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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> get those umbrellas the out. we are getting a wet start of date this morning but the worst comes tonight when a big storm is head today the bay area. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. you can see the clouds building mr.. lisa argen will be along with the accuweather forecast. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 17th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning. hi, everyone. this is the second time we've had a 3 on the storm impact scale and that means a pretty strong system from anywhere from a half-inch to over two inches of rain is expected with this system. we've had intermittent light rain during the early morning hours from santa rosa slipping a little southward but the main
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activity continues to be well to the north. here's the sweep on top of mouth st. helena. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the valley fire area. we could see some mudslides and debris flow. there are returns and also further south you see returns being picked up on our radar. but this is the main event. this will continue to slip to the south and east throughout the day. it will take throughout the bulk of the morning to sink south and it has a subtropical connection and is expected to pump a lot of moisture into the north bay. we look at the warnings in effect. we talked about the flash flood watch for the valley fire. how about ma rip, napa and sonoma. the high surf warning also continues. but the south bay, you will get the rain by the late afternoon and it continues into the evening hours and early morning
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hours. a mild start with southerly winds in the upper 50s. we have fog that's creating a problem around the east bay valleys. we will talk about the timing of the rain in a few minutes. carolyn. >> all right. as lisa is telling us, we are expecting one of the strongest storms we have seen this season. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow shows us how one bay area community is preparing for what is expected to be a messy storm. >> flooding caused a highway 1 closer near valley forge. some trucks managed to get through high-sanding water. the russian river was swollen. the north bay is expecting one seen this season. >> watch out for the flash floods that we did get a warning sandbags are available at several san rafael fire station.
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the north bay could see localized flooding, mudslides and debris floats. >> if there are trees down or wires down from the winds or anything like that, let us know how we can help. that's what we are here for. >> kim said his home has flooded in the past. >> we live on a ridge so a lot of wind with the elements. >> those elements are expected to continue through sunday night. >> but we are still waiting for the big part of the storm to hit. >> meaning there's still time to pick up a few sandbags. >> right across the street we can fill it up. >> that's our fire department? >> yeah. >> i'm close. you got me thinking. >> melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> be especially careful along the ocean today. there's a high surf warning in effect through tonight. abc7 news was in pacifica yesterday where big waves were crashing into the pier. the warning runs all the way from big sur to point reyes. you can track the warnings and the storm warnings by downloading our abc7 news app and click on push alerts for immediate notify takingings.
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>> developing news, president obama said a small window of diplomacy with iran will prevent them from making nuclear bombs. it also allowed for the prisoner stop. he said the deal closes off every single path iran had to make a nuclear weapon and allows inspectors 24 hours a day, every day of the year. he made his speech ãfour americans were on to a plane to switzerland after being released yesterday. and 7 iranian citizens accused or convicted of violating u.s. sanctions. >> they were united in welcoming home sons and brothers and husbands, who have endured an absolute nightmare. but they never gave in and they never gave up. at long last they can stand tall and breathe deep the fresh air of peace. >> president obama said the u.s. and iran are work together look
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for a u.s. citizen last seen in iran nearly nine years ago. a person held in an iranian prisoner for 18 months with was one released. jason rezalan was arrested and charged with espionage 2014. iran held him longer than any other western journalist. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more on his release and what is next for him. >> jason rezalan is a free man. >> a beautiful day to be alive. >> this woman knows exactly what he's been through. she spent more than a year in prison after she and two other americans accidentally crossed into iran while hiking. they were held in solitairery confinement. >> solitary confinement is like torture. >> it took me years to recover and i will never be the same and none of us will of that gone through these kind of events. >> rezalan worked for the washington post. he and his wife were arrested at
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their home in tehran. once friends and family started an online petition, his wife was freed, but he was not. a friend rezalan spoke with us via skype. >> he was innocent from the beginning and it was entirely a political plot against him and a number of other iranian americans. george is a professor of law and has a ph.d. in middle eastern studies. he's sure u.s. relations with iran are turning around. >> i'm optimistic that this is symbolic of how we can continue to operate with iran in the future. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> here are the other prisoners released as part of of the exchange. amir hekmati was in prison three years. he grew up in nebraska and michigan and attended the defense language institute in monterey while in the marines. an iranian-american pastor sad
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about man. boise, idaho was in prison for his christian faith. a third baseman, not a lot of information is known about him. and a fourth prisoner is an american student and researcher. he traveled in iran in september for a four-month language program. inmate is missing. he was schedule to be released july 2018. he was reported missing during a security check this morning just after a:00. if you see him, you are urged to contact police. a san francisco fashion icon has died.
