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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news an extra step if you flying out of the airport and the extra steps to take. >> changes to keep your kids safer at day care with new vaccines for workers. >> changes for commuters with the bus route changes that could ease the commute for people to and from marin county. >> hope you had a fabulous weekend, and now the work week. >> i an here for eric thomas and it is october 12, columbus day, a lot people are off but heading to work the how does it look? >> no worries. good morning, everyone, the next three hours, you can see no fog but for right at half moon bay, and no clouds, and no drizzle. as far as sutro tower it is looking quiet, 48 to 60 at 7:00, and 70 at the coast to 82 inland so protect the eyes and 72 at the coast at 4:00, but 92 inland
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so warmer than yesterday, 66 at the cost at 7:00, to 86 inland and i will show you more warmth coming up in the forecast as we head through the next seven days. start off on columbus day holiday, stacked and packed out of the maze to san francisco and this is the busy spot, at 17 minutes crass with no rhyme or reason just a lot of folks headed to the road and quiet in san jose 101, 880, pushing to the san jose airport, we do have construction that new is getting picked up and detours in place until all the copes are pick the up, southbound 280 to highway 87 but right now san jose is nice and clear. >> thank you. if you are headed to the airport, southwest airlines is warning passengers they need to get boarding passes before leaving home. that is even after an alert moments ago that computers are back up and running. finally. janet o is at oakland airport to
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tell us more. >> southwest airlines is making a recovery this morning. employees toll me -- doled me their computers are up and running but they encourage the travelers to get here two hours early. have the printed boarding passes. this will make it faster and smoother process. no one wants to wait in line. we have not seen delays on the flight board. so far, so good. the computer glitch that started yesterday causing nationwide delays. it affected 450 flights. there were long lines at many airports as frustrated passengers waited. the passengers say they are trying to be patient. >> we could not check in. not until really late. >> everything takes longer than normal. >> southwest continues to lock into what started the problem
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but a spokesperson said this is not a result of hacking but there are no flight delays from oakland international airport. the employees say they want to be cautious because they do not know how long it will last or if the problems will return. if you are flying anywhere this morning, come to the airport early. just in case. thank you, janet. more airline troubles in a story only on abc7, hundreds of united passengers are in hong kong after a scare. night from sfo yesterday. the pilot unexpectedly decided to turn the many around. a map shows the path the pilot took north over the pack east alaskan coast before returning back to sfo. passengers share what the captain said. >> there was a fuel problem and the airplane was using more fuel than usual. they were not sure if we would
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make to hong kong. they thyed for go back. cries checked for a fuel late and the translator said a group of chinese citizens received $20 to buy food but manage for hotel room. united say they made every effort to accommodate passengers. >> a man accused of abandoning his badly injured daughter has turned himself in after a chase. police say he crashed the car in san leandro on thursday and last his six-year-old behind. he is scheduled to be in court tomorrow. >> california is considering a plan to use inmates to fight wildfires allow the prisoners with violent backgrounds to work outside the prison fighting fires boosting the number of inmate firefighters would helped crews during the busy search. california is down 4,400 inmate firefighters compared to last year. the state currently has 3,800 prisoners working fire-fighting jobs. >> daycare centers have to track whether employees have been
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vaccinated against certain i will notices. all daycare centers have to maintain records proving their workers are vaccinated again the influence and the measles. this is months after they adopted the strategickest school vaccination polls in the country require all students to receive vaccines. that law was among the most debated at the capital after measle outbreak after disney. >> there is legislation that would bring in family leave laws and have expanded the number of people entitled to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work to include grandparents and siblings and we grandmother and parent in-laws. country law allows employees to take leave to care for parents, children, a spouse or domestic partner. the governor vetoed the legislation because it could conflict with federal leave laws. >> people live on the streets may soon have a place to call home. tomorrow the supervisors will consider a new affordable
