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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. halfway there. a little more than halfway. we thank you for the company. i am eric thomas. >> i am senior citizen. kristen sze. >> happy hump day. a lack of clouds and the lack of fog this morning. the air is bone dry. you could feel knit your throat and fingers.
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look at exploritorium the flag not moving. we are cooler in the valleys. 68 to 76 is the spread at noon. most us in the 70s until inland in the 80s at 4:00 and fall back and the 60s at 7:00. but a few lingering 70s inland. >> mike i just realized what is causing the conditions over the altamont pass a couple of accidents have been reported. in the central valley. more details coming up. this is affecting i-5 and 120 so it is light. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cashpayers we saw 30 minutes ago have moved on the we have several other vehicles from the east bay to san francisco and still light traffic. we have heave traffic building northbound 238 because of construction cones being pick up leaving us with 13 miles per hour speed. >> more new on breaking news we prosecute you at 4:30.
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a fater jet, a united states fighter jet crashed in england. it was an american fighter that went down after take off from the royal air force base near london. it is home to the air force, the united states air force 48th fighter wing. crews are on the scene and there are conflicting reports on whether the pilot ejected or was killed in the crash. there are reports the jet may have explodeed. follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. happening today, a key intersection in union city closed by a massive sinkhole will re-open. the crater developed a week ago. our reporter is at alvarado boulevard and new haven. amy hollyfield? >> look how it lookings right now, kristen. it looks like they are ready to go.
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the sinkhole has been patched. they still have a lot of work. we took these images yesterday. you have a sense of the size of the sinkhole. you can also see the progress they have made. now, look at the sinkhole and how it looked last week. they have come a-way. crews say they have to repair the sewer line. they have pumps out here and crews are monitoring those to make sure they do not fail. this has created a headache for everyone. workers say it would be nice to keep the cars out. city officials realize this an important intersection and they need to were on it up. at 7:00 a.m. they are planning to open one lane of westbound alvarado boulevard. that will ease the situation. and they wonder if the leak in the sewer line and the ground
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water in the area created the sink hole. that is part of the investigation. right new they are trying to get it fixed to open up all lanes. thank you. an out of control passenger caused tension moments on an american airlines night from san jose to dallas. look at at video after flight attendants asked a couple of men to restraint the passenger. the 26-year-old was drunk and disruptive. police escorted the passenger off the plane and checked him into a hotel. no charges are filed. matt will have more next half hour. >> animal
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in court. her attorney pleaded not guilty on her behalf to misdemeanor charge of animal crawlty. the spca received video showing a woman gabbing the dog by the in evening and throwing it to the ground the dog was not injured. she is out of jail on $10,000 bond. the dog care bit was closed. the rile begins november 2. >> oakland police are searching for two drivers who hit a man swinging a machete on international boulevard. this is a picture of one of the cars. it is a red sedan. police say the car struck the 25-year-old man intentionally as he swung the plaid and backed up and hit him again. police are looking for this white sedan that hit the man, as well. both drivers could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. amazingly the man with the machete only suffered minor injuries.
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>> oakland is looking to become more bicycle friendly building dedicated lanes with some opposition. our reporter alan wang temperatures us who is against the plan. ought city of oakland said grand avenue is the most dangerous roads for bicyclists in the city. >> car moving in front. you have to move around. you never know if someone will hit you from the side. >> grand avenue now has two lanes in each direction. with diagonal parking on each side. the city plan would add fed indicated bicycle lanes on both sides. it would reduce grand avenue to only one lane for cars in each direction with a turning lane in the middle. >> they have struck me as 18 business. >> the theater owner is so upset he spelled out "stop the insane theme to reduce busy grand avenue to one lane," the drivers waiting for cars to pull out of
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the parking spaces will cause long delays. >> people will come, encounter the traffic gridlock that is certain to occur at busy times and they will not come back. >> mayor schaaf believes it will make the grand lake district more attractive. >> improving our bicycle and walkability is an important part of increasing economic development and creating a great quality of lives. >> the public works committee passed the proposal and the full city council approved it. wood burning devices are the topic of a public meeting in san francisco. last month, public opposition tanked a proposal to phase out old fashioned fireplaces which would force homeowners to pay the cost of retrofitting if they decide to sell or represent. now, air quality management officials want to hear the
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public's concerns to a few amendments to the rules before the plans are finalized. planning your day? you will want the light jacket before you send the kids to school. >> great advise. look at areas in blue. that is where we were cooler than year. fairfield and livermore and antioch one or two degrees warmer. 40's in the peninsula, woodside is 47. palo alto at 51. redwood city and foster city at 52. san bruno and san mateo and san carlos up to 57. 57 in mountain you have. the warmer pots, los gatos at 61 and antioch at 67. hayward and fremont and san jose and concord 54. san ramon, 51 and same in mill valley. sfo has no clouds and 56 degrees minutes that tops out at 81. inland east bay and north bay 85 san francisco is above average 76.
