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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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. powerful and somber moment in southern california tonight as friends, family and strangers pause to remember the 14 people lost in the deadly shooting rampage. this as governor brown promises the state the full support. >> this is really, really a sad day for california. for san bernardino. for the families. of the victims. >> good evening thanks for joining us. >> here's the latest right now at 11:00. police reveal today the 2 married suspects were heavily armed with guns explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> and one of them had been in touch on association l media with so-called extremist. county medical examiner released the names of the 14 people killed in the massacre. >> tonight hundreds gathered to remember those victims.
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rentalie attended tonight's vigil and against our live team coverage tonight. rentalie? >>reporter: the only way could i think to describe the situation is insane. past 24 hours started with telling people to stay infor their own safety. and tonight telling people to come to a baseball stadium for a large public gathering to remember those who were lost. san bernardino rises to the occasion. >> some showed up for those with could not. in the stands of the ballpark reminder of daniel kaufman he ran the coffee shop inside the inland regional center. his boyfriend dropped him off to work like alwaysu. he if he ever came home. another sign in the stands for robert adams. he leaves behind a wife, 20 month old daughter, and at this vigil an entire row of co-workers and friends here in his honor. >> bobby new robert adams and this woman who was 27 years old. >> they are wonderful people and taken too soon and my heart
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goes out to their families and i25u them. >>reporter: not everybody here% knows one of the shooting victims. some showed to make others aware they are not afraid. nor should others fear them. you could have stayed at home. you could have not made a inzoo. and you could have not talked to us. why are you? >> well to proof to people that we have a heart and had nothing to do with this and i stand for my community men. i don't stand for senseless killings. >>reporter: each name a story cut short. no mention of the names of the people responsibl responsible. and no sense of anger. just sadness for the 14 voices missing. ♪
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the speakers said tonight this is a city take has gone bankrupt. city that has now will not be beaten. reporting live in san bernardino, back to you. >> no doubt that is true thank you very much. today authorities revealed some of the horrifying details about this massacre including the weapons used in the attack. brandi continues our team coverage from san bernardino. >> we have several down. several down. >> when we entered there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air. >>reporter: please now say the 2 gunmen farook and his wife malik were heavily armed with guns, mrox east -- explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition when they opened fire on farook colleague during a county work conference. police picked up the trail of thes fleeing shooters and sped off in hot pursuit. 2 shot it
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out with police. >> right now we have one down outside the car. one down inside the car. >>reporter: couple died together in the fierce gunfigh gunfight. fbi finding a virtual bomb factory inside their home. raising red flags for one neighbor. >> wanted to report it but he didn't want to profile. >>reporter: fbi is now leading this investigation. trying to determine whether this was a terrorist attack and if any accomplices were involved. california governor said tonight we should all be on guard. brandi hit, abc news, san bernardino, california. tonight we get to know the friend people who were killed in the shooting. alan joins us with their story. alan? >>reporter: most of these victims work together and knew each other. right down to the guy who ran the coffee stand. 52 year old nicholas worked for the san bernardino department of health as environmental inspector. he leevts behind a wife. 37-year-old mechanical
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west leaves behind a wife and blended family. >> they are very overwhelmed. 6 kid that have lost their father. >>reporter: 40-year-old robert add amounts had recently become a father. fay-year-old damien means work for the county for 28 yourself. also a p e teacher at local school. the family of 27-year-old why vet vol said she was intelligent motivated and beautiful.
