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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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breaking news right now in san francisco. a portion of market street is shut down after a muni bus struck and killed a bicyclist. good afternoon. let's get right to the breaking news. market street? san francisco, closed at sutter. investigators are looking into awe oh a muni bus crash killed the bicyclist. sergio, what is going on? >> reporter: at the moment investigators are still taking measurements and trying to figure out exactly how this
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crash happened. right now there is a bicycle that is still in the middle of market, right where the rail cars pass, and the medical examiner is here to collect that body at the moment. let's go ahead and show you some video that we shot of the scene a little earlier. the big question right now that we're trying to have answered is, what direction that bicycle was riding? we do not know if he was riding in he same traffic direction as the bus or opposite of the bus. we were expecting a briefing from police in the next half hour or so, hopefully they'll have that information for us, unfortunately, that bicyclist did not survive, as i mentioned. the medical examiner is here right now, expecting to collect his body. i do want to tell you this is unfortunately the second bicycle accident just.a half hour after this collision, there was another collision on the embarcadero at chestnut between a bicycle and a horse trailer.
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we're told the bicyclist will survive, is currently at san francisco general hospital. reporting live on market street in san francisco abc7 news. >> thank you. two airline problems are frustrating passengers all over the bay area. southwest struggles with a nationwide system failure. we'll start with united passengers waiting to depart of their original flight ran out of fuel over the pacific. >> reporter: those passengers have been rebooked to hong kong after a very long stay here at sfo. 24 hours to be exact. a pretty scary flight. over the pacific ocean. >> we still have about maybe nine hours left until it departs. hopefully it's not delayed again. >> he didn't expect to be camping out at sfo but that's where he has been for the last 24 hours. fig row are and several hundred
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passengers were onboard the united airlines flight from san francisco to hong kong saturday noon. the flight was delayed six hours due to a mechanical issue. flight shows the route after the plane took off. the jet flew four hours over the pacific before turning back to san francisco. >> it was fuel problem, apparently the airplane was using more fuel than usual, and they were not sure if we would make it to hong kong so they decided to go back. >> a little short of runaway 28 left. make sure there's nothing wrong. >> audio from the 3:00 a.m. landing indicates emergency per nell were standing by. the aircraft was inspected for a fuel leak before proceeding to the gate. nobody hurt but passengers felt ignored by the airlines. >> low, low, low. nothing. >> a translator says this group of chinese nationals got nothing more than a 20-voucher for food
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but no hotel. they're rebooked on a sunday night flight but a deadline is looming. >> october 11th is the deadline for the visa soon today, immigration it's illegal. >> the airline made every effort to accommodate passengers. it's investigating what went wrong onboard flight 869. at san francisco international, abc7 news. >> we want to thank our abc7 news viewer who told us about the story. when you see news or interesting pictures, take a photo, video, and share if with us using the hash tag "abc7now." you may see it on air or another airport problem to report. i you flew today on southwest or are going to, chances are you may have seen this. long lines. this is a scene at oakland's airport and at airports nationwide. southwest says a technology issue is forcing it to check in passengers manually, and that is leading to some flight delays.
