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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a crime caught on camera a san francisco man described the incident exclusively to abc7. >> new concerns of the safety of your commute across the eastern span of the bay bridge and the lead designer said an overlooked portion of the bridge could be a bigger problem than anyone thought. >> the confrontation no put owner wants do see. a small dog cops ace to face with a -- comes face-to-face with a family of bears. >> how is the work week starting off weather-wise? mike? nice to see you this morning. you are probably happy to know there is not much delay of fog but it is developing along the coast so as we head to the 9:00 hour it could take over the golden gate bridge and some of
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you are lower lying areas along the coast. our roof camera shows the flags on the ferry pointing east with onshore breeze today and we are starting off clear at 50 to 60 and the breeze will keep us around 66 at the coast and make the beaches gray. it will be comfortable else where, 64 at the coast and 78 and high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. leyla? >> we have sky 7 and i want to show you a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and i will have sky 7 in a moment. first, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where traffic is slow at 0 minutes to get you across and i will talk about the drive time traffic and tracy to dublin is going to take you an hour and 680 southbound dublin to mission boulevard south at 23 minutes and highway 85 northbound is 20 minutes. >> breaking news, san francisco police are investigating an incident that sent an officer to the hospital this morning, here
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is a look at scene: investigators have been gathering evidence for hours and finally quieting down and still in the process of re-opening the street. and this starts around midnight when the officers responded to a parked car burglary and the suspect tried to get around and pinned the officer between the cars. the officer is in stable condition with broken rib and leg >> what you would do if an armed problem irtried to hold you at gunpoint in your own home? a san francisco man's split second decision may have saved his life and we tal janet o has more. >> this is a story about quick thinking, survival, and luck. on monday morning bill was held at gunpoint and cornered inside his garage and three said he
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started fighting back as you can see there. him and the assailant wearing the gray sweatshirt were wrestling to the ground and he knew he had to do whatever it took to get control of the gun and turn the tames on the robber. >> i did fought want ten gage in combat and do chuck for list stuff because that allowed the chance for me to lose control of the weapon. i wanted to control the weapon. >> he said he got the gun and he aimed to shoot the attacker but it turns thought was no chip. the man ended up running off and neighbors in the district where this went down say that they have never seen the guy before but they add there have been several garage break-ins, in the area. >> happening today, alameda county crews will be back in the water searching for a missing better, a 31-year-old man was a contractor in sales morse i.t. organization and the miss say he was in a boat with other
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employees nearism on friday and the boat took on water. no one was wearing a life jacket. seven people made it to shore. >> the search area is the size of a football field. the depth ranges from 10' to 50' and bottom is hard packed rock. they are soaping by hand. they are soaping by hand. >> man has been identified as we have no further information to share. >> a fugitive wanted in connection with the shooting death of a four-year-old girl has been brought back to california, the 23-year-old was turn turned from mexico on saturday after a tip from a person with saw him there with $25,000 reward for his arrest. he is wered is of shooting and killing a rival gang member in a
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motel parking lot with extra bullets hitting and killing the young. roblas will be arraigned tomorrow on two counts of murder. >> umpqua community college in oregon is scheduled to re-open for the first time since the deadly shooting claimed the lives of nine people. classes will not be held but students and faculty are allowed to retrieve blockings they left behind. law enforcement will be present at the school all day today. faculty will be allowed into the school starting at 8:00 this morning and students will be allowed back in the school starting at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. at 6:0 we have an exclusive with one of shooting survivors who was just feet away from the gunman. >> a gun control group is hoping the oregon tragedy is the tipping point that will make people realize changes need to be made. we were in san mateo as the campaign against gun violence sponsor add vigil in support of
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the oregon victims and the families. many are afraid if nothing happened after sandy hook where children were killed it is hard to believe it will change now. >> you have to keep working against all odds even if it feels that way in memory of those that have been lost and you do it for the future to save lives. no room for cynicism. >> opponents say stricter gun control is not the answer. they say the focus needs to be on mental health. work is scheduled to resume on a peace mural in west oakland a week after a young artist was gunned down. the 27-year-old antonio ramos was shot on tuesday working on the mural at an underpassion. police say ramos exchanged words with a man before he was shot part of a mural projects, with fellow artists completing the memorial and include a picture. students at west oakland middle
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school hope to pitch in. >> a warning to the lead designer -- from the lead designer of the bay bridge span, with rain water making it the main cable that helds the bridge up vulnerable to corrosion. the "san francisco chronicle" said officials have downplayed the threat and preoccupied with possible corrosion of rods at the base of the tower but a cable is composed of a bundle of 137 strands of steel that form a figure eight over the tonight tower critical to the integrity of the bridge. >> the bridge is fracture critical so that means any stretch of the component if it fames, the bill collapse and the main cable is what holds it up so the corrosion is an issue. >> they do not believe caltrain is being transparent about the problem or taking it as seriously as they should.
