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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is how it looks in walnut creek and when i look at the camera it is harder to see the light. temperatures in the upper 40's mid-50s, and warmer today, high clouds and sunshine 66 at the coast and 76 away the bay and 82 inland. >> here is a look at the toll plaza, and everyone had a great weekend i hope. it is quiet as we look with cashpayers waiting to pay with their change and the rest of the fast trackers down the middle are moving along just fine and here is a lot fog, walnut creek, could not tell, we rarely see this 680 southbound side from our camera, where we have heavy fog and it looks closer to the ground you can see it is better. you could need your low beams. more on that will coming up with 580 westbound tracy to dublin 29 members and 680 is clear, too, highway 5 in the south bay, no delays but we have construction anotting the commute between alameda and oakland. that is in the next report.
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>> fire to talk about in the south bay, crews are on the sketch of a grass fire that kicked up in san jose. our reporter matt keller is on the scene with the latest. matt? >> good news, kristen, the flames have been knocked down the last 10 or 15 minutes. santa teresa boulevard near bailey avenue as firefighters get upper hand on the approximately four acre grandson fire that started burning this morning. around 3:30. i will show you the video of the flames we saw when we arrived on the scene at 4:00 this morning. firefighters were able to get up to the flames and walk up or drive up in their engine with a big response for san jose firefighter, cal fire on the scene with a response of their own and san jose firefighters credit cal fire with getting up there laying down the hose and getting there quickly. they were able to get to the flames, knock them down, stop them.
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they credit the cool weather and being nice and damp here for them to get a handle on the flames so quickly. they are concerned about high voltage lines and they are concerned about any time of electricity out on the fire because they are not sure if there are fire leans that are downed and they have to wait in dawn to figure it out. right now, firefighters have the upper hand on the fire with no structures threatened at this time. >> 4:32. happening today, the three drifters accused of killing a bay area yoga teener and canadian tourist will be arraigned. 18-year-old female and sean michael angold and morrison haze lampley are accused of shoot asking killing audrey carey at golden gate park august 2. three days later they shot killed steven carter walking his
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dog and they shot the dog which survived. 9 trio could face the death penalty ifen could victimmed. >> video of a car fire in martinez. it is a 1970s's ferrari >> take a look, massive flames coming from the ferrari across the street from a gas station. the driver was at the pump filling up the car and explains what happened when the fire sparked. >> i put the nozzle back i saw a spark and i turned to look and realized the flames were from above the engine and grabbed the fire extinguisher and i had it in gear but the car got hot enough it must have popped something and it rolled into the street. >> he said if the ferrari did not roll into the street it could have caused a massive explosion. firefighters put the fire out
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quickly and the driver said he is glad that no one was ineurpoed and he will look for another ferrari. >> developing news from canada. search crews worked through the night looking for survivors from a whale watching boat that sank yesterday afternoon. the vessel capsized off vancouver island where the water can be rough but officials say year was "perfectly fine," for this time of year. we have new video of the boat. it is upside down in the water. officials say 21 people were rescued. five have died. one person is still missing. police are investigating how that boat capsizeed. >> heavy downpours are expected in the gulf coast today remnants of huricane patricia which has caused destructive flooding in the united states after pounding mexico's pacific coast. rainfall broke records in texas where up to 20" of rain have fallen in some areas. houston officials say flooding closed highways and caused a train to derail. it has moved to louisiana now where heavy downpours are
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forecast. in tennessee, as well. authorities are working to identify four people killed in a head-on crash. it happened on saturday night. a 53-year-old woman from saratoga survived. sergio spoke to her neighbors. >> five people were riding in this charred mercedes s.u.v. and c.h.p. say it caught fire after the crash. the driver and three passengers did not survive. they are yet to be identified. the 53-year-old survived the crash near grove land, california, and was rushed to a hospital in modesto. she live has saratoga. i visited her family home this afternoon. her neighbors say they know her as janice. >> she is very sweet and seemed like the organizer of the family. >> doug and shanna say the family is friendly. >> i pull out in the only to go to work whoever it; will smile and wave. >> her son was featured in a news story three years ago when
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he returned from the second tour in afghanistan. a niece said that she and in stable condition so they hoping for the best. neighbors hope to learn more about what happened. >> i am hoping -- we do not know all the facts -- and that it wasn't their whole family. it is tragic. it makes me feel sick. >> the driver of the other vehicle died at the scene. he has been identified as 22-year-old marks cosy martinez -- marcos martinez. his passenger was rushed to a hospital in modesto, as well. >> c.h.p. said it could take some time to identify the bodies in the mercedes s.u.v. they will have to use dental records because they were so badly burned when the vehicle caught fire. >> it is 4:36. we are learning about a wild case through san francisco that ended on the bay bridge with the suspect making a daring escape
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attempt. here is video of how it ended on saturday. the suspect jumped at least 30' on to the lower deck of the bay bridge before being arrested. there were reports the suspect had a knife and stole the police s.u.v. after officers arrived. authorities say the suspect also tries to carjack someone else near treasure island before they chased him down. police have not released the man's identity. >> new video of a brazen burglary in san francisco. the man uses a window punch device to completely shatter the front door of the lg electronics store on harrison street on october 6. police say the suspect is a white man at 5' 10" and 150 pounds with brown hair. it is not clear what the burglar took from the store but police took from the store but police say more than $2,hundred
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>> we have a lot of fog. one of the areas that is not so foggy is if san francisco at 61 at the ferry building and glen park. downtown and mission and bayview, presidio and crissy field at 59. ocean beach is 58. sunny side is 58, too. richmond is 61. upper 40's in american canyon and pacifica and belmont and santa rosa at 56 and pleasanton is 57. in san rafael the fog is forming if we look south on 101. this afternoon, it will be hazy but clean inland from the north by at 78 to east bay at 84 and a few lingering low clouds along the coast into san francisco at 64 to 72 and partly cloudy and above average with a few high clouds at 73 to 79. the peninsula is getting foggy and expect arrival delays into sfo and most of us in the 70s and the next several days we
