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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning to you, everyone, it is tuesday, october 27. we will get right to to a quick choke on weather and traffic. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco, it is warm? >> milder because of the high clouds. i will show you what is on live doppler hd, our first signs of the next weather maker could go bust with a lot of virga, the air is don't dry with no fog in san jose like this time yesterday. i will keep it mainly gray todays start in the mid-50s to around 60 and by unanimous we are in the mid-to-upper 60s with the dry air keeping us at
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possible just sprinkles across the north by as we head through the afternoon, and mid-to-upper 60s at the coast and san francisco and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere. we starting off in the north bay that is 101 and we are looking to the north so the headlights are moving in the southbound direction. they are whining beyond the auto dealerships and up to mill valley and traffic is very light. this is no fog. we had a continue of fog yesterday but not this morning, northbound traffic is light. at the golden gate bridge we have four lanes starting to widen and now we are starting to see the zipper truck waking up with us and northern traffic is looking clear, as well. the drive time traffic shows we are this good shape. >> happening today, san jose will tackle a growing problem, that you may have seen under over passes and behind buildings and on streets, the city will consider the first ever fines for illegal dumping. matt keller in san jose with the details. matt? >> kristen, an hour ago my
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photographer and i drove around downtown san jose looking for the big piles of trash and furniture. it did not take long to find some. check out this video. this is from south third street and 280 overpass we found large piles of trash. the city said it has gotten worst past three crews the a illegally dumped materials has increased by 75 percent and the incident of illegal dumps has increased 50 percent. the city wants to continue to target hotspots for illegal dumping including surrounding areas and the east and west sides and let people know how to get it of the bulky items. san jose does not have a municipal code specifically prohibited illegal dumping unlike other large cities like oakland and san francisco. a roamed ordinance would fine people $1,000 to $3,000 for violation. they are look at creating a phoneup to make it easy for people to report incident of
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illegal dumping. today the city council meeting starts at 1:30 this afternoon. crews in marin county will be pack out at day break to certain for a missing better after the fishing boat capsized in in tomales bay. they recovered one body and rescued another and took him to the hospital. the third is not found. >> in northern afghanistan, crews are working to fine any signs of life in the huge mountainous remote area. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit yesterday and could be felt across asia. this is new video of the widespread damage this morning, and crews say they are having a tough time reaching the victims. the white house said it is on stand by ready to lend a helping hand. >> there are a number of prepositioned emergency shelter and relief supply kits in warehouses throughout afghanistan. in pakistan, usaid has partners
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ready to respond. >> most of the 387 deaths were in pakistan. thousands were injured. helicopters are used to get supplies to victims. >> if the bay area, san jose police are looking for witnesses in the murder of a young realtor gunned down inside a nightclub. alan wang has the story. >> the small spokesman but a -- small man but big heart. quit witnessed. i loved to see michael arcega. >> sam worked with 34-year-old michael arcega up and coming real estate agent in san carlos. >> exciting news on thursday he signed his first lifting and on friday he as all excited he had his first listing. >> friday night, michael arcega who grew up in hawaii want out to celebrate at the law -- the lu beer club restaurant and:30 on saturday morning, neighbors her three gunshots necessity
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believe killed michael arcega who was standing outside of the club. flowers and candles marked the spot with he fell. a message thanked him for a 12 year relationship and being a father figure to a child. >> police believe there are wants who ran from the scene. they would like to talk to them to gather any information that could help. >> a neighbor said the bullet hole in his iron fence is actually from two beaks ago. he said early morning flights and gunshots have been more and more frequent since the club opened up six months ago. >> i would not be around here at 1:30 in the morning. no way. san jose is getting worse and worse. michael arcega is the 24th whom tide -- homicide of the career. >> abc7 has learned the names of the two membership shot in a parking lot in livermore. 32-year-old hose mendoza and another was shot.
