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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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he retire add few years ago but was still an acting and caring owner. >> anything that led to you believe that the accusations uld be true? >> not at all. shocking. just shocking. >> jerome weitz is being held in new york on $75,000 bail. >> the senate passed a budget deal overnight to keep the government running. the two year bipartisan deal suspended the did the almost into 2017 and boosts spending by $80 billion. it now goes on to president obama who is expected to sign it well before tuesday's deadline when the nation would have hit the debt ceiling much the measure had broads support from democrat but some republicans complain it contains too much preponderancing. >> raider nation is hoping their pleas will make a difference on what the team moves to los angeles next year. our reporter was in oakland as they gathered for a chance to speak to nfl executives.
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>> fans embrace the the raiders owner even though he is making plans to leave and begged him to stay. >> a lot of families will be at home at their christmas tree and we will be at the oakland coliseum. >> the raiders wanted a stadium and the city of oakland has been struggling to finance a proposed $900 million project. >> we need help from the community, as well. this is something that our fans, the raider players and the nfl will be proud of. we do not have that. thank you is why the raiders are working on sharing a $1.7 billion stadium with the san diego chargers to be build in carson the nfl executives are anxious to bring a football team back to the los angeles area. the st. louis rams are compete ing. >> we have they teams looking to
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move. we only have one selling the stadium. >> nfl executives point out the complexity of willing a new stadium in oakland compared to suburban carson. >> infrastructure is complicated it is not complicated in a cornfield. there is nothing wrong with cornfields but it is complicated in cities. >> the nfl owners will vote on a team or teams for the los angeles area by january. it is 4:32. uc berkeley police are investigating a possible case of drugging at a fraternity. the police are not saying much but it could have of involved more than one person being drugged. with a lot of partying foam for halloween, the campus police are wanting cringe people not to leave the drivens unattended. amy hollyfield will have more on the incident at the top of the hour. >> police are ready for downtown partygoers to hit downtown streets with the area around
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pacific area from midnight to 4:00 a.m. sunday and violators get triple fines such as carrying an open container of alcohol and graffiti. >> halloween weekend law enforcement agencies are taking extra precautions to protect kids on the streets trick or treating and they will conduct many more checkpoints as part of the ongoing warm pain to reduce impaired driving on california highways. officials say call 9-1-1 if you see someone driving erratically who could be impaired. take a taxi or car service if you plan to drink at halloween celebrations. >> santa clara health officials say we may never know the cause of the shigella outbreak that made 200 people sick it is linked to a restaurant in san jose but they have not been able to track the source of the bacteria. officials did not find shigella in any of the food samples at
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mariscos restaurant. a worker tested positive but they do not thing that person was the source. the work are was sick from eating the food like the customers the >> a lawsuit forces the san francisco to restore a flooded valley and remove the reservoir. water resources have to be used in the best way possible according to law. the reservoir violates the law because it eliminated or impaired the scenic and recreational uses of the river that provides water to 24 cities and water districts in alameda and santa clara and san mateo counties. >> pore names you probably recognize are on east bay mud's list of top water users, everyone on the list is using more than a thousand gallons of water. a day. it includes former safeway
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c.e.o., and they say they have lesion on properties, and prosecute owned by giants pitcher matt kane. >> droneview 7 was trying over stockton and lack how dry it is. east bay mud say it is at 28 percent of capacity. for more images from the droneview7 we have a photo gally -- gallery at >> mike? >> best chance of rain is most likely monday during daylight hours we will be clean and free of rain for the weekend. ocean beach is 56 this morning. we have mission district and bay you have at 57, downtown and sunny side at 58 and 60 at the ferry building and 59 in the financial district. belmont is 56, and palo alto and
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santa clara at 46, and saratoga, pleasanton, 49, and a warm spot at pittsburg and 63 and fairfield is 67 and american canyon and healdsburg at 51 and petaluma at 52. 67 in fairfield is the warm weather that will spread over our neighborhoods into the afternoon. 81 in the not bay and 86 in the east bay and calm are waves at coast so enjoy the sunshine. 69 to 73, and our warmest afternoon around the bay is 74 to 80. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera, tomorrow, 70s and 80s and sunday, 60s and 70s and monday, just 60s. fall is back in the forecast. cooler on monday and that is ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> another look at the san mateo bridge and the drive could be a showing a bit of hazy but all in all, it is clear. no accidents to report. there is no construction, either. we will look at drive time
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traffic, 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin, you are moving along at wonderful clip at 15 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 54 minutes. if you travel through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 northbound from one to leg log it is 124 minutes. >> a look at mass transit all is run on time and bart is in great shape and caltrain has no delays and no delay on muni. kristen? >> a major automaker is recalling thousands of vehicles with danger for drivers. >> a passenger plane was on and what crews will look for at and what crews will look for at the accident s
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:40 and we have developing news. a scare at a palo alto hotel. a strong chemical odor sent several to the hospital and forced others to evacuate. the hotel. janet, what is going on? >> good morning, whatever the chemical odor was, it affected 12 people. 12 guests staying here at the westen hotel are being treated for breathing problems.
