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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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san jose city owned golf course under scrutiny after a recent report shows they're costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year. >> that report could mean closures or partial closureses 0 two of the city's three golf courses. we spoke with the council member who says it's time to pay off the debt. at least one of the courses is actually doing okay? report report the san jose municipal golf course where i'm standing, breaks even or makes a profit. the other two, however, are taking money from the general
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fund. that's the same fund that could put more officers on the street, keep libraries open longer and other city expenses. plus, as one council member says, the citizens never actually voted to open the golf courses in the first place. >> should people be putting on the san jose taxpayers' penny? >> the taxpayers never signed up for it. >> council member says prior council members financed the city's three course with bonds during good financial times. now a recent auditor's report shows the investment is not paying off. >> i know profit is the main goal, but i think a lot of the taxpayers' money are worth keeping the golf course open, just like keeping a basketball court open. >> this course suffered a combined $600,000 in operating losses during 2014-2015. another 2.2 million from the general fund went towards at the
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principle and interest payments on the debt nor land. >> about time for us to look at solving these fiscal issues created many years ago. >> the issue goes before city council on november 24th. with options like selling part of the land to pay off the debt. camus says they're open to ideas. >> i could maybe market it a little bit better, maybe try to have more tournaments here. >> reporter: many golfers rely on public courses because it's cheaper. >> other people can't afford to spend money to pay for memberships. >> reporter: but camas says he has to make sure 2.2 million is being spent in the right place. >> for example, we can get 13 police officers paid for annually. we can actually start a brand new soccer field annually. >> reporter: subsidizing a sport. a debate camas is ready to tee off in san jose, abc7 news. >> developing news. a woman pair bra glide neglect
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south bay suffered serious injuries when she crashed into the side of the hill in ed levin county park. the suffered a broken leg and possible back injuries. lilian kim is there. she'll have live report at 6:00. we have new details now on a deadly accident in napa county. police were trying to stop the driver of a pickup truck last night when he slammed into a minivan. this happened near highway 29 in front of the sonic drive- in a woman who was driving the van died. officers identified the pickup drying after oscar alee of napa. he had been drinking, was driving wreck hasly, hitting parked cars, and his seriously hurt. a saratoga woman survived a two-car crash that killed five people. she was one of two others 0 who were air lifted to the hospital. the driver of one of the cars was a 22-year-old man from merced. he died from his injuries.
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the collision happened on highway 120 near groveland. chp is trying to determine why one of the cars crossed the median, hitting the other vehicle head-on. >> the woman who police say drove into an oklahoma homecoming crowd was just charged with second degree murder. her lawyer says adacia chambers suffers from mental illness. the crash killed four people, including a two-year-old boy. 47 other people were hurt. they were waiting for a homecoming parade to start. >> they didn't know what hit them. came in 40-50-miles-an-hour like they were speeding through the crowd of people. >> police arrested chambers on suspicion of dui. her attorney says his client doesn't remember the moments leading up to the crash and has in the past gone days without sleeping. >> has been pattern of behavior that probably should have been diagnosed and possibly treated long before yesterday.
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>> chambers' attorney says his client has a history of suicidal thoughts. five adults are still listed in critical condition. >> san francisco police department's internal affairs division is investigating a shooting by officers in pursuit of a stolen police suv. this is video you'll only see on abc7 news of the arrest. yesterday morning police responded to a call of man wielding a knife in the marina distribution. officers say he got away by stealing one of their suvs. then hit several cars as he escaped. a pursuit ensued, to treasure island. police say they opened fire when the man drove on to a sidewalk to avoid a gate. man caught up in the chase spoke to abc7 news. >> gentleman just, like, running out of the suv, coming towards me and then jumped over my vehicle and then jumped over the bridge, so all very frightening, not knowing what was going on. >> this is just while. an officer made the same 40-few
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jump to the lower deck, chasing after that suspect, who was finally caught after trying to carjack another vehicle. two officers, the suspect, and a driver were all injured. >> the search is on for two men wanted in a double shooting in livermore that left one person dead and a second person hurt. this is one of the suspects. 18-year-old jason brown of oakland. this morning they locked down the area in oakland for six hours. officers served a warrant at brown's house but didn't find him. he is wanted authorize a shooting last night at the cvs parking lot in livermore. officers have not identified the second suspect. police say the two were armed with an assault rifle. >> new video shows a raid of an isis stronghold in northern iraq. troops managed to free more than 70 hostages here but unfortunately an american service meb was killed. >> the camera captures the controlled chaos. punk wait bid the constant
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crackle of gunfire. men bare foot and splattered with blood, running for their lives, and elite delta force in the middle of it's all. >> this is an example of a case where we could do something we alone had the capable to do, and i'm absolutely prepared to do that. >> report the new video provides a rare looks into the daring nighttime raid on an isis prison. u.s. special forces team with kurdish fighters, racing to rescue 70 hostages just hours ahead of what would have been a mass execution. the helmet camera shows the soldiers storming the compound in northern iraq. at one point, you can see the black isis flag hanging on the wall. u.s. air strikes had cleared roads and surrounded isis reinforcements, but as the team got inside the building, an intense firefight erupted and army master sergeant joshua wheeler was wounded and later died. >> the last mission he was on, '0 people got to go home because
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of what he did. >> during his 20-year career in the army, wheeler earned 11 bronze stars. the mission and wheeler's death, leading to questions about president obama's position that american troops will not have a combat role in iraq. the pentagon tell calls this an exception but says there will be more like it. >> they've will be the harm's way no question. >> defense secretary carter says american troops are only advisers on missions but combat is always a possibility. abc news, london. >> it's been a month since officials lifted evacuation orders for victims of the valley fire not everyone has returned home. ahead at 5:00, deadline in the effort to get lost pets and animals back to their owners after that wildfire in lake county. >> also... an event today to make the sweet sounds of music even sweeter.
