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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at least three people are waking up multimillionaires after the powerball and it is not any of us. >> thanks for being here i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. for the rest of us back to work and a soggy start to boot. mike? >> thought about calling in sick just to see what people would do. >> good morning, everyone, half mile at petaluma, napa at
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three-quarters, and down less than quarter-mile cross the north bay is watch out for the fog this is what you are telling with if san rafael as we look southbound barely because of the fog and we have it inland east bay, dress warmer at 36-48 and rain in the north bay dug the afternoon and the rest of us get it in the evening with temperatures in the mid-50s. >> in san rafael the fog is thick from novato to san francisco at 21 minutes. you are in thick fog. especially fear highway 37. and petaluma. and the not bay. it is represented by the orange on the screen. we do have a big-rig accident off to the side so i am not seeing slowing westbound 37 at sears point but give yourself plenty of fog. the fog could be treacherous were we will look at the bridges in a few minutes. >> we have breaking news, british actor allen rickman died after a short battle with cancer at 69 and you likely recognize him from the harry potter series but he starred in so many movies
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including "die hard," and the list goes on and on. the loss of actor allen rickman with new details on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. his voice and his presence...heartbreaking. >> america is home to new multi-millionaires. weaponing powerball tickets were today in three states. the winners split the largest pot in lottery history. luck did describe the golden state. >> not in the bay area but in southern california. as you mentioned, three tickets matched last night's win be powerball number and hit the powerball and one lucky millionaire bought the ticket in california. it was sold in county, chino hills. >> this was the crowd at the 7-eleven after news break. this was the lucky retailer. it turned into a party. people packed the place to sell
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rate and to crate the clerk who said the record-breaking $1.5 billion ticket. >> i am a very, very happy are whoever bought the ticket. i am so thankful to my people that have supported me all year. >> i live a few blocks down the street and it is crazy, i hope i know the person who won and helpfully i am their friend. >> 4, 8, 19, 27, 34. powerball: 10. other lucky tickets were sold in florida, in a small town in tennessee which is near memphis. the three winners will split the pot and they will each take home roughly $528 million. if they do really out or a lump sum of $327 million. not too shabby, the largest powerball jackpot in history. with won is a mystery. the 7-eleven clerk said he does not know would he sold the
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ticket to and no other winners have come forward. >> thank you is because they are calling their lawyers. right now. which they should do. the numbers are right there. self people in the bay area much maaed five of the numbers. and not the powerball. so they are going to be in for money, as well. if you have our app you are one of the first to be notified when the winning numbers free on our app store or the website. make sure to were able the push alerts. >> now the breaking news from san lore republican do a man is dead after a bizarre story if a cemetery while trying to escape from police. our reporter is at the systemmary. why were they chase the man in the first place? >> they thought he was driving a stolen car. so he decided to do what he could to get away from the
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officers. he juneed and landed in this cemetery, the san lorenzo pioneer cemetery jumping from up there 30' jump, interstate 238 is where he was originally pulled over. this happened at 12:30 this morning. officers were trying to pull him over because they thought he was driving a stolen car. he was. they say he would not stop. at first the then he pull over. it happened in three members. he got out of car. he ran. he was interstate 238 and decided to jump. he was killed. they say he is 40 years old they have not released his name but the spokesman said the man was on parole for stealing a car. he did have a passenger with him and that man did not run and was not arrested. the sheriff deputies are shaking their head on in one saying they think even this is a bit hard for them to believe.
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>> thank you. all out manhunt is underway right now for suspects behind a series of deadly attacks in jakarta today. at least seven are dead the clueing seven attackers in the gunfire and the bombings. we have more on act of terrorism and the alert issues by the embassy. >> good morning. right now, police and soldiers are in jakarta looking for suspects, with smoke in the sky, debris scattered across the downtown streets of the capital. at least three suicide bombers detonateed packs and exploding themselves in jakarta and a gunman attacked a police station. one is dead but the toll could be higher. after the first smokes, chaos erupted in theshipping district of the capital him to luxury hotels. and foreign embassies.
