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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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backpacking trip. sadly, pleas say she became the victim of a crime of opportunity. now, police, first believed she died from blunt force trauma. today, they said she was shot to death. the adventurus 23-year-old wanted to see the west coast. >> taking in the sights what young people should be doing. exploring, having fun. >> reporter: she'd been in the bay area a week. she may have attended the blue grass festival. her body was discovered the next day. police found trauma and she'd been shot in the head. the commander tony chaplain is the head of investigations. >> we believe robbery was a motive. >> reporter: two days before the sad discovery, the owner of a gun reported his weapon had been stolen from his car. >> the vehicle is unlocked. he has a weapon in the vehicle in a lock box which was stolen.
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>> reporter: two days after kerry was found, the yoga teacher had been reported missing and was found shot. >> there was not a great distance of time. >> reporter: the possible link, fast track, saying things happen quickly. the three murder suspects were arrested in portland on wednesday, investigators found cary's camping gear in the car and a gun. >> the weapon used in the homicide was tracked back to an auto burglary here in san francisco. >> reporter: police are continuing the investigation to see if any other unsolved crimes can be linked to the drifters. >> here are their mug shots.
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all ofkiuu
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melanie? >> 23-year-old lamply faces stolen dog charges and less is known from the last suspect, a puzzle the lieutenant says is not complete. investigators are exploring the possibility of more crimes beyond the two murders. >> of course, our imagination doesn't stop there. we need to recreate events from the time they've known each other up until the time they were arrested. >> in marin county, abc7 news.
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carter was out walking his dog, coco when he was killed. the dog was shot and injured. a team of specialists is caring for coco at its expense. they say the condition is improving but she has a long recovery ahead. do count on the abc7 news for the continuing coverage of the murders and follow us on twitter for updates. that train hero, spencer stone is getting better one day after being stabbed outside of a bar in san francisco. he's in good spirits. doctors upgraded his condition from serious to fair. police haven't made arrests. a fight ended with stone being stabbed three times. detectives emphasized it was unrelated to stone helping disarm a suspected terrorist in france in august. police are looking for a gunman in pitsberg.
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it's just feet from martin luther king high school. he was driving down the street when a bullet hit him in the neck. two children inside of the vehicle were not hurt. sky 7 hd shows police searching for evidence. the victim is going to survive. a student at hercules high school has been arrested after police say he threatened to shoot up the school today. a staff member contacted police about information about a threat. police tracked down the student and found documents in his home showing he was planning a shooting. investigators believe the threats may be related to bullying. fleet week is in full swing now, during the annual parade of ships, including cruisers and combat ships, the uss coronado. a high-tech marvel when jonathan
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bloom will give you a look at later on in this newscast. also, the uss somerset is open for tours, named in honor of the passengers of united airlines flight 93. flight 93 crashed in somerset county, pennsylvania during the terrorist attacks. thousands of people flocked to the marina today to get personal with the navy. >> yes. it's a unique activity. the blue angels soared and roared and thrilled onlookers. >> this is the first time in the 35 year history the blue angels performed on a friday, arriving on time to the second. >> speed, i want to see a lot of speed, and noise. it's excitement, power. raw energy. we love it. i would be up there with them in a minute, if i could. >> fleet week continues throughout the weekend with ship
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tours, demonstrations and blue angels fly again saturday and sunday. now, many of you are sharing your fleet week photos with us. from selfies to ships and the blue angels. we'd love to see it if you can share your photos and videos from fleet week with us, we'd appreciate it. just use #abc7now and you can watch a live stream at 3:00 on you'll find a week of activities there. a construction project in fremont uncovered ice age fossils dating back almost 2 million years, it includes surprises. abc7 news got a look at the new find. these fossils are what is left of the bay area's earlier residents, now, extinct species of horses and giant bison. >> bison we've never seen before. >> soon, you will be able to see them at the childrens natural history museum of fremont.