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mendoza died and benitz the valley. this man, 17-year-old jason alexander brown is a gunman, brown and another used an assault life people to shoot victims of the brown is wanted for murder in fresno and is being investigated by sacramento police for a homicide there. >> if you are worried about your parents or grandparents being scammed you are not alone. the f.b.i. is stepping up. they will hold a community meeting in walnut creek of a recent upstick in scam artists targeting elderly in the bay area. the f.b.i. wants senior citizens to be aair of the signs and be able to spot a scam. the meeting starts at 10:00. >> today, we are hours away from tip-off of the worse run to continues their nba championship they will sport the bling. the championship rings were friend in on a private plane from beverly hills to oakland
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yesterday. today the team will receive the rings during the pre-game ceremony at oracle arena and will hit the ground running. warriors had the final practice yesterday ahead of the home opener against the pelicans. amy hollyfield is at the arena and will is a review of what fans can expect at the game. >> for fans heading out there, don't have to worry about rain. >> not at all. it will be interesting to see what kind of belong they put on the chairs. celebrate the fans being there for the first gay. 57 at orinda and hayward and fremont. 58 in young city. castro valley is cool at 56. the trio of 59s and oakland is the warm spot and alameda is 62 and 60 at antioch and livermore and 54 in los gatos and mountain you have is 58 and san carlos is 59 and napa is 52 and golden gate bridge no need to worry
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about fog. we will top out at 69 in san francisco. the rest of us in a range of 74 to 77 degrees under mainly gray sky. this is how it looks at sfo, high clouds do not usually prime minister flight arrival delays. we will keep our fingers crossed there is a chance of rain tomorrow. i will have a timetable on that and how much to expect next weather clip, and weekend forecast, all when we return. leyla? we will take you over to the caldecott tunnel and it is not westbound direction but eastbound direction of the caldecott. a car hit a deer and we have one lane block. we saw slowing away from highway 13 so be prepared. if you are trying to leave oakland to or rip da. lafayette through orinda to the caldecott no delays and no construction. at the richmond-san rafael toll
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plaza the drive is quiet. passing by up to the toll plaza to get across the water to the north bay the drive is only going to take you five minutes. in the eastbound direction the drive also is light. kristen sze and eric thomas? >> ready or not, bracing for black friday. next, the america's money report. >> new details in the lamar odom drug overdose and the hospital drug overdose and the hospital has fired some workers.
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(record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a view from our twin peaks camera to san francisco, with rain in the forecast, not this morning, but meteorologist mike nicco is prepared to tell you when in a few minutes. >> chrysler is recalling 94,000 suvs over air conditioning lines too close to the exhaust and could catch fire. the company looked into the problem when this were two compliments about smoke and fire in 2015 generals. customer boss lose air conditioning or see a dashboard warning light, contact the dealer. >> sex offenders on parole in
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california will not have to post signs warning trick-or-treaters to stay away halloween. that is part of a program called operation boo, a federal judge in san diego ruled the sign which reads "we do not participate in trick-or-treating," was unconstitutional. offend decembers are required to stay inside their homes from 5:00 p.m. october 31 until 5 o'clock a.m. the follow morning. operation boo prohibits sex offender parolees to opening door to trick-or-treaters or decorating their home. >> las vegas hospital workers would treated lamar odom have been fired for trying to take photos of him. odom was found unresponsive in the nevada brothel october thin. some of the former employees are reportedly trying to ghetto dome's medical records and his norm college coach said the star could face six months in rehab to recover. odom is now treated in los angeles. >> this morning, a united states navy destroyer sailed 12 mile of
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a chinese man made island in the south china sea in defiance of beijing. china claims territorial rights to the island but the united states doesn't recognize it. this is video shot by the united states navy during a reconnaissance flight. the united states said that china is creating man made islands we to illegally expand their territorial rights in the region. this month a chinese admiral said the nation wrote deal a blow to any forces that vie hate chinese sovereignty. there has been no reaction from 9 chinese on the united states action. >> a bay area company that transformed animated movies celebrate add big birthday for "toy story," gang. >> abc7 was on the red carpet at the castro theater for the film society of san francisco's 20th anniversary celebration of the original "toy story," with dozens of manns lining -- fans lining up. the apple cofounder played an important role as executive
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producer of the film. >> the life span of a commuter is maybe three years. five years are a door stop. they said if you do your job right you create can last forever. >> pixar is based in emeryville and owned by disney which is the parent company of abc7. >> it has been that long? >> the movie that sparked a generation of new imagination and great techniques in animation. that long. >> time to check the weather. michael? >> i have virga. it is looking impressive. can you see the green showing up all the way back to sacramento and shay he to the marin coast and another batch moving from the shore over our neighbors and it will evaporate before it reaches the ground. you will notice when you step outside this morning, maybe your skin is scratchy or dry.
