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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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north of sacramento for a while and thanks to some quick work from the pilot they diverted here to oakland international. safely landing quite a while ago. this is the original plane's flight path. you can see how the plane took off from sacramento and then circled for quite some time near yuba city. the plane touched down safely 45 minutes ago according to southwesterly airlines. the captain onboard reported a pressurization event. i'm not sure what that means and if it affected passengers but the plane did land safely here and the airport didn't roll out emergency equipment to meet the jet. according to southwest, the jet met up with another southwest plane here and 133 passengers were loaded on to that plane for their continuing trip to denver. this is the second qwest
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airlines flight. on wednesday a boeing 737 had landing gear issue and had to circle for hours to burn off fuel. that plane also touched down safely and the passengers eventually made it on to their final destinations. now, we were not able to talk to any of the passengers aboard today residents flight because, as -- today's flight because they were shuttled directly from the plane to a waiting plane the plane with the mechanical issues was taken out of service, according to southwest airlines the passengers are already on their way to denver. they expect to be about three hours late to denver. reporting live at oakland international airport, sergio quintana, abc7~news. >> thank you. and stay with abc7~news for any breaking updates. and follow us on twitter, abc7 news. warmer weather is on the way, but only after another frigid night ahead. we have seen a chilly weekend in
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the bay area that included some record lows last night. taking a live look from the emeryville cam it's cold but nowhere near last night. meteorologist drew tuma has more with live doppler 7hd. >> it's been two years since we have seen numbers this chilly in the morning. a record low of 37 at oakland, beating the record of 31 in 1956. record lee at 29 at moffet field. 29 in napa. 26 in livermore. live doppler 7hd, we're tracking increased cloud cover and light showers. we'll zoom into street level on n the south bay. light showers moved through san jose, wintry precipitation in mt. hamilton at this hour. in the north, light returns around napa. there could be a little snow mixing in at higher elevations but on the storm impact scale, it's a one. we'll talk about what the storm means for you monday morning in the full accuweather forecast.
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>> 41 people have been killed by severe storms since wednesday. 22 of -- of them in floods and towards alone. >> oh, my god, that's it's. that's it. >> pure panic as the storm roared in under the cover of night. >> that's a toward. >> power line flashes and lightning revealing the massive tornadoes as they tore into texas. >> oh, my god. did you see that? oh, my god. >> reporter: after the twisters passed, even in the dark it was clear the destruction was complete. >> completely gone. >> i saw the funnel and just dove into the hallway. >> standing right towards us, and all you heard was just debris hitting the house, hitting the house. >> by daylight the scope of the devastation unbelievable, house after house, neighborhood after
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neighborhood, town after town, ripped into tiny pieces. >> we went in here. this is where we hid. >> this family emerged to find the roof collapsed in every room of the house except the bathroom where they were hiding: for others being away at holiday parties saved lives. >> i was devastated. everything we own is in the trail, and christmas, everything is gone. we just here to salvage what we can. >> just want to find some of the memory stuff. everything else can be replaced. i. >> reporter: the system's impacts are huge, stretching from south texas to the canadian border, on me move, bring everything from severe storms to flooding rain and ice and blinding snow. look at these scenes from new mexico, and now those crippling blizzard conditions are moving into the texas panhandle. more severe weather this battered state does not need.
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>> police in fairfield are look fargo woman who threw a dog on the ground. a neighbor posted this surveillance video last weekend on facebook you see the woman, identified as brandy chan, clinging her pup on to the parking lot. witnesses say it happened during a fight with her boyfriend. animal services believes this may not be the first time she has hurt an animal. police want to find chen and the dog. they think she may be hiding in vallejo. investigators have identified one of the people killed in a firey christmas day crash in pacifica. we were at highway 1 today as people paid their respects to jason gear bride. they lift flowers and balloons as a growing memorial of the highway where the 25-year-old died. he was riding home in an uber car around 2:30 christmas morning, when a driver going the wrong way hit his car head on.
