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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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buying big gallons of containers so they can capture the rain and reuse it. so used to the drought conditions everyone understanding how precious every drop is. some are preparing for possible problems. we found business owner getting the sandbags out and he remembers last december when we got a bunch of rain at once and the damage it can do. he is preparing. >> we have increased our insurance and will sandbag and take whatever precautions we can. there is only so much you can do . no need for sandbags at this time. it is dry in the north by. we are on the rain looking out for rain driving an the north bay and this is where we can expect it. stay with us as we continue to bring you reports on the current
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conditions. thanks. this is a sight you see in marin county the next few days, hydes flooding the park-'n-ride lot in mill valley at 101 at highway one turn off. several inches of water were covering the paing spots. rain today will add to that. next high tide is at 11:30 this morning. the lot floods during heavy rain and high tide. >> victims of the valley and butte fires are having to deal with rebuilding their homes and lives and now they face the threat of mudslides and flooding with the rainy season. the scarred areas are susceptible pause many trees and brush that helped hold the soil together are destroyed. >> a burned trees could fall any time and people living in the areas say they are praising for the west this winter. >> if you get rain where you live, take a photo or video and share it with # #abc7now,andthatwillhelpusfind yo
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>> people are waking up from a night of small earthquakes, with the danville area hit with eight small, since midnight and the biggest was 2.5 at 12:30 a.m. with small earthquakes that is hit area in the past two weeks. this is the u.s. geological survey website. no reports of injury or damage. >> other news at 4:32 a third lawsuit has been filed against the owners of the san jose mexican seafood restaurant linked to a contagious disease. the shigella outbreak began at mariscos number three restaurant as of today 18 cases are reported in several counties including 85 confirmed through laboratory tests. the restaurant has been shut down since october 18. people can catch shigella by coming into contact with an infected person. >> the president of ireland will
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meet with nose who helped the victims of the deadly balcony collapse. strawberry tree saab links -- s saplings will be planted in memory of the two -- five students. new detail on the human skull found two weeks ago around los gatos. santa clara county sheriff investigators returned with dogs in search for more clues. volunteers joined the search in the woods. police have not determined if the skull belongs to a man or a woman. >> in marin county, the research was resumed for one of these missing boaters after a fishing boat capsized. three men were in the boat when a call went out they were in the water. a man died identified as being from roseville.
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another survived with non-life threatening injuries. >> san jose police want to you look at this surveillance video. it shows the three men suspected of carrying out a home invasion robbery that ended with the home owner shot. it happened last thursday before lunch time. the three men are believed responsible for other similar robberies and the wounded homeowner survived the injuries. >> the warriors have a couple of days off to rest off for the first road trip of the soap. last night the defending champions finally received their rippings during a championship celebration. then a big win at oracle arena. we were there with the details. >> during the pregame ring ceremony warriors fans saw the diamond encrusted championship ring flashed across the jumbo-tron. the nab champions showed them off to the cameras and performed the ring dance for the crowd. they revealed the championship banner which joins three previous banners, for some it
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took the entire off season to feel like champs. >> still singing in. >> warriors were sporting their championship warm-up suits selling off the rack upstairs in the warriors gear store with sales as strong as they were during the playoffs. on the floor, before the game, steph curry hit the court and he signed autographs for the fans. >> that was amazing. i am stoked. >> the steph curry autograph was the icing on the cake after her father's surprise at school. >> he brought tickets and i surprised my daughter and picked her up from school and she had no idea we got do come out and celebrate the championship for the home owner with the warriors. we love it. >> best dad in the world. in the universe. >> dad scores a lost points and so did the warriors defeating the pelicans 111-95
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two special guests were at the game last night. this tweet is from spencer stone and anthony sadler, these two and alek skarlatos stopped a terrorist attack on a train in paris. and alek skarlatos is competing on "dancing with the stars" on abc7. >> we want to see your warriors fan prize post photos and videos to sole media using #dubson7. we feature them on air and online. >> the members and royals are back at it for game two after the wild 14 inning game that lasted over five hours. new york led with one out in the 9th but royals last fielder tied it with a dramatic home run and the closer at the bottom half, the royals hit a sacrifice fly a former a's pitcher and escobar scored and the royal got
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the win for the series lead. >> are people in san francisco ready to fork out more for taxes? better transportation is the reason riders do not mind dicking deeper into the pockets. 70 percent said they are okay with the sales tax increase and they will bring it $170 million and $70 million for taxes on taxes. >> neighbors are tired of seeing trash dumped on streets in san jose with fines up to $3,000 for anyone caught dump on public property. the a garbage on streets and public spaces has increased 75 percent in just the past three years. >> now it is time to check with machine machine and a look at weather forecast. in san jose at 2:know, light showers. >> a few across the south bay and we will look at our weather window on 101 and 880.