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we have contacted the agency for comment and we are waiting for a response. >> a sure sign fall has arrived can be seen along the streets of san francisco with steel gray ships in the bay and sailors and marines along the embarcadero can only mean fleet week is back. our reporter is in san francisco to explain. amy? >> yes, look what is happening right now, at pier 50 it is filling up with seven trucks from different armies like the american red cross, pg&e and in moms they will drive on to this ship, the cape hudson with the whyed to practice with the military if there is an earthquake they are ready and it is not the first time they try it out. training is a big part of the week but there will be impressive shows, too, in the most popular being the blue angels. they arrived last night at oakland international airport
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and will start practice on thursday. the shows are fun but different agencies will take advantage of being together in week as the major lee does not want the disaster to be the first time they meet. we want did showcase unique capabilities of the military and civilian agencies that could be used in the event of a disaster, with a landing craft utility from the united states never will be docking here at the yacht club and off loading the vehicles including pg&e trucks, san francisco fire trucks. >> we can show truck holding on to the cape hudson, quite a visual. they are open display at the cape hudson and they want pg&e and other agencies to get to practice this so this is part of the week and they will do a disaster drill this morning that will be 20 different agencies
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involved. they say it will be challenging. that is the idea. the mayor will have a press conference to quick off fleet watch. >> it is now 6:10. it will be a great weekend in terms of clear viewing for the blue angels and we will check with meteorologoist mike nicco to be sure. what do you see? >> a few onlyings of low cloud and afternoon full of sunshine and the weekend is going to be gorgeous, 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90s inland. danville is 52 and that is the cool spot and we have pittsburg at 58, and that is the warm spot, and everyone else is 58 in san jose, and oakland is 54 san francisco is 59 and walnut creek and 680, busy this morning as you would specific, inland east bay is the warmest with filtered sun and low clouds crossing along the coast and on shore
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light winds around 73 to 78 for the bay. leyla? >> sky 7 is over oakland and that is 880 north of the coliseum and high street so they are continuing the northbound traffic to the macarthur maze and we have heavy traffic in the area but, still, moving along with no accidents in this spot. they are headed to this if you travel through pinole you will notice the traffic at pinole valley road with an accident involving several vehicles and hercules, an accident blocking one lane, westbound 80 at parkway, slow out of vacaville to payroll tax cut and then it loosens. >> plus, we have interesting stuff on nasa turning to the navy to get humans own mar. >> the effort to get an american
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student released from a north student released from a north korean jail.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> imagine clogging up your morning commute but it is fought here from dallas, texas, a big rig caught fire hauling lumber and you can see the smoldering, the driver of the truck pulled over for engine trouble and it caught fire. it spread to the lumber and the ground below with crews throwing the charred wood on the ground below and if you know the area traffic is shut down on interstate 20 and interstate with official saying they have to check the structural integrity. >> student is released from prison in north korea hand over
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to south korea this morning after being detained in april after crossing the border into north korea from china. he is a permanent resident of the united states and was livering in new jersey and constituted dig at nyu and traveled during a semester and went to north korea after an unsuccessful attempt to find work in california. governor brown signed legislation allowing people on pedi permitted by the city. the bill applies to those with up to 15 riders would place new restrictions on drones including flying over public schools during classes and another gives firefighters immunities for disable drones flying over emergency situations and the third would make it a misdemeanor to intentionally fly a drone over a prison or
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saying there is little public benefit. >> this gives new meaning for watch dog, the 20-pound jewels jumped into action with the family of bears entered her southern california yard. can you see her on surveillance video barking and chasing bears out of the yard and over the fence. >> she was not having it. i could not believe she turned into a wolverine. >> the bears have been coming around since the wildfire disturbed their natural habitat. >> the bears have been coming around but she airport having it. >> she had enough. >> perfect pet.