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how you can catch a performance for free tonight in san francisco. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. early morning clouds brought about cooler temperatures for the second half of our weekend, but as you head back to work and school tomorrow, those temperatures are going to rebound the numbers ahead in
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mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. >> another closure is going to lead to detours for commuters in alameda county. he hyde street bridge is set to close for repair work, the closure begins at 9:30 tomorrow morning and goes until 6:30 p.m. and then runs monday through friday, through november 25th. detour signs will guide drivers around the closure.
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>> we just learned a goodwill store in berkeley has taken what appeared to be a holocaust themed costume off the racks after answer 7 news looked into the matter. the striped top is similar to uniform worn by prisoners in german concentration camps. you can see the yellow star of david used to identify jews by the nazi regime. goodwill told us it wasn't aware of the costume and has removed it this afternoon. and a viewer told us about the out fit. remember, when you see news where wow live, take a photo or video ask share if with us, abc7 news. we'll show it on ire or post ill online. >> animals separated from owners and left homeless due to the wildfire irgoing up for adoption. the animal shelter is still housing dozens of unclaimed fire rescued pets. the shelter and several other agencies helped nearly 3400 animals during the valley fire.
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it's been a month since evacuation ordered were lift. still, 40 animals remain in shelters. after wednesday, any that are still there will be put up for adoption. >> i hope they find a new home. a local celebration of music that is hard to beat. >> and water flowing where it hasn't in some 140 years. an intentional levee breech going do recreate they map of san francisco bay. >> a nice mild day out there. we take a live look outside. look at the sun. meteorologist drew tuma says we may snead umbrellas this week. i don't believe it but he has the forecast when abc7
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♪ ♪ >> she makes it look easy. a free day for music in san francisco. more than 30 music ensembles are performing live at the veterans memorial building until 10:00 tonight. 150 musicians are playing chamber music, jazz, new music and creative music, something for everyone. this year they're celebrating san francisco's role as a cultural center of the pacific rim with the folk cause on asia american ukes. >> behinds of people have the chance to see the rae creation of a tidal marsh. a man-made breach in a levee allowed salt water from san francisco bay into the marsh area. it's expected to take 24 hours to fill the basin. itself will take 20 to 30 years for the mar develop into a wetland habitat much as it was 140 years ago. >> to see this levee breach
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today and see the life it breathes back into this area is going to be incredible. >> it was used for cattle grazing and almost became a casino before it was purchased by sonoma land trust in 2009 the tidal marsh is exhibited to open to the public next year. >> don't see that every day. >> i thought this was a gorgeous day. >> stunning. blue skies. drew keeps saying we might have rain around the corner. >> a little bit of rain, a chance mid-week, but tomorrow it's all about temperatures warming up nicely and sunshine. live doppler 7hd right now showing you mainly clear skies and dry at the moment. we'll tack you outside. a live look sutro cower up camera. 70 in san jose. closer to the water, back into the 60s. half moon bay, 66.