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a gunfight ensued between the attackers and the police squads for an hour. explosions in other parts of the city could be heard, police intensely searching if other gunman and so far known has claimed responsibility for the attacks and the continuings have been high in indonesia as new isis affiliated grews overshad zoe old are groups in the region. the unembassy now is issuing an alert to all united states citizens telling them to stay put. starbucks put out a statement saying our hards are with the people of indonesia adding that all starbucks are closed out of abundance of caution. ought company responsible for a trench that collapsed in oakland trapping a worker for 13 hours has had safety problems in the past. this is the scene on monday when workers were rescuing rogelio esparza to a 15' terrorism. officials say the rescue came down to a matter of inches.
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>> he just fell in all the plywood and bracing material in the hole with him went in and that was what was pinning him. >> rogelio esparza is recovering now. according to the health administration website the company has had five complaints since 2007 all resulting in osha identifying we five serious violations and 15 other violations. one of those involved a trench and an inimmediate protective system. >> the man charged in the bizarre kidnapping case similar to the plot of the movie if "gone girl," is in sacramento today in a courtroom. the prosecutors charged mathew muller with kidnapping denise huskins in july. police originally dismissed the story of abduction and assault as a "hoax." he is a disbarred company who attended harvard law and said he suffers from psychosis and bipolar.
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>> a woman in fremont is wanted for burglarizing a home. she was last seen push a stroller with a folded shopping cart open top. detectives released the photos, accused of stealing a church last month. if you recognize the woman give the police a call. >> santa clara county is eyeing a price tag to complete the valley medical center, expansion now delays. the pry tag is $126 million accord to our media partner. a consultant said that the project will take another 14 months to come heat and the construction site is empty after the county fired the contractor after it failed to complete the expanse on type. >> santa santa clara is a new on demand service filling the gap 20, say, a train station and work or maybe work and hole. it is an issue known to transportation sin kills as "the
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last mile problem." right now the program is offered in a three-mile radius around santa clara with rided $2 off-peak and midday and $3 during the heave commute hours. >> for rain for the commute but this is fog. athere is fog cross the north bay and some of it is developing inland east bay and the rope why, the clouds cleared, the temperatures dropped and too much moisture. dress warmly this morning, we are from 8-19 degrees cooler here if san francisco, 48 is a popular number until you get to crissy field and ferrieding and downtown, at 49, san leandro at 41, palo alto and santa clara, and saratoga, pleasanton, at 40, and american condition were why, 36, and petaluma is 37, pick can is 47, right now, walnut creek is not too foggy but lurking around the other nabs out there, and san francisco is 54 today with rain this afternoon, and peninsula southbound bay cloudy and rain, inland east bay, north
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by peninsula, you get the rain in the evening. all of this will be wet dug the commute. rain for tomorrow evening and it keeps go through the weekend with a look coming you. sue? >> the bay area bridges not of success to go over one bridge, so rich research bridge toward the marin side is only seven minutes. spay yes bridge, we will look at, and the dumbarton bridge good and in green. not a be brother. from hayward are to foster city it is 15 minutes. from 880 to 101 it is looking good. the golden gate drive, four lanes, and just watch out for the fog. we will look at the central valley if a few minutes. all the bold chairman made by russian vladimir putin made about erskine bowle. >> the land that ins there are >> the land that ins there are working on in case presidential
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. ought claim by russian president vladimir putin that the country has met with erskine bowle vaccine is most with considerable skepticism quote by a russian news agency saying it is more effective than stronger than drugs used worldwide. a researchers is not out calling
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it "nonsense." >> the crisis killed more than 11,000 people in west africa. >> police made an arrest in connection with the death of an american artist found murdered in italy. ashley olsen was living in florence and was strangled in her apartment over the weekend. investigator say they have arrested an african immigrant an italian news agency said d.n.a. linked him to the crime. police have surveillance video. the man is known to police as being connected to the local drug scene there. olson is from florida and has been living in italy for three years. >> there are no injuries of significant damage but there are two earthquakes on both sides the pacific 6.7 earthquake hit off northern japan last night and a second earthquake in remote area of bolivia measures 6. no tsunami warnings issued. >> san francisco man superintendent to prison for run the silk road drug market place is appealing the conviction,
