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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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at the same time, clean up crews out dealing with downed fences. janet o will have a full report in 15 minutes. >> pg&e is reports 2,100 customers without power. the east bay has the most out agencies, more than 1,500. 205 customers on the pens particular impacted. the south and not bay report 150 outages. in san francisco, 57 customs are in the dark. >> as mike told us, a high subwarning is in affect along the cost with the warning not stopping people from heading to pacifica. it will expire at 5:00 p.m. mike will monitor that. matt will have more on that. >> walnut creek say low visibility caused a driver to accidentally hit an officer before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. the officer was directing
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traffic at the scene of an accident near third avenue. the car knocked him on top of the hood and back open to the street. the officer was treated for a knee injury and released. >> hope you have the skis and step bars ready, roads are being chaired in the sierra in anticipation heavy traffic to the ski areas. this is interstate 80 yesterday afternoon. we have parts of the bay area with thunderstorm and hail. in san francisco, cell phone images show parkway sized hail in the mission district on the sidewalk. >> this is the scene we will see more of. crews worked to remove this tree that was uprooted and blew over yesterday. it barely miss add moving car. sky 7 was over highway 101 at lucky drive an intersection prone to flooding navigating through the commute. >> now more on lake, the caltran crews are busy clearing roads in
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the sierra with a lot of people expected to head up to interstate 80 yesterday. caltran has expanded the area where you have to use the changes and they are required from baxter to the nevada state line. you have to use chains on united states 50, as well. >> flooding at the bay fair mall in san leandro with huge pools created by a storm spout outside the bed, bath and beyond store after rain and haul. laura at our community treated this video with #abc7now. map viewsers sent in photos as the rain exhale, and lightning lit up the skies. people got quite a show. can you send your weather photos to us using #abc7now. >> in other news, in kern county investigators are trying to determine the cause of a medical helicopter to crab -- crash on
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the way to the hospital in bayers field which either woulded it missing before 8:00 last night. a debris field was located in rough terrain. official say when the sheriff helicopter got to the area they encountered rain and fog making it difficult to see. the middle helicopter came from fresno. the pilot, a flight nurse and paramedic and a patient on board all died. >> 4:33. happening today the family of a man shot to delegate by san francisco pestle announce a lawsuit against the department. the cell phone video captured the confrontation between the officers and mario wood whose refused to drop a knife after being pepper sprayed. the family attorney accused the police for using woods for target practice. the san francisco police department has not commented on the legal action. >> santa clara office of cair will re-open after an envelope
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with a white substance was mailed to the evidence, the council of american islamic relations and the office is across the street from the largest mosque in the bay area. police and fire and haz-mat responded and evacuated the builting. part of the investigation is focused on if the envelope is in response to the san bernardino shootings. >> the f.b.i. is examining a similar letter with white powder sent to the washington, dc, cair office 689 tests determined that substance was fault dangerous and workers were allowed back in the office. >> now the latest in the san bernardino shooting. law enforcement missed messages exchanged online between syed farook and tashfeen malik as early as 2013. investigators are wide being their search for clues to the shooting. our reporter has the latest. laura? all the f.b.i. is searching a small lake where they believe the killers came on the same day they massacred 14 people in san
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bernardino. >> we are building a timeline of everything we know to ensure we can retrace every step they took. all the fbi would not say what they are looking for there are reports they hope to recover a digital device from the lake located just three miles from the site of the shooting. there is new wore that enrique marquez the friend of the killer may have live add double live. his family members say they did not enjoy he had converted to islam or this he was married it a woman with ties to the killer's family. >> marquez continues to be questioned by police and is cooperate asking not currently under arrest. it is now 4:35. the santa clara county sheriff has banned staff from using plastic you bullets to subdue
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inmates. they are not ruled out as actor in the death of annan mate who died if late september a week after the extraction. they are eninterested to sting a prisoner who is unruly. >> if lake county, fema is close to completing the first temporary housing site for victims of the valley fire. 15 manufactured homes for seniors and care take ares from lake village estates will be ready to move into a park in clear lake oaks leased by fema for 18 months with the possibility of being extended by since months. in addition, 40 more pads have been losed at clear lake resort but have not been installed. >> starting this weekend, muni riders in san francisco should have an easier time getting on and off metro trains at subway stations. on sunday, muni will double berth between the embarcadero and wet postal surfaces so to traps will stop at the same time one boarding passengers and the other off loading
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simultaneously. currently only one train at a final is allowed to board. >> a park district will use imminent domain to get two pieces of land it needs to on the mountain to the public which has sweeping views of the area. the district has not done enough to prevent trespassing from the 19ing property. >> klay thompson is a game time decision tonight in boston as the warriors try to improve to 24-0. he said the sprained ankle was at 70 percent after year's practice. he scored a son high 39 points in the warriors win on tuesday over the pacers. they have won 27 straight games dating back to last sent. tip-off against the celtics is at 4:30. >> keeping our winning ways going we are keeping our rain going. >> our wet rain.