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the lack of fog is dry. looking south in san rafael on 101 the three day forecast could drop a degree or two tomorrow and it comes back on friday and could drop a degree or two on saturday i have hints of rain on sunday. leyla? working on something in the east bay? >> in the far east bay to the central valley, and if you are taking the altamont pass to come to work it will be light because of this. reported by our wazers we have an accident that just cleared. there is one lane closed southbound i-5 at the 205 connection. all the bubbles are popping up and more and more wazers are reporting the slowing is get were. you can see nine miles per hour is the top speed. those surface streets you can take opposed to i-5 are busy. no word wren lanes will re-open but the car overturned with
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possible injuries involved. you can see what it has done to the altamont pass, you can usually see a solid red line between the merge with 205 and 5 80 and right now it is much, much lighter and up ahead we have construction late getting picked up causing major delays through castro valley to 238. >> you will see a change in subway sandwiches in america's money report. >> the big away for several bay area restaurants. >> get the ticket prices and what fans are willing to pay for what fans are willing to pay for lavish digs at super bowl 50. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups...
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>> the abc7 news app. news that lives without live. >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:13. if you look for a holiday job, the postal service is trying to fill 30,000 jobs for seasonal workers. the san francisco district said they are hiring handlers and clerks and assistants and bigwig drivers -- big rig drivers.
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me to for more information on applying. >> how does $250,000 sound for san francisco weekend during super bowl 50? that is how much a hotel is charging during the big game now 3 1/2 months away. other hotels will cost you plenty of cash, as well. >> if you do not already have a super bowl reservation at a fairmont it is sold out of standard rooms for months. >> an amazing view because you can see down the bay. >> what available the room that comes with a pool table and a helicopter to take you to levi stadium. >> in the lie procedure of the pent house it is 6,500 square foot penthouse will as a residence on the top of the fair moment. >> how much for super weekend? >> we are trying to get $250,000
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for four day minimum stay. >> the $18,000 a night view is more than drip people the cost. back to earth at the orchard garden they are asking for the highest basic room spice. ever. >> for the super bowl date we have an $1,800 rate. >> that will come dawn for nonrefundable room closer to $650 a night. >> so much and the phone is ringing off the hook. >> the general manager of the "w" hotel normally the hotel averages in the $400 range. a big convention, double that. >> super bowl add a few hundred more. >> we start off at $1,500 for the regular room and suites up to $10,000 a night. we have four day minimum required. >> with 16 percent hotel tax the real w could be going into the "win," for the city. >> michelin awarded los gatos restaurant a third star at a
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restaurant and the chef re-opened the restaurant in july after a fire devoid the kitchen early this year. the honor puts it among the top 100 restaurants in the world. it joins these star club with two others in san francisco and french laundry in napa valley. altogether, the bay area has 38, one star restaurants and 7, two star eateries. a couple fell east list including san francisco which has two off the list. >> we are so lucky. >> reservations will be impossible to get. >> unless you are expense are christian. -- unless you are spencer christian. >> now a check on the weather. it is chilly. >> you had on the sweater and it looks good and practical. east bay hills camera showing freezes did not materialize and
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we are gusting up to 20 miles per hour. look below, on live doppler hd you can see in our valleys, we are not exist. to three miles per hour wind so there is quite a difference. look at the exploritorium camera and how glass like the bay is as the i woulds are less than five miles per hour. get ready for unlimited warm sunshine. it will be a day of shedding clothes. stop at short sleeves. highs dip for the weekend and a hint of rain on sunday and on wednesday. not from chan but hadn't -- >> 81 in san jose and everyone up to 86 at the south bay. the peninsula starts in the low 80s. end up in the low 70s. the coast, if you like the warm sunshine, but not out-of-control warmth, 70 at half moon bay, and 73 at daly city, sunset is 72. on the bay side, mid-70s in downtown and south san francisco
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and sauce lady. nearly 70 along the north bay coast. 82 in she he to 85 in santa rosa and novato across the north bay and ranging from 78 in richmond to castro valley and fremont from 82 and 7830 at oakland and as you head into the inland east bay neighborhood, 84 to 87 so a narrow range. another cool night inland valleys to the not, 48 in santa rosa and napa, 47, the rest of us in the low-to-mid a low rolling toward us that is taking the wet weather from us and moved it to the north which is very unfortunate. we will fast forward to sunday and the remains of olaf head our way but it will take until tuesday into wednesday but, still, not a lost friend over -- a lot of green over san
