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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is the "abc7 news." good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. a hoverboard has caused another fire in sonoma county. >> the owner says the batteries were "shooting hot projectiles around the room." >> wayne? >> reporter: this is the house that, according to luck, would not be here if the owner had not been here last night when it exploded. there's only one trace of the hoverboard that exploded. now these ashes in the driveway are all that's left of the hoverboard after they carted it
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off. a few moments ago, we finished speaking with the owner. >> i heard a sizzle, and i just happened to be here at the right time, i guess. >> reporter: if jim beals sounds like a man who dodged a bullet, he didn't. hoverboard sparks from this unit, which is now in the safekeeping of the fire department. see what's left of the batteries? after just a 15-minute charge last night, he said the unit exploded causing many fires in his daughter's bedroom. >> i thought it was a grenade going off. >> reporter: sit the second hoverboard fire in the county in less than a week. on january 20th, this caused $250,000 damage and killed two family dogs. in the words of that homeowner -- >> it's like selling kids bombs. >> reporter: now the consumer products safety commission has begun an investigation. >> are you going to buy another hoverboard? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: had he not been at home, even the fire department
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admits he might not have a home at all. >> you don't want that thing anywhere near you. >> reporter: you know that now. >> boy, do i. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." a surveyor inspecting an open hillside that gave way last week had to be rescued today from the mud. the fire department says the man ended up waist deep in mud and debris. the man was working for a private firm and called out by the property owner. crews say he's going to be okay. this morning. el nino related storms have made this hillside unsafe.
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other residents are paying closer attention to the city's order, packing up and moving out. one says she's sleeping in her car until she can find new living arrangements. an immigrant rights group demanded that federal i.c.e. agents get out of san francisco, upset over immigration raids. "abc7 news" was there as demonstrators blocked streets and stopped traffic. >> we need to see who the people that they're harming are, and we're here to show that. >> the rally was part of a statewide day of action with another protest in los angeles, as well. there have been no arrests in california during the deportation sweeps stepped up last month. santa clara's super bowl
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deal is one that supervisors want to emigrate. they want the host committee to pay for city services. today that idea was blasted by the chamber of commerce, calling it disastrous litigation. carolyn? >> reporter: this is one of those cases where definitely football cliches come to find. each side saying a penalty flag needs to be thrown at the other for what they're saying and doing. a super bowl city continues to rise, so do the tensions between some san francisco business leaders and some city lawmakers. >> only in san francisco do we look a gift horse in the mouth. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce is outraged that the supervisor introduced a resolution asking the mayor to renegotiate the deal that leaves city taxpayers shelling out at least $5 million. >> we just want them to pick up the tab.
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>> reporter: but the chamber points to a 2012 resolution where the supervisors supported the super bowl bid and said she's grandstanding because she's running for state office. >> somehow show that she's a watch dog of the public purse, when all she's going to do is cost the city money. >> reporter: at today's meeting, the mayor was agent who negotiated the deal. but instead chose to focus on the economic benefit to the city. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: one small business that will definitely benefit. elaine heinz won a piece of the super bowl pie, a contract to provide snack packs for the thousands of media. >> they're going to get a piece of my pie, my cookie and that ginger bread football. >> reporter: she said it's been a sweet journey, not spoiled by the bitter controversy over super bowl money. in san francisco, caroline tyler, "abc7 news."
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keep in mind for the latest on traffic closures and list of super bowl events at super bowl city and the nfl experience, go to our home page,, and our website -- sorry our app abc7news. the body of a uc santa cruz body has been discovered at the coast. a large swell pulled her and a 25-year-old out to sea last monday at the beach. a vigil will be held on the uc santa cruz campus. four car burglary suspects police say were responsible for a number of break-ins are under arrest. police say they may be responsible for other break-ins around the bay area. the suspects were arrested yesterday after an attempted break-in at the town and country shopping center in palo alto. some of the suspects were in possession of electronics that
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had been previously stolen. the san francisco police officer known on social media as the hot cop appeared in court today, accused of hitting two people while off duty in november and running away. today was a pretrial hearing. he has a new attorney who is optimistic about the outcome. >> this is an officer with a spotless record and never been in trouble. he's got a good reputation in the community, so i'm looking forward to a positive result. >> the two victims had severe injuries but did survive. >> let's turn the attention to the weather. more rain is coming. >> hi, drew. >> nice day today. the rain is going to hold off for some time. but what we spoke up to this morning did have an impact on drivers. take a look at the fog taken earlier this morning.
