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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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others hurt. abc7 news at 11:00 begins in babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. a dangerous day for cyclists in san francisco. three crashes happened within just hours of each other, and the most recent incident, the bicyclist suffered minor injuries and was able to ride away. the most serious accident was different. 2* killed a man closing market street for hours. that's where we find sergio who is live. sergio, what happened? >> this is a crash that happened this afternoon around 3:30 or so for six hours market street was shutdown. it just reopened a couple hours ago. the investigation is on going. unfortunately this has been the second fatal accident involving a muni bus this year. the bicycle was in the middle
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of the street for hours. the rider was killed when he came in contact with this muni-operated bus. >> we are pulling video to find out what happened here. >> the 48-year-old male bicyclist was wearing a helmet, but he was run over by the bus. you can see some people walking by trying to get a better look. we talked with one cyclist about how dangerous market street can be. >> you can -- you don't know if it is going to be safe for you and who is the driver. >> traffic investigators spent a few hours marking where the bus stopped and where the bike came to rest and they talked with anyone who may have seen what happened. police could not immediately say who was at fault. >> in this case because you are dealing with the roadways and two different vehicles traveling as well as the bicyclist, it is under investigation as who was passing who and who had the right of way because it was such a busy street. >> this was the first of two bicycle involved collisions this afternoon. the second was on the
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embarcadero and chestnut street. the rider collided with a trailer. she was rushed to san francisco general hospital and expected to survive her injuries. as part of the fatal collision investigation the bus driver will be tested for drugs and alcohol, a routine practice in these cases. abc7 news. we have an update on a story that got a lot of your attention last week. this man surrendered to oakland police today. police say he abandoned his badly injured daughter after leading officers on a high speed chase. he crashed his car on thursday in san leandro. his 6-year-old was in the car. he is scheduled to be in court on tuesday. a court in iran convicted a journalist of spying today. "washington post" correspondent has twenty days to appeal the verdict. the hearing was closed to the public. he faces up to 20 years in prison if his conviction stands.
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he was arrested with his wife and two photo journalists. the others were later released. the state department is calling for the charges to be dropped. developing news, a system melt down at southwest airlines all day causing wide -- widespread flight delays and terminals packed with frustrated fliers. the problem still isn't fixed. lilian kim has the latest from oakland international. >> frustration at oakland international airport where long lines resulted from a southwest airlines computer glitch. employees forced to write out boarding passes and luggage tags by hand. >> joking around saying we have to do it like the old days. the old days where you write everything down by hand. >> the delays were nationwide. at l.a.x. tents shaded passengers from the sun in the 90-degree heat and there are long lines at the las vegas airport. this was the scene from the monorail. heidi finally made it to oakland and she is not
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surprised her luggage didn't. >> they opened up all of the extra terminals and it was winging it basically is what it was. >> southwest still doesn't know what caused the problem or when it will be fixed. at last count roughly 450 flights were delayed. passengers though seem to be understanding. >> they were pretty frazzelled and it was a little stressful getting through laguardia, but i think they did a pretty good job. >> it is not over yet. passengers traveling on monday are being advised to check in on-line and printout your boarding passes at home and arrive two hours before their flight. lilian kim, abc7 news. happening now in a story you will only see here, hundreds of united airline passengers are back in the air after more delays today. they are finally headed to their destination, hong kong. this comes after a fuel
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problem forced their plane to make a u-turn back to sfo in the middle of the night. you can see the u-turn on the flight map. a passenger shared what the captain told them. >> after four hours there was a fuel problem that apparently the plane was using more fuel than usual and they were not sure if we would make it to hong kong so they decided to go back. >> exactly what you don't want to hear. they checked the plane for a fuel leak. a translator said a group of chinese citizens received nothing more than a $20 voucher to buy food, but no hotel. you fighted said it made every every -- united said it made every effort to accommodate the passengers. a couple visiting south lake tahoe barely survived the weekend. a small plane crashed next to their rental. when they got outside they realized a couple other people weren't so lucky.