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attorneys for the defendant said that he deserve add new trial because two federal agents involved in the investigation have admitted to corrupt misconduct. two months after the conviction prosecutors in san francisco announced that the two federal agents pocketed hundreds of thousands in coins and both sentenced to prison. he was given a life sentence for operating silk road. >> the republican party is proposing in the event there is a condition tested g.o.p. convention in which no candidate ins enough delegates. there are still a dozen major republican candidates in the spray some have the party of "either." this is video from the last convention of 2012, with the competent outlining possible scenarios with the presidential campaigns today, seven of the remaining 11 candidates will meet tonight in charleston, south carolina, for the 6th republican debasement. >> it is news when the warriors don't win and that is what we are tag about because draymond green did not play in denver and the dubs lost for the third
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time. >> despite the absence they had a chance to win at the buzzer, and klay thompson's jumper was short and they fell 36-3 for the season. final score nuggets 112 and warriors 110. kobe bryant and and the laker oracle arena tonight. >> and three headed monitor with steph curry and clay thompson. eight turnovers, not a good night. >> they are back tonight. don't worry. we will beat the lakers and you know oracle arena will rock. >> what kind of weather to expect? >> into the game it will be wet. when you come out, probably going to be wet. exactly. good morning, everyone, it is quiet. enjoy the morning commute. it was nice to sit back and hit the dry pavement with the cruise control on. much different than yesterday. the golden gate bridge is not is
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breezy. only five miles per hour right now with the fog in the north bay is spilling cross the bay. it could make it to the golden gate. umbrella is needed not this morning but this afternoon and evening. a series of storm on friday through tuesday and each storm is friending wetter. today is the weakest from "1" to "3" on the impact scale, and today we are a "1" and up to 1" in the north bay and slight wind, just a nuisance falling during the commute this evening. by noon it is moving into the north bay and by 4:00, the steady rain is right at the san mateo bridge with showers ahead of it in the south bay and the steady rain takes over all of our neighbors during the evening commute through 7:00 and it continues through 9:00 and we start to see the clearing across the north bay, spreading south by 4:00 tomorrow morning, and maybe a lingering light shower by the end of the commute tomorrow it is again. here is a look at the rain, some
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mayors may not make it to .1" and we could get the rain shield numbers around san carlos and mountain view and to san jose. high seven-day forecast shows tomorrow evening, to saturday, that is a "1" and monday is a "2" and tuesday is trending stronger, also. sue? >> pleasant right new. as far as the commute. no meeting lights, just a couple of cars stacked up in the left hand cash lanes from golden gate fields to the city is under 20 minutes. southbound 680 through walnut creek to alamo and san ramon, danville, and the dublin pleasanton interchange we are looking at 0-minute ride and fog free and traffic is slowing nicely. as we look in general our traffic map looks green creating an orange in the north bay represent fog ham bother the commute and slowing from the central valley and we will zoom in on that. you are look at 41-minute drive from 205 and tracy and slow over
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the altamont pass and it picks up into the dublin/pleasanton interchange and we will look at the highway four commute when we come back. >> another sell off on wall street is translating to trillions of losses for the year. >> here is america's money. >> topping america's money the ongoing slump for stocks with dow start down 365 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq, off, too. >> this is the start of the year with the am four plan has lost $7,000. >> united states airlines are soaring in the first three quarters of last year the carriers have had $18 billion in profits. >> nose daveing prizes are a reason and the extra knees. en likely we will get a break any time soon. >> because the 15-1 burger is beef with pork and cheese and fried onion and bacon. the rice is $15.01.
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get it? >> because the team is 15-1. >> that is america's money. >> have a great day. >> powerball win certificate in -- winner is in california. >> friends. again. reunion has fans of the hugely reunion has fans of the hugely popular tv sho
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>> here are the seven things you need to know, not last hour we learned that alan rickman has died after a battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. the acting lunch end was the voice played professor in harry potter and appeared in "love actually," and "die hard." >> (2), people holding three powerball stick coats share the $1.5 billion jackpot the one was sold in california at the
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excitable 7-eleven and the others sold in florida and tennessee. >> four ticket sold in the bay area match five of six numbers, they were sold in santa cruz, santa rosa, cloverdale, and vacaville each worth $638,000. >> number four, it could be dry this morning but we are dealing with fog and look at this, the flood gates possibly opening as we have no less than 60 percent chance of rain today through next wednesday. >> five, taking a look at the thursday morning drive it is light, san jose is 280, near the 880 overcrossing and all is looking good. we have nicaragua. we will check that out in a few. circumstances, isis is blamed for an attack in indonesia targeting phoneers and security'ses. attackers set off bomb around a mall. five suspects. two civilians.
