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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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he felt it centered on the south side of canyon road south of the other earthquakes we have eastbound in the past few weeks. >> man stabbed three employees inside a pittsburg grocery store. this is a surveillance photo of the man authorities say employees tried to stop him from stealing razors from winco foods and employees got into an altercation with him near the entrance at 8:30 last night. police say he pulled a knife and stabbed three workers a witness said one was stabbed in the back, another in the shoulder, a third in the arm. they were all taken to the hospital and expected to give. we are headed to the scene with a report coming up. >> police are investigating an accident in pittsburg that happened on the pittsburg antioch highway shortly before
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11 o'clock, according toenses, two people were ejected from the car after it overturned. there is no word on their condition. the crash knocked down a utility pole. the road was shut down but has now re-opened. >> with have news from southern france, dozens were killed in a bus crash this morning. officials say a truck driver lost control on a narrow road and slammed into a bus carrying retirees on a day trip cashing fire and at least 42 people were killed including the truck driver. eight people were able to escape the flames because the bus driver was able to open the doors. authorities say this is the worst road accident in san francisco since 1982. >> one person was shot to death over a dice game at tennessee state university with an argument between two men gambling. both opened fire. one died. two were wounded. it is not clear if the surviving gunman is in custody there is no
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indication of an active shooting in the area. >> crusts of san francisco students remember a fallen firefighter as the family shares. last we ares they say they will remember forever. major taj sareen's hornet went down outside a british airbase on wednesday morning and our reporter temperatures us what the family wants us to know about the fallen marine. before the national anthem and before the women's volleyball game, time to remember. >> a moment silence for tennis player, major taj sareen. >> we have a lot of community and awareness of each other. >> it is support that is not lost on major taj sareen's family, they need it now more than ever. than ever. >> three marine officers...
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>> there were fur, and now they are three. devastating. >> he was doing what he loved best, flying. >> speed was the taj >> you can sleep in the car but you cannot drive a house whether in a ferrari or f18 he was equal parts funny as fast. laughing at the thought of what may have driven his marine corps decision. he was their top gun. [ inaudible ] >> the students will never meet him, they, too, feel like family. >> it will take time to remember. >> a gofundme account set up for major taj sareen's
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daughter. friends are asking for donations to go toward the girl's college fund or even her first car. taj sareen was a scar buff. this morning, $20,000 has been raised. we have a link at >> several students at by null -- pinole high school are suspended after taking xanax on campus. five were taken to the hospital and two were superintendent home. they are all expected to recover. enjoy, investigators are trying to determine how the students got their hand on the pills. >> drug scare is after ever the counter cold medicine sent five stuffs over the hospital the past two weeks. all overdosed on core coricidin which is called triple c and can lead to death. >> a bicyclist hit by a bus is awarded $2.5 million settlement from the age.
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the woman was hit by a bus in 2012 while try to maneuver around another stopped bus at a green light. she suffered a brain injury and her face was shattered. her physical recovery is progressive but she battles the emotional trauma as she is ready to move on. >> check out this surveillance video of bus crash at a coffee shop in nashville, ten, sending glass and wood and concrete 10' into the store during a morning meeting near the front window. no one was on the bus not even the driver. she reported mechanical problems prior to the crash and had all the passengers get off. the bus was parked across the street when it rolls backward and curved into the coffee shop. no one was hurt. >> the c.h.p. is facing a lawsuit this morning from a woman whose racy pictures of herself were stolen by c.h.p. officer. the federal lawsuit is the first involving a firm dublin area c.h.p. officer and several women
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officer shawn harrington pleaded no contest from stealing photos of the self of a woman he pull over for d.w.i. she admitted to giving the password so he would, he said, call a friend. >> in the near future you could see california health insurance exchange drumming up business while you do your showning. cover california will hold drives at 500 storefreeways and clinics and hospitals this season and will respond $29 million on an advertising campaign aimed at the 750,000 in california who have not signed up for health insurance and also are eligible for subsidies to pay for it but may not know it. the open enrollment is from october 15 to december 7. >> and now get you out the door with the first forecast. >> we start with san francisco if you wake up now, sunny side and mission at 58.
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ocean beep, bayview, downtown at 59, and thrown park is the warm spot, 62, and west portal is 55 and through the ferry building, 61 and financial district is 60 and pacifica and belmont and young city, about 53 and pleasanton, and american can wherein and santa clara, and saratoga, san leandro, 54 and petaluma is 49. look at the lack of winds, high pressure is back for us today and that means another warm day but it is our last warmer-than-average day. 81 to 85 from the north bay to inland east bay and along the coast into san francisco lingering low clouds and high clouds are coming in, 65 to 73 and sunshine because of the high clouds and that sounds fun. 74 to 80. it is friday. the golden gate bridge shows west wind only at three miles per hour. 70s and 80s tomorrow. 60s and 70s sunday. again on monday. i will update the chance of possible rain on sunday and a much better chance on wednesday.
