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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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profiling. victims say in each case there were three to four men and they were armed. >> my dad tried to grab the gun and he saw two or three other guys run up with masks and guns >> no one has been hurt in the crimes. police say look at this car, a picture of the car they believe the suspects are in, a dark blue 2015 nissan similar to this vehicle. they are telling people if you think you are being followed, be aware of your surroundings, and if someone is following you, keep going, do not stop, call police. >> 4:0. developing news in london this morning, abc7 has learned the family of a missing trader from san francisco has friend to the u.k. hopping to find him. authorities say that 24-year-old josh sanchez disappeared after
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flying to london for a job interview october 22 scheduled to take a flight back to san francisco from dublin last thursday but he did not make the flight. he was last seen leave his london hotel early this day. we are working to get more information on the story. you can get updates at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the jail is on the hotseat after a deputy sent away a map trying to town himself in over a dead body. the sheriff said that castro came in and showed a note saying he knew the location of a body but did not claim responsibility. when the deputy could not find a warrant they told the 28-year-old san jose man to go to the police department. he went and ended up leading police to a woman would was strangled and stabbed inside an apartment. she has been identified as his former girlfriend. he confessed and was arrested. the next court appearance is november 16.
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>> do you remember the cell phone video of a rohnert park police officer pulling his gun on a man in july? the man plans to file a civil rights claim against the city today. that is according to the "press democrat." the department investigated and announced the officer rodriguez' actions were reasonable and he was cleared of wrongdoing. the city has 45 days to respond. if rejected, he will file a civil suit seeking $25,000 in damages. >> the g.o.p. candidates behind in the polls may be emerging at the presidential debate which was supposed to focus on economics. the candidates turned come budgettive. we are joined from washington, dc, with the very latest. >> good morning, the establishment candidates who are trailing in the palms hope this debate will help pick up steam against the outsiders dominating the race. >> folks we have for wake up. >> from the start the
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frontrunners donald trump and ben carson come under attack. >> we are on the verge of picking someone who cannot did this job. >> a classic trump counter punch. >> the palm numbers tank asked that is why he is on the end. and he got nasty. nasty. so, you can have him. >> the real estate mogul further >> the real estate mogul further blasting kay baby after marco rubio for missing senate votes. >> you should be showing up for work. >> he compared himself to john mccain and or whose missed votes during presidential campaign. chris christie got applauds for the slam on a question about letting betting for fantasy football. >> we have $19 trillion this debt, we have people out of
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work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? >> the candidates battle over records and tax plans they found agreement on one thing: ted cruz vented shared frustration with the moderator. >> this is not a cake match, how about talking about substantive issues people care about? >> republican party leaders are bashing mod prayers for questions they claim were used to stir up the stage rather than focusing on policy. the candidates face off again in less than two weeks. in washington, dc, for abc7. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton will be fundraising in the bay area next month. an event called evening with hillary takes place at hall wines. it is owned by a man loss is
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married to a woman appointed as ambassador to austria. she has two other fundraisers in the area. >> tonight, raider nation had a chance to give the nfl their opinion of the brother spent -- the brother -- prospect of losing their team to san diego the raiders are partnering with the chargers on a $1.7 billion proposal to build the stadium in carson. the rams have competing stadium plan in the area. the nfl could choose one or two teams in january to move to the los angeles area. the oakland meeting is held tonight at 7:00 at paramount theater with registration to attend is closed but the event is live streamed. we have a link at we will hear very, very briefly from the chargers.
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>> last night fans voiced displeasure to the point person on the stadium issue for the chargers. they asked nfl executive rudman for more time of an actionable stadium land completed in san diego. >> three drifters accused of killing two local people will return to court after appearing in court. arraignment was postponed until today for 18-year-old lila scott allgood, 24-year-old sean michael angold, and to 3-year-old morrison haze lampley. the delay was because one of the suspects was not. >> signed a court-appointed attorney. they are accused shooting and killing audrey carey at golden gate park october 2nd and three days later she shot and killed steven carter as he walked his dog in fairfax. >> the 15-year-old charged with the murder of madyson middleton is expected in court. police say adrian gonzalez kidnapped, sexually assault
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asked strangled her in july. her body was found in a recycling bin at the apartment complex where they both lived in july. gonzalez will be tried as an adult. >> happening today the family of a woman who was shot and killed by emeryville police officers back in february plan to file a lawsuit in federal court. police say that henderson stole 9s from a home depot and pulled a gun on store security guards when she was confronted outside the emeryville store. officers say she tried to run away attempting to carjack at left three different drivers with her gun. 9 miss say she pointed the gun at officers who shot her. >> no charges will be filed against a man acan youd of trying to kidnap an 11-year-old girl in antioch which made national headlines two weeks ago after an employee at the elementary school was called a hero for stopping the alleged kidnapping. prosecutors now say there is insufficient evidence and a misunderstanding. man in question has been release product custody.
