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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m., major overnight developments in the paris terror attacks and the hunt for the mastermind. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we will have the latest in the paris attacks after this check on weather and traffic. mike? we will start with napa with fog trying to form right in in american canyon. at five miles per hour at half moon bay and everyone else, pretty clear conditions as you can see from sutro tower, and still clean air out there, and not quite so dry as it was. but, still pretty dry. through 7:00, most of us are in the 40s to low 50s and by noon, a passing high cloud or two, and you need the sunglasses
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today, 62 to 66 and at 4:00, we have above-average temperatures from nearly 60 at the coast and mid-60s to 70 around the bay and inland and by 7:00, not quite so chilly, mid-50s to 60. >> thanks, mine, a check on traffic, westbound four in pittsburg at bailey road want for a stalled car in the fast lanes so that could slow you down a little bit as you pass the scene. we want to take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along here. the cash lanes are even not much of a wait but we have a developing situation with c.h.p. chase ending with a crash in san jose. that is ahead. >> now the developments in the attacks on paris. two terror suspects are dead and we want to show you a look at the heavy police presence still on the scene. our reporter is here with the breaking developments. french president hollande just spoke? >> yes, we get an update.
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right now, no word on status of the mastermind behind the paris attack. he was targeted in the rain in sane danny and tracked down with self records and surveillance. french president hollande spoke moments ago recon first his country's commitment to take down isis. >> these actions confirm to us once again that we are at war. a war against a terrorism itself has decided to launch war against us. >> in the sex hour -- six h raid was ended when a bloody man was pulled naked from the waste down, two suspects dead, one a woman would blew herself up with a suicide belt. the goal was to get to the mastermind behind the friday's devastating attack. no word if they found ringleader
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abdelhamid abaaoud. the two terror suspects dead, a hand and a woman, seven are under arrest including three men who were taken from the apartment. five officers are hurt. a police dog was killed a seven-year-old sent into sniff out booby traps. also new this morning, french officials have identified all 129 victims who were killed in the paris attacks, many were young people who were spending an evening out at a cafe or enjoying the concert. we will continue to track the latest information on the overnight raid and bring you an update at 5:30. >> thank you. one of two air france planes forced to make an message landings over a bomb threat is on the way to paris right now. the plane from los angeles landed in salt lake and took off this morning and the other jet from washington, dc, to paris will leave canada today. this shows the original flight path of the planes, air france said los angeles plane will land
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in paris shortly. no evidence of palms were found on either plane. >> here in the bay area, students are remembering a 23-year-old southern california college student killed in the paris attacks. nohemi gonzalez was in a restaurant having dipper with friends when the shootings began. we were at a candlelight vigil in san francisco and students talked how they are affected. the dean of students was this to let students know they have support though matter where they are. 35 stuffs from san francisco state were in paris but no one was injured. >> all of us are vulnerable to the atrocities and it is important to stay grounded in community and to honor them. >> dozen of people attended the vigil in gonzalez whom hometown and though thanked the community for the support. antiviolence candlelight vigil is held at notre dame university in belmont, students, faculty and the community will honor the
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victims of the attacks this paris and also ray for the -- praise for the victims at eight universals and campuses that have had shootings since the academic year began. >> french american international school in san francisco was alert the f.b.i. about graffiti on the playground. it was believed it was "the 5 percent nation," an offshoot of the nation of islam and are trying to determine whether it is a hate crime. >> mexico is increasing security at the borders with more police at airports and embassies with no specific terrorist threat in mexico but official want to take precautions two mexican women were among the 129 killed in the attack. for the latest break news, download our news app and help
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able push notifications, we will alert you with new developments as they happen and get our app for free in the phone app stores. >> stanford university is stepping up security around student dorms after at least four disturbing incidents involving nonstudent intruders. according to the reports four stranges were seen in the residence in the last month most recently on november 2nd at 6:00 a.m., a resident found a stranger in the bathroom doing something disturbing and listening to loud pornography. the student said the stranger will forked him back to the room and asked him if he ented to play." the stanford daily reports an e-mail was sent to residents describing three other incidents in another dome in october. some students thing the dorms are vulnerable because they are located by a by difficult street. >> city workers in concord are striking with a union representing 137 employees is
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alleging unfair labor practices. the city offices remain open but there is a reduction in certain services including no street maintenance and nodding permits issueed. they have been in negotiation since april and without a contract since june. amy hollyfield is in concord next half hour. >> santa clara county laurie smith will investigate every claim of excessive form by guards at the jail. a report shows inmates have filed 300 excessive force complaints since 2010 and only 14 were formally investigated by internal affairs. the results have ranged from suspension to a firing. and three correctional deputies face murder charges in the beating death often a inmate in august. >> a 17-year-old san jose high school student faces child pornography charges for hosting an instagram account that featured nude photos of underage girls. police say many of the students go to lincoln high school.
