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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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busy 880. the car pool lane should be opening soon. here is the view from sky 7. this new car pool lane stretches southbound 880 near the oakland coliseum to marina boulevard in san leandro. it will connect with an existing car pool lane so you can take it all the way to milpitas. >> 880 is the busiest arteries in the bay area, the rain north-south commute route in the east bay. weapon we give people an option of something other than solo commuting it will ease congestion for everyone. >> they hoped to open it yesterday but the straining company was not available to put the finishing touches on it. they are hoping to get it open by 5:00 this morning. it will be a relief for drivers saying the three mile stretch if you hop and the car pool lane should save you a maximum of five minutes on the commute. those hours are from 5:00 to
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9:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 7:00 it is 4:32. breaking overnight in san francisco, one person is dead and another seriously hurt after a car crash on highway 101 shut down all southbound lanes near 3rd street. the sig-alert has been lifted and remark is moving again. c.h.p. said officers closed off the area after people called 9-1-1 to report an object, possibly a body, blocking the highway southbound lanes at 11 o'clock last night. two cars were involved in the accident and one person in one vehicle sustained major injuries. >> crews are working on shoring up an overpass before interstate 880 after a guardrail and fence fell on the freeway causing a pileup. the pass happen snarled traffic in the evening commute at 23rd avenue in oakland. two people went to the hospital. they are expected to refer. fall were metal triggered eight
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vehicles to crash. traffic was closed both directions for four hours. >> happening today, the supervisors will consider to competing resolutions on immigration, after an un documented immigrant shot kate steinle in july. one calls on the sheriff not to participate in the deportation program requiring law enforcement to notify immigration authorities when certain immigrants are released. the competing resolution asks him to stop preventing the staff from giving federal immigration agents information about detainees. >> instructors are not in class when students arrive at city college of san francisco this morning. instead, hundreds of then will walk the picket lane. it is not a strike. teachers will oppose a planned 26 percent reduction in classes and programs and job cuts of
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nearly 25 percent at ccfs. the agent say they extend 92 cents of every dollar on salaries and benefits for instructor has is not sustainable. tickets start at 8:00 a.m. and the profit will last an hour. >> the marin county trail where a well-known yoga instructor was killed could be renamed in his away. the 6-year-old steve carter was shot and killed while hiking with his dog in fairfax october 5. there have been 20 requests to rename gun shot fire road near where his body was found, to the steve cater -- carter trail and there will be request for other names until december 1. three drifters have been arrested in the death and the death of a canadian woman slated to be pack in court in marin county on monday. >> the shaking continues this only for folks in the east bay what have seen more than 200 minor counties in less than a week. the most recent took place after
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2:00 this morning, a 2.2 magnitude earthquake but all the on and yellow dots from the u.s. geological survey show how many the san ramon and danville area have seen, 232 in the past seven days. all mostly centered between osage park, 680 and crow canyon. there was a 3.earthquake yesterday at 4:30 people. this is not unusual. >> we should be concerned because we do not know when the next large earthquake is going to happen. we do know from the past events that have not led to a large damaging egg. >> previous earthquakes formed in the area lasted 30 to 40 days. we can certainly expect more. we have a list of resources and tips to prepare for any time of disaster including earthquakes. go to you can look for "prepare norcal ," low goal. >> a massive sink hope re-opened
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in union city and it was filled in yesterday. officials say there is a lot work to be done at the intersection of alvarado manufactured and new haven street. it grew to 35' by 40' and crews replaced out to the lines before they could fill the hole. officials do not know what caused it to develop but they hoped to have the street again tomorrow. >> the turf as leaf stadium is making headlines for the wrong reasons. open sunday, ravens kicker tucker slipped on the turf while trying a field goal and his holder grabbed the turf to show how loose it was. levi stadium opened last year at a cost of $1.3 billion and is set to host the super bowl. the 49ers have replaced the grass five times and have "no comment," on this latest issue. >> republican presidential candidate jeb bush is in the bay area today attending fundraisers. he was last in the bay area in
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july. he arrived in an uber car. this time, the son of one president and where of another president, will stop for a private event hosted by a technical entrepreneur and head to a home of a money manager. he is having a tough time getting traction against ben carson and donald trump. >> we check with meteorologist mike nicco to see how the day is starting out. mike? >> starting off cooler with the blue on the map. it is seven degrees cooler in oakland and same in san jose and eight in livermore and a few areas are warmer including san jose at file degree warmer n san francisco, west portal is the cool spot at 57. ocean beach at 58. crissy field and mission district and young bayview and sunny side at 59. through the ferry building, 62 and glen park is the warm spot at 63 and the financial district is 60. pacifica is 58 degrees, check out palo alto is 51, and you want to dress warmer this and santa clara at 52 and pleasanton and walnut creek at 54 and
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american canyon is a first spot in the 40's at 48 degrees. walnut creek is clear outside as we look south on 680 and inland east bay is the warm spot at 86 followed by the north bay at 85. south by at 82. east bay at 80 and san francisco at 77 degrees. it look like glass and high pressure is on top of us with the by very calm and temperatures are running in the mid-to-upper 80s the next three days around the bay and inland and 70s at the coast. the weekend forecast is remaining up. >> here is a look at the north bay the drive on 101 holding away from the audit to clearships up to the valley it is clear going. not finding any delays up to the golden gate bridge. look at that, lovely. no fog. heading over to the east bay, i want to show you construction that is around until 6:00 and this is going to close down the ramp between westbound 580 to northbound 680 so what out that the ranch is closed until that final and that could cause
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delays and we saw quite a heavy traffic buildup yesterday morning so hand ahead no that and give yourself extra time. that is a look at traffic building out of tracy over the altamont pass and define tracy to dublin it will take you 38 minutes. >> thank you, leyla, time to take a journey back to galaxy take a journey back to galaxy far, far away. >> this a clip of the new star "star wars" movie "the force awakens." it was posted on twitter yesterday, with the longer clip aids during half time of monday night football with more on the big issue that the fans face, forcing them look long lines. the star "star wars" franchise
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is owned by disney which is our parent company. >> the star wars craze is out of the galaxy with insane gesture a super fan made so his friends could enjoy opening day. our c.i.a. chief john brennan hacked by a teenager? we hear from the alleged culprit we hear from the alleged culprit .