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>> determine if there are seats are available or make changes. >> i'm frustrated. hopefully we can get on the 8:00 flight. >> customers should arrive two hours before their departure. more than 450 declarings were delayed out of 3600 flights today. here's a photo of how long the lines got at the southwest ticket counter, at los angeles international airport, people waiting to be issued hand written tickets. some passengers say the process meant they actually missed their flights. a small plane crashed into a house in south lake tahoe, killing both people onboard the aircraft. firefighters quickly contained the fire at the home that was sparked by the crash. the home owner is a san francisco playwright rob mcfadden, he, another person and a dog were inside the house and were able to get out okay. >> you could tell as a bad accident. it was windy and the last time
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we had huge win and fire we had the angora fire. >> an faa spokesperson says the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. it skim trees before it crashed. san francisco police are on the hunt for a gunman after deadly shooting this morning at a corner store. the city's ocean view neighborhood. broad street and plymouth avenue. investigators recovered at least six empty shells elm the suspects sped away in a car. >> oakland police identified in a suspect in a double murder investigation. they haven't method any arrests two men were shot and killed last night on foothill boulevard in the fruitvale area. they were apparently friends. police say shots were fired just before 9:30 last night, hitting both men who were standing on a street corner. oakland now has 77 homicides this year, compared to 61 same
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time in 2014. bikers and hikers took part in the nile canyon stroll and roll to help promote a proposed recreation trail on nile canyon road. that's where we caught dozens of people riding bikes and walking along the scenic shortcut between alameda ask contra costa county. traffic dangers to pedestrians and biker us is one reason trail construction is being considered. we were in san jose today for the city's first calle veil base, way for the community to come together and explore the city. that happens along a six-mile stretch of closed street with entertainment along the way. the a vent allowed people from walk, bite or -- bike or scale. while the rest you've were
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on the embarcadero in hopes of getting a news view of the blue angels air show. it never goats old. the fa-18 hornets performing the death-defying acrobatics in the sky. highlight of fleet week. it includes a spread of ships and the tours on the ships. you can watch highlights of the blue angels on our web site, and fleet week continues tomorrow. let take a live look at people leave san francisco's waterfront following the air show. yep, still very crowded along the embarcadero. for help navigating around the traffic get the waze epa -- app
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on your smartphone. an ancient tradition took place on the peninsula today. it's a festival celebrated at a cemetery. they're hoping to keep bad spirits away. also at 5:00, parade in southern california stopped in its tracks. why emergency responders had to treat 60 people at that event. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. nice warm finish to the weekend. some areas approaching 90. tomorrow mother nature cranking up the he
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we're honoring hispanic heritage month. we are recognizing yvonne escalante. her artwork is featured in the exhibition going through january at the oakland museum of camps more details on instagram at abc7 abc7. people on the peninsula honored loved ones this weekend as part of a chinese holiday dedicated to grave-sweeping. abc7 news what at sky lawn cemetery as thousands took part in the festival. the two-day festival pays homage to the dead by tending to their graves and burning paper offerings, and monks gave traditional blessings. >> one of the days of the year where the chinese families come in and pay respects to ancestors. >> look at the berkeley kite wranglers, testing a kite.
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that's the octopus. >> blistering heat took a toll for necessary the orange county. a parade was stopped after more than 60 people suffered heat-related illnesses. a triage area was set up along the parade route. 40 units from local fire departments helped treat patients. temperatures were up to 105 during the event, and that's about 20 above average. we could actually see some record-setting heat here in the bay area. looking live outside now, gorgeous weather. what a shot that is, as people are watching the air show. meteorologist drew tuma has a look where it's about to get crazy hot around here. >> we'll meet a girl who became homecoming queen at the age of three. her story when abc7 news at
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nice story. a denver high school football team is taking a community service project and turned it into a homecoming celebration fit for a tiny queen. here she is. three-year-old of lynn borne with several health complications, has undergoddens multiple heart surgeries. the football team replaced dirt in their back yard with grass so she could play. >> so few times where you can feel an immediate impact. we wanted to make sure we could share that experience, what a high school homecoming night was. >> the team invited abby to the homecoming game and crowns her queen. this as she -- they say she has done more for them than they could do for her. drew, hear we're going to have
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some crazy hot weather in just a few days. we're getting our fans prepared? >> the ac. >> for people with ac. >> on tuesday, a bit of summer coming back the next 48 hours. live doppler 7hd right now showing you, it's quiet picture but live outside the east bay hills camera showing coastal clouds spilling into the bay, creating a wide range in temperatures. right now, fairfield, 86. along the coast, 60. half moon bay. 68 oakland. 78 san jose, livermore, the warm spot, 87. we have an active current along the coast so there's a beach hazard statement through 9:00 tonight from sonoma county down to monterrey county for strong rip currents at our area beaches. live doppler 7hd look with satellite showing you beach weather on the menu. autumn heat is moving in thanks to two high pressure areas that will crank the heat.