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housing plan that will fight homelessness. the county receives $2.5 million for housing and if approved part of the low income housing vouchers would be earmarked for homeless. >> golden gate transit change because heavy traffic on the bridge. starting in december, the agency will emergency routes 40 and 42 interest one route. that will provide service every 30 minutes to san rafael dug the commute hours. >> pumpkin growers are ready for the annual pumpkin weigh off in the annual pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay drawing >> look at this one, a lot of people are talking and whispering this might be the
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winner. look how huge it is. i have the man with me who grew it. steve, hell element tell us -- tell us about your pumpkin. >> well, there are a lot big pumpkins. by measurements it is big but you never know until it hits the scale. >> how much do you think it will way? >> in the mid-1 >> you won in 2001 and 2003. you are due. >> you hope everyone can win but if we are hungy that is great. >> there is a serious topic and that is the drought, i hear people say it impacted their entries. >> looking at number of big pumpkins it looks good. certainly we hear about issues to the south and we are under drought conditions, too, in oregon and not as much as down
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here so --. >> unfair advantage, sir. >> just teasing. >> a lost good growers. >> congratulations, you did an amazing job. it is beautiful. >> the weigh in starts at 7:00 this morning and they will crown the winner between 10:00 and 11 o'clock and we will be here to show you the beautiful pumpkin that wins. we hear this has a good shot. you heard it here first, this could be the winner. that is the inside pumpkin built. i amy hollyfield for abc7. >> that is the winner and it is on dislay and you have to pay $10 to have your picture taken with the winning >> another day to enjoy fleet week with the blue angels moving on but there is still fun, with tours on the ships in the bay and the battle of the high school bands at golden gate park. the expire week has been marked by huge crowds enjoying aerial
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acrobatics and meeting the men and women serving on the ships and a good time to go, not so busy and now so were traffic. >> you saw the blue angels yesterday. >> spectacular. >> we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. leyla, take your fingers out of your ears, please. >> love when they bang hard -- bank hard and you can see the condensation building on the wings. >> mid-50s through the san ramon valley and livermore at 59. antioch in the 60s. most of us in the money 50s an the bay shore and san jose at 57. santa rosa and napa at 49 and half moon bay, about 59. but foggy.
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it will clear. walnut creek shows 88 to 94 inland and warm to shot sunshine and total sunshine, at the coast in san francisco, 69 to 79 and around the bay, above average at 88. >> i have my hands out of my ears and big ears. a look at the eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic slow at 17 minutes to leave the macarthur maze to head into san francisco so surprisingly on columbus day holiday, we have a bit of traffic building as you leave the east bay. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is lighter but more folks getting to work. the altamont pass could be worse, but it is better than usual. at vasco you are good to go to dublin. >> it is 6:10.
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still ahead, check your lottery tickets because a bay area story where a $15 million we lottery ticket was sold. >> president obama defends hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail serb while she was secretary of state and the issue is blown out of issue is blown out of proportion.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> scary moments on the bridge in tampa,ed if, a waterspout traveled across the bridge on sunday and in a matter of seconds ripped a tractor trailer to pieces on the road. the driver walked away uninjured. drivers say they were terrified. tornado did damage to a construction site. >> a man is facing charges after shooting another man outside at&t stadium in arlington, texas, and investigators say the victim and the suspect got into a fight after the could you boys
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were defeated by the new england patriot and the suspect opened fire. officers arrive they found a man with hive threatening gunshot wounds and the other man was taken to a hospital and is expected to be taken to jail after being treated for injuries. >> classes resume at the community college in oregon where a deadly shooting took place two weeks ago when chris harper mercer opened fire on campus. three victims were buried. many students are nervous returning for class others say it is part of the healing process. >> if i did not go back i would be defeated. the evil man who caused this would be winning. >> witnesses say after harper mercer was hit by gunfire of police he lay down and took his life. the counselors are expected to help the students and fact it deal with the situation. >> president obama is responding to the controversy surrounding hillary clinton's use of a private mail server while she was secretary of state.