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the time lapse showing the fog made a comeback, a winter-like pattern, and yes, we will have fog once again tomorrow morning. so if you woke up to fog, you'll wake up to it again for wednesday. this is some high clouds, 59 in san francisco currently. the same in mountain view. sitting at 61 in morganville. santa rosa, 58 degrees. 59 in concord and livermore 58. and sunshine in the forecast for evening, partly cloudy skies through the later hours and after midnight we'll track that fog. the details have changed a little bit. we'll have that coming up in the forecast. >> thank you so much, drew. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, clock gridlock yesterday. so how is it getting around san
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francisco today? you'll see if super bowl street closures are having an impact. and the big incentive for kids to stay in school. and a massive drug sweep in san francisco. dozens of suspected illegal immigrants busted, including one wanted for murder. do you have health care? do you want to have your answers about obamacare answered? cover california, that's what we're here talking about today. give us a call or #abc7now. at 4:09, let's check the traffic in the south bay. this is 101 in the south bay. that is the south bound back
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walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area. this is "abc7 news." it appears many commuters are getting the message, take public transit or walk in downtown san francisco. this is a live look outside at the embarcadero. you can see where the super bowl city closures are in effect, which can make getting around the financial district a challenge during certain times of the day. amy holingfield has a look at how the drive went today. >> reporter: battery street was closed and parking officers were out today to help people navigate around the street closures. but they said it wasn't as bad today. >> you can see it is lighter
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traffic. >> reporter: we noticed it, too. look at the drive yesterday at 8:15. it took us 15 minutes to make the detour turn onto washington street, where they shut down embarcadero. today, it was clear, it took a matter of seconds. it appears people did not want to make the same mistake twice. one driver we talked to said he was forced to drive by all the people taking b.a.r.t. today. >> i've been taking b.a.r.t. and parking has been really bad today. i couldn't find any parking, so i had to drive in to work today. >> reporter: regular b.a.r.t. riders agreed, today's ride felt different. >> it felt much more crowded. it was just pushed up against the glass crowded. >> reporter: more people also turned to the ferries. >> today, i actually had to park in the overflow parking, which we haven't had to do in a long time. so very crowded today.
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>> reporter: and still some may have skipped the commute all together. >> i'm going to be working from home. >> reporter: as you can see, super bowl city is still under construction. but once it's up and running and open to the public start thing saturday, and offering free concerts, it's expected to attract crowds of people. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc7 news." today, some of the world's top scientists unveiled a time on this year's doomsday clock. "abc7 news" was there at stanford university campus. the clock shows three minutes till midnight just like last year. the scientists said the risk remains high because of u.s. tensions with russia and climate change. >> we've got to wake up, we've got to face the apocalypse and
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prevent it by seeing it and taking concrete steps. >> the clock was originally set at 7 till midnight following world war ii. the deadline to enroll in cover california is this sunday. >> michael finney is live ready to take your call and answer your question. michael, what a great resource. >> reporter: people need to know that the time is running out. you only have until the end of the month and you don't sign up, you pay a tax. it's around $600. to get cover california, which is part of the affordable care act, you dial 415-954-7621 and that will put you in touch with one of these people. right now we have susan pfeiffer. i am going to have to get you to put them on hold. she's with the national coalition of 100 black women, signing up people.
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just put down your home and talk with me. this is live tv. >> happy to be here. >> reporter: you do such a great job. >> would you like me to stand up? >> reporter: sure. >> not much difference. >> reporter: what are you telling people? >> helping them to figure out their eligibility, based on their income. many people don't know what they're eligible for, so that's the question. >> reporter: now, we've within telling people all day long, if they have a question about this, they can write to us at #abc7now. let me give you a question from a twitter user, thomas wilson. he says, i have private health insurance in a florida hmo but i plan to move to the bay area. can i get insurance in june and not make the deadline? >> yes. moving to california in june is what we call a life-changing experience. he would then have 60 days from his arrival in california to enroll in a medical insurance.