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>> a 19-year-old concord woman has died after a three-car collision last night on highway 4 in martinez. the chp said the woman was driving on highway 4 when she
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veered into the center median, hitting the guardrail. she was able to get out of her car before another car hit hers. but the force of that collision sent her into the second lane of traffic where she was struck by another car. officers have not released information on this woman. >> the search is set to resume this morning for for a missing i april struck tore in placer county. he was last seen skiing there on thursday. rescuers have picked up a signal from his phone. they have narrowed the search area and they are hoping the weather clears this morning so they can launch a helicopter search. >> we found people on the back side of this mountain and other mountains three to five days. if you do things right, you can survive quite a while out there. if you build your snow cave, you can probably live out the winter. >> rain will be tipping in the area with temperatures in the
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30s. is there anything you can add to that, lisa? >> we are looking at 20s early this morning higher elevations but the snow won't get going until later today. a bit of a low in the north bay. this is mt. tam with fog and mist and drizzle for you. the bulk of the activity in the afternoon. we are going to tie it out. mild with the southerly winds in the upper 50s but we have several wet weather systems on the way. we will tell but the busy wet week ahead next. >> also ahead, super bowl 50, now just three weeks away, but it's not too late to get involved if you want to. we will tell you how you can still volunteer. also, early morning tornadoes touched down on the florida coast, killing at least two people. the devastation still there.
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that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at new this morning, vacaville police are looking for these two men in connection with a grab-and-run theft in connection with a best buy store. it happened last night at the store in the nut tree plaza. the surveillance photos show the
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pair inside the best buy. police say they took several mac book pro laptops before running out. officers searched the area for these men, but have not found them. new details in the case of debit card skimmers ripping people off after they fill up with gas. authorities in marin county have released photos of two suspects accused of stealing thousands of dollars at the gas and shop in san almo. there are now 50 victims. officers and anyone who filled up in that shop within the last 60 days is asked to check their bank statements. a man in his 70s is dead after a tour bus ran over him in san francisco. katie was first on the scene shortly it happened. she has the story. the intersection of post street. >> he was walking the red
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light. i'm not sure if he entered the intersection on a green light or notice. >> frank witnessed the gruesome death of an elderly man who became trapped under a tour bus at this san francisco intersection. >> i saw the man being hit and dropped under the bus and being dragged. i yelled stop, stop, stop. >> the bus, heading north, made add right-hand north on to post street. the man was heading south. it's unclear if the man was fully out of the intersection or not. keep in mind the driver sits on the curbside of the bus. >> at the point he's banging on the window, he's on the driver side. >> it's early in the investigation to say who had the right-of-way. >> the driver of the bus stopped after the rear tires ran over the man. the company's attorney said the driver has been with deluxe sight seeing for around two years and his mandatory certifications are current. >> he looked kind of shocked. i don't think he knew what happened. >> the tour bus company and the driver are cooperating with the investigation. >> the collision happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. police have interviewed tour bus riders and witnesses. nobody else was injured.
