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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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12 degrees cooler than where we were credit. but it means temperatures will
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feel like fall this afternoon. we look live from emeryville over the bay. there are low clouds along the coast, but by this average more sunshine in the inland areas. we will be warming up into the mid-70s. along the coast comfortable, in the mid-60s and around the bay hitting low 70s in some spots. a warmup is on the way. i'll have more coming up, carolyn. >> thanks. we are waiting for condition on two men who were rescued from the ocean in santa cruz last night after one of them drove their cars off the wharf. crews pulled the car out of the water after the man was rescued. the victims crashed through a four-foot phelps. the victims were under water nearly 20 minutes. they were rushed to the hospital. no information has been released on the men. it's not clear what caused the driver to crash. one person is dead after a head-on car crash on the stanford campus. it happened just after 7:00 last
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night just east of campus drive. the driver who was killed was in the nissan. investigators say that car crossed the center line into oncoming traffic, hitting a volkswagen. the driver of the volkswagen is in critical condition this morning. the cause is under investigation.. one of the three teenagers who died in a street racing crash in san jose, his father said he hopes more people will come forward in what led to his son's death.15-year-old anthony ramos is the boy who died.
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two others were also killed. the three died when the stolen honda they were in spun out of control, slamming into a tree. police believe her street racing. a fourth teenager survived but suffered serious injuries. police are still looking for the driver of a second car involved. some residents in san francisco's castro district are upset with a sewage project they say could damage important and meaningful pieces art. alyssa harrington has more. >> the sidewalks were designed to be walked on, but not for this. >> this is concrete. >> power tools and heavy machinery. a sewage project has left this one a mess. it's dirtcy, surrounded by trash and wood and possibly damaged. >> i think it's a slap in the face for the the artist that put
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this path. >> the real issue here is one of respect. >> david perry is the founder and chairman of castro as honor walk. he said it was there to pay tribute to the lbgt community and concerns your ek quality. >> here is someone doing construction on a local business and we feel maybe hasn't given one. honorees the respect they heard. it's one thing for someone to walker tennessee williams and learn will him and another thing that's more than the normal wear and tear. >> a supervisor reached out. they are investigating what happened. >> if someone was doing work and damaged one. these blocks, that contractor, in my view, needs to be financially responsible for repairing the damage. >> each one costs $5,000. perry wants to remind all
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construction crews these plaques are not just a piece of sidewalk. in san francisco, abc7 news. sacramento police have released new images showing the two men suspected the stabbing train hero spencer stone. police describe the suspects as asian males. stone was stabbed three times while protecting a friend from a fight outside a midtown bar back on october 8th. he was released from the hospital last week. you will remember stone and two others stopped a terrorism attack on a train in france in august. crews are work to go fix massive sinkhole in union city. there was video posted the work going on last night. it's grown from 40 feet to 35 feet since it was first discovered last wednesday near new haven street. repair crews are trying to shore up the size of the sinkhole and fix damaged water and sewer
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pipes. they don't expect to go done until sometime this week. thank goodness an antioch teacher's aide saw something wrong and took action. she's being ha led has a hero after rescuing girl from an accused kidnapper. she spotted one of her former students from the elementary school on friday sitting with a truck with a middle-aged man. the girl looked scared so she got out of her car and started asking questions. i said sweetheart, is that your dad in and he told me know, he's my friend. i said no, he's not, he's not your friend. i put my car in front of his car, i blocked him, and i told her you get out of the car right now. >> that's when she blocked the truck with her car. that girl was not hurt. sandra called police and they have arrested this man, 51-year-old santiago salazar, for sid napping. they said salazar did not know that girl.
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this little white house will move to a new location in oakland later this morning. you see the children's hospital offered it for free as long as the new owner covered most of the moving costs. right now that house sits on land owned by the hospital, but plans call for a new building on that site. a couple will put the house on their property about a block away. the move will cost them $200,000. the house is scheduled to be moved between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. teenagers who lost everything in the valley fire in lake county won't have to miss their homecoming. yesterday business owner annual youth i rosen blum delivered more than 150 donated dresses along with shoes, purses and jewelry to middletown high school. she organized a donation drive to help 50 girls. the response overwhelming. with the biggest donation coming from a former oakland raider. nancy sent us this video of the happy teenagers.