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killed. dozen injured. >> espn is now report reporting that mike shanahan could be the frontrunner to be the next head coach 49ers. he was on fencive coordinator when they last woman the super bowl 21 years ago. >> it is happening, people. we work on our clap. the cast of "friends," is reunited, paying tribute to the van director would held his 1,000 tv episode and jennifer aniston and mathew perry all there taking part in the two hour special. the director had directed 1,200 episodes and 200 of "will gray." astronaut
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♪ tricky >> i am not an emcee but they are and they are so much better, they are going to receive a lifetime achieve the award, the rap group is honored at a ceremony in the spring. he is shocked and grateful to be the first rapper to get award. can you believe that is penn and teller? earth wind and fire and earth wind and fire and jefferson airplane and her >> this woman decided to create a massive 10,000 calorie english breakfast but to eat it, too. the breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato, muffins, kremlin and butter and whole fat make to wash it down. after eating it she got to
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the usda women women eat 1,800 calories. a day. where does she put that food? she is just a little bird. a small one. >> she is thin. and a competitive eater so she has the metabolism. >> don't try that at hope. >> i feel sick. >> we are waiting for the big powerball winners to come forward and a few minutes away from the oscar nominations. >> and the unusual steps the police are taking to get police are taking to get burglaries in a south
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> is it the year of leo? it could be.
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all eyes on this stage in beverly hills for the 2016 oscar nominations with the announcement in the technical categories and best picture and actor and actress is in eight minutes and we will bring them to you right here at soon as they begin and we are streaming it on the web site. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have a lot to get to. first, the commute with mike nicco the. >> it is dry but the fog is forming above the quarter-mile with and areas that are below. we have patchy areas nobody, and tule fog in the central valley which will slide south. here is a look at san rafael. we can see it better than an hour ago. temperatures are up to 20 degree cooler, dress warmly. rain moving into the north bay this afternoon. the rest of us in the afternoon to evening hours. sue? >> pretty good ride if you headed from highway 4, golden
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gate field into the bay bridge toll plaza and from golden gate fields to the city is 10 minutes and metering lights are turned on and i will confirm that next report. fog in central valley and the not bay is the big storm, and a mild commute from antioch to concord at 20 minutes. we will check on the fog and big-rig accident in the sonoma county area. >> thank you. the largest powerball jackpot in history is history. three winning tickets were sold last night include one in california. >> people crowded around this lucky 7-eleven in southern california community of chino hills after the news. ticket holders split $ billion jackpot. those who did not win were happy. >> drying home in girl scout event and saw the crowd here so i want low-to-mid and talked to my daughter about it and we decided we wanted to come back
5:32 am
and be with everyone. it is almost like weon because our community won. >> winner has not come forward and as the members counted down to the drawing officials say tickets were at a crazy peace 1.3 million worth of tickets a minute. >> if you have not seen the numbers that did not work out: 4, 8, 19, 27, 33. powerball number: 10. 12 tickets in california matched all five number but not the powerball and they are still worth a lunch: $63,000. each. four of them were bought right here in the bay area in cloverdale, santa rosa, vacaville and santa cruz. that is where we find our reporter, waiting for weaponner to come forward. matt? >> yes, as if it is not lucky enough to live here in beautiful santa cruz you get the nice ocean views and one person won a very big prize in the powerball
5:33 am
drawing. they have not come forward just yet it is not the grand prize but the prize increase getting all five numbers except powerball number in california is $638,000. it was sold at the store at the chevron often ocean street and clerks say it was a very busy day at $6,000 worth of tickets sold in the store alone. >> could you have sold that person the ticket. >> yes, i know, i am anybodying of that. >> your thoughts? >> good luck for them. god bless them. hope they spend it well. >> those who watched five of the six numbers beat incredible odds with 11 million ways to draw five white balls in the powerball game which is bet than the 1 in 292 million there are three local
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$1 million and the others are in southern california. >> if you use our app you are noon the first to be notified when winners come forward and it is free in theup store. or on our website by enabling or on our website by enabling the public alerts. >> tracking paris-inspired attacks in indonesia with an armed gunman bombing a starbucks one of six explosions in. jay carter. seven are dead. 2 more injured. a group linked for isis is suspected of carrying out the explosions. an american citizens would live there are asked to "shelter in place." >> a fremont man indicted for attempting to join a terrorist group is back in san francisco federal court today. 22-year-old was arrested last july as he try to board a flight from sfo to techie.