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the president said use was a pass take but did not pose a national security problem and think the controversy swirling around the server has been worked up because of politics. >> this is an issue that is legitimate but the fact that for the last three months this is all that has been spoken about is an indication that we are in presidential political season. >> she said she does not send classified information through the servers but that did not step republicans accusing step republicans accusing clinton of misleading the money. >> a winning $15 million
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the story gets $75,000 for selling the ticket. >> you have bought tickets before? before but not at that safe subway. i have been to that safe way many, many times and it is exciting, so maybe one of my former neighbors...come forward. >> soon-to-be best friends. hopefully i stay in their will. >> exactly. >> i am glad you did not win because you are here. >> wondered without were going with that. >> everyone else could be happy but i am not happy. >> meeting matt at the safeway, priceless. >> the golden sunshine is priceless. >> absolutely. and pumpkins. amy hollyfield is there but i would like to see a camera shot to see the fog around there. we are gun to quarter-mile
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visibility. it will be great at 57 at 8:00. clouds open up at 9:00 at 61. and 66 when we wrap it up at 11 o'clock. with two tons possible of pumpkin. >> leyla said the thick of the track is on 24 but no fog. golden gate bridge has an east wind at three miles per hour. that is offshore wind and it will be warm today. also keeping the fog away. record highs are possible today and tomorrow and tub one highlight a chance of shower, cooler weather and video most chance on wednesday and thursday. fall highs return this weekend and i will talk about the fog at quarter mile visibility and less at half moon bay up one to main street hiding up to the airport and we will look around and see if anyone else is seeing same thing, good this morning. we will talk temperatures today,
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low sunnyvale at 86, and high gilroy at 94 in between, and 86 at santa cruz, and technically the cool spot on other side of the mountains, and 88 this san jose and let on the peninsula, 81, and redwood city is 87. some pools are still open. low 70s for pacifica and half moon bay and mid-to-upper 70s sunset and daly city and low 80s downtown and sausalito and nearly 70 language the north bay beach but 85 at vallejo and pushing 90 in napa and santa rosa and richmond is 80 and young city and fremont at 87 and it will be warm one day, low-to-mid 90s san ramon and pleasanton at none to livermore at 94. my seven-day forecast is warmer tomorrow after lows in the 60s and not so cool tomorrow morning. temperatures are dropping ten degrees by friday and possibly another five or ten degrees over the weekend. fall is coming. but it will take a while. hot under the collar? >> as we look at walnut creek we
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were tag about how busy it is in the east bay. we hook at southbound 680 we are at 12 minutes in highway 4 to highway 24. it look like the traffic is building. where did friday light go? westbound highway 4 antioch to hercules before 680, that is 48 minute commute. i-80 from highway 4 to the maze is 19 minutes and 87 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport, eight minutes. we have construction for six weeks starting today but, first, the drive near the cordelia interchange i-80 is slowing as you meet with 680 and the drive is 57 miles per hour on i-80 and 680. the construction is starting today through the next six weeks and willow avenue for half a mile between the hercules transit center to highway 4, sycamore avenue is the ultimate
6:21 am
around it. >> we are honoring hispanic heritage month and today we recognize celi brothers and big sisters and she and her legal sister celebrate their eight year anniversary this month with more details on instagram. the reason shows could be dealing with strange tasting water starting today. >> a popular weight loss surgery and the serious problem patients are dealing with after the procedure. >> first, the golden gate bridge is quiet after the blue angels we buzz, by yesterday. we buzz, by yesterday. stay tuned. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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>> the last day of fleet week and a ship on the bay and the bay bridge behind it. beautiful ending to neat week today in the bay area. >> randy conveyed and his wife are due in court today after they were arrested at the
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canadian border. they have been wanted since 2010 for alleged vandalism when they were squatting over a home they previously owned. they went to canada where she was granted citizenship. he was denied. they were arrested on friday when they came back into the up. >> people undergoing was gastric surgery are four times as likely to harm themselves after the procedure. of 8,800 surveyed 63 percent had suicidal incident after the surgery. doctors say the research underscores the need to seek counseling before and after the procedure. >> we will check with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? >> good monday morning, coming up the controversial play during the playoff game between the mets and the dodgers with a player suspended for a slide
6:26 am
that broke the degree of the shortstop. we weigh in all on "good morning america" next. >> east bay residents could notice a different taste and smell to tap water to o but officials say it is nothing to worry about. thursday the san francisco public utilities commission will conduct a test for drought preparedness with filtered security from cherry reservoir will flow through the lower reservoir nor the first time since the 1991 drought. >> everything has an impact but as far as quality or reliability of service, they could just notice a slight difference in smell and taste. that is it. >> the test is to make sure the water from the backup reservoirs can each the rare and be mixed with the pure river water before being delivered. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> a journalist imprisoned in
6:27 am