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the dance has now been moved to november 7th because of the fire. progress is being made in southern california to clean up the massive mudslides from last week. state route 58 connecting central california to las vegas remains closed. the mud is as thick as five feet in some spots. but there's more work to do and morin is on the way. awc news reporter has the latest on the cleanup effort. >> crews clearing roads in southern california are racing against the clock and mother nature. saturday morning construction equipment arriving to aid in the dig-out about another round of weather hits. >> they are expecting more rain this afternoon. if that happens, then what we are going to do is probably clear all the personnel that are working in the area just in case there's more mudslides. >> it's pretty scary to see the water on both sides and moving very quickly and rising very
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quickly. i was thinking about how i was going to go out the sunroof to get on top of the vehicle. >> thousands of cars and trucks remain stranded after thursday's massive mudslides. >> this is why i cannot get across to get home. >> it shows how brutally fast the onslaught of mud and water swept across freeways and neighborhoods. as road crews worked, families and businesses are cleaning out. leaving mud-caked belongings out to trash. the road still covered and it's hard it see the curb. >> we had a couple firefighters stopping to gulf us some sandbags. >> we were probably in three inches of mud. we've been cleaning off and pressure washing. it's been crazy. >> everyone is holding their breath for a possible round two as more rain moves in. abc news, lake hughes, california. there are major road closers overnight and this morning in san francisco. thousands of people expected to
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run in the women's nike marathon. the 13-mile annual race raises money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. here's a look at the race scores. starts at union square at 6:30 this morning. heads through golden gate park and the presidio. the road closers map is on our website at abc7 and what about the running weather, frances in. >> i think it will be just right. we have low clouds moving in right now and it's currently 60 degrees. piece of a low clouds with the live shot. and it's going to feel like fall, about you also a warmup midweek to tell you about in the forecast coming up. >> thank you, frances. also how a fight over an eviction ended up in front of san francisco's deyoung museum this weekend. hear from both sides. and new regulations the federal
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government will soon require for drones. how soon they may take
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>> two men were seriously hurt and suffered shark attacks in hawaii. the first one was in o'ahu that left the man without his left leg. the second man was in a minor incident with the park. it did not say if he was actually bitten. he's taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. these are the sixth and seventh shark attacks this year. officials say all have happened in murky water. it's a common story, rising represents and threats of eviction in san francisco. only this time the renter is
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fighting pack in an unusual way. he is protesting outside the deyoung museum where his landlord's wife works. tiffany will sop spoke with both sides and has the story. >> families are visiting the deyoung museum are greeted with this. >> what do we want in. >> stop eviction. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> for the past 34 years david has lived on the top floor of this three story building in the triangle. >> this is a dark room where i can do black and white photography. >> he pace $735 a month for the two-led room unit. i put my love into it. i put myself into it. you can look at any spot, whether it's a flaw or something nice, you see a the bit of me in it. now he's getting evicted. >> it's devastating. below there's a different story. the people be show purchased the
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building. david refuses to move out even after they offered him a buy-out. >> he said it's the most generous offer he's seen in 25 years. >> in february they filed for eviction. >> we tried everything we could. this is the last resort. >> they were caught off-guard when he organized protesters at the deyoung me sue i am where his wife is an assistant curator. >> i find it bizarre an art curator is evicting a local artist. >> ice a sensitive time for our family. >> beyond the emotional roller coaster, her name is not even on the title. >> i have actually no legal authority to evict him. the facts are inaccurate. >> they say they understands his frustration and they are following the law. but eventually he has to go. in san francisco, tiffany
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wilson, abc7 news. >> today is the third and final day of work stoppage nationwide by uber drivers. it's a work stoppage rather than a strike because technically only employees of a company can strike. and uber maintains their drivers are independent contractors. some of voiding the app for three days, although there are no service disrunning necessary the bay area. the dryers are demanding fair hikes and a tip option. they accuse the company of treating them unfairly. uber said it welcomes feedback from the drivers. hundreds of steps were taken last night toward finding a cure for breast cancer. abc7 news was in palo alto for the light the night walk. friends and family of people with leukemia and lymphoma formed teams to raise money for research and patient services. earn carries a different color lantern. white for survivors, red for supporters, and gold for those walking in memory of a loved one.