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>> this cell phone video shows the moments after the deadly plane crash that killed both people in a beech35 bonanza. it lit the house on fire. >> pouring a glass of wine and the house shook and there was a big boom. we weren't exactly sure what happened. >> san francisco play write and his wife in the house as it burned grabbed their dog and ran. >> i guess the wing came off the plane as it hit the trees and it was the main part of the plane that ended up roit next to the house -- right next to the house. it was probably less than 10 feet from the house. >> the plane took off 30 minutes before it crashed. this neighborhood is about a mile from the lake tahoe airport. >> 200 yards this way and it would have been us fnlt. >> neighbors tried to rescue the pilot and the passenger,
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but it was too late. tonight a san francisco couple who escaped a close call are back in the city rattled and grateful. >> you have to count those blessings. >> what an ordeal. we are waiting to hear the names of the people on board the plane. the f.a.a. and ntsb looking into how it crashed. we are going to breaking news in castro valley where firefighters and sheriff deputies are investigating a missing children's case and a shooting. lilian kim has just arrived. lilian, what can you tell us now? >> old dublin road is where they blocked off the road a mile up the road. joining us is the alameda county sheriff's office. can you fill us in? >> i can. about 7:00 deputies responded to old dublin road for a report of two missing juveniles.
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11 and 12 years old. while searching for the missing children and talking with their parents and conducting a missing person's investigation, our deputies were searching the rural area sur ronding the parents -- surrounding the parents' home. while conducting the search of the surrounding neighborhoods and residences deputies were confronted by an unknown male who charged at them with a long butcher knife, a very large biewcher knife. they told the man to drop the knife and completely ignoring the commands the suspect continued to advance on them to a close distance which placed them into -- in serious danger of death or serious bodily injury and forced the deputies to fire their side arms a number of times striking the suspect. the suspect was transported to a local hospital where he is
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receiving medical care. our deputies are uninjured and being interviewed right now. our search for the juveniles is on going and we are requesting the community's assistance in finding these young boys. they are both approximately five feet tall last seen wearing shorts without t-shirts or shirts on their upper body. we are concerned about their well being. we do not no know the situation between our officer involved shooting in the neighborhood and these missing kids or if it is related at all. our primary concern is is -- is to locate these juveniles. >> where is the search being focused? you told me there is a rural area around the home, correct? >> that's correct. old dublin road is a predominantly rural area. there is stiff cliffs and creek beds and forested areas and it leads up to don castro
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regional park. we are focusing our search in the immediate area around the home and the kids' designated play area. then we will go deeper in the park. we utilized helicopters from the california highway patrol to help in the aerial search and we activated our sheriff office search and rescue and we are bringing in tracking dogs to see if we can utilize their skills to locate these children. it is getting late so we are concerned about the well being. >> the suspect is at the hospital and expected to survive? >> i don't know the status of the suspect. i believe he will survive. >> anyway to question him about a connection to the boys that are missing? >> not currently. he is being medically treated. >> thank you for the update. to wrap up what is going on, two brothers 11 and 12 years old are missing and have been
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missing since 7:00 this ink. 7:00 this evening. live in castro valley, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> we hope the kids are okay and we will check in with you throughout the newscast. still to come at 11:00, the dramatic chp rescue after three hikers are stranded in the the will wilderness. and thousands of dollars of freestones stolen. thieves hit a program that are sphoased -- that are supposed to teach those who are less fortunate. and causing a truck to flip. and caught on video why police tased a young politician
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video shows the rescue of three stranded hikers in the sierra. the highway patrol shot this from one of its helicopters. chp officers hoisted all three youngsters to search tee. they called for help on a cell phone after being stuck on an out cropping. they spent the night in the wilderness. the chp chopper headed their way after sunrise. deep, rugged conditions made it too hard to get to them. new at 11:00, disappointment for dozens of homeless san francisco residents who won't get donated cell phones because of a thief in the city. empty cell phone packages covered van ness avenue. somebody broke into a car and swiped 25 cell phones. a developer designed an app for the phones that can help homeless people find help with agencies. >> they spend time in line so we thought let's consolidate everything. >> i was definitely looking
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forward to it. i left church and came straight over here. i said i am getting my phone today. unfortunately not. >> the app developer plans to look for people who will donate replacement phones. residents in the east bay may notice their water smells different over the next few days. it is part of a plan to access 90 million gallons of water to beat the drought. tests will make sure that the water can reach 2.6 million customers in san francisco and other parts of the bay area. the first step is introducing water to the sfpuc system. >> it won't have any impact as far as the quality or the reliability of service. there might be a slight difference between smell and taste. >> once it reaches the bay area it will be mixed with water stored in the san francisco reservoirs. heavy rain in washington suddenly turned a high school
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football field that looked more like a lake. nearly the entire field flooded. look how fast the water came in. it was like a water fall. you can see the rain flowing down the steps. the rain was like a fast-moving river. look at this video from tampa bay, florida. a water spot -- a waterspout formed and crossed the road. a u.s. mail big rig got the worst as it was tipped and torn apart. the mail went all over the road. the driver amazingly managed to escape and he didn't get hurt. luckily nothing like that is happening around here, but it will get hot. >> october is known for its warmth and by tuesday a couple drops could fall. it is a quiet, dry picture so outside we go. we have good visibility. we don't have the fog, the cooling mother nature gives us. high pressure is moving and as
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it does warmer temperatures will greet us. out there in the 50s and 60s. 59 in oakland and 60 in san francisco. 52 in san jose and 55 in concord and antioch and livermore at 67. just to our south there was record heat in l.a. thisy reached 100 degrees tieing -- they reached 100 degrees. 98 in phoenix and 93 in las vegas and a little of the heat will move in over the next 48 hours and set up shop. the catalyst is high pressure is moving in. it will give us a nice, autumn breeze. what will break the heat is low pressure moving in on wednesday and will bring some wet weather there. for us it will break our heat wave midweek this week. the future tracker shows location is headed back in the 90s and even warmer on tuesday. on tuesday they will break recordss set in the 1960s.
