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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> the fabulous blue angels returned to the skies over san francisco today dazzling the many fans who looked skyward. good evening, i'm tiffany wilson, but the fans heading to their cars created a traffic nightmare. more from san francisco's embarcadero today. >> reporter: the familiar roar over san francisco's waterfront could mean only one thing. the blue angels were back taking flight above the bay. this person was looking up. >> it's spectacular, just almost have no words for it, it's so beautiful. >> reporter: the white knuckle
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precision acrobatics, kind of unnerving to leah. >> it has to be the scary part when they get too close. >> reporter: during some areas, the jets were only inches apart. there was traffic gridlock, a nightmare trying to get home. >> it took three minutes to go around the corner. >> reporter: the san francisco police were trying to direct traffic around bottlenecks which lasted for hours. public transit was not much better, the muni street cars were jam-packed. >> not fun plus they're blocking the intersection. naughty, naughty. >> reporter: the crew met and signed autographs. for this person, she got career advice. >> i don't know if i want to be a pilot or a doctor.
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>> support those guys on the ground. >> reporter: stanford graduate meeting her idol. montgomery plans to fly planes for the marine corps. the blue angels return to the skies on sunday. in san francisco, cornell barnard. and you can watch live stream of all the events tomorrow on our website at you can find more on the activities on the website. we want to thank you for all the pictures and video you send us. let us know how you're enjoying fleet week festivities, send pictures and videos using the hash tag abc 7 now. and we may show them on air or on line. certainly it was a great day for the blue angels, but tomorrow may be the same.
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drew tuma has a look at the forecast. and it was picture-perfect out there earlier today a gorgeous sight with the blue angels out there. and you do notice the day planner will show you lots of sunshine out there. high temperatures, comfortable in the low 70s. we'll have the breeze to contend with. so you might need the light jacket if you're right along the water. live doppler showing you we are tracking a cold front that will first bring us some high clouds first thing tomorrow morning. but in the wake of that cold front, it's really going to crank up the heat. we'll talk about the autumn warmth heading our way and have the forecast numbers in just a moment. >> drew, thank you. in developing news, a plane crashed into a house in south lake tahoe tonight. the federal aviation administration says the plane hit a home near offling drive. there were two people on board and their conditions were unknown. they say there were no injuries to anyone inside the house.
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both the naa and ntsb will investigate the crash. and gridlock more of a concern after more and more cars crowd onto the freeways. but it can be a matter of life and death if ambulances are stuck in that gridlock, sergio quintana has more. >> well, tiffany, it's a concern that has been brewing for years now because so many people have moved to the bay area but a recent series of traffic accidents on highway given them concern. >> reporter: the this is something they are allowed to do but they prefer not to because of safety concerns. residents along this route share those concerns. >> there is only one lane there, and that way, a huge median in the way. in case of an emergency nobody
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can get down. >> i'm very concerned if something happened and you can't get emergency vehicles here it's a big problem. but it's stalled traffic here from middlefield road to the embarcadero bridge. >> reporter: the crush of traffic in menlo park has been such a problem the department has an agreement with palo alto to go through their city to get around it every day. >> our problem is we need to have faster response times to get to a home when somebody has a heart attack, a vehicle accident, a hazardous materials call. >> reporter: the goal in every 911 call is to get to the scene in seven minutes. >> commute times, we're not meeting the standards. again, that is about road design. >> reporter: and the concern is trying to get to one district, this woman was concerned fire trucks wouldn't fit down narrow streets. as city planners are trying to
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manage the narrow streets, they hope to have a voice in the change, sergio quintana, abc 7. and new details on a deadly train accident in richmond. investigators say a man got hit by a union pacific train. investigators say the man was trying to beat the train. >> new information on an accident that killed an elderly woman in fremont. police say a # 3-year-old man stopped at a red light at about 7:15 last night. the woman was crossing fremont boulevard when the light turned green and the driver accelerated and hit her. police say the driver is cooperating. many people ran when the ficus tree fell here in san francisco in north beach. believe it or not, nobody was hurt. julie christianson's office
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tweeted the area. the tree was scheduled to be removed by city crews. and people lined up hoping to see president obama earlier today. the president's fundraiser at the wharf attracted thousands of vips who got to meet the president. he shared the spotlight with kanye west and the president offered friendly advice to the rapper who may also have political aspirations. >> in case kanye is serious about this whole thing -- i do have something for him. first of all you have to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. you have to be cool with that.