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officials called the police after a student complained. a second similar instagram account opened yesterday after the first was taken off line. pose will only say the investigation is "ongoing." >> the city of oakland is moving forward with a $1 million pilot program to track and reduce illegal guns. the city council unanimously approved the gun safety proposal of the vice mayor. the police department 8 get the money needed to update the gun tracing technology system called shotspotter and create a computer log of the illegal firearms taken off the street. >> now a check on the weather forecast. here is mike. >> we will start on the peninsula. in menlo park and palo alto 42 degrees and only cooler at wood side, and foster city is 45 and san mateo is 48 and san bruno is 49 and belmont troops 50 with another city to talk abouts san carlos is politicians and mountain view and san jose and hayward and oakland at 36 in
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napa and fog there at 37 in fairfield, the cool spots with san ramon at 39 and concord at 45 and san francisco right now and mill valley is 52 degrees. from sutro tower, it looks clean outside. we use in to talk about what is happening this afternoon, with rising humidity not so dry and not humid, either, 65 to 71, with more comfort coolest neighbors along the coast, 68 to 61, and 2 the east bay hills camera, as beautiful as it does from the other side, from sutro tower, we will be in the upper 60s to mid-70s tomorrow and upper 60s to mid-70s open friday and even 77 in the north bay. notice, even saturday, 60s and 70s. this cannot last for long, an update on the rain on the way. >> we are getting more clarification on the developing traffic situation in san jose our breaking news on southbound 280, we told you of a chase, really high speed, 120 miles per
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hour ending in a crash and the crash actually is off the freeway after the car got off at winchester avenue at the exit. watch out for that as police continue to investigate and we to tell you two people in the car were hurt and c.h.p. officer suffered minor injuries. a look from emeryville camera, i-80, traffic is flow but you can tell it is lacking slow right now and we do not have reported accidents but the morning commute is gear up early on i-80 through the berkeley and emeryville area. >> the female version of viagra may not be very popular the america's money report is next. >> need another reason to avoid black friday madness? a look at deals that are being offered. a look at deals that are being offered. stay tuned.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, at 5:13. if you countdown until black friday deal as new study said do not expect to cash in on new bargains. according to a financial website 11 percent of the specials are repeats from 2014. with some deals seeming familiar, not your imagination. 8,000 deals were surveyed and big lots and costco and best buy are the top three would recycle
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offers and 14 percent of best buy deals are the same as yesterday and 16 percent at big lot and costco the. >> california students left hanging when they took their for profit schools went belly up have an easier time getting their money back. the students attending three local colleges and the parent company filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy in may and a joint investigation by state attorney general and federal authorities shows that two misrepresented job placement rates. this means up to 85,000 students. have their debt relief applications streamlined. >> a historic church in napa welcomes back church goers for the first time since the earthquake ambassador being hammered by the earthquake, and plaster littered the floor and stain glass fractured. the first service is sunday at 9 pock. >> right now, we will get a
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check on the weather profit and see how chilly it is. >> not as cold as it has been and not so dry but, still, have to run the heater overnight but not just as long as we have been. saving a little money. live doppler hd is showing a few clouds out there and we are going to be mostly sunny and keep it that way but it will be colorful so capture it, # #abc7now^. our dew pointses were in the 20 and they everyone bone dry and pain will and now mainly in the 40s and closer to the -- pleasant dew points in the 40s and low 50s moving into the next couple of days and it will feel better. from walnut creek it is 43 degrees. mostly sunny. above average. mild days and nights. until monday. that is when the next storm is make its way into our neighborhood. especially tuesday and wednesday and thursday. the timing is still there.
