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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> the bay area is celebrating a successful wrap up of the super bowl as the broncos claim the upset win to claim the title of super bowl champs. >> and now it is all hands on deck in san francisco to take down super bowl city and start getting things back to normal. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. the bay area dazzled from start to finish. >> ♪ oh say can you see >> lady gaga hit every note in her moving rendition of the national anthem. fans are calling it a powerful performance. >> assisting me today is none other than super bowl mvp joe
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montana. >> legendary joe montana flipped the coin joined by other super bowl mvp's from his team and the oakland raiders. >> yeah, that is golden state warrior steph curry not shy about who he was rooting for. he grew up in charlotte and drummed up excitement for carolina during the pre-game. >> ♪ uptown funk you up ♪ uptown funk you up ♪ uptown funk you up >> superstars beyonce, bruno mars and coldplay wowed the crowd during a memorable half time show. >> and tonight one final play from the bay area, san francisco paying homage to the broncos. the trans america pyramid is lit up in blue and orange in recognition to the team's big win. >> we have coverage in santa
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clara and we start with larry beil. >> and mike shumann live on the field at levi stadium. larry and mike, we saw it on tv. how was it being there? >> compass exciting. it was exciting. more exciting if you were a bronco fan. >> we had two local heros who contributed in the victory. let's show the highlights. >> we have seen the highlights and a little steph curry pounding the drum. it was cam newton who was pounded most of the game. 3-0 broncos and the defense is the key to the game. vaughn miller strips the ball from cam newton. malik jackson recovers and the panthers finally get their offense in gear. nine plays and a 73-yard drive. jonathon stewart is up and over. later in the quarter and peyton manning mistake and it is 13-7 broncos at the half. they sack cam newton.
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vaughn miller the mvp with an equal opportunity destroyer. t.j. ward comes up with the second turnover. broncos get it. excal bear cj anderson powers it in to seal it 24-10. and peyton manning rides off into the sunset if he so chooses with his second super bowl victory, 200th career win. broncos claiming their third ever vince lombardi trophy. >> we know what type of game we can play and we focused around that. i enjoyed spending hours and hours with these guys this week. >> we didn't pay attention to that stuff. we just got here. >> we beat a really good football team who lost one game coming into the season. everyone did their part and i am honored to be a part of it. >> a great scene on the field after the game with cj anderson and his mom. >> the former cal bear, 23
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carries and 90 yards and a touchdown that sealed the game. i ran into him and we talked about being a super bowl champion. >> this feels amazing. now i got my mama here it feels even better. >> touchdown in the super bowl. >> it feels good. i get to keep the ball. i am a world champ. >> it was a resilient fight. >> we were resilient and we just fight and grind. we didn't care who didn't believe in us. >> you have everybody representing, your mama here. it has to be a great feeling. >> it is a huge feeling. i love it. world champs. >> how does it feel for your baby? >> it is beautiful, oh my god, this is unreal and unbelievable. >> no better thing than to have your mother right there and to be a super bowl champion. you never get over that feeling. it stays with you for the rest of your life. >> and khalfans remember cj was the back up in berkeley
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and now a star in his own right and a super bowl champion. lots more from levi stadium. members of the military are out on the field. they protected us and the stadium all wing long. we thanked them for their service. we are enjoying their moment at levi stadium. back with much more later on in sports. mike shumann, i'm larry beil, back to the studio. >> see you in a moment. social media reacting to the denver bronco win and the carolina panther loss. joe montana sent accolades to peyton manning and so did derrick car who congratulated cam newton. steph curry showed this picture of him pounding on the game drum. he is from charlotte and still has faith. coldplay said they had quite the night. looks like they are pretty happy with their half time performance. >> not everyone at the super bowl was a sports star or a member of the hollywood elite.