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>> exactly. too much to "bear," for her. >> trying to think of bear things. >> the weather is not a bear. >> yes, yes, not a bear. it will be quiet the next couple of days with morning clouds and then fleet week and a return to summer heat. east bay hills is hazy compared to a couple of hours ago with the moisture pushing in from the coast with a few clouds developing along the east bay shoreline and more are increase along the coast and flying over the golden gate bridge so no fog but the winds have shifted and are out of the northwest so we have a breeze and reduced visibility headed through the morning midweek and hot this week and no chance of rain.
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the fall will be more dominance as the low clouds push inland and half moon bay is eight, and the breeze at sfo is very light at seven miles per hour. it will not be a strong push with moisture increasing through the morning and we get sunshine quickly. we have a finger of fog through the afternoon from the golden gate bridge and alcatraz and to emeryville and berkeley and 60s and 70s and 80s is the spread today and in the south bay it is 76 in milpitas and 78 in san jose and on the peninsula today, mostly sunny, mid-70s. but notice it will be partly sunny at the coast and cooler at mid-to-upper 60s and sunshine downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70s, close to average, and high clouds and sun along the north bay valley and 73 at petaluma with vallejo at 74. mostly sunny along the east baylor and fog to berkeley at 74
6:20 am
and hercules and fremont at 77 the warm spots. inland east bay from 78 in walnut creek to livermore at 83 degrees, and my seven-day forecast shows a little deficit an uptick in temperatures on tuesday, wednesday, and a drop on thursday, and barely noticeable but you will notice the 70s at the coast and 80's around the pay and 90s inland and a lot of wax sunshine on friday, saturday, and sunday. leyla? >> we have a few things happening with activity in the south bay but we are starting here as you push in from highway 4 to by thole with an accident blocking a lane involved in the center decider causing delays out of rodeo so it is slow-and-go traffic and as you push in it clears up, and you are back on the brakes as you head over to richmond and a little bit further to the north we have this accident blocking one lane and the backup is getting heavier as you approach the parkway and the one lane is blocked and it clears up into fairfield and it is nice up to
6:21 am
the cordelia interview over the altamont pass, grand line road traffic is heavy and we had an early four car crash and that has been pushed to the shoulder and in the south bay, northbound highway 101, a crash is blocking a lane and a possible garbage truck fire but southbound highway 17 at camden it looks to highway 17 at camden it looks to be out. to a shark. stay tuned. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? to a shark.
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>> napa officials say it will be a few months before they tackle a repair job to the goodman library that is in the natural register of historic places one of several buildings that was damaged in august of 2014 earthquake. officials say repairs to the roof and the tower begin if the spring of next year adding it will likely cost more than the
6:25 am
estimated $325,000. >> a couple filed a class action lawsuit against volkswagen. the couple bought a 2010 jetta with a clean diesel engine and believed they were making an eco friendly decision. now the couple say they will deceived. >> nasa will work with the navy to determine if a human voyage to mars is possible working with a submarine base in connecticut next year and hope to use tests to stipulate conditions that astronauts face while traveling to the planet. the volunteers are sent for analysis to help nasa design a program to get humans to mars. >> look at in, an amazing sight off san diego, a whale shark was
6:26 am
spotted and swam alongside the creature. getting this close to a wail shark is extremely rare and worth noting if you thought she was crazy they are dozen sill -- docile and not then to attack humans. >> i take your word for it. stay tuned. plus a look here at the bay bridge toll plaza with abc7 new bridge toll plaza with abc7 new weather and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on monday, it is not a from morning at 6:29 if you take the bay bridge you are looking at eastern span but at this part, or beyond this, i can see it is slow. there is a problem. with a scar blocking a lane.