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francisco. we will have temperatures above average. a few high clouds through saturday. still, warmer than we should be for this time of the career through wednesday. now, leyla? >> i am watching the altamont pass. >>trace: is 31 minutes because of an accident southbound i-5 merging with westbound 205 holding a significant amount of morning traffic back. no word when all of the lanes will re-open on southbound 5 but it was an overturn blocking several lanes. possible injuries are involved. for folks heading out the door over the pass, not going to be an issue. highway 4 is busy and antioch to concord is 22 minutes, 101 southbound to san francisco is 15 minutes. in the east bay, 680, northbound and southbound posted speeds. a nice drive through danville up to highway 24 southbound.
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no problems. sliding to the west, 580, a job. 580 to the macarthur maze the construction is being cleared. 238 fine rally out of the castro valley merging with 880 and the usually construction has cleared but backups slow to dissipate. >> fans of monster brand energy drinks could be able to get favorite beverage at the golden arches. mcdonald's is testing the drinks at 20 strengths in florida georgia, illinois, michigan and ohio a sign the chain is trying to adapt to changing tastes. monster is then for the energy drinks that carry an extra jolt of caffeine. mcdonald's has been tweaking the menu trying to reverse a slump in sales at 14,000 locations. >> a new survey from "consumer reports" deal as blow to tesla. >> good morning, topping america's money the latest
5:21 am
toyota recall six million cars and suvs are affected, with the problem a faulty power when switch that can need to fire. >> toyota is the top automakers on "consumer reports" reliability ranking look with lexus and audi and mazda but a set back for the electric tesla no longer being recommended because of reliability issues. >> despite the campaign to sell american made products you can no longer fine the made in the usa logo on wal-mart website. >> subway is part of a lawsuit settlement accused of making sandwiches shorter than advertiseed. >> straight ahead seven things to know use start your day. >> the leap of faith that saved a better from his sinking
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but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at >> here are seven things to know before you go, breaking news from england, the marines have confirmed a jet went down near london that want down shortly after take off. no confirmation if the pilot survived. >> san jose restaurant mariscos is closed after 80 were sickened after eating there. officials are trying to determine the source of a shigella outbreak. >> an out-of-control passenger causes an american airlines flight from san jose to make an emergency landing in phoenix. flight attendants ask male passengers to restrain the
5:25 am
26-year-old allegedly drunk and being disruptive until police arrested him. no charges are filed. >> the oakland city council has approved a controversial land for dedicated motorcycle lane to reduce traffic in one lane on part of grand avenue with a turn lane in the middle. business owners are concerned. >> the altamont pass is unusually light this morning pus of an accident. 23 miles per hour is the slowest speed. the rest of the drive is light. you can see half the time it normally takes at 32 minutes from tracy to dublin. >> grab the heavier coat. it is cool. 40s and 50s. the afternoon is above average in the 80s. pretty chose to where we were yesterday. hope you liked it. we will talk about a couple of chances of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> the 14-year-old teen arrested for bringing a comb --
5:26 am
clock thought to be a bomb is moving to the middle east with a private corporation offering to pay for his education in qatar and the family is doing to a play where all kids can be send. >> a daring leap of faith from a sailboat to a ship in alaska to save his life and the life of this is video from the coast guard off the cot of cold bay. the man tucked his cat in the coat and jumped to a waiting rescue ship. you can see the rough seas tossing the boat around. he called for help after the sailboat lost its rudder. >> chris rock is in going to host the next oscars, he last hosted the oscars in 2005 and got good reviews at the time but ruffled feathers with some of the jokes. the oscars air february 28 right
5:27 am
here. not known for pulling punches in his jokes. >> we are coming back with a federal 90 minutes news. >> including a seven for a country boy gone missing in mendocino county. >> a live look outside at the embarcadero from our r [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday. it is 5:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> first ashes check on the weather profit and whether you need a jacket. >> 40s and 50s again. as cool if not cooler than yesterday. i found fog developing at half moon bay at the airport less than quarter-mile visibility if you are north of town on one it will be dangerous.