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they have been taken to the hospital and one has been treated and released. fire and haz-mat crews have cleared the scene calling it "safe," after looking into the source of the problem. it is believed coming from the garage. after investigating they could not determine what the strange odor was. it began at 9:00 p.m. last night. people in the garage and the first more were evacuated. the air condition was pushed off. the other guests were told to stay put while crews made a thorough check of the garage. >> there was equipment stored in the garage that was the suspected cause but everything there was infact with no leaking or signs of other possible contamination coming from that as a source. >> palo alto fair say there is the possibility the oh car may have passed through the area rather than coming through the
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garage. whatever it was the fire department said it most likely dissipated into the air before their air systems or test strip could catch what the odor was. >> this morning, federal investigators will arrive in florida to figure out what start add jet engine fire that nearly became a disaster. look at this, video of the boeing 767 on the fort lauderdale runway. the passengers were sliding down the chute. there were more than 100 passengers. here is the latest. >> good morning. everyone managed to get off the plane in time with no injuries from flames or smoke. airport officials say it could have been much worse. >> the panic moment just before take off. >> engine on fire. >> passengers sliding down the
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burning chute and running to safety. >> i heard a loud bang. saw the lights. saw flames. ran for the front of the aircraft. >> emergency call after 12:30 as the jet is taxiing for departure to venezuela. another pilot on the tarmac spots the problem. >> the left engine is leak copy? >> yes, we copy. we will need to go back. >> just ten seconds later, the fuel ignites. 21 passengers were hurt. mostly from bumps or falls during evacuation. airport officials say the quick response and the ntsb and f.a.a. investigate this extremely close call. airline officials say the boeing 767 was last insuper bowled -- inspected in june and had a brand new engine.
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>> honda is recalling 300,000 cars in the united states because of an airbag inflation problem. side airbags in the mid-size car deploy when a door is slammed too hard recovering accord from 2008 and 2009 model year. 19 people have filed injury claims. customers will receive rule notices in december. honda said the dealers will update software to adjust the threshold for inflation. >> if you lie an early start on black friday, macy's will open their doors on thanksgiving day. >> they used to open at midnight on black friday until 2013. it changed the policy after competitors like toys 'r us and target pushed up their opening time by a few hours. this year, macy's will open at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving day saying they are planning early so employees can plan how best to reschedule holiday shifts. >> i would not shop well on a
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food coma. in ad if coma you cannot make smart decisions. >> i think you can shop under any conditions. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco and the from. >> it is hard to shop when you are reclimbing watching football. you could do it on the ipad but it is not the same. good morning, everyone, look at visibility, still bone dry air and we are seeing on live doppler hd right here, from sutro tower, how gorgeous the morning is. we are going to have warm sunshine so have the sun glasses and if you are headed to the peach -- beaches no worries. comfort am conditions at halloween and probable not need a light jacket is how nice it will be and rain is possible but it will hold off until sunday night into monday so the commute could be dicey of the temperatures today, upper 70s in milpitas and sunnyvale and everyone in the low-to-mid 80s and gilroy is 85 diagnosis and 69 at pacifica but 71 at half
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moon bay and the other side, peninsula is from mid-70s in millbrae and san mateo to nearly 80 the rest of the neighbors and the temperatures around san francisco, 76 degrees today to 71 in the sunset to daly city and colma at 70s, and up to the wine country, low-to-mid 80s. now, along the east bay shore line, we will have a few 80s and you have to go to fremont and over to castro valley and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 70s and inland east bay, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s, we will end up in the mid-80s during the afternoon hours. tonight, not going to be quite so cool and most of us in the 50s and maybe isolated areas in the 40s, but, still, from sleeping weather. high pressure is sit on top of us and it is calm. and dry. you can see the high pressure is going to bring us a warm day fed and tomorrow and hold off the next front until sunday and when it moves through we get our chance of rain. at 7:00, sunday morning, you can
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see increasing clouds, maybe a stray sure, sunday afternoon, and evening hours in the north bay and look at a better chance on monday with the next system and it will by us not very happy amounts not looking at a soaking but mid-80s inland for hall wasn't and upper 70 around the bay and mid-60s at the coast and, then, 50s and 60s for monday and that could be the case for tuesday and wednesday and we will see warmer weather on thursday but no more 80s in the forecast after halloween. leyla? >> we will take you over to the altamont pass, because we have an accident here, and the c.h.p. said it is cleared but it is causing a ton of slowing and it almost seems like a lane or two could be blocked as they continue their investigation of the accident westbound 205 as it meets up with 580 if you leave tracy you are on the brakes, 12 miles per hour, with the backups reaching tracy boulevard. bumper-to-bumper traffic at the interchange and it all clears up
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from there so you can see how green it is and that is tack taking on the minutes n oakland we have a couple of projects until 5:00 and 6:00 and eastbound 580 we have a closure, the ramps, where detours in place roping at 5 o'clock in the next few minutes. northbound highway 13 to the eastbound high 24, connection, that is going to be closed million 6:00. >> apple is officially opening its first store in the arab world in tech bytes. >> apple is expanding, opening the first two apple stores in the arab world, both are in the united arab emirates with all of the apple products and a chance to sell high end apple watches some going for up for $20,000. >> facebook has a new way to display advertising but you will
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not see it, it is intended for users in developing countries would have slow connections. >> not all drones are in the air, tritan is underwater drone with a camera working with any video game controller and can be ago up to a virtual reality set at $1,200 it could be a good addition for classroom. a lot of people turn to antibiotics to fight acne with a warning from doctors of everdoing it. >> an alert for parents on halloween treats with the you wanted ingredient you need to watch out for.
