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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> it's sunday, february 21st. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. carolyn tyler has the day off. let's look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen with the accuweather updates. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. here it is. we have a few high clouds around and we are looking for a warmup to begin today. a huge dome of high pressure builds. and it's just the beginning. it will get stronger and stronger throughout the work week. as we look outside, beautiful visibility here from emeryville. low 50s oakland, mountain view. 54 half moon bay. still an onshore flow today but things will switch to an offshore component and from the tower camera looking pretty nice with more 40s. responding to the early sunshine
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today. the forecast for today calls for plenty of sunshine, about 60 at the coast. low 60s san francisco and into the mid-and upper 60s elsewhere. records will arrive throughout the week. and it's going stay warm. chris. >> lisa, thank you. developing news out of michigan. a suspect has been identified in a shooting spree in kalamazoo that left at least six people dead and two others injured. police arrested the suspect jason brian dolphin, a 45-year-old white man from kalamazoo. the shooting started at 6:00 last night and there were multiple crime scenes, including a townhome, a cracker barrel restaurant parking lot, and a ford dealership. among the injured is a 14-year-old girl who remains in serious condition. police say the shooter chose the victims at random. officials expect him it face murder charges and his arraignment could come as early as tomorrow. uber has confirmed he was a
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driver for the company and he had previously passed a background check. back at home, more developing news out of san jose. police are investigating a crash that killed two people last night around 9:30 at hicks road and camden avenue. police say two cars involved in the accident, police say, had major damage when officers arrived. a woman died at the scene and a man was taken to the hospital where he later died. one witness who lives in the area tells us what he thinks may have happened. >> the one coming southbound was coming up a hill and that hill has a blind spot for some cars, especially at this time of the night when not many people are on the road. once you get over that spot, that car probably didn't have enough time to react and since that car was coming so fast, they just hit each other. >> this is san jose's eighth
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>> this is san jose' eighth and ninth traffic fatalities of the year and the eighth and ninth victims of 2016. >> an emergency meeting will be held tomorrow for displaced residents whose apartment burned in the mission district last year. city officials have ordered the apartment to be depolished as soon as this week after intense flames ripped through the building, and they say it's unstable and an earthquake could collapse the building on to the street. even if they did stay, rent controls would no longer apply. renters would have nowhere to go. >> many thousand dollars, that's crazy, even in the mission. >> i think it's unconscionable that the landlord has allowed things to get to the point where they are. >> supervisor david campose said he calls it unjust and he's searching for a last-minute solution. the owner could not be reached for comment. [explosion sounds] that was the sound of an explosion in vallejo as the bomb squad safely detonated a pipe bomb yesterday. police say someone left it near the solano county courthouse yesterday afternoon and near a law office. the device was safely disposed of and nobody was hurt. .
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>> a fire destroyed this truck hauling two horses and two balls on high which 121 in napa yesterday. flames did not reach the trailers and the animals made it out safely. fresh off her win in the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton will be back in the bay area today for three events. a conversation with hillary clinton starts at 1:00 this afternoon in piedmont. then in atherton she will speak with young leaders and she will speak in menlo park at another fundraiser. if you would like attend, tickets will cost you $500. also happening today the progressive democrats of america-san francisco will host a fundraiser for the bernie sander campaign. it's designed to show a contrast in campaigning while hillary clinton is also in the bay area. the sanders event starts at 3:30
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this afternoon at the black bird bar on market street in san francisco. a major change in plans to -- the erosion. have agreed on a $340 million project to close the highway south of the boulevard. goal is to create a coastal trail in its place in 2021. here's something we haven't seen in morning. recreational fishermen catching dungeness crab in the bay area. yesterday we saw lots of big catches. they say it's safe to fish for sport south of point reyes after it was closed because of a toxin deadly to people earlier in the season. >> as long as you just get it all cleaned out. >> it's been a while before we have been able to fish for anything so everyone wants to go
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fishing. >> commercial season has been closed. it will be next week before the state resumes testing to determine if commercial fishing is state. [cheers and applause] >> the streets of chinatown were filled with the sounds of celebration last night for the chinese new year's parade. sergio quintana brings us the highlights. >> reporter: 2016 is the year of the monkey, and this time they were everywhere. a monkey came with a saber rattler in the streets. mass he have monkeys were fixtures on floats. miniature monkeys waved to the crowds and a few monkeys were even in the crowd. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> good? are you having fun? >> that four-year-old was having fun watching the parade but his mom was really having fun. >> you are really excited! >> this is the first time we've come here and we are having over the top fun.