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it's a chance for celebration, remembrance and hope. >> it just gives survivors like myself a greater ray of hope and sunshine to see light at the end of the tunnel, which is a cure tore this disease. >> abc7 news reporter david louie mc'd last night's event. there are three more events in our area this year. the next one is next saturday at discovery meadow in san jose. happening to the, it's the last sunday streets event of the season in san francisco. sunday streets bans car from the streets and encourages recreation and community activities. this is video from a previous event. today's will be in the mission on valencia from 26th street to the whatta. there will be live music, arts and crafts and dance perform an and lessons. it starts at 11:00 this morning and ends at 4:00 and, of course,
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its free. it's a good time for people to teach their kids to ride their bikes and you will that thing. >> although it gets crowded in the afternoon for the bike riding. there are kind of stuff going on. >> we have some the satellite hd picking up some light returns. some drizzle could be reaching parts of the higher elevations but low clouds come in the coast. other areas looking clear. i did want to take you to the area near fresno and parts of central california. the low that brought us trace amounts of rain is bringing thunderstorms right now through some of the higher elevations, as well. there's a flood advisory in effect for the areas highlighted in green until 5:30 this morning. so just ten more minutes. check out all the thunderstorms that happened. all right, right now in san francisco it's 60 degrees.
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oakland 62. a little bit cooler in mountain view and in san jose in the upper 50s right now. half moon bay at 59 degrees. golden gate bridge camera. no fog but it is a little cooler out there this morning. especially in parts of the north bay. santa rosa only 52 degrees. napa very cool at 48 with visibility less than a mile right now. some thick fog there. near 50 in novato. fairfield 56. concord 58 and livermore 60 degrees. here are some of the low clouds i'm talking about coming in from the coast. as we look from the exploratorium toward the transamerica tower. what you need to knowed to, a few low clouds and mostly sunny this around. it will feel like fall so you can put the fall gear on and warmer weather arrives on tuesday. i will show you how warm it's going to be. the radar satellite image those you this area of low pressure that continues to move over northern california, and that's
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what's bringing some of the thunderstorm activity to that area i showed you near fresno and even a threat of rain again and possibly some afternoon thunderstorms in southern california. but what's coming our way is high pressure. high pressure is going to be building throughout the week, and that's going to allow an offshore flow which will allow numbers and temperatures to come up for everyone in the bay area. and cloud cover this morning will be fairly extensive. not too thick, though, around most of the bay and into the south bay. then by this afternoon we will see breaks and more sunshine in parts of the inland areas and in the east bay. check out tomorrow, though. it will be clearing out, making way for a dryer and warmer week ahead. highs today in san jose will be 72. so numbers not changing too much from yesterday. only 64 half moon bay for the pumpkin festival. 56 downtown san francisco. look for low 70s in sonoma and napa and even toward lake port. and low 70s, as well, through
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the east bay from oakland into fremont. the warmest numbers will be in the inland areas, getting up to 78 in brentwood. but they are about 73 in san ramon. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so it's going to feel like fall. someone said they have been wanting to wear their boots in the fall weather and today is a good way to do it because, guess what, we will be above average. warming up midweek. and upper 80s once again for inland areas. thursday looking dry and closer to normal by next weekend, but still dry, unfortunately. >> oh, well. but you can pull out the boots? >> the fall boots, yes. >> thanks, frances. up next, the force awakens at 35,000 feet. how you can fly inside
