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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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rated best in the state. >> good morning to you, i am here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> first up, we get you out the door with a cck on the weather forecast. >> thank you, nice to see you, grab a light coat you will need it, temperatures in the 50s to slow 60s with clouds but that is it, no fog showing up on live doppler hd and nothing at the golden gate bridge but a west wind at seven, and clouds are increasing through 9:00 and as we head through the 12 hour difficult planner we will stay in the mid-to-upper 60s and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and money 70s inland and a like jacket this evening. 60 at the coast and low 70s elsewhere. >> we starting off with a look from sky 7 and they are over 880 near marina boulevard we had an early accident involving a big rig with an ambulance behind it so we do have possible injuries
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involved and c.h.p. is on the scene with several vehicles pulled over to the shoulder. obviously that is causing slowing southbound and i will get to a couple of other spots across the bay area and you can see the heavy delays over the altamont pass, a planned new accident and when you are beyond 84 we are looking clear to the dublin interchange. >> developing in the north bay, investigators have been in a's particular highing trail all night after a person was slot and killed. amy hollyfield is in fairfax with latest. >> investigator say it was a roddive night and they are following up on leads. they are still here. they have six members of their csi craw here. they pulled an all nighter and they are not looking to be gone home soon they are investigating the shooting death that happened on the trail reported at 6:00 last night when a hiker found
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the victim. officials are not releasing details of the victim. not even the gender. this happened on old railroad grade trail at the preserve outside of fairfax on the north side of sir francis drake boulevard. i asked how long the trail will be close asked they said they do not know. they will open it wherein they are finished with the investigation but no arrests have been reported. >> extradition proceedings are underway to bring a san ramon college student home from illinois to face charges of sexual assault. police say that 20 year old kwangmin jin is a serial social media rapist who met up where the victims on sites like tinder and scout and facebook. authorities know at least four victims and they say thattin' gin would spike the alcoholic drinks to make the victims less resistant. officers are concerned this could be more victims.
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our reporter will have a report from fremont in our next half hour. >> a former san francisco police officer is expected in court on charges he stole money from a group that represented lgbt officers. the former police officer michael evans was the treasurer of pride alliance and took $15,000 in the summer of 2014 when it was discovered he resigned and extradicted from texas where he lives and backed on grand theft. pride has lost three-quarters of the members since the theft became public. >> this morning, governor brown will take a huge step to close the pay gap between men and women. he will be in the bay area to sign a law said to be strongest equal pay legislation in the country. our reporter is in the newsroom. janet? >> governor will be signing this bill inry monday today and what better backdrop than the
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national park with the fair pay act a revamped version of the law that man lawmakers say is outdated. to close the wage gap employers have to pay women and men equal for similar work even if they have different titles or work in different offices. employers cannot retaliate against employees who want to discuss disparity in their salary but pay can differ for merit, seen majority or productivity. this california women make 84 cents on every door a man makes and if you add it up it comes to $33 billion less a nationally women making 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. critics would lake to specifically include minorities and lgbt and disabled workers would also face lower pay in the workforce. >> a group environmentalists now is sue the city of oakland and a
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local developer to stop the potential shipment of coal to a center being built in west oakland. according to the business time it claims that city and developers did not properly assess the effects of coal shipment on the local concern with the concern that transportation of the fuels poses a health risk to residents. the city council is expected to decide what action to take on the facility on december 8. >> man charged with the murder of his mother is expected to be arraigned in fremont. the 31-year-old omar malik pettigen was arrested on sunday while walking down the street in keptington. after an interview he was charged with the murder of his mother. police found the bed of his mother in a fremont apartment. police say the level of violence used in the kill was extreme. >> napa state hospital said that the man accused of murdering seven people at the university in oakland is now competent to stand trial. the 47-year-old shot and killed
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a receptionist and six students in april of 2012. three other people were wounded in the shooting rampage. a judge will decide if the hospital evaluation stands during a competency hearing november 16. >> two remain ad robbery suspects are still on the lose this morning. police ended the manhunt after nabbing two of four suspects would robbed several at gunpoint. police began a pursuit. that pursuitened with a crash on a youth near 98. officers set up a perimeter to track down the four people who ran away and found two of the suspects and recovered some of stolen items. >> happening today the controversial issue of tasers for berkeley police will be discussed at a city council meeting. the public for tasers has been spearhead by the berkeley police association citing a study showing 80 percent of residents prefer tasers to physical force and gun use. opponents claim they can cause