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the coffee shop near the conference room where the shooting took place. his partner says kaufman enjoyed chatting with many employee. >> the world will suffer from having one less person reich him in it. >>reporter: ironically 46-year-old escaped from iran to get away from islamicp8uñ extremeism. she0> leaves behind her husband and 3 kid. alan,n abcú 7 news. j0bernardino shooting continues now+a on the 7 newsg] app. u4abe push alert to get th?x>u latest update as the sjíuation continues to1i unfold. developing newswg. new vi/ san franciscoco police shooting and direct. police say that man l"xjz an officer?w but communiy leaders and protestorsovóq beá q disagree. katie is in the newsroom with more on thetor story. katie. >>reporter: large group of people march through the bay ultimatelly gatherin to hear from community leaders. they havew2 all seen the video. they are calling the shooting you
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are dear. from sky 7 hd 700 rea where san francisco police shot woods on wednesday. "(áutáujuj screamed at police officers as they aarrived at localba church for community meeting. everyone has seen cell phone video of the shooting leak this clip posted on facebook. most believe the shooting was not justified. >> they terminated his life which was clearly murder us, thoughtless, cruel. >> i will hope that the officers involved in the shooting would be brought to justice but that probably won't happen. >>reporter: the mom addressed the crowd ! asked everyoneja to remane peacefulih. earlier she talkedç to abc 7 news. >> i just wish i was there because i swear i would have thrown myself in front of him. i swear because he deserved a
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chance to be happy. heul did. >>reporter: police say woods was the suspect in stabbing and still holding a knife at the time of the shooting. the chief says he refused to drop the knife even after officers deployed less lethal-fñ bean bag and that he advanced on an officer. police department has scheduled a town hall meeting for friday night. if san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. in richmond woman died in what police believe is a car to car shooting happened interhilltop mall this afternoon. driver crashed after the shooting. woman killed was passenger. police believe the gun fire came from another car that sped off. no one else hurt. we are on storm watch. this is new video in the abc 7 news room tonight. chp officers closed a portion of har grave avenue in santa rosa bus of the oak tree that fell in several directions. officers think today rain was too much for the rotting tree. heavy snow fall forced cal-trans tonight to issue a traffic alert in the situatio situationary a, cal-trans donner summit camera show cars
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turning around on i 80 pretty bad up there. numerous collision and spend out have been reported net. snow and showers aren't over yet. >> no. here's sandhya. >> yes. our live doppler 7 hd tracking more than just a few drops as we head towards the wean. time lean of the next stem coming up. >> thanks. also ahead 7 news at 11:00. today wind, rain and snow could be a scene of thev! el no ep hansed storms to come. we take you back to the sonoma couldn't community devastated by el nino 2 decades ago. going grown for christmas. eco-friendly way bay area family sell brit the holiday. >> san francisco giants player reveals injury has been is over. but that isn't the reason for the fireworks celebration. >> that's a fun store. stay with us. and more what's on "jimmy kimmel live"right after 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks. i was up all night preparing fit show just for you. then she
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. we know el nino is already here because we have seen the satellite image and measured the warmer pacific ocean temperatures. in past years are any indication it's possible that we'll experience mud slides from the rain saturated ground. but where? as wayne reports, during the el nino of 1995 sonoma county residents here never saw it coming. >>reporter: sturdy lock on chin link fence and warning sign. remnant from a past and
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still very much a part of the present for canyon residents in sonoma county residents. >> right on each side of us 6 to 8 houses about 14 houses in here. >>reporter: fire chief steve back man walking through the ghost of neighborhood laid to waste the night of february sixth, 1995. the mud slide was sonoma couldn't el nino setting moment. mud channeling down the 500 foot tall mountain. came this way. before long it was four feet deep. it was hundreds of yards wide and still moving. slowly. >> we want our neighbors house. >>reporter: may was 15 years old the night of the slide. it put both her and her mother on the front pages of newspapers and in television news stories. it also cost them pretty much everything they had except each other. 2 women awakeen by the sound of moving mud snapping giant trees intoj@u there was a'
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history, long ago long before the neighborhood was even there of mud slides small mud slides in the canyon and top of the hells. which we were unawe are of. >>reporter: before it ended the season of slide led to the loss of 30 homes. and the bulldozing of this neighborhood no a flood waste zone. federal government actually paid residents to leave. later sonoma county built mud and water catch basin to protect residents still living farther mç. and yet do you trust the ground around here. >> no. after this, no. >>reporter: anywhere. >> no. >>reporter: seeing is table. maybe that's one of the reasons may shuttle now garrett lives in the relative safety of rohnert park far from any mountain of moving mud. what do you learn out of all that? >> to just really value your
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friends and family and value life and your experiences because it can literally twist or turn upside down in a moment. >>reporter: especially a geo-logic moment. from sonoma county, wayne frod man abc 7 news. all right here's a clever idea. renting your christmas tree. that's what one non-profit in the south by is starting tonight. our city forest is renting trees for 30 days and it will cost you 15 to 85 dollars. you do need to keep it in its original pot and take care of it of course meaning water it. organizers hope it will save tree from his being cut did you know and thrown away. rent a tree will be planted at local schools and some will be rented again next year. that's really innovativ innovative. clever. why not. time to turn to weather and the rain we have. >> sandhya is tracking it all for us. >>reporter: that's right. it was great to see the rain toda today. we also had 30 to 60 miles an hour wind gust. live