6:30 am
that is where you have to pack your patience and grab an extra coffee. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> that is ugly traffic. ugly traffic. mike? >> and good morning, the weather is fought is ugly or ping to have any affect on commute with the clouds developing along the coast and visibility is still very good this or. here is our roof camera the winds are blowing afternoon shore with high clouds and they are increasing 50s and 60's are the temperatures and 66 to 74th coast and inland with 78 at 4:00, and sunshine, and 62 to 72 this evening. leyla? >> we start off with a look from sky 7 westbound 880 jamming up because of the early accident that is blocking one lane were
6:31 am
the brake lights are sluggish between highway 84 to the macarthur maze and it will take you 37 minutes and now, i take you to the toll plaza where we have the major delays and you can see the traffic is stacked and packed coming away from emeryville because of this and this is a stalled vehicle beyond treasure island from the tunnel and that is taking on minutes to the commute, 30 minutes to get between the macarthur maze and into san francisco. we will head over to san jose and you can see the traffic 101 northbound a crash is blocking one lane causing significant slowing approaching mineta san jose international airport so if you have a flight give yourself extra time with backups from before alum rock avenue. a san francisco police officer is being treated for injuries
6:32 am
this morning after being pinned between two cars while trying to arrest a suspect. matt? yes police open avenue the avenue 30 minutes ago and the investigation is wrapped up out here on the scene but it will take time to recover from the injuries. shear video from 45 minutes ago of the three vehicles that were involved in the incident being towed away including a san francisco patrol vehicle. they had varying degrees of damage. what led up to the damage? an officer responding to an auto burglary call was hit by a fleeing suspect and the officer was pinned up against the patrol vehicle and possibly breaking some of the republicans and injuring his leg. another police unit arrived on the scene and that vehicle was hit by the flee burglar and lie was arrested two others were detained with no word on the detained with no word on the charges the suspect will face.
6:33 am
police are look for an armed robbery suspect caught on camera in a violent confrontation with a san francisco home own whoever is speaking out about the incident. janet o has the interview you will see only on abc7. >> it is a story that make you think, what would you do? he decided to take on the attacker head on after he was held at gun point and he is seen in the surveillance video trying to wrestle the robber to the ground going down if his garage in the sunset district. in the moment, he said he was going to do whatever it took to survive and that meant getting possession of gun. the biggest feels was the feeling of empowerment. feeling of empowerment. when i got the when it was
6:34 am
>> this is violence on a new level we according to the neighbors. >> a survivor from last wreak's horrific attack an umpqua community college in oregon is speaking out saying she is lucky to be alive. the 18-year-old is a marketing student as the school and told her terrifying story to abc explaining how she made it out and what she heard from the killer. it was only her second day at the college when the gunman shot her. she lied down and kept her eyes shut and played decide. >> he said he was waiting for do for a long-term and he sounded deranged and he laughed. >> he laughed? >> he laughed after he shot the
6:35 am
teacher. she still has numbness near the spine but is expected to make a full recovery where the full interview on "good morning interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> and a gofundme page is set up for hero chris minute set up for hero chris minute raising $7 gun plan and the classmates to protect them. the goal was to raise $10,000 but you can see, a staggering outpouring of support and gratitude. >> colleges in the philadelphia area are warning students to be extra cautious after a threat of violence directed at local campuses and the f.b.i. and a.t.f. warn the threats have been made against an unspecified university near philadelphia today and the university of pennsylvania and drexel sent
6:36 am
alerts which was posted on social media after the deadly shooting in oregon but it did not mention a specific school but it did mention a specific sometime at 11 o'clock this morning our time. >> democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is taking her campaign into the gun control debate and is expected to unveil new proposal to cut down on gun violence at a campaign stop in new hampshire and will scale for universal background checks for all pierres and require soldiers at the shows to follow the same laws as retailer. her team said she will public for repeal of legislation that shields manufacturers and dealers from most liability lawsuits. >> kids are invited to a party on what would have been the 9th birthday. she was kidnapped, sexually assault asked murdered in july and the neighbor is facing murder charges. her mother is throwing a big party at harvey west park in
6:37 am
santa cruz from 4:00 to 7:00 with bunches houses and a poeting zoo. she wants do make eight that addition to on her daughter's life and today is designated maddy's day in santa cruz. the mastermind of the bizarre kidnapping case is scheduled for arraignment in egypt oh. 38 year old mathew muller, a disbarred attorney is expected to plead not guilty to kidnapping. he was indicted for the kidnapping of denise huskins back in march. she was sexually assault asked held for ransom and released days later if southern california. police initially dismissed the case as a hoax. >> next, the cost to get your money out of the bank is going up, up and up. how much you can expect to pay at at at the t.a.m.
