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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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arrived and each car had a suspect inside. we cannot see their faces. security was tight. the cars were moving too fast and they turned up the hill leading to the only entrance of the jail. the cars did not stop. the three suspects are sean michael angold. and they now stand accused of two murders and felony charges. police found the body of 23-year-old audrey kary. two days later, 67-year-old steve carter in fairfax. today, the deputies left portland this morning with the suspects and they will stand trial for both murders in both counties. that is a bit unusual, but according to abc7 legal analyst it could be part of a strategy.
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>> they may have used the same vehicle to maybe move from one murder scene to another. they may have used some of the same weapons so you can tie them together. it makes for a stronger case. >> reporter: the marin county charges include robbery, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and animal cruelty, which refers to the shooting of carter's dog that was severely wounded. it's going to be okay. the special circumstances make the defendants eligible for the death penalty, those would be multiple murder, lying in wait, committing murder, and lamply faces possession of a stolen gun and being an ex-felon. the next step will be arraignment that could happen as soon as tomorrow. live outside of marin county jail, wayne freedman, abc7 news. tonight the parents of a bicyclist who died in a collision with a muni bus are
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remembering him as a giving and talented man. the 47-year-old died in the accident. police say he came into contact with a muni bus on market street and was run over. his parents say he was recov recovering from a stroke, they say he had many interests and abilities. >> we were proud of his accomplishments. you know? the fact he'd go from being a cook to i.t.guy and successful at it. >> they believe he and the bus were heading westbound and he lost control and the bus ran over him. investigators don't know who is at fault. is enough being done to pro tech peopl--protect people on and off the tracks? caltrans is taking care to prevent more accidents like these. half of the cars have been in burlingame where we live.
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>> reporter: fortunately, no one has been hurt here on broadway in burlingame, but yes. six is a lot when you take into account that in 2014, last year, they had a total of four for the entire year. commuter trains speed through burlingame, but it's happening more frequently. >> traffic is backed up. they can't get out of the way. >> let's start with a huge construction project on highway 101. >> there is work and we think back up is happening there. >> add to that heavy congestion during commute hours, cal train is asking the fi city to change the timing on the signal lights to allow traffic to flow better.
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>> they've got to get to traffic where there is a standard flow. it gets people off track. we don't pay attention. too many things coming in from the side. >> during a private meeting cal train officials decided to put measures in place to avoid these accidents. >> one of the things we're planning to do is looking at doing some striping to make it clear. >> reporter: cal train asked for extra enforcement to remind drivers they must be 15 feet from the tracks. some people have been given a warning and others have been cited. cal train is starting a social media campaign. they have about 40,000 followers on twitter so they hope that will help. in burlingame, abc7 news. in los gatos, a human skull was found today. officials were in los gatos and have not confirmed whether it is
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a man or woman and the age of the person who died. search and rescue teams investigated for more information. a uc berkeley student became the victim of a random attack on campus around 3:30 yesterday morning in front the clark kerr campus. investigators say 5 or 6 men surrounded the student and one of them pufrnled hem them in the mouth. the iranian government convicted a former bay area resident from san rafael that has 20 days to appeal. washington post correspondent was based in traun and has been in jail there for a year. iefr yawnin tv called him an american spy, which he, and the post deny. >> he's innocent and an accredited journalist. caught up in larger forces inside iran. >> he could face up to 20 years
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in prison. the newspaper is working with his family and legal counsel to appeal within the 20 day limit. the golden state warriors are closer to building a new arena in san francisco, purchasing a 12 acre site from sales force. environmental reviews of development plans for the complex should be completed this fall. warriors hope to open their new venue for the 2018 season. a new crosswalk signal light is being tested to help pedestrians cross lanes safely in san jose. but so far it's confusing just about everybody. abc7 news reporter david louie joins us live with the story. david? >> reporter: this signal is supposed to make it easier to get across the street. but it's turning out to be confusing for drivers.