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>> they're important find that will not be in some backyard collection gathering dust. >> the fossils are a gift from the san francisco public utilities commission, discovered at this site in the warm springs district of fremont. >> we uncovered what turned out to be an ice age fossil, then, we found 50 specimens. >> reporter: the work is part of a $4.8 billion seismic upgrade of the hetch hetchy watt yefr system. the system provides water to two and a half million people in the bay area. >> we do have staff scientists on project around, just in case. >> this isn't the first time fossils have been found in fremont. in the 1940s, three boys found
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ancient fossils in a local quarry. phil gordon is one of the boys. >> every saturday, sometimes, saturday, sunday, sometimes mid week, went to this quarry and dug fossils. >> the discovery was ground breaking. now, those found are called the irvingtonin period, in the city they found them. so they gave most of the collection away. >> and so we gave them about 20,000 specimens. which are now in the collection at uc berkeley. some are here. >> the new fossils will join the older ones, giving children, and scientists new materials to study. >> it shows an evolution of the east bay. >> the museum hopes to have the new bones available within the
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next six months. >> also, cattle bones believed to be dated back to the mission period. they will work to find out unidentified fragments identify new species. >> turning negative into a positive. a threat against mosques. coming up at 6:00 what does it mean for the bay area? >> plus, ditch the cars. major road closures that have nothing to do with driving. >> i'm spencer christian. what will the weather bring our way? the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. a new way to move your belongings from one house to belongings from one house to another that can save
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an anti-muslim group is calling for protests at mosques over the weekend, but so far, not in the bay area. >> how the local muslim community and leaders are reacting. >> bay area muslims believe area has lots of tolerance and acceptance for muslims but that may not be true in other parts of the country. it is prayer time at the muslim community association mosque. however, the fbi and homeland security alerted mosques of possible protests outside by a
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group called global for humanity. the group shows a man shooting at a quaran. >> it is intended to be inflammatory wex hope it will help our fellow americans just how hateful these activists are and the lengths they'll go to offend, and cause harm. >> major bay area colleges and universities did not take steps. >> we have seen individual instances of hate crimes in california. so we appreciate the sensitivity of fresno state in being pro active to address the fears their community members may have. >> one protest was planned for an oakland mosque but was
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cancelled. tariik doesn't have any fear. >> we have someone come and protest around outside here, we have had people use foul language around us in prayers and so on. but you know, we can't live in fear. we just can't. i mean live is too rich to do that. >> in santa clara, david louie, abc7 news. >> the man accused of killing sergeant scott lunger appeared in court this afternoon, abc7 news reporter laura anthony was at the blue mass this morning and attended the court hearing for lunger's accused killer. >> this is where the day ended for the family of scott lunger, they sat side by side with hayward police officers, in a packed courtroom. earlier, many of the same people
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were together in mass at an oakland cathedral. it's called a blue mass, to honor first responders. the family of scott lunger played a special role. >> it's a great honor for my heros. >> for all of those who serve justice and mercy in our legal communities. >> 14-year-old lauren's farther is also a police officer. >> it's important. police officers go out to save people. and they risk their lives every day for it. >> later in hayward, the man accused of killing scott lunger stood before a judge. mark estrada's attorney says his client is not ready to enter a plea in lunger's murder. >> discovery process is a long process. tens of thousands of documents. >> estrada is accused of
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shooting the 48-year-old lunger at close range when lunger made a traffic stop on a neighborhood street in july. >> he's a good person. he's never been in trouble. he doesn't have a criminal record. >> like lunger's family plans to attend every hearing. >> my son demands justice. >> mark estrada will be back in court january 15th. well, the bed -- pedestrians will take the street on sunday, stretching from downtown to east san jose from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. you might notice signs of streets that will be car free on sunday. it will feature activities for people of all ages, including a
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chance to see an all eight super bowl trophies which would be a fun thing to do. >> looking like a great weekend for everything. there is so much going on. >> it's amazing. the weather is cooperating. the skies are going to be blue most of the weekend as well. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies right now, we have had throughout the day. low clouds near the coast. check out blue sky over the bay from our roof top camera here. it's 68 degrees in san francisco. mountain view, 76. san jose, 76. 64 half moon bay. here is the view looking northward from sutro tower. 74 degrees in santa rosa. mid 80s in fairfield. and one more live view from our east bay hills camera. you can see low clouds moving up
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near the coastline. these forecast features, we'll see cooler conditions tomorrow. warming trend on sunday. and there is a strong ridge of high pressure, we do have the left overs of what was hurricane oho beginning to push clouds and moisture into the area. so we have swells developing in the ocean there. so ocean waters are getting rough. on we go to more weekend weather coming our way. cooler than today, more clouds will be around. high temperatures upper 60s to mid and upper 80s inland. warmer sunday, and then, by
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monday, highs into low to mid-90s and mid-70s on the coast. tomorrow, clouds around but not enough to mess up your viewing. upper 50s and with that, an area of fog. and here is the accu-weather forecast. warming up our way, mid-90s inland monday, tuesday, wednesday. mid to upper 80s and beach weather doesn't want to go away. >> keeching robot cars in check. >> next at 6:00 a move to keep roads after as more driverless cars join the street
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you can find out about all accidents involving driverless vehicles. the dmv says it will post all accident reports on its website. this after the group consumer watch dog requested the reports be made public. so far there have been nine crashes since becoming mandatory. eight involving google cars.