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that driver was also killed. the uber driver is in the hospital. investigators are searching for a person who threw a molotov cocktail at a mask in tracey. it happened -- at a mosque in tracy, late friday or saturday, causing a thousand dollars in damage. the attack comes as a bay area muslim group is calling for more help to stop hate crimes. alyssa harrington is live in alameda where the muslim community hosted a forum today. >> reporter: this is not unique just to the bay area. things like this are happening all over the country. today the islamic center tried to get people from the community together from all backgrounds, all religions. the theme of tonight's forum, standing up against hate crimes. >> we all god's creatures,. >> reporter: people of all faiths showed up to the islamic center's open forum in al immediate dark sharing concerns and spread ideas our the bay area can come together as a time
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when many muslims feel their religion is under attack. rammy with the counsel of american islamic relations says tension is worse than it was following 9/11. >> there's definitely tension and fear and there's a narrative reported that we're the other. we're all american here. >> reporter: vandals broke a window the islamic center's former building a couple weeks ago. a woman was caught on video throwing coffee at muslims praying in a parking lot. and a pipe bomb was did e detonated the home of man accused of making thats in tracy, a mosque was hit by what appeared to be a molotov cocktail. >> mosques have been hiring security guards to patrol the area because of these string of incidents affecting other mosques. >> reporter: care directors want police to investigate the attacks as hate crimes. among those attending the forum,
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the outspoken priest human rights activism has gotten him arrested. >> the universe belongs to all people,. >> still ahead at 6:00, california has some of the nation's toughest gun laws, but a recent report suggests they may not slow gun sales. >> better than regifting. the perfect way to get rid of the gift you don't want and
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who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life.
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the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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gun sales have skyrocketed in california even though the state has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. the chronicle reports californians bought 500,000 handguns in 2010. that number jumped up to 1 million last year. assault weapons are banned in california and universal background checks are mandatory for all sales. experts say mash shootings and a fear of gun restrictions may be fueling firearm purchases. san francisco county had the fewest sales in the state last year with just 540 per 100,000 residents. many of us got a holiday gift that wasn't quite right. more than half last year.
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this weekend for the first time ebay set up shop at local malls to take them off your hands. the company encouraged people to sell what you got to get what you really want. at popup selling stations across the country. the westfield san francisco center was one of eight locations where people showed up to drop off their gifts. ebay says more than a third of us have unwanted presents sitting at home. coming up next on sunday news at 6:00. if you're done with christmas but still looking for a little holiday fun, we may have the perfect event for you. and could a little warmup be in the forecast? our meteorologist drew tuma is up next. coming up in sports, carolina tries to keep its perfect season alive, and the 49ers were far from perfect today in detroit as they can't find the
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you have one week left to enjoy a whacky winter 'wonderland in east bay. we were at the playland not at the beach in el cerrito for the museum's special annual holiday exhibit. the toy trains, miniature
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christmas village and holiday lights are all built by volunteers. what a great job they do. that museum is usually only open on weekends but this week it's open every single day for holiday visitors. >> you're invited to ring in 2016 with abc7. dick clark's new years rockin' eve with ryan seacrest begins thursday night at 8:00. then the countdown to 2016 continues at 11:30 with more new years rockin' eve. and drew is predicting and forecasting a dry new year's eve. >> that's right. of tonight and our small chance our showers turns quiet to round out 2015. live doppler 7hd right now is tracking very light showers. we'll zoom into street level. half moon bay, highway 1, fine, light showers falling. as you get into higher elevations like mt. hamilton,
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live doppler 7hd is showing us a mixed precipitation of rain and snow at this hour, and got a report of some snowflakes in lake port as well. this is a very cold system that is moving through but doesn't have a lot of moisture. it's 45 currently in oakland, same in fremont. 47, san jose, 46, san francisco. 43, napa, 41, fairfield. last night san jose dropped to 30. not going to get that cold tonight. we'll hold into the mid-and-low 40s through the midnight hour, and then early tomorrow morning, between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s. so, overnight for the entire bay area, san jose, overnight low of 38. san francisco, 40. the same for oakland. 40, richmond. 35, napa. 37, antioch. with the cloud cover up above we won't get as cold last night. a chance of a light scattered shower continues through tonight and then quickly departs firs
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thing monday morning, and monday itself will be a blend of sunshine and clouds. so total rainfall with the system, very light in nature. less than a tenth of an inch and most locations may pike up mean a hundredth of an inch of rain so not a lot of moisture but it will be a one on our storm impact scale. very light showers, less than a tenth of an inch of rain and brings a flurry to the sierra. highs for your monday, a mixture of sun and cloud out there. it feel warmer tomorrow than today in the low and mid-50s. 54 the high in oakland. 52, san francisco, 54, napa, san jose, high of 53. watch what happens with our rain chances, specifically for san francisco. after tonight's small chance of a shower, the storm door temporarily closes. not a chance of rain at all until sunday, and sunday just a minimal chance of 20%.