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it's called the hawk, triangle pattern. the red light starts flashing like a railroad crossing signal. drivers don't seem to know what to do. a nearby resident says he sees drivers very confused so is the city council member who lives around the corner. >> try telling people you can go now. the person crossed halfway. and the light is flashing. people still stop and get backed up. especially in the mornings, a heavy time. they get backed up a lot. >> i don't know how it quite works yet. so i have to consult with
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police department because i think it can be confusing. >> we checked with police and patrol. chp says consider alternating flashing lights, treat it like a stop sign. this is the first to be installed in san jose. more are coming because of the success in other cities, reducing pedestrian accidents. some drivers seem to think it's a signal out because of a power failure so they're stopping anyway. backing up traffic. so we've got a lot of confusion here on snehl avenue. >> thank you so much. in san francisco, they plan to install more, we don't know how that is working yet. oakland plans to install one ask santa clara is looking to help
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pedestrians. >> check your lottery tickets. a lucky player is $15 million richer tonight. it was purchased at this safeway in san jose. the drawing was saturday night, but the ticket holder has yet to come forward. get out your tickets. >> the store gets $75,000 for selling the ticket. >> is it the end of columbus day? the controversy, and how more are following the lead on what to call it now. >> escape and alive? claims the inmates spotted the famous escape in the 60s could still be alive. if you've been waiting for a cool down, you have to wait one more day. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. it's our thinking about
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a controversy over columbus day is nothing new, but laura anthony joins us live where protestors wanted changes more than 20 years ago. laura? >> reporter: this was the first city to rename this holiday peoples day. not every city is following in berkeley's footsteps.
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in chicago, the columbus day parade went on as usual but in other cities, like st. paul, and portland, this day has been re-chr re-chr re-christened indigenous peoples day. >> on the calendar it says columbus day. >> that is what it says, but for many people in south america and north america, this day represents againo eyed. >> it started as a response to the situation of italian immigrants to the united states. >> uc berkeley history chair mark peterson says it was originally conceived as a way to recognize a group of people experiencing their own share of
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discrimination. but it has evolved. >> drawing attention to the very destructive consequences of european colonizations, diseases and slavery brought to the new world. >> congress selected the second sunday in october as columbus day in 1934. california has made history becoming the first state to ban pubic schools from using redskins as a team name. governor brown signed the measure this summer. native americans argue the term is offensive and a racial slur. there are four teams in the state using the name. >> it sucks. i wanted to graduate as a red skin. you know? that is what we are. that is why i come to the school. >> the principal says it will cost 750,000ses today remove the
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mascot and names from campus. in 2017 all public schools are prohibited from using the term redskins. new revelations are challenging the legend that nobody escaped from alcatras and survived. john and clarence angl icht n vanished in 1962. fbi agents believe all three died trying to cross san francisco bay. family members claim they can still be alive. a documentary features holiday cards said to have been mailed after the break out from the rock. california's insurance commissioner announced drivers for one ride sharing company may be now fully concerned. liability concerns for uber and lyft prompted them to develop the new policy. up until now, they have not been
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covered by their insurance companies while driving a paying mention. met life is offering a policy. >> the coverage people get to protect themselves financially and provide coverage for the people that they might hit or passengers they're driving. all of those coverages are available through this product. >> the insurance commission's goal is to put plans like this one on the market for other companies like uber. >> prisoners with a violent past could be part of the firefighting program. this when the prison population is smaller and drought raised fire risks. >> making sure the public is safe when inmates are out doing work, making sure our employees are safe as well, are critical priorities and always have been
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on this program. >> 3800 inmates provide assistance and nine inmates escape from the fire camps every year since 2011 all but one have been captured. >> triple digits hit southern california in another day of record heat. in los angeles how people cope. >> reporter: the sun's rays beating down on us, prompting many to seek shelter under umbrellas and indoors. >> it's uncomfortable. >> everybody is complaining about the heat. >> as of yesterday, it was hotter here but two degrees than it was in arizona. >> the hot sun isn't keeping everyone inside. many kids out of school for the holiday, parents are trying to keep them active and hydrated. >> it's weird in october. it's like july. >> reporter: it does seem hotter but climatologists say it's not as rare as we might think.