5:35 am
his attorneys say the community was flying to turkey on humanitarian mission to help the refugees and facing 20 years in prison. >> a man jumped to his death in a cemetery. this started when the sheriffs tried to pull over a 40-year-old man after midnight on interstate 238. official say he was driving a stolen car so he stopped the car, get out, jump over a concrete barrier and fell 30' into the cemetery where he died. this was a passenger in the car. he did not run he was not arrested. the man who die was on parole for stealing a car. >> a man is dead after loading control of his cash on highway 101. he smashed into several vehicles and plowed through a guardrail near the off-ramp at oyster point causing power lines to fall. they could not reap the driver will in the power lines
5:36 am
deenergized. >> a photo has been released this man who shot a passenger on train over the weekend and walked out of 9 west oakland bart station open saturday. he is 6' 2", and wearing a green trench coat and tan boots. the victim has not been identified. he is possibly latino male between 19 and 25 with black hair. >> a reasonnal to place temporary control on development in the mission district will go back to the planning commission today. the controls would not suspend development but they would require projects to have additional review above a certain size or if they involve the loss of rent-controlled units. the proposal would last nine months and give the city time to develop a more comprehensive plan for the area. all the city of oakland is trying to sweeten the pot to keep the raiders in town. the mayor schaaf said she is open to leasing the land near the coliseum at a favorable rice and allow more packing.
5:37 am
this is after the nfl promised an additional $100 million to the raiders for a new stadium. the raiders owner is not interested in sharing with the 49s. the team does not have a lease for next son at the >> dry in the morning and then rainy? >> yes, well affect the afternoon commute more than the morning. drive carefully but enjoy that it will not be so challenging. in the afternoon, the peninsula and south bay remain try and the rest of us start to see the rain moving in. temperature is around 53 in the north by to the south bay around 57 degrees. 101 and 880, the last areas to see rain today and the three day forecast tomorrow we have heavy rain on saturday and heavier storm on sunday. today, our storm impact scale goes from "1" to "3" light to severe and custody a "1" with a
5:38 am
look at the storm coming up. >> metering lights are on at 5:30 and stacked to the macarthur maze and when you approach from the golden gate families you are looking at over continue memberships to get to the toll plaza with fog in the central valley and north bay which is a problem for the commute and we have a big-rig off to the side of the road on westbound 37. >> this is the morning hollywood and movie fans wait for. all the big nominations for the 2016 oscars are about to be underway. we saw technical nominations being read and right now, they will announce who is getting will announce who is getting actor and best picture. >> academy president. >> welcome. an exciting morning.
5:39 am
thank you for kicking it off. let's continue. for performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are bales from "big short," and tom hardy, and mark ruffalo from "spotlight," and from "bridge of spies," and sylvester >> performance by actress in supporting role are jennifer jason almost eigh, and racial jason almost eigh, and racial mcadams and affects, the nominees are ex
5:40 am
machina, mad max, "the martian, and "revenant," and "star wars" "the force awakens". >> achievement in film editing from "the big short," and "mad max," "the revenant," and "spotlight," and "star wars" "the force awakens". achievement in production design: "bridge of spies," "the danish girl," "mad max," and danish girl," "mad max," and "the martian," and "revenant."