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we love this city! i can't tell you how much we love living here. >> the san francisco chinese new year parade is the largest and only event of its kind outside of asia. this year it featured sever floats, hundreds of fans and people marching along the parade route. there is so much to see, some spectators try their best to soak it all in. we saw one was snapping pictures with his ipad and his i-phone. >> what have you seen so far that impresses you the most. >> firecrackers, line dancers and fire blowers. >> and this nine-year-old was having so much fun with the bubbles she didn't want to talk much the guy with the microphone. >> are you having one with the bubblegum? [no response] >> it signals the entrance of the gigantic dragon. a 270-foot dancing puppet that always closes the show. sergio quintana, abc7 news.
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>> the 27th chinatown street fair continues today with more dance, drumming on washington street below grand avenue. the event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weather-wise, you might need a jacket if you head out to morning. >> yeah, it was really cold this morning when you were sleeping. right now other degrees san francisco, 51 san jose. and numbers warmer than yesterday. not too warm, but, boy, we had that in the forecast. you are not going to want to miss it. that's next. >> also ahead, a surprise reunion for the injured baby horse that stole hearts across the bay area on valentine's day. and battered and bruised. the south bay woman look for
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>> 9:12 is our time. welcome back a live look outside from our san mateo bridge camera. cool temperatures for now but a warmup is on the way. lisa will join us with a full accuweather forecast. in san jose, someone lured a pet cat away from his home and then tortured him for hours. abc7 news reporter tells us the disturbing details with a story you will see only on abc7 news. and a warning. some of of the images may be difficult to watch. >> this is his feeding tube here. >> banks can barely move these days. two weeks ago someone grabbed
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him from his alma neighborhood and tortured him. the two-year-old has a broken jaw that's now wired together, a feeding tube, a punctured tail, a cone, and a massive hematoma in his chest. the vet thinks he was hit with a baseball bat. >> i don't know how someone could do that to an animal. >> banks is an indoor-outdoor cat, so it wasn't a surprise when he didn't come home the night of the attack. but 24 hours later he eventually returned, but he could barely walk. >> i'm grateful and thankful he was able to come home, yes. but i can't imagine the hours spent in so much pain. >> banks has to be tube fed daily. his owner started a go fund me account to help with the vet bills. it took just four days to raise the money. elizabeth donated $100. she's horrified by what happened.
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>> if they are torturing animals, that doesn't lead to anything good. >> some in the neighborhood is afraid the suspect is living among them. >> you never know when somebody comes to a store and they are trying do that. it's kind of scary. >> it can be anybody. it can happen to anybody. >> the owner plans to get the police involved. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a warning from santa cruz police after someone spotted a mountain lion yesterday afternoon. it was seen in the area of escalona drive. residents are advised to use caution and secure small pets and children. >> a baby horse that fell down a ravine got a special visitor this weekend. the fremont animal officer dropped in.
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as you recall, she held the horse while crews pulled it from a ravine on valentine's day. she's making great progress. the city of fremont is taking care of fremont until a long-term home can be found. there's an otter baby boom in the elkhorn slew north of monterey. scientists have recently counted 12 sea otter pups with the latest coming thursday. this is a look from the otter cam. sea otters were nearly killed off in california because of trapping but in the last 15 years conservation efforts have brought them back. biologists believe their return to the slough means that some day they could be populating areas like the san francisco bay again. for many women losing their hair is an emotional side effect
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of fighting breast cancer but now there's a new device that helps them keep their air during chemotherapy. we have the story on abc7 news at 11:00. she will explain why the technology isn't available to everyone, and what one group is doing to try to help everyone. >> home run king barry bonds is back at spring training in a big league uniform. this time as a hitting coach for the miami marlins. when asked whether he should be in the hall of fame, he said there is no doubt. >> i don't really have an opinion about it. i know i'm a hall of fame player. i don't really need to get into that. there's not one player that can sit there and say i'm not one and there's not a coach that ever coached me that said i'm not one. and until you guys decide to make that final decision and that final decision will be made on your terms, but in my heart and soul, and god knows i'm a hall of famer. >> in the latest round of hall voting by the baseball writers association of america, bonds got about 44% of the votes cast, leaving him 31% short of the threshold for admission. it was his highest vote total on the fourth year on the ballot. bonds' conviction for obstruction of justice stemming from a trial was overturned by the ninth circuit last spring. this probably isn't the place you would expect to find actors and star athletes. take a look at this.
