upset that they were connected and received multiple reminder e-mails.
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linked in users could get up to $1500. a couple in the north bay filed a class action lawsuit against volkswagen. they bought a 2010 jetta with a clean diesellen general. diesellen general. now that the auto maker said they admitted to emissions testing the couple feels deceived. he won the annual elk grove giant pump inc growing contest -- pumpkin growing contest with an 1806-pound pumpkin. it is nicknamed the flying saucer for its shape. there were fewer pumpkins this year because of the drought. all right, shu is back in his rightful place. the raiders played so well. not the results we wanted. >> they had a chance to beat the bears in chicago.
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but they let it slip away. they sacked him three times today and held the packers to 17 points. details and ruey actions from -- tee tails ♪
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♪ yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
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packers. we saw the difference in a polished quarterback and one is still trying to find one by colin kaepernick. it may be time for him to sit a game. he is losing this team and he is going off on his coach. aaron rodgers is the best in the game richard rogers is 7-0 packers and they lead it at the half.
11:29 pm
he was sacked six times. clay matthews here. he was 12 of 24 and 152 yards and a pick. kap is not producer and aaron rogers is all smiles. they lost three straight. is it time for the head coach to think about benching kaepernick for a game? >> i won't go into that discussion. we would get problems. >> we have to get the ball out quick. we have to get the ball in the play makers' hands as soon as we can. ultimately this offense is a team. we are working hard to make sure we are doing things right. >> the raiders are still a work in progress. it is tough to win on the road if this league and the raid ares gave one uh what i in chicago. turnovers and a lack of offense. jay cutler back
11:30 pm
after missing last week with a hamstring injury. 6-0 bears. he airs it out to his rookie receiver and he gets both feet down. 7-6 raiders. cut back four-ready yeah score. they trailed at the half. sf minutes left in the fourth and chicago up two. deep in raiders territory. throws it up to a fan of michael crabtree. it sets it up for a field goal. 90 seconds left. this could be the game. fourth and five. he hits the first down and that sets up robbie gold for a 49-yard game winner. 22-20. they could be 3-1 and instead
11:31 pm
they fall to 2-2. this was one of the old-fashioned nfl fights. there was no lack of focus or lack of effort. there was nothing that would alarm you or anything like that. it came down to at the end and they made a great play. >> this report is brought to you by xfinity. tour the rest of the action and our plays of the day and a look ahead to the pes season in baseball. a tough day for our local football team. >> very tough. just ahead, the pope's take on love and marriage. what he said at the world bishop meeting today. and a major storm dumping record breaking rainfall back east. that's still ahead.
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good evening. in tonight's headlines, abc7 news spoke exclusively with a man in san francisco's sunset district who fought back against an arped -- armed robber who broke into his home. he says he was able to pry the gun out of the attacker's hands. he tried to shoot him, but there was no clip in it. he calls the whole experience terrifying. the search will continue for a missing contractor tomorrow. he was shuttling fellow employees across the lake near livermore on friday when their boat sank. everyone else made it back to shore. police arrested a man accused of killing his mother in fremont. officers took him into custody this morning in kensington. he is set to be in court on tuesday. a dangerous and developing
11:36 pm
situation on the east coast now. a major storm system is dumping record rainfall in the carolinas and it is not finished yet. meteorologist rob marciano has the latest. >> no where to run, entire communities swallowed by water. rescue crews are plucking people out of the floods. the current knocking them down as they walk to safety. >> the water is getting closer and closer. >> catastrophic rainfall were inundated with water. >> i was scared we couldn't get the car out. i thought we were going to die. >> everything i own that i know of has been destroyed. all of my memories and everything i worked for. it is all gone. >> the road is so battered that they are giving way and stranding people as they try to escape. >> hopefully it won't get deeper.