5:30 am
here is our camera can you see on pier 99 flag is not moving. in the valleys, it is very cold. 44 to 55 degrees. 68 to 76, comfortable during lunch. 4:00, 70 at the cost to 84 inland. 62 to 74 a light jacket needed this evening. >> the only schedule i can find is this, using the exclusive app we are trafficking wazers to see how the remark is move now the accident is cleared at 3:50 this morning involving an overturned vehicle and blocked lanes and a ton of traffic. it has made traffic light so as 205 towns into 580 we continue with the slow speed at main miles per hour and the rest of the drive is easy going. >> 5:30 is our time. for the second time this week, a bay area flight makes an unscheduled landing because of
5:31 am
an unruly passenger. matt keller is at mineta san jose international airport. >> we all know that delays can happen when you fly. making emergency landings because someone on the flight had too much to drink can be down right frustrateing. this video was shot by a passenger on an american airlines knew it that left from san jose yesterday. a 26-year-old man wases cored off the plane when it made an emergency landing in phoenix. it was supposed to land in dallas. the man who is not identified was drunk and scriptive and had to be restrained and sent to a hotel in phoenix. everyone else on the plane took off an hour later for dallas. it was long enough for some to miss the diagnosing flight -- to miss the conducting flight. >> it is a has tote get my friends to pick me up. >> american airlines did not want to prosecute the map. he is manning on taking another
5:32 am
flight from phoenix today. his name and hometown are not being released because he was not arrested. thank you. happening now a search is under way for a missing five-year-old boy in mendocino county. he was last seen near willis. the boy vanished of a walking away from the home at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. he is likely with his dog, a black lab. bret is 4' tall and plopped hair and blue eyes and wearing a gray t-shirt. the search-and-rescue team is helping in the search. >> officials will discuss their investigation into a south bay restaurant that left 80 people sick after weeding there or coming into contact with sick patients. the health department is concerned the cases of shigella could spread beyond diners who ate the mariscos in downtown san jose. officials shut down the restaurant on sunday.
5:33 am
more than 100 other people could get sick the tax couple days because symptoms can take a week to appear. >> i thought it was regular food poisoning and your system is cleansing itself out and when the frequency increased i get to the point where i was thinking, okay, i think i might need to go to the hospital. i was so out of it. >> officials believe that someone preparing the food most likely spread the bacteria. stool samples from employees will be clocked and tested. >> today, organizers have an unveiling ceremony in west oakland, with the super heroes mural on west street below 580 overpass with a picture of antonio ramos gun unked down while working on the antiviolence mural. he exchanged words with the man who shot him. the ceremony is held in 2:00 to
5:34 am
4:00 p. >> people living near a giants sinkhole in union city will get a break after being closed. part of alvarado will be opened up one lane in each direction. our reporter will be at the john at the to which the hour with the last minute work before the street re-opens this morning. >> new details on a road hazard in the bay area. you can see inspectors on the 23rd avenue overpass trying to figure why part of the guard rail fell on to interstate 880 with the debris hitting ten cars and several drivers add minor injuries. temporary concrete barriers are if place while caltran tries to figure out what to do next. it already had plans to replace the overpass in two years. >> crews have discovered a man's body inside a car buried in the mudslide in southern california
5:35 am
days after flash floods swept through. the vehicle was flipped upside down under 6' of mud northeast of los angeles. the man was in his 40s and lived in the area. thursday's mudslide trapped hundreds of cars and damaged dozens of homes. >> hes up for the next time you use an a.t.m. a new crime is on the rise called shoulder serving, san leandro police arrested these two men, 42 -year-old and 33-year-old both from oakland after stealing thousands from other's accounts at two bank of america a.t.m.s. investigators movie they caught people's pins by look over their shoulders when the person extend an they punched the pin back in to get more money. police think they made off with at least $10,000 in five rip-offs in san leandro since may. >> starting next year taxi drivers in san francisco have to have alcohol and drug testing.