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 442. oscar pistorius has been released usually from prison in south africa and now is under house arrest. oscar pistorius shot and kills his girlfriend in 2013 and said he mistook reeva steenkamp for an intruder. a judge sentenced him to five years in prison for manslaughter oscar pistorius will spend four years of the sentence under house arrest. the family spokesperson said that there will be strict government supervision for the athlete. >> family will support oscar the reminder of the he will adhere strictly to the conditions of the parole board and corrections. >> the prosecutors in the case appealed the verdict of manslaughter and will seek a murder conviction on november 3rd. >> the hacker who claims do have
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broken into the a.m. account of the c.i.a. drew said he posed as a verizon worker to get the personal information. he allegedly a high school student posted documents online including a list of e-mail addresses claiming to be from c.i.a. director brennan's contact list. reports state hacker tricked verizon employees into giving the information and was able to get aol to reset the password. >> if this is true and it is true you have broken into the private e-mail account, how pivotal is this? out of ten? >> one. >> the f.b.i. and secret service are pursuing the hacker and are investigating another claim he said he got into a private account will homeland security security jeh johnson. >> this could be the day vice president paid were may tell us if he is take the plunge and running for president. our reporter has the latest from washington, dc. >> good morning, still in word
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from v.p. biden but he is under intense pressure to make a decision as to whether he will jump into the race norment. >> will he or not gin the presidential race? that still the biggest question looming over vice president biden. >> this is intensely personal decision for anyone. he understands the timing pressure but he will make a decision when he is prepared to make it. >> everyone but paiden is weighing in on the decision. on the republican side, donald trump versus bush, trump suggested that george w. bush was to blame for 9/11 and bush stepping in to defend his brother. >> a brand new poll has donald trump and ben carson neck and neck at the top, and marco rubio is next but, still, several points behind. >> polling on the democratic side shows voter thinks hillary clinton is a stronger leader than biden but the vice president is more likable. bid were recently sat down with potential supporters and democrats in early primary states but we should hear a
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decision from him any day now. the vice president has a perfect opportunity to announce the intentions today. he is taking part in a forum in washington, dc, honoring former vice president mondale. we could know what he will do before the morning is up. >> and another attack of heavy showers causing a flood advisory to be issued for the entire los angeles basin hitting during the evening commute dropping an inch of water in downtown alone. look at those pictures, caused by both the showers and the backed up drainage systems. officials hope to open by thursday a stretch of freeway that is closed by massive mudslides. >> if you hit the sack without taking a look outside, this is what you missed. look at that. how gorgeous the noon was, experts say the moon is in a crescent phase and a from time
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to check owe the features on the surface. it almost looks like it was know n as a photoshop photo. >> almost. because it is so perfect. >> good news for los angeles, the rain has moved on. that will affect our weather. the warming trend is on its way. you will not notice stepping out this morning, put the umbrellas away and get the sunglasses out. hoodies to t-shirts is what the kids will wary. you can see from our roof camera how the flags are blowing not so strongly and they blow to the west after a cool beginning we have a warm ending and it will be warmer-than-average all week and into the weekend, the cooling trend backing off just a little bit as the wet weather for next week now is starting to take a little bit of a jog to the north.