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detectives are searching for surveillance footage of the intersection. there is a camera on the corner. >> the bus company tells me this is their first fatal accident. and all registrations and safety checks are up-to-date. we are working to verify that with the agencies that oversees tour bus regulations. abc7 news. super bowl volunteer headquarters are now open in san francisco. yesterday hundreds of volunteers who had already been screened and trained lined up to get their uniforms. most will be working as ambassadors for the super bowl host committee, helping in super bowl city and giving directions on how to get from place to place. and if you want to be part of it, it's not too late. >> we are still looking for volunteers. we have more than 5,000 people
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signed up to volunteer, but if people are interested, we are always happy to take in the excited person who wants to come and be part of it and help welcome people to our region. yesterday volunteers got a four of the area around the embarcadero and market street where super bowl city will be set up. volunteers will work the week leading up to super bowl but not on game day. lisa, by the way, the street closers and detours begin next saturday. >> yikes. >> in san francisco. about three weeks of disruns. >> big time. okay. we've got a little bit of disruption for the week ahead with the wet weather. but it's january. this is what we want, this is what we need. and it's a 3 on the storm impact scale. some of you may not be getting a ton of rain with this system but because we are going to get the pounding rain in the north bay and the fire area, it's really the north bay seeing the flooding issues, the high tides that has allowed this to be a three. but with several days of rain, we are talking two or three inches for most of you by the
9:19 am
end of the week. so we have several systems on the heels of this one. starting with live doppler 7hd we are looking at returns on the radar and some rainfall. it's been on and off in santa rosa, along the coast, bodega bay. we widen the view, this is what we are expecting throughout the day. it will get hung up in the north bay for the first portion of the day but then the afternoon is when everyone else will see the heavy rain that will last throughout the evening hours and overnight hours. this is the subtropical system that will keep one system after next on our heels. tuesday's system is a level 2 with gusty rains and more than an inch. rain. this will highlight the flash flood watch for marin, napa and sonoma counties. and the coastal flood warnings. the high tide tonight about 6:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning.
9:20 am
mill valley, sausalito, down around santa cruz looking at some flooding potentially. and emeryville, threat enclouds right now with the fog and maybe some mist and drizzle for you. 58 in san francisco. and communities here picked up about a third of an inch yesterday. 53 morgan hill. half moon bay at 57. a look outside our window here with the cloud cover. 5 had livermore, 53 concord. some of you over in our east bay valleys will pick up a half in , three quarters of an inch, but the successive systems that we will see through the week ahead that will be much more impressive for you. a winter storm warning in effect about 2:00 this afternoon. 4:00 is the advisory this afternoon with about 11 inches are so. but you have to get up pretty high for that. morning showers and fog, rain intensifies this afternoon. tonight chance of rain tomorrow through the holiday, and that will be a prelude of what's going to to happen on tuesday.
9:21 am
the high surf warning continues through 4:00 tomorrow. these continue to be extreme think dangerous, 11 to 15 feet. we could see them up to 20-foot swells and the sneaker waves. look at noontime. we are still looking at the heavy rain, ukiah, cloverdale. and it's not until after 1:00 we get the rain sinking south. and by 5:00 heavier cells are still pounding the north bay. by the evening hours and overnight hours we have the heavy rain into hayward and fremont and san jose. for you, the overnight hours, san benito county, wet weather for your holiday on monday. the first system anywhere from about a half-inch to an inch and a half. and we are going to look at what's to come after that, which i think you are going to be impressed by. so here is the next system that gives us the wet weather into tuesday. look at that moisture, carolyn, from 4:00, :00 in the morning and then the winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet. there's where you get the snow. this is what i want today show you, the long-range outlook.