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♪ >> oral antibiotics are a first line treatment for serious acne but do maybes stay on it too long in acne aknows 85 percent of teens and becomes a problem for adults they should be limited for three months if a patient fails to show improvement. a study finds that on average patients are staying on the medication for 331 days, nearly a year, making antibiotic resistance a serious concern.
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>> this is concern on halloween some treats could land kids in the emergency room because candies that is sold at marijuana dispensaries looking similar to real candy. the gummy bears are from the candy counter and on the last it is from a pot dispensary. a single gummy bear equals one marijuana cigarette and doors are seeing more cases of children ingesting the products. do not eat candy that is not seemed in the original package. >> keeping track of children trick-or-treating is a top concern for parents. >> you need a device to keep our kip safe and give us peace of mind. >> tonight at electric, "7 on your side" checks out new kid trackers promising to pinpoint your youngsters if they are life and a bug that still needs to be
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ironed out. >> check this out, the pumpkin roll is still on a roll in ohio. it is started as a halloween prank 48 years ago and is now a fall tradition near cleveland. each year, high school students get together and smash the pumpkins. this year, a thousand pumpkins rolled down the street before the students were flying down the hill on the pumpkin guts. >> i see a lot of smashin', not rollin'. >> and slidin'. >> but the clean up...the clean up. >> i have seen the pumpkins spill the deputies with the carved pumpkin with the guts coming out of the mouth. >> we will tack about...what will happen temperature at million stadium. will it be a if -- good game. trick-or-treating at 6:12 for sunset. 72 at 5:00.
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65 at 7:00. and 62 at 9:00. we will get cool and speaking of football we have the jets tak on the raiders. an the state, 86 in sacramento, and 64 in lake tahoe and i show you what will happen in lake tahoe, it will be 62 on saturday and we are into the 50 on sunday with rain and a winter mix on monday and temperatures in the 40s. >> we are start off with drive time traffic and why we have so much slowing is because of an early accident so right now, that is taking on minutes to the commute, 41 from tracy to dublin and southbound along 680, dublin to mission boulevard south it is 15 minutes. and 85 northbound from we to cupertino is 20 minutes. moving over to san jose, the drive along 87 and it is clear and empty commute toward downtown san jose near julian streets southbound traffic not even there. we will look at our north bay
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commute in a few minutes. >> just about 4:56. nasa has a stunning new picture of pluto like you have never seen. the shot was taken from the new horizon spacecraft when it was 11,000 miles from the planet, with mountains, a frozen ice mountain that would collapse under weight on earth but because of the lower gravity they are as tough as rock. and the striking is the extreme thin atmosphere of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. >> dramatic video in skate something is handing from the plane, a sky diver in west virginia who got the upsuit caught and 30 minutes hanging upside down and he managed to use his hook knife to cut the election off of the jump suit and that got him to parachute to the ground where he landed safely and has quite the story to tell. >> yosemite national park is
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making a change allow people to light campfires again. rains and cooler temperatures have reduced the fire danger inside the park and restrictions were put in place in july because of the hot and dry weather. wood and charcoal fires are only allowed below 6,000' and only inside existing campfire rings. >> every penny counts and after more than 45 years of saving the pennies, a man in louisiana decided to cash in and took 15, five gallon plastic water jugs full of coin to the bang and used an ax and hammer to on the jugs and it took five hours to counsel opinion anies and in the end he had $5,133.14. he decided to cash in because the homeowners insurance policy did not cover his collection. >> cats on the loose.
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fear is sparked among bay area met owners. >> a truck driver rolls the rig into (and he got in a into (and he got in a predicament. odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday before halloween. thanks for joining us. is the weather a trick or receipt? >> depends what you want. do you want fog and drizzle


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