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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 29, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new details in a san leandro crime spree. police are looking for a car like this and asking for help to catch violent robbery suspects targeting people at home. kristen sze is away and i am cheryl jennings. police are trying to calm non-s after the victims were followed after dropping off their kids at school. our reporter joins with the latest. amy? >> yes, police say this was a well executed attack. look at the sign on the gate promising trespassers are shot. they ignored that, plowed
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through the gate to find the victim. we hope to him about terrifying incident. >> i don't feel safe. >> tomas is on edge since being robbed at gunpoint on monday at his home. he said the gun is now in his pocket. just in case. >> if they want a shootout, let's go the. >> he dropped his kid off at school and returned home through the sidegate and was attacked. the men got spooked when they looked inside at his wife who was calling police. >> lucky my wife could be seen holding the phone and they were scared. when i her the guy to my back, she is on the phone. hurry. >> police say the case has a lot in common with another robbery that happened two weeks earlier. they want the word out. >> we know that they are both asian men in their late 50s and they both have been robbed
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immediately returning home after taking their kids to high school in san lorenzo. >> the pattern and homes have been watched. it is common to target asian homes. part of the belief asian families keep large sums 6 cash in the resident which is what the burglars have told us. >> he said he felt helpless with the gun if his face knowing his wife and two daughters were inside. he now is telling all the neighbors to look out. >> watch out. be cautious. we are not safe. >> police are working with agencies across the bay area to try and catch the guys. they are worried they will strike again. >> we are tracking developing news in london where a san francisco stock trader has gone missing. 24-year-old josh
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sanchez-madonado vanished seven days ago after flying to london for a job interview. he was scheduled to fly home last thursday but did not bar the flight much family has arrived in london hoping to find him. his father thinks his son could be lost. >> if you approach josh, he is a likable person and outspoken and lovable person. let him know we are concerned and we are looking for him and we love him very much. >> his father is worried because he has not spoken to his son in eight days and said this is the first time his son has traveled out of the country alone. according to the police in london he josh sanchez-madonado was last seen leaving the hotel on thursday the san francisco is a world leading in fighting aids crisis and was ground zero at the epicenter. now, it wants to be the first city to get to zero. our news anchor joins from san francisco with the story.
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eric? >> by industry, they mean industry new transmissions and zero aids-related deaths as soon as 2020. in a news conference in the mayor's office this morning, a group of government, health care, and h.i.v. advocacy groups explain how it would work. it would start with a commitment that people with hiv-aids begin treatment the very same day they receive the diagnosis. that people who are at risk but do not have the virus yet, take a pill once a day that helps block the transmission of h.i.v. also, public three, that programs are launched to reduce the stigma of having h.i.v. or aids. >> we have funded our h.i.v. prevention and care to the tune of $54 million of h.i.v. prevention and care for the next career. we will continue to do that. >> once and for all we.
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end, eliminate, new h.i.v. infections and h.i.v. deaths in san francisco. to do what san francisco has always done when it comes to public health, pioneer here and to export it. >> the group has the name "getting to zero coalition." you get the idea. they hope to become a world leader in mitigating hiv and aids and bringing it to zero in the near future as other countries pickup what they are doing. >> thank you, eric thomas. we are watching high tide that is bringing in the big waves with potentially dangerous surf to the cost lynn. does it fought look bad right there and this is the santa cruz camera. high tide could be happy news for surfers but not is good for those near the flood problem areas. meteorologist mike nicco will explain. >> we will cover both of those, good morning, everyone, a gorgeous day after yesterday's rain and you may want to head to
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the coach and enjoy it but do not town your back on the water. he is why, we have the beach hazard statement that talks about heights of 9' to 12 got foot in shallow water so that could knock you down and causing some issues. try not to fish in the shallow areas because the large breakers could knock you off the rocks until 3:00 today. we also have the issue with the higher tide, the king tide at 1:09 at the golden gate bridge. we are concerned about the park in ride in mill valley with the high tide at 1:46. we will see the needing leading do that and a little after. it should be the last day for a while. >> thank you. breaking news from florida, look at the alarming imams of a plane on fire. the plane was taxiing getting ready to take off for venezuela and the left engine caught fire at fort lauderdale international airport. the passengers evacuated. this could have been between 180 to 290 passengers on board.
