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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 29, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is if san francisco. you can see an apartment building is on fire. right across from 9 southeast side of golden gate park. >> this is a look at what is happening on mount sutro, the column of smoke is rising from the builting. >> firefighters are on the roof. they state flame are spreading to neighboring buildings. we are not seeing that. obviously sit a concern. this is where it is happening, at 4th avenue at lincoln way in the inner sunset district starting at 10:30, a threetory residential building. can you see the orange flames.
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we have a crew headed to the scene. we will have updates during the newscast and our news app. we have other breaking news in san jose. a neighborhood is evacuation waited after the discovery of a powder and blasting caps. the items were found at the fire station and the evacuated area is around fire station 11 near the individual averages parkway and ashley way. we have the latest. >> yes, it has been a sense coming here outside the individual averages, a luxury condo compensate in evergreen valley district of san jose. about 9:55 a man brought some suspicious black powder and what he thought could potentially be blasting caps to fire station 11, 300' from where i stand. sky 7 h.d. was over head a few minutes ago showing the scene.
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this is the area where evacuations were ordered 300' in all directions in case it is an explosive. we have been told that this is an all help clear situation. those people would were told to "shelter if place," are those told to ever van eight the order have been told they can run home or are free to come and go again. they have found out the black powder is not in a state where there is any imminent danger. we have with us right new captain tolling us what happened. first of all, what was the material the man brought to the fire station? >> initially, it looked like it was blasting caps and several jars of black powder. upon further investigation it turned out to be a shotgun cap and black powder used to make ammunition. the good samaritan found knit a storage unit and thought it would be best to bring it to the fire station and did it with the
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intent disposing of it. we appreciate the thought process but we ask people if you see something explosive or potentially explosive, best thing to do is evacuate the area and call us to the scene. some of the material can be very unstable if you try to transport it. >> were the materials, the two that were found, would be be explosive? >> black powder can be provided a munition force or they are dropped and potentially catching a emission source. but in the state they were in we did not need to explode them. they were easy to secure. >> advice next time you discover something like this, call the fire department but do not bring it to the fire station? >> absolutely. we appreciate the good intention and we ask you to call us and evacuate themselves and give us the best details and well respond appropriately. we sent a hazardous material team and the bomb quade -- squad
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device. >> all clear in the evergreen valley neighborhood with the villages back open and people are in their hems. we are back in san jose for abc7 news. >> thank you, david. sky 7 shows where someone broke into a gun store this morning. an alarm alerted police there was trouble at united states firearms company and this is at 4:00 a.m. a broken, back board was last open and fond bit officers and they do not think anything was stolen from the gun store. the department of public safety continues to search for the burglar. >> c.h.p. is trying to get the eminent seal in sonoma county back in the safety bay. the mammal is in an area near highway 37 and caused quite a traffic jack yesterday open busy
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freeway. janet o has new information. >> yes, kristen, all efforts to get the elephant seal to move toward the bay have failed so far and you can see her laying low sitting there in the water as she has been circling around the estuary all morning but the question is: will she stay put? it has been an exhausting 24 hours are for they will pant seal who had quite the adventure on highway 37. the c.h.p. officers got the mammal into the estuary yesterday and she is content. for now. >> our goal is to keep her out of the road, in the water, and so far we have been successful with that. >> they are directing the creature and kayakers pushed her toward the bay rather than the busy highway. as they did yesterday. despite calls from drivers who claim they were attack by a seal the officer said that she was just scared.