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death and mostly are used against people who are unarmed. a city spokesman said no decisions will be made it is a work session. >> a pilot program requiring finger prints and background checks for uber and lyft is over because no one used it were the app had companies go through state regulators which did not require the check. uber and lyft told officials fingerprints are a nonstarter. many people feel the airport is doing travelers a disservice by preventing setting up shop mineta. >> a deadly limousine crash on the san mateo bridge in 2013 prompted a new law that aims to rehaven't a similar tragedy, the crash killed five women including a bride-to-be. now a new law signed by governor brown requires the limousines to be equipped with two rear-side
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doors and the vehicles need to have at least a popout window so passengers can open it from the inside in case of fire or other emergency. >> evaluations of california's rail transit systems have been release asked there is if news for the bay area. the study give the highest grids to muni and bart and received a b and b minus. muni stops at church are rated the best, and appearing perfect walkability meaning it is close to a wide array of shops and 1 percent of residents and 44 percent of workers in the area rely on mass transit. >> for everyone who relies on mass transit or those walking to work we will check the weather and see how it is going to be this morning. >> thank you, tiffany. i put the bart station temperatures on my twitter page
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but, first, the south bay, in the mid-to-upper 50s with san jose at 59 and cool spot is safer folk at 53 and 55 at cupertino and alameda at 64 and san pablo at 61 and half moon bay at 59, and novato at 53 and 59 in brentwood. clouds and 61 at sfo but no flight arrival delays and san francisco topping out at 70 and everyone else in the upper 70s to 80s under sunny sky and as we look at the exploritorium camera though are work on the lights on the bay bridge and we get warmer each and every day. >> you are ewing sky over san leandro over the accident involving a big rig and several vehicles and we seen more than what was earlier reported by c.h.p. and i am counting three or four other vehicles and we have emergency crews on the john but take a look at the backup panning to oakland so if you
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leave hagan burger away from oakland airport that is where you will find the brake lights, traveling between 980 to get to 238 it will take 18 minutes. this is what it looks like on the map, the red is poking through and it is very slow approaching 238 so san leandro is a great alternate and on the altamont pass a new accident is gumming up the commute, slow from tracy. tiffany? eric? >> still ahead, edward snowden makes an offer to come home in a plea. >> texas man is forced out of his home and is living on his his home and is living on his own front lawn.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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welcome back at 6:13, the top military commander in afghanistan will testify on capitol hill as congress tries to decide how many troops should stay the war-torn country. the senate armed services committee will hear from general john campbell if he think the number of united states troops should be reduced to a thousand after next year. right now there are nearly 10,000 troops. campbell is testifying days after airstrike on a medical clinic killed 22 people in northern afghanistan. the united states carried out the attack but said forces requested the strike as they fought the taliban. >> edward snowden offered to return to the united states and go to jail for leaving details of n.s.a.'s programs. the former n.s.a. contractor flaw to now two years ago after revealingness about the agency's secret eavesdropping. he faces charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years. he told the bbc he has volunteered to go to prison with the government many times but he has not received a formal offer.
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>> the government is about to make a lot of money from the bitcoins seized from mastermind with 44,000 bitcoins sold at suction on november 5. at the rate today that is $10.6 million. he was arrested in san francisco library two years ago. in june he was maintenanced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. he is appealing the conviction. >> before you pour your bowl of cheerios, the company is recalling two million boxes of cheerios because they could contain wheat. customer whose cannot eat wheat should contact the company for replacement box or full refund. for more information on which boxes affected go to >> relationships are not always easy and most people disagree once for a while. normal. but a wealthy texas couple is taking the quarrel to a new
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level. check this out. a heist pan said he has been sleeping outside on-and-off for the past six months after his wife of 32 years kicked him out of their expansion. he said his wife, a doctor, took away his keys and will not let him in. there is which word on why the two do not get along but neighbors are worried there are signs posted all over the place, instructing people not to feed him or help him. [ inaudible ] >> he has no bathroom facility. the clothes are dirty. no shoes. >> he is very frail. he cannot even walk. >> husband said it is simple: he owns the home half of everything inside. he does not fell he should have to leave and claims his wife will not file for divorce because she doesn't want to give up half of her fortune. whoa... >> been in the doghouse