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regular folks saved up to buy one of those expensive tickets. >> others showed up without a ticket to enjoy what they could outside the stadium. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with more. wayne? >> absolutely true, eric. outside the stadium there are a lot more people outside than it is to get inside. some had tickets and some didn't have tickets. some hope to have tickets. let's begin there. >> they told us they think -- they tell us they think you are going to the super bowl? in many cases the haves look like the have knots until they got to the gates. and then one group went one way and another stayed here looking on. >> this is already. this is better than all right. >> how? >> it is not too loud and too crazy. there are a couple of people and smaller crowds. >> did he always put the best
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spin on everything? >> meantime this is what he missed. levi stadium dressed up like you have never seen it before. and irony of ironies, even during the game check out these people at what may have been the best seats in the house. how much were the beers you ask? >> $their tone is a lot for a beer, but i'll buy it. >> just one? >> i'll buy a few, a handful. >> assume everyone inside wore a corporate suit. i took a few photos and notice how she lived and died on every drive. >> i can't hide it. my fingernails and my toe nails. >> this master sergeant made the biggest impression. he is an afghanistan veteran and spent three years in the hospital. he has new legs and a renewed heart. >> losing these two legs made me understand what is on the inside of me. it made the good in me come out.
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>> that, dear friends, is a true and enduring super bowl moment. >> and a couple more thoughts about master sergeant king. how did he get to the game? he is a friend of the carolina panthers and has been for several years. y%e shirt he had on was a gift from cam newton. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> thanks, wayne. as a gesture of fan appreciation all super bowl 50 gear will be 50% off at the 49ers team store at levi stadium. our team spent the day keeping tabs on the happenings and the team of reporters in santa clara for the big game. the day started early. there is shu and the news team ready to roll at our loading dock. >> if we take a poll in the van most people think carolina will win. on paper they should. the football gods step in and maybe peyton manning can have a last victory before he walks
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away. >> the football gods stepped in. once they got there wayne freedman tweeted here is what you are missing outside super bowl 50. some are driving around for the ambiance. and he snapped a picture of steph curry dressed in their panthers colors. and larry beil tweeted. >> hanging out with dr. awesome. and here is larry and shu hard at work during the game and here are the fans after the memorable game. a whole lot of people leaving at once. larry and shusnapped this -- shu snapped this one after the game. remember, you can follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. the city of santa clara is calling this a successful super bowl. we won't know how successful until they tally up the money spent and received. all indications are it was a big hit.
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laura anthony is live at nearby levi stadium. laura? >> hi, eric. the party is definitely over here. as you can see the parking lots are empty. except for some traffic early on and a few minor incidents this big game went off without a hitch. some were happier than others. but as 70,000 fans left levi stadium after the broncos beat the panther it uh -- it appeared all of the planning paid off in the end. santa clara police did move in on a group of young men who had got into a fight, but arrests were made and the situation was handled quickly. for the most part it appeared super bowl 50 was a positive experience. this couple came from london to root for both teams and gave the host city rave reviews. >> it was absolutely amazing. it was amazing.
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>> from the challenges of moving so many people in and out of the stadium to protecting them once they arrive, santa clara pulled it off and the locals could be more proud. >> i don't know about next year, but at least in the next couple years i hope to see you back here. it was a great experience. >> it was awesome. i loved it. >> after his team lost governor pat mcrory was involved in a minor accident and leaving the stadium out on highway 237. we understand his car was hit from behind. there was a person in the car that was needed to be taken to the hospital and checked out. no serious injuries and obviously a tough night for the governor. at levi stadium, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> the f.a.a. confirmed that three aircraft violated the airspace near the super bowl. all were redirected out
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without incident. we have a call into norad for more. >> some of the dancers who performed with beyonce took a stand on mario woods before the game. he was shot by san francisco police in the bay view in december. the group last 3% coalition shared this instagram video with abc7 news. still to come on abc news at 11:00, the big take down. the super bowl is over, but when will san francisco be back to normal? we are live at super bowl city next. >> ♪ anybody find me >> we will show you some of the best commercials of the big game. >> and tense moments in london. we'll explain why this wasn't as bad as it looks when abc7 news at
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super bowl is behind us, but now there is a tear down ahead. >> it is already underway. >> abc7 news reporter lilian kim is there live with a look at how that's going. lilian? >> crews began tearing things down at 3:00 p.m. the process will take at least a few more days. super bowl city is coming apart. one light fixture at a time. crews got to work a half hour before kickoff. we are all amped and ready to get it out. >> they transformed and a section of embarcadero into a corporate showcase.