iran and questions over a possible conviction. is he guilty of spying? is he guilty of spying? the state department weighs in.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:30. good monday morning. a look out here the embarcadero, the bay, the yerba buena island and the east bay. the sun has not risen. that means if you get up and get out of the bed you could catch a look of it. thats for joining us. it is monday, october 12 and i am eric thomas. if you are head the outdoors you do not need the sun scene because the sun is not up. >> bring it with you. and meteorologist mike nicco will explain why. mike? you sure you are not filling in for can't obvious? nice to have you here, matt, thanks for letting me needle you. do gray and orange go together? we will ask leyla and kristen, but that is behalf we have at
6:31 am
quarter-mile, with contenders from washington and oregon as we have the championship pumpkin weigh off with the forecast ahead. today, 70s to nearly 88 at noon and 80's an bay and 90s inland by 4:00. record highs are possible today and tomorrow. leyla? >> bray and orange go together. so does black and orange. we have a couple of citizens, though, causing red on the roads and that means brake lights, southbound 880, that is where we have a crash blocking one lane, and right new we are not seeing slow downs in that area but we are here in san jose, and northbound highway 85 a four to five car vehicle crash and that is blocking one lane a little bit behind it and this is the stalled car and that turned into an accident, as well, blocking one lane with delays building coming away from highway 17. >> yes, leyla, the state department released a statement about the report the cornviction of journalist jason rezaian for
6:32 am
espionage. our reporter, is in the newsroom, with the details. >> jason rezaian is a correspondent for the "washington post" and he grew up in san rafael and graduated in marin academy. were end state tv is reporting that he was convicted of spying based on reporting in that country. this morning, the state department said that they have seen the reports but does not have any official confirmation of a verdict. the statement continues with and i quote, "regardless we c to call for the government of iran to drop all charges against jason and release him immediately." the only contact with the outside world has been through his wife and his mom. >> unfortunately, he has been in prison for the last year. his wife is a journalist and they have not talked. >> he has been ease lated and held and interrogated for week on hand but there is no evidence to use against him. >> the "washington post" reports that rezaian faced a sentence of
6:33 am
10-20 years under iranian law and he has 20 days to appeal. "good morning america" will have more on the case coming up at 7:00 a.m. thank you, tiffany. a lot of relief for the family of two missing boys and deputies face-to-face with an armed suspect. two brothers, daniel and charles mccarthy are safe after being reported missing last night. while searching for them in castro valley the sheriff deputies approached a man with a knife and the deputies say he charged at them and they were forced to fire. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. after other reporter broke the story last night, viewers called 9-1-1 saying they saw the brothers near fremont. >> i thank channel 7 for the coverage on this and getting the word out because i believe it was instrument am in fining the children when they did. >> deputies discovered the concern safe before midnight as they walked to their father's
6:34 am
house in newark. >> san francisco police are reviewing surveillance video and witness statements following a fatal accident involving a bicyclist and a muni because. the accident closed part of market street for several hours yesterday. the 48-year-old bicyclist came into contact with a muni bus and police say he was wearing a people met and they do not know who was at fault. >> because you are dealing with the roads and two different vehicles traveling with the bicyclist, it is under investigation on would was passing who, who has the right away because it is a busy street. >> muni's director of transportation will work closely with police to fine out what happened and they are committed to the vision zero plan that aims to eliminate all pedestrian deaths on city streets. >> land was airlines jet made an emergency landing in buffalo, new york, after a small fire broke out while in the air. alaska flight 17 from newark in new jersey to see at made an emergency landing in buffalo after 5:00 this morning our
6:35 am
time. the pilot reported a small fire in a trash can in the back alley of the boeing 737. it was extinguished by the flight attendants. no one was hurt. crews met the plane as it landed. >> southwest airlines said the computer systems are back up and running. be prepared for another day of delays if you are flying but southwest is saying maybe it will be better. >> southwest airlines is seeing major improvement. the computers are back up and running and you can see actions are checking in the passengers. they are for longer write out passes and luggage tags by hand. a lost anxious travelers heard and came to the antitwo hours early as ised. they were able to use the self- service kiosks and print
6:36 am
out the boarding pass and everything now is on time with no delays according to the flight board. >> the federal government is looking for the cause of a small airplane crash on saturday evening in lake tahoe. it killed two people open board and caught a home on fire on the way down. >> we looked owe the window and saw flames and we deficit grabbed the dog. wings came east plane and it hit the trees and it was like the main part of the plane that ended up next to the house. the victims have yet to be officially identified but the plane is registered to a man in oakland. >> construction firms hoping to work on a suicide barrier on the
6:37 am
golden gate bridge can start bidding tomorrow for the $76 million barrier that take three years to compete. since being built 1,400 have committed suicide. this will be nets 20' out and 20' below. a spokesperson said it would be still equal to falling from a three story building to falling on concrete. >> the warriors church -- coach reveals new details about the enski that is keeping him off the court. >> looking across the bay where the sun still rising over the east bay hills.