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>> it is 4:37. bart will begin testing the new cars in december. they have a small but crucial difference: an extra door which will reduce crowding near the doors and allow passengers to get on-and-off the train more quickly. the change should also reduce the time needed for trains to get in and out of the station. bart hopes to use the new car for passenger service in december of 2016. >> the bart delays and more on that. meteorologist mike nicco? >> in delays because of the cooler weather this morning, and i know you want to pull the blanket over your head of the ten degrees cooler in concord, fairfield, and livermore and 12 in novato and half moon bay are warmer by two and four degrees. we will start in san francisco as we do, west portal is 55 degrees and presidio and glen park and crissy field at 57, and the mission in downtown and sunny side at 58, and ferry building is 62 and financial district is 60 and belmont and
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pacifica is 56 degrees and american canyon and healdsburg not far and just changed to 49. walnut creek is like magic, at june and santa clara at 49, saratoga behind it at 51. in san rafael, notice, no fog, today we top out at 72 in san francisco, and peninsula is 75, and south bay 77 and east bay 76 and inland east bay, north bay around 80. clear conditions overwalnut creek and we are going to be warm tomorrow and saturday and a chance of rain comes in on sunday. i will let you know if it lasts through monday. it could be an interesting start. leyla? >> we will start off with the bart delay, it is recovering but we have a 20-minute delay and this is daly city in the pittsburg and bay point and dublin and lasten direction. they have fixed the equipment problem. however, it is now a 20-minute wait. we have a planned new crash and this particular crash is located in mountain you have, palo alto, excuse me, along we at san
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antonio road southbound involving a couple of vehicles. we do have lanes blocked. as we move over to walnut creek, southbound 680, a breeze as you come from pleasanton hill away from highway 4 to the 24 junction, that particular drive is going to take you only six minutes and moving over to drive time traffic, 580, tracy to castro valley, westbound is 39 minutes and 101 northbound in the south bay from 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes and 280, headed through daly city is a from job, nice and clear and no delays. >> it is 4:40. giving special olympians the respect they deserve and the lead a high school is setting for other schools across the bay area. >> also, wait until you see the furniture trend a bay area company wants to set. >> a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza it usually looks like this, with traffic light and moving right along but it will pick up later on.
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san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. at 4:43. a 10-year old boy is recovering from a shark attack that took place off the coast of hawaii yesterday while the boy was body boarding. he is in serious condition at the hospital. authorities closed the benches and are strongly recommending
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people stay out of the water. it is the 7th shark attack in hawaii this year. >> warriors are without a player tomorrow in houston after knocking heads in the opener on tuesday. he was pleading and needed stipulates. doctors ran tests to confirm he has a concussion and will be out indefinitely 9 you may remember he broke his nose in the pre-season. >> it is tradition that high school athletes get a varsity letter they wear on the jacket or sweater and the on is extended to special olympians at pleasanton foothill high school. that young man is wearing it proudly. >> 18-year-old told us putting on his letterman jacket makes him feel really good. >> i feel like it is meant to be on me. i worked six years so hard doing it. it makes me feel happy and...
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better part of me. >> go, andrew! >> he has been competing as a special olympian since he was 12 in basketball and bowling but at foothill varsity letters were given only to those who achieved certain standards in their sports at school. >> one day i was driving in my car and i thought why can't he have one? >> until his mother decided to make a suggestion to foothills' principal. >> i thought of senior pictures and how families take pictures of their seniors with their letterman jackets. >> we have a young man who is committed who plays the whole season and is deserving to represent foothill athletes. >> letter means a lot to andrew and send as message to the larger student body. >> it is about meaningful inclusion. when you are playing sports in your community, and be recognized by the school is very
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important. >> he is is proud. he loves it. he wants to wear it all the time even if it is 95. >> it makes me feel happy for all special limpians in all cases. >> other schools in the area will follow the lead and award letters to the students who made their mark in the special olympics. it takes one to start an amazing trend. >> great story. >> do you feel like taking a quick nap on the job? >> wake up over there. a company debut add new workstation that could make it difficult to keep your eyes open. >> according to the "san francisco chronicle" it converts from stand up to sitting to recline. in recline you lie on director bad and look at the monitor and the mouses and key board are anchored with magnets. the workstation costs $5,900.
