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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good tuesday morning to you. i am eric thomas. >> i am christian christian. it is tuesday. better than monday. now, the weather forecast. mike? >> yes, everyone, nice to see you on this tuesday morning. a lack of clouds across most of our neighborhood and look along the cost we have fog.
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also, at ccfs the golden program -- rams, and temperatures are cooler. maybe you need a heavier coat for the kids. it will be warmer this afternoon, and with dry air, and a ton of sunshine in the mid-60s and mid-70s and at 4:00, mid-70s, and mid-80s inland. leyla? >> good morning, everyone. starting off at 5:00:01 and a look at the golden gate bridge you will notice we have three lanes in the southbound direction so we have these lanes in the northbound direction and that is going to remain this way athlete until further notice. there was a mechanical problem with a zipper trucks. normally when we have four lanes in the southbound direction, but not this morning in the commute, until it is fixed, it will be three lanes in both directions. as we move over to the altamont pass, we do have a little fender bender on the shoulder and
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slowing, really heavy out of tracy. >> nearly a dozen people went to the hospitals in the south bay, some of them in intensive care after food poisoning, folks believe they tracked down the source, a seafood restaurant. matt keller has more from san jose. matt? >> mariscos gets decent reviews on yelp but several people are reporting they got sick after eating here last week. as you check out the sign right here were at front window, it is official they are closed down until further notice. the health department said they received 30 reports of people getting sick and half are confirmed that 11 intensive care unit and there is a possibility that someone on the staff may have spread a bacteria which is similar to salmonella. >> my husband contacted the
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owner yesterday and the owner was very rude and told my husband that we must have had something the night before or during the week. >> the centers for disease control said most people infected with this disease develop diarrhea and stomach cramp as day or two later. it usually resoxes itself in five to seven days the health department said they did not have previous violations. it was given the all clear at the rest inspection with a passing grade. >> thank you, the racketeering and murder solicitation trail of raymond "shrimp boy" chow is now set for november 9. a federal judge in san francisco delayed the trial by a week because his attorney was not available. the former gang leader was one of 29 people infighted last year in a wide ranging investigation that included organized crime charges again most defendants
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and political corruption charges against four state senator lee. we are looking at san francisco lee right there, the trial is expected to last two months. >> in the south by, a 24 -year-old cat killer is expected back in court in december to enter a plea after cat lovers and activists packed the hearing. >> let me just ask you to raise your hand if your cat is missing or you know someone whose cat is missing? >> we are outside the santa clara county courthouse as the reporter talked to people for the case of robert farmer accused of stealing and killing cats. >> cats lives matter. we are here to support all of the community. >> police found farmer asleep if his car with a dead cat. the new attorney argued that he need more time to look at the evidence. faxer is the transient son of a retireed san jose police
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captain. >> a man suspected of slashing car tires in an apartment community is due in court. 35-year-old brandon thompson is charged with vandalism because the damage is more than $5,000. san leandro police say thompson targeted cars at the parkside economies complex on 143rd avenue. he has family members would live in the complex. residents are asking property managers to benefit up security. >> retail pot stores could be a fact of life in marin after the board of supervisors meeting. they say marin county needs four medical marijuana outlets. public commentary is held at 9:30 and the supervisors are expected to sign off. two shops are on highway 101 and the others in central and west marin. taxi drivers in san francisco are facing drug test. it depends on what the board decides at the meeting today.