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welcome back at 6:40 on monday morning, and look at beautiful picture, orange and black for half moon bay this morning and the great pumpkin weigh in. i will have that forecast coming up in five minutes but, first, 11 to 13 degrees warmer than average and record high is possible, warm this afternoon, if for mountain biking and hiking, hot this afternoon, and a light breeze if you are sailing keeping the waves from being too choppy. low-to-mid 90s through the central valley, and 87 in san diego and second day in a row a
6:41 am
record high in lake tahoe at 80. this has been a holiday heavy and columbus day does not mean light, the eastern span of the bay bridge is bumper-to-bumper, and if you are taking mass transit, ace train has no delays and four extra trips are added to angel island and tiburon ferries if you make it to the water for a fun day there are extra ferries. we have a few accidents to get to, southbound 880 at marina, the accident is blocking a lane and slow and go up to 238 and as we take you into san jose northbound highway 85 four to five car crash on the shoulder. this accident is causing more delays. warriors head coach is opening up about health problems causing a leave of accident suffering a
6:42 am
society back from two off season back surgeries that impacted the ability to coast. he had a surgery that caused a spinal fluid leak and does not know when he will be back. >> tense warning for twitter employees and they could make major set backs starting today. >> a new perk from linkedin that could give employees for vacation time than ever. >> if you are driving to work and you do not have columbus day off this is san mateo bridge, westbound is lighter than usual westbound is lighter than usual for 6
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
walnut creek, burlingame, campbell by bay. we are less than 30 minutes from a big fall tradition in half moon bay. >> big tradition. >> very big. >> a weigh off for the biggest pumpkin with big money at stake. amy hollyfield is at half moon bay where everyone wants to be this morning. amy? look at how big. we are talking several contends have arrived in the last hour. see if you can spot the winning pull concern. look how huge it is to give you an idea of the size, the winner
6:46 am
last year weighed 1,900 pounds and we are talking cussly large beauties. some california growers say the drought did impact their entries and they are a little smaller than last year because they held become on the water use and that could be an advantage for the growers from walk and oregon. we will find out soon, the weigh if starts at 7:00 this morning and the winner is crowned between 10:00 and 11 o'clock and the five largest entries are featured this weekend at half moon bay pumpkin festiv >> happening fed, the largest technical deals of all final is official. computer maker dell will take over a storage firm which is estimated to be worth monday that are $67 billion, the largest ever technology merger combining the storage leadership with the market share for seveners and is based in massachusetts with dell
6:47 am
computers located in texas. the dow is up 22 points. we are starting off in positive numbers. >> amazon ramps up surveys after complaints about the workplace. jane king? >> amazon is more interested in getting feedback from the remain employees. it is a way to get a better sense of needs, fears, desires especially since a report in the "new york times" in august that suggested working at amazon is not as fun or stress free as you could think. at linkedin you can take as much vacation as you want if you get your work done. the company will no longer offer a set number of days off each year but managers work with employees to plan their vacation time. under the new policy, linkedin employees face no minimum or maximum vacation. >> savings on gasoline is spend
6:48 am
elsewhere. the drop in gas since last year will save the average american $700 this year and a winner from the drop in gas is restaurants according to this report. higher today across the board with equity markets and bonds and banks closed for columbus day. back to you. >> matt and i are happy to hear that report. guess what? he was asking about movies so i want to hear the story. >> what line i could have been a contender? that was "raging bull." or stella. "on the waterfront." >> the things we wonder about during the commercial breaks. during the commercial breaks. >> you can see there are oregon, and amy hollyfield is
6:49 am
say they could have the inside track because they had better watering conditions than we did. they had a drought if those states but nothing like we are dealing with. now, dense fog, and 56 and the clouds will open and the sky will turn blue and it will look nice with the pull weapons at 61 at 9:00 and at 66 at 9:00. san jose is clear. 87 near the shark tank and we are in to hockey season with sunshine and everyone is warm, even to the coast. record warmth is possible dead and tomorrow. the heated will subside. there is a slight chance of showers during the midweek. winds are not exist. on live doppler hd but light three miles per hour wind at half moon bay blowing offshore and that will help us clear out during the timetable. a look at the big picture, high pressure, to the northeast with the flow means an offshore wind and the clockwise shore will