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6 at half moon bay and 69 in san francisco. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70s and just up limited sunshine from time to time. tonight the gray will keep us mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s with the best chance of rain is north of cloverdale during the overnight hours. it is moving to us tomorrow morning during the commute. right new we have two areas of high pressure putting up a roadblock and the area of high is so strong it will keep olaf away from us and run up into the high and get scared and run away. right now, it is shooting up all the high level moisture at 19,000' doing nothing other than dimming the sunshine. we are going to have to use the cold front and the moisture to squeeze out any type of precipitation. at 7:00 this morning, all the way through 5:00, you can see our best radar runs are well to the north and now 7:00 tomorrow morning in the north bay we have a chance of showers and the rest of us have drizzle and headed to
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noon the chance falls apart with scattered height showers from noon until 4:00 or 5:00 and we will see clearing during the overnight hours and into thursday and cooler mornings on way before a big warming trend. look at the radar run, yesterday we showed a model with a lot and one model had a limit and most of saying from nothing in san jose to a couple of .02" to in the north bay. tomorrow, you will notice the cool of the day and the increasing sunshine temperatures are rebounding back to today's level and friday, 80s inland through halloween. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. turn the clocks back. you get an extra hour of sleep. a small chance of rain on sunday >> walnut creek southbound 680 will take you eight minutes. we have a few more clouds heading on to the road and a few brake lights flashing. that is an indication we are
5:18 am
seeing the heavier traffic building as you make the drive south out of pleasant hill to walnut creek at highway 24. right now, only eight minutes. to the south this is along 84 we had an early accident and still have debris not lanes eastbound highway 84, in the westbound direction coming from sunol it is looking clear to mission boulevard pushing up to pleasanton and 680, still managing to be light, and 580, through pleasanton and into dublin, the dublin interchange and at the interchange roads you could see a tap on the brakes but you are looking at green conditions which are at top speed. the slowest speed is 24 miles per hour out of tracy and right new you are looking at approximatelily 40 minutes to make it from tracy to dublin. >> 5:18. after waiting these years, fans of halo are ready to get the latest chapter. >> ready, master chief?
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>> fans are lining up for the release of the game and lucky gamers if los angeles attended the launch party with the video game series designed as military science fiction. it was first released in 2001 and now has millions of fans. >> my kids are still on harry potter. >> the countdown is on a month from today a lot of people are in a black friday frenzy. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, black friday a month away and shipping companies are ready. >> fedex is going to be up 12 percent over last year. the busy shipping days are the monday after thanksgiving and the first two mondays in december. >> the new from big 96 pages the hottest toys for black friday and the holiday season are online with coupons and deals that me begin on sunday.
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r.e.i. is pulling out of mack friday. the company closing its doors and giving employee as day off. with pay. the c.e.o. said black friday has gotten out of hand. >> he is encouraging customers and workers to spend time outdoor. rather than shopping. flag football? >> sounds good. >> straight ahead, seven things >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. stay tuned.
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bay. it is warm out there this morning. we have clouds with us. we do have rain coming our way and we will talk to mike about that. >> he are seven things to know before you go. number one, search crews in marin county continue to look for a missing better last seen yesterday morning. he was with two others aboard a fishing boat that capsized in tomales bay. a man died and another was rescue asked taken to the hospital. >> here is number two, check out live doppler hd it looks impressive. but it is not reaching the ground. it is bone dry outside. that will change as we head to tomorrow and possibly this weekend with two chances of rain. >> it is an early commute with a few extra cars on the eastern span of the bay bridge and eastbound we have a new accident closer to the tolls and right new traffic is light headed into san francisco. >> san jose man is under arrest
5:24 am
accused of standing a woman to death and police found the victim yesterday morning in an apartment on third street a block away from city hall. the suspect, 28 years old, dated the woman. >> the death toll from year's devastate earthquake in afghanistan is now passed 300, with 237 dying in pakistan and 74 died in afghanistan in the 7.5 magnitude earthquake. crews are trying to reach victims in remote maintain areas. >> wal-mart is the latest to scar for permission to test drones for customer delivery. wal-mart wants it use drones to check on the warehouses and distribution centers. several other companies including amazon are looking into making deliveries by drone. >> get ready to cheer on the warriors. we are hours away from tip-off of the run to defend their nba championship title. amy hollyfield is in oracle arena with a preview.