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americans scheduled to take up the drug testing policy. the proposal does not make an exception for medical marijuana. if the proposal passes the local industry could lose hundreds of drivers to uber and lyft. both companies do not drug test drivers. >> facebook will let you know the next time a government sponsored hacker goes after your personal information. you will receive a notification if they suspect your account is under attack. the site said she constantly monitor user accounts for potential lima luscious activity >> now, mike? >> it is cooler. we will get the computer up here and running and 61 park, 50 in american canyon, and 60 in tiburon for the warm spot. and fold by vallejo at 59. notice the temperatures are not
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so cool as yesterday but the rest of us are definitely cooler from san francisco at 60 to men 52 and 53 in cupertino, lafayette at 54 and newark and san jose at 55. again, we will talk about what is going to happen today. we will have upper 60 to mid-70s at the coast. we are going do have mid-70s to low 80s an the bay. and low-to-mid 80s inland. we will say low-to-upper 80s from the north bay to inaround east bay neighborhood. tomorrow, 76 in san francisco and the rest of us in the 80s again and we could see a pull back with the wind shifting on thursday but mainly in the 70s and 80s and then we will have another surge of mainly 80s for friday outside the peninsula in san francisco. a little bit of a roller coaster, above a, through the weekend. leyla? what are you working on? >> not frozen. that is good. 101 near 880 when we see frozen
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traffic, bumper-to-bumper is not what we like. this is what we like, a great drive to the san jose airport southbound traffic has no delays, and i will get to your drive through oakland and last night, terrible, terrible accident because of falling debris at the 23rd avenue overcrossing shut down northbound and southbound 880 and it is re-opened and we are looking at top speeds in the morning and southbound direction so good news for commuters much the drive time traffic is busy. over the a pat, 55 minutes to get you from >>trace: and 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard, 15 minutes and highway 80 nobody, to cupertino, it will take you 20 minutes. >> an expanding investigation into the volkswagen emission in america's money. >> a brazen art heist in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood middle of a wealthy neighborhood when a a mansion.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> if you details this morning on a brazen art heist in the middle of a wealthy san francisco neighborhood a man claimed to have purchased the multimillion dollar man was actually ransacking the place instead. alan wang report was led to his capture. >> an art heist in broad daylight from an his tock home of san francisco. neighbors called police to this mansion on washington and maple in presidio lilts where officers confronted a 39-year-old. >> he produced a document saying he was going to be the owner to house and was in the process. >> police arrested him before he sold another piece of art crated and ready on go. he had already sold often other pieces, all valued at more than $300,000. >> it is more sophisticated than the average squatter. >> he sold the art to pawnshops
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and social media during the weekend stay at the $17.9 million mansion. >> it is it from being. though could walk into your house. >> the 14 bedroom 11 bathhouse has been vacant for years and it is not clear who owns the home and police will not say would occupies the art. >> in this instance this has been a disassociation between the ownership of the property and someone who has a responsibility for doing something with it. >> detectives tracked down nine stolen pieces but they are still looking for two more in san francisco. >> one of the more bizarre criminal trials if san francisco could be over today. a man is scheduled to be sentenced in a federal courtroom the subject of an abc7 investigation convicted of five charges including mail fraud and escape in may. he refused to pay for $11 million of art from a new york dealer that was caught on surveillance video escaping from the courthouse. he served as the own attorney
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and cited for contempt could be sentenced to over 70 years in prison. in japan the first case of cancer connected with the fukushima plant, the ex excel employee was in his 30's and got leukemia, part of the massive recovery and cleanup after the disaster. the environmental critic say tainted water from fukushima is dumped into the ocean and the operator is building an ice barrier an the state and delayed in doing so. >> espn is reporting that former nba player lamar odom has been transferred to a southern 8:00 hospital. we have new photos of odom inside the nevada brothel where he was found, published online. one picture he is sitting up with a battle of water. the second shows odom sleeping
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or unconscious. he was hospitalized in critical condition but is recovering. the brothel. employees saw them drink alcohol and take supplements that were herbal viagra. >> those are pictures people want to say and they say, well, maybe i should not see them. but he is getting better, in any case. >> now, the kids need a jacket. >> we have temperatures that are cooler this morning, so, yes, heavier coat is needed but it is one of those days you have to containing your wardrobe and go from a hoodie, to possibly short sleeves this afternoon. visibility improving hayward up to four and napa and petaluma up to ten and a little bit of fog along the coast that has not made it inland and south on