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before... >> he would probably like a doghouse. >> poor guy of the >> you have seen "war of the roses." >> read the book. >> real life up. >> now the weather trust. >> sutro tower is showing how clear it is this morning, but, lurking at the cost we have clouds and a few more clouds today than yesterday and even some high clouds with temperatures if you liked yesterday you will like today, and the slow warming trend gets into gear tomorrow and all the way through the weekend and because of that, the storm track stays north and if it is really close to us, but, right now, it stay toes north. 13 miles per hour, is wind at pearland and it is headed up 80 into sacramento, a nice onshore breeze developing and it will pick up speed as we head into the afternoon hours and wherever you see the ping color, east of
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the golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge and to the delta from 2:00 to 9:00, it will be brisk and choppy, if you take the ferry and if you are on the carniquez bridge it will be difficult and you have to hold on, for the high would fill springs. and the weather is losing its grip and the high pressure and warmer weather will roll in and today we have seen a transition so we have highs blowing over to the slow that happens in the lower part of the information and well have the freeze. in the south bay, we are below average, mid-to-upper 70's, and sunnyvale is 76 and san jose is 77 and 80 in morgan hill and a lot of mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula and menlo park is 76 and millbrae is 70 and a few more clouds at the coast and mid-to-upper 60s for you and nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and sunshine along the north bay coast and maybe a few more
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clouds and mid-to-upper 70s in the valley, and san rafael is 75, to 76 in sonoma, and the east bay sure is warmest at castro valley and union city and fremont and oakland is 74 can 71 in richmond and inland, most of us at 80. we will see more cloud cover, maybe a few more patches of fog in the north bay, mid-50s to low 60 so like this morning. one or two diagnosis tomorrow. one or to degrees on thursday. couple degrees on friday. insteady through the weekend, and nearly 90 inland, and hid 80's an the bay and 70 at the coast. fleet week activity not bothered by the weeks ago. >> i am sure the become was great but nothing like the chandelier scene in "war of the roses." >> because of that i would never get divorced. >> don't want to be stucked this over san leandro it is a jam coming through the east bay,
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away from this area. if you leave the oakland airport area, that is what you are going to find unless you take san lenadro street or international boulevard, it is solid, bumper-to-bumper and that is the biggest parking lots in the bay area. very slow going. because of the accident. and it is merging with 238 into hayward so the usual slowing we see each morning, this is going to be contributing. as we look closer to where the accident is located, you can see all the slowing there and it loosens up approaching 238 with show and go traffic 42 miles per hour approaching hayward and you get to the san mateo bring, toll plaza, you have to wait and then it is clear crossing over the golden state bridge and drive time traffic over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin is an hour and ten machines and 44 members, antioch to concord on highway 4 westbound. >> abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our
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instagram feed and we recognize rose from san jose on her connection to community. center has provided a variety of services including job placement assistance to thousands in the bay area and rose is co-chair of roundtable la raza that advocate on of after the latino community. >> coming up, the problem facing some people who bought apple's new iphone 6s. >> facebook's new plan to bring the internet to a billion more people and how outer space play as role in the effort. >> but, first, the look at the golden gate bridge and traffic is moving i-across the bridge right now and we will keep up right now and we will keep up weather and i did it... right now and we will keep up weather and do it... take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge.
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always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. ♪ ♪ >> turning to south carolina, where the rain has stopped but the day agoer is physical from over. at least 18 dams have been prepared since the weekend and many rivers have not crested yet. a dam failure is causing mandatory evacuations near the capitol city of columbia. 40,000 people are without drinkable water. 13 people died in weather-related incidented across the carolinas and although the rain has stepped,
6:25 am
roads are virtually impassable. national guard helicopters are the only way to get around. >> in las vegas, the world famous strip was barely recognizable because of the floodwaters yesterday. more than 2" rain fell in parts of nevada and power was knocked out, the nevada highway patrol responded to 76 crashes in the day and almost all rain-related and a 70-year-old homeless woman was rescued when her coach she was sleeping on under an overpass was washed away. sales of apple iphone are on fire and some report that the new phones are too hot to touch with us 50ers voicing concerns that the touch i.d. button on the new 6s are hot discovered when trying to activate phone's screen. some say the problem could old be corrected by resetting the phone. apple has not commented on any
6:26 am
of the complaints. >> face become is teaming up with a french company to lunch a satellite providing internet access in sub-saharan alaska launching next year with service in 2016 reaching 14 countries in west, east, and southern africa bringing free intern to rural areas. company is using satellite, lasers and drones to get the next billion people around the world on-line as part of the internet initiative. >> we have top stories he including a south bay mative arrested for assault and the search for victims could stretch across the country and the person who killed a muralist in oakland with a new image that to lead to the killer. >> and san francisco international airport shows in problems to report yet but it is fix california at my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland.