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san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪
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>> good morning, back at 6:40 on this monday, we do not have much adversity with the weather. just haze from the east bay hills camera. we will be one-or-two degrees of average. napa could be four degrees cooler than average. we have showers and snow
6:41 am
showers. in the sierra. look at this, possibility of up to 6-8 quip of the white stuff today. if you are head down los angeles, palm springs and san diego it will be wet with increasing sunshine and 66 at lake tahoe and 81 in sacramento and cloudy and 70s in monterey. a busy morning for the commute. leyla? >> it has been busy. we are looking at berkeley and emeryville and this is the east shore freeway and traffic westbound commuters, it is heavy. according to the wazers a major accident and we were over the area and we do not fine accidents blocking the lanes but we will continue to check. i can tell you that the drive headed away from the bridge to the macarthur maze will take you 42 minutes. just ahead between the hayes-white and into san francisco that is another story and it will take you 33 minutes because of the early stalled
6:42 am
vehicle and bumper-to-bumper traffic over the water. we have bringing news from san francisco, in business, jack dorsey has been named c.e.o. of twitter announcing the job on, what else, twitter, he said he will continue as c.e.o. of square. he was the intermittent for three months one of the co-founders of twitter. some of the tweets "the work is to make twitter the best," he says. both examines have strong businesses and are well positioned to grow in the world and i will do what it takes to ensure that. twitter has abandoned plans for a big expansion if san francisco with the hiring slow down after a nearly finalized deal to add 100,000 square feet of space next to the current headquarters that would double twitter's face and house 2,000 new e employees,
6:43 am
the home is where uber is. >> and personal information that may have been exposed by another company. >> how youtube is giving you more criminal over what your kids see. >> but, first, the backup on the >> but, first, the backup on the san mateo bridge.
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>> santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:46, the big week in san francisco as fleet week roars into town. amy hollyfield is at pier 50 with a look at excitement ex to a really big ship. >> i am excited to tell you where i am, on board the cape hudson. look who is here? the men red cross, the salvation army, san francisco's fire department, this is the first time fleet week has invited civilian agencies on board to interact with the military. it is the serious side of fleet week but it is fun. the highlight is the blue angels. though are here. they arrived last night at oakland airport. they will practice on thursday but today is disaster drill.
6:47 am
it is bigger than in the we have more agencies coming to the table and more want to know how they can be part of the ongoing discussion. >> here is video of a pg&e truck drive on the ship. we were impressed when we saw this. the whyed is weapon the, hits they do not want that to be the first time the answers are meeting and they want to do it now. mayor lee will be on board the ship later today and this or, actually, to support this idea and he will hold a press conference here to kickoff the week before we sign off. this is a picture, a gorgeous shot of our city from onboard the cape hudson, an exciting vantage point and not every day we are on board a large ship like this. it is the beginning of what could be a fun and exciting week.