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it is 56 degrees and gonna has a wind at file miles per hour and it could be hazy as we head through the commute but i would not expect much in the way of thick fog. sunshine is going to rule our afternoon and then a armer ending. the highs will taper to the back half of my seven-day forecast and it is going to remain dry through the weekend, so do taught change plans. right now it has happened when you look at seven to ten days out and it is drifting to the north so that means it could be more dry next week. we. keep an eye on that. i am watching the low, in southern california, so there will be an offshore wind from the low and the high. that is why we are going to see the clouds out this along the coast chased away and another reason why you will be warm like the rest of us today. in fact, how about 80 in milpitas and san jose, and gilroy at 85, and afternoon
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sunshine at 79 in santa cruz, and temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s and warm on the peninsula, half moon bay is 69 and pacifica is 72, and daly city, colma, warmer at 73, and through the san bruno gap to south san francisco and brisbane at 76 and downtown, 77 degrees and not much in the way of dark clothes at lunch. we will have mid-to-upper 80s through most of the north bay and the upper 80s around cloverdale at 88 and 20 degrees cooler, but, still, pleasant and 68 at bodega. upper 70s berkeley and hayward and newark and everyone else around 80 and 82 with hercules the warm spot, and 82 degrees. as we head inland east bay enjoy the cool conditions this morning. by the afternoon hours we are in the mid-to-upper 80s. here is a look at my forecast for tonight. we are going to be warmer than this morning the fire danger is gone, and the winds will still be up in our higher elevations and you will see the yellow so
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above a thousand feet we will probably be in the 60s and still comfortable, and our hottest day is tomorrow, thursday, possibly open friday, around the bay and inland with 80 to nearly 90 and topping out at 70s on tomorrow and thursday and fall back interest 60 from friday to the weekend. hope you have a great day. how is the commute? >> hopefully we are going to have a spectacular commute. later in the commute, the san mateo bridge in the east bay, though, eastbound direction, you are going to run into some construction. that is going to last until look intermit. lanes are blocked from foster city boulevard up. in the westbound direction the drive is fantastic but we have a few extra cars. i-80 is at top speeds in and out of fairfield to cordelia interchange and i-80 through american canyon at top speed and 680 is clear southbound direction. northbound we still have green
5:19 am
but we also have construction here that will last until 6:00 from bay shore road northbound along 680 all the way to the cordelia interchange so with the lane block averages you want to slow for the cone zone and you want to give yourself a few extra minutes because it will gum up. here is to the south along 680 at 72 miles per hour through pleasant hill and walnut creek six minutes between concord and highway 24. to the south, along 80, walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes and 101 southbound santa rosa to san francisco, 52 minutes in the north bay and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains, 24 minute come -- commute. >> new details in the volkswagen emission scandal and how the company might have to compensate owners. >> the details in the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, mounting legal woes for volkswagen facing hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the remain inning cheating scandal and experts say it could be forced to buy back recalled cars altogether.
5:20 am
>> after a brief increase, gas prices dropping with the national average $2.20, 85 cent cheaper than this time last year. drivers in south carolina and new jersey pay under $2 a gallon. star "star wars" fanned wasted in time for the "force a trailer debuted during monday night football and it is a touchdown with begans with sales starting last night. demand is unprecedented, with this fan buying 175 tickets in nevada. >> that is america's money. >> you saw right here on abc7, >> you saw right here on abc7, the brand new review for the debut. >> the if you release stirred up
5:21 am
excitement among the fans and online ticket sellers were overwokeed. >> depressing. i told four or five different sites. i had no idea they were going on sale earlier. i was not prepared. >> many headed to the box office. in san francisco they started selling at 7:00 people and no better feeling than having the tickets in hand. to celebrate, december 128 -- december 18, 1,50 have been reserved so far so i am ready to go because i have my kids' lifesavers. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> polarizing issue of deportation. >> showing you the bay bridge
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toll plaza which is light for this time of the morning and you this time of the morning and you know it will jam up.