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abc7 news was at oakland technical high school yesterday for a football camp. player and oakland native marshall lynch and josh johnson coached and encouraged some very lucky young players. also on hand actors teron eggerman and hugh jackman. their upcoming movie is about an eagle that soared because he never stopped believing in himself. >> when you watch the movie, you see it here. you see the guys inside who are motivating. they aren't there in the game, but without them, you know, it wouldn't work. >> jackman even got the chance to run a few drills himself. [cheers and applause] san francisco police chief greg suhr led a charge of officers into the chill of water in the waters off aquatic park yesterday. it was part of the ninth annual san francisco polar plunge and 5k dash and splash, all to benefit charities in california. last year they pulled in
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$235,000 for charity. >> weather-wise, nate has not been delivering in the rain department. >> no, not at all. and this is one of the coolest days of the week, if you can believe t we are warming up today. yeah, this is february. go figure. and temperatures continue to warm to above average readings. even today not all of you will see above-average readings, but some of you as high pressure is in control. still an on shore push. we will look for a light breeze and then things switch around to an offshore component as high pressure builds. just a little cloud cover out there and there maybe some more today in the extreme north bay. there's a tail end of a very weak front that pushes into northern california. that's about as much excitement we can muster for the weather in terms of today. although we have the big ridge of high pressure, and as that builds things change dramatically day-to-day. a look outside from mt. tam.
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a couple high clouds for you. late in the day you may not see any at all. good morning morgan hill. 54 on the coast, half moon bay, and everyone warms up today by a couple of degrees. you warmed up about 6, 7 degrees in san jose with morning lows in the low 40s. so at the beach in santa cruz, about 68 today. you can see nothing but sunshine here. certainly a chilly morning with the clear skies. this is probably the coldest morning as we gain a few degrees of warmth each and every day with the heat peeking by thursday. 45 in santa rosa, and novato with 46. livermore. right now 48 by the delta. in your opinion the mid-30s this morning and concord, you had 37 early this morning. already up to 49 degrees. so check it out. the golden gate bridge, very sunny out there, and looking at the clear and cool conditions for everyone this morning. more sunshine today. flirting with records." a couple weak weather systems
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will flatten the ridge a tiny bit or give us some high clouds. check it out, by 3:00, 4:00, way newspaper the north bay you might see some few high clouds, into sonoma, but that's it. it dissipates and maybe a little rain by mount shasta, eureka. otherwise sunny in the sierra nevada. more sunshine on the coast. mid-70s in los angeles. getting set for near record warmth this week. in san jose we are warming a couple degrees today for a high of 67. look what happens as the high builds in and the winds shift to our offshore component. we are in the mid-70s each and every day. looks like thursday will be the warmest day of the week for most of us. then even by saturday as the temperature drops it will take a while to break it down. palo alto, upper 60s for you. and we look for more upper
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60s. milder today, warming trend really gets going tomorrow. pretty everyone in the 70s except at the coast. and you will notice few high clouds on wednesday. that ridge rebuilds. everybody in the upper 70s, maybe 80 thursday. time for the ridge to go away and bring in more seasonal weather. >> the sunglasses aren't going anywhere anytime soon. >> no, and the sun block. >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, first jerry rice did it, now danica patrick goes under cover. we will show you lyft's latest stunt. first, in honor of black history month, we're celebrating locally owned businesses that make a difference where you leave. he have let's barbecue has made a claim to game ever since they opened in 1973 and there are now six restaurants in the chain. you can learn more on our ba
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>> since we consider our pets parts of the family, find being the right kennel is important, but how do you find a good one? here's mike finney with tips and advice. >> these two guys are taking a break as wonder bar's pet hotel. they run around, get attention,
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and have playtime. it's all part of the routine here. kevin is with bay area consumers checkbook which has just rated kennels. >> there are a lot of great kennels in the bay area and most of the kennels that we evaluated, our last report, rated very highly by their customers for quality. >> one in walnut creek and owned and operated by mindi. she says take a tour before selecting a kennel. >> it shouldn't smell. it should have a clean smell because animals are clean. look to a staff that's very into their animals. and when they go on tour they should be able to take their pet along and see if it's a perfect match for them. check out the play yard. >> wonder bar's pet hotel was one of only two kennels to get checkmarks for both price and quality. >> some kennels charge twice as much as their nearby competitors for the same stay. and and this adds up to a lot of money. especially if you are gone a