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>> the reality is she was stranded in the center divide with cars stopped. >> why she keeps trying to move on to highway 37 the mammal thought she could be regulate and trying to give birth on dry land but they are not sure. >> it is normal to have that type of body wait so until we do an ultra sound we have no idea. our volunteers have grown attached to the seal would they nickname tuli after a nearby creek and they hope she will keep herself and others out of harm's way. >> she has a mind her own and we can only do so much. >> the marine mammal center and c.h.p. are here keeping a close eye on tuli in case show moves to the highway and it becomes dangerous for the drivers on the busy step of roadway. a volunteer said they usually deal with stranded sea lions in this the area and do not see
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elephant seals are commonly found hanging out in point reyes and down in the peninsula at the state park. >> we certainly hope for a good outcome. >> investigators are looking into how a man died at the bart station. police say the man was found unconscious at 5 o'clock a.m. just outside the station and near 580 and redwood road and was pronounced dead an hour later and foul play is not suspected. >> happening now, hayward police hope to talk with anyone who my is seen a deadly hit-and-run accident with a woman killed near tahoe avenue at 6:30. two cars hit the woman in a lated contracts walk. one driver stayed at scene but the people in the other car get out, looked at victim and took off. the car described as a dark 1990s four door toyota corolla that should have damage to the windshield and hood. the men who drove off were all
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wearing hoodies. pg&e crews will work to restore gas service to a through customs without heat in discovery bill. 6,200 customs lost service on sunday after a regulator at a gas facility malfunctioned. peg said service is back on for 4,800 customs but the others are still waiting. ait is cold. it is cold. i am wear my ski clothes to keep warm. >> we are used to heat and you do not think of it until something like this happens. >> it is warm in here. >> it is. hot showers. for everyone. >> peck peg said the crews are going door-to-door to re-light the pilot lights and people are not home she can cannot restore gas service and are asking everyone to call for an point. drivers woke up to freezing cold temperatures this morning. check out the cell phone video show, ice on the car windshield in the western area of san
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francisco. when will the cold snap be over? meteorologist mike nicco is joining us with the answer. >> i am sure my neighborhoods did not appreciate when i was scraping the ice early this morning. we will look back at what happened dug the overnight hours and look at napa at 25, and morgan hill is 25 and central park and fremont at 25. some of our coolest spots, with freezing temperatures in oakland, palo alto and cupertino also, so not only was it cold inland but it was cold every are. 40 formally in san francisco, five degrees below average and santa rosa is 40 with freezing or below and seven degrees cooler-than-average and 8, 9, and 12 for redwood city and san jose and oakland taking us that far from average to get frost in march areas. tonight the north bay may not get frost because of the clouds and the rain. well tack about that will setting up but the east bay and south by, get ready for another frosty night. back to you. >> thank you. a napa him owner is without a
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place to live at a fire burned several hours getting a home and a barn. napa firefighters shared the pictures of a fire that break out before 6:00 a.m. with the wooden valley road. downed power liñes initially prevent them from getting to the barn and they had to let it burn until pg&e secured the lines. c.h.p. has shut down wooden valley road while they seven for a cause. >> the affluenza teen has been arrested and will he get off again? many are asking that question, ethan couch has been found in mexico with his mother after violating his from base and fleeing. reggie aqui is monitoring the story and, reggie, he is now 18, so will be he tried as an adult? >> very good question. maybe. even if he is charge as an adult, it will not make a difference. this is how we remember this kid, he was a teen when this all happened. and now, this is how mexican
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authorities found hip, quite a difference, right? he and his mother disgazed themselves after taking off from texas. >> on run for weeks and ethan couch and his mother disappeared after the 18-year-old was seen in a video near a pier bond table and alcohol was a violation of the probation. they were found in puerto vallarta. well breathe easier when they are here and when they are, loss up. >> texas authority asked the entire country got do know the name ethan couch when he was 16. he pled guilty to manslaughter after drinking three times the legal limit. he drove in a pickup truck and killed four pedestrians. a judge gave him probation, no jail time, after the teen's attorney said that he suffered from affluenza a disease of wealthy causing ethan couch to not know the difference between right and wrong. a medically unrecognized diagnosis. >> what happens to couch now? >> if we proceed in a juvenile sentence, his maximum sentence
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he will receive is four months of confinement. that in my opinion is not a sufficient punishment for the teaing of four lives. >> next month the texas d.a. helps to convince a judge to move ethan couch's case out the juvenile system and into adult court. even then, he faces a maximum of 120 days. >> sheriff this morning would not give details on how texas and federal authorities were able to track ethan couch and his man to give boyfriend. they both processed out of mexico and back to their him town outside of dallas. kristen? >> yes, you it this morning good news for the port of oakland, business is booming. the business times reported that there is an uptick in ports coming through the port partly because of the dredging that allows bigger ships to come in after a labor dispute halted the business for two months and all the goods sat there. city leaders in oakland admit though do not have a plan for