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day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. >> good morning, everyone. look at this view from the sky 7. we have had traffic problems an the bay area and this could be the most egregious. because of that we will check with leyla gulen. what is going on? >> you can see the brake lights? it is packed. this is leaving the oakland coliseum up to 238. there was an early accident. we focused on several vehicles including a big rig. it was pulled over to the shoulder. it should be cleared soon. we do have enough spectator slowing it is gumming up the commute. the feeders, too, including davis and marina boulevard, they are getting clogged because of the slowing on 880. next report i will take sky 7 to hayward where we have a big rig blocking two lens. >> we have more clouds loan coast with live doppler hd but so far, no reports of fog or of
6:31 am
flight arrival delays into sfo with clouds lining up on the east bay shore and it will continue to trend as we head through the next couple of days much high pressure is taking over and we are around 50 to 62 through 7:00 and the day planner is the mid-60s at the coast and 72 inland, to 78 from noon to 4:00, and a light coat needed this morning at 60 to 72nd clear skies. it will be breezy today from the bay bridge east, or, rather, from the golden gate bridge east and from the bay bridge north through the delta. brisk this afternoon. here is tiffany and eric thomas with more news. >> fremont police are looking for anymore victims of a man who met prospective dates online and drugged and raped them and a suspect is in custody outside of the state and detectives are working do bring imback to the bay area to face charges. matt keller is in fremont with
6:32 am
more details. matt? yes, tiffany, we will check with fremont police to find out when they expect the rape suspect to be extradicted. [ inaudible ] >> listen to what three would do to the victims. >> he would give alcoholic drink tainted with a sedative >> fremont police say 20-year-old ginnin' is a serial social media rapist who met victims on tinder, scout, and mocoface and facebook. police caught up with ginnin' -- kwangmin jin in champaign, illinois, where he was attending university of illinois. he was home from college this summer living with his parents in san ramon when the ever
6:33 am
veterans occurred. >> it is shocking. san ramon is a small and safe town. >> kwangmin jin used the named kevin park, kevin lee but will not say where the assaults took place or where he met with them but believe there could be more victims who do not realize what happened. 6:33, from the north bay, authorities are investigating a deadly shooting own a hiking trail in fairfax and amy hollyfield has the details. amy? >> yes, moments ago i talked to two women would love this trail. they were startled when they found this blocked off with crime train. they were shock to hear what happened a murder happened here. they have always felt safe on the trail. investigators spent the night looking for clues and say it was productive following up on the leads but in arrests have been made.
6:34 am
a hiker discovered the victim at 6:00 last night. investigator say the you haves with shot to detect. they have not released any information of the victim. they will not even say the gender. this is the old railroad grade trail in the reserve can this is closed right new, and they say it will be until they finish their investigation so do not plan on using it this morning or today. no arrests have been made. >> thank you. families of inmated at the sonoma county jail will detail more instances of alleged abuse by sheriff deputies holding a news conference on the heels of a federal lawsuit filed yesterday. more than 20 inmates were viciously beaten in may they say in the maximum security unit of the jail. >> guys if black -- in black came in wear masks hitting us and calling us [ blank ] and
6:35 am
said they could bet us if their house. >> it started when won got in a verbal altercation with the deputy and the others were beaten when they objected. the sever said this is no basis to the actions >> oakland miss is a poe to know want you to look at, a close look. they would lake to question this man of the murder of an artist gunned down while work on an antiviolence mural. the man here is in his mid-20s 10, thin, and 6' tall and shot to delegate open tuesday under the unpass in west oakland of the freeway say that rome most changed words with the man before the man pulled a gun and fired. the community group the mural resued work which now
6:36 am
will have an image of ramos. >> a lot of questions after a missing new york city hospital employee was found dead if a public restroom on the near where he, worked. the familiar say the last time they spoke to anthony luco is thursday weapon he was treated for annan joy at the medical center. the staff said the 44-year-old disappeared after checking into the e.r. and was found five days later after family members went to the hospital demanding answers. police now say they also want to know what happened. >> a similar incident at san francisco general hospital prompted safety changes. in september of 2013, lynn spalding disappeared from her room and was found dead in a stairwell 2 1/2 weeks later. the hospital has installed alarm on all doors to the stairwells and sheriff deputy who provide security must check the stairwells each day. >> the never-before-seen video
6:37 am
of the man behind apple's of the man behind apple's success.