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there are ten company that's test robot cars on highways. a california law will prevent communities from banning fake grass lawns. the governor signed a bill to make it easier for all communities to install the fake grass. >> a day for the families. president obama meets with those who lost loved ones in oregon. >> high tech fleet behind the scene at fleet week. >> what is an internet sensation? the jeopardy
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check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. the fairmont hotel is getting ready for a presidential
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guest. president obama will be in the bay area and settling in for the night. >> he will be attending a private fund-raiser follow by the an event with kanye west in the morning. >> today he was met by protestors in roseburg, oregon, the scene of the deadly shooting in a community college last week. >> today, he met with the families of the nine victims for an hour. the president said we need to come together to figure out how to stop school shooting rz from happening. >> we have to figure out how to keep things like this from happening. when talking to the victims, we'll find it is happening, it could be happening to your
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child. >> the president is in seattle attending a democratic fund-raiser before coming here. abc7 news will be there for the arrival tonight and we'll have coverage at 11:00. you can follow our updates on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> in arizona, prosecutors say there are no signs of self depens in a campus shooting that left a person dead and three others wounded. the suspect is a fraternity pledge at northern arizona university. police believe steven jones opened fire this morning. jones claims he was trying to get away from a group of people. >> we're deeply saddened by the circumstances that bring us together this morning. our thoughts are with the family. >> a judge set the bail at $2 million. an 18-year-old freshman
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student is dead after a shooting at texas southern university in houston. one person was wounded but is expected to survive. police say they have detained two people for questioning. now on the heels of these shootings, in san francisco there is a gun show this weekend. there have been attempts to shut it down. and that battle is far from over. >> they're horrible, horrific shootings. >> rob is says the recent shootings have not deterred people from coming to this type of event. today, 300 tables were being set and 4,000 people are expected to attend. >> it doesn't seem logical to me
6:31 pm
to disarm law abiding citizens, leaving those what aren't with guns. a few california lawmakers have tried to keep the gun show from coming to the cow palace. but the belling sits on state land. giving a chance to decide if they want to have it or not. >> this is just where you buy it should have some respect for the community in which that seller is selling. >> it's likely supervisors in san francisco would vote to ban the show n a few weeks they'll vote on a bill requiring the only gun shop in town videotape every transaction and send it to the police department.