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if he has income that makes him eligible for cover california, he could enroll in that. if his income is above the threshold, he could enroll directly with an insurance company. >> reporter: susan, thank you so much. you do such a wonderful job. she was here last year. they're seigning up people year around, but your time is running out. so call or tweet us at #abc7now. we have people standing by to answer your exact questions. >> thank you so much, michael. students in richmond are getting a guaranty from the city to help them pay for college. "abc7 news" was at kennedy high school. this guaranties a college scholarship to every graduating high school student. >> the important thing this does
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is create a college culture that sifts all the way down to kindergarten and the first grade. >> richmond students can get up to $1,500 a year to attend a community college or a university. >> good opportunity. let's turn our attention back to the weather forecast. >> looking nice outside today. drew is here with the latest. >> it's very nice out here, you just need a light jacket. we're anticipating a quiet night. live doppler right now, a tranquil picture, just a few high clouds out there on doppler, having an easy night tonight. so temperature wise, 56 in san francisco. a nice, comfortable 62 in san jose. 59 in concord. santa rosa at 58 degrees. a beautiful picture of our abc 7 camera at pier 15, showing you tons of blue in this afternoon
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sky and just a few high clouds. the forecast we're calling for that dense fog to develop after midnight tonight and for the morning rush. so if you encountered that fog this morning, you're likely going to encounter it again tomorrow morning. milder day through thursday and light rain comes in for friday. so future weather tonight. here comes the area of fog developing through the strait here in delta, followed by high clouds wednesday morning. we're dry and the fog will linger until 7:00 tomorrow morning. then rain moves in on friday. on our storm impact scale, rating our storms 1 to 5, this gives you a better idea what to expect. the one on friday is one, a light storm, light rain and light wind. so on thursday evening, possible showers developing here. by 5:00 friday morning, light rain from santa rosa north.
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it will dip south by 9:00, likely light showers south of the golden gate bridge. lunchtime, we are damp in a lot of spots in the bay area. 7:00 on friday, the action south of the golden gate, around the east bay and south bay and then the system is out of here by 10:00 friday night. so total rainfall, probably quarter of an inch. it's an ideal amount of rainfall with this storm. most of the rain will fall in the north bay. overnight tonight, fog developing. dropping into the 40s once again. as we go about your wednesday, we'll have that fog first thing. it will turn off around lunchtime and the afternoon will speecher feature that. so the seven-day forecast, morning fog tomorrow, mild pattern thursday. there's the rain likely on friday. and then saturday and sunday, we do have a chance at some
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showers. it's really nothing organized, so not going to be a huge impact. monday, partly sunny and tuesday another chance of rain. the best chance of rain is going to come on friday. >> thank you, drew. coming up next, whatever happened to peter rabbit? the long lost sequel from the author is set to be released. big brands and big
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actor abe vigoda died today. he's best known from playing on "miller." ssdz >> it was discovered by a publisher who found three hand written manuscripts in a school
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notebook. it will feature an older peter rabbit and black cat. >> now time for today's "gma" hot list from our friends at "good morning america." >> here's your 60 second hot list from "gma" today. >> i have no fear. >> you've got a lot of top republicans nervous. >> he's an old-time politician losing his grip and i'm in first place because people are fed up with the old-time politicians. >> does sex matter when it comes to heart attacks? the answer, yes. women are more likely to die after a heart attack, and the plaque that causes clogged arties may behave differently in women. but 80% of heart disease is
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preventable. >> the gym was crowded and the trainer said, michael, don't worry, come a few weeks, nobody will be here. >> gender, there you go. >> i'm all over that ginger. >> that's today's gma hot list. see you in the morning. >> you can catch robin, george, and the rest of the team weekdays from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. >> we continue right here, taking aim at a major drug raid. dozens arrested in san francisco, including one man wanted for murder. the search for three escaped inmates in california and a prosecutor under fire for now calling one of the men hannibal lector. do you have questions about the affordable care act, obamacare? we're taking your calls, 415-954-7621 or tweet us at
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#abc7now. steph curry proves he's not
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here's look at your headlines at 4:30. a hoverboard is blamed for sparking a second house fire in sonoma county in less than a week. the board was charging at the
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time. no one was hurt. now to a look at the field at levi stadium like you've never seen before. you can see the field transformation for super bowl l is under way. it's moving day for residents at a yellow tagged apartment building in pacifica atop an eroding cliff. some of the residents are reluctant to move. "abc7 news" at learned a joint task force led by san francisco police has broken up a huge suspected drug trafficking ring operating in the area of market street. vic lee is in the newsroom you'll only see on "abc7 news." >> reporter: it was one of the biggest drug busts in san