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>> is the el nino really coming in that has a berkeley woman really worried. 7 open your side's michael finney helps her bet ready >> sue recalls the first tile in rained after moving into this berkeley home. >> i was standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden my hair got wet. >> she contacted home depot, which installed the roof ten years earlier. >> oh, it's still under warranty. we will send somebody out right
5:25 am
away. >> the home depot person said the gnashing was too short. he nailed it down. contractors kept making moreau pairs and sue kept getting more leaks. finally they looked up higher. oh, the leaking is coming from the flashing on the third floor roof, not the second floor. >> they never replaced the third floor flashing but did patch up cracks in the interior walls. sue kept getting leaks until we went into a drought. but now forecasters predict big storms on the way. she found her contractor who said the roof doesn't have the right kind of flashing to divert water away from the walls, causing the cracks. home depot said it's the cracks causing the leak, not the roof. so they stopped trying to fix it. >> that was before i talked to michael finney. >> sue contacted "7 on your side." we contacted home depot, and it reconsidered her case. >> they are very apologetic, and i'm hoping they will come through. home depot agreed to pay for
5:26 am
sue's contractor to repair the roof, saying after servicing and testing her roof, with he determined that the ongoing leaking is unrelated to the work completed by home depot service providers. having said that, we understand ms. liu's frustration and we are glad we could help get it resolved. >> there will be a big smile on my face if it didn't leak. >> sue's story is a reminder to check your own house. she will have the work completed before the rain hits. we will see if the new work protects her home. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." new regulars on drones are coming tomorrow. drone openers will be required to register their unmanned aircraft systems. abc news has learned that the announcement is going to be made jointly by transportation secretary anthony fox and f. a administrator. a task force will be created to
5:27 am
implement the program. it could go into effect before christmas. >> you can not do fly in a 787 plane that looks like a giant r2d2. problem solved. today japan's airlines will take its first flight from tokyo to vancouver. fans were able to chrisen christiethe plane tomorrow. disney is the parent company of amount bp c7. up ahead, vice president joe biden is honored in new york city. did he give any new hints on a possible presidential run? and billions of dollars worth of property unclaimed in the country.
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is the state holding valuable assets you are not aware of? we had tell you how to
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the new electronic nail care system from amopé. love every step. . >> welcome back. with he starting this half-hour with a look at our weather with meteorologist frances dinglason, who is in for lisa argen this morning. good morning >> good morning. temperatures now in the 50s in san francisco nor the women's nike half-marathon but cooler in napa. only 48 degrees there. we have a much cooler start this morning compared to 24 hours ago. especially in napa where it's 1s fog there, as well. visibility is limited. elsewhere holding steady around the bay but you notice it's cooler everywhere else in the east bay and the south bay. a beautiful shot from emeryville looking out toward the day bridge. here's what you can expect for today. it's going to be slightly cooler
5:31 am
than what we would expect for this time of year. inland areas reaching the mid-70s to near upper 70s and along the coast the clouds stay throughout the day. especially in the morning. but by this afternoon we will hit the upper 60s and then look for 60 to low 70s around the bay. a warmup coming, and i'll let you know when and how much it's going to warm up. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. this morning speculation about v. p. joe biden's future. he is under increasing pressure to declare his intentions about a run for the white house. so far he has kept the nation guessing. abc news reporter richard cantoo has the story. >> vice president joe biden was in new york city to receive a humanitarian award. >> tonight is an overwhelming honor. >> but mr. bide evan won no prize for full disclosure, keeping his political intention
