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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is spilling with water. they are trying to pin pout the source. a school has to figure out how to get the students around that. matt? how does it look? we have a busy work scene from alameda water county water district and pg&e and heavy equipment. it look like they have pumped out the water from the sinkhole. it was a dry sink hole yesterday. when the as fought collapsed it dams the water main creating a big leak. now the water is out for 15 customers. it has been shut off including at fire station 32 and new haven. >> my god, so much water coming from here so it is scary.
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>> this is sky 7 showing video to high above. the middle school expects pickup and drop off to be impacted by the road closure next to the giant sink hole. the principal sent a letter asking for drop off and pickup at the back of the school the workers believe this was started with a sewer line but the asphalt collapsed open water main and now they have to wait for the large equipment to come in to bring out the water main pipe and replace it. it is then up to the sewer people to come in and replace sewer lips. it is going to take all day out here. at left. be prepareed. it is a mess at young city. >> three people are recovering after a big rig tangled with two vehicle on interstate 680 in walnut creek. it happened before 10:00 last night near the treat boulevard off-ramp. fire crews extricated one person trapped in the toyota.
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another was treated for major injuries. another suffered minor injuries. all lanes are re-opened. >> police are look for a driver what took off after a street race that took the lives of three teens in san jose. 15-year-old jayleen ciriaco and 15-year-old oscar ramos, and toledo died when the vehicle spun out-of-control and slammed into a tree. another is hospitalized in serious condition. there was a vigil last night. the street racing needs to end. >> they gone. it is dangerous. everyone out there, stop doing that. it is not fun and games. >> officials say the other car involved is an acura. if you have information contact san jose police. >> in san francisco this morning, lieutenant governor will officially make the gun criminal pitch to require background check for ammunition. if the ballot initiative passes, it would make cam the first
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state to require such a check at the point of sale. the governor wants to require gun owners to report lost or stolen guns to police and force occupyers to give up assault-styled large capacity magazines and will make the announcement near the site of a gun massacre in the financial district. janet o will have more at the top of the hour. >> the children and father of former laker lamar odom are by hid side along with the kardashians as he fights for his life. >> blood is coming from his nose. he will not wake up. >> a woman at famous love ranch brothel called 9-1-1 after fining odom undison tuesday. she told the dispatch she saw odom take ten herbal sexual enhancement pills over they days and he used cocaine and drinking come. we talked with the warriors interim head coach, the former teammate, on the lakers.
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>> sending prayers and loves. he is a brother to me. i know i am hearing isn't good but i hope he can pull out. >> odom is open life support according to cnn, and his ex-wife will make medical decisions for him although they signed divorce papers this year the divorce has not been finalized by a judge. >> the great shake out take place today two days ahead of the 26 anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake with 10 million people in california drop, cover, and hold on at 10:15, which helps people problem advertise what needs to be done wren a real earthquake hits. here is what an earthquake looks like in the biggest mobile similarity. the big shaker can victim hate shakes greater than 8.0 magnitude earthquake and is at the plaza from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and amy hollyfield is going to gyp us from oakland with more at the top of the
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hour. >> bart employees will be in the 10 million people participating at 10:15 when an earthquake alarm will slow trains to 27 miles per hour. there will be a public announcement for passengers. bart said the drill present as good opportunity to review evacuation procedures. >> a swarm of 20 earthquakes shook things up in san ramon yesterday, the strongest measured 3.2. over the past 20 years they have seen many of the small earthquake swarms and they do not believe it is meaning the big one is coming. >> three fires ravage five counties, the valley and beauty caused $2 billion in losses according to a first estimate from the insurance industry. hundreds of homes burns and six people were killed. the valley fire if lake, napa and sonoma caused $1.5 billion in dam the most costly fire in california since 2007.