5:36 am
they voted unanimously to approve annual drug testing. drivers would is a valid medical marijuana card are exempt. taxi drivers say drivers for uber and lyft should is the same testing done since it is about passenger safety but they say they cannot do it because they donna have regulator to authority over them. >> first responders and water safety speakers are meeting to plan for the titans of maverick surfing event near half moon bay and they will discuss the hazards that could come from a strong el nino that brings more storms and larger waves to our coast. on saturday the traditional opening ceremony will be held on the beach from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon at pillar point. the date for the event is set when conditions are just right for the biggest waves. that will probably be between november 1 and march 31 of 2016. >> and an early forecast on the surf? >> that is a if question. you saw it could be better since
5:37 am
the track will come closer to us, that is what el nino does each storm will is a different set of waves as we see those waves develop we will let you know and we hope it will be betterren that the last couple of years. 46 in row neither bark, novato is 47 and guerneville and american canyon at 48 and everyone else in the 50s to the north to calistoga and low-to-mid 60s and 59 at el sobrante and alameda at 58. san jose at 54 and newark and brentwood a warm spot at 64. you can see the wind blowing in the hills gusting up to 21 miles per hour through the east pay legals and at the calmer bay we will warm significantly around the bay at 76 to 82 where unlimited sunshine account coast is 68 to 76 and 87 inland valleys. san jose is clear. 70s and 80s dominating but we see more 70s headed to the weekend. more on the cooling friend and a
5:38 am
couple of chances of rain in the forecast. >> metering lights were turned on at 5:30 this morning and giving us a chance to stack and pack traffic out of the maze toward san francisco the entire drive of the trump is going to take approximately thin minutes the now moving over to the san mateo bridge it is nice and clear with no accidents do report and no citizens working in the bay area so that means most of the slowing is because of congestion. this drive to head between 880 and 101, it is only going do take you 12 minutes. you can see how clear it is, and even more so on 280 and 101, and heading out of sfo test up to san francisco to the 280 and 101 interchange you can see clear conditions conditioning and 101 away hospital curve no problems to make it up to 3 are street it is only nine minutes and starting tomorrow street closure s for oracle at howard street between 3rd and 4th
5:39 am
so muni will be re-routed. >> pushing and shoving and then the angry words, the onfield confrontation between a marching band and a football team. >> can anything stop the donald with political fortunes going with political fortunes going from good to better. with political fortunes going from good to better. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this wednesday, not a bad way to start the morning with the view of the golden gate bridge and the traffic moving across without any problems. we are searching for traffic troubles and well let you know what hail has found. >> this morning, new york city police are mourning the loss of their own, a new york city police officer died after being shot in the head last night. officer randolph holder was surging for a robbery suspect in harlem. they confronted a man riding a bicycle and he open fire on them hitting the officer in the head. this is what every officer in the new york police department does, a scale comes he ran
5:43 am
toward danger. >> officers captured the suspect would was wounded when the officers fired back. holder was the 4th ny police officer murdered in 11 months. his father can grandfather were also police officers. >> emotions are high over an incident that took place before friday's football game between pittsburg and dear valley high schools. parents of the band members say a confrontation took place on the field because the deer valley football team refused to get out of the way during the man's pre-game national anthem performance. some of the band members were allegedly shoved and slightly injured. their parents demanded answers during a meeting last night. >> reds were broken and mouthpieces. there was contact. >> the accusations and the talk of deer valley being thugs and not honoring the national anthem... >> the deer valley superintendent of schools said the team was confused why their warm-up time was cut short. both school districts are
5:44 am