9:22 am
the tuesday system, we are adding on to it. and by tuesday night we have two inches in the north bay. look what happens into friday. we are talking about two inches on the coast and nearly that in san jose. we are looking at 60s today. southerly winds up to 20 miles an hour. the accuweather forecast, 29 today. some showers tomorrow. the 3 today, i should say and the 2 on tuesday. then maybe only wednesday will be our best break, and more rain the end of the week. >> drying out in between? >> yeah. >> good thing. >> okay. thank you, lisa. straight ahead, a new twist on a viral video of a taco bell executive attacking an uber driver. the new lawsuit now being
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>> you may remember a viral video of a drunk taco bell executive attacking his uber driver a couple months ago. now there's a lawsuit being filed but it's not by who you might think. ron claiborne has the details. >> the now infamous video, shown more than 2 million times on youtube is now the center of a lawsuit by the former taco bell executive seen beating this person back in october. he has filed a lout against the driver. despite make the tearful apology days after the alleged attack. >> try not to read what is being
9:26 am
said. i'm not that person. >> he has already been sued for unspecified damages. and he has admitted being drunk at the time. he's also been charged with assault and battery and pleaded not guilty to those criminal charges. >> i didn't expect it to get violent, to be honest. it came out of nowhere. >> he is now claiming the driver illegally videotaped the altercation and is seeking $5 million in damages for severe emotional distress, hugh milltation, fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job. >> i think the driver is going to be okay with respect to the videotape. the audiotape, however, will probably present some challenges. >> his lawyer declined to comment but states in the lawsuit at no time did mr. golden consent to being video recorded or viewed by anyone else. the lawsuit is, in some words, bogus. >> that was ron claiborne reporting.
9:27 am
colorado law prohibits reporting conversations without a person's consent. but the uber driver's lawyer says that only applies to audio recordings, not video. >> the panda bear made his debut yesterday at the national zoo, his name is bei bei. the smithsonian posted this video of the panda becoming acquainted with his new surroundings. crowds of people lined up to try to catch a glimpse. he was born august 22nd. his name means "precious treasure." much more ahead. deadly tornadoes tear through several homes on the florida coast. we will have the latest. >> and one-time buddies, now firing off insults between each other. the showdown between
9:28 am
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>> welcome back, everybody. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the whether with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hello, carolyn. i want to review with you our storm impact scale. here it is, and all winter long we will be grading each storm system, giving it a 1 through a 5. one being the lightest and 5 being the most severe. today we have a 3. that means it's going to be a pretty strong storm. we have several storms lined up throughout the week ahead and starting with live doppler 7hd you can see how the rain is beginning to fill in in the north bay. it's rapping on the coast here. it has been for a while from sea ranch to bodega bay. this will continue throughout the morning hours, and eventually it does sink to the south and east, all anticipating the very heavy rain that's been up around eureka, and chaska. they have picked up an inch and a half already. so you notice we have a seem of
9:31 am
moisture here offshore. this is subtropical moisture. it will feed into the storm system, allowing for heavy rain in the north bay. a flash flood watch for marin, sonoma and napa counties and a coastal flood wong through tomorrow morning and winter storm warning and a winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada. but for the south bay it will take some time for the rain to head your way. it will be more like the later around, and then it will continue through the overnight hours. this morning you are noticing the warm weather. th south winds ahead of the system. mid-50s to 60 in mountain view. fog on top of that. it will be pretty dicey out there through the coast, napa and concord. we will talk about the totals and the forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. here's a look at some big waves in the bay area. abc7 news viewer johnny took these photos in pacifica during the high surf advisory. thank you for passing those along with us. if you have any weather photos or video that you would like to
9:32 am
share with us, just post it with the #abc7now. developing news out of florida. two people have died, seven others injured after a series of tornadoes passed through that state. nearly 20,000 homes are without power. the tornadoes knocked down trees, damaged buildings. one of the tornadoes was estimated at 70 miles per hour and waves up to 7 feet are forecast, causing flooding all along the coast. now to the race for president. it's kicking into overdrive. some call it the bromance between donald trump and ted cruz, but it's over. the heated battle is hotter than ever. now they are hours away from a face-off of their own for the democrats. mary bruce is in south carolina with the details. >> this morning republican frontrunner donald trump and ted cruz is going at it in a war of wars in front of the camera and
9:33 am