11:37 pm
>> those who can are getting out. families are forced to walk and not drive through the water. for many others it is too late. everything submerged. >> the water was above my waste so i couldn't do it. >> they are now stuck until the rain stops and the water reseeds or -- recedes or help comes. >> getting waste deep as i back in and it is getting deeper. >> out at see, -- sea, they are feeling the wrath of hurricane joaquin. >> rescue crews continue to search the waters off the southeastern bahamas for a u.s. cargo ship with 33 people on board. they have discovered an oil sheen and floating debris that appears to belong to the ship. it hasn't been heard from since thursday. it was headed on a supply run when it ran into hurricane
11:38 pm
joaquin and lost power and took on water. president obama is honoring firefighters who died in the line of duty. the president spoke today at the memorial service in maryland. he said those being remembered are heros. >> at the season's peak 32,000 firefighters are battling blazes in north carolina. 13 have lost their lives and today we honor them as well. the national fallen firefighters foundation found 84 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2014 and three ors who died in previous years. now turning to the race for the white house, it is a tight race in hua what you and new hampshire. in hua what you and new hampshire. donald trump is on top for republicans. sanders has a 9% lead and fee rein that you is in the second spot for the republicans. they are front and center holding a forceful traditional marriage, but it comes after
11:39 pm
he downplayed his meeting with the same-sex opponent. here is the senior correspondent. >> pope francis is speaking to bishops from around a the world and strongly reaffirmed the catholic teaching on marriage, a bond between man and woman, he called it. but typically francis didn't stop there, insisting on acceptance and inker see for all -- and mercy for all. and after the stunning revelations, the vatican is now struggling to do damage control. earlier in the week the bombshell news that the kentucky clerk met with the pope and claimed he endorsed her actions. >> he said to stay strong. >> and then another stunner, the vatican backtracked and said it wasn't the pope's idea. she was invited by the vatican officials in washington and francis offered nothing more than common courtesey. >> the pope's characteristic and his warmth and hospitality
11:40 pm
he shook their hands and gave them rosaries. >> and this telling image. pope francis' last week in washington embracing a former student, a gay man who brought his long-time partner. >> i just hope it means exactly what it is. he is not afraid to have a gay friend that me being gay is no different than me having blue eyes. >> a pope who reaffirms the teachings of his church and seeks solidarity and inclusiveness far beyond them. as he has famously said, who am i to judge. terry moran, abc news, london. >> the school budget cuts are no match for music lovers on the peninsula. abc7 news with the twin pines park in belmont for the save the music festival. the local band and high school groups have been coming together every october for 13 years now to raise money to fund music programs in the
11:41 pm
redwood shores school district. organizers say they raised up to $70,000 today. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the testing under way in the east bay that could help you breathe a sigh of relief. >> and i am meteorologist drew tuma. a win of a forecast on this sunday with temperatures comfortable, but a warming trend is on the way. the numbers ahea
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all of the bay area.
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this is abc7 news. >> well, someone is hacking unprotected wi-fi routers everywhere. it doesn't seem to be malicious. the hacker usa pawrntly forcing owner -- apparently forcing owners to make them more secure. ton,000 have been hit so far and it gives updates to protect routers from the computer viruses. in some case itself forces the reboot. it seems the hacker has good intentions and it is still illegal. if you drive a big diesel truck over the next week or so, you may notice some people watching you closely. job than -- jonathon bloom has more. to a passing trucker it has government sing rine all over it.
11:45 pm
>> occasionally they honk at us. >> one look at her t-shirt. >> this is actually a foot molecule. >> will tell us these are not spies. they are scientists from the national lab. >> we are out here to measure the emission rate of pollute tents from trucks. >> not just trucks in general. >> you can see two cameras. >> one takes a picture and the other reads the license plates. >> the trigger is the sensor that is hanging under that bush of poison oak. >> a third watches it pass under this tube. you can see it on this graph. >> that is the truck passing by. >> all of the sensors read the sample and pair it with the license plate. >> it provides us togs about the truck. namely the engine model year and the type of technology that is on that truck. >> california has begun requiring even old diesel trucks to have exhaust filters. >> you are make -- making an independent assessment of how
11:46 pm
well they are doing the job intended. >> the study is far from over, but they were able to draw some meaningful conclusions. most importantly that the new emission control is sh woulding. >> the decrease in the diesel particulate matter by the trucks that have the particle filter. >> they can track the models as they age. >> they are robust and not deteriorating. >> it can help you breathe a sigh of relief. >> it will improve the air quality and improve health. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. well, $96,000. that's how much an anonymous bidder paid for this piece of "star wars" history. recognize it? it is the iconic bikini worn by princess lay yaw. this skimpy costumes is made of eurothane rubber.