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>> seeing that west is married to kim kardashian, that shouldn't be a problem. >> seeing as you have a dark twisted fantasy, that is what is known as off message in polit politicsment you can't say something like that. a lot of people lost their congressional seats saying things like that. >> that may be tougher for kanye to follow, but the president spoke of immigration, climate change, and gun violence. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland get shot every day. we don't have to have students in classrooms feeling threatened because somebody has an ak-47. we don't need to have that. that is a choice we make. >> president obama says gun masters are avoidable with regulation changes that preserve the constitution and protect children. well, an oakland family will certainly remember this moment right here forever. president obama embraced their
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baby boy at sfo, joseph and monique were invited to the president's sendoff and the commander-in-chief took notice of joseph the third. >> we thought how great will it be if he reaches for the baby. you always think of the candid shots with the president and baby. we really hoped had e would, an when he said give me that baby, we just kind of swooned. >> i'm still star struck. >> certainly a story to tell for generations, and another guest tweeted these points, snapping little joseph. still to come, at 11:00, spencer stone, one of the heroes who stopped a terrorist attack, gets a special visit from someone after being stabbed outside a bar. and how a california school got the next best thing. and later, the message at our nation's capital to mark the
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20th anniversary of
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only from xfinity. train hero spencer stone's spirits are up after a special visit at the hospital. he was protecting a friend early thursday morning and police are still looking for his attackers. earlier this year stone and two other friends stopped a terrorist attack on a train in paris. today, one of those friends visited him at uc davis hospital. alex scarlatos posted a picture, saw the hero today. he tweeted spencer is one tough guy and only he could have done something like that and lived yet again.
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well, you will be automatic allowed to register to vote the next time you renew your driver's license at the dmv, this after governor brown signed the voter act today. his office hopes it will change a landmark and add names to voter rolls. now, you can opt out if you want. oregon is the only other state with a similar measure. dozens of young women got a chance to see what their careers might be in their future today. abc 7 news was in palo alto for the girl smart for tech workshop. software company sap organized the event, providing the girls with a hands-on help to learn where more technology is headed. >> we came here to learn how to do printing, which i think is really cool. >> and we really want to get these girls skills to they need to compete in the 21st century work force. we hope to have them back when
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they have their computer science degree. >> the young ladies also had a chance to design their very own video games. well, a high school near fresno has serious hollywood star power. >> hey, if it isn't the entire class. >> actor tom hanks recorded a seven-minute video that played during half time of last night's homecoming game. the idea was from the students who started a social media campaign inviting him to their school. the actor is on location shooting a movie but to their surprise he still responded. >> i didn't think there would be a response for quite a while, and all of a sudden two weeks later, i was like are you serious? it's like once in a lifetime. we'll remember this like for a long time you know just going to look back at it and remember that it's like -- it was tom hanks to pay attention to our school, you know? >> students and teachers have dressed up as some of hank's
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characters all week long, they hope he will eventually make his way to kerman. >> if we had social media back then, i guess we could have tried. that is one of the cool things about twitter. >> a lot of people were connecting directly outside today because it was so beautiful. >> gorgeous, tomorrow a carbon> copy. and then, we're going to kick up the heat a little bit. talk about october warmth heading our way, doppler 7 hd showing we're dry with high patchy clouds moving in. a live from the east bay camera showing you the bay bridge busy at this hour, you notice no low clouds, a little coastal clouds, mainly clear skies throughout much of the day right now. out there currently in the 60s, 62 in san francisco, 63 in hayward, same for fremont. fairfield, warmer spots at this hour checking in at 65 degrees. live doppler showing you right
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over us, high clouds, all stretching through a cold front that is bringing showers to seattle and portland at this hour. and what it's doing for us, no rain unfortunately, just reinforcing our marine layer. so if that means tomorrow morning, low clouds along the coast. in the wake of this front you will feel high pressure moving in, heat from monday and tuesday. we'll turn our attention to the south, watching showers off the coast of cabo san lots of sunshine, a bit of a breeze in the afternoon, temperatures comfortable in the low 70s. all about the raiders tomorrow taking on the broncos kickoff lots of sunshine 73 degrees. by the fourth quarter it's nice and warm with a temperature of 73. tomorrow, a really nice fall day. take a look at san jose for the weekend.