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>> the triple digit temperatures tend to hit the coastal areas more such as los angeles. going into the fall, marine influence weakens and you get more hot days as well as santa ana winds which are going to blow and produce hottest temperatures towards the beach. >> what are you looking forward to? >> el nino. i love the rain. >> reporter: people are cooling off with fountains and ice cream. and there was a good line at the ice cream store here in woodland hills. it's 91 degrees here now. not as hot in downtown los angeles, the highs are expected to be 96 degrees. in woodland hills, abc7 news. wow, that is hot. it's warm here, but that is hot. >> that is really hot. yes. we didn't hit triple digits today but we had mid to upper 90s so warm and looks like one
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more day of that. sunny skies across the bay area now and looking at high temperatures gilroy, you can see it is warm around the bay area, from sutro tower, it's 76 here in san francisco. 89 in morgan hill. check out this view of the western sky. napa, 83. 91 in concord and livermore, here is mount tam. looking towards ocean beach, these forecast features, hot
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inland again tomorrow, and is a big ridge of high pressure so there is a center of high pressure wednesday. start agent 7:00 there is a just a slight chance of showers working their way into the bay area, story at 5:00 p.m., here comes another potential rain maker. and showers or two overnight look for clear skies, tomorrow, sunny, warm to hot again with highs in the south bay, mainly in the 90s and upper 80s to near
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90 on the peninsula. 84 in downtown san francisco. and 90s on the east bay. low to mid-90s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. wednesday, less warm, and cooling throughout the weekend. clouds increase there is a slight chance of showers saturday. i hope we get more showers. >> one beautiful front yard in the north bay. how you can wake up to it every day. and abc7 is recognizing celia carsco. her efforts with the organization have been recognized by san francisco district attorney george
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gascone. she and her little sister are celebrating their eight year anniversary this month. we have mer details
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they departed the bay area this morning and headed to hawaii for an ire show this weekend. they were the headline act for san francisco's fleet week. and crowds wanted one last glimpse. the half moon bay pumpkin weigh off drew a huge crowd. the gourd was nearly 2000 pounds. abc7 news was there for that event. the pumpkins did not meet the record of 2300 pounds but still impressive. so if you'd like to check out the heaviest pumpkin, the art and pumpkin festival is this weekend. national park service is set to open bids on a beautiful oceanside home in marin county.
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the building used to house members of the coast guard. golden gate recreation area says it will accept the highest offer and bidding opens tomorrow. the agent lists the starting price at $6500 per month. >> ten people? chip in? >> there you go. >> still ahead, shutting it's doors. >> now, putting him back into the system. >> anger offer the closure of a state developmental center. there is controversy tonight over closing a street to traffic. >> why organizers for tomorrow's democratic debate are keeping an extra podium just in case. and could it happen? the new study putting the movie "the
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the state decided to close a sonoma county facility that cares for hundreds of severely
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disabled patients. >> it's a move that angers families who are wondering where their loved ones are going to go. >> any change in environment unsettles her. this? this could destroy her. >> brian farrow's sister is extremely disabled. >> the families are devastated and we're worried. our safety net in place for decades is going away and disappearing. >> it's in the hills of sonoma county, caring for 400 residents with severe developmental disabilities. those who need around the clock supervision. kathleen miller heads the group of advocates. her son is a patient. plea plan to close and move the
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residents to community board and care homes. many loved ones say their fragile loved ones were already in community care. miller's son was kicked out of everyone of them. >> jekted because of mental illness. now, they're putting him back with no safety net. >> the facility had a troubled past. a psych tech was caught using a stun gun on residents. the next year, regulators concluded patients were at risk of injury, sex abuse, and death. the center's police force was under fire for lax investigation. but miller says things improved. the department of developmental services says 2018 is not a hard deadline, that it won't close until all are transferred to appropriate community facilities. the legislature plans to hold hearings on the closures next
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year. >> san francisco's muni has restricted cars on some stretches of market street. now, the agency has its eyes on prohibiting cars on two busy streets in union square. stable cables are being damaged by the stopping and starting to deal with traffic on congested powell street. muni says the chance of a cable car causing injuries or damage by banning motorists on a two block stretch. >> we don't know what the economic impact will be. >> nick bolas owns lefty o'doul's and urges more research before cars are banned. there are also hotels along powell street. >> we've been working with the
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mta. they're looking at ways of accommodating cars. >> muni says 4,000 pedestrians walk around as peak time and activists say it would benefit from the proposed change. >> when you have vehicles trying to get through and turn, it makes for a dangerous situation. this would not be the first time traffic has been disrupted. work has been outside of the front door of john's grill on ellis street since 2011. but for the owner, business is still booming and he supports the proposed car ban. >> it will be a great boom to the area. merchants shouldn't worry. >> muni is expected to vote on the project next month. in san francisco, abc7 news. the stage is set for the first democratic debate in las vegas with something extra.