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we'll focus to an area of he pressure to the south. this will bring some rain showers to portions of southern california on wednesday, but what it will do for us, take out the heat mid-week. so the future tracker temperatures, tomorrow, back to the 90s in many spots, especially inland, and then the temperatures even warmer from there on tuesday. this is when we could see some record fall. then we'll show you the low pressure. move booze southern california on wednesday, bringing scooterred showers. gets close to us on thursday we keep the chance of a sprinkle in the forecast but much of the activity is staying in southern california. tonight, we'll see coastal clouds. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s across the bay area. highs for monday, south bay, plenty of sunshine. hot in san jose, 90. 91, morgan hill. along the peninsula. 86 redwood city. 86 mid-view. half moon bay, mild, a land
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breeze kicking in. downtown san francisco warm at 9. 70 daly city. north bay, 89, santa rosa. 85 vallejo. 84 calistoga. 83 castro valley. inland, 91 san ramon. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the autumn heates with us. it peaks on wednesday and records could fall. by wednesday increasing clouds bring a slight chance of a shower on thursday. otherwise we cool off for friday, saturday, and sunday. the clouds stick with us, limited sunshine but more fall-like temperatures. so gist a two-day spell of heat. and -- >> it's not acceptable. you rafaelize nat. you have to redo the whole forecast. thank you. shu is here now with sports. i hear that some raider fans are need something consolation this afternoon. >> we need to redo their game,
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too. raiders looking to raise their game against the broncos. charles woodson and the defense did their part, pick offering peyton manning for the first time in his career and did it twice. is it enough? found out next in sports.
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if the raiders want to be considered up and coming they have to win at home especially when the broncos come to town but turnovers put an to end any chance of victory. second quarter, the pass to reece for the score. 7-3 oakland. raiders defense was stellar, kept peyton man offering the scoreboard, woodson picks off peyton manning. broncos offense has three field goals. mcmanus from 52. denver takes the 10-7 lead. woodson has four pickness the last three games. janikowski the franchise leader in game play with 241, field
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goal numbers and misses from 40 yards to give his team the lead. crabtree gets the first down at the 50. a roughing the passer puts the raiders in bronco territory. same drive, cooper, roberts not looking for the pass. picked off, goes 74 yards the other way. backbreaker. broncos don't get an offensive touchdown but win, 16-10 the final. raiders fall to 2-3. 49ers hosted by the giants tonight in primetime. tough challenge on the road. see if they can recent. in the nfc west, seattle in cincinnati. seahawks led the bengals 24-7 in the fourth. cincinnati comes roaring back. andy dalton the keeper. then fourth quarter, the diving catch. that led to the game-tying field goal in over time, mike nugent, 42 yards for the win. he banks it.
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bengals win 27-24, seattles drop to 2-3. cal bear to stanford cardinal, for 31 yards. 7-0. another local connection, rodgers, the former san jose state star, james jones, 65-yard, packers now 5-0, 24-10 your final. to baseball. alds, astros and royals and houston tied. astro fans have been waiting since 2005 for this game. they had to sweat a little bit. 2-1 astros in the seven inch. chris carter belts to the railroad tracks. houston wins 4-2, take a 2-1 series lead with a chance food vans tomorrow. final day of the president's cup. single matches. all 24 players going head-to-head. chris kerr, the long birdie putt.
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oh, he lips out. oh, my. now tied at 14 and a half apiece with one match less. jay haws and his son bill scoring for the u.s. bay on 18, if he wins the hole, the presidents cup end in tie. the u.s.a. twins presidents cup. they're ninth in 11 try. >> usc coach steve sarkesian has been told to take a leave of absence after he showed up today in no condition to work. assistants say he was not so-during the arizona state game. interesting station there. >> back to the astros. when i lived there they were known as the lastros. >> the city would go crazy. >> the city would go crazy. >> a different
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this may be the best trip to the store ever. coming up at 6:00, how a grocery run turned one person into a multimillionaire. san francisco not the only place to see fleet week. rick in alameda sent us this video. oh, as jets took off from oakland's airport. you can share your air show video and photos with us. post them to social media using the hash tag abc7 new. that does it for us at 5:00. for all these guys, it's a man show today. thank you. we'll see you at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." system meltdown. hundreds of flights delayed. passengers standing in endless lines. tonight, the nationwide travel trouble. terror attack. the peace rally rocked by two powerful blasts. carnage and sorrow as officials point to suicide bombers. thousands now marching in protest. but who is to blame? caught on camera. a man on his knees, then police tase him. the man, an elected city councilman. and, inside job? a former lottery official, convicted for buying this winning ticket in iowa. his brother and friend also winning jackpots. tonight, the investigation going national. was your lottery rigged? plus, a possible cancer breakthrough. could elephants hold the key to beating cancer? the secret in their a,


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