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it will cause challenges for the commute. 71 gilroy. everyone else around 66 to 69 degrees. and san jose and cupertino at 68. up the peninsula we are at 68. and los altos dropping down to 67 in redwood city and mel bray at 64. flirting with 60 along the cost. and 63 to 65 downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. the north bay is right around 60 at the coast and upper 60s to low 70s throughout your inland neighbor. along the east bay shore, pleasanton day and nice day to be outside to go tore a walk or a jog or just take the pet around lake merritt in the afternoon, gorgeous, just grab the sunglasses. heading inland theys in the mid-to-upper 60s from 65 at san ramon and danville to brentwood at 69, and tonight, notice the lack of 30s and a lot of 40s and 50s out there. we will look at the pattern, two areas of high pressure, double trouble for us trying to get rain here as the jet stream or the storm track to the north. here is a look at tuesday into
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wednesday, we are seeing signs of rain on tuesday and, also, on wednesday. again on thursday. here is what will happen, we are getting a consensus about a third to half an inch of much needed rain. here is my seven-day forecast, we start with today, 60 to soviet, and notice we will have a few more degrees of warmth tomorrow and the 70s will gin our inland neighborhoods in the notice on friday, and then, on saturday and sunday, very pleasant before monday and tuesday, and we start to see the cooling and west weather. have a great day. >> traffic is showing you back to san jose, want out for a white honda accords on the winchester boulevard, off-ramp, off of southbound 280, the car led which on a chase and it all ended on the off-ramp, the car crashed, and the c.h.p. vehicle also damaged there, and no injuries to the suspect, the officer, though, minor injuries and will be okay and matt keller is headed to the scene.
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watch out for the debris from the crash. in the mean time we will take you to walnut creek our traffic camera showing you traffic open 680, southbound, looking slower now but, still, moving along okay at this hour. >> if you cannot be superman you can at least dress like him for the right amount of money of course. today, part of the lake christopher reeves superman costume is auctioned off that christopher reeves superman costume is auctioned off that was worn in the 1978 movie $50,000. >> passengers are being banned from checking their four-legged friends. >> topping member's money, delta airlines changing the pet policy. >> they say starting next march they will no longer allow pets to be checked at baggage, some are allowed in the cabin but larger ones have to be shipped
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as car goes because it is safer for the animals. >> overwhelming numbers for the new fee maim viagra with fewer than 230 prescriptions on the first month compared during the first month of viagra for membership half a million prescriptions were filled. and a website is analyzing a top retailer for my favorite black friday. the site said that the best deals are found at kohl's and groupon and the most discups discounts are in toys and clothing. >> just what a mom is looking for. >> and electronics. some people are getting their paychecks garnished for old debts that do not belong to them. >> that came from me not checking my credit cart. >> a tough lesson for this oakland woman who is fighting the cart and collecters for a debt that is not hers.
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"7 on your side" investigates how this could happen to you. tonight. at 11 o'clock. tonight. at 11 o'clock. >> stay tuned.
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>> ings everyone, a look toward beautiful san francisco and we will look at weather and traffic straight ahead. right now, seven things to know before you go. two suspect are dead after an overnight police raid if a paris
5:23 am
suburb. police thought they tracked down the mastermind with seven people arrested. their identities have not been released. >> a scary flight for passengers on two air france planes one from los angeles and juan from washington, dc, diverted after getting bomb threats. no one was hurt. no bombs were found. the los angeles plane will land in paris in less than four hours. three, stand ford university is warning students on campus after at least four disturbing incidents involving intruders who were not students. four strangeers were seen inside the residences in the past month. >> four, your traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash paying lanes are backed up at this hour. fast track users, you are fine. >> number five, look at the forecast headlines, a lot of sunshine coming our way and milder temperatures, in fact, let me show you our highs versus our agency, anywhere from two to five degrees warmer and we will keep getting warmer through
5:24 am
wednesday with wet weather tuesday and wednesday and thursday next week hampering your travels. >> six, city workers in concord are saming a one-day strike over what they call unfair labor practices and city offices will be open but people should expect reduced services. our reporter will have a report coming up in just a few minutes. >> marin county is holding a public meeting tonight to talk about a plan to ease traffic congestion along sir francis drake boulevard and a proposal is to mack ajustments to the timing of stoplights with improvements paid for by the 2004 measure "a" sales tax. >> if you bothered by super villas head to los angeles where the transfollowers and the avengers are coming. the robots and ironman and the rest of the avengers found a home on a corner of the las vegas strip. treasure island casino and hotel and 28,000 square feet to a company that creates displays and characters. the exhibit is expected to open
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by man or april of next year with admission price still be work the out. >> global superstar is named the most sexy man alive by "people" magazine but before revealing it jimmy kimmel took a guess at who it could be? >> david beckham? whoa. >> yes. the former soccer star is this area's sexiest man alive and he was on gem gem show last night right here on abc7 for the big reveal. >> he is romantic husband, devoted dad and he vacuums. how do you feel, dave, is this exciting? >> it is the best part of my career i cannot believe it. >> the 40-year-old star also thanked his parents for bringing him into the world and his hair dress we for hoping him look good. you can catch jimmy kimmel after abc7 at 11 o'clock.