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francisco in recent memory. 48 arrests, including two murder suspects and the lead case agent tells "abc7 news" there's more to come. most of the drug arrests in the tender loin and market street happen in public. this did not. it was a surgely, finely tuned operation involving several law enforcement agencies. it started because of increase of complaints who work and live around here, and not because of the super bowl. >> they began videotaping the dealers conducting deals in the area, and eventually they got another footage together to go to the grand jury. >> reporter: armed with search warrants the task force went to 11 homes where they saw the dealers living together and commuting on b.a.r.t. to u.n. plaza to sell their drugs. >> they sell their drugs together, go home together and
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they lived together. >> reporter: the task force arrested 48 suspected dealers in three weeks. police say they also discovered that the alleged drug trafficking ring was run by undocumented hondurans. police found $75,000 in cash and hand guns also. >> it's a lot cleaner. >> reporter: since the arrests, regulars who frequent the area tell us the usual suspect aren't there anymore. a lot of the open drug dealing was happening at the b.a.r.t. escalator. >> you would see a line of drug dealers at the top. yesterday they weren't there. >> reporter: police tell us more arrests are coming. vic lee, "abc7 news." new details about the three inmates who have escaped a
4:32 pm
maximum security jail in california. one of the escapees should have been deported to vietnam in 1998 but remained in the country and racked up a lengthy criminal record in the process. brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: five days on the run, and no sign of the three in california. >> the longer they're gone, that means that they've gone further away and it becomes more difficult in capturing them. >> reporter: law enforcement experts say if they got their hands on the car, they can be anywhere in the country or canada or mexico. all three are charged with crimes ranging from murder to kidnapping and torture. >> putting fire to his body, he also poured bleach all over him. >> reporter: in an interview, a deputy district attorney even called him hannibal lector, the character in the "silence of the lambs."
4:33 pm
the d.a.'s office now condemning that statement. investigators believe the men broke out of this maximum security jail just after friday's 5:00 a.m. head count, cutting through a metal grate in their cell and crawling to the roof where they used bed sheets to repel down. they weren't reported missing for 16 hours. still, police believe two of the escapees may still be hiding out nearby. >> we'll use every means that we have to put the pressure on them to let them know we're coming after him. >> reporter: today, the reward being offered increased dramatically from $50,000 to $200,000. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. in minneapolis, a bus crash killed the principal of an elementary school. the driver is cooperating with the investigation.
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the principal had been at the school for 22 years. there are now at least 59 storm related deaths from that massive blizzard on the east coast. getting around in new york city is proving to be a headache more than 48 hours after the second largest snowfall in the city's history. streets in many boroughs including queens are still unplowed. the mayor says 920 plows and 170 front loaders are focused on queens alone. donald trump's campaign manager just announced the republican front-runner will not be participating in the gop debate on thursday. the billionaire businessman campaigned in iowa today, telling supporters he would rather host another campaign event and raise money for veterans than take part of in the debate. one of the moderators is megyn kelly. trump says she's biased against him. some of america's biggest brand names are stepping up to
4:35 pm
help the residents of flint, michigan, walmart, and other companies announced they'll donate up to 6.5 million bottles of water to schoolchildren through the end of the year. today, the ncaa unveiled an action plan to deal with the crisis. more than half of the city's residents are black. cover california experts are here at the broadcast center to answer your questions. >> the deadline to enroll is this sunday, and michael finney is here to help beat the deadline, which is friday, michael. >> reporter: that's why we're doing this today. people have a lot of questions about cover california and we have a lot of experts here. we have some of the best in the country right here in the 7 on your side office. we want to make sure you get the answers you need to sign up. joining me right now is monica.
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you really want to talk about the deadline. >> yes. the deadline is happening very soon. it's january 21st, so our phone lines are ringing like crazy. so very important that people sign up before the deadline, because after that, you're kind of stuck with the penalties and so it's important to update your application. >> reporter: and the penalties run from like $6,000 to $2,000 and even more per family. >> they're definitely targeting how much you make in your income for the year. so whatever rate is highest, it can be for each individual, $600 for each person or for your tax for the year. >> reporter: you've got to pay if you don't have health care. i want you to talk about, if for instance you've been laid off, that there's a sliding scale of health care. it's not either or, right? >> it's for everybody, cover
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california definitely helps everyone. xe cover california will direct you to the right place. even for medical, they'll help you. >> so we'll get everybody covered. monica, thank you very much. we're going to be here until 7:00. you can go to any social media just about and go #abc7now. we've got people checking it out. they'll answer your questions or phone us at 415-954-7621. is it 7921? it's 7621. >> great job, michael. thanks for putting that together. coming up on "abc7 news" at 4:00, a skier talks about how she was able to survive a 1,000
4:38 pm
foot plunge down a mountain. and the oprah effect. she gives a weight loss company a big boost. i'm meteorologist drew sima, a live look here, showing you just a nice evening on the way. warmer weather to talk about tomorrow. at 4:38, let's check the traffic. it is moving in both directions. stay with us.
