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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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could be even more victims >> now at 11:00. dating app danger. east bay police say this man used an app popular with single to find and lure his unsuspecting victims. good evening everyone. i'm larry in for dan ashley. >> i'm amma. fremont police say the 20-year-old suspect used tinder another social media web site to fine the victim before sexually assaulting them. >> alan live in fremont with the new details. >> fremont police are investigating 4 cases out here but they are afraid there could be more victims out there. he has been a stunt at the university of illinois where arrested. he's now awaiting extradition back to the bay area. fremont police say 20-year-old gin is a serial social media rapist who met up with his victims on tinder
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scout space and facebook. >> he will give alcoholic drink that was taintd with some kind of sedative drug. >> police say gwynn raped 4 women somewhere in fremont but won't say where the assaults took place or where he met up with them. please caught up with him and arrested him in champagne, illinois where he's a student at the university of illinois. >> lodgely if anybody has access to social immediate contract that could impact the community as well. >> it happened between may and august of this year. presumably while gin was home from college living with his parents at the home here in san are money gin father declined an interview. he's a 2013 graduate of doherty valley high school in san ramone where some students awhich are of the arrest. >> i didn't know the guy but my friend knew his little brother. i guess they are shocked because this is such a small safe town. >> police think there may be more possible victims sedated. may not be awhich are of what happened but may recognize the
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alias that are kevin park, kevin gin. jeremy lee and kevin lee n.fremont, abc 7 new news. >> new at 11:00. trail west of fairfax marin couldn't will be closed tomorrow as investigators look for evidence in a suspicious death. hiker found person with gunshot wound in the preserve here. man lit are died. authorities have set up a large crime scene as they search for evidence. media partner reports a dog found on the scene was taken to the humane society. unclear if it belonged to the victim. >> video tonight of fire crew rescuing a man who was trapped down a drain in vallejo. spotted 10 feet down behind the food max on this street. rescue lower a ladder pull him free then check his health. he said he was down there for a long time. >> diver searching for missing man at lake in livermore run into trouble tonight under water. we were above during the response. the diver had symptoms of decompression which
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is caused by the sudden loss of pressure. he refused medical treatment. search crew trying to fine the body of sales force employee last seen on the lake on saturday. tonight police in oakland conveniented the massive man hunt with two armed robbery suspects in custody. 2 others are still on the loose. several people were robbed at gun point west oakland this afternoon. police tracked down the vehicle and followed and crashed on 98 avenue. officers set up a triment to track down 4 people who ran. they found 2 suspect and recovered some stolen items. >> california is now the fifth state in the country to allow assisted suicide for the terminally ill joining oregon, washington torngs montana and vermont. governor brown signed the legislation day. it's a huge victory for family members of britney who chose to leave her home last year to end her life in oregon. here's lil i don't know kim. e.throws a big sense of pride that i feel in my life.
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>> dan says the right for terminally ill to end their lives in california was one of his wife last wishes. diagnosed with term until brine cancer britney moved from the bay area to oregon last year. to take advantage of the state aid in dying law. ended her life in november. >> britney was that voice to bring about this change so in that regard there's just the love the pride that i feel for her. >>reporter: governor brown consulted with the family before signing the bill along with archbishop and cavity lish bishop doctors and friends. he wrote i don't know what would i do if i were dying and pro listeninged excruciating pain. i am certain however that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the openings afforded which the bill. i wouldn't deny this right to others. >> the will you applys to terminally ill mentally competent adults given 6 months or less to live by 2 doctors. opponent plan to fight either in the courts or through the ballot box. >> medical practice often
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mistakenly diagnose people i hope correctly as having a terminal illness or incorrectly states prognosis to be short than it really is. >> for new the law will take affect as early as january given the terminally nil california an opportunity britney never had. to end their own lives in their own home in their own state. lil i don't know kim abc 7 news. >> new details tonight on claims by formeren mate who say they were beaten and tortured at the sonoma county jill. sheriff's office tonight calls the claims outrageous and inflammatory. 2 inmates are suing. they say some 2 dozen mates were viciously beaten may 28 at the jail in santa rosa 8. guy in black came in and all wearing mask hitting us and calling us (bleep) and telling us it's their house and they can beat us nishtion a statement issued tonight the sheriffs office says the claim follow a mass disturbance.