11:18 pm
this is cool and i am glad i got to experience it. >> only stwel arrests over the -- 12 arrests over the nine-day span. >> many decades ago somebody came up with the phrase a city that knows how. it is a baseball term grand slam and maybe in this case it is a touchdown for san francisco. >> many nearby businesses are happy to put super bowl city behind them. restaurants saw a huge drop in customers and we chose to stay away from street closures. >> they are thrilled to deserve it. >> we used them as well and people put structures in the middle of market street. >> the imposition will continue for several more days. the tear down process is expected to last through friday. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> and to denver where
11:19 pm
thousands of fans wearing blue and orange gathered to celebrate their home team. it is moments after the broncos became super bowl 50 champs. we just checked and denver police say they had to pepper spray a few fans who are getting out of hand, but no serious injuries or property damage has been reported so far. >> the broncos' tightened and 49er player tweeted a few photos on the field shortly after becoming super bowl 50 champion. he wrote "blessed to be here with the ones i love." and the clear weather today allowed the astronaut scott kelly to take in the game from space. he tweeted this picture, "got to see the superbowl person after all, but at 17,500 miles an hour didn't see it long." >> i think the nose bleeds are the best seats of all. >> i don't know how much they charge to that, but there you go. >> you have to give me a lot of money to go that high.
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tons of sunshine and quiet. it is a clear night out there and it is on the mild side. 61 in san francisco that's one degree above the average daytime high this time of year. 56 in san jose and 58 oakland and napa. let's get you out the door on your monday. start with the 40s in most spots. by noon we are into the 60s. wall to wall sunshine and records are likely as we get into the 70s and most locations around the bay, the records are likely to be broken. fore tasked high of 7 -- a forecasted high of 77 degrees. the records look safe in the midand upper 70s. with forecasted highs in the 70s you will likely see records. on tuesday there is a chance that some locations in the south bay may get very close to the 80 degree mark. so very unseasonably warm temperatures the first two days of next week. upper 40s to lower 50s and
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that sets the stage for a warm day on the way. monday wall to wall sunshine. 74 oakland. 77 in san jose and 77 in santa rosa and a mild 73 in fairfield. accu-weather forecast shows sunny and warm on your tuesday. a touch cooler on wednesday and a beauty on thursday. a chance of a sprinkle on friday. by saturday it is partly cloudy. do not forget it is valentine's day. better get something for your sweetie. >> thanks a lot. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the big game on a little field and all for a good cause. >> we'll take you to the puppy bowl
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it is the 12th year animal planet broadcasted a super bowl sunday event. >> the young canines play inside a model football stadium to bring a little cuteness and an over load of cuteness and awareness to pet adoption. >> as we talk more about the game played by humans today -- >> you mean the defensive show by the broncos? they were quite wound up, larry beil. >> i tell you what, the broncos were team ruff in the scenario if you want to compare it to the puppy bowl. this was an extra special super bowl for t.j. ward. does it get any better than winning the biggest game of your life in your own backyard and then celebrating with your
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you by riverwalk casino. live at levi stadium and larry beil with a wrap up. it is the cliche that keeps getting repeated. defense wins championshipses. we repeat it because it is true. the carolina panthers came into this game averaging 31 points per game. the broncos smothered them. that was the story of super bowl 50 along with the four turnovers that the broncos forced. steph curry and warriors pounded the drum. vaughn miller, the strip sack here. malik jackson recovers the fumble. vaughn miller, the mvp of the game was unblockable. he gets a hand on cam newton. t.j. ward with his second turnover of the game and cj anderson powers in the fourth quarter. 90 yards on the game.