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yo u may have seen these pictures of a sloth in ecuador. well, now it's in its new home. a vet checked out the animal and it was released. by the looks of it, the sloth appears happy. >> yeah. content. anyone who has ever been skiing knows what it's like to lose control and wipe out, but nothing like what angel collins went through. >> she was filming for the movie "paradise wake" in alaska last spring. she tumbled 1,000 feet down a mountain. >> she said today that despite her efforts, there was nothing she could do to stop her descent. you can see why. >> first, i was trying to slow myself down with my arms, but then once i started picking up speed, i realized i was going to be falling for a while and the snow was icy, so as i was tumbling, i covered by face and
4:42 pm
protected my head with my arms and held on until i stopped. >> get this, she was able to walk away from this, with no broken bones, just two jammed fingers and some bruises. >> oh, lucky. let's check on the weather and when that rain is coming our way. drew is here with the latest. >> we're tracking a quiet pattern that leads to the next two days. that includes warming temperatures. we talk about a quiet pattern, we talk about a quiet picture on live doppler 7 hd. but we'll have one weather issue to talk about. it's going to be the fog once again, rolling in after midnight tonight and tomorrow morning for the morning rush, i think areas like vallejo, hercules, martinez, richmond, mill valley, petaluma, this is where we may see the densest pockets of fog. so be aware of that for your wednesday morning rush. here we go, highs after that fog
4:43 pm
first thing, a nice day. 63 san francisco. 67 san jose. 63 in napa. look at the rain chances for the week ahead. friday is the best chance of rain and we really don't have any two organized patterns to talk about. we'll take a much closer look to see where that rain will fall at 5:00. still ahead at 4:00, a deputy's very close call with a big rig and he survives to talk about it. plus, who will have the best commercials this year? amy schumer and seth rogan go against other big names. >> the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. >> a sneak peek of this year's super bowl ads. and apple warns that iphone sales are about to do something they have never done before. more to come
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more incredible images showing the moment an ohio sheriff's captain was dragged underneath a semi. the drug was hit behind by a train. his right hand was caught underneath the front right wheel of the truck. you can see him in this video barrel rolling on the ground,
4:47 pm
his hand stuck in the vehicle. unbelievably, he was not seriously hurt. he was treated for a broken hand and gashes to the head. >> very -- makes you think a lot, but it's definitely one of those that -- it could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky. >> boy, he shower is. he was investigating a minor fender bender when this happened. he hopes to return to work next week. we are getting a sneak peek at the commercials for super bowl l. >> the lineup will include an elite group of names. here's chris conley with a preview. >> from date night to websites, to bud light. >> there is no middle. >> reporter: candy bars and fancy cars. plus, movie stars with tyler, too. the ads slated for the super bowl shape up to be another
4:48 pm
elite group, and they better be. with 30 second spots said to be going for as much as $5 million, major impact is a must have. >> there are few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot and the super bowl is -- last year the super bowl had a record 114 million viewers. that sort of opportunity doesn't exist in this day and age. >> reporter: aerosmith's steven tyler for skittles. key and peelle. and liam himself. and christopher walken weighs in for kia. amy schumer and seth rogan are beer bobble buddies. >> it's going to be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> reporter: while three different shot by amateurs clip
4:49 pm
are competing for dorito's 30 second spot. all of these eager to get your attention the way budweiser's lost puppy did last year. ♪ >> a lot to watch for. also making news today, united airlines announced it will allow flyers concerned about zika to cancel trips. the centers for disease control issued a travel warning earlier this month. the virus is believed to be spreading to regions of north and south america. women were asked not to get pregnant in 2018 in the affected areas. health and thinking skills have been linked to the same genes. >> genes that influence people's health also shape how
4:50 pm
effectively they think. that research comes from the university of edinburgh and says the findings could lead to breakthroughs in diseases such as alzheimer's or schizophrenia. and brewery yoga is taking place at some u.s. breweries. they're looking for new ways to bring new customers in. the yoga classes with beer are offered one night a month. i'm jane king. here's to your health. oprah announced today she's lost 26 pounds since going on weight watchers and still eats bread every day. her proclamation sent weight watcher stocks soaring.