6:48 am
>> thank you, we have unfortunate breaking news to bring you the united states based cargo ship el faro that went missing during hurricane joaquin off the bahamas coast now the coast guard saying the ship sank with no word on the 33 crew members on board, possibly presumed crowned. we will follow-up on this to see if more information is available. they found evidence spotting an oil sheen in the area in the sea off the bahamas coast but right now the coast guard is saying el faro is deemed "sunk," during hurricane joaquin. >> now, los angeles based american apparel is filing for bankruptcy protection seen as edgy and cool now has been tripled by huge deck and internal legal battle with the founder with the petition finalled in federal court in delaware with no layoffs allowed and the financial restructuring
6:49 am
is expected to take six months. they hope to keep all the united states stores open. >> we have had traffic problems an bay area keeping leyla busy. what do you have now? >> we are look at sky 7 and we are over the macarthur maze and you can see the feeder roads are jam packed to get between the macarthur maze and san francisco it is 41 minutes because of an early stalled vehicle so very busy conditions and it is just a say of brake lights right now so give yourself extra time if you making it into the city. on the map, a look from emeryville camera you can see slow and go traffic into treasure island and as we move in on the maps, the solid red is an indication of where the slowing is beyond the stun knell and then it eases into san francisco because of the early stalled car. when it is cleared it is causing delays. westbound 80 at the parkway
6:50 am
through vacaville delays from highway 500. >> live doppler hd is showing right into our temperatures, 49 at woodside and menlo park is 50 and mid-50s around foster city and palo alto and if the kids are stepping identity around belmont or san mateo, around 50, and 57 in concord and san ramon is 52 and fremont is 56 and san jose is at 58, and napa is june and mill valley is 60 and half moon bay is 54, and marine layer is developing and sea breeze is developing and clouds at the coast and cooler today with increasing clouds all morning with the wind on the southwest at three miles per hour to northwest at 17 miles per hour and that will keep pulling the clouds and cooler weather in so low clouds at the coast and of rest have high clouds, seasonal, steady through the middle part of the week and a warmer weekend is on the way in the afternoon
6:51 am
is on the way in the afternoon hours with an increase around average at 78 in san jose, to gilroy at 79 and milpitas at 76 and we have a few high clouds on the peninsula, 73 at pill bring and 76 in menlo park and 79 in los altos, and temperatures where the cloud cover along the coast and cool other at mid-to-upper 60s and more sunshine downtown in south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70s and from 74 in san rafael and vallejo and 73 in petaluma and santa rosa and napa is 5976 and the east bay shore the cloud cover is reaching to emeryville and berkeley and richmond and oakland at 75 and hercules, castro valley and fremont, the warm spot 5977 and upper 70s around walnut creek and san ramon and concord and
6:52 am
pittsburg and low-to-mid 80s. temperatures are jumping a couple of degrees the next couple of days but nothing like the 70s at the coast and 80s at the bay and 90s this for fleet week. >> the dow jones industrial average is currently up pretty well at 194 points to the upside at 16666. >> we go to jane king at nasdaq with more. jane? >> yes and the average cost for using an a.t.m. not tied to your bank rose to a record $4.52 per transaction last year according to bank rains. atlanta and new york it can top $5 and some sicks can be that is 21 percent average increase the past five years and
6:53 am
we consumer groups are complaining apps direct viewers to inappropriate scan tenth and google is rolling out a feature to give adults more choices whether their kids can use some search funds. >> and chuck e. cheese is aping at parents to remake the pizza and adding more options to the beer and wine list and giving chuck a new look. >> stocks are starting the week strong with the dow up 184 and s&p 500 and nasdaq trading higher by 1 percent. back with seven things to know before you go. >> and abc showing you the bay >> and abc showing you the bay bridge toll plaza
6:54 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
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as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> before you go, number one, breaking news, san francisco police investigating an after officer was pinned between two cars by a suspected car thief trying to get away. the officer said to be stable with a broken rib and leg injury. >> an armed man grab ming with a local owner is still loose, and the victim said that he was focused on getting the gun away from the robber. >> umpqua community college will re-open for the first time since last week's deadly shooting with students and fact u picking up their belongings. >> breaking news, san jose struck out with the united states supreme court which rejected an appeal to hear the
6:56 am
case against major league baseball, san jose sued hoping to bring the a's to the south bay. the giants own the rights. >> sunny sky today, cooler-than-average with 70s and 80s and hot this weekend. >> and 280 northbound at saratoga a crash is blocking a lane with heavy backups on 280 southbound. >> the defending warriors open pre-season action in san jose tonight and steph curry will take on toronto and head coach will not be there. and we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" next. a gorgeous view of san francisco
6:57 am
and the bay bridge have a great monday and we will see you back
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good morning, america. the flood of a lifetime. >> there he goes. >> an epic storm hammers the east coast. the governor of south carolina calls it a once in a 1,000-year event. fast-moving waters washing cars away. leaving drivers stranded. entire neighborhoods under water. roads destroyed. >> everything. my car. my pictures. >> the military mobilized. the coast guard rescues families from rooftops. the water still rising. we have live team coverage. right now on "gma." new this morning. hillary's big announcement. set to make headlines on gun control today. will her star turn on "saturday night live" liven up her poll numbers? abc news exclusive. the young woman who survived the oregon college mase.


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