5:25 am
>> doctors are asking government officials to raise the smoking age to 21. the american academy of pediatrics came out with a strong new policy statement urging leaders to raise the minimum wage for buying anything teen products including e-cigarettes. the group calls for the food and drug administration to regulate e-cigarettes the way it regulates other tobacco products. hawaii is the only state with a law requiring a minimum age of 21 to purchase tobacco products. >> resident of a beach community will hand over millions of that ares in the next decade to improve their san million in malibu by trucking in sand from quarries. there are many celebrities footing the bill. >> the latest james bond movie is getting the seal of approval, prince harry stole the show bringing glitz to the red carpet as the world premiere of the new
5:26 am
james bond movie in london. they were welcomed by the co-producers and the it has been praised by british critics. it opened in united states theaters on friday november 6. >> that could be the last james bond movie for daniel craig. >> that raisety coat seams. >> i think so. mike is poised and ready to go. mike is poised and ready to go. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:29 on tuesday. thanks for weighing up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> we will check on the weather. mike, there will be rain. in a few hours? >> this is rain right now but it is evaporating because the air is born dry, below 19,000' and if you feel your throat scratching that will take our steam out of the rain tomorrow. that will coming up. we have a fog-free forecast. a quiet ride, few, on the bay waters with winds around 3-6 minute. warmer at 50 to 60 in the 12-hour day planner. 64th at coast. 68 inland. clouds with no fog. 66 at the coast to 78 inland by 4:00. a little bit milder this
5:30 am
afternoon. is anything a70, -- anything else affecting the commute? >> there is, a planned new crash popped up at san jose northbound 101 involving a make, two lanes are blocked. you do have possible injuries involved. i will have that for you in the next report. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights have not been turned on yet. we are waiting to hear in the next couple of minutes we do expect them to be turned on with heavy traffic building. tonight, expect heavy traffic along the nimitz and also surrounding streets, warriors home opener, people caps take at warriors and the payment starts at 7:30. >> thank you, 5:0 the warriors get their championship rings and then back to work in search of back-to-back titles. amy hollyfield is at oracle arena and the regulars are not the only fling. you have something, amy? >> a lot of fling.
5:31 am
rings. and this. the trophy will be here tonight and tonight starts the fight for another one of these, the warriors say they are ready. they will also be getting these, look at this video, i cannot show you exactly what they are hiding in there but i can tell you it is their championship rippings, flown up on a private jet from beverly hills. they will give them to the players tonight. the coaching staff is hoping that will not distract the players but the players say they know the response of getting off to a good start. >> that is something great for us last year we got off to a phenomenal start and everyone else was playing catch up. permit to get off to a good start, do not want to fall in the hole and battle uphill. we have a tough, tough schedule
5:32 am
to start but... here is video of the team practicing yesterday, m.p. steph curry will address the crowd during the pre-game ring ceremony. you will see this, the black hole covering up a panner that is championship banner they are very proud of of will be unveiled tonight. you are encouraged if you are coming to the game to get here early and be your seats at 7:15 with blue t shirts waiting for you. blue t-shirts, a ring ceremony start at 7:15 tonight. >> you saw that here first. thank you. love the t-shirts. developing news from marin county crews resume the search at day break for a miss bodier. the man was last seen yesterday morning in the waters of tomales bay. the filling boat capsized. coast guard searched and recovered the body of a man and
5:33 am
rescued another. the third man has not been found. search crews spend the day combing the rocky cost loan. >> the area is technical terrain and a lot of cliffs and difficult shore leans and we are looking for clues our evidence of someone missing from the boat. >> the men's name are not releaseed. >> people in san ramon and danville area had another night of shaking with three more hitting in the last hour. this is on the u.s. geological survey evening site bringing the total to 10 this morning on the usgs map you could notice some of the circles are in red, those are earthquakes in the past hour or so. the strong of the was a 3.1 earthquake at 1:26 this morning and 21s have rattled the area in the last 24 hours and hundreds of small, have struck the area in the last few weeks. size million gists say it is not an indication that a big