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mike? >> good morning, everyone, we start off with a look at san jose, a quiet stretch at 280 near 880 so travelers in the northbound direction headed into cupertino you will not have a difficult time especially not at 4:38 in the morning, pretty darn early. as we look at the san mateo bridge, it is looking dark. we will call and see if they have all of the lanes turned open. you can see pushing along in the westbound direction there is a position of it that looks dark near the toll plaza but all in all a clear drive from 880 to 101 on the peninsula, eastbound traffic is not seeing any delays. overnight we had a fatal accident here in pittsburg and that is going to affect traffic at pittsburg and antioch highway so we will keep our eye on this and it sounds like power lines came down so they will be repaired. we will let you know when it re-opens. >> the most powerful hurricane ever in the united states is
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bearing down on mexico right now. we are tracking the storm and the major problem folks are bracing for. >> hillary clinton is still in the hotseat and heated moments and tense exchanges during the 11 hours of testimony on benghazi. >> a look outside with abc7, the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is bay bridge toll plaza traffic is look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait. ♪
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> our breaking news in solano, fires are doing battle with a three-alarm fire in an apartment complex with some residents chased out of their home. amy hollyfield is at scene. >> we got here on the scene to find the residents, the fire victims, standing out here on the sidewalk and in the parking lot looking up at their hoes they now cannot return to. the fire is out. that is the good news. there are no injuries reported. we are told that four or five of the top units in the building have fire damage. the units below have water damage. it is estimated 12 units have been impacted by the fire. we are at the villiage greens apartment. firefighters say 30 people they believe have been displaced. they say that no one has been hurt. we did see the red cross
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arriving on the scene to help people out. we are going to go inside now and go talk to more people and get more information. we are just now getting to the scene. stay with us because we will have another update in the next few minutes. >> thank you, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere is moving down on the pacific coast of mexico. i will show you hurricane patricia. impressive looking eye, a spiral around it. it is going to some cities that were very, very familiar with, including tourist or vacation zest nations, but thing of the people living there dealing with 200 to 220 miles per hour winds. that is what they are going to get. plus as it comes ashore it will create a lost flooding and a lot of mudslides and move cross mexico. i would not be surprised to see flooding at the rio de janeiro with flooding already in texas and this will add to the
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situation. dozens of towns under declared emergency and we have to watch out for this system if you are head down that way i would say call ahead because there is going to be cancellations and so much devastation. you may not have anything to go when you get there. >> mike, thank you. >> hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after enduring an 11 hour grilling on capitol hill. the subject is the benghazi attacks that killed four americans including bay area native and united states ambassador to libya, chris stevens. this is a resolution that republicans call "necessary," and democrat call a witch hunt. >> marathon day, hillary clinton in the hotseat for eight hours. the entire hearing lasting 11 hours. right out of gate, republican committee chairman gowdy saying the investigation is not about her. >> this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil.
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it is about what happened before, during, and after the attacks that killed them. >> democrats had a different take. >> this abusive effort to derail secretary hillary clinton's campaign >> the republicans released a never-before-seen e-mail that clinton wrote addressed to diane reynolds used for e-mails to her daughter chelsea. two of our officers were killed this benghazi by antiochback-like group she wrote, but that is a different position than the one the obama administration took immediately after the attack saying it was a protest over video that grew violent. >> g.o.p. lawmakers also foe can youd on requests for increased security and the department response. >> you had two ambassadors that made several requests. here is basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> that is just not true, congressman. >> how the long hearing, hillary
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clinton was california. deliberate. not taking any legal bait from republicans. >> it is 4:46. 49ers head coach said that the team will still fight like crazy to make the playoffs despite falling into last place in the nfc west last night. >> bummer. the seahawks jumped to 7-30 lead on opening drive and kaepernick and the 49ers offense struggled the entire night inning only eight first downs while punt on nine of 11 possessions. seattle won 23 dropping 49ers to 2-5 on the season. san francisco next hayes on november 1st in stimulus. >> maroon 5 are the frontrunner for the super bowl 50 half time show at levi stadium in santa clara in february and has extensive talks of performing with no word on who may join them if they become the most
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watched tv show of the year, the show drew 121 million viewers with katy perry's performance last year. we would like to know what you 13, who do you think should perform at nbc year's -- next year's super bowl. >> my answer, i will call in from a "payphone." >> very good. wondered if they go with someone local, maroon 5. >> it is a national audience. >> hot this weekend? >> today but this weekend we will see changes fall is in the forecast with the string of warmer-than-average days about to end. we have light and variable wind at three to seven miles per hour and no fog it is clear in san jose as we look at 87 near the shark tank and 55 degrees. here is what will happen, fill stepped sunshine today because of the high clouds and our warmest afternoon moving forward, with more clouds and cooler conditions this weekend and we are watching for rain,