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we will see if it is down this. most of us are dry. 57 in west portal. everyone else is in the low 60s. if you are at glenn pa, -- 66. saratoga, 58. walnut creek is 60. 57 in american canyon and petaluma and pacifica at 58. right now you can see through the sunol grade it could be wet, 680 and 880 with light showers rolling through the last hour. can you see they were row must. now they are scattered. you can see 101 and 880 is damp. the showers dropped .0 1" of rain overnight. that could have been the best chance in the south by. today, our best chance of anything measurable is in the north bay, 70 to 74 headed to under land east bay and coast and san francisco is drizzle to light showers 64 to 68 and around the bay, scattered light showers 70 to 74.
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moving forward you can see temperatures start to rebound as we head to tomorrow and friday and possible halloween on saturday. more of the weekend forecast coming up and any residuals from the moisture? >> so far so good. the golden gate bridge shows traffic is light and dry. we move over to walnut creek and the commute on 680 southbound is moving along just fine and we see cars bunching up as we are closer to highway 24 and that is a result of morning congestion building on the usually side but dry and no accidents. quiet start to morning. we will look at what is happening between oakland and alameda, you know that the high street bridge is going to be closed through november 25 and construction happens each day monday through friday starting at 9:30 in the morning through 6 o'clock and use the alternate be prepared. traffic is light. 880 is moving along clear in the
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northbound and southbound direction. >> another deficit in the battle over affordable housing in san francisco. next star power supporting two controversial propositions are turning to. >> round three in the presidential debates and which candidates have the northwest win or most to lose in the showdown tonight. >> looking outside with abc7 news now we are keeping weather and traffic through the entire break so you are in [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ dayquil liquid gels and go. hey buddy, let's get these
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antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. danny glover is endorsing two of the most contentious propositions on the san francisco november ball lot of ought city government has not done its job creating housing policy that keeps up with the influx of new people. >> the san francisco native appears in two ads paid for by propositions that you could see popping up on social media crashing down on short-term rentals limiting owners to 75 years to rent a unit and the other halts construction of expensive condos in the mission district for 8 month -- 128 18 months. >> donald trump is no longer the front researcher and will have to share center stage with ben carson neck in neck with donald trump in a poll. here is what to expect to hear
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from the candidates. >> good morning, this is another opportunity for candidates to pick up momentum and this time donald trump is also in need of a boost. >> unchanged on the debate stage two men placed front and center for the rankings in the polls. >> iowa, will you get your numbers up, please. >> humbled donald trump averaging ben carson's rise to first place in iowa and in one through poll in a virtual tie with trump nationally. >> ahead of the debate, carson is not taking the new numbers for granted. >> i do realize it is a marathon. we are still more than a year away from the election. this will be ups and downs. >> while peck beck and carson are county anded to hit hard in the debate, other candidates are battling to be seen as the alternative to the outsiders. jeb bush declaring friend and poet tray marco rubio a g.o.p.
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obama. marco rubio suggesting bush is part of the past. >> we need to elevate a new generation of leadership. >> there are 14 residence in the race but, again, only the top ten are part of the debate. house ends will meet behind closed doors to nominate paul ryan as new speaker taking over for current speaker boehner who is being forced out by a group of tea party lawmakers with the vote tomorrow in the full house of representatives. >> the weather forecast will show us when the scattered showers arrive. mike? >> we had a few this morning. >> more coming our way. we can show you what is going on right here around bodega bay toward guerneville we have what looks to be heavy shower at bodega bay. we like to see the yellows and oranges. but not while you are commute
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commuteing. you can see on the lower end of the screen the lighter showers moved through the south bay overnight. our attention will turn to the cold front across the north bay. it will bring scattered showers. it is slowly progressing to the south overnight. our moisture levels with at 19,000' during the midday show it was down to 12,000' and now sit down to 4,000' and it is easier for the rain to reach the ground. this front going to fall apart as it moves south across our neighborhoods so our best chance of rain measurable is moving through the coast. >> there are scattered light showers elsewhere but it is the best area cross the north bay during the morning hours. you can see by noon it is already starting to fall apart in the santa cruz mountains and by action the front sweeps through and we are starting to
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see the clouds break up a little bit. there is the possibility of a little bit of fog overnight but notice a lost sunshine coming at us tomorrow. today is our cooler day with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s at half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and low-to-mid 70s for the rest of us and tonight with the clouds clearing we are 5- to 10-degrees cooler. upper 40s napa and low-to-mid 50s the rest of us. in the north bay, we have a chance of a .1" possibly the higher elevations and the rest of us are reasonable around .05" to nothing in the south bay. it will be breezy behind the robert and 60s at the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s inland hanging around through halloween and with daylight savings another cold front moves in on sunday with a chance of rain then and on monday. >> we have 27 bart trains on time right now and ace train one