5:32 am
as mystery. at one point joke. >> i can be anything i wanted to be. [laughter] >> the v. p. jogging past cameras in delaware saturday morning, making a stop at his grand daughter's cross-country meet before heading to new york. the country's number two man still not saying if he will join the campaign to succeed his boss. and so far president obama is also staying mum. >> you can direct those questions to my brave vice president. >> but many supporters and even hillary clinton have pushed for an answer. >> there does come a point a decision has to be made. >> his inner circle sent out an e-mail describing the campaign he would run. but is this a sign in. >> i think he's closer getting into it. his staff wouldn't be having those meetings unless he was getting rod ready to get into the race. >> but hillary clinton's may have kept him out of the ring with her impressive showing in tuesday's debate. >> i'm not taking a back seat to anybody! >> his brother said he's having
5:33 am
a dialogue between his head and his heart, a dialogue that may or may not end in a run for the white house. a bp c news, new york. >> this morning on "this week" presidential candidates bernie sanders and ben carson will discuss their campaigns in the race for the white house. and iraq war veterans will talk about president obama's decision to drop plans to withdraw troops from afghanistan. you can catch it hear on abc7 at 8:00 this morning. police in florida are looking for a suspect who opened fire at the zombie contest last night. one person was killed, four injured. it happened just before midnight in ft. myers. the annual event draws more than 20,000 fans dressed as zombies. the zombie facebook page said organizers are saddened by the news and the organization takes the safety of its patrons very seriously. a 75-year-old instructor is
5:34 am
being credited with saying a group of children electric a knife-wielding man. army veteran james vernon was coping a chess game at a public library in illinois when he said the man barged into the building, threatening to kill earn. vernon sprang into action. at first he tried talking the man out of hurting anyone. >> settle down, relax a little bit. i'll listen to you while these kids get out of the room. >> vernon succeeded at getting the kids out of the library, but the 19-year-old man then lunged at him, cutting his left hand. he used his other arm to disarm the man and held him until the police arrived. the army vet had require surgery to repair from severed arteries and tendons. he said he will be okay. he only needs one arm to keep playing chess. >> police in monterey are
5:35 am
looking for the person who vandalized a statue. someone be headed a statue of sarah that is located on the grounds of the monterey presidio. a statue of say row located at the carmel mission was also defaced last month. sarah was canonized by pope francis during his visit to the u.s. last month. this is among the most tragic mistakes a parent could ever make, leaving a child in a hot car, especially on a warm day. now a local inventor is selling a device to prevent that. it's being manufactured right here in the bay area. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> if you are notice there's a temperature inside and outside the car. >> on a sunny, october day marty gave a sobering demonstration. inside the car it climbed to 10. >> when children are left in the car, they parrish within an hour or two of being left. >> it's a story that made
5:36 am
headlines too many times >> i couldn't believe that i would forget my own son. how am i going to tell my husband that i killed his son? >> i keep seeing these tragedies happen this the united states. we basically lose a child every nine days. >> so in the spirit of silicon valley, she wanted to do something about it remember thank you for coming. i really appreciate it. >> the company is called "i remind." >> the car sensing pad goes under the car seat. >> it can tell when you turn the baby into the seat and turns on a tiny transmitter. >> it turns out and saves power when the seat is empty? >> exactly right. >> the battery lats for two years, sending a signal to your i-phone, and you will never know it's there unless you forget your child and walk off. >> unlike a text message or phone call, you will find this one pretty difficult to ignore. it keeps ringing. doesn't stop. it won't stop until you get back in arm's reach of your child, and you don't need an i-phone. >> these are the key fobs. >> it comes in one of these.