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future weather shows low pressure moving in wednesday and some sprinkles there. it gets close enough on thursday that we keep the chance of a sprinkle locally, but much of the activity is confined to southern california. overnight, not too bad. temperatures in the 50s across the board. highs for your monday, lots of sunshine and down to 89 santa clara and 90 in up cupertino. along the peninsula, equally as warm. 85 menlo park. pacifica is mild. 79 daly city and warm at 70. mild to warm in the north bay. 89 santa rosa and 87 novato and 67 bodega bay. oakland sunny at 82 and fremont 80 berkeley and inland in the 90s. 92 pittsburgh and lots of sunshine and 903 antioch.
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94 livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows the heat with us. tuesday the heat peaks and records could fall in a couple spots. onence with we will get a cooler breeze and a slight chance of sprinkles. fry day into next weekend the temperatures will fall to more fall-like weather. two-day heat spell and then it breaks. still to come on the news at 11:00. which singers made ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast show. 007 made a stop, or at least his vehicle did. cars from a dozen james bond movies. the aston martin was featured in the exhibition.
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the car parade comes ahead of "specter" the 24th james bond film. michelle obama celebrated international day of the girl with popular songs. the white house released the first lady's music play list today including alicia keys and of course beyonce and aretha franklin and diana ross. international day of the girl is to promote gender and equality around the world. she is also promoting her let girls learn campaign to encourage girls's education globally. it was quite a night for sports, wasn't it? >> it was that. the manning brothers took care of the raiders and the 49ers. ely had a game winning drive and a dagger to the heart of the niners handing them their fourth straight los
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the 9ers are facing a tough challenge. eli manning beat the niners on his 27th career last-second drive. eli pass to cal running back vareene. 11 seconds left in the half. one last shot at the end zone before a field goal and manning picked off. touchdown drive with a three-yard pass and game tied at 13. he gets the ball off to beckham and stops and reverses course. 20-13 giants. kap five yards and his first career touchdowns. giants regain the lead.
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they get a field goal lead. 21 carries and 93 yards and here from a yard out the yiners are up with a minute and 45 left. ely is coming and hide your heart, girl. a perfect game winning pass. 12-yards and third td for the game. the final falling to 1-4. i thought this team played well. offensively we came out and got a rhythm and we had players make big plays for us. >> eli's brother had a off day, but turnovers by the silver and black put an end to any chance of victory. carr for the three yards and 7-3 oakland. raiders kept payton off the scoreboard. charles wood soon has never picked off manning until today. manning finished 22 of 35 for
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266 yards and two picks and both by woodson. he had four picks in the last three games. janikowski passed him with games played. a field goal blocked and then missed this 40 yarder. cooper and robinson were not looking for the throw. he is picked off and goes 74 yards for the game winner. broncos don't get an offensive touchdowns and raiders fall 2-3. >> there is no consulation for playing hard. i am disappointed for all of the men in the room. >> we feel we left something on the field. we left wins out there. as we learn in the league it is so close. you can't let missed opportunities happen.