5:41 am
>> screenplay: charles randolph for "big short." nick hornby for "brooklyn," and "carol," and "the martian," and for "room." >> for original screen play the >> for original screen play the nominees are "bridge of "ex machina," and "straight out of come and "so the light," and >> score "bridge of skies," and
5:42 am
"carol," and "the hateful eight ." and "sicario," and "star "the force awakens". >> best foreign language film category, the nominees are "embrace the serpent." from france, "mustang." hungry "son of saul." hungry "son of saul." from denmark "a war." >> achievement in direction "big short." short." "mad max," >> for performance by an actress in a leading
5:43 am
>> for performance by an actress charlotte rampl >> performance by actor if lead ing role, brian mark dame, and leonardo dicaprio, and eddie >> finally, we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominee: big short."
5:44 am
big short." "bridge of spies," "the martian," and "mad max," "fury road," ," and "spotlight." >> for the list of all the nominations please visit
5:45 am >> join us on sunday night, february 28, to celebrate the incredible artists in film at the oscars with our host, chris rock. see you then. >> very nice. it could be the year of leonardo dicaprio, he ate the raw bison liver and he got sick. >> the academy likes personal sacrifice. >> fake nose, drop a lost weight, gain a lot of weight. >> they love that. any upsets or spries? >> so, post your agencies on social media #abc7now get up. let us know we will interact and give you our feet back, you give us our, and you can go to our news app and we will add new content as we are closer, of course, to oscar sunday.
5:46 am
all the stars getting phone cames from people, you got nominated, congratulations. >> of course join us february 28, the big event, chris rock will host the oscars for the second time and we are the only oscar station, abc7. proud to be it. >> could uber come to a scratching stop in california with the multimillion dollar fine the company is facing. >> chipolte had a plan to win back your you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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only at your local ford dealer.
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>> phlegm, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. teams scouring the indian ocean looking for missing
5:49 am
airlines flight 370, instead discovers a shipwreck that dates back to the 19th century a to to just released of the discovery made last month. the flight 370 disappeared in march of 2014 during a flight from beijing. what happened to it, still is a mystery. >> without batting an eye uber is willing to pay up, facing a $7.6 million fine. the public utilities commission will vote on the fine today. a judge found uber if contempt for failing to supply the state with information regarding rides accepted or denied along with other debt. the judge said unless uber pays the find it fays a 30-day suspension of service in california. uber maintains all the information is a trade credit. >> a report by google said the fleet self driving cars would have been involved in 13 accidents if human drivers had not speaker veeped. the technology is getting better, we have not reached the
5:50 am
point where you don't need someone behind the week. google said most of the accidents have been the other driver's fault. >> south san francisco police are taking unusual steps to grab burglars targeting homes, patrol ling neighborhoods undercover with four burglaries in one neighborhood since john 5, breaking into vacant houses and stealing money and jewelry and laptops. >> have proper lating. make sure the shrubs are cut back. make sure that you take your garbage cans in and newspapers did not build up. >> the burglars could be targeting the area because the quick access to 101 and 280. >> uc berkeley police want to you look out for a 300-pound bronze statue that was stolen of the uc berkeley koch stolen from in front of the uc berkeley boat husband. he coached the team to flee
5:51 am
olympic medals. the statue is valued at $80,000 but it has a much higher sentimental value for the school >> san jose's downtown ice is expected the 500,000th custom today and the skater will be showered with gifts. there will be a very brief certificate point and doubt not expect a long one. it opened today through february 7 and it is the 12th year. >> we will be talking about the ice skating weather, and there is going to be rain. >> later today. that is the key. >> enjoy the drive. live doppler hd is showing fog and a few clouds. roof camera is showing you there is nice warning but up to 20 degrees cooler. dry and foggy start and wet and today is the weakest of the next storms and the weekend is wetter. at 9:00 in 9 only, through noon
5:52 am
you can see the rain moving in to the north bay and by 4:00, the leading edge of rain in the san mateo bridge with showers ahead of it in the south bay and from 4:00 to 7:00 we are dealing with the light-to-moderate steady rain and as we head from noon through 4:00, or midnight to 4:00 we are seeing a tapering and by 7:00 it is over. rain runs on friday night through saturday morning, and the heavy storm on sunday night to monday and again on tuesday. >> bart is on time this morning with 42 trains in service and no other mass transit issues, and buss and ferries on time in marin county and muni in san francisco with no problems. over the waldo grade through the robin williams tunnel from novato to san francisco it is looking good and we have nation in the north bay. we will update you on the conditions and the drive through petaluma and into novato to a few minutes. >> chipolte is landing a marketing campaign to win back