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so dry end to 2015. here's the accuweather forecast, a blend of sunshine and clouds, by tuesday, it's sunny and cool, dry pattern continues on mid-week, new year's eve on thursday, a slight warming trend but dry if you're outside for new year's eve. new year's day. sunshine, saturday is a january beauty and then on sunday, that's our next chance of a little bit of moisture out there. we'll see increasing clouds and temperatures seasonably cool in the mid-up to ker 405s. >> i like your animation there. >> celebrate. right? >> uh-huh. >> sure. >> for shu and the niners, just can't get it done. >> one more game to go and then we can start off new for next year. the 49ers got off to a good start against the lions and managed just 57-yards of total offense the second half. the result, their 11th loss of
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the season. going to detroit where the love their star receiver calvin johnson, but he may be gone after the season. anquan bolden became the 13th 13th player in nfl history to have a thousand career receptionesful for the first time this season the niners offense scored a touchdown in the opening quarter, blake gabbert to macdonald for six. the lions answer with afield goal and nobody ahead. in other words matthew stafford to t.j. jones who makes the grab. san francisco regains the lead. but detroit responds. joique bell up the middle. it was 20-17 lions at the break. the second half belongs to detroit. stafford to megatron. johnson had six catches for 77 yards, 32-17 the final. the 49ers fall to 4-11 for the second straight week they were flagged for 11 penalties. >> there's no excuse for that. none. so, we just have to go back and
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look at that and -- but i can't for the life of me give you any kind of excuse for that. >> we've been starting slow, finishing strong, and it was just the opposite today. we got a find a way to put a complete game together. just execute at a higher level. >> it was a day of upsets in the nfl in atlanta, carolina was trying to stay unbeaten. just two week ago the panthers embarrassed the falcons 38-0. today a different story. matt ryan scrambles before going deep to julio jones who makes the catch of the day, leaping high over the defender, 70-yard touchdown. the play of the day. down by seven, the panthers one last chance but cam newton is stripped of the ball so the falcons hand carolina first loss of the season. they're still 14-1. cardinals quarterback carson palmer celebrate this 36th
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36th birthday with a win over green bay. aaron rodgers under siege all afternoon, sacked eight times, fumbled twice. both returned for scores. cory redding does the honors here. arizona wins 38-8 and clinches a first-round bye. the seahawks are tough to beat at home but the rams were not intimidated. this fumble is taken 45-yard for a touchdown. it was 10-0 st. louis. the rams extended the lead in the second quarter. kennum to brit who makes a great diving grab in the end zone. st. louis pulls off the upset. the first time the rams have won in seattle in ten years. despite being ahead of seattle in the nfc playoff picture, the vikings happen not yet clinched a playoff spot but can by beating the giants tonight. the patriots trailed the jets almost the entire game about with under two minutes left, tom brady finds james wright for the shot and they went to overtime. new england won the coin toss
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but chose to kick the ball instead of receive. , in takes advantage. the jets win in of t., 26-20. the pats still have the afc's best record at 12-3. with ryan mallett at quarterback the ravens stunned the steelers after being out of the league for two month his threw for a career high 274 yards and a touchdown in his baltimore debut. down by three with two minutes left. ben roethlisberger's pass on fourth and long falls incomplete. big ben was picked off twice. the ravens win 20-17. the lost might cost them a spot in the playoffs. this is the afc playoff picture. that pats, bengals and chiefs in, a cincinnati win over denver tomorrow gives houston the afc south title. the jets and broncos are also in the hunt. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you've by bank of the west. a lot of surprises today. >> i was watching at home and that coin toss was confusing.
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>> yeah. belichick told him they wanted to kick but he got confused which direction they were supposed to kick or something like that. i think it was all overblown he made the wrong choice. >> he did. i'm no expert. up next on abc7 news at 6:00, the latest round of records broken this weekend
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join us tonight for abc7~news on kofy tv 20. books and bottles, the winning combination to bring customers back into barnes & noble stores? then on abc7~news at 11:00 here on channel 7, our cold snap has caused a massive gas outage in contra costa county. how residents in discovery bay plan to stay warm tonight on abc7~news at 11:00. well, the records continue to roll in for "star wars: the force awakens." the movie century's ad $1 billion worldwide in 12 days. that's a day faster than "jurassic world" which had the help of china, "the force awakens" doesn't open in china until january 9th. other records including the biggest christmas day earnings of $49.3 million, which doubleed
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the 24 million earned by sherlock holmes in 2009. and "star wars" had the biggest second weekend ever in north america, 153 million. and daddy's home debuted in second with $38 million. general fur lawrence, joy, debuted in third with 17 million. sisters and al spring the chipmunks around out the top five. "star wars" is owned by our parent company, disney. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. i'm caroline forks
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>> hi were. i'm lizzy bermudez. welcome to "bay area life" where lifestyle, interest, food and entertainment come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, a 10-year-old remarkable story. >> pretty great. >> then and herb garden with healing powers. >> this is a wonderful nervous system plant. >> plus, six vendors under one roof. >> i smell indian, i smell pork slider. >> and get your baby the best start. >> your baby needs you and hearing your voice. critically important. >> all of this driven


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