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to see the change in the temperature department. average high this time of year right at 77. by monday and especially tuesday high pressure moves in. and that brings the warmth. by tuesday, we're topping out in the lower 90s in the south bay. so overnight tonight, mainly clear skies except along the coast, patchy clouds, falling into the mid-to-upper 50s overnight tonight. highs for sundays, 81 tomorrow, 80 santa clara, 85 morgan hill. along the peninsula, 77 san mateo, 79 in mountain view. 72 downtown san francisco. daly city, sonoma, 82, oakland, 76, 77 fremont, inland in the 80s, 83 wallnut creek. hot, low pressure system on wednesday bringing cooler temperatures and a slight chance of a sprinkle late for the day.
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>> all right, thank you. coming up next, the
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let's give it up for our champions, golden state warriors. >> the mayor led the cheers when they took the stage during president obama, fundraiser. steph curry carried out the trophy, the nba and the mvp talked about defending their title. >> we're back to work trying to work on another one of these, but -- today is about the arrival of somebody bigger than that. >> the warrior season begins on october 27th when they host the new orleans pelicans. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, my, oh, my.
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what is going on? >> oh, yes, check out this young man's moves. he showed everyone how to get down, dancing to florida and his hit song, low. some other kids tried to get in on the dance hop but really couldn't keep up. this happened during last thursday's sacramento kings preseason game. i think he was just trying to teach a move. >> actually that was probably more exciting than the kings on the court. i guess that is why we get so much air time. looks like a young drew tuma. >> all right, danceoff, right now. >> all right, san jose sharks two away from their home opener, tonight as they shut out anaheim. while the cal bears try to remain undefeated. tough for jared goff,
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quarterback jared goff having a lightning season, four interceptions coming into tonight's game, threw five tonight, yes five picks as utah silences the bears, 35 yards to the touchdown, 7-3, bears, utah answers with a great individual run by booker, and the cal defense, a tight rope down the sidelines. dives in 40 yards to the touchdown, 10-7, utah. utes, no way stops the five interceptions on the night.
11:29 pm
diving pick by paul. turning the turnover into another touchdown, booker stops at the line of scrimmage, 24-10, utah. third quarter, watson able to run in for a touch. cal down three, go to the fourth, 30 seconds left. down six, fourth and five. goff throw, knocked away, got away with pass interference, cal lose his for the first time this year, 34-12 the final. coming back from an ankle injury, 20-yard touchdown, spartans led 17-10 at the half. 22 yards, unlv up, 3:40 remain in the game. spartans fourth and ten, gives the ball to tyler irving. over a minute, 27-24, unlv gets a late field goal sends it to overtime. san jose block, tyler irving
11:30 pm
scores from two yards out. two and one in conference winning 33-27 your final. well, the sharks won their 25th season opener beating the l.a. kings, tonight the home opener against anaheim, many hope they will capture the ducks. continuing to shine, stopped all 27 shots, cory perry denied under the rebound, logan couture to patrick marleau, marleau finally buries it. still 1-0, marleau nine points shy of a thousand in his career, sharks win 2-0. >> we had a lot of chances early on, found the second one, nice to get everywhere. >> we got better as the game went on, especially in the third period there. in the 1-0 game, showed a lot of character with how well they played. promotional third period. a really good effort tonight.
11:31 pm
>> the sharks are back and we're for real this year. >> let's hope so this is the abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity, we'll have more on college football and baseball playoffs, stick around, there is one more game we want to show. your alma mater, northwestern. and two bombs rip through a peace rally in turkey killing nearly 100, who the country is blaming tonight. plus, a new twist in the bizarre saga involving actor randy quaid where the police arrested him. and the show must go on.
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live, from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. good evening, i'm tiffany bi wilson, in tonight's headlines, a plane had crashed from the lake tahoe airport. two people were on board and no word on how they're doing at this hour. no one on the ground was hurt. train hero spencer stone got a visit from one of his fellow heroes today. alex skarlatos posted this instagram. the three stopped a terror attack in paris. tomorrow is the last day to see the blue angels in san francisco. thousands watched the fleet week show from embarcadero today. when all the people tried to leave they were left with hour-long traffic jams.