11:47 pm
"star wars" is owned by disney, the paisht company of abc -- the parent company for abc7 news. it stood up pretty well. bikini weather is on the what i this week end. >> shumann's birth say is coming up. it would cost a lot for that present. >> it is probably not the bikini. >> he could rock it. we still had the soaking rain showers across south carolina. those will exit tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. they will dry out. it is 68 in the nation's capitol. we are watching the monsoonal moisture move into the four corners. even salt and denver in the mid70s and in southern california they will see wet weather. the system that brought us the wind and the isolated thunderstorms is in the south
11:48 pm
in southern california. that's why there is a shower chance. 79 fresno and 70 monterey. l.a. scat are ited showers and 70 -- scattered showers and palm springs 82. a nice day here. plentiful sunshine and comfortable temperatures. 71 san francisco and 78 san jose. 75 oakland and 78 santa rosa. the accu-weather forecast shows you coastal fog. there is a steady pattern of warmth before we turn on the heat and it continues saturday into sunday. mild to hot for next weekend across the region. >> so glad it is not raining for fleet week. i normally like rain, but not for fleet week. >> thank you, drew. birthday boy, shu joins us now and a busy day in the nfl. >> it is. it is not all about drew tuma.
11:49 pm
>> it is in my contract. >> drew brees with a milestone touchdown pass. the plays of the day in sports. >> abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month. we recognize stephanie bravo, the under toker of student mentor .org. the first college grad from degrees from san jose state university and stanford. she wanted to help students like her and her message even made it to the white house. check it out
11:50 pm
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants ended their day and the highlight was in pre-game with one of the giant greats call it a career. >> when i see this place i feel it is safe. thank you for a good seven years. i appreciate you all. >> he is saying wood and by to the game of -- saying goodbye to the game of baseball. the ceremony got them off to a good start. it included back to back from matt duffy and buster posey. the giants couldn't get the win. up 3-0 in the 9th. he started a 7-run night. the giants fall 7-3 and finish the year 84 and 78. dodgers wrapped up the nl
11:53 pm
west. they struck out seven and becoming the third pitcher since 2000 to strike out 300 hitters in a season. he finished with 301 and dodgers beat the padres 6-3 and will host the mets in the nlds on friday. the a's came in with a three-game win streak. a solo shot in the eighth and they fall 3-2. they finish the year 68 and 94 their worst record since 1997. the astros lost to the d-backs and the angels beat the rangers. d-backs did their part. he hit his throughy 3rd of the year. he hit his 33rd of the year. the rangers are six runs in the seventh. they win the national league west title and eliminate the american league west. so the astros will face the yankees if new york for the al wild card spot on tuesday. the winner faces the kansas city royals. the pirates host the cubs in a
11:54 pm
national wild card game. winner advances against the cardinals. the dodger and mets and rangers and bluejays are the other match ups. the raiders would love to be 3-1 heading into the game against the broncos. could it be the final time peyton manning plays in oakland? manning threw for 213 yards and one touchdown, but two picks. he ran for 103 yards on 11 carries carries carries and broncos improve to 4-0 with a 23-20 victory. the giants were on the road in buffalo. beckham proves highlight worthy catches every week. this is no exception. what a grab. he was out of bounds, so it was incomplete. giants win their second in a row. 24-10. nfc west leading cardinals hosting the rams. 18 yards here to bailey. saint luis takes the 17-9 lead. todd gurley out of georgia
11:55 pm
playing his second game of the year. 19 carries and 46 yards including this run on third and 13 to ice the game. m rays win it 24-22 handing arizona their first loss of the season. falcons and texans and freedman is making the most of his opportunity and game the starter. the second straight game with three touchdowns. that's six and two-thirds. the falcons are now 4 and 0. the pan neither -- the panthers are also 4-0. jonathon stewart fumbled. the ball goes into the arms of his teammate and he gets credit for six. they are 4-0. colts minus andrew luck and it is tied at six seconds left. the win and misses and then he calls a time-out. another chance takes two for the win. 53 yards. and he misses again.
11:56 pm
game goes to over time. he had a field goal to win the game. are you kidding me? he is a rookie, but come on. you have to make one of those. he is three for three and makes the chip shot for the win. are we watching a soccer game? colts win it 16-13 the final. jets and dolphins in london. he had 166 yards on the ground. this three-yard touchdown. eric decker with three straight games. jets win it 27-14. he could be out of work tomorrow. for the first game of the day the saints are hosting the cowboys. drew brees threw a td pass in over time ect cking with c -- connecting with cj spiller who had 80 yards to the house. nascar in dover and the first round of the sprint cup chase. jimmie johnson's bid for a
11:57 pm
seventh cup came to an end. he had to leave due to car issues and his 41st. kevin harvick needed a win to be one of those to advance to the second round. he did just that. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. stanford ranked 16 and 8 toon. 16 and 18. good news for the local college teams. not a good news for our local pro team. >> did you know kaepernick has his own line of hats? i think we may get you one for your birthday. we'll take a picture and tweet it out. thank you for joining us, guys. have a
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