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instead, the shop decided to close at the end of the month. in the meantime, organizers say their show will go on. in daily city, abc7 news. >> fleet week is underway. one best part is getting to meet service members. another attraction is the giant navy ships that are on display. sky 7 hd was over the bay. those ships like the uss coronado have a lot of technology you can't see. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom takes us behind the scenes. >> this is a advanced ship i've ever been on. >> what does it look like? . >> i heard people say it looks like star trek. very to agree. >> the uss kor in aedo is faster and lighter. >> very maneuverable. >> gone is the old fashioned
6:33 pm
helm, replaced with a joy stick. and there is cruise control. >> the ship will steer. >> which including what it's made of. >> it looks like it's covered in tin foil. >> it's insulation. >> it is covered for good reason. >> it's made after lum anymore, one of the reasons we can go as fast as we can. >> it is more flammable and the insulation is fire retardant. >> we have one of the biggest flight decks in the navy. >> that is the point. right now, it's set up for an
6:34 pm
antipiracy operation. >> these allow us to see what the ship sees electrically. >> of course, such a versatile ship requires a versatile crew. so he is also tieing down helicopters. >> on the uss kor in aedo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> ten episodes and counting. a jeopardy contestant is after a record. matt jackson is creating a storm with his perfectly-timed smile. there he is doing jazz hands. he's won $300,000 and destroying his competition with his knowledge. jackson studied ken jennings and his record 74 win streak. he hopes to match it, maybe beat it. will that continue? jeopardy follows this newscast at 7:00. >> and one stop shopping may be easy but can cost you. >> how putting different moving
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>> yes. michael finney witnesses one in action. >> you know very few people like packing and moving. i would say 0. but there are now more choices that can save you money and time. >> i'll have to be honest. i probably won't move again. so i'm not going to do this again. >> bonnie is nearing the end of packing up her house for a move to the mid west. back in the day, she might have rented a trailer and loaded it, or hired a big moving company to do the job. but this time, she is coordinating what is called a hybrid move. she went looking for a shipping container. you've seen them around your neighborhood. she chose pack rat, then, she started packing up her belongs. >> we did the first ourselves and it took several days. >> now, she goes online to fire a helper. she send out moving professionals to do the part she doesn't want to do. or know how to do.
6:39 pm
>> these guys come on the stage to do the finesse, i'll call it of moving big items. >> they know what they're doing and doing it quickly. >> you can see they're putting on nice wraps and ensuring things are safe to go. i can take a little bit of bouncing in the container. >> juan amador runs a full service moving company. bay area moving and storage. he says there is an art and science to this. >> you want to make sure things at the bottom are heavy. lighter stuff towards the middle, then light stuff at the top. you don't want that to get crushed. >> bonnie likes the savings are from coordinating and doing some of the work herself. i'm hoping that i'm saving between $3,000 to $7,000. if not more. >> okay. now, the big full service movers are getting into this. offering containers of their own
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as well as supplying professional movers if you want them to, see my reports online go to and collect 7 on your side. pretty amazing. >> excellent. we wish her luck in the mid west. >> absolutely. >> once starving and abused horses are now thriving. >> now a group that
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it's been a little over a year since an outpouring of support from abc7 news viewers led to rescue of horses in the south bay. their rescuers are facing a crisis. meet bobo living the good life with a loving family. >> this is something being thrown out weshg gave him a life. >> here is bow bochlt in september last year, starving and infested with parasites. he was one of more than 30 neglected horses found in morgan
6:44 pm
hill and gilroy, all owned by the same man, now convicted of felony animal abuse. >> nobody will take time to fix these horses. >> first, santa clara county animal control refused to step in so the eek kwien rescue center bought the horses and brought them to the sanctuary. one died within hours. and now, the others are all doing well. this is five month old merlin and his mother. >> these horses need grain, they need hay three times per day. >> volunteers pitch in. >> healing. the horses give me love. i can give them love. >> but the care costs thousands of dollars. the horses former owner is under order to pay restitution but the checks barely make a dent.
6:45 pm
monica hardeman runs the center. >> the horses we've had a long time are fat. >> the long drought and soaring cost of hay led to a glut of unwanted and uncared for horses. it's so bad, they may have to shut down but there is hope. >> this property has four wells on it. >> that is right. there is water here so they need an irrigation system to use the water to grow food and cut the hay bills. >> that will allow them to be secure, not having to rely on door ones on a month by month basis. >> he says if the rescue center with raise the money for irrigation, he has large donors lined up to buy the property and preserve it, forever, as a horse sanctuary. if that doesn't happen, the if you tour looks grim. >> these horses have nowhere to
6:46 pm
go. >> they need to raise approximately $50,000 in the next few weeks and they're about halfway to the goal and could use your help. >> and less update the weather forecast. >> it's looking great. fleet week is here. clear skies throughout the bay area now. and sunny skies in the state with highs in the mid-80 in los angeles. low clouds along the coastline tomorrow. and it will be a mainly sunny, mild day with highs from upper 60s to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast.