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the butte fire in calaveras cost $450 million in destruction. >> the nab champions are back on the court. they give back to the fans. >> we were at the oracle arena as the warriors held an open practice with 5,000 lucks where fans getting in free for a rare behind the scenes look at how they are getting ready for games. one took a shot with steph curry and got the souvenir. >> curry signed it and doing half court shoots and i missed it but he made it and after we shot he gave me a signed >> the first regular game is tuesday october 27 and they will lay against new orleans. >> no need to make a shot with that. >> it is huge. >> have you seen how fast he has come since being the
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spokesperson? going beyond puma and the other big shoe companies. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler hd shows in south san francisco to san bruno and millbrae and sfo there are sprinkles and there are spring emthrough the marina to the presidio and to ocean people. let me show you what is going on under the radar runs: it is quiet. you saw the green on the golden gate bridge and you do not see much falling at all right now. we will go mostly cloudy, 70 in san francisco, partly sunny elsewhere, and 78 in peninsula, and south bay is 81 and the east bay is 9 and inland east bay tops out at 85 and not bay at 83. sfo shows another area where live doppler hd was showing potential shower and you can see how dry it lacks right here. what is the deal? an extremely dry layer up to 10,000' and most of the range -- rain is evacuation rating so it
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is more cool like when the water help evaporates off the skin. best chance of showers is in the morning, between systems on friday and another chance of a shower and plazay on saturday and the cool of the take is sunday with more sun ship and, still, 60s and 70s and 80s. leyla? >> to the east bay, we are looking at 680 southbound a first big gap between the cars and still early in the commute. at highway 24, i am starting to see the brake lights looking heavier and we had construction yesterday and that caused major delays, actually, and i will check in to see if there is the same amount of construction that will slow you down and you may want to use an alternate route. 87 near julian street traffic here is very quiet and bring out the crickets. further to the south, if you are traveling loan 85, if you are continuing past 87 at camden this is a planned new accident blocking the center divide. drive time traffic right new is 580 westbound tracy to dublin
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still in the green, we are looking good. 30 minutes right now, 680 southbound to dublin is 15 minutes and 101 to cupertino is 21 minutes despite the accident with more details on that. >> 4:39. the might of a popular -- the plot of a popular tv show is a real life challenge for a star and why she is going public with the struggles shared by a lost new millions. >> how your spare change makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of families. >> a couple of drops are on the camera lens and you may encounter them so we will keep live doppler hd up for you during weather and traffic during [announcer] sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts
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a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, all the bay area. >> after a frustrating night for international passengers a computer system is back up and running the homeland security system shut down the airports across the country yesterday because of what authorities say was a glitch in the system. the problem of processing custom s were property to a standstill causing big headaches across the country for 90 minutes. >> the people were cursing that
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cannot wake. it was crazy. crazy. people in wheelchair that were crying waiting for hours. >> officials had to process international travelers manually until the system was pack online. authorities say security was never compromiseed. >> if you saw "nashville," you know a character is battling post partum depression and now the actress is say she, too, is struggling. it is a challenge many families can relate to. the mother said she feels from now but felt off after having her first child nearly four years ago. >> i felt alone. very isolated. >> she recognized she had post pore temperature depression and said talking to a therapist and radically changing her diet helped overcome thissive feelings. >> you are supposed to be happy and instantly in love and depression can be very, very
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dark. >> a therapist previously worked as an ob/gyn and said she transitioned careers so she could spend more time helping women cope. >> it is disconnected. the philipine is loved and wanted and it does not make sent. >> not even for hollywood stars, days after tweeting "feeling line i am coming back into my own body," the actress and mom announced she is entering a facility to treat post partum depression. her onscreen character in the popular drama "nashville," is experienced similar issues and said she could relate in a recent interview it is something that needs to be talked about. >> when someone comes failure it can be help. >> this woman felt compelled to share and coaches other moms. >> after i was open and honest with people and told everyone what i was going through, a majority of my friends were,
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like, i think i want through something similar. >> it is 4:44. today you can help the ronald mcdonald house charity make a difference in "day of change," the anniversary of the oning of the first ronald mcdonald house and asking people to drop off spare change in donation boxes after any mcdonald's restaurant to provide a place for localing near health facilities for families whose children are undergoing treatment or illnesses. >> a big ever development on friday if you cannot drop off your change we can use your dollar bills. aat the four seasons in san francisco. cheryl will be there. i am taking this year off because it is my youngest son's last year in high school and he has homecoming game and i will be back next year. we are putting the story together now on how absolutely marvelous the work is they do and one of their directors has
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been there ten years is going to retire. she is going to...leave the house and it will be a special night. >> the homecoming, hopefully no rain? >> a little bit. so far, we are talking to leyla and it has not affected traffic with one of our better radar runs is over richmond and you can see we have light to darker green over the area and you can see it looks pretty convey it with dark friend tiburon a the golden gate bridge into san francisco into daly city and you can see it is quiet as far as reaching the ground with the dry layer and the next three hours, actually expect most of this to rotate offshore and to dissipate but for the south bay we will keep an eye on you, had are storms to the south that are falling apart and weakening toward you and it looks like