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here is a stronger cell moving over the heart of the dumbarton bridge moving into milpitas and 237 heading over to sunnyvale and cupertino. that means the south bay is going to get wet. if not right now in the next 15 minutes. it will last about 15 machines to half an hour. for the rest of us when you grab the umbrella grab a heavier coat, all of us are 10-18 degrees cooler this morning. look at all of the money 40s around san francisco and about all of our neighbors this morning. here is a look atwhere the rain is just now starting to pull away. dear our fingers crossed with the breaks in the showers hopefully we will not have delays but if we do i will let you know. cool air mass around 57 or 58. in san jose, we do not have dry, but it will be raining in ten or 15 minutes.
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most of tomorrow we will be dry but the north bay will be wet and windy on sunday through monday morning. sue? >> we have wet roads out there and that make for a cautious deafing which is a bit challenging and a couple of incidents blocking the lanes now, westbound 24 at central lafayette and i a not seeing much slowing. the crone on the map represents rain for the road conditions. westbound lake shore, 23580 -- 580, westbound at lake shore blocking two lanes, with injuries involved in the action -- in the accident and wet roads. we have a solo spinout blocking a lane. the green means wet. slower speeds. be careful of standing and pooling water. eric and kristen? >> 4:39. a bottle label is about to spark an international wine war, next, the one regulation that has
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canada and mexico upset with the united states. >> some football fans get a taste the fear across the country in the wake of the san bernardino shooting an item of clothing that almost got them clothing that almost got them banned fr
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we her something like that here. but this booming thunder and hail stretching in battleground in washington, a tornado touched down damaging at least 36 homes. no injuries have been reported. the entire pacific northwest has seen a full week of torrential downpours and flooding. all the latest list of excessive water users include the famous with use over a thousand gallons on average a day excessive. winemaker tops the list at more than 11,000 gallons at the alamo home, and 24 hour fitness founder is number two, and buster posey's wife reportedly used more than 3,000 gallons a day 59 their home.
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and potly crew lead singer made the list if danville at his home. and olympic medalist said an irrigation leak is why her homemade the list. >> football fans from fresno got a taste of post san bernardino feelers attend the broncos and chargeers game and remember they had to remove tour bans before entering the stadium. next time, tour -- not -- tour been are not allowed >> i was told we are not supposed to take them off. >> it is embarrassing because we are americans and we are not supposed to be afraid fellow americans. >> detail oh police say the fans called about seeing men in turbans fumbling around with
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boxes before reserve the parking lot. >> california wine and meat go together but not with dan canada and mexico placing $1 billion worth of retaliation tariffs on united states products unless a rule requiring labels on certain meats is repealed including spirits this affect our wineries. mexico and canada combined have $500 million of california wine shipped in each year. >> starting today san jose is adding a pop of color downtown by turning underpasses into daze olding art pieces. the $600,000 project include painted murals and l.e.d. lighting and sensors that allow you to interact coming from greens and developer fees. more of the installations could pop up. >> and opening up across the bay area, scatter rain.