11:30 pm
broncos are the winners and peyton manning captures his second super bowl title. >> the game never got away from us. we had the lead the whole time. if we don't turn the ball over we could have had a two-score lead and kept playing. even 16-10 we tried to hang in there and battle and send our defense out there with probably one too many times. but they held up all night. >> the team out here played better than we did. that's why they won the game. they did good things on us. we didn't capitalize on the opportunities we had and because of that they won the football game. >> mike shumann joins me now and you talked with t.j. ward's parents. you were texting with his dad during the game and he was amped up. >> they were so proud to see their son play in a super bowl, especially so close to home. then he had a -- an interest reppings and -- interception and fumble recovery. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great, one of the
11:31 pm
best i ever had. i am glad i got to be here in the bay with my family and i can share this whole experience with them. i couldn't ask for much more. >> what is it about this team that is so resilient? >> we play for each other. no man is bigger than the next. we work hard and we grind together. we prepare together. if somebody is slacking, you best believe that slack will get picked up jie. what about your mom and dad? >> i am waiting to see them. i am looking for them. they are probably more excited than me and my mom is probably crying right now. >> nothing better than celebrating a super bowl with your parents in the stands. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. was this peyton manning's last game? we will get back to that. >> we are learning more about one of the victims killed in this fiery car crash in san francisco as their loved ones create a makeshift memorial. >> and hollywood comes to
11:32 pm
london, but it is -- it was avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is wilson ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes?
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the denver broncos will leave the bay area as super bowl champions. they beat the panthers tonight at levi stadium 24 and 10. the broncos never trailed. peyton manning lead the team to their third straight -- not straight, but third super bowl championship and his second. >> the bay area's hosting duties for the big game are just about done. our final play honoring the team. the trans america pyramid is awash in orange and blue.
11:36 pm
>> and pieces of the city stage that host ed the big performances is -- that hosted the big perform mans is coming down. work will take place the next few days. >> before we get to those stories we had this for you. we are learning more about who was involved in last night's deadly car crash if san francisco. the family identified one of those killed as a young pittsburgh man. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington has the story. >> this cell tone video shows the fiery car crash at 9th and brandon in san francisco. three friends who had just been at the nfl experience died after they ran from police and crashed. now the family identified one of them as 23-year-old roland zainey of pittsburgh. his step mother tells me she is in shock and keeps expecting him to walk through the door. friends of the group dropped off flowers, balloons and teddy bear. the chp says an officer first spotted a white chevy sedan
11:37 pm
doing donuts near fifth and bryant street. we found the tire tracks. the officer followed them. >> according to the chp that's where it ended. >> the continuation of the enforcement stop and there are roadway conditions and traffic conditions and he discontinued the pursuit. >> the driver didn't stop. the car slam need a taxi and burst into flames. this is where the chevy ended up. there is still a lot of broken glass and the tire was so intense it blackened the street. they were not able to identify all of the people in the car, but today loved ones came by and spelled out the name dave in candles. the cabdriver was taken to a hospital, but will be okay. zainey's mother says her step-father is a san francisco
11:38 pm
sheriff. >> two people were killed and another critically wounded in marin city. sheriff officials say the shooting happened during a large fight involving guns, knives and baseball bats. the mother of one of the victims says her son, 29-year-old cook intervened to help. >> i don't know who did this to my son. my son was a good guy. i don't know why him jie. his father-in-law was also killed. there are no suspects on the loose. san francisco police are looking for two cars involved in a road rage shooting. officers say a white lexus hit someone on a scooter while trying to escape gunfire from the other car. the person riding the scooter went to the hospital is expected to recover jie. if you are planing to have chipotle for lunch you have to wait. they will close the u.s.