11:36 pm
if you don't want to deal with the traffic you can watch it tomorrow. and the school shootings have cast their shadow on the president's campaign trail. republicans are skeptical. abc news reporter richard cantu has the story. >> reporter: in oregon today, a memorial service for lucas eibel, one of nine victims of the umpqua community college shooting. three shootings in a week have put gun control in the forefront again. president obama is exploring executive action to put more restrictions on gun control into we don't have to have kids in classrooms feeling threatened because somebody has an ak-47. >> reporter: on the campaign trail today, vermont senator bernie sanders picked up the theme. >> the american people largely
11:37 pm
believe we should improve and expand our background check systems. >> reporter: sanders, who has not always towed the liberal line on gun control will face hillary clinton for the first time in a debate tuesday night. clinton has proposed a sweeping plan, a crackdown on the sale of guns on the internet, a sale at gun shows and vowing to bypass congress if she should become president. the republicans are dubious about the law. >> many of these areas are gun-free zones, they select these places because they know they're not going to meet resistance. >> reporter: and on his visit friday, president obama was met by some who questioned his motives. richard cantu. and police officers found that a shooting was justified. the shooting happened last year in cleveland, ohio.
11:38 pm
tamir rice was holding a pellet gun, and the ruling said that the officer had a right to believe it was at risk. a grand jury will decide if the officer should face charges. thousands of black men and women calling for changes in policing. they gathered on the national mall for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. michael brown's parents thanked everybody for their support. families of trayvon martin were also there. they say the message remains the same, educating the next generation of leaders. >> and over there, which one -- >> what good are we? if we don't prepare young people to carry the torch. >> nation of islam leader louis
11:39 pm
farrakhan started the march in 1995. in turkey, nearly 100 people have died after two bombings exploded nearly simultaneously. ripping apart a peace rally in the capital city of ankara. more than 200 others were wounded. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility but the prime minister says there are strong signs the attacks were suicide bombings. he suggests kurdish rebels or islamic state militants could be responsible. and more on the attack in benghazi, libya, air force reserve major bradley says he believes he was let go because he was a republican, saying he was forced to factor the investigation on hillary clinton and the state department instead of the attacks themselves. the attacks on the consulate killed four americans, including
11:40 pm
bay area chris stevens, the wing that terminated paluska denies the allegations. and randy quaid tried to sneak across the border from canada to the u.s. they are wanted for felony vandalism. the couple allegedly squatted in a guest house at a home they were not living in. the quaids are now expected in court on monday. in texas, police arrested actor shia labeouf and charged him with public intoxication case after an incident in austin, this is his latest mug shot. witnesses videotaped his arrest saying he was caught jay walking and when officers warned him to stop he did not and started an argument. he was in austin for a music festival. well, it was uber to the rescue for liza minnelli, who
11:41 pm
had a concert in north carolina. she booked a 200 mile uber from charlotte to wilmington. her driver turned out to be a former egyptian athlete. she arrived in wilmington on time to play to a sold-out crowd. proof that the show must and will go on. well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 how one bay area hospital is making it easier for patients who want to undergo gender reassignment surgery. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma, a wonderful day to start off the week, and a great day to enjoy before the heat
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abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month, today we recognize andreas connell, the executive director in east palo alto. it works with great leaders in local communities and advocates their efforts in civic matters. we have more information on and ever since caitlyn jenner has transitioned from male to female, there has been an increased questioning on
11:45 pm
gender reassignment. now, how a bay area hospital is helping to make the process easier. >> reporter: it's a long ride from chico to marin county, but it's not as long as this former marine has traveled in her own life. the former marine looked for gender reassignment surgery. >> i was doing it on my own. >> reporter: after months of research and more of waiting, aaron was able to go to the surgery practice in marin county and even that was a tight squeeze. >> at this point i'm looking at this point about six or seven months down the line. >> reporter: almost everyone is familiar with the impact of caitlyn jenner's decision to change her sex change with america. but changes in the affordable care act now cover at least part of the procedures that were unaffordable in many areas.