on twitter. trump is slamming cruz in a barrage of tweets, calling him a hypocrite. and he said is this the new york ted cruz is talking about and demeaning? he is blasting him for failing to disclose a lone from goldman sachs. >> he didn't want the voters to know he is totally controlled lock, to stock and barrel by city bank and goldman sachs. >> i think in terms of a commander seek we ought to have someone who isn't springing out of bed to tweet. >> and both frontrunners appeared at a convention. some attacks didn't go over well. >> excuse me, didn't report his bank loan? say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans, that's okay. >> on the democratic side the mood was a little more lighthearted as the candidates geared up for tonight's debate. >> i'm certainly pleased to share this podium with my
9:34 am
distinguished opponents. >> but the pleasantries are not going to last long. >> we agree on a lot, but we do have differences. i'm sure we will explore those nor at the debates. >> with the democratic race tightening, the candidates have been sharpening their attacks. >> under this administration every democratic party in the united states of america will get the resources it needs. >> mary bruce, abc news, south carolina. >> tonight here in the bay area, hillary clinton supporters will host two democratic debate watch parties n san francisco the party starts at 6:00 at the redford bar on geary street and oakland it begins at 5 at everett and jones barbecue on broadway. this morning a high surf warning remains in effect as the search is expanded for 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash
9:35 am
off the coast of o'ahu. rescuers from the coast guard, navy, police department, all combing the shoreline for debris. high surf is disbursing it and complicating the search efforts. >> our main safety message is that if someone sees something, we do want them the housekeeping olympics call and report but we don't want them to touch it. we just want them to allow the professionals to step in and recover that debris. >> two helicopters, each carrying six marines, went down late thursday. initial reports say the choppers collided mid-air, but a marine spokesperson said the investigation is not complete. developing news this morning. an autopsy has determined that abc7 producer ann swainey of our sister station in chicago was strangled to death in central america. the 39-year-old swainey was traveling alone in belize last week when her body was found in a river friday morning.
9:36 am
officials saying she died from asphyxia and blunt force trauma to the head and neck area. and strangulation. a motive is not clear. police are still looking for her killer. >> about he we are learning that one american missionary is among the 28 people killed by al-qaeda fighters in the west african nation. 45-year-old michael rittering of brouwer county, florida, ran an orphanage and crisis center for women with his wife. he leaves behind four children. two of them were adopted from that country. one survivor of the attack said she had to play dead to stay alive. in australia a car plowed into a gas station, nearly hitting a woman. surveillance video shows the woman walking inside the convenience store when all of a sudden, look at that! a car flies into the store. it looks like she was hit, but the car just missed her. three people inside that car were hurt and taken to the hospital. police are investigating what
9:37 am
caused the accident and whether alcohol was a factor. [cheers and applause] >> that course of cheers rang out last month as the falcon 9 landed safely back on earth for the first time. later this morning spacex will try to top that feat by landing a new rocket on a barge on the california coast. other attempts at water landings have ended with crashes. ceo elon musk said the successful landing showed them some thrust fluctuation issues that can help with the landing. everything looks good. the rocket is carrying a $180 million satellite that will be used to study climate change. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, one oakland chef is feeding customers and funding schools all at the same time. find out what inspired this oakland native to give back to his community. and here is a live look from our
9:38 am
exploratorium cam at pier 15. clouds building there as we head to a 3 on the storm impact scale, meaning heavy rain is coming our way. lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent
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>> air bnb is out the with their ten most desired properties around the world. one mushroom dome cabin is in santa cruz county. and it also includes a pirates
9:41 am
of the caribbean getaway near l.a. and a seashell house with a private pool in mexico, but that is the number one spot, a secluded treehouse in atlanta, georgia. it consists of three separate rooms, each connected by rope bridges. you liked it. >> yeah, very pretty. i like the rain, too that's on the way. and the heavy, wet snow. this is the lake tahoe cam where it's in the 40s. the snow with the high water content is good for our snowpack. but at lake level you may get a little rain-snow mix. we will talk about the rest of the bay area and your forecast for the west week ahead next. >> also ahead, a fantastic finish in arizona. aaron rodgers' hail mary sent the playoff game to overtime against the cardinals, and it gets better. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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9:45 am
night against the divisional playoff game it took another hail mary to send it to overtime. we pick it up with 3:50 left in the game. the second td pass, 17-13 cards. under a minute left. packers down 7. fourth and 20. rogers from his own end zone, 60 yards. to jeff janis. now 5 seconds left. and rogers under pressure, another prayer, 41 yards, janis again? are you kidding me? he had 7 catches, 145 yards. we go to overtime tied at 20. cardinals won the coin toss. touchdown ends the game. the first play. carson throws a hail larry to larry fitzgerald. 8 catches, 176 yards on the night. 75 right here. fitzgerald gets it down to the 5-yard line. palmer. then flicks the shovel pass to who else, larry fitzgerald for the win. cardinals win it 26-20, advances to the nfc championship game against the seahawks or the panthers. here's larry fitzgerald.