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today they out played us and won. >> tough day. abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. still ahead, more on our breaking news the search for two missing boys and a police shooting tha
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> in parts of south carolina the massive task of cleaning up after historic rainfall. thousands of families forced from their homes by the swollen rivers and the broken damses. and now residents are facing a new enemy. now more from conway, south carolina. >> with waters receding in
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parts of south carolina, the race to save what is left of these homes. >> you tear it out and get the house dried out and build it back. >> volunteers are helping homeowners as the city halls away the debris. >> if you get where the polled grows so rapidly it could be a demo. >> the goal is to get everything removed before the mold starts to grow. in the flooded town of conway the river is eight feet above normal. for the thousands living in the flood path like amber and her family life is still far from normal. >> it is hard for this will. they haven't been through anything like this. >> trips to work and school and even the wal-mart requires a 20-minute boat ride down their street. >> i wish it would all go away. i wish there was a plug we can make it go somewhere. >> with so many roads impasse believable -- impassable they
11:37 pm
are helping residents get around. >> we never experienced anything like this in our life. >> and this is one of the roads still impassable. it could take up to a month for the streets to dry out. abc news, conway, south carolina. california schools are banned as using redskins as their mascot or nickname. it comes as many called for the nfl's washington redskins to change their name. many native americans and others consider "redskin" offensive. the law will force four california high schools to change their nicknames, mascots and logos. none of those schools are in the bay area. head coach is leaving -- is taking an indefinite leave of absence. the coach is not healthy. she apologized after showing
11:38 pm
up drunk at an alumni event. he said it was a mixture of medication and alcohol. tonight the giants played the 49ers, but one of the giants players is facing a much more serious battle off the field. he was hospitalized for more than a week battling mrsa. he has had five surgeries and now doctors are trying to save his foot which is at risk because of the infection. he sent this tweet out before the game. my heart is with my brother, get the w. >> thousands of people return to the scene of yesterday's deadly attack that claimed the lives of 95 people in the turkish capitol. they came to remember the dead and vent their anger. funerals are being held for the victims at a rally
11:39 pm
promoting peace. the government is blaming them for the violence. a deem lish in glass -- demolition in glascoe didn't go as planned. parts of two of the towers were partially left standing. plor -- more than 2,000 residents will not be allowed to return home after figuring out what to do. a police department in texas maces more scrutiny after police officers tased a city council member. >> this is a scene. come on. this is a scene. >> officer, please do not put your hands on me. >> go over here before you go to jail for interfering. >> police body cam captured a dispute between prairie mills officer and miller.
11:40 pm
miller demanded an explanation after the arrest of his friends. officers tased miller while he nell on the ground. >> the guy wasn't in danger so i don't see why he tased him. >> the police chief said he physically resisted officers. one of the officers involved was backing up the officer. officer -- and they will change the way thousands of products are built. >> and i am meteorologist drew tuma. a quiet night, but warmth
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with posts through our feed. her art work is in the dia de losmuertos at the oakland museum of california. more details on instagram at abc7. two bay area technology giants are joining forces to revolutionize the way thousands of products are built. eric thomas learned the goal is to turn engineers into dreamers. >> if you are riding a high speed super bike you want to stay between the lines. if you are designing them why not blur them. >> we generate a number of
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solutions -- >> engineers at auto desk are using a new design system dubbed "dream catcher." say you need a swing arm for one of the world's fastest motorcycles. instead of drawing shapes on the bly print software you put strength and materials and how the car works it the rest of the motorcycle. >> we can see what was produced by the system. >> it does have dozens of those found with the click of a house. they call it genre tiff design. >> i think it is revolutionary. it will be a whole new set for designers. >> shaping dreams in plays disik is only the beginning. >> the goal is to design and print objects out of sophisticated materials never
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possible before. >> we can print on the order of a human hair. >> eric says the tony strands are formed into thousands of microstruck tours. >> we cab tune the per tomorrow mans. >> there is a super shock absorbing helmet. you may need a different architecture. >> and they hope the ground breaking software and printing will turn dreement designs into reality. abc7 news. crowds packed the embarcadero in san francisco in hopes of getting the perfect vantage point to watch the blue angels. the f-a18 hornets perform the