5:34 am
earthquake is to come. in afghanistan the death toll is 387 and it will grow more because crews counting casualties are having a difficult time freeing remote areas. year, 7.5 magnitude earthquake shaker was centered beneath the mountains near chinese and pakistan. thousands injured and 2,500 homes damaged. afghanistan army is using helicopters to get supplies to victims in the remote areas. >> fremont has a large afghanistan community and some were relieved to get word their loved one in the, oaklanden shaken up but otherwise unharmed. >> the house was falling down and the daughter fell down a few times and that was it >> those would live in the area i praying for relief. >> you can findness on anarch
5:35 am
on an, survival trip on our website. >> a man is accused of stabbing a woman to death downtown found yesterday morning in an apartment on third street a politic away from city hall. officers found 28-year-old hugo castro in the apartment and arrested him for murder. he and the victim dateed. neither lived in the apartment. this is the 25th homicide the year in san jose. abig fire that break out in the san francisco mission delores neighborhood. the place broke out on the second floor after 6:00 p.m. it was out quickly. no one was hurt. the local blog said neighbors heard an express best fire. when you see news where you live, take a photo or video using hash abc7 now and we will show it on air.
5:36 am
>> san jose is tackling a growing problem, the city council will consider a fine of people who dump trash on public or private property. the amount illegally dumped material has risen 75 percent the mast three years and officials want the city council to impose $1,000 in fines for the first offense and by the third violation, the fine will jump to $3,000. san jose is the only major bay area city with no fines for illegal dumping. our reporter will have more next half hour. >> the become city council will vote tonight to consider revisions to the housing codes and inspections. supporters site the deadly ball condition collapse as why reforms are needed. the supporters say they learned after the incident that the property owner did not keep up with inspections and part of the revisions include a city-wide mandatory inspection program. >> daughters after man who died
5:37 am
in his home in the butte fire of suing peg. the children of 82-year-old say pg&e lax inspection caused the fire last month. a pg&e official admit add tree may have come in contact with a power line sparking the fire. the company said they will respond to the claim in court. >> in washington, dc, the house of representatives could vote on a budget deal by tomorrow. before midnight, g.o.p. leaders struck an agreement with the white house averting a government shut down. the deal raises federal spending by $80 billion. the increase is paid in part bid cuts in medicare and social security disability benefits. negotiators agreed to lift the dead ceiling until man of 201689 speaker boehner is asking the going to pass the deal before representative paul ryan is expected to take the torch on thursday. >> happening today the national transportation safety board plans to release tire safety recommendations prompted by two deadly crashes last area one,
5:38 am
supposing problems with the michelin tieers and the goodrich tires. the board will release information on tire able, construction, and crash data. "good morning america" will have the report at 7:00 a.m. after our news program. >> everyone is keeping driving safety in mind with the rain possible coming our way tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning. that is the key. it could be during rush hour tomorrow. when you get the dry taking over by wet notice and the oils on the ground come up and make it slick so we have a lot spinouts. >> 54 in santa clara, and 62 in los gatos and everyone in the mid-to-upper 50s in the south bay and alameda at 62 and redwood city and san francisco 60 and 57 in novato and lafayette and danville and alum rock and half moon bay it is milder this morning. dew point in the 40s bone dry
5:39 am
air and no fog anywhere sprinkles across the north bay at 73 to 78 inland. along the coast in san francisco, gray most of the day, 64 to 70s and average around the bay, but gray most of the day. we have a lot of traffic coming from the north heading south and that is what the head lights are heading south on 101. tomorrow is the coolest day, mid-60s to mid-70s and by friday, we are in the mid-70s to upper 80s. watching trend is on the way. we will see how the evidence of october plays out in november this weekend coming up. leyla? >> you are a good student, mike, or i am a good teacher. >> both? >> both, yes. >> in san jose right now we have a serious citizen involving a motorcycle, northbound 101 we have two lanes blocked and possible injuries involved.