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a sixth podium is ready just in case vice president joe biden joins the debate. he doesn't plan to participate, but the invitation is open. president obama weighed in on the vice president's legacy. >> i think joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history. he's done great work. >> liberals are pushing cnn to add a liberal panelist. they say because a conservative panelist participated last month, it's only fair to have a liberal panelist tomorrow. >> computer giant dell completed the largest purchase in industry history tonight. the company shelled out $67 billion for the storage provider, emc. it changes dell to an provider. on wall street, the dow
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finished up and nasdaq had a small gain. tesla drivers are about to get a tech upgrade. the company announced the newest update of software set to roll out this week will include a new auto pilot feature, owners have to pay $2500 for the semi driverless functions. and linkedin is beginning an open ended time off policy. managers will work to plan vacation times, virgin and general electric adopted similar policies. linkedn says this will give more flexibility and a sense of empowerment. could we be closer to a day after tomorrow ice age than we think? 2004 disaster movie imagines a scenario accelerated concludes
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and says the basic scenario isn't out of the blue or unthinkable. melting glaciers could throw off circulation and product an effect comparable to the movie. >> michael finney is next with one expert's warning on why he says protecting personal cyber data should be a top priority. and looking live now from our mount tam camera, check this out. the sun is just setting now and it is spectacular. we want to share sun sets, we want you to share them with us. keep sending in your pictures using #abc7now.
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one of the nation's fore most authorities on privacy and security is going to give an exclusive first look. michael? >> yes. and he headed up a new jersey division of consumer affairs and
6:40 pm
says it's time to change our thinking. >> it seems weekly we report on hacking and privacy concerns. >> i was concerned maybe they had some personal information. >> greg hahn was telling his story while working on his wife's computer. adam says this is the incident we have to stop thinking of as isolated and think of it like we do death and taxes. >> this is become the third certainty in life. you know? we have day jobs but for identity thieves we're their day job. >> his new book, swipe is scheduled to be released on black friday, an overview of scammers and identity thieves and how to deal with their attacks. >> monitor as best you can and
6:41 pm
then, manage the damage. have a damage control program. >> they tell me the message is too vague, then, he gives me an example. why we should care about medical identity theft. >> they don't make you understand the fact that your medical insurance could be damaged. that your life could be in jeopardy. it could be co-mingled with your information in the medical file. blood types disappear. your life could be in jeopardy. >> in his book, he outlined 50 scams and how you can fight back. go to and click on sections tab. >> that is inevitable. >> yes. >> thank you. >> still ahead, promoting peace
6:42 pm
in the middle east through gaming? a new app set to launch that has israeli and palestinian kids
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a with smart phones it's no wonder there are more players out there than ever before. >> it's a past time so universal, some think it would bring about world peace. >> in a peaceful hotel conference center, dean brandished this plastic sword. called a metaphor for the war in the game industry. >> p companies are advertising at super bowl and on television. >> big companies pouring big money into virtual reality, filling stadiums to watch professional players. >> if you count the games you can make money off of it, there are probably more professionals than any other sport out there. >> so for the independent developers here, getting players to notice them is an epic
6:46 pm
battle. one developer says it's about setting down the sword. they believe video games can be part of the healing process. conflicts like the one between israel and palestine. >> we think games are one of the unifying forces in the world. >> myself an american, i'm a palestinian co-founder. >> they founded a game that is cooperative. >> we're able to help each other in the game having each other around. >> partners are assigned based on your interest. >> people from across lines do have common interests so they're going to get paired together. >> you don't find out who until after the game. >> realizing oh, wow. i had no idea that this person is so similar. >> i twist they hope will bring