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the raiders as an important dead hype is looming. the city not meet the nfl-imposed deadline, with the league wanting financing plans from oakland, san diego and st. louis in place by the time the owners vote next month and owners will vetted on witch team is allowed to vote on who can move to los angeles. >> we have breaking news in san francisco, an apartment is on fire across from golden gate park and we will bring an update. >> more than 100 people are stranded on a ski lit and what they had to do to get to safety and help credible video to show how tough
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>> an update on breaking news in san francisco. this is a look from our sutro tower camera, again, the fire that was just knocked down in the sunset district. the fire department said that everyone got out safely from the apartment building at 4th and lincoln way. you can see the black smoke and the flames right across from gofundme gonna. firefighters rushed from across san francisco with many neighborhoods involved. lincoln way was block but will re-open soon the we will have updates on abc7 app with push alerts. >> new developing news from alaska, one person died when a small plane crashed into an office building in downtown anchorage and burst into flames. investigators believe it was registered to we an air patrol
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housing state law enforcement agencies. the offices were closed at time the crash this morning. >> new video showing an incredible story of survival. this footage shows in alberta, canada, the skiers had to pa roam -- rappel from a chair lift when a new oil pump failed and 100 passengers on ski lift but no one was hurt. >> adding to the adventure. >> want did put your kids to bed early without missing the celebration? netflix and help
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>> and it was cold. >> i got in the car, could not see a thing because, my, the windshield was covered with ice. >> yes, it will happen for some of us tomorrow remain especially inland east bay and in the south bay. now, the temperatures are nicely under light wind and total sunshine, at 42 in livermore is the cool spot and the spot we had sub-freezing temperatures and fog. we did not hear about black ice but the forecast was thickest in the livermore valley. right new, live doppler 7 hd showing sunshine in the next system the next six hours and it will push ashore and into california. it will take until tomorrow morning another 12 hours after that to make any headway into our neighborhood. until them look at the sunshine and the snow around our neighborhood. the look from mount tamalpais, you need the sunglasses today
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and it feels warmer than yesterday. sprinkles to light rain tomorrow and dry on thursday through the weekend. the best rain chance is in the north bay at 20 percent, and sunday and monday and tuesday, this model is ranch up the rain chances. until then, this is it, tomorrow morning at 5:00, you can see ukiah, light to dark green so sprinkles to light rain moving into the north bay during the o hours and it is a very small chance with a lot of it reaching the ground or make it south of san mateo bridge before finally falling apart as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. light rain to sprinkles is it. temperatures are like today low-to-mid 50s and we will have mid-50s for thursday, ringing in the new year with mid-to-upper 50s and almost total sunshine, sunshine continues on saturday, sunday, and monday we will see the storm door possibly open if a couple of waves of rain next week. that is far away, and until thens enjoy the temperatures and the breezes that are below average for this time of the
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year. kristen and natasha? >> if you could spend your if you year's with kids and then a party with your friends, there is a solution from netflix with a series of count downs that you can play when you choose. if color kids are supposed to be dead at 9:00 it can be as good as midnight. robe, you can invites with diswith abc7, dick chair's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest begins on thursday at 8:00, where abc7 news at 11 to celebrate here in the bay area and back to the countdown at midnight. >> we celebrate the east coast new year's at 9:00. >> good year is bringing two college football traditions together, think super size.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> coming up at 4:00, feeling the drought's impact of millions and millions of trees drying in california and a bleak report if a new report and trying to undo the horror of combat. a new device that could reset the brains of veterans suffering from ptsd. our a tailgate tradition is
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helping people to gear up for a big slow down with kickoff to the cotton bowl. good year brought the limp to help set a world record for the largest game of corn he ever. >> students dropped giant bean bags on boards below and you can see michigan state and alabama face off on thursday. the cotton bowl kicks off at 2:00 on espn. >> stanford is ready for for the bowl on new year's day, starting at 2:00 p.m. watch all the action on espn on friday. >> and right new, we have bears against air force, and not looking great. sorry. our that ain't nothing. >> the quarterback is in top form. you are brushin' it off. >> glass is half full. >> first quarter baby, first quarter. thanks for spending director time with us.
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this is a look outside at east bay hills camera, chilly out there. enjoy the sunshine. it will not be around tomorrow.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison. what do you get when you combine amazing contestants, mind-blowing questions, and ridiculous amounts of money? "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you, and welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] that's good, because we have a great returning contestant, a hard-working lieutenant for the nypd, and a mother of five kids who desperately want to go to disney world, so we got to make that happen. from east islip, new york, welcome back gabi nolan. [cheers and applause] gabi. welcome back. >> thank you. thank you. hi, everybody. >> five kids, and they all want to go to disney. >> yes. >> we need money. >> yes. that's a lot of money to bring five kids to disney.


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