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more than a million people came to the city for the event. san francisco is not the only place you can see fleet week airshow. look at this. we got this awesome video as they took off from oakland. when you see news where you live use the # abc7 news. gonna go over to weather now and whether drew is cooking up something real hot. >> we will get record setting temps by tuesday afternoon. it is a quiet picture and it is rain for monday and tuesday. high pressure is in control for much of the country. that moons the sinking air eliminates any inclement weather. sunshine from denver to great falls. even portions of the great
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licks. boston is a chilly 57. dallas back to the west. some clouds in so-cal, other it is warm. l.a. will dip out of the century mark. 76 the high for monterey. lots of sunshine and hot inland. 82 for oakland and downtown 70. 90 san jose. the heat will come our way which is cranking it up. by wednesday and thursday we will start to cool of. >> we talk to mike -- >> abc7 news has live breaking news. >> we are following the breaking news from castro valley where alameda county
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sheriff deputies are searching for these two missing boys. when they were in that neighborhood looking for the boys a shooting happened. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us now. lilian, are they connecting these two events at this point? >> they have no idea if the shooting is ect c #ed to the us inking boys. we are on old dub lig -- dublin road and up the road is where the search is underway. they are looking for the two boys, brothers, charles mccarthy and daniel mccarthy and last seen in front of their home. as you said as deputies converged on the neighborhood to respond to this missing person's case a transient charged with a knife. they shot him and he is now at the hospital. deputies don't know if that transient is connected to the
11:49 pm
disappearance. at this point the goal is to find them. they are looking in rural terrain and a ground church that the sheriff's department is also searching. >> certainly concerned about 11 and 12-year-old kids this late at night 6789. thank you for the update. and now we will turn -- by the way, we will continue to follow the breaking news and if we get any updates we will let you know. we will turn to sports and of course people are talking about football, but other things are going on too. >> baseball is the top of the order. two games on tap. we had to get our plays of the day.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the bluejays and rangers can close it out tonight. win it 93% of the time they go on. walks tulowitzki and the 6th inning they don't walk tulowitzki. he clush crushes -- crushes a three-run homer. astros and royals in houston and first post season game here since 2005.
11:53 pm
astros stage a come back and hue -- houston gets past that. in the seventh chris carter sends it packing. it is a chance to advance. they face a tough challenge. eli manning had a career night. on his 27th career last-second drive. two td's and his first career. 21 carries and 93 yards. two yards out here and 9ers are up 27-23. eli, 441 yards. and 12-yards third td of the game. falling to 1-dpowr. falling to 1-4. >> i have a thard time talking about anything good, but there are things that are built on and i felt like there were
11:54 pm
steps made. >> to me there is still 11 more games. we have the opportunity to go 12-4. that's a good record and that's what we are aiming for. we have to get our first win under our belt to get that streak going and get on that path. >> at least he is optimistic. >> the ravens took on the browns and the catch of the day and possibly the season. mccown floats it up and he makes a sensational grab with his leg. unbelievable. browns win it in over time 33-30. seahawks lead in the fourth and cincinnati roars back. dalton the keeper and four yards and 24-21 hawks. late fourth quarter and a great catch lead to a game tieing field goal and then in over time nugent line tups and banks it in. bengals win it and drop to 2-3.
11:55 pm
washington and atlanta and matt ryan with no td passes, but freeman runs it in with 24 seconds left. kurt cousin's pass is picked off and he will go 49 -- or 59 yards to the house. falcons are 5-0. 25-19 the final. cardinals taking on the lions and he is picked off one of three times in the day. arizona goes on to score and lions attempted 70 passes while carson palmer 1631 yards -- 161 yards and three td's. packers hosting the rams and aaron rodgers had two touchdowns. 31-yard and 7-0 pack and a local connection. to the former san jose state star james jones off to a touchdown run.
11:56 pm
they are now 5-0. bears and chiefs and kc lost jamal tires to a torn acl. 18-17 bears and 18 seconds left. santos66-yard field goal and not even close. 18-17 the final. paypatriots crushed the cowboys. this touchdown says it all. he cannot be brought down. 903 all purpose -- 93 all purpose yards and a 30-6 victory. nascar chase for the cup was in charlotte and jeff gordon is going to retire. he finished eighth. he took the checkered flag as he secures his fourth win of the season. this sports report is brought to you by xfifity.
11:57 pm
tough luck for the local teams and courtesey of the manning brothers. >> thank you so much. i want to update you and our viewers that we have good news to report on our breaking news. lilian kim says we had two boys missing and they have been found safe. sheriff deputies tell us the report lilian had helped the community come together to find them. the important thing is they are okay. our coverage continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. hope to see you then. have a good night.
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