11:39 pm
locations from 11:00 tomorrow morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. chipotle will be training workers on food safety following an e-coli outbreak last year ?ie. voters will cast ballots in the primary. polls show donald trump with a big lead in the republican field. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton. here is marcy gonzalez. >> candidates were out hoping to score with voters this super bowl sunday. following big plays last night on the debate stage. the front runner donald trump appearing on this week standing boo i some of his most controversial stances. >> as president you would authorize torture? >> i would authorize something more than water boarding. >> do we win being like them? >> i'm sorry, but you have to do it that way. >> marco rubio unapologetic for this. >> let's stop with this
11:40 pm
fiction that he does not know what he is doing. he know what's he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. >> a memorized 25-second speech. >> he should have been better prepared. >> i said this last night and i will say this every chance i get. barack obama is trying to change america. >> bernie sanders back in new hampshire following his appearance on saturday night live. >> democratic socialism. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> after a stop in flint michigan to discuss the water crisis there. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> a new poll out shows the gap narrowing with sanders ahead of clinton by seven points. >> more than a dozen vehicles parked on thin ice sank into
11:41 pm
lake geneva. they said they thought they were parking near the lake and not on it of the others say what first seemed convenient turned out to be a costly mistake. >> i won't do that again, but live and learn, right? >> emergency crews had to go into the frigid waters to pull them out. the ice has to be 8 to 12 inches thick to hold a car or small pick up, but no ice is 100% safe. in london this morning. a tour bus appeared to explode in broad daylight. it was all a stunt for jackie chan's film "the foreigner." they sent out a flier alerting the public and apparently not everybody was informed. they said the explosion was in fact a stunt. >> super bowl sunday is not
11:42 pm
all about football. >> clips from clever commercials, fans and nonfans have waited to watch all season. >> sunny skies too had and we had record highs in the 70s. more records are likely tomorrow as even warmer air arrives. the numbers ahead in the accu-weather
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
>> singing sheep turned out to
11:45 pm
be a fan favorite in this year's crop of super bowl favorites. a honda brought out the sheep chorus do -- to bring out "somebody to love." but the poll of 20,000 viewers showed dorritoss and hyundai scored four of the top five ads. >> ♪ i can't forget this evening ♪ ♪ know your face as you were leaving ♪ >> cute. that was one of the prevailing themes in this year's super bowl commercials. check out this heinz super bowl ad. a wiener stampeed dressed as hot dogs bolt toward human catch up and mustard packs. there has been a lot of social media buzz about this ad. >> we have the alphabet called emoji. a few symbols to express the vast extent of their emotion. >> this one was good. aliens getting into earthly wonders to see the unique things available to human. it is another fan favorite. advertising avocados from
11:46 pm
mexico which not surprisingly is the greatest wonder of them all, a the -- at least according to this commercial. >> drew can't forecast if forecasting is without you. >> john our director or our producer made great guacamole. >> he did indeed. >> they were. woo-hoo. >> live doppler 7hd showing you the quiet picture out there right now. it is rather mild. 60 degrees currently in napa and 61 in san francisco. we are at 56 in san jose and 59 currently in hayward. live doppler 7hdal with satellite everyone is lying where is the rain? where are the storms? right now they are up and down the east coast. one is working to parts of new england. another one working through the great lakes. the atmosphere is always trying to balance itself out. on the western half of the
11:47 pm
u.s. there is nothing but quiet weather and high pressure being the muscle maker and acting like a heat pump and bringing warm temperatures. a look at your monday planner and we will start with clear skies. warming to 60 at the lunchtime hour. record are likely as a lot of spots get into the 70s well above normal. it is beach weather, but we have a beach hazard statement. there will be an active warning and the ocean is active. watch what we happen as we go to the future tracker temperatures. by tuesday it is likely some spots in the south bay may hit the 80 degree mark. plenty of stars out there. upper 40s to lower 50s across the board. for your monday,69 richmond and 77 san jose and 74 oakland and 75 napa. records likely on monday and it is a quiet pattern through thur. through thursday.