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tuesday, and especially on wednesday were we will look at the players on the map and you can see the area, the cold front that came through yesterday and dropped our temperatures, this area of highway pressure will take over for today. that is can we are going to see a bump up, a little bump up, upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay from the 78 in milpitas and santa clara and sunnyvale to 84 in gilroy heading to santa cruz at the before walk on friday afternoon, about 74 degrees and sunshine. 73 in millbrae and everyone else around 77 to 79 on the peninsula and upper 60s along the coast today to mid-70s downtown and 73 and south san francisco and sausalito at 73 to 74 and upper 60s bodega bay, low 80s through the north bay valley and to the wine country, sonoma, napa, santa rosa low 80s along the east bay shore we will start at richmond at 74 and after three months, 79 and castro valley around 80 and speaking of wine cup, livermore is 86 and
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you are the warm spot, inland east bay, everyone else around 82 to 85. we have the fog, away the bay, and in the north bay develop and along the coast temperatures are in the deepest valley in the upper 40s and the rest us in the low-to-mid 50s with a storm system passing to the north as has been the case the last couple of days and the rain chances will stay to the north and we have increasing clouds and cooler conditions. here is a look at olaf and our cold front coming together on tuesday for wednesday with a chance of a good seasoning. what do i noon by good soaking? the models are pushing out .5" of rain. that is something to be excited about. although it will mess up the commute on wednesday. sorry. our temperatures show we are in the 60s and 70s sunday and monday and maybe 83 on tuesday but back in the 60s and 70s on wednesday and thursday. leyla? >> walnut creek is going pretty well and 680 southbound, tail lights out of pleasant hill to highway 24, moving along at top speeds and northbound traffic is
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not a car in sight and as we move over to the altamont pass, we have a sport traffic, and it was just back here before 205 and now it has my gritted over the altamont pass at 47 miles per hour continuing the westbound push heading interest livermore and pleasanton not an issue. the dublin interchange is clear and 680, too, in the northbound southbound direction, in and out of the san ramon valley, and you can see how nice the drive is. here is a look at the entire south bay as we take a look at 101 to the san jose airport we have top speeds, 280, no delays headed into cupertino and highway 85 and 17, again, fantastic way to start the morning. >> thank you, at 4 common 50, paper trouble, the big problem that puts couples tying a knot without the license. >> where a bear is
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families nervous in one neighborhood. neighborhood. stay tuned.
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> welcome back at 4:53 in a few hours world war ii veterans will fly from sfo to washington, dc, to see the monument dedicated to their service. the trip is paid for by
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donations to the honor flight network at no cost to the vets and giving an opportunity to see the world war ii memorial dedicated to their sacrifices more than 70 years ago. the group will board a virgin america airlines flight at 9:25 this morning, and this is the honor flight network's 10th year and second flight out of sfo. >> california counties have a big paper problem. and not just any ordinary paper. a specific type called bank note many with special printing. why should you care? the paper is used for all state issued births and marriage and death certificates and there is a short average because the only company that supplies the state want out of business and no one knew about it. solano county will not have more bang note paper until late next month. >> we ordered on a regular timeframe we order, and did not know about the shut down so we had to basically make do. >> if you need a birth, maim --
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marriage or death certificate, try the health department, because this could be a deal with a new company in canada. >> time to check the weather with mike. local weather and a lot going on in the ocean. >> absolutely. especially those tropical storms and hurricanes that are going to have an effect on our weather we will tack about that on tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will focus what will happen an the state, low-to-mid 80s in sacramento and fresno and 77 in los angeles, 74 in yosemite, 65 in lake tahoe. the colors are peaking, a on sunday with high clouds and sunshine. at home, what you are walking the dog or running or gardening, it will be good. >> we are starting in the north bay, san rafael, 101, excellence drive here if you make it up to mill valley, and over to the golden gate bridge, as mike has
4:56 am
been reporting, there is in fog. we do not have to worry about the low beams, it is clear and we have four lanes in the southbound direction so we are good to go. northbound traffic, fairly clear. mass transit and bart and ace train and muni all run on time. >> it is 4:56, today in marin county a group of recovering sea birds will be heading home. international bird rescue will release 10-15 healthy sea birds into the wild with the plan to set them free near the united states coast guard golden gate station in sausalito at 11 a.m. and officials say the birds were rescued off northern california benches exhausted and starving and are doing much better now since july, more than 450 malnourished birds been taken to the rescues' fairfield facility. >> folks living in a springfield, massachusetts, neighborhood are freaked out not because halloween is around the corner, but because of this, a
4:57 am
black bear that has been rooming through several backyards this week and people say the bear has not shown aggressive but plays with the toys that are last hype. mostly, the residents say they just try to stay out of the bear's way. >> i go down the street and the bear was sittin' in the middle of the street. i waited for him to move. >> experts say it is very common for black bears to wander in the neighborhoods this time of year because of the sweet smell of pumpkins. plus, it is almost hibernation time and the bears need to pick on some weight. >> this is a plastic toy deer he was having fun with. >> happening now, san jose police are sending for three burglars and you can hear from a homeowner of the seconds leading to a confrontation that left in gunfire. >> relief for commuters in the east bay with the major transit east bay with the major transit expansion in the works.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. what is the favorite word of the week? >> friday. >> friday. first, the weather forecast. mike? >> guys, thank you very much. no fog. just high clouds. a little bit of coastal fog but quiet on live doppler hd. no need for umbrella today. other than the strong sunshine. you can see not much in the way of low clouds in the east bay hills camera. mid-40's to mid-50s. headed


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