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>> why use a stand up or sit down mode if you have the hey down mode? >> we read stories we may have to sit up. >> standing up over there is mike nicco with the weather. >> thank you is me on friday night after a long week of work. hope any you are sleeping well with the cooler air. 101 and 880 we had rain rolling through yesterday morning and it is bone dry and east bay hills all the way over to san francisco and the twinkling lights. let me tell you what will happen. grab the sunglasses. sunshine and warmth returns. we have 80s rolling through our neighborhoods all the way up to halloween. nothing mostly about that forecast. it will be wet on sunday and monday. right now, visibility is unlimited and notice the winds in novato are coming from the north at 14 miles per hour and we will see the winds pick up. it will be breezy. if you drive a high profile
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driver over the bridges it could be interesting at times. here is a look at yesterday's cold front, it is still falling apart. now we have a breezy transition to had area of high pressure that is moving in and when it does dill bring all of this calm and warm weather with it and it will hang around all the way through the end of october which is saturday. we will talk about temperatures in the south bay and 76 is what we have in milpitas and santa clara and santa cruz and gilroy at 79 and as we head up the peninsula, a range of 73 to 76, a narrow range and mid-60s along the coast with a lot of sunshine and sunset is 67, and downtown, it is 72 degrees this afternoon. hanging through the north bay, we will start at 70 at sausalito and end up at 80 in napa and santa rosa and along the east bay shore 72 in richmond to fremont in union city at 76 and another stop, 79 in pleasanton, and everyone else is 80-81. here is what will happen, another night of 40s inland
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vietnam and low-to-upper 50s elsewhere. as we move through saturday, nothing frittedful for halloween but you can see a couple of chances of rain rolling through the forecast. my seven-day outlook shows get used to 80s inland they are around for quite a while until sunday when we drop into the 70s and most of us are in the 50 and 60s by monday. november is going to family like fall. >> we have 237 bart trains but we do have a 20-minute delay at daly city and this is in the pittsburg bay point and dublin/pleasanton direction. if you are heading in either of those directions, make sure you understand there is going to be a lay until further notice. there was a track problem but it is fixed so hopefully that will catch up. ace train, muni, and everything else is running on time, and moving into san jose, this is the drive along 280 near 880, the drive is quiet and you can see a few vehicles, southbound traffic not a problem. we do have some construction though, in the south bay particularly on 280, if you head
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southbound on 280 right around woman road there are intermittent lane blockages until the next 15 minutes or so it will clear up. further to the north, though, southbound 101 we had an early accident reported here and this is the san antonio road and it has cleared over to the shoulder and as you can see nothing but green so we are running at posted speed. >> flu season is here. we are all being urged to get vaccinated. the widely used drugs that could make the flu shot less effective >> ironman in sacramento. a special meadow that has robert downey in the state capital. >> you will not need armor on the embarcadero. the embarcadero. stay tuned.
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>> good morning, it is thursday at 4:53 with a hook at bought sides of the day looking clear this morning. we have warmer days ahead which we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about in a moment. >> right now this story: a new study suggests that older people would take statens to control their cholesterol may have a greater risk of catching the flu. researchers examined two studies. they found that users had 67 percent fewer flu-fighting antibodies in their blood. a second study found the vaccine was 18 percent less effective in
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warding off the virus. doctors do not know if the statins have a role in blocking the vaccine or if it was a coincident. >> children in east palo alto have a planned new play ground to enjoy because of hundreds of volunteers. >> they are coming together at aspire east palo alto charter school to build a new play ground in partnership with the nonprofit group kaboom part of disney's healthy living initiative which is our parent company. last year, not our team pitched in to build this playground in oakland. today, more than 200 volunteers will join in east palo alto helping kaboom. >> can you so mr. mike nicco pounding the nails. >> good morning, everyone, the beach hazard statement. the swells at 9-12'. tomorrow and saturday, going to
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be gorgeous at the beach with the calmer conditions. golden gate bridge we will top out at high tide at 1:09 and in mill valley we will find flooding possibly around 1:46 p.m. lead up to that. as far as what will happen around the state, today, everyone is getting dry with temperature at 54 at lake, and 69 in yosemite, and 76 in san diego and 82 in los angeles. >> we will look right new from our emeryville camera toward the eastern span of the bay bridge and you can see the traffic is light so quite early in our thursday morning commute. or friday eve. happy friday eve. we are looking at drive time traffic where i-80 from albany to the maze is four minutes. 880, southbound, from fremont to san jose is 14 minutes, and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes and the construction is now getting picked up as we speak. mass transit shows bart is still under 20-minute delay for early
4:56 am
equipment problem which was fixed and daly city is on the platform. >> accomplished and recognizable people in california are in the state hall of fame. >> fremont native skater, and charles schultz and bruce lee and robert downey jr. were among the eight inducted. two went to state prison after a succession of arrests and credits the institution with turn him around. >> california has been the ultimate place to come, have your defects come to life and actually have the sort of organizations and institutions in place to be able to because any success is only good if you have the them enjoy it. >> an exhibit opens in sacramento with artifacts
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highlight the lives of the latest inductees. >> what better way to liven up halloween than with the undead. yes, undead. >> that is what lyf it is hoping thaiing they will deliver zombies to your party in san francisco or new york and takes place between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. here is how it works, on the app for lyft, request the zombie, me the zombie at the curb and lead them to the party. the zombie will be unchained and allowed to move around the room and scare your guests or co-workers. you can trash # lyftzombiemode. hopefully they do not attack the guests. >> the costs of getting a college education in california could be going up. again. with a fee hike.
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>> hazard on the streets, three intersections show a new survey the most dangerous intersections in san francisco. in san francisco. >> the eastern span of in san francisco. >> the eastern span of thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real?
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:00 a.m. on thursday. we thank you for joining us. it is cooler and more dry this morning. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> the rain is gone. what is ahead? >> a last sunshine. a little bit of a warming trend as we hit ok. from the east bay hills you can see how calm it is right here. but it is clear.


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