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they could stay around for the morning commute but they are senior light and hardly have any moisture reap the ground. the good news is there is no fog with five mills visibility at half moon bay and the winds are light and variable, and, still, no row must sea breeze that will knock our temperatures down to the fall levels so it will be warm. even where the cloud cover we see in walnut creek we have mainly verga and cool conditions and showers on saturday, and cooling presses, our coolest and our most aggressive day with the breezes and it will be dry and warmer early next week. here is a look at what will happen, the secondary batch of shores i talk about, rotating north and falling apart and by 7:00, most of us are quiet as is the case we talked about year, the greatest threat is beginning to shift into the sierra overnight, and as we head to tomorrow, you can see it is clearing out and we will see a little bit of sunshine. we will talk about our temperatures today as we look at the area of low, traveling to
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us, and the fact it is weakening and moving to the east it will drop us and the upper 70s and nearly 80 in the south bay and 72 in millbrae and mid-70s to 88 fore the rest of the peninsula and nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco and is that more refreshing? upper 70s to low 80s through the not bay and the east bay shore mild and 72 at richmond and 80 in castro valley, and the 80's, they are here, the 90s? gone. inland east bay. low-to-mid 80s. my seven-day forecast drops another two or four degrees tomorrow and a couple more degree on saturday and we could with a little extra sunshine warm up sunday and above average temperatures next week. have a great morning. >> as we hook right now from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge we have light traffic to san francisco and we do have a problem, however, in the south bay along 85 and as we track weather and traffic together you can see an area shaded in green that is an indication where we could have
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moist conditions on the roads and not sure if that contributed but it is a solo spinout and northbound highway 8 pa at camden avenue, not affecting traffic, so we are at posted speed and proceed with caution. you never know how slippery it will be. >> northbound 2380, 380 we have construction wrapping up at 7:00 so this could affect the commute if you try to head in from the peninsula to daly city with the lanes taken away it could slow things down, southbound side a early crash at 380 and all is cleared and you are good to go influence san bruno. >> 4:49a study uncovered a null vulnerability in droid devices. >> a new warning of security of your devices. >> researchers at the university of cambridge found 87 kicks of droid devices have been vulnerable to malicious apps during four years with lg and
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motor roam the most secure. >> swamp is get into the million payment -- mobile payment business that does not connect to the intent but the watch has a chip that allows consumers to pay for purchases. the united states version is expected soon. >> new details of a successor to the concord hoping to fly from new york to london in an hour. >> a patent was approveed to >> not enough time for drinks to be everybody is the a. >> go ahead. >> chilling out on the job could be a life saver for women. >> soaring like an eagle. >> soaring like an eagle. a unique flight over london.
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(tiffany) ask yourself what your children or cigarettes. for as long as i can remember, my mother smoked. she died from lung cancer when i was 16. i could not take the chance of continuing smoking and not being here for my daughter. i know how much i needed my mom still, and i didn't realize it until i had lost her. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. >> target is receiving criticism from parents for selling pens that look like syringes and needles as party favors near the halloween candy in target stores. they are clear, plastic tubes, and filled with brightly colored liquid and marked with measuring lines you would find on a syringe. they are marketed to kids as young as four-years old. target said they have received complaints but they have no plans to take them off the
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shelves. if you check on the web site they are. gone! >> more evidence suggests that stress at work can harm your health especially for women. researchers looked at 140,000 people on three continents and discovered those with high stress jobs were more likely than pees to have a stroke increasing to 33 percent for women if the jobs were the most stressful category focusing on psychological demands workers face. it appeared in the journal of neurology. >> it is raining, mike? >> yes, we have live showers and not all reaching the ground. also, for all the things you can do you can watch the pros play golf, with 7:20 tee off, a few sprinkles. 71 at 11 o'clock. 77 at 3:00. a slight chance of showers at
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7:00 as we round out the day. the bulk of the wet weather is headed into the high country with thunderstorms at 78, and four consecutive days of record highs if lake tahoe ending today at 75. the light showers if you walk the dog and if you are running not so hot. if you are garden, it will be milder with shade. >> if you think of preserving your paint job, you can use bart if you do not want to get your car wet. caltrain has no delays. golden gate bridge is quiet. drive time traffic is looking like highway 4 is nice westbound antioch to hercules is hooking -- looking clear. and from 85 to the san jose airport, only seven minutes. reggie? kristen? >> a pit bull puppy stolen from a san francisco animal shelter is now safe and in good hands
4:56 am
this morning. louie is black and white two-month-old pit bull. a couple lacking to adopt a dog took him from the city shelter on thursday afternoon. a good samaritan found louie and returned him tuesday night. the shelter is happy to report louie is pine and -- fine >> when owl attack, a maryland city isen watching women would like to have a out for an aggressive owl who attacking anyone who walks on a trail in the evening. a mayor then runner said she screamed after the owl attack her neck and ponytail. expert say owls could be confusing the ponytail with play. >> the man bun is safe. >> the man bun is never safe. that is another topic. >> seriously, the cooler thing you will see all day a video
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from a gopro camera mounted on a bald eagle. >> the camera caught stunning shots of the london skyline. this was shot over three days. it is going to be used for a computer game. this version is set in victorian london. >> okay...i thought it might be a video game for peter pan. >> a possible break in the sent for the man who stopped train hero. >> a quick break but we leave you with abc now and the eastern you with abc now and the eastern span of the babe.
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we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> yes, you go ahead. >> i am reggie here for eric thomas. it is thursday, october 15th. >> hello, kristen. >> hello, reggie. >> anti-bullying. >> we not seeing purple rain today. >> that would be a difficulty story if we were. that is for sure. we do see green. around mill valley. miller avenue is one of best radar runs to 101 and with the dry air up to 10,000 feet, proposal seeing sprinkles there and that is the last real


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