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>> i heard the thunder this morning and the fast was verified and we still get much needed rain and we are getting a treat because we did not get thousands. but we do have side affects, now, high surf warning until 5:00 fed, you can see we are hitting 20-23 not not waves right now and we could get up to 30 with large breakers and localized flooding is poll through the morning into the afternoon. now, as far as sausalito mill valley we have flooding possible. high tide today is at 10:54 so from 8:00 in the morning to noon, watch out if you near the park-'n-ride that is the most likely area that will flood because of the tide, not because of the rain. >> south of the san mateo bridge or dumbarton bridge, excuse me,
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headed to 237 in milpitas, you can see coming out of the sunol grid you have the heavy rain right now. we have showers to the north. we are going to have, because we have the unsettled air mass coming off the ocean, chance of showers all day. the chance will taper headed into the afternoon and evening. you may want to have an umbrella just in case. you will need the sunglasses, too. my forecast highlights show showers early and fading and rain in the north bay tomorrow and stormy for all of us on sunday and tomorrow is the better day to do outdoor activity and still looking frost y a couple of nights. temperatures today will go from 57 to 60 degrees and you can see the friend pot making our landscape. tonight, it will be colder with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. at 5:00 in the morning, through 9:00, waves of light should for
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the morning commute taper during the noon hour and you can see best chance during the afternoon and evening is going to be over the ocean. now, tomorrow afternoon, light rain develops in the north bay rain develops in the north bay and it is wet and writteny. next week is quiet through thursday. but cooler. >> sue? >> happy friday. we made it. there are wet roads because of the rain. we had the accident westbound 580 at lake shore, become up building here so use extra caution. they attempting to push the cars off to the right shoulder so hopefully that that is not a major delay. a par into a power pole. that is blocking the off-ramp. i am not sighing too many delays headed southbound out of san jose, we do have the issue and this was highway 116 at first
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street. it is cleared out of the road way bart has minor delays at ten minute system wide because of the track maintenance so give yourself continue -- ten minutes. caltrain and muni not reporting problems this morning. kristen? eric? >> 4:49. do you have boughted tea at home. a consumer alert from "7 on your side" with more than sea in bottles. but, first, the technical bytes? >> bad connection? no problem, new technology allows users to access news feed and post comments even with a poor connection. >> a new way to make purchases at wal-mart launching a wal-mart pay, that allows users to by things using the wal-martia on any iphone or droid device
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>> the organizers say a big music festival will run from august 5 through august 7 held each career at golden gate park. the bans are not announced. >> all the california sea lions in trouble because of the el nino warming ocean is having profound changes on sea life. the lack of food is the main problem for the sea lions and for the pups. their diet is rockfish and squid and anchovy are impacted by the change in sea conditions. biologist expect a high number of rescues. if you see a stranded animal stay away and scale for him. >> two san francisco police officers are call heroes for saving an elderly woman trapped in her home. the officers from the rich monday station have been checking up regularly on an
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84-year-old woman who lives alone with in familiar in the area. last night she did not answer and they heard her calling out to them. she fell through and was stuck for 12 hours from the bad frame. she went to the hospital to recover. thank you to the police officers. they hear rows. >> holiday shoppers hear and see a familiar site in union square, the celebrity bell ringing event is million at kristen square to support and raise money for the salvation arm red kettle effort. our traffic reporter sue hall our traffic reporter sue hall and don >> i admired form there, she has the wrist thing there. >> i am working there and i am there from noon to 1:00 and the
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money stays local. >> no amount is too small. >> it adds up. >> thank you. >> closer to home i will look at the bay bridge and no metering lights but the roads show we are expensing yet roads this morning. that means standing wart. that can be a dangerous situation. we have a couple solo spinouts. oakland westbound 580 at lake sure they are trying to push them out of the way but i still have delay on the road a minor backup and a car versus a road and the off-ramp to southbound 101 and still closed and they are trying to get that outside the road. rain on the roads. mike? how is the friday forecast? >> we are bringing in the showers. have fun. wish i could there. didn't would out for me this year. you can see the snow in the sierra, traveling is tough
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everywhere. the snow will taper the next couple of hours at lake tahoe and you can see the showers will dissipate but the entire state is in the 50s other than the 30s and 40s in the mountains and mid-to-upper 60s across southern can. here is my seven-day outlook for lake tahoe where you can see it is slowing on heavenly and we will have another 1' of snow on sunday so travel saturday is great and on sunday not so much with another storm next week possible. >> a warning this morning if you enjoy sweet leaf ice tea they have recalled a million bottles because of come planes of glass frag mets. no one has hurt. the recall covers several sweet leaf players sold teen february 27 and december 6. can you find out not recall affects you on our website at >> the dog tags issued to all swords are getting a if you look because of concerns over identity theft. on the new tags the service
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member social security number will be replaced with a randomly generated department of defense i.d. number mandated in 20 township but it took this long for the military to replace all of the social security numbers. >> if you have been on social media there week you could not miss the magical photo of a six-year oat autistic boy hanging out on santa's lap famous for telling santa he wrote under were on the naughty list because of the autism. >> he said, i am autistic and i said that is okay the. >> he said, it is okay to be your yourself. his mother was so moved by her son's interaction with the care santa she posted about it on facebook with a foe testify the now two best friends which has 162,000 likes. >> the latest storm passing through the bay area right now. next at 5:00, the dangerous
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conditions it is creating along the bay area befores. >> the arrest that took a bite out of claim in the east bay with shoppers breathing easier this morning. >> if you see news where you live take a photo or video if you can do it safely and share you can do it safely and share it with us using #abc7now
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is action am on friday morning. it is a happy friday. we have rain. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> it is a wet friday. right now we check with meteorologist mike nicco to see


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