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there is absolutely no basis for the allegations of torture, sadistic action and patterns of egregious constitutional violations or human suffering. >> possible lead tonight in the murder of a mural arrest at this time gunned down last week right interthe artwork. take a look. oakland police node help tracking down this man who was described as person of interest in last tuesday murder. they say he's in his 20's. thin. about 6 feet tall. the artist ramos was shot to death in west oakland while working on anti-violence mural. his friend say ramos exchanged words with the man just before the man pulled a gun then fire fired. the community group sponsoring the mural resumed work on it today for the first time sense tuesday murder. the mural under i-5 80 overpass will now include an image of ramos. >> president obama will visit rose burg, oregon friday to meet with survivors ofless week school shooting. 9 people and gunman killed at the community college. students staff fact you will twri allowed on campus
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to collect items left behind in the shooting. classes will rum next week. tonight the port listened trail blazer play tribute to the victim wearing t-shirt with heart uc c and taking a moment of silence before tonight's game. st. >> there was a touching tribute tonight during "dancing with the stars". alex dedicated his dance to victims of the oregon mass shooting. he attends the community college where the shooting happened. says he put offen rolling this semester to kilometer pete on the show. he's one of 3 americans who stopped terrorist attack on paris bound train in august. san francisco school officials tonight are blaming the non-profit that administers the sat for last minute cans litigation of the test. emily in our community tweeted out the sign that greeted students this past. school district says the testing service didn't secure a permit to use the site in time and chronicle reports school officials found an
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incomplete application on the fax machine time stamp at 7:30 p.m. friday night. service says the permit couldn't be processed in time. >> drone pilot being told to keep their aircraft grounded during fleet week. faa warned today inform aircraft manned or unmanned are allowed to fly at altitude of less than 15,000 feetment restricted airspace 5 miles in each direction just north of fort mason. restriction in effect from thursday through sunday. basketball season is become and what about yours defend the championship title. we were at the sat center and fans line up tonight for the first pre-season game. time symptoms with 10% of the fan base call san jose home and the fans wanted a little face time with the championship trophy. snap shot and selfie with it at city hall earlier today. >> and bobble head as well to the first 10,000 echt family lost everything they open in devastating valley fire
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including children. still ahead on 7 ins at 11:00 how this woman is ringing some joy back into their lives. >> plus angry union workers take out frustration on the bosses and all caught on camer camera. >> football fraud. new cushion facing 2 popular fantasy sports web sites. >> first they hoarse a look what's come up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"right after our news at 11:00. >> thank you. get ready for glimpse of very near future. >> i like the beard. >> thank you thank you. >> item a little careless whisper to myself. >> as harry -- hairy down here as you are here. as you are here. >> but yes, i am very hairy
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>> valley fire which destroyed hundreds of homes in lake county is now 99 percent contained. while the rebuilding process is just beginning help continues to come in for family that lost everything including kids. this tweet from cornell ber nrd shows the bike that cell fire survivors will receive this weekend. new at 11:00 cornell tells us more about the so-called bike angel who is making it all happen. just days after the valley fire began candy packed up her own minivan. started hauling donation from his her home in livermore to those who lost their homes in lake county. pegsally the kids. >> i didn't want them to be forgotten. >> she went to work on social media using her own facebook page to collect bike for kids and adults. there were plenty of request. >> these are all children waiting for bikes.
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>>reporter: two week ago candy delivered about 2 dozen bike to middletown. it was a great da day. but there weren't enough beeks to go around. >> as soon as the bike arrived i gave them away and i had to turn away 25 children and i promised them i would come bac back. >>reporter: so candy put out the call again and this time people responded big time. many offering to transport donated beek to lake couldn't themselves. remarkable effort has earned her a new nickname. >> i create tears of joy because i'm called a bike ange angel. >>reporter: her daughter helps organize the bike give away. >> everybody needed something. at that time bike seemed so simple but mode of transportation for people up there it's what get them to work and to school when everything opens back up. >> on saturday october tenth candy hopes to deliver 500 bee beeks to lake county e.i promised them and now a lot of people are making my promise come true. that's the best part. it's a miracle unfolding in middletown. >> candy could still use more
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bike donation. we have a link to her facebook page on our web site abc 7 cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> tell angry workers storm air france headquarters as top manager meeting today to discuss plans toly off 2900 employees. the crowd ripped the shirts off some of the executives forcing 2 of them to jump over a fence. air france blames downturn and low cost carrier. >> pilot died in the cockpit mid flight and passengers didn't learn what happened until after the emergency landing. the pilot identified tonight as 57-year-old michael johnson based out of phoenix on american airlines. he was incapacitated this morning flying from phoenix to boston. first officer safely diverted the plane to syracuse, new york. passengers didn't rea realize what happened. >> we thought that he just wasn't feeling well. had no idea he had passed. it was
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extremely shocking. >>reporter: cause of johnson death hasn't been relessed. rare occurrence. faa says 8 pilots died during flights in the past 20 years. >> the integrity of 2 multi-billion dollar fantasy sports business being called into question after one employee won really big. draft king and fan dual allow users to select players to complete and earn daily prize. last we can an employee at draft king won 350,000 $on fan dual. users complained that he used insider information. both company admitted the employee often compete at other businesses and temporarily bar them from playing. president declared disaster in south carolina to help the state recover from historic flooding. some 80's have seen 25 inches of written sense the storm began friday. 11 people have been killed. hundreds more have been rescued from flood the homes and streets. authorities ordered evacuation in columbia out of fear several