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>> we are coming back with a full nine minutes of news including the investigation over accusations of financial impropriety at the local museum in san francisco. >> taking you outside for a look from our cameras toward the bay >> taking you outside for a look from our cameras toward the bay and the bay announcer: if you'd give thanks for a bette[barks]'s sleep... sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares] during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, serta,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> major overnight developments in the paris attacks and the hunt for the mastermind. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> it is wednesday, november 18 with the latest on the attacks in a minute but first a check on weather and traffic. >> tracking a little bit of fog out there, and companily around napa but, pretty much nowhere else and, next, in napa we are up to six miles as we speak and
5:29 am
because of that, we are seeing a lot of starry skies out there. there you go with my live doppler hd and you can see it is a great only for a ferry ride. not so blustery at 62 to 66 with a few high clouds. grab the sunglasses. 58 at the coast to 70's inland and you will not need the heavy coast at 7:00 at up to 60. >> we have a new trash to tell you about in the north pay, in fairfield, eastbound 80 at the parkway and there is a solo vehicle crash. the scene has just happened and you will want to were out for that if the area, and the golden gate bridge from marin county, very light traffic, and fog is not posing a problem with visibility or anything so it
5:30 am
sees to be flowing along just fine. now the latest in the terrorist attacks, an intense raid has unfolded targeting the ring heard of the devastating attacks. we have information just coming in. >> two terror suspects are dead. one of them is a woman would blew her sell up with a suicide belt. seven others are under arrest including three men who were taken from an apartment at the heart of the raid. there is still no word if police found mastermind behind the attack. we are monitoring pictures right new as they come into the newsroom and you can see a heavy police presence in the working class neighborhood. police say they met with unexpected resistance weapon they entered the apartment. they confirm that five police officers are hurt this morning. and a seven-year-old police bog was killed in the raid. the first to be sent into the apartment. the tributes like this photo are posted on social media and many calling the dog a hero.
5:31 am
the police force descend on the apartment in the northern paris suburb of sane danny around 4:30 a.m. their time and listen to what the residents heard. >> >> the sound of heavy machine gunfire and at least seven loud submissions. police have not confirmed if the ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud was found in the apartment. he is a belgium isis member recently if syria. the french president gave an update on the escalating fight on isis and where he stands on accepting more syrian refugees. we have the latest information with an update at 6:00. >> thank you are have much. two air france planes bound for paris were forced to make message landings last night after receiving bomb threats. a flight to los angeles was
5:32 am
diverted to salt lake and one from washington, dc, landed in nova scotiaia and a passenger said everything was fine until two hours into the flight. >> we finished dinner and the attend arounds cleared our trays quickly and an announcement was made we would make an message landing. >> air trance released a statement this they did not find evidence of a bomb. one flight is in the air and the other flight is still if canada. >> travelers have mixed reaction for flying internationally in the wake of the attacks. we were at san francisco international airport getting passenger reaction to the diverted flights. two travels, one going to thailand and one to will value said any trip to europe can wait. ait is like this is a great time to lean america and go someplace where it would be safer can would asia not a focus of the problems with isis.