6:50 am
cause the shore to come up from southern california so we could have a slight chance of a shower knocking the heat out of the forecast. 87 today in sunday veil and santa cruz and los gatos and mock unveil low-to-mid 90 and cool on the peninsula, warm and 81 in millbrae and up to 87 the rest of you. 74 at half moon bay and daly city, 78. sun sets at 76. south san francisco and sausalito, low 80s. nearly 70 along the north bay coast. and mid-ity to nearly 90 and warm to hot inland. 80 if richmond and 84 in oakland and young difficult and fremont at 87 and check out inland east bay, low-to-mid 90 from concord and san ramon and pleasanton. livermore is 94. coast is the same tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer with a better chance for record highs tomorrow and you can see the extra clouds, the onshore breeze and we are back down to five or
6:51 am
ten degrees on thursday and the 60s and 70s and barely in the 80s inland by saturday and sunday. how about barely moving is a look at 680 southbound out of pleasant hill to walnut creek and the drive is 21 minutes. 21 minutes to get from highway 4 to 24. usually it is eight pins. not sure why we are having so much traffic bunching up across the bay. we will take you back over to marina boulevard where we have southbound nimitz and we swing up to solano county brand new accident involving a motorcycle at 25 miles per hour, one lane is blocked westbound 80 at green valley road at the cordelia interchange with the delays coming from fairfield and, really, heavy traffic is slow moving at posted speed. you will find pockets of slowing
6:52 am
all the way to the benicia bridge. >> it is 6:51 and back with seven things to know before you go and the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is light, it is holiday. weather and traffic so you do weather and traffic so you do not pice
6:53 am
>> the crown princess, a lovely huge cruise sip we see along the embarcadero, fleet week, and it
6:54 am
is a nice site this morning. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. southwest airlines said a technical glitch delayed hundreds of flight and it has been fixed. passengers are wanted this morning to arrive two hours early for your night and print a paper boarding pass at home. >> federal investigators are working to fine the cause of a deadly small plane crash in lake tahoe over the weekend with two people dying in the crash, the plane is registered to a man in oakland. it set a rental home in fire and a san francisco couple in the home escaped. >> it is chilly this morning in the north bay at 49 in napa and santa rosa and you both will hit 90. we are talking about 40-degree spread and the rest of us starting in the mid-to-upper 50s and on way to total sunshine and temperatures, today, 82 in san francisco, and upper 80s elsewhere, but, inland east bay in the north bay, low-to-mid 90s. >> those commuters wish they were taking a cruise, they are
6:55 am
sitting in traffic, 23 minutes from the east bay to san francisco and heavy holiday traffic day. we have a new accident in solano aifing westbound commute at green valley road and one lane is blocked with the motorcycle down and we have heavy delays from fairfield. >> another pay area social media company is reportedly set to cut jobs san francisco based twitter could make company-wide layoffs by this week and technology website is reporting twitter employees say there is too large a staff especially the engineers. >> california may not like the sound of president brown as much as they like governor brown. he is not in the running which could be good because a poll shows that 48 percent of likely voters do not want brown in the white house and 56 percent approve of the job he is done as governor. >> we are waiting to learn the identity of the newest multi-millionaire in california, with the winning ticket for the superlotto sold at a safeway
6:56 am
and is worth $15 million. >> whoa! >> not me. >> you would be buying break cast. >> we continue on-line and facebook and all mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. right now, big decision. the vice president dodges crowds and questions. >> get out of my way, will you? >> closing in on whether to run for president. as hillary clinton and her rivals get ready for tomorrow's first major showdown. and president obama weighs in overnight on hillary's e-mail controversy. also overnight. suspended. major league baseball strikes back. coming down hard on the dodgers' chase utley. >> chase utley going in hard at second. tejada is down. >> banning him two game for barrelling into mets' shortstop ruben tejada and breaking his leg. the league calling it illegal. utley is appealing. will he be onned field tonight. and breaking news for


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