6:47 pm
empathy. >> we hit our goal in just ten days. people have been so excited about it. >> very cool. >> yes. >> some like it hot, then, they'll like it again today and tomorrow. . >> i temperatures in the 90s 95 in livermore. and tomorrow, highs in mid-90s. 89 in los angeles. here in the bay area, a similar day to today, maybe more high clouds around but still just warm inland with highs into low to mid-90s. upper 80s around the
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there will be cooling into the weekend and a slight chance of rain saturday. i'm emphasizing slight and light. >> time now for sports. >> if we can combine raiders and 49ers we'd have a good team. >> their offense let them down yesterday's loss to the broncos. the niners defense was a weak link
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently.
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we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. well, 49ers youth and inexperience resulted in a 1 and 4 record. the next week, it's the offense. last night, in new york it was the defense that let the team down. collin kaepernick leading the team to three td drives of over 80 yards, including what appeared to be the game winner. it was 23 and 25, 2 passes and he only ran the ball three times. and seemed to be having fun,
6:52 pm
again, but the defense gave up 441 yards passing. three tds to eli manning. today, coach finds a positive. >> i think we are focused on realities of what is in the locker room and let's work through and get this thing right. i do think it was a effort in the game. i thought it was terrific. >> one of the things where you feel like you took a step in the right direction, then, you remember you lost the game. it's hard because you want to celebrate and be happy but at the end of the day, there is not a lot to be happy about. >> the raider defense played brilliantly, keeping peyton manning out of the end zone, but derek carr seems to have regrets a bill. charles wilson and peyton manning drafted in 1998. and raiders defense held the
6:53 pm
broncos to 43 yards rushing and four sacks gave up no touchdowns. but the offense managed only one td and their play calling with suspects. carr with this late in the game with a difference. in this 16-10 loss. the raiders have to learn how to finish games. >> i don't think anyone watching our team perform, prepare, and compete questions anything about effort or that stuff. the focus is there. effort is there. new we need to clean up things and play a little cleaner football. a little crisper football and execute plays where we're coming up short. >> a day after being put on indefinite leave, usc fired steve sarkissian.
6:54 pm
he showed up yesterday for practice in no condition to work. his assistants saying he was not sober. usc started ranked 8th. well, the defending american league champion royals tried to avoid elimination. carlos corea with a two run blast giving houston a lead in the 7th. next man up, colby rasmun. in the 8th, royals rally, nobody out and an error, two run score, royals taking a lead on a ground out. then, on the 9th a big time insurance two-run blast.
6:55 pm
royals win it and the final deciding game five wednesday in kansas city. rangers and other texas team could eliminate toronto with a win today. two run shot to right, top first. blue jays with his three home runs. kevin pilar hits it in the bull pen. price picked up his first post-season victory. blue jays forcing another game five this, one wednesday, in toronto. this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. mets lead dodgers now and we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11. i think the nation is pulling for the cubs. they haven't won a world series
6:56 pm
since 1908. >> you remember it well? you were three years old. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, g f gloves in space, this video, at 9:00. then at 11:00 childrens art work taking a personal plea in the north bay. special home kids and adults are fighting to save. and tonight's prime time line up. at 8:002 hours of "dancing with the stars" followed by castle, then abc7 news at 11:00 and followed by jimmy kimmel live. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm cheryl jennings. from the entire abc7 news team, thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
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