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>> it is 5:24. seven things to know before you go. breaking overnight in san francisco, investigators are looking into a crash that claimed one life and sent another person to the hospital. it hatched on southbound 101 and it shut down all lanes near 3rd street. it is believed that the victims with thrown from the car. >> a san jose seafood restaurant is closed for a while after 33 people reported getting ill after eating this, 11 were stricken so badly after dining in san jose at mariscos they were taken to the icu in an ailment similar to salmonella. >> cruise are shoring up an overpass after a fence fell on the freeway snarling traffic during the evening commute near
5:25 am
23rd avenue in oakland. two people went to the hospital and are expected to recover. >> and now a look at the golden gate bridge where the drive these lanes are open if both directions and this is due in part because the zipper truck unfortunately had a mechanical failure so until they get that up and running, do expect to see the three lanes stay the way they are and that could mean some extra traffic if you are headed in the southbound direction. >> most of us are waking up cooler this morning and look how we end, the warming trend begins at six to 12 degrees warmer-than-average and this is just the beginning. i will show you how hot color neighborhood is going to get. >> six, video of a traffic stop involving cleveland browns johnny manziel and the gulf said he hit her several times so she threw the wallet at the weapon. he was if rehab and admitted to
5:26 am
having a few drinks. >> stanford researchers will use google glass to help children with autism. when wearing the device they can recognize the emotions of the person they are look at. researchers will study 100 children during inhome treatments. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news when we run. >> including when presidential candidate jeb bush is in the bay area. >> a look outside for you, the embarcadero in san francisco, cooler temperatures as you wake up this morning and weather and up this morning and weather and traffic during
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today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me. which truck brand do you think offers best in class hd towing? ford. i would say the ram. ok, lets move to the second door. best v8 horsepower. the ram. i say ford on the v8. chevy. what about this year's motortrend truck of the year? chevy. what do you think? the ford. there's no reason why they shouldn't be. let's see how you did. oohh! that's the chevy silverado hd, the chevy silverado, and the chevy colorado. no way?! chevy, chevy, chevy. wow. that's a clean sweep. >> you are look at a live news conference in washington, dc, and that is congressman with several colleagues calling on the justice department to investigate the arrest of the 14-year-old high school student who was arrested after he brought a homemade clock to
5:29 am
school. let's listen. >> i thought, boy, this guy is going to be interesting, he has a great case. and during the short time he has been in the media, he and his family have shown great character by taking a negative experience and using it to raise awareness of religious, racial, and ethnic profiling in our country. what i first heard what happened to him my heart went out to him. no student should face that treatment and i am a schoolteacher, an administrator in schools for 30 years. i understand what should have happened and did not happen. his case has been amplified based on his faith and ethnicity and i was particularly proud to see the outpouring of support from the silicon valley district. seeing companies and the industries supporting ahmed and
5:30 am
extending invitations as the president did to visit our valley and their activities. in s veil we know that we are making stronger by diversity and workforce and our population and believe in a promise of religious freedom. it is what makes silicon valley the innovation capital of the world. as we raise aware if i hope that others across this country and an the world will follow suit. we must continue to raise aware ness. we cannot sweep acts like this under the rug and that is why i and 28 members of congress have called pop the attorney general to investigate the circumstances of this detention and arrest. i say that, circumstances of the dedense and -- of the detention and arrest. only then do we find solutions to ending discrimination in our society with this behavior. as many of you know, in the
5:31 am
morning of september 14 of this year, ahmed brought his homemade digital clock, homemade clock, to school so show his teachers. i would be excited as a school teen exercise someone came to classroom and showing signs that show the kind of gene -- the student has. he was met with suspicion and prejudice decision. later that morning, after being reported by the english teacher, the 14-year-old was removed in the class by the irving police officer and the principal. >> this is a news conference being held by san jose congressman mike honda talking about the arrest of mohammed, a student in texas, who built a homemade clock and went to school with it and was arrested weapon the teacher was worried. they are asking for a justice department investigation which is the point of the conference.