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will fluctuate a degree or two, and wednesday is the cool of the with an updated chance of rain. leyla? >> we want to make sure we are careful on the roads. the roads can be slick. here is a look at a wide view of bay area and we are seeing patchy fog and we early have it in the east bay over 680, and, also, we have a patch of it headed into livermore so the area shaded in orange as we track weather and traffic together that means we do have some possibly socked in conditions. as we take you into oakland, alameda, travels take you between the two places there will be a closures high street bridge the last phase of a rehabilitation project. it is starting today through november 25 at 9:30 this morning until 6:30 each evening between monday through friday you cannot use it, even mariners have to use another around this spot but there be detours in place. expect to see some delays. >> thank you, it is 4:39.
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a bay area hospital geared toward treating children is growing and a big expanse breaking ground this morning. >> the defend nba champions warriors begin a quest for a repeat. steph curry weighs in open what the team has to prove. >> looking outside right now, bay bridge toll plaza the abc7 news now traffic light and moving right along and we have traffic around the area and the traffic around the area and the fog that mine has been tell us why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 4:43. hope you had a great weekend. if you are driving on the eastern span of the bay bridge it is looking good. with a little bit of fog. we will talk to mike and leyla in a few minutes. >> news conference will discuss recent and repeated gas line breaks and sinkholes in height around bury neighborhood, the board of supervisors president said the issues are associated with work done by a company that was hired to help install water mains and replace sewers, but they blame pg&e for providing inaccurate maps. pg&e said that the contractors' equipment is too heavy. the board get to the bottom of the issue and hold those responsible accountable. >> governor brown will be in the area for an, expansion of a hospital for children.
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benioff children's oakland will hold a ground baking ceremony for outpatient center the first step in a ten year expansion that includes modernizing the facilities for children and their families. mark benioff will join local dignitaries at the site. >> the warriors are holding practice today as they are ready for the season opener. >> the defending nba champs will >> the defending nba champs will host the new orleans people >> we knew it would be a challenge to go through the games and play at a high level. we are at a mark the team. everyone will give us their best shop. with or without the coach, there will always be a challenge and if we are not at our bet, it will be tough.
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>> they will receive the championship rings in a ceremony before the game and fans are encourage to show up early. >> steph curry is a star on the court but now he is a star in a new apple iphone ad in the video provided by apple he is doing what he does best, turning around and posing. looks like a photo shoot but it is part an ad to promote the new iphone 6s camera that features h video and higher quality photos. >> if you throw riley in there, too, sales will go through the roof. >> really? >> who would have thought? >> now there is fog out there keeping it interesting. >> fog could have 15 minutes of fame unlike riley. the golden gate bridge has southeast wind at three miles per hour. some of fog is handing out. look at our visibility. a quarter mile in santa rosa and
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less than a quarter-mile at santa rosa. we are three in napa. that is because the fog now is moving north through the valley. 1.25 mile through livermore through the san ramon valley and quarter-mile at half moon bay and two at sfo where i expect delays. the winds are light and variable and they will public the fog around and keep us out of south bay. everyone else could see some. here is a look at the exploritorium and you can see how light the winds are. the ferry ride should be pleasant. fog to hazy sunshine today. air is clear. but full of moisture. it will look hazy. a little bit warmer today than yesterday. showers are possible. not steady rain. that is tuesday into wednesday. halloween is not looking scary. it looks war. today the temperatures are mid-to-upper 70s through most of the south bay and 79 in san jose and 80 in gilroy and santa cruz is 76 and cool spot in
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milpitas at 76. peninsula today is a narrow range at palo alto and mountain view at 76. los altos is mid-60s. maybe a few low clouds from time to time. nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. in the upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay and mainly novato making it to 80 and vallejo is 77 and long the east bay shore, 73 to 76 degrees and oakland is at 75 and the warm spot is fremont at 77 and mostly sunny inland east bay at 81 to 84 degrees. tonight, expecting fog again and maybe not so much because the high clouds will stream in and keep us in upper 40's to mid-50s. on tuesday morning, we have high clouds and scattered nature of the showers in the afternoon and overnight into wednesday and by wednesday afternoon, they are gone. unfortunately, all off in -- olf and the cold front did not hookup and we will not have a
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good soaking. 70s are back to the coast and the bay, and even 80s inland friday through the weekend. leyla? >> good morning, we have a look at the altamont pass and how traffic is moving along with a couple of spots where it is red at 32 miles per hour where the traffic now is starting to build. i can tell you tracy to dublin is going to take you june minutes. when you are through the altamont pass you will see speeds slowly starting to creep up and we have the area of fog shaded in orange is an indication where the fog could affect the commute out of livermore into pleasanton and looking clear to the dublin interchange southbound 680 a great drive to the sunol grade and northbound into to san ramon valley no problems. through castro valley and along the film it, between hayward and fremont, it is not going to be a problem. the san mateo bridge shows traffic nice and light over to
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the golden gate bridge with some fog. >> apple music has a debut open droid devices in tech bytes report. >> the ranks of apple music users will be bigger with 15 million using the service. an droid version of the app is ready for release. >> it would include the apple cat leg and beats radio. >> as far as happiness, people who use snapchat are happier than those who use facebook. >> thank you could help account for why snapchat boasts 100 million active daily users. >> thanks to the make of youtube a whole new generation of artists is inspired. >> happy little bees here and there. >> the new release of the first ever episode of "the joy of painting," from 1983 which has
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500,000 views. >> coming up, protecting young football player from injury and what doctors say schools and youth groups need to do to prevent another tragedy. >> scary moments at a high school gym when the student collapses and quick action to collapses and quick action to save his life.