investigating the incident. >> a new "washington post" poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead over the presidential hopefuls in two key categories: 42 percent believe trump will win the nomination. 43 percent thing he has the best chance to win the general election. according to this poll trump is beating the biggest republican contender ben carson by 30 percent if both categories. >> congressman paul ryan said he is in as house speaker with conditions. he will run to replace speaker boehner but only if key groups back him including tea party republicans and he has given them until friday to decide. the wisconsin lawmaker wants to changes to house rules to make it harder to overthrow a sitting speaker. and he wants to travel less so he can spend more time with his three children. >> sacramento mayor johnson has decided he not second a third term next year. the former cal point guard
5:45 am
announced the decision on twitter and this is in the wake of a video from two decades ago of a 16-year-old girl claiming to police that the former phoenix surgeons past star molested her. the police investigated and he was never chargeed. espn has suspended the release of a documentary about sacramento efforts do king the kings which johnson led two years ago. >> what a week this is for movie fans. >> today is "back to the future," day, when marty brown time travel in the movie, october 21, 2015. from 199 -- has it been that long? fans have been waiting for this day to arrive it is interesting to see what came true, the movie nailed video conferencing, and headsets but maybe now the cubs in a world series or winning the
5:46 am
world series but it is still with in reach. hover bars are here. sort of. no flying cars. or self lating shoes. but the same pepsi bottles. this is a "jaws 19," in the movie so universal put out a fake trailer for it. more "back to the future," day on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. if you see a bolt of lightning you will know what is going on. >> a delorean moving through san ramon. in the shop. interesting, today is our boss' birthday, if i knew it was her product i would have bought her a present. >> sure you wrote. >> let's talk about the weather. you were quiet...we will health that go. golden gate bridge --. >> don't want to take up your time the. >> thank you is a first. >> the golden gate bridge shows
5:47 am
no fog and barely a breeze, here is walnut creek we are 52 degrees. clear sky. sunshine today. a big temperature swing, 40 degrees in some areas as the air is more dry than yesterday. that is why it is cooler. the highs taper as we head to the weekend. we will still remain above average through my seven-day forecast. there is a limited potential for rain. that is coming up. but, first, the wind is less than three miles per hour. to three miles per hour. it is quiet. in the hills, we are gusting around 20. we did fought reach the threshold for the high fire danger. the area of high pressure seconding to the northeast. the off show breeze again and the warmth will longer. today. how warm? low-to-mid 80s in the south bay. look at the 81s, sunnyvale and milpitas and san jose and 80 sunshine in santa cruz.
5:48 am
a lost 80s on the peninsula. san mateo in the upper 70s. low-to-mid 80s along the coast. the sunset is 72 degrees on the bay side downtown south san francisco and sausalito in the mid-70s nearly 70s along the north bay coast and 10- or 15-degrees warmer inland from 82 in vallejo to santa rosa and novato at 85 and cloverdale at 87 and running around 78 in richmond to castro valley and fremont at 82. define oakland and union city at 80 and inland east bay, 84 to 87 degrees. saturday, a area of low pressure is drifting to the north and we had the potential for a slight shower on sunday morning but maybe just drizzle along the coast. temperatures will drop a little bit. our next chance of rain is not physical olaf is here on wednesday.
5:49 am
leyla? >> we start off with the bay bridge where we have four or five cars tangled before you get to the tolls. it is counting from right to left the fourth lane. we do not have any activity with c.h.p. arriving but it could be out of our camera view. traffic is heavy. hopefully that will be cleared this is loading up walnut creek southbound 680, making the drive around from main street to highway 24, 9 expire stretch from highway 4 to highway 24 will take you approximately 10 minutes. that is a busy area. through the san ramon valley on 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes. that is clear. 101 southbound in the north bay, 57 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 in if shape a quick update on the altamont pass more traffic starting to build as you make your drive out of the central valley because an early crash that had a lot of track but all in all half the time normally
5:50 am
from tracy to dublin at 35 minutes. >> happening tonight jimmy kimmel will mix humor and licks and bernie sanders is a special gift from brooklyn. the senator from vermont is quite the tv star after taking part in the first democratic candidate debate portrayed by larry david last night on "saturday night live." jimmy kimmel is tonight after news at look. >> plans for apple to expand get bigger and what that means for the company the. >> ought vatican is deading -- the vatican is defending the health of pope francis. health of pope francis. >> stay tuned.