5:32 am
he has again on to do from things, visited the white house where president obama said it was a cool clock, visited silicon valley, got of google, face book, all offering him internships so his future looks bright but the case calls to attention the issue over ethnicity and faith as congressman honda mentioned in the news conference. >> the teacher thought it might be a bomb and some think he was targeted because of his muslim back group. now, what well see is what, mike? >> visibility around napa was down to 1.5 mile taken at the airport so american canyon looks like the baby leaking to you is at 780 and possibly 37, 29, all could be a little bit inundated with fog. hayward and half moon bay. we have changes in the forecast. we start off cool in the day
5:33 am
manner. we are in the mid-40's to upper 50s. by noon we are in mid-50s with increasing sunshine along the coast. 66 at the coast and 86 inland. you will still need a coat in the evening. >> we are waiting to see when the lights are turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks like they have but not yet. we have heavy conditions from the macarthur maze to san francisco so the entire stretch is going to take you approximately eight minutes and when the metering lights are turned on that will change and i will let you know. >> drive time traffic highway 4 antioch to heck cheese is 42 americans and the bulk of the traffic through antioch and i-80 westbound is 18 minutes and the south bay 87 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is eight minutes. >> happen now east bay commuters are still waiting on a new stretch of lane to open along busy interstate 880 stretching
5:34 am
from deck to san leandro was supposed to open yesterday and our reporter is along 880. amy? >> yes, they scheduled to open it at 5:00 a.m. so 30 minutes ago but we are lend how much confusion new lanes can create. the c.h.p. who enforces the car tool lane does not know if it is open and is trying to get ahead of caltran who is not answering the phone calls. right now c.h.p. is saying do not count on it. we do have a view of it so can you know what you are looking forward to, from sky 7 h.d. the new car pool lane stretches to marina boulevard in san leandro south 880. and san leandro it will connect with existing car pool lane. you can day in it until milpitas. officials say this is key to make a car pool lane work. the disadvantage of is not too
5:35 am
many, but there are not enough and they start and stop and start and stop. they are effective when they continue all the way through and that is when people see the advantage of the h.o.v. lane. it was not opened year because the striping company was not available to put the final town on it and now we are waiting for it to open this morning and we know caltran is excited about it and how they sometime the three mile stretch of car pool lane can take five minute off the commute but we are waiting for foil word it is open. the car pool hours are in place from 5:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. thanks, amy. break overmight in san francisco, one person is dead and another is seriously hurt after a car crash on highway 101
5:36 am
shut down all southbound lanes near 3rd street. the sig-alert has been lifted and traffic is moving. the c.h.p. said officers closed off the area after people called 9-1-1 to report an object possibly a body blocking the highway southbound lanes at 11 o'clock last night. investigators say two cars were involved in 9 accident and at least one person in one of the vehicles sustained major injuries. >> cruise are working on shoring up an overpass above interstate 880 after a guardrail and fence fell on the freeway last night causing a pileup. the mishap snarled traffic in the evening commute near 23rd avenue in oakland. two people went to the hospital. they are expected to refer. fallen metal triggered eight vehicles to crash. both directions were closed for four hours and all lanes re-opened before 10:30 opinion. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will consider two competing res including the controversial deportation program. this is after an undocumented immigrant said he shot a bay
5:37 am
area woman, kate steinle, to death in july. he said it was an accident. a resolution called on the sheriff not to participate in the deporting program which requires law enforcement to notify immigration authorities when certain immigrants are released. the competeing resolution asked the sheriff to stop preventing the staff from giving agents information of detainees. >> instructors are not in class when students arrive at city college of san francisco this morning. instead, hundreds of them will walk the pick account lynn. it is not a strategic. teachers will hold informational programing with job cuts of 25 percent of staff. the administration spend 92 cent of each dollar on salaries and boyfriends which is not sustainable. the pickets begin at 8:00 account profit will last an hour. >> the marin county trail where a well-known yoga instructor was
5:38 am
killed could be renamed in his honor. steve cart other was shot and killed while weeking with his dog in fair fact. there have been 20 requests to rename gunshot fire road near where carter's body was found to the steve cater trail. department said that it will take respects for other names physical december 1st. these drifters were arrested if his death and the debt of a canadian woman and will be back in court next week. >> folks in the east bay is seen more than 200 minor earthquakes if less than a evening. the most recent was half hour ago a 1.5 magnitude earthquake and this map from the u.s. geological survey shows how manyers have hit the san ramon danville area, 234 in the past seven days. mostly centered between 680 and crow canyon hit by several earthquakes yesterday including a 3.6 at 4:30.