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>> can see the traffic is light on thes have way and in hayward we have a brand new accident with a big rig. you can see as you leave fremont, traffic is nice. i will town 360 around in the northbound direction with tail lights looking clear. in other parts of the pay area i will show what you is happening with updates southbound 888, if you are traveling near marina boulevard an accident on the shoulder at 22 miles per hour, still slow, and to the south, really heavy backups brand new crash involving a big rig southbound 880 at tennyson. sky 7 is head over to sfo. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will on the weather window and you can see it is hazy with clouds developing along the east bay shore and the coast more compared to yesterday. temperatures are close to average today.
6:41 am
the flooding rain in southern california, the threat is over. hopefully that will be the same for las vegas this afternoon at 77, and 87 this palm springs, and mid-to-upper 70s no need for rain gear in san diego and los angeles and 70 at lake tahoe. if you have been watching our tropical storm you know it is heading to the east of hawaii and it will head up to us but the storm track is going to take it just to the north of us and it will not derail our warming trend for the weekend with that coming up in six minutes. we are getting a look at steve job as we have never soon him before. >> in votes seen old on abc7, we see the apple co-founder in the classic black shirt and ripped jean and being very candid with the colleagues, such as telling them to walk into an apple store and hug an employee and listen to what he told a crowd of apple employees the day before the first iphone was released. >> everyone who has worked on iphones made the sacrifices is
6:42 am
going to feel it has been worth it. >> someone asked him of the tattered jeans and he responded, well, they are old, like me. he died october 5 of 2011 and two movies are ready to hit theaters with more of the footage today is eastbound on "good morning -- is seen on "good morning america" today at 7:00 a.m. >> listen up if you are planning a holiday trip, you want to book your flight this week. >> keeping a cold brew on hand with the latest offering to make sure you never run out of beer. >> stay in the know with a look at traffic here on the san mateo bridge moving slow and leyla bridge moving slow and leyla gulen is tracking
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:45. governor brown is in the bay area to sign a bill into law guaranteeing equal pay for women in california. >> our news reporter is in the newsroom with more. janet? >> this is a major victory today in closing the gender wage gap happening at the historical national park in richmond where the governor will sign the fair
6:46 am
pay act promising to hold employers accountable when it comes to paying women and men equally for the same type of work performed. this is regardless of different job titles and office location. employers also cannot retaliate against employee whose want to discuss the disparity in the salary. as it standpoints now in california, women make 84 cents for every dollar a man makes. if you add that up, it comes out to $33 billion a year that women could have been earning. women make 78 cent nationally for every dollar a man makes. the pay can differ when it comes to merit, seniority or productivity. it is now 6:46. a look at the big board and the dow jones industrial average is up almost 48 points to 16823. >> also, today, a new rule in san francisco of how much you should really be payingen with
6:47 am
it comes to represent. jane king is at the nasdaq with that story in the money report. >> good morning, even highly paid technical workers are having trouble affording silicon valley according to a study mid to senior level engineers including uber and square need to spent from 42 to 50 percent of salaries on rent to live half a mile radius of the office and they cited airbnb as among the worst with engineer spending 54 percent of his or her $120,000 salary to live in a one bedroom. >> a battle is brewing between retailers and shoppers shoppers still want the big discounted. we got used to them during the recession but retailers are trying to between us off deals and 90 percent look at price before buying. bud lite is hoping to make beer
6:48 am
drinkers plugged in with the release of a wi-fi enabled refrigerator providing real time updates on the status of your beer supply to the mobile phone available only in california so far. now at look at stalks a couple of days of big gains and the dow is up 15 and the s&p 500 is up less than one point but the nasdaq is lower. >> for the husband who has everything, jane, what he mit want for christmas. >> now the traffic, leyla, we have been off to a rough start. >> it has been tell. with breaking news sky seven is over head and i will show you exactly what is happening in millbrae an ambulance is at the on-ramp to southbound 101 where a pedestrian just loaded into the ambulance was hit by a vehicle and that vehicle is ahead and it looks like there
6:49 am
was severe damage to the front end of the vehicle but they pulled over and we do have a lot of activity off to the shoulder. the on-ramp is open to southbound 101 and traffic is not affected with the fire department and ambulance and millbrae police on the scene, again, a pedestrian was hit. it looks like, possibly, the ambulance could be on the way shortly and i will keep you updated. mike has the weather. >> yes, everyone, we will start with calmer stuff to talk about, the weather, so it is hazy over walnut creek and we have our own issues and 680 southbound to 24. i will let leyla that cake of that, but as far as what is going on, temperature-wise if you wake up inland east bay, so mid-to-upper 50s everywhere but mt. diablo and pittsburg at 60 degrees. we have 61 in san francisco and fairfield at 60 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s and san carlos and san jose and mountain view and oakland and half moon bay and vallejo at 58