11:46 pm
so demand is expected to increase. >> but there are fewer than 40 full-time surgeons serving the transgender community and just a handful of surgery centers offering surgery services. >> reporter: now, they are launching a surgical program of its own. we caught up with dr. satterwhite as he performed a male to female surgery. >> it's kind of a transgender team of nurses and staff who will be taking care of the patients. >> reporter: after surgery, the hospital had dedicated recovery rooms staffed by nurses who oversee specialized care ranging from the physical recovery to helping patients adjust to their new gender. >> all the nurses and staff are able to appropriately identify them in the manner that they want to be identified. >> reporter: it's all a welcome change for erin who has already
11:47 pm
undergone several procedures on the road to reassignment. >> it's a long process and a difficult road. >> reporter: she is hoping that road will soon be smoother for transgender patients who choose to travel it in the years to come. in san francisco, a competition for sand castle builders today. abc 7 news was at ocean beach as 2,000 people put their creative genius to the test. the contest raises money for arts and education. ocean beach was taken over by dozens of dogs and their owners today in the tradition of the nor-cal contest, she called her corgy the fattest for the west. the goal is to get as many corgys together to raise money for a rescue group. if you have pictures to show us, use the hash tag abc 7 noise. great day to be out for
11:48 pm
corgy-con. and outside, picture-perfect weather. we'll talk about warmer temperatures and maybe the need for ac to come back on in some spots. live doppler 7 hd showing you it is quiet. look at this. across the entire lower 48. look at how quiet the weather is, sunshine from coast to coast the only chance of the shower. maybe just north of miami otherwise it's sunny from dallas, new orleans, new york city, even back towards minneapolis and even sunny here in california tomorrow. so we'll zoom into the golden state, showing you what is going on. turns warm in southern california, 96 in l.a., 99 palm springs, 71 monterey, in sacramento, comfortable at 86 degrees, high for sunday across the region, really nice fall day on the way. morning clouds along the coast, otherwise lots of sunshine, 72 san francisco, 81 san jose, 76 oakland and santa rosa up to 80
11:49 pm
degrees. so the accuweather forecast showing you nice tomorrow, warming up monday, tuesday, hot around here before we track a slight chance of a sprinkle on wednesday. >> drew, thank you, i think it was an absolute beautiful day for everybody except the northwestern wildcats, not a good game. >> well, jim harbaugh took care of them. do wish he was back with the 49ers. another upset at tiffany's alma mater. and baseball at full swing, including yoenis cespedes, but will it be enough to beat the dodgers? the answer in sports next.
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the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. >> top two, yoenis cespedes, remember him, the former a's. just over the right field wall, mets would eventually take a 2-0
11:53 pm
lead. seventh inning, dodgers threatening, hard into ruben tejada, he is down, breaks his right legñi on the play. utley ruled safe at second. adrian gonzales into right, chase utley scores, relay to the plate, kendrick, just makes it in. 4-2 l.a., on in the ninth, david murphy to pop out to ken contradi -- kendrick to end it. first, game two in st. louis, matt carpenter lays off bottom of the first, solo home run. just like that, top two runners on the corner for hendrick. to garcia, he couldn't decide what to do, throws it away.
11:54 pm
one-run game. former a's, migutwo-run blast, innings, cubs win game two 6-3, the final, they head home with the series even. rest of today's college football action we kick off with second ranked tcu, the purple people-eaters had all they could handle. kansas city state would not go quietly. they led at the half, 35-17, q, the upset alert. to do everything quarterback on the options, 69 yards, two-pointers, tcu takes a lead over six minutes to play. too much time, 55 yards, tcu survives again, 52-45 that final. jim harbaugh had his team ready
11:55 pm
to upset 13th ranked northwestern. takes it on the four yard line. close your eyes, tiffany. 96 yards untouched that is how you start a ball game, 7-0, wolverines. now 21-0, old goal line, under-throws his receiver. jordan louis picks it off. goes 37 the other way, michigan now 5 and 38. shut out their last three opponents, first team to do that since kansas state, in 1995. buckeyes hang on for the number one ranking married. jones, to former quarterback braxton miller, third quarter tied at 21. all sorts of time here, to jaylon marshal. third quarterback, j.t. barrett, one yard out. ohio state wins 49-28. number three baylor, and
11:56 pm
lawrence take on kansas who has not won a game yet this year could they pull off an upset? answer is no. first quarter, quarterback seth russell. touchdown of the game, mcgowan, 18 yards score, look at that kansas defender, he wanted no part of that. get me out of here, baylor scores 61 unanswered. red river robbery, texas, longhorns jump on the sooners early. wide receiver saved inbound. texas takes a 17-3 lead. oklahoma down late in the fourth. needs the first half to stay alive. baker mayfield, sacks the longhorns, two touchdown underdogs, crowd surfed their head coach. after a 24-17 upset. abc 7 sports report brought to
11:57 pm
you by xfinity, 49ers in new york to take on the giants. that will be the night game tomorrow night hoping to hit a three-game losing streak while the raiders hope to hand the broncos their first loss of the season. it should be great weather out there tomorrow. >> seriously, i know it was an upset for the northwestern wildcats, really if harbaugh can beat the buckeyes this year and michigan state that would be huge. >> perfect, we'll work on that. >> we'll work on it. >> all right, give them a call. that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. i'm tiffany wilson for
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