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dam could breach. 13 dams state wide already failed. >> drew jones us and he was saying over the weekend the amount of rain they receive just in south carolina this weekend matches what san francisco gets for an entire year. drew that's astounding. >> incredible. unpress denied flooding. some areas over 2 feet of rain and like already ri mentioned that's more rainfall san francisco see ins entire 84. it's dry here ever. we track warmer temperatures on the horizon. live look from the exploratorium camera. patchy cloud and fog greet many of us in the partly cloudy overnight tonight. we track a graduate warming trend through the week and next 7 days is going to be a dry pattern as always. item mild. everybody in the 60's currently. 64 oakland. same in free mont. 63 in san francisco. 62 napa. shd say novato the only spot in the 50's at 59 san jose at 65 degrees. here's the set up. we have high pressure building off the coast here and with the high at bit of warmth building
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as well. that warm air will slowly move in to the bay area over the next couple days. what we have right now is a light on shore breeze winds travel from high to low pressure so gentle breeze out there overnight tonight. generally right now winds are less than 10 miles per hour. so future weather shows you the wednesday will carry fog inland overnight first thing tomorrow morning low clouds around the immediate bay area. coastal fog likely. fog will go become to the coast by the afternoon. see the last of the sunshine and tom into the tropical pacific we go update on tropical storm and wednesday pretty strong right now. 65 miles per hour and moving to the north and the east. it will stay away from hawaii. may strengthening into category 1 storm but item a fish storm. many day out to see and weaken in the coming day as it venture into cooler water up north. back at home. overnight tonight partly cloudy skies. temperatures will fall into the 50's overnight. drop to 59 in san francisco. 58 oakland. 57
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san jose overnight 53 the low in santa rosa. so to get you out the door for work school tomorrow. grab light jacket early on. temperatures in the 50's across the region that sun gets up around 7:10 tomorrow morning otherwise midday coastal cloud lots of sunshine and by the afternoon another nice fall day across the regio region. so high for your tuesday and micro climate. 77. san jose lots of sunshine. 78 cupertino. 76 the hi for milpitas. peninsula. 77 redwood city and pacifica a little bit of fog at 67 degree degrees. downtown san francisco afternoon sunshine 70 downtown. 67 for daly city in the north bay. 66 bodega bay. 76 novato. same sonoma. 74 the high in vallejo east bay tomorrow oakland snore lot of sunshine. 77 union city the same in free mont berkeley up to 73 degrees inlistened upper 70's to lower 80's. 80 pit burg 79 pleasanton walnut creek and 79 the high for brentwood. 7 day forecast show you slow
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warming trend continues throughout the week and by the weekend it's october sunshine mild to warm a little sunshine good news there for fleet week. looking okay. >> thanks. >> coming up. don't let this tiny dog fuel. still ahead 7 news. the french bull dog that takes heroic ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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>> defending nba champion warriors open the pre-season tonight. rare visit to san jose playing the toronto raptors. luke serving as head coach tonight with steve kurr out resting his back. late second quarter andrew to thompson. for the hoop and fouchlt warriors by 6. clay with 14 points. second quarter look at the passing here that's money. curry with 14. like clay. sub petting work in her
11:29 pm
here. james with authority. mack with 10. might be a break out year for him and the brazil blur barbosa still with the roll. warriors win notify-87 an they will take it. >> we knew it was sloppy app we felt we did things good but most importantly it gives us something to watch and build practice around. >> good to face somebody else and beat up on somebody el rather than beating up on ourselves in practice. >> frienders head coach says he's not considering bedrooming kaepernick despite back-to-back to back reached game. i actually believe this can be salvage hard to site happening with the offensive line playing so poorly. 6 sack yesterday. receivers so frustrated solutions elusive. >> ware better time than what we are showing right now. better 0fichbls in how we are
11:30 pm
playing. to be honest we worked too hard to go out on sunday and play like that. >> raid hers a very winnable game slip away in chicago. cutler converting on fourth and 5 withment 30 left and set up the gym winning 49 yard field goal with seconds left. raiders now at 2 and 2. not dwelling on opportunity lost. instead head coach jack focus on the next game which is against his former time the broncos. >> week to week league. some day you sit up her and feel really good about what occurred the day before. but regardless you have to dial in the next 0font. a lot of talent throughout the league. a lot of really good coaches. scheme you. and you have got to get ready. >> lions monday night football. second quarter russell wilson finds the stanford man. pack of the end zone 24 yard touch down. 7 nothing hawk fourth quarter. wilson sacked by
11:31 pm
james and recovered by reid. lions down 13-10. under 2 minutes left. finds chron so that about to score but chancellor knock the ball out. about theed it out of the end zone. the rules state illegal bat. should have been looeps ball with chance to winen steady touch back. the referee blow it and the seahawks hold on to win 13-10. sports brought to you by infinancial if. >> the revs have to know the rulesism the news continues on line and all the mobile device with 7 news app.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. is is so all right that's our report for tonight thanks for watching. i'm larry in for
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dan. >> i'm amma. for all of us thanks for joining us right no >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! ♪ tonight, cate blanchett. from "blood and oil", chace crawford, and music from "eagles of death metal" with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: we'll be right back.


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