9:46 am
>> wet are a rye sillient team. we believe you have to keep on fighting next week. >> in the afc, tom brady not worried about the chiefs' 11-game win streak. patriots open the game with an 11-play drive. 11 passes. 7-0 patriots. the final to rob gronkowski. tom brady, 2 tds. his eighth career postseason game. a 27-20 victory facing denver or pittsburgh. pats' fifth straight afc title game. >> it's pretty cool. it's hard to do, man. you have to grind throughout the entire year and there's only four teams playing next weekend and we are one of them. that means -- that game means a lot. >> warriors hit the road for a tough three-game swing with detroit, cleveland and chicago. they got throttled by the
9:47 am
pistons last night in game one. homecoming for draymond green, born and raised in saginaw, michigan. the steal, and he knows how to finish. detroit had the ten-point lead in the first. steph curry had 38. hits the three. dubs led after one quarter. and they are outscored 38-19 in the quarter. caldwell had 20. drives, loses the ball for a second, high off the glass. he wanted a foul and ends one a technical. pistons a complete team effort. former warrior, steve blake. corner 3. detroit had 6 scorers in double figures. reggie jackson 20. and steph and klay had 62 of the team's 90 points. 113-95, the final. that's the way the ball bounces. sharks over dallas last night. 4-3 in overtime. broncos steelers, and panthers play today. all those rights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike schumann. have great day.
9:48 am
>> tomorrow is the king holiday. a lot of people off and lots of activities going on. how's the weather? >> the weather is look much better than today's weather. it's going to get worse. this is the storm impact scale. we are rating storms all winter long from 1, the weakest, to 5, the strongest. this is the second time we've seen a 3 this winter season, and this storm system will be focusing on the north bay. but there are several beyond this system that will add to the rainfall and perhaps allow for urban flooding in the days to come. in fact, the immediate future we have watches and warnings already up from the national weather the storm struck friday. picking up the rain on the coast from sea ranch in bodega bay. santa rosa a little rain. just knocking on the door of petaluma right now and novato to the north. it's been raining steady from ukiah and mount shasta. this is a slow mover to get
9:49 am
started but once is sinks to the south and east it will quickly move through the bay area. this is all going to fill in and we will continue to see the wet weather throughout the day today. mainly in the afternoon for most of us. so as we widen the view, it's got the subtropical connection and it's going to allow for several systems on its heels to really get going and not give us a whole lot of breaks in between. flash flood watch through 4:00 tomorrow. lake county, the burned area, and coastal flood warning from the north all the way down to santa cruz. this is mount the tam. it's been windy. wind gusts up to 24 miles an hour. 54 morgan hill. that's the cool spot. and the golden gate bridge you see right now, it looks foggy, but no rain yet. livermore 51. ominous clouds from emeryville we will see these lower and thicken rain arriving by the afternoon for most of you. morning about showers and fog for some.