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is a minute late in tracy in five minutes and muni has no delays reported on buses or rail. the san mateo bridge shows dry and light and we do not see too many vehicles crossing the water over to the peninsula so traffic is moving along fine eastbound, too, no construction in either direction. we are in a good start. moving over to san francisco we have garbage strewn in all lanes off of 101. if you are trying to get off of van ness to the freeway there is a clean up with a lost garbage there. it is light traffic and early if you are headed up along 101 to i-80 it is clear across the bay bridge to the east bay. so far, so good. >> apple posts strong earnings as demand surges. >> hear is the technical news. >> apple is selling just had
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another quarter recording earnings and it was an optimistic note from the c.e.o. expecting healthy sales during the holiday. >> motor roam -- motorola's droid has a screen guaranteed not to crash. there are batteries that last up to 48 hours. they are available from verizon. >> a new wi-fi router and can you boost the speed to a particular device with the wave of your hand. no word on how it knows which device you want to give priority. >> device will be on sale in two weeks. >> those are the technical payments. >> have a great day. >> one of the most popular sporting events, why many triathletes may decide to escape triathletes may decide to escape from the "escape from alcatraz
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that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. a look at the golden gate bridge and someplace could have a wet commute. meteorologist mike nicco has details on the forecast in a bit. >> get ready to fork over more cash to escape from alcatraz.
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next june it will cost $750 to take part in the escape from alcatraz triathalon, 67 percent increase. organizeers posted an explanation saying demand has exploded and that means additional spending on security and other things to keep the event competitive. critics say they understand the costs rise but $750 is too much. >> what could be the ultimate treat for star gazeers on halloween, a massive asteroid will fly by earth october 31 culled "the great pumpkin," and you need to break out the telescope to see it or go to the science center for a free viewing party from 7:30 until the wee hours of the morning. it was recovered 18 days ago and is the size of two football fields. it will pass 300,000 miles from
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earth or 30 percent further away than the moon. >> the first of two upcoming spacewalks will begin in 30 minutes and preparations inside the international space station where scott kelly and another astronaut work on upgrades. kelly set a record for amount of time in space in the 213th day, and the second walk to restore a will coog system is scheduled november 6. >> the first of two upcoming spacewalks underway but down here, you have weather. >> no moon walking, and good morning, everyone, guess what started or will start in five minutes? our beach hazards. we will have swelling around 9-12' through tomorrow evening. we do have higher tides at the golden gate bridge 12:26 but the flooding we dealt with yesterday is going to happen today around 1:16 in san rafael weapon the
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high tide hits you. around the rest of the state and what you will find out is north of 80 today we have scattered showers and south of monterey heading over to yosemite if you are headed to southern california you should be dry. leyla? >> we start off with a look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is moving fine with no problems and no accidents. even with the moist conditions and some bay area neighbors including san jose, that is what we have, 280, near the nimitz, where it meets 17 you have a clear drive southbound traffic not even seeing a single vehicle in the southbound direction out of cupertino. drive time traffic 580 is building over the altamont pass and 33 minutes and highway 4, still in the clear and antioch to concord and 101 southbound from san rafael for san francisco is 18 minutes. >> thanks, four delivery drivers working for amazon prime have filed a class action lawsuit against the company.
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they accuse them of paying less than minimum wage and are promised $11 an hour and tips and $2.50 for a delivery but gas and insurance and car machine comes out of their own pocket. that means they are earning less than $9 minimum wage. >> can dancing slow amount cognitive function, learning steps requires concentration and politics quicksteps and lower movement that could improve mental and physical health. people with alzheimer's disease have trouble walking and can improve the gait and keep alzheimer's disease patients independent longer. >> big than you from a bay area man after he walked into a fire station yesterday to meet the firefighter and paramedics who help him out. the fire department tweeted the
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pictures calling it a miracle save. he was jogging last tuesday and collapsed. the fire station was close and a trucker driving by notified them. crews were able to revive him. >> today is the day for those would love chocolate to indulge without feeling too guilty. >> national chocolate day. in france they got a head start year. 15 french celebrities hit the cat walk wearing dresses of chocolate and the chocolate fashion show, the designs were created by up-and-coming fashion designers pairing up with world famous chocolate makers. >> much needed rain is bringing with it danger and at pack am we have the warning you need to listen to if you plan on going to a bay area beach today. >> a california's schools get an f in a new report card on education in two key areas where education in two key areas where students are falling short.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> >> good morning, on wednesday, october 28. i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the rain is on the way. >> there is a nice shower through bodega bay and it is going right over toward rohnert park. watch out. in southern santa rosa you are in the next h


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