5:39 am
this is not unusual. >> always be concerned because we do not know when the next large earthquake will happen. but we do know from past events they have not toledo a large damaging earthquake. >> previous earthquake swarms in the area lasted 30-40 days so we can expect more. >> we have a list of resources and tips to prepare for any type of disaster including earthquakes at look for "prepare norcal," logo. >> the street where a massive sinkhole opened up could re-open toll. sky 7 shows where crews filled the hole yesterday and officials say there is a lot of work to be done at the intersection of alvarado boulevard and new haven street and the sinkhole grew 35' to 40' and utility lines had to be replaced. officials do not know the cause but hope to have the street open, again, possibly by
5:40 am
tomorrow. >> the turf at levi stadium continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. ravens kicker on sunday slipped on the turf while attempting a field goal and the holder grabbed the turf to show how loose it was. levi stadium opened last year at at cost of $1.3 billion and will hold a super bowl this season. 49ers have replaced the grass five times and have "no comment," an this latest issue. >> we have comments on the weather issue. >> and the earthquakes. because it woke me up, and when it woke me up i got on twitter. a sign times. >> we have a two-degree difference on napa to cooler side otherwise the forth bay is warmer and the rest of us are in one to nine degrees cooler. along the east bay shore everyone in the mid-50s until you get to berkeley and alameda at 59, and richmond at 58 and el
5:41 am
sobrante at 57. across the bay we have 55 in san carlos and san jose at a 5 and los at 53 and concord and livermore at 55, and brentwood is 65, the warmer weather starting to creep in to our neighborhoods and that will be the big story today starting off cooler, but we end up warmer. walnut creek is 53 diagnosis -- degrees and total sunshine this afternoon, a few lingering clouds but san jose will have total sunshine this afternoon. upper 60 by friday, and mid-80s to increasely nine for the bay and inland neighborhoods. the weekend forecast is. coming up. here is the commute with the detailing. >> look at mass transit. a quiet start to the morning. bart has 44 trains running on time and ace train no delays, caltran no delays.
5:42 am
the metering lights are turned on with some gaps but it is slowing things down with the metering lights fund on. from the macarthur maze to san francisco it is closer to 15 minutes to get across. plan ahead. if san jose, this commute is very nice as you head beyond the tank i would recover to hear from those who went to the madonna concert. must have been a great time with traffic looking a little bit heavier coming interest downtown san jose at julian street southbound traffic nonexistent and drive time traffic an hour and 22 minutes. northbound 101 from 85 to the san jose airport is 13 minutes and if you are headed through daily surveillance, not a problem. >> now a journey back to a >> now a journey back to a galaxy far, far away.
5:43 am
>> you have taken this trip before, it is a clip of the new star wars movie and espn airs the new longer clip of the upcoming movie dug half time of monday night football. at the top of the hour we will is more on the big issue fans face forcing them into long lines. the star "star wars" 19 chinese -- franchise is owned by disney. >> the star "star wars" craze is out of the 9 the galaxy. >> c.i.a. chief john brennan hacked by a teen and we hear from the alleged culprit. from the alleged culprit. stay tuned.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:46. former olympian oscar pistorius has been released usually from prison in south africa and is currently under house arrest. oscar pistorius served a year in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, in 2013. he will spend four years of the
5:47 am
sentence under house arrest. he was moved to a mansion in pretoreia out of spotlight of the media camped outside the gates. a family spokesperson said there will be strict government supervision for the athlete. the prosecutors are appealing the manslaughter verdict and will re-try the case next month. >> the f.b.i. and secret service are pursuing hacks who broke into the e-mail accounts of the c.i.a. director and homeland security security secretary jeh johnson both hacked. sources say it does not appear brennan used the account for government business after becoming director and the johnson hack supposed a limit amount of information. a teenager is claiming to the hacker saying he posed as a verizon worker to get the personal information of brennan and reset the password. >> we have been saying for a while that vice president biden may announce today whether he is running for president. the reason it could be today is
5:48 am
because time is rung out. filing dead lanes for primaries are around the corner and biden has to amass a financial war chest from scratch. biden has been making digs at frontrunners, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. this morning he is attending a tribute to former vice president mondale and it could be the perfect time and venue to announce the decision. >> los angeles was hit with another attack of showers causing a flood advisory to be issued. the showers struck during the evening commute dropping 1" of water downtown. one area was underought caused by showers and the backed up drainage system. traffic officials say they still hope to open by thursday a stretch of freeway closed by massive put slights. >> what are the chances the system will move north and we will get action out of it? mike? >> sorry.