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not good news as far as needing rain. >> a light and variable wind, up to five miles per hour or nonexistent. they are starting to change direction as the low pulls away from southern california, heavy rain today, and that is in arizona, utah, colorado, new mexico and all the way up to wyoming. for us the high pressure will roll in and we will see what it does to our temperatures, we will start in the south bay, 80 in san jose and milpitas to los gatos at 84 and gilroy at 85. it will be in the mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae and san mateo and flirt with 80 elsewhere on the peninsula, and hang in the upper 60s to low 70s along the coast, with mid-to-upper 70s downtown and 77 south san francisco and 76, sauce lady, 77, warm throughout the north bay valley and mid-80s and not much of a spread, 83 to 86 degrees along the another bay shore a few areas barely hanging on to the soviets, berkeley, newark, and union city, were else at 80 to 82 and oakland at
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81 and your inland east bay neighbor, 86, san ramon, pleasanton, concord and pittsburg, and fairfield at 85, and 87 in pleasanton, the warm spot, good news, it will cool significantly tonight but for in the hills frill stay in the 60s the rest of the us are in the 50s and maybe in the 40s in the north bay valley. my seven-day forecast shows high pressure we usually have stagnant weather, no "spare the air" days but temperatures are holding wednesday, thursday and friday and a little deficit heat out of the system saturday and sunday and monday but, still, warmer-than-average temperatures. we will see if there are hotspots in the commute. >> so far, so good, 30 bart trains running on time with no delays reported for ace strain or a.c. transit and we take you to the south bay, and that is all of the roads that lead in and out of san jose, santa clara, and everything is looking clear and accident free. you are making the drive up to the san jose airport at 62 miles per hour, continuing in the northbound direction at mountain
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you have, no delays, 280, too, a from job leaving downtown san jose to make it to cupertino, or heading both northbound and southbound along highway 85, 17, 87. we have construction and this will last until further notice, northbound highway 101 if you travel through coyote, they are going to do some construction here and you are beginning do have intermitently block averages so you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes if you make it into the area headed northbound toward san jose so it could slow things down certainly right new, it is very early in the commute and we are not finding the delays. we have a report of a new bumper-to-bumper accident and this is over the altamont pass not blocking any lanes but more details straight ahead. >> star wars fan, overwhelmed several website and tickets go on sale. >> here is the tech bytes this morning. >> demand for tickets to the upcoming star wars movie breaking the internet. >> the tickets supposed to go on sale after the new trailer aired
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last night but they started selling thole early and the website crashed as the word spread. >> google is looking for the next picasso with a winning doodle gracing the google page with a $30,000 scholarship opened to those in kindergarten through 12th. a new scooter is end whats free that can reach speed of up to 10 minute. it is expected to go on sale in china next month with a retail price of $314. >> hello, santa! >> those are doing bite -- tech bytes. >> we know when the apple cd is going on sale. >> and you will do a double take behind this electric site. >> if you are headed out the door take us with you with the
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>> welcome back, the obama administration is admitting fine tuning to the government's health insurance website could be delayed. at issue is a feature that allows consumers to find out if a particular health plan covers
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their prescription drug with enrollment in two weeks. a spokesperson said the improvements will be launched when the white house is confident the data accurate and validated. >> mark your calendars, the apple c.e.o. said apple will take orders for the updated apple tv in just six days october 16 at the end of the week. the new apple tv i has siri built in and you can ask to find a tv program or movie and there will be its own app store with starting price at $150 for the 32gig model. >> you talked how the moon looked photoshopped. stop way doing and look at the tv. >> you have seen close calls in the sky with airplanes and mother nature but nothing like this. a storm chaser in australia was shooting a jet as it came to land at the airport. the middle of a lightning storm.
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watch what happened. did you see this? a bolt of lightning strikes the plane and runs front to back and it is packed with passengers. look at that you can see how close it really, really, really was. the dramatic near miss if you can call it that happened in the middle of a severe thunderstorm wanting when two people were struck by lightning on the ground. people reported some flights delayed until the storm passed. >> tell me, planes are built to withstand that, right, even if it did strike? >> indeed. usually you are not grounded. that is important. >> do you want to weigh in, mike? >> i will say something... >> love that. 75 in san diego, 81 in los angeles, and why want people like kristen to feel i am weird.
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75 in fresno and 85 in sacramento and 58 in lake tahoe. we will look at the tropics and finally to the hot weather, the hurricane and the gusts of 185 miles per hour. watch as it nears the big island. it starts to take a right hand turn. it is heading north. that is great news for hawaii. dangerous rip currents will congress out of that. it will be warmer this afternoon so have the sunglasses. >> we going to tack about the bay bridge toll plaza. we are taking a few more cars, coming from the macarthur maze to san francisco. if you have to pay cash you are going to be waiting behind a few extra vehicles. we have construction and this has re-opened. you probably heard that 880 was shut down last night in both directions. at the 23rd avenue overcrossing because the debris
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fell. it is 4:56 and as we told you earlier the new star "star wars" preview was released yesterday and a fan in nevada wanted to get all of best seats for the movie. >> they are committed. the group say "the force," compelled them to stand in line for hours in never. the founder purchased 175 tickets so he and the fellow geeks can enjoy fantasy to the fullest. >> we with go out as a crew and fill 9 theater with costumes and people crying and screaming and waving because they are so excited. >> 2,800 tickets were sold in a few hours for the december 18 debut. >> popular restaurant in downtown san jose shut down. what authorities say sickened dozens of people. >> marin county taking a step to opening medical marijuana
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dispensaries. >> a quick break. >> a quick break. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good tuesday morning to you. i am eric thomas. >> i am christian christian. it is tuesday. better than monday. now, the weather forecast. mike? >> yes, everyone, nice to see you on this tuesday morning. a lack of clouds across most of our neighborhood and look along the cost we


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