5:40 am
if you travel north to 280 and 680 you can see the slowing starting and beyond the scene of the accident it is clearing. but it will cause more slowing further and the commute. the park-'n-ride lot will have possible flooding because of the king ide and mike has certainly highway 101 and shoreline highway so all of this area expect to see possible flooding. be careful. we heard of the cars getting damage the last year. it will be another high tide with highway waters. >> 5:40 a scene patients at a major bay area hospital will see, next, nurses are walking off the job and their beef with management. >> a classroom confrontation caught on camera and a sheriff deputy did something that could get federal investigators involved in the school scuffle. >> you are looking live at san
5:41 am
francisco international airport with warm temperatures, as well, keeping weather and traffic up keeping weather and traffic up during the commercial thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> minutes ago the f.b.i. confirmed they will investigate this encounter between a south carolina sheriff deputy and a student. the deputy is on leave this morning. video shows him pulling a female student from the desk and throwing her across the room. can you see the commotion it caused in the class room after the student refused to leave class for being disruptive. the deputy is a resource officer at the school. the local aclu branch calls the cop front station outrageous. >> a t.s.a. agent stripped a man's 90-year-old mother after she hid away some cash. the woman was head back to the east coast from portland, oregon, and had hidden a extra dollars in her bra if she need it. the t.s.a. agent alerted the
5:45 am
scanners and she was taken into a room and told to take off her shirt. >> they wanted her to take, i guess, take all of her clothes off from her waist up. and she took off her bra... >> the search was handled badly and last his elderly mom ice russiaen. the t.s.a. is still looking into what happened during the search. >> more than 500 marin general hospital nurses plan to hold a when day strike next week unless there is action on contract negotiations. it is scheduled for november 5 a week from thursday. nurses want what they call safe staff adding more to take adequate breaks. they want workplace safety to help with moving parents. and retention of full time experienceed nurses. nurses have a bargaining session set for friday. >> bail fans, world series kicks off in kansas city with a royals hosting the mets.
5:46 am
>> the provides -- the are trying to accomplish what they could not last year when they lost the world series to the giants in game seven with the managements making the first appearance in the world series in 15="owv years their long of e absence in team history. i forgot there was a world series going on. >> you, the baseball fan? cannot believe that. >> if the giants are not in it we will focus on the warriors. >> let's do that. >> it will be comfortable. not a drop. what is the forecast inside? >> 70 the maybe 69. that is how many points they will have in the first half. anthony davis, pretty good player. it will be interesting to see how he has improved over the shoulder. speaking of grabbing, east bay inland i hope you find this more favorable, we are looking south on 680 with a cloudy but not
5:47 am
foggy sky and mainly gray and you may need the sunglasses with the clouds thinning and sprinkles are possible across the north bay and that is it. a better chance of light showers this time tomorrow morning through the football hour and another warm friend with a lot of sunshine. a look at live doppler hd if you were watching this 59 home and did not have me to tell you, you could be thinking, well, there is rain falling across the thought bay but not so fast. a lot of high clouds, 19,000' and born dry air so everything is evaporateing. temperatures today are going to be held by down bit lack of sunshine as it evaporates it cools the area. everyone in the low-to-mid 70s until morgan hill inland east bay, around livermore and antioch upper 70s. tonight is mild. cloud cover will be in the mid-50s to low 60. the best rain chance tonight is north of cloverdale. there is a possibility of
5:48 am
sprinkles and drizzles. two area of high pressure blocking the cold front and blocking olaf. blocking olaf. it iswhu showers and by 5:00 those are gone and if we are lucky .1". tomorrow is the coolest add mid-60s to mid-70s. by friday, 60 at the coast and 70s an the bay and 80s inland and same for halloween on saturday. we get an extra shower of sleep. an extra hour of sleep. >> that means so much to us.