5:49 am
nothing. it is going to by us the offshore breeze that will help our warming trend of the right new i am watching the bank of fog. it is along the peninsula coast pushing through the san bruno gap to sfo and meeting a light and variable wind so it is not making a tremendous amount of progress to the east. hayward and oakland, both, blowing to sfo and sfo blowing toward hayward and oakland. right now the wind off the ocean is winning but not covering sfo. we will key an eye on it as you step around and there are delays. a cool going today but a warm ending and we will be warmer than average all week and it look like now we are flip-flopping the models with exactly where the storm track is going to be next week. right now it is moving back to the north unfortunately. and 80s in the south bay from milpitas and san jose at 8020 gilroy at 58 and 79 in santa cruz and upper 70s in millbrae
5:50 am
and redwood city south at 80 to 82 degrees and 69 at half moon bay and that is the cool spot along the coast, low-to-mid 70s elsewhere, and we will have mid-to-upper 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-80s throughout the north bay from 83 at petaluma and sonoma and vallejo at 85 and the east bay sure we have a spread from 78 in hayward to hercules at 82 and inland we will have 86 to 87 degrees, maybe 85 in pittsburg. notice we are staying warmer-than-average with 60s at the coast by friday, 70s around the bay by saturday and falling into the low 80s this weekend. >> we are taking a look at a picture of walnut creek southbound 680, ten minutes between highway 4 and the 24 junction. you probably heard of the terrible accident in oakland at 23rd avenue with debris fall
5:51 am
ing over in the overcrossing and eight vehicles, a terrible crash. everything right now has reorder for the commute with clear conditions corner alameda and toward the macarthur maze headed in the southbound direction with no problems. we have lingering construction in the eastbound direction and it will last until 6:00 and it looks great in the westbound direction. headed in the eastbound direction through the area, looking good. >> "dancing with the stars" will go on with one fewer celebrity. >> paula and louie. >> it was the help of the line for paula deen but a perfect night for three couples, receiving perfect scores of
5:52 am
"40," on one night. the theme next week is 458 between and it should be quite a "treat." >> not a trick. >> at 6:00, the preparations are underway in some parts of state for el nino rains this winter but be first, problems for the health care website as open enrollment is underway and improvements are called off for now. a show stopping snapshot that a show stopping snapshot that will make you do a double take.
5:53 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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>> welcome back at 5:54. the obama administration is admitting fine tuning to the government's health insurance website could be delayed over a new look up tool as well as consumers find out if a health plan covered their prescription drugs. the enrollment begins in two weeks. >> you have to stop way doing and look at your tv because this next story is hard to believe. >> a storm chase neither australia was shooting a jet coming had to land in the middle of a lightning storm. watch what happens as the plane is descending a giant lightning bolt strikes and no one was hurt land without problem. >> why did it happen? mike? >> keeping it in the family. a company guy. >> 78 in yosemite, and 86 in
5:56 am
sacramento, and dry around san diego and 78 in los angeles. this is going to head east of hawaii and will bring us potential for rain next week. i have that in the seven-day forecast. >> leyla? >> this is a look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge and it looks like traffic is minding its manners. we have not happen many accidents in the bay area just a couple of fender benders. drive time traffic from the east shore freeway albany to the maze is five minutes and everyone else is green. >> thank you. as we told you earlier, the new star "star wars" preview was released and a fan wanted to make sure he and the crew got all of the best seats for the movie. the group said the force compelled them to stand in line for hours outside the local tee they are in reno, with the
5:57 am
founder purchasing 175 tickets so he and the fellow exactlies can enjoy -- geeks can enjoy fantasy to the fullest. >> we can fill up the theater with costumes and people are so excited to see star "star wars" again. >> 2,800 were sold in a couple of hours. the debut is december 18. >> california lawmakers are headed to australia to get new invite on dealing with the drought. >> a dozen people in the south bay sent to the icu after eating at a popular restaurant. the investigation into what caused them to fall ill. >> and the backup of the bay bridge toll plaza and worry tracking the traffic and weather tracking the traffic and weather and news
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news, firefighters on the scene of a fire at san jose home and we have the conditions of the residents and the damage left behind. >> serious problems after people ate at a popular sea fad restaurant sending dozens to the icu. >> an effort to make the next taxi ride safer with drug testing of taxi drivers before they hit the road. >> controversy over that. >> good morning at 6:00 on tuesday. thanks pore joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have weather and traffic starting with mike. >> nice to see you. i am tracking a few low clouds along the peninsula chest trying to make it to sfo. though are not there. it is clear from sutro tower to the port of oakland. a fall crispness in the air


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