6:47 pm
will be sunnier and warmer, highs into low to mid-90s. but great viewing for blue angels air shows and other activities. >> okay. perfect. >> okay. >> thank you. >> let's turn our attention to sports. >> tension and tempers running high, and hot. five h
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good evening, it's going to be the biggest game for cal basketball bears. the bears with the last undefeated teams in the pack 12. jared goff could be the top pick if he decides to go pro. there is a just two years ago, cal was 1 and 11. >> just atmosphere, the buzz around the program is exciting.
6:51 pm
we haven't been ranked in a while here, this team is very confident to see what we can do. there is no secret to success. and we've still got to work hard during the week and be successful saturday. >> we'll have highlights of cal plus the rest of the action tomorrow on after the game following miami and florida state kickoff at 5:00 right here on abc7. >> 49ers are heading across country. everybody is going to be watching niner offense and body language of star players if things go wrong. the niners are a frustrated bunch. you can see the offense can't seem to run or pass.
6:52 pm
shaky quarterback. >> he's passionate. he is a terrific football player. it's been just focused and just wonderful. >> alden smith getting comfortable in his new home with the raiders. broncos lead the league so it could be open season on quarterbacks on sunday. >> it is going to be some talent out there. you know? with everybody doing a good job. you know. so quarterbacks will be getting hit on sunday. >> toronto waited 22 years to
6:53 pm
get back into the playoffs. the blue jays and rangers in a 14 inning marathon. josh donaldson left with a head injury. his first season, fast forward to the top of the 8th. pinch hitting mike napoli. and 4, 4, 2 extras we go. he thinks he's homered but the ball goes foul and he was watching it. so no punches thrown. and donaldson ends up striking out one for six in this game. alberto, a two out base knock to center. a throw play at the plate. the rareders taking a commanding
6:54 pm
lead. how about royals looking to become the first home team to win a game. colby ras on, all he does is hit home runs. that tied the game at four. 7th inning, another former a, ben zobras. game one, cubs and cardinals, up three runs including this from career minor leaguer tommy his first post season at bat. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> join us tonight at 9:00, and on abc7 news at 11:00. as we told you, president obama is getting ready to make his way
6:55 pm
to the bay area. and this is video of him in seattle. tonight live team coverage and what he has planned this weekend and here is a look at tonight's prime time schedule here on abc7. catch last man standing, shark tank and 2020 then followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> and finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. if you've ever been near san francisco on in the afternoon in the past couple days you've heard them. and if you were lucky, saw them. i'm talking about the blue angels, the navy's legendary team of precision fighter pilots screaming through the sky. they have thrilled audiences for nearly 70 years now. 25 years ago i had a chance to fly with the blue angels. there i am in the cockpit of a hornet, listening to final instructions before the pilot took me on the ride of a lifetime. it was a thrill. i was impressed by the plane and
6:56 pm
awed by the skill of the man flying it. a remarkable man with incredible training and calm. just really an amazing pilot. i was also proud, proud of our military and our country. every year when blue angels begin their practice flights there are complaints from people who don't like the noise and those that don't want the military showcased. well, the noise is just a few minutes for a few days. and the latter, people may disagree on when, and how our military is used around the world but what matters is recognizing the men and women who serve so honorably deserve our recognition. and our thanks. let me know what you think. on dan ashley abc7. >> look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, look at. that i'm ama daetz. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an interior architectural design student from los angeles, california... an attorney from shawneetown, illinois... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington, d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny gilbert. hi, folks. for those of you who are into statistics,
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let me begin today's program by telling you that there are only four other players in the 31 years of "jeopardy!" who have won more games than our current champion, matt jackson. we're not talking about cash winnings, now, nor tournament games, but regular games. if matt wins today, he will be tied with the celebrated arthur chu. okay, emily and elicia, good to have you here. let's go to work. and now the categories. good times. alex: matt, start. let's start with building terms for $200. elicia.


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