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we are waiting for details. officials do not know how many passengers were injured. rescue teams put out the fire and the plane is a boeing 767. we will follow this for you online and on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we have new details of an accident involving a navy crew off the coast of southern california. the navy said that two sailors are recovering after being injured during a heavy weather training exercise south of catalina. six people were on a small fast boat that is used by navy seals when it started to take on water at 2:45 this arm. the island is 70s miles off shore from ocean side and used primarily for navy training. >> a judge has denied a gag order in the case of these drifters accused of killing a bay area yoga beacher and canadian tourist. the dense attorneys for the three asked for the order in court. the 18-year-old lila scott allgood and 24-year-old sean michael angold and 23-year-old morrison haze lampley are accused of shooting and killing
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audrey carey on october 2nd and 33 days later they shot and killed steven carter walking his dog in fairfax. the suspects are due in court november 19. >> new details on a deadly crash in alameda county. four of the victims were bay area women identified as 54 -year-old from san jose, a six-year old of hayward, and 69-year-old of cupertino and 62 -year-old of gilroy. the husband of one of the women spoke with us a few moments ago and said his wife was a beautiful woman who did missionary work away the world devoting her life to strangers. >> i kissed her to go to the cemetery with her friends. have a nice time. i saw peace and contentment in her face which i did not see for a long-term but maybe the lord
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take her when she is happiest and most content. >> the women were part of a church group, one survived, the 53-year-old of saratoga. her son said she in critical condition. the 22-year-old man in the other car died. the c.h.p. has not said who was at fault but said that drugs and alcohol were not a factor. morgan hill police are trying to determine if a man was intoxicated when he ran and the street last night and was hit by a car. it happened after 7:00 on monterey row north of spring avenue. police say the 57-year-old map was trying to cross the road during the busy evening commute. last check he was hospital side of in intensive care. police say the driver who hit him is cooperating with the investigation and was not impaired. >> the while football coach at deer valley high school is off the job after an on the field confrontation open friday night. parents of the band members say
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the deer valley football team refused to get out of the way during the national anthem performance. some of the band members were allegedly shoved and slightly injured. the deer valley head coach robert hubbard was put on leave according to our media partner and was also a special education teacher at the school. it is not clear whether he is still being paid. the antioch unified school district has not commented. both school districts are still investigating the incident. >> raider nation in full force sounding off to the nfl about talk of their team moving back to los angeles. the nfl already held townhall meetings? st. louis and san diego this week which are unprecedented for the league. they are now required for teams hoping to relocate. the raiders plan to partner with the chargeers for a new stadium in carson. the rams aren happening their own stadium in inglewood and the nfl could pick one or two in january to move to the los angeles area.
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oakland meeting is tonight with registration closed but it will be streamed on-line with the details on our site at >> a new era in washington, dc, paul ryan's plans at house speaker as he assumed the banner from speaker boehner. >> and a record setting republican debate and what we hear about the showdown in colorado
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new this morning a new face is in charge of the house of representatives. first, a formal goodbye from former speaker boehner. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. if anything, i leave the way i started, just a regular guy, humbled by the chance to do a big job. >> he turned over the role of speaker to paul ryan. the nominee for vice president was the choice of a vast majority of the house of representatives, only hardcore conservatives voted against him. in the speech, he asked for change. >> let's be frank, the house of representatives is broken. we are not solving problems. we are adding to them. >> he asked colleagues do work together as ats of the american people and not as partisans. >> did you watch the going debate last night or did you just follow it on social media? according to google, the
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republican debate was battleing it with the world series. before the start of the debate and the first world series pitch, search traffic on google about the g.o.p. debate led 27 out of 50 states compared to the world series. not surprisingly, the mets and royals home state, new york and missouri, favored the world series and so did california. the coverage of the debate grew 14 million viewers a record but short of the prior g.o.p. debate on fox and cnn. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. mike? yes, from the top of the broadcast center, we put the umbrella away and grab the sunglasses. october is going to end very warm, but this is a sharp change in our forecast, and we need the rain. >> fine, thank you, plus, it is raining in southern california. the technology allowing people to experience mother nature in a whole new way. >> the bay area favorite runs