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doppler 7hd right now showing you what is left. light showers in santa rosa and ukiah (j pecking it up very light returns down towards the upon the ray bay just with winding down near salinas. in the sierra nevada chain controls on all roads leading to tahoe. still seeing the snow. just piling up there and as you take a lock at our written total totalsless 24 hours vird quite a bit. more than an inch. almost inch and a half. we talk about just under half inch in half moon bay. quarter inch in san francisco and two-tenths liver pour and san jose $1,100 of an inch. here what you get after you see some rain. this is beautiful picture sent to me by twitter by bonnie from mountain view. he situated item a side benefit of rainy day with some sun. we love those pictures keep them comin coming. hash-tag abc 7 now if you send them in. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's an we have some cloud cover. live look from the emeryville camera is beautiful out there spotty showers in the morning. we look at incrossing clouds
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saturday and rain arrives sunday morning so we will see another system develop but here's our current system. what is left of it tonight. we tip to see a few more drops developing for the 5:00 a.m. commute time 7:00 a.m. still few showers in the north pay and as we head to continue am a little bit shift down toward marin county. all wind down as we head towards the lunch hour even into one okay for the rest of the friday afternoon brit and sunny if you want to get out and about. if you get out of town you won't have to worry about the wet conditions. in the storm warning for the west it continues until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow additional couple inches of snow and make sure you have your chain in case heading out of to. this is the weekend system. saturday east fine. late says nights going into sunday morning is we know we see light written developing. this system is weaker. 4 a.m. sunday look like the north bay. 8:00 a.m. starting to move across most of the bay year and then it starts to shift back to the north at 11:00 a.m. moving on out for the rest of your sunday
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afternoon. so we will see a brake once the quick bit of rain comes through. tomorrow morning most of you will just see cloud cover. there will be a few showers though. temperatures low 40's to low 50's tomorrow afternoon. you are looking at 58 in livermore. 61 oakland. 60 san jose, san mateo, san francisco. you will certainly see quite a bit of sun so you need the shade. accu-weather 7 day forecast after the few morning drops it is going to be dry saturday late saturday night into sunday morning. we do have some more written coming in. short brick early next week and then wedoutt system looknv a little more promising wednesday afzájjjz into thurmxpv. look leak rain at i do want toe( pass alonh side note. el x3jz up deathty for november strongest7n on record since 1950. now surpassescq the 1997í-98 el ni. >> that'svn something that waséa strong win. i remember that. rp i know you do toomw. >> yes thanks.
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fireworksc!xs for a star sn francisco giant. >> still ahead at 11:00. celebration behind e a bow and a♪
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♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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san francisco giants hunter pence hit another home run but not at the park. >> this time the outfielder was on bended knee at the happiest police on earth. >> my god yes. >> will you marry me? >> pence popped the question to his girlfriend alexis while visiting disney world. >> they helped stej a mock interview for the surprise proposal and posted the magical moment on you tube. >> very nice. giants posted on 20thers he was excited to be marrying his best friend. i love how she didn't even wait for him to pop the question before she answered the question. yes yes yes. >> she knew.
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. it's moments like this that keep us rivetted to the nfl despite stuff like deflate gate and bad fish 80thing. games amising. aaron rodgers on hail mary to another former cal bear with a win. final seconds. lions packers. packers down 23-21. detroit tiger to lieutenant rall all over the field. thrown back to rodgers. i don't thinked down so game over. no. detroit taylor culled for face mask slowed it
11:29 pm
down here. taylor thumb did graze the face mask just barely so one more play. rodgers. going to he have it 65 yards down the field. and richard rodgers another cal alum comes down witness. out jumping everybody as the packers come back from a 20 nothing deficit to win 27-23. aaron rodgers called it the most amazing game of his life. that's a guy who has would be superbowl. sunny dyke agent shopping him around everywhere. cal head coachen inquired about the missouri job filled today. now sony in the mix for vacancy at virginia and south carolina. i'm not sure a 13 an 23 resume will wow! after let he can director but then returo calzn. no surprise here. curr /u warriors now 20:s an o. if he can; game saturday in; toronto. w the best interim head coach ever lukec with the on was1x asked b by espnr( whene
11:30 pm
thought thep team might finallyb lose a game.pi 3 3 the streak willvw come to an end because,z they canéñ, hwe havey pen@e the most talented teamñ;n wayment/ they share the ball and >>reporter: basketball legend west and robertson. checking out ucla no. 1 kentucky and this play tells the whole stor story. prince ali with authority. that is prince ali. float lia butterfly sting float lia butterfly sting lucky a bee. john zráh his top rankúm team. bryce wouldí put the game away gáh a little floater in6z the license 1 kentucky 87-77. abc 7 sports brought to you by ex fenty first time uc l beat a top rank team in over a decade. >> wow! >> long drought for ucla. once the contention of college basketball they dethrone a king
11:31 pm
tonight. >> thank for the great highlights from green bay. >> awesome finish and lions upset they fell electric it was a terrible call on the face mask. >> lions fan with the hands this isn't fair. >> they were doing that for 3 decades. >> thanks larry. 7 news continues on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4:30
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- maya rudolph, adam scott, this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from andrea bocelli, with cleto and the cletones! and now, don't worry, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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