11:48 pm
valentine's day is looking lovely. >> thank you, drew. >> let's go back to levi stadium where larry beil is. >> if peyton manning is true to his word right now, he is drinking a lot of beer. plenty, plenty of beer and celebrating a super bowl victory. if this is his final game he went out in style. sports is next. >> the abc7 news team cover your neighborhood. >> you can absolutely see the side affect of the tides right here along shoreline highway. >> your story. >> every time the waves are hitting it, it is making it it will to the ground. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. you. >> reporting live in
11:49 pm
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you by riverwalk casino. >> back live at levi stadium wrapping up super bowl 50. the word coming in is this might be peyton manning's last rodeo. he didn't go out as the gun slinger throwing the ball all over the field. he was more of a game manager. i tell you what, you can't follow it up with a storybook ending. a 24-10 victory. one more look at the highlights.
11:52 pm
about the only thing that has gone wrong with steph curry is his love of the panthers and unfortunately it didn't work out . cam newton just got hounded and pounded. vaughn miller with a strip sack. malik jackson with the strip sack. 73-yard drive and jonathon stewart with the score. broncos drive -- a bad throw there. picked off by eli. they sacked cam seven times. the mvp. got a hand on cam right there and t.j. ward came up with a second win. he gets it to cj anderson. the big back out of cal. the broncos win it 24-10. manning his second super bowl victory. but was it his final game? >> i got some good advice from tony dungy who is going into the hall of fame and my old coach. he said don't make an emotional decision.
11:53 pm
this has been a very emotional week and an emotional night. i have a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm gonna drink a lot of beer tonight. those are my priorities at this point. >> i don't know how much budweiser paid him to get the plug in. i have to think he is done at this point. >> i think everybody is feeling that. it would be a good time to step down. he won two super bowls, one with the colts and one with broncos. he is the oldest quarterback to start and win a super bowl and he has 200 victories, a nice round number to end on. coming into the season there were a lot of questions about peyton if he would fit in with the system. hurt much of the year he came back for the playoffs. 13 of 23. no touchdowns and one interception. broncos were one of 14 on third down. the denver defense saved him.
11:54 pm
carolina out rushed denver and out passed denver. they won time of possession, but the four turnovers and the missed field goal crushed the panthers. >> on the other side of the quarterback battle cam newton who was distraught after the game. he spoke for two minutes to reporters and then he left. he was just named the mvp last night. the mvp was smothered by the denver defense. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us and that's what it come down to. >> is it fair to say this is the most uncharacteristic performance? >> i think that pretty much sums it up the best. it was an unopportune time. >> at the end of the day you can't dwell on it. the better team won. they showed up and played and they didn't make mistakes and
11:55 pm
we did make mistakes. >> we just lost a ballgame and it was the biggest ballgame you can lose. >> and cam newton, the mvp jinx is alive and well. kurt warner was the last player to be named mvp and win the super bowl in the same year in 1999. when he was named it the other night i thought, wow, this will be interesting to see how he stands up. a lot of president busher on this young -- a lot of pressure on this young man. >> the pass rushers were all over him. the four turnovers just killed carolina. let's talk predictions. you have n a uncanny knack forgetting this right. >> i was lucky again. i picked defense wins championships. it was like a no hitter with two pitchers going at it. let's show what you did on thursday night. let's show it. >> i know what you are picking. you have your second home there. >> i am an underdog guy, and i
11:56 pm
think defense wins championships. i am gonna go with the broncos 24-20. >> close. are you gonna buy a third home now? >> i am going to keep my vacation home in denver is what it is. >> i know you were on the field and in the locker room after the game. another seem that happens with regularity with championship trophies and you. >> the giants and the warriors and now the lombardi trophy. i haven't touched one since 1982. it was fun to see it again. i was walking around the denver locker room and i said you mind? the guy said yeah, sure. i talked to him earlier in the week. there it was, the lombardi trophy. quite a game and quite a season and it was a lot of fun. >> ideal weather. 70 and sunny and it doesn't get any better than that. for jed york and the niners and you look what happened in super bowl city and the positive feel in the city, you have to think san francisco and the bay area made a strong push to be in the regular
11:57 pm
super bowl rotation. >> i think they will be back in about five years. >> that does it. football season is over. >> football season is over. that's a wrap. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. back to you. >> fellas, thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we will be back tomorrow morning at 4:30. for our entire crew at levi stadium who did a wonderful job, have a good night. >>
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