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just in time for halloween and what to know about the ghost shift, and more family fun events as you explore where you live. we will be we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> imagine walking through a rainstorm without an umbrella and not getting wet. that is the concept of the new exhibit at the los angeles county museum of art this weekend, so cool, called the rain room, people walked throwly through the exhibit and sensors stop the rain keeping them magically dry and officials say it keeps a 6' bubble an the
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person dry as the rain reaches around them and the exhibits runs through early march. i think of humidity and mike's hair, right? >> yes, and the humidity is going away for a while so that will be relief for some folks but i am thinning google has to be working on a hat to put on that to repel the water. it could be a top secret. >> it is kind of breezy if you are hiving in the hills but nothing like los angeles with the santa ana winds back and 4,300 people lost power and look at the big tree uprooted by the winds falling on a house with even cars turning over and it looks like it is going to be windy today and tomorrow in los angeles in ventura county so high wind watch. we will be breezy and the agrees are bringing us dry air and look at lack of clouds on live doppler hd, i want you to look at us and notice there is nothing over the top of us in the form of clouds and look to the right of the screen, notice how the white mass is not
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moving, and that is because that is the snow, the white mass that is moving are the clouds developing over the high country and this is how it looked yesterday at sierra, they are so excited up there, all of the ski resorts and everyone else that loves the snow this is how it looked this morning, the sierra and sunrise at kirkwood, we hope it is the first of many snowstorms, more of a snow dusting. we need some more and we are waiting for the first fall soaking. it is not from today's forecast and to the golden gate bridge visibility is good if you are site seating, it will be breezy and warmer and above average highs through october so that noon nothing scary about halloween and november we start that quickly, wet and cool and well look at the radar satellite. yesterday's cold front moved into the mountains and fell apart and high pressure moving in, the breezy transition between the low and high because the high is here the next three days we will end warmer-than-average in the afternoon hours and that means mid-to-upper 70s in the south
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bay and san jose at 75 and gilroy 79 and 73 to 76 is the spread on the peninsula and watch out for the waves along the coast and enjoy the mid-to-upper 60s and low 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 76 in petaluma to santa rosa and napa at 80 across the north bay and richmond is 72 and oakland is 75 and castro valley and union city and fremont at 76 and inland from 79 in danville and leften to 82 in brentwood and another cool one tonight with a lack of clouds and upper 40's if the valleys and low-to-mid 50s for the rest of us. saturday's forecast shows a few high clouds that could look cool with the moon dancing through the high clouds and old cold front comes down from alaska and a chance of rain developing all day from north to south and scattered showers on monday. check out our temperatures in my seven-day forecast before we get there, nearly seven at the coast, and nearly 80 at bay and inland through saturday and we will be lucky by monday, 50s at the coast to 60s we may get to 70 inland on monday and tuesday and it is going to teal
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like fall. but 50/50 forecast with the activities on hall wasn't remaining dry. >> that is good news for parents and kids. >> the most spook-tacular weekend of the year is here and plenty of ways to enjoy halloween around the bay area. our reporter shows how to explore where you live. >> ghosts and goblins and witches and skeletons, something for everyone this halloween, bay area favorite: trick or treat at pier 70. get dress in the spooky costume and thrilled by art installation and live deejay with a list of fun on our website. the annual mexican holiday, "day of the dead," is on sunday. in san jose, the mexican heritage plaza will have a store open for the living and dead for the celebration, a feast music, art, food and dance.
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if you are just wanting to have your heart strings pulled when the music wraps up at the orpheum actors and visitors who tell their own stories through the power of love through music. >> do you know that old saying choose a job you love you will never workaday in your life. two much cuteness: the woman this has the happiest job.
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>> that woman's job is to care for the fur bay and the other panda babies in china at the research center. the panda nannies earn $32,000 a year but a big perk is spending 365 days with the panda and sharing the daily joys. do they work every day for $32,000 a year? she must love that job. how cute is that?
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>> i want to go there. >> we all want to go there. from all of us, thank you for joining us.
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>> welcome to bucket list week. today our players are chasing their bucket list dreams, but they're gonna need a big financial boost if they're gonna make them. well, let's make that happen right here right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's get to it. our returning contestant's deep appreciation of aviation has led him to have one of the most unique bucket list items i have ever heard of. from egremont, massachusetts, please welcome back oskar hallig. [cheers and applause] oskar, welcome back, bud. good to see you. >> you too. [applause] >> it's unique, but i also love this bucket list item that we're trying to take care of. fill us in. >> well it's basically to turn


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