4:51 pm
it shows how much power oprah still wields in the marketplace. and she bought a 10% stake in the company last october. apple is bracing for its first sales decline in 13 years. despite selling a record 74 million irvegs phones last year, revenue could fall 9%. the latest models are selling reasonably well but not providing the boost apple needs. if you're looking for a job or no someone who is, we have a terrific resource for you. the abc 7 job journal high event is tomorrow in santa clara. it runs from noon to 4:00 p.m. on laurel wood road and it is free of charge. some friend there is brooklyn, new york are still trying to get someone to rent out their igloo. yes, i did say igloo. patrick horton and two buddies
4:52 pm
took advantage of the blizzard and built the igloo. then they posted it on air b&b. >> in new york, people have done crazier things. $200 to stay in a giant ice cave was not the most out of the question thing. >> offers started coming in, but they put a freeze on the idea. but they're still hoping someone will rent it out. if not, they're hoping it might be able to get some dates, maybe. >> i don't know. >> i'm in, but you can't get a big screen tv in there to watch the super bowl. coming up on "abc7 news" at 4:00, a dance these kid also never forget. why they were chose on the get this special visit from steph curry. and the u.s. surgeon general. then new on "abc7 news" at 5:00. >> i had never heard airplane noise like this.
4:53 pm
>> a bay area uprising against new, noisy flight patterns. the demand for change that's reaching all the way to washington, d.c. plus, how uber is trying to put the brakes on speeding drivers. and
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we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest. problem is, we haven't figured out how to reverse it. for now, just log on to plug in some simple info
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and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates.
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this is "abc7 news." see some oakland school kids. >> we show you why it was all about fitness and health. >> reporter: for these kids, this guy is the symbol of what it means to be active and fit. steph curry paid a visit to the community school to encourage young students here to keep up their good work. >> i need a volunteer.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: and not just in the classroom. this is a prime example of the play works program in action. >> in northern california, we provide 60,000 children service a day in 111 schools to make sure they're involved. >> reporter: here, the good habits extend to the lunch room where each child must take one item from the salad bar every day and eat it. how did you like your salad? >> it's good. >> reporter: what about exercise? >> i do laps and pushups. >> reporter: and what happens in the lunchroom plays off on the play ground where running the mile is child's play. >> 11 laps here is equal to one mile. they can run two miles. that's impressive. >> reporter: that's a stat even steph would be proud of. >> they've got the moves.
4:58 pm
download our free "abc7 news" app for updates on the warriors. that's all for the moment on "abc7 news" at 4:00. >> "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. >> i live next to it. >> now she's forced out. but what about the residents that have no place to go? and another hoverboard catches fire, this one explodes. >> i thought it was a grenade going off. also tonight, airbrushes and paint cans. the transformation of levi stadium for super bowl l. >> and get ready to call or text for any questions about getting health insurance coverage before the deadline. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is the "abc7 news." >> the rooms with a view that are too dangerous to live in. some are moving out after an
4:59 pm
order to evacuate. others are refusing to leave. thank you for joining us. >> the city is trying to secure some government funding to help people forced out of their homes. officials yellow tagged 20 apartments yesterday after declaring a state of emergency. city inspectors want residents out, but as melanie woodrow is discovering, not everyone is leaving. melanie? >> reporter: dan, understandably some people that live here are very reluctant to go, but those efforts are under way. check this out. the sign here on the property, the panoramic ocean view is still available. maybe not for rent, hour. that number is out of service, though some people that live here still say they feel very much connected. >> this is my home. >> reporter: michelle has been living here foif years, but nothing about it feels temporary. >> i'm not willing to leave pacifica. this is my community, my friends.
5:00 pm
everything is here. >> reporter: it's what is missing that has city inspectors yellow tagging these homes. the new year brought back an old problem -- erosion. >> the buildings next door have much further damage and they've been standing just fine for five years. >> reporter: pieces of sliding cliff luckily crushed the warning sign. brandy is taking apart furniture to rebuild her life elsewhere. >> i have the ability to move myself to a safer location or just a less stressful location. >> reporter: the heavy load is a load off her shoulders. but it's still quite burdensome >> the rents are too high. we're living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: a view with a cost. >> i know the possibilities. but the view, worth it. >> reporter:


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