5:53 am
customers after e. coli and neuro virus outbreaks aiming to launch the campaign next month. part of it will include free food give amendments with no customers report the get sick with. cold sin late november. the centers for disease control could call off the outbreak in the coming week to no new cases are recorded. >> california has the grand light now from washington, dc, for rules to keep debris out of our water. the statewide policy is an expansion rules that exist in the bay area and los angeles. they add extra protection around the storm drains because that is how our crash gets into the water system. >> a study fine plastic bags are the number one killer of marine life ahead of any other trash found in the ocean. the study analyzed 20 different pieces of trash and the only tumour dangerous to sea life is fishing gear like nets and lines. the governor signed a statewide plastic bag ban into law and
5:54 am
votes can decide this fall weather to overturn the ban. >> california schools are doing a better job keeping kids in class, with close to 14 percent drop in the number of expulsions. education officials credit alternative school programs that teach life skills and emotional criminal for the decrease. >> a lot of people have dogs and there is a sick dog would needs your help in the east bay. this is po, a pit bull recently found on streets of alameda very hurt. the vet determined he wasn't hit by a car but does have nerve damage and is partly paralyzeed. the po diagnosis involves an m.r.i. that costs $9. the animal shelter is offering tore donations to help him get healthy and find a new home. if you want to help out that give we have more information on
5:55 am
>> po seems super sweet. >> remain, guys, and now traveling if you are on 80 north, rain in the lower will elevation and snow in the higher elevation and mid-to-upper 60s with poetly sunny conditions. starting at 2:00 this afternoon through 10:00 tomorrow morning, 2-5" at lake l down to 5,000 feet and the ski slopes up to 1' of snow. here is a lock a lake tahoe and it is quiet with snow tomorrow afternoon and through saturday a few snow showers on sunday and heavy snow on monday. >> the fog is lifting in the san rafael area and we can now exceed the roadway and we were not a little while ago and the drive from petaluma to novato is 21 minutes and there is fog especially through the petaluma area. we had an early big-rig on the side of the road with an accident and that has been cleared but the orange, that represents fog for the north bay commute. back with an update on the
5:56 am
accident in saratoga next report. >> nutrition labels showing unhealthy affect of sugar are working, a study reported by time said the labels influenced the chits of moms choosing drinks for their kids. parents would saw watching were to percent less likely to choose a sugary >> owning a drone could be like owning a car according to new rules can requires owners to register their drone and get a electronic license plate. they would have to get an inexpensive insurance policy going toward damage or injuries caused by the drone. >> if you want to take a seveny of your ballot it could be legal allow voters to do this were right now it is illegal,
5:57 am
plaintiff it or not. the bill is 9 work of marin county assemblyman who things allowing selfies pet more to vote. >> violent attack on a city bus driver in ohio is caught on camera and how the others react is what has so man stunned. >> shipments from amazon is get >> shipments from amazon is get easier for students at a bay
5:58 am
i get out of work and i go to the store,on is get easier for students at a bay and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world
5:59 am
welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> absolute madness, chant asking cheering outside the chino hills 7-eleven where a winning ticket was sold for the $1 billion jackpot. hundreds gathered at the store hoping a winner could be among them. >> guess what? you not it. is to go to work and school like we did. i am reggie aqui.
6:00 am
>> i am natasha zouves. a foggy start. >> a million drops in the air. >> the form of fog. across the not bay and inland east bay neighborhoods. not thick enough to warrant an advisory. now the here is the fog, in san rafael, notice it is getting lighter so it is moving around, dress warmly, temperature are up to 20 degrees cooler, at 36 to 48, dry at noon but in the north bay and the rest of us will be wet from 4:00 to 7:00. sue? >> to the south bay, 280 in the northbound direction, at the 17/880 overcrossing moving nicely and out of our live shot northbound 280 near saratoga avenue a car is face the wrong way blocking the right lane is expect minor delays around there until it is cleared. back with a look at the bay bridge and metering lights are on next report. >>


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