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>> welcome back at 4:53, a homeowner narrowly escaped an explosion that tore apart her massachusetts home yesterday afternoon. the home is on fire. the house collapsed after go up in flames. neighborss' home shook. the 52-year-old homeowner made it out. no one else was in the home. fire officials believe the explosion is gas-related. >> a chicago high school is mounting the death of a football player last friday from injuries in a game the night before. today, with that backdrop the american academy of pediatrics has new recommendations to protect young football players. they are call on coaches to enforce the rules of tackling including zero tolerance for illegal head first hits to reduce risk especially to the bain. officials say reducing any kind of impact to the head could make all of the difference for long-term bain injury. the new guidelines include
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having athletic trainers at sidelines during all practice and games. >> refresher course on cpr turns into a lifesaving lesson at utah high school. >> the middle schoolers were jogging and suddenly a 14-year-old schuyler nelson slowed down and collapseed. so frightening. vice principal rushed in and took towns applying compression. the paramedics rushed the teen to the hospital where doctors found a gene defect. they saved his life. >> happening you very much. i am grateful. god bless you. >> schuyler looked as us and he said, thank you for save my life. >> the faculty was also grateful they brushed up on their life saving skills. >> nice to hear they are trained for that. >> mike? thank you, good morning, everyone, we will talk about the
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day, 72 with increase sunshine in monterey and low 80s with the central valley becoming sunny this afternoon, and 67 in lake tahoe, and warmer-than-average, and 81 in san diego and los angeles is 87 with clouds along the coast. now we are getting into the season where the ties are getting higher and san rafael, some of those areas that flood doing king tide could flood the next flee or four days. the golden gate bridge tops out at 11:45 and 12:26 in the afternoon and 1:0 9 on thursday. impressive so watch out. leyla? >> we will talk mass transit, shall we? bart has 34 trains running on time and ace train one is slightly early. san jose, along 87, near julian street, on the tank with leader and no construction in the way and southbound side moving along without any problems.
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we will talk about the north bay and the altamont pass. >> coming up on 4:56 you have noticed something we do not see often with gas prices below $3 a gallon. we were in berkeley where we saw a gas station selling regular unleaded for $2.69 a gallon. that is not far from the national average of $2.24 a gallon. analysts say gas prices have fallen ten cent the past two weeks but the price slide could end if crude oil costs remain at current levels. low of the rice we found in the bay area are in vallejo where gas is $2.25 a gallon. >> pelts stilt operated from owners because of a massive wildfire in lake county go up for adopt this wreck if they. unclaimed. the county animal shelter housing dozens of fire rescued pets, along with several other agencies helped 3,400 animals during the valley fire. it has been a month since evacuation orders were lifted but 40 animals remain in
4:57 am
shelters. after wednesday, any that are unclaimed will be put up for adoption. >> a california rescue sanctuary is helping a guinea pig wall with a custom wheelchair. she and her husband found abandoned on the side of a road in early spring and she had broken bones and her lower back were not working. animal sanctuary recently held a successful fundraiser to build the ride. the rescue shelter said she is now a little titan if that wheelchair. >> keeping silver and black in the bay area with chan the fans have to make a pitch to the nfl to keep the raiders from we moving. >> firefighters are on ground for flare-ups from a fast-moving grass fire.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is a powerful earthquake rocked a remote part of afghanistan. >> it hit at 2:00 our time. it was near the border with pakistan. people felt it across south asia. the u.s. geological survey said it registered 7.5 magnitude earthquake. the local media report it from 7.7 to 8.1 magnitude earthquake. this is video of damage in pakistan. the death toll now is up to


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