5:33 am
>> too many ways for the isis people to attack our aircraft and they are dedicated. >> officials say the air france bomb threats have future affecteddations and things are proceeding normally here. >> there is a twitter account awaying each of the 129 victims of the paris attacks and the account is called in memory. it is a work in progress as information is gathered and images of each of the victims. for the latest breaking news on paris any time, download our news app and enable push notifications. we will alert you with measure developments as they happen. >> now the breaking news we have been talking about in the south bay, a c.h.p. chase, a high speed chase, ended in a crash in san jose off 280. our reporter is on the scene at win which ther. matt, i row tweeted your picture
5:34 am
and the highway patrol vehicle is damageed. >> question, it is. let me show you the vehicle thats involved in chase, a white honda accord that hit a tree. two people were inside the vehicle. the chase started in gilroy. just before 3:30 this morning. it ended up on san jose freeways. this is the 280 southbound off-ramp from winchester boulevard, or to win chest are boulevard and the fence is damned the vehicle went through the fence, hit a tree, two people were inside, one was trapped, fires got the person out and both were taken to the hospital with serious injuries afternoon good morning as you said, kristen, at the c.h.p. vehicle we will show you the c.h.p. vehicle that was damaged. can you see the windshield is damaged here. the officer suffered minor injuries. there is no word open how the vehicle was damned. this is a road sign that is
5:35 am
damaged. you can see just how badly the window was damaged. it looked like something sliced through the windshield. we have an update from the sergeant on the scene with the latest from him and bring you an update in half an hour. back to you in the studio. >> happening this morning, municipal workers in the biggest cities in the east bay will walk the pick account line. concord city workers are protesting what they call unfair labor practices. our reporter is in concord with more on this. amy? >> this is going to last when day, and it will not be business as usual if concord because of a dispute that happened at the public works department, the team stores say that a manage did some work this a nonment employee could have done. the city said that the manager was just training the remain employee. you will not see street sweeping or landscaping going on today and even the police department will be missing some employees, officers are on the streets and
5:36 am
property room will be closed. city foes say they are disappointed and they would have liked to have resolved this rather unanimous having a strike. the teamsters represent 35 percent of the workforce for this city including police dispatch which will be on the job today. >> thank you, amy, at 5:36. c.h.p. investigators are getting their first look at a tour because involved in a crash that injured 20 people. here is the video you will only see open abc7 news. investigators checking out the bus wreckage state rules require the bus to be registered with the public utilities commission, but the cpuc said they were never told of the bus so it was never inexpected by the c.h.p. management company said that because passed inspection with the mechanics on october 25 and that it is legally registered with the bmv. >> the pacifica woman accused defruiting people with fake kid any land tickets is asked for
5:37 am
court appearance this morning. the 22-year-old woman posed as an employee of disney and sold fake disney tickets to families in santa clara county. many families took trips and found out necessity had no rooms book and they could not get into the park. she is facing 2 charges and a prison sentence of 20 years. >> investigators are auditing a museum and lie john of honor in san francisco because of possible financial improprieties a whistleblower said board chief paid nearly 500,000 to a former staffer whose health was failing. they will look at financial statements from two years. >> the aide was given a check without approval. >> and the warriors are off to the best start since dallas in 2002 and they wore the throw back uniform in a tight game against the raptors. steph curry had a game high of 37 points and three-pointer with
5:38 am
five minutes gave them the lead, for good. the raptors guard was called with offensive foul with 15 seconds and the final shot was stopped, and no sir, the warriors defeat the raptors and the all time record of best start of 15-0 set by washington in 1948 and matched by houston in 1993. the warriors will take on clips if los angeles tomorrow night. >> it will an great game. >> great game. mike? >> good game because they are going to be battleing each other and going for the finals later. griffin is playing pretty good. 58 at novato and san rafael and look at mill valley at 53, tiburon is 52 and we have a cool spot, american condition corner is 38 and fog around vallejo and american canyon and napa so want
5:39 am
out for that visibility could change like that. 45 in lafayette and san ramon is 40 and newark and cupertino at 44 and redwood city and san carlos at 48. 52 in san francisco and alameda at 53 and half moon bay at 56. nice look at the golden gate bridge because you do not have fog to con touchdown with, a little bit of a north breeze at seven miles per hour. our highs today across the microclimates, san francisco is 65. peninsula and east bay, 67. south bay, inland eat bay, 68, north bay, 71 degrees just the beginning of 70s. look at them, 70s inland tomorrow, friday, saturday, even around the bay possibly tomorrow and more likely friday with the warmest days the mid-60s. cooling on saturday and the let of the weekend forecast with an update on rain coming that will hamper your holiday travel. >> right now a check on traffic leyla is off today. we want to take you to hills bother, southbound 280 at black
5:40 am
mountain road. we are getting reports of a deer if if you are in lane three, do not hit the deer that is reported. right new we take you to richmond-san rafael bridge showing traffic is flowing with no backup waiting to the toll. but the bay bridge has jut turn on metering lights so you will face a bit of a wait. >> if you have packages of hot wings in your refrigerator check the brand: thousands of pounds are being recall. >> big changes in the works as regent meet today if you are in san francisco. san francisco. stay tuned.