5:37 am
>> often time it's a caregiver or a grandparent so they might not be up on the latest technology. >> sold for 99 bucks in amazon. it's not made in china. >> we look forward to help the innovators in san jose. >> for her it made sense. it's her home. jonathan bloom, a. about. c7 news. >> i hope that helps. well, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed property in the country. and some of it, could it belong to you? state governments are using more than $40 billion in unclaimed property to patch their budget holes. california has $28.5 million on its list. some of the money can come from paychecks of that been forgotten , or people forgot to cash. you can find out if you have unclaimed property by making a claim online and mailing it to the state. we have links to the site on
5:38 am still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, smartphones and sleep. it turns out our favorite gadgets may be to blame. the simple solution to this high-tech problem. and here's a live look from our emeryville cam, showing you the lights of the bay bridge. one day of fall-like weather this week, today. what's in store for the rest of the week? frances dinglasan is along shortly with the full abc7
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>> an el nino may be bringing more than rain to california. the weather pattern may be the reason for a poisonous beach washing up on a street in ventura county. it's the yellow bellied sea snake. it's the first time in years it has been in california, also during an el nino season. they say the el nino is warming up water temperatures in the pacific ocean. snakes and things like that. >> maybe the snake is a preview to more wet weather. we can use it. we have low clouds coming in from the coast. and it's a cooler day, but enjoy it because things are going to warm up again this week. i'll let you know when. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, the warriors
5:42 am
preseason game against the lookers was discontinued before the fourth quarter to a course of boos. mike shumann tells us why officials called the game early. that's coming up in take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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>> in sports it's a rematch of the super bowl with the 49ers struggle with the 1-4 record. kickoff 1:25 this average. raiders are on a bynum week. later today the cubs will try to even their national league championship series against the mets. last night new york beat chicago in game one of the nlcs. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's
5:45 am
sports. >> good morning. baseball top of the order. game one of the nlcs between two teams who have not been regular. the cubs, it's been 70 years since they won the pennant in 1945. and the mets haven't wop in 20 years. first pitch. players bundled up as temperatures in the 40s. top of five, a similar to left. bad idea. throws it to travis arnoux. the game stays tied. bottom of the sixth. travis arnoux at the plate. knocked the offering into dead center. 3-1 mets. and ends 4-2. game two is this afternoon. kansas city hosting toronto. toronto takes the 3-0 lead in the sixth.
5:46 am
troy is thinking lighter. the royals put together a big seventh. down 3-2. he gets it into right field. gets waved around. the throw home is offline. tied at 3. two outs now. still in the 7th. rolls to the wall. 4-3, k.c.. scored five in the frame. k.c. takes a 2-0 lead with the 6-3 victory. your san jose sharks looking to start the season a perfect 5-0 hosted by the new york islanders lander in brooklyn. san jose played last night. the islanders scored 21 seconds in. 21 seconds later joe thornton a perfect pass, his first career goal. 2-1, sharks. every time the sharks scored, the islanders answered. third period. dylan takes a poor angle, allowing okposo to go right to the front of the net. his second of the year. sharks allowed two goals. they were 6-3 but now 4-1.
5:47 am
lakers and warriors playing in san diego. the game was marked by wet spots on the floor. players were constantly slipping, which cause serious slipping. curry slipped but still gets up and buries it. late in the third another slip and the coaches decide the court not in good enough win so the lakers win the shortened game, 85-70, the final. round three. local flavor creeping up the leaderboard. eats tee it up. head on the swivel. mcilroy, and bounces off the leg. got to be ready. patrick roemers. the putt to get to 11-under. and a tie for second briefly. andrew luke had the long birdie on 18 for a course record 62 in round three. settle for 63. a minus 13. just one back of the leader
5:48 am
brenden steel. the roger is five back going into today's final round. that's the way the ball bounces. 49ers and ravens today at levi's stadium many all highlights tonight right here on abc7. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> frances, people in san francisco were having dinner outside last night. that tells you how incredibly warm it's been. >> it's been unusual but things are going to feel like fall today. in fact a little bit below normal for temperatures this around. although it will still be pleasant if you are headed to the 49ers game. right now live doppler 7hd shows us low clouds coming in from the coast. this are some returns out there but so far no reports of any run at this point. we had trace amounts yesterday. and san francisco, sfo, you see right now some clear skies over parts of the bay. san francisco it's currently
5:49 am
60 degrees. oakland 62. mountain view and san jose at 57. morgan hill 60 and half moon bay at 61. golden gate bridge camera. the difference is no fog. and that's making it a bit cooler in many areas this morning. in santa rosa it's 52. napa has had visibility limited to less than a mile. and only 48 degrees there right now. novato 54. fairfield at 56 degrees. and concord at 58. livermore 60 degrees. here you see some of those low clouds from the exploratorium camera looking up toward the transamerica tower. here's what you can expected to. we do have some lower clouds but it will mainly be partly cloudy this afternoon. although temperatures will certainly feel like fall. and then enjoy it because warmer air arrives tuesday and we will see some very warm temperatures midweek. unfortunately looking dry into next weekend. so here's what's going on. we have our satellite radar image. this area of low pressure.