5:49 am
>> did you say no thanks? i should say no thanks to this, the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights turned on taking on minutes to the commute and 16 to be exact away from the macarthur maze to get to san francisco. back into the south bay, san jose, a motorcycle accident has two lanes blocked northbound highway 101 there are a couple of alternates including king road and you can get around the delay. beyond the scene of the accident traffic is free flowing beyond the nimitz to the san jose airports. mass transit right now running open time with no delays reported for bart, ace train or muni. 5:49. the competition is heating up on "dancing with the stars" and the booted couple are on "good morning america" this morning after saying goodbye last night on the show social media star hayes out
5:50 am
after thrilling viewers with a spectacular halloween night and the night belonged to bindi after earning a perfect store after earning a perfect store and nick >> new at 6:00, fighting climate change and what we are learning of new recommendations from the california researchers. >> when nature calls what forced a napa pilot to make make a stop along a napa county river. stay tuned.
5:51 am
♪ ♪ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
5:52 am
milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
5:53 am
>> when you got to go you get do go. a pilot took that to heart. the pilot landed the float plane on the sacramento river so his wife to take a bathroom break and no joke, the plane is called "little stinker." the f.a.a. said the pit stop landing was perfectly legal. >> a new crime fighting tool in northern california is raising eyebrows with police able to use an old fashioned tool that elements injuries. officers who want to use them must pass a 16-hour training program. >> are you them blue cross patient? you could have money coming your
5:54 am
way under a lawsuit that has been settled, anthem will refund $8 million to customers resolving two lawsuits challenging increases made to deductible and co-pays and other expenses in 2011. they will grow to stop the practice. checks will go out to customers in december. >> does your iphone need serious repair service apple will get you a loaner. apple say they understand customers are unable to cope without the smart phones and will provide one to use while yours is being repaired. the phones are reserved for those who have serious issues including not powering on or connecting to itunes. the iphone 6, 6 plus, s and 6s plus are all eligible for the program.
5:55 am
>> grab an umbrella. >> tomorrow, yes, you may want to find it today so you have it tomorrow. when you wake up in the morning, you will want to grab it and walking out. we have beach hazards tonight through thursday 9' to 12' outside of the king ties at 11:45 at golden gate bridge with flooding possible at lunch around san rafael topping out at 12:34. leyla? >> highway 4 westbound antic to hercules is 45 minutes. at i-80 westbound direction to the maze it is 19 minutes. there are more cars on the road. it is slower than usual. 87 northbound from highway 5 to the san jose airport is eight minutes. a from -- great drive. between 9:30 in the morning until 6:30 p.m. through november 25 the high street bridge closure.
5:56 am
expect delays. kristen and eric? >> humpback whale is free after having to be rescued in southern california. the humpback was caught in a lobster track off the coast near san diego and showing signs of distress. rescuers jumped interest action and attached the buoy to the whale but one of the lines was sucked into the boat motor and broke the line and the whale broke free and swam away. >> a beach in alameda will expand because of lobbying from a citizens group. the regional park district will respond $2.1 million to buy four acres of land and add it to crown beep. originally a developer was going to build 46 home on the land. homeowners wanted it to remain green space and started a petition drive to force the government to drop the development plan. the park district board will sign off on the november them
5:57 am
3rd. >> at 6:00 a push to change pass possibilities and you may soon have more than two objections for gender when filling a passport operation. >> fighting climate change in california and when researchers will release new recommendations to cut pollution across the state. >> keep tabs on weather and traffic with abc7. traffic with abc7. stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, piles of trash litering a bay difficult and a plan to hilt you in the pocketbook. >> changes for sex offenders on halloween and what you need to know before taking your kids out this weekend. >> look at the live doppler 7 hd the friend is representing rain
6:00 am
but how come you do not feel it on the ground? we will tell you. that is where you live. whether you are or are not getting rain. >> you are doing jim nasa gymnastics with my brain. >> i will put another spin on this, good morning, everyone. look at live doppler hd. i have taken the rain off because it is just virga at 19,000' and the air is saturated above what and below that the air is bone dry. we could not see this 24 hours ago. it is going to be mainly gray day with low humidity so if anything falls from the sky it will be mainly sprinkles across the north bay. we are in the 60s at noon after being in the 50s at 7:00, and mid-60s to low 70s at 4:00. enjoy the cooler weather.


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