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from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. your schedule. news that lives where you live. benicias san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:43, east bay hills camera
5:44 am
showing a beautiful wide shot of what is going on around the bay. and the bay bridge area. both sides. and we will check traffic here in a couple of minutes and the weather forecast. >> if a few hours san francisco emergency managements officials are hosting a super scrimmage in preparation for super bowl 50 event. the f.b.i. led a security training exercise yesterday at levi stadium in santa clara, officials say the exercise will focus on security, public safety and transportation if san francisco. they will test and discuss lands and response procedures for events, and first evens begin in san francisco on january 29 continuing through super bowl sunday february 7. the exercise will be held at the mascone center south at 10:00 a.m. >> tysons food is recalling chicken wings avenue customers come plained of a bad odor and some either woulded feeling ill after eating the wings, for
5:45 am
28-ounce bags of fully cooked hot wings, of best used by october 24 and october 25, 2016. the usda said customers should throw out the recalls products or take them back to place of purchase. >> the board regents is meeting in san francisco and members want your input before voting what to expand enrollment. the public is invited to a comment session at 1:20 at the mission bay conference center. tomorrow, the par will vote often a plan to increase enrollment by 10,000 in-state undergraduates throughout the system over the next three years. a plan also causes for an increase in tuition for out-of-state constitutes. >> the team at "good morning america" is in the heart of a marathon broadcast right new, 40 straight hours to celebrate a wonderful 40 years on the air. >> fans are getting a treat with "one direction," performing for the event starting yesterday at
5:46 am
2:00 p.m. and happening right new on the live well network, the 7.2 digital, comcast channels 195 and 715 and live streaming at >> they must be sicking "drag me down," right now. >> and spencer christian will be on hand with david hartman and joan lunden and charles gibson talking about their fond of the memories from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 and noon to 1:00 o'clock on the weather hour with sam ginger and a reyawn of past and resident anchors on thursday. 40 years and only five weather forecasters. >> him, and tony perkins and sam and dave murray. >> you would not give autopsy job like -- give up that? >> not unless it comes out here. >> are we eligible?
5:47 am
>> probably not. >> now, how about more sunshine and warmth today. here is a look at our winds and you can see they light and variable this morning. which means the ferry ride is nice, the peninsula is not too breezy, and we are looking at sfo partly cloudy and 52 degrees. more sunshine and warming today and the heavy fog coats will not be needed. mile nights ahead. the heater did not run so much last night. tracking rain for the holiday travel, speaking of rain and delays and, yes, sunny, here is a look at what will happen in the south bay, take a deep breath and injury this wonderful weather pattern and at least for calm weather and mid-to-upper 60s and we need rain at 71. here are our money 60s and mountain view is 67 and half moon bay is 60, and along with
5:48 am
the sunset, and my next weather i will show you hades bratly we need rain. mid-60s in downtown can south san francisco and sausalito and upper 60s to below 70s for the not bay and wine country today, kickoff early, maybe, on the north bay and comfortable and 68 in oakland and castro valley and inland we will have 65 at san ramon, and, also, in danville and 67 at lynch and antioch at 68, and tonight, the temperatures are mid-40's to low 50s again with a few high clouds and maybe a patch of fog here and there as the humidity continues to rise as you can see the storm tracks well to the north and that means mild days into the weekend so we will jump ahead to tuesday and keeping an cry on the chance of wet weather. tuesday and especially into wednesday and thursday it does not look impressive compared to yesterday and our first model, remember how out of control it was yesterday with 1.5" and i said it would not happen. here is the latest run around
5:49 am
half an imto two-thirds. our second model we use is still the more conservative model and sometime going about a third of an inch to .5". still, impressive rainfall totals, no doubt, but enough to cause issues if you are trying to get around. until then, do not let the weather keep you from going outside and get the yard ready for the rain and get it ready for the 40 days and everyone coming to your house we have 60 at the coast and upper 60 to low 70s around the bay and inland through at least sunday. have a great day. >> traffic we got new information on the accident in fairfield. eastbound 80, off-ramp a car hit a power pole and overturned. we understand that the power is impacted in the area with 20 customers losing power and the estimated restore time is 8:30 this morning. watch out for the accident scene in fairfield. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering
5:50 am
lights turned on at 19 minutes ago traffic is backing up quickly from cash payers and those with fast track. >> if you at 6:00, the effort to turn a closed east bay golf course into a park. course into a park. >> sandbags >> a a tender moment with a father in paris list with his child warming hearts around the child warming hearts around the world.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> and "good morning america" wall to wall live stream is underway with "one direction." ♪ the greatest day ♪ the world has ever seen >> we could listen to that forever. you can see it on live well network in the bay area, of course, "good morning america" will have a lot of live and exciting stuff and spencer christian will have a weather hour and giveaways so you will be sure to stick around for "good morning america" this morning. >> a sierra ski resort has a new restriction on a certain piece of equipment, not letting drones be used. the biggest dangers is for people on chair lits because they are not air at the same time at the drones. every ski resort in the sierra is banning drones, with one exception: they can be used to look for a missing skier. >> in southern california, ventura foes are gearing up for
5:54 am
torrential rains linked to storme: purchasing a sand bagging machine capable of filling around a thousand bags an hour. it requires some manual labor provided by ten inmates at the sheriff deputy facility with homeowners urged to prepare before disaster strikes. >> the panic starts this is no preparation, and then they start to scramble, where do i get sandbags so we are eliminating that aspect of it. >> the fire department will take pallets of sand bags and position them across the county. they will be provided to the public, free of charge. >> 5:54 and now we turn to meteorologist mike nicco with no rate through the weekend. >> no but we need it in many areas. rainfall season was moved up to october 1 to coin side with our surrounding national weather service offices that keep track of this. right new, livermore and san jose and moffett field are above average, and everyone else is well below from 34 percent? santa rosa to sfo at 56 percent
5:55 am
so as promised we need more rain. light breezes for the activity planner if you are doing ride bicycling, and running, not so chilly and on boat, it will be a tranquil day and quiet across the state, 60 in the central valley and 70s and 80s in southern california and as we hook at lake tahoe, we are going to see the snow possibly next peek as we head to tuesday and wednesday. >> mike, leyla is off today and we have traffic right now and this is not a good situation, a new crash just reported in hercules, and this is on westbound 80 near highway four so in the commute direction a motorcycle was hit by two vehicles. not sure how it happened but motorcycle versus two vehicles so you can imagine traffic is backing up in that area and working to follow that development. >> if you get over to 80 here in emeryville you can see traffic is definitely stacked up through berkeley and this is westbound direction metering lights are
5:56 am
on. amillions of people all over the world are sharing the video of a father comforting his son during an interview on french tv in the wake of the paris attacks. >> can you see why so many were touched. [ speaking french ]
5:57 am
>> parens in paris bring their kids to memorials to help team them about violence and how to stand up to it. >> 5:57. at 6:00, a warning of antibiotics and the prescriptions we use can be leading to dangerous viruses. >> a new report of excessive force at the santa clara county grail and some say authorities are not doing enough to investigate claims by inmates. >> keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc now talking about the bay bridge talking about the bay bridge metering lights and traffic is
5:58 am
imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e. what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m. was to spot a reindeer in the sky?
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6:00 am
>> our reporter is at the scene along i-280 with new details. matt? >> we got confirmation from a sergeant on the scene that the we male driver of the white honda accord has died at the hospital. the female passenger has minor injuries. this chase started in gilroy before 3:30 this morning. the c.h.p. chased this person who was looking like they were trying to sideswipe vehicles along 101 heading into san jose through freeways across san jose before they finally got off here on the southbound off-ramp of 280 at winchester boulevard, want through a fence, rolled a couple of ties and crashed into a tree. the c.h.p. officer shows you the wind child of the vehicle that was hit by a sign after it hit a curb, ran and a sign and two officers were inside the vehicle and they have minor


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