6:50 am
and hayward and we had 54 in napa so sfo, the clouds are encroaching as they line up along the coast so no delays at sfo so pass clouds more than yesterday and the pattern will keep the temperatures close to where they were and then they will increase through the weekend starting tomorrow, and any chance of rain, right now, and it is close to us but it stays north of us. the cloud cover shows it is along the coast and it is starting to spill in the lower elevations like petaluma where we down to four miles visibility. i would look to more fog tomorrow than this morning. low that brought the flooding rain in southern california and to las vegas is weakening and brought a lot of snow to the southern sierra so it is unfortunate is it leaving to that respect. high pressure is taking over and the transition sell be breezy with morning clouds to afternoon sunshine and the transition is breezy north of the bay maybe and to the delta communities from 2:00 to 9:00 and gilroy is
6:51 am
80 and up the peninsula is mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is cooler and more blessy at 70 so we will have more cloud cover along the coast and, still, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and 70 downtown and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley and ukiah and 80s there, and richmond is the cool spot and everyone else was 73 to 77 along east bay shore and a ton of sunshine and a few passing high clouds and nearly 80, and tonight, the temperatures are in the low-to-upper fists with cloud cover and my seven-day forecast shows a degree or two warmer tomorrow and the same thing on thursday and friday, and by the time we get to the weekend and 70s at the bay and norly 90 inland and fleet week will be nice this weekend. tiffany and eric? >> are you missing breakfast this morning? starting today, you can get an egg mcmuffin for lunch or dinner
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at mcdonald's launching all day breakfast at you will of the united states locations. the move is part of an effort to bring in new customers is help the slumping sales testing all day breakfast at select locations in march but had to install new griddles at 14,000 locations so employees could cook breakfast along with lunch and dinner we items simultaneously. >> seven things to know before you go, but, first, we will ke weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial break so you do not miss a break so you do not miss a thing.
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whether you are just joining us or head the out the door seven things to know before you go. >> an investigation is continuing at the millbrae on-ramp southbound highway we after a previous was hit and we look from sky 7 we see the vehicle that is off to the center here of the screen and that vehicle is expected to be involved in the accident and the person who was hit has been transported. >> authorities are following all possible leads in what they call a suspicious death in marin county, a opinion was found on a popular hiking trail west of
6:55 am
fairfax county with a gunshot wound so they died at the scene, investigators will continue the sent door more evidence. >> fremont police say 20-year-old kwangmin jin is a serial rapist who sexually assaulted tour women he met on-line and is being extradicted from illinois where he is a college student. he spiked the victims' drinks with a sedative. >> governor brown takes a step to close the gender wage gap with the fair pay act this morning in richmond the >> clouds and hazy this morning as we look from sutro tower with light winds and they will pick up this afternoon, we will top out at 70 in san francisco, the rest of us in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. >> california is among the most energy efficient states in the nation, with a study bringing california 8th based on the energy efficiency of our homes and vehicles and new york was
6:56 am
one and texas is last. >> warriors fans in the south bay got a trip as the defending champions over the season where a rare trip to san jose and knocked off the toronto raptors. we continue online on facebook and all mobile devices and back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" next. we have had problem on the roads we have had problem on the roads so be careful.
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talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at good morning, america. flood fears grow in south carolina. raging waters slice dams in half. carving a path of destruction. for some, the only hope is rescue by air. and as some floodwaters recede, we're getting our first look at the muddy mess and devastation left behind. complete coverage right now. midair emergency. the captain dying during the flight. >> syracuse american 550. medical emergency, captain is incapacitated. >> more than 150 people on board as the co-pilot makes a dramatic landing. caught on camera. brutal attack. a suburban mom viciously beaten by police officers after complaining about their behavior. speaking out this morning. what she says caused the violent confrontation.


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