5:50 am
right any it's anchored off north he were california. this is what brought us the trays of rain yesterday. as it moves through this afternoon, we could see a spotty shower possible in the very northernmost area of napa county. and then, of course, this is what is going to continue to bring the threat of rain through the central valley of fresno and even southern california. highs today, though, main will i in the 70s. the warmer spots will be inland at antioch at 77. san jose 72. oakland 71 degrees. and near 70 for the berkeley street festival. 66 in san francisco for the mission street festival. it will be cloudier at the coast. you will definitely need to have an extra layer handy. if you are headed to the day today, kickoff time for the 49ers it will be near 67 and then warming up to the low 70s. you will need the sunscreen, as well.
5:51 am
highs today around california with a threat of thunderstorms in southern california, los angeles at 77 degrees. and only 56 in tahoe with showers likely, as well. in parts of northern california. lows tonight mainly in the 50s. we could see little bits of drizzle at elevations by the coast. 67 in oakland tonight and in san jose. here's a look at the week ahead. i told you about this warmup. right any we are going to be below average in san jose. then notice tuesday we will be above average, in the low 80s through the rest of the work week. looking dry into next weekend. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you will see that pattern, as well. upper 80s for inland areas. near 80s around bait and 70s along the coast midweek. enjoy the fall feeling with a little bit of the clouds mixed in today. things will change once again. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, frances. do you have trouble sleeping? your computer or smartphone may be partially to blame.
5:52 am
now there's a through type of glass that is could help protect you from the side effects of the blue screens. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings takes a closer look. >> spending hours in toronto of a glowing screen can definitely strain your eyes. but could a specific wavelength of that light actually disrupt your sleep? >> this is a blue light. with the regular glass us see the blue light going straight through it. >> he's with the japanese eyewear maker which just opened their first start in san francisco. their glasses are designed to limit the amount of blue light reaching the eye. the theory is that the bluish light affect our bodies in the same way as day light. >> there's a cell within your retina that captures blue light and makes your body activate it. >> he said study in japan and elsewhere have hinged it to sleeplessness and the lower level of melatonin. >> it's harder to get sleep. >> the filter blocks at least
5:53 am
25% of the blue light spectrum. other brands are also appearing on the market. still, some experts believe more studies are needed on the long-term benefits. this doctor chairs the department of willmology. >> glasses like this are growing in popularity. all in an effort to keep technology in better balance with our body's natural rhythm. cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> up next, the fabulous feast. a rare treat for homeless people in a northern california city. why they were able to dine in one of s
5:54 am
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so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $80 million
5:56 am
power ball draw. no one got all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $90 million. new this morning, a groom got cold feet and called off his wedding. but the bride-to-be's wedding still turned it into a night she would never forget. instead of cancelling the $35,000 night. they invited sacramento's homeless for a meal in one of the city's finest hotels. many came with their families, giving their kids a rare night out. the family said the night that was supposed to be about them was happily won that cares for others. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, a car drives off the santa cruz municipal wharf with two people inside. we will have the latest. and thousands are about to race through the streets of san francisco. it's already caused many street closers. the areas you will want to
5:57 am
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. >> good morning, everybody. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 18th. let start with a quick look at the weather. we have meteorologist frances dinglason in for lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures on the cool side right now. especially in parts of the north bay where it's only 50 in santa rosa, 50 napa, and visibility has dropped in napa to less than a mile with some fog. also 60 in san francisco for the nike half-marathon runners. it's going to get


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