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live doppler 7hd, along with satellite, will show you we had this area of low pressure that is moving into vancouver and seattle. it stayed too far north for us to get moisture. we just wound up with clouds and high pressure is billing in, bringing in sunny skies and warmer temperatures. so temperatures and cloud cover shows you tomorrow morning heading off to work and school, temperatures in the 50s. some patchy fog cheer there as high pressure moves in expects up shop in the afternoon, we're seeing the warmest locationness the low 80s and sunshine. tuesday, a day of transition, temperatures in the 70s mainly areawide. but clouds are on the increase ahead of a cold front moving east. live doppler 7hd along with satellite showing you the cold front very nicely, and we look at several weather computer models to figure out how the front will act as it moves east into the bay area. they paint can two different pictures. first, the european weather model gives us a healthy dose of
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rain, a lot of locations, quarter if not half inch of rain. the other computer webs model breaks the front down and we say completely dry, meaning no measurable rainfall. so we have to fine tune the details over the next 24 hours and get a clearer picture as to how much rain, if any, we'll see wednesday. overnight, cool temperatures. a cooler night than last night in the fourths in in the north bay. coastal and bay fog. mid-50s. tomorrow, going to be warmer than today. more sunshine in the afternoon, too. up to 75 in oakland. 70, san francisco. 9, santa rosa. the name san jose, at 79. other here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, temperatures rebound. it's sunny skies. tuesday, the clouds thicken ahead of the cold front. wednesday, there's our shower chance mid-week, but by thursday and really into friday, temperatures up and all indications for halloween we're
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sun soaked and temperatures seasonal, downing into sunday. >> that's your favorite holiday. >> i love halloween. my favorite by far. >> i expect a costume. >> we'll see. >> san francisco is all about halloween, too. how about the raiders. silver and black dominating the chargers in san diego. two picks on philip rivers awesome your highli
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in the raider is came off the bye week with a unewed purpose as they man-handle the
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chargers in san diego. for the first time since 2002 they didn't punt or turn the ball over in the first half. philip rivers, 500-yard passing. today two picks, smith returns to the chargers two. murray would score two players later. rivers three td passes raiders offense did they're part. derek carr to walker. 173-raiders. 1:12 left in the half. carr with a quick pass to cooper. watch him go. gets a block. check it out right there see you later. 52 of his 130 yards. raiders up 30-6 at the half. carr, 289 yards, three tds, third quarter, raider with at the same play this time to michael crabtree, chargerred made it interesting but a big road win for the raiders, 37-29 victory. raiders next opponent jets facing the patriots.
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jets could take over first with the afc east with a win. 17-16 jets. bill belichick sweating. not for long, 1.21 left. brady to gronkowski. 50th career touchdown catch. >> 49ers next oopinion net, the rams, hosting the browns. gurley 128 rushing yards. rams improve to 3-3 with he 24-6 victory. their defense will be a bill challenge. >> at the titans? the dolphins don't. tannehill has complete 25 in a row, a new nfl record. finished 18-of-19. four tds, got some help here from landry. pretty much dodging every texas defender on his way to a 50-yard touchdown. dolphins wing big, 4426 the final.
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the golden state warriors, your defending nba champion will open difference of their title tuesday night, hosting the new orleans pelican and will receive their championship rings. the talk around the league this warriors got lucky and sethure knows the teams will be gunning for the dub's tuesday night. >> it will be a challenge to go through the 82 game and play at a high level. we're a marked team, and everybody gives us their best shot especially the western conference. so, with coach carr or without him, always going to be a challenge, and if we're not at our best, going to' tough. >> minute timberwolves head coach and team president, flip saunders, peace away at the age of 60. he was diagnosed with limp foam naoma in june. he took a leave of absence in
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system and after complications, he died today. owner glenn taylor says flip was a symbol of strength, compassion and dignity for our organization, and you won't find anyone in the nba that had a negative thing to say about flip saunders. he will be mixed. >> only 60 years old. >> too soon. so. great guy, and great guy for the nba. >> thank you very much. >> barks and boos. we'll have more of these costumed canines celebrating the season at the largest halloween dog
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developing news. a woman is badly hurt after slamming into the side of a south bay hill this afternoon, coming up at 6:00, details on how a paraglider crash evidence in milpitas. >> a delay for california's high-speed rail. how money problems could put it on hold. that's at 6:00. >> san francisco and san jose may have gotten the top spots to trick or treat. >> but apparently the big apple gets best in show for canine costumes and pooches on parade. look at this. look at the minipope. 300 dogs showed up in disguise courtesy of their human open owners. why don't we have this here? >> every year. every year.
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multiple costumes. >> that does it for us at 5:00. >> see you later. welcome to "world news tonight." homecoming horror. a car plows into a group of parade watchers. four people dead, including a 2-year-old. the driver behind bars. tonight, what happened to her just before the crash. inside the raid. watch as commandos storm an isis compound, rescuing dozens of prisoners. a soldier's helmet cam taking us right into the daring mission. miracle at sea. fishermen pluck an 18-month-old baby from the middle of deep waters. the tiny refugee floating for hours. plus, the moment the baby's mother meets her son's saviors. texas slam. torrential rain and flash floods, washing out train tracks. triggering dozens of water rescues. the anxious night ahead. and, hacking your holidays? crooks intercepting packages right at your front door. is new technol


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