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>> the view to the bay bridge where traffic is moving. you can seat red tail lights. we will have more on traffic and weather and news. >> the vatican is denying a pope that pope francis has a small brain tumor that is treated after traveling to see a japanese specialist. the doctor allege through found a small dark spot that could be cured with surgery. the vatican said the pope is carry on as he always has and the report is irresponsible. >> 23 and me will again start to provide customers with gene testing kits two years after the
5:54 am
f.d.a. made the company stop. the relaunch includes 35saliva based test kits that show whether you carry gene mutations for rare diseases including cystic fibrosis. 23 and me cannot offer more than 250 other risk reports that were included in the original product. the f.d.a. forced the company off the market two years ago because of concerns of their accuracy and interpretation. >> happening tonight, a great community building where a pizza party thrown by the police department thanking the people would live on castle hill drive for helping a police officer in need. investigator say residents did not hesitated to help the officer involved with a violent struggle with an assault suspect. the actions likely saved the officer from grave injury with a pizza party tonight on was sill
5:55 am
hill road. >> what will the weather be like? >> starting in the 70s and fall and the mid-60s. it will be cooler but everyone will be warm and fuzzy and it sounds great. from the east bay hills camera, the camera is shaking and we have been watching the wind and the hills but it is not near fire danger. the air is more dry. our temperatures from yesterday to today only los gatos and danville could see a significant change, 3-5 degrees warmer. we will hang out in the mid-80s through the central valley and 62 at lake tahoe. 77 in san diego. 84 in los angeles. olaf take as loveable snowman and makes it into a dangerous hurricane. as we head to fridays saturday and sunday it will move away from hawaii the it will head to us. it could bring always sure on wednesday. a is in the seven-day forecast. >> san jose near julian street is very if and we do not have
5:56 am
accidents in the south bay to get started this morning. if you are headed in the southbound direction out of downtown san jose very light indeed. moving on to hayward we have a four car crash, blocking one lane southbound side of the nimitz before you get to highway 9224 miles per hour is the top speed and the closer you are to the accident you will lose one lane, continuing in the southbound direction as you make it right up to crown city, and if you travel across the water, it does not matter if it is the dumbarton or san mateo bridge, everything is at top speed. >> sometimes some of us drive on the wild side. surveillance camera at a gas station in wales caught a woman's car go on two wheels after she misjudged the turn, but rather than panic she keeps her cool and gets the car back on four wheels. >> when did you history do that? >> that was me.
5:57 am
>> you heard it here. >> a company buying up a bay area company for presidents. >> a store clerk took matter into her own end whats when she was robbed at knife point. >> keep tracks with abc7 news >> keep tracks with abc7 news with the backed
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is a great wednesday. it is 6:00. so happy you are here with us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. still waiting for michael j. fox to appear. >> this is the day in the movie "back in the future," where he is supposed to be. first, the weather forecast. >> waiting for the cubs to make the series. san jose this morning, temperatures running in the upper 40's to low 50s. we are looking at low-to-mid 50s in most neighbors and the inland valleys in the 40s another cool start. grab a heavier coat.
6:00 am
68 at coast to 70 from noon to 4:00 in the low-to-mid 70s around the bay and inland with dry air so a nice comfortable warm sunshine and 78 around the bay and 86 inland by 4:00. you will need a coat during the evening hours. leyla? >> i have been wanting a couple of hotspots and sky 7 is the bay bridge toll plaza all lit up so we have a lot of traffic. you can see the thick headlights as we zoom in we had word there was a four car crash and it looks like everything is cleared. never saw c.h.p. on the scene so everyone took care of themselves. you can see where the grand avenue over crossing is slow down and stop and the macarthur maze and 580 memorying, and 880, all the roads are looking slower. if you want to take mass


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