9:50 am
rain intensifies today and tonight. chance of rain for the holiday but it gets going again monday night into the tuesday morning commute. a high surf warning continues. anywhere from 11 to 15 feet with coastal flooding possible. that's why we are looking at tonight and tomorrow in particular. mill valley, sausalito, down around santa cruz. meantime you still have the rain up to the north. so the afternoon and the dinner hour we get the heavier rain beginning to sink south. you see it's raining in fremont by 5:00, as well as redwood city lighter showers but by 7:00 it's everywhere. the heavier rain through the overnight hours g thing you can sleep in, right? because we are looking at the rain still for your monday morning. it shouldn't be bad but we are adding up the totals. the rivers, some of them, would rise above flood stage and they will recede quickly tomorrow morning. the first system that is a guide, anywhere from about an ininch oakland, inch and a half in santa rosa on the coast. then we've got the second system
9:51 am
that promise the oar an inch. this is into monday afternoon, monday night. you can see some showers here. but really it's the tuesday morning commute and then throughout the day on tuesday where we've got another significant system. it will be a 2. 3 to 8 inches at lake level, 7 inches kirkwood, the heavy, wet snow. after the system on tuesday, this is the tuesday system adding another three quarter inch of rain, a break wednesday and wet again friday and look at that, over two inches in san francisco. maybe an inch and three quarters or better in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a wet week with little bit of a break on wednesday. >> you have been busy this morning on the computer models. >> yeah. >> track being the storms. thank you, lisa.
9:52 am
one oakland restaurant owner is paying it forward this month. he's a chef extraordinaire, donating a percentage of his sales to the oakland public schools and he's hoping other restaurant owners will follow. education reporter lyanne melendez has the details. >> helping oakland public schools is something chef james syhabout felt obligated to do. >> i went to oakland public schools, so did my wife. we have two small children and we've been here for 30-plus years. >> the chef and owner of three restaurants here will donate 5% of a customer's bill to the oakland public education fund. the money will then be distributed among all oakland schools. >> we will work with school leaders across the system to identify some of the commonly held need across our schools last year chef syhabout raised $9,000. >> this year hopefully we will raise a little bit more. and my hope is to have other restaurant owners to latch on.
9:53 am
>> we met oakland residents having lunch, knowing that what they spend today will have an impact on the oakland students. >> it builds the kind of oakland we want to live in. i think it's great thing. >> i have a child of my own and it's great to see hem caring about our youth. i really appreciate it. >> syhabout's dine out and give back fundraiser goes through the end of the month. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news >> very nice, chef syhabout. coming up next, open a roll. how a roller rink will be celebrating
9:54 am
9:55 am
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>> here are the numbers from last night's powerball draw. no one picked all six of those numbers. wednesday's jackpot grows to $50 million. >> happening today, you can be part of the celebration of the last roller rink on the peninsula. the redwood roller rink in redwood city is celebrating more than 60 years today. the peninsula roller girls is hosting this free event. you can bring the family for some food and some fun. it all starts at 4:15 at the roller rink on main street in redwood city. >> let's get the a final check of the accuweather forecast with lisa. >> the rain is still in the north bay, as we forecasted. three to are four hours before it sinks south over the heart of the bayed area or even longer. light rain throughout the afternoon. right now wet weather along the coast, petaluma some shower
9:57 am
activity, and cloverdale to widen the view. this is what we are expecting throughout the rest of the afternoon. rain could be heavy at times throughout the evening hours and later in the day. so 5:00 everybody is wet and it's going to tip. that's when we are looking at the possibility of some very heavy downpours and the potential for some flooding around the bay. especially in the north bay. this is a 3 on the storm impact scale. showers on monday but most of the day will be dry. you see tuesday and friday with another system headed our way. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc the 7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lease arming. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day and a great king day holiday. stay dry, everybody. bye biedrins.
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