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week, it's a couple hundred dollars or more per dog for the differences. >> many are closed on sunday, which means you can be billed for an extra day stay since you can't pick up your pet that day. >> the last 25 years we've been open on sunday and we do the later time, 5 to 7, so they can be away longer and don't have to rush home. >> you can contact me for questions on i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> in san francisco everyone seemed to be irish last night. "7 on your side," michael finney, our very own irishman, hosted the united cultural center rose of trolley international festival. food, music and the selection of this year's rose court were a part of the festivities. the rose court will be on a float on the annual parade in san francisco. we will have live coverage.
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st. patrick's day parade starting at noon on march 12th. you can also watch it on and the abc7 news app. abc7 news anchor ama daetz was the m.c. last night at the wine and wishes fundraiser at the san francisco design center. 100% of the money raised went to benefit make a wish bay area. people in the packed house made bids on such items as dinner at the french laundry, tickets to see the sharks and even a week-long montana vacation. >> coming up, beyoncé continues > controversial super bowl performance and
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>> it's half past the hour on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. carolyn tyler is off today. much of the bay area is waking up to a nice view of the sun. lisa argen is tracking the
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conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >>fvf you've got that right. just a few high clouds. here's mt. tam. temperatures in the low to mid-50s for san francisco. peninsula to the south bay, even on the coast. 54 degrees. 51 in san jose. and from emeryville looks clear out there. cooler in our valleys. temperatures are coming up through the 40s right now. 46 for you in livermore. 49 in concord. upper 40s novato and fairfield. from the explore toreium camera, positioned around pier 15. you notice we have nothing but sunshine today. a few high clouds in the north bay but numbers rising to the mid-and upper 50s. and san francisco about 60. we will talk about that record warmth in just a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. turning to the race for the white house. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other! >> we go back to work tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we will be back.
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>> the winners take a moment to celebrate after two big victories. while those who reflect on what could have been. megan hughes has the story from columbia, south carolina. >> people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i really respect their decision. >> abc news reporter megan hughes reports from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: jeb bush is out, and we now have two clear frontrunners. hillary clinton and donald trump now each have two wins in the race for the white house. [chanting hillary] >> clinton sounding confident and taking swings. she had a big late night rally at southern universities. >> is this a great night or what? >> long lines in both states reflected a heavy turnout. ted cruz and marco rubio both with strong performances. an emotional jeb bush calls it
9:32 am
quit. >> tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> no! >> yeah, yeah. >> in nevada sanders made it clear that he's not dropping out but looking forward. >> i believe that when democrats are in philadelphia in july at the convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states! [cheers and applause] >> the two parties now essentially switch places. republicans face-off again in nevada on tuesday. democrats vote here in south carolina next saturday. meg hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> holy [bleep] holy -- holy lord! >> what a terrifying scene.
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an idaho transportation worker began running after he taped this on tuesday. 250 people were stuck there after the landslide. it completely blocked the where he had 14-ton of rock and debris. elk city is two hours away from the nearest town. >> a san francisco church is facing eviction and may be gone as soon as this morning after the service this morning. the saints john's coltrane search has been in fillmore since 1971 and is the only is oldest church born out of the music of john coltrane. the church said the managers at the west bay conference center are trying to double their rent as their lease expired.
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the church traded a petition to stay in the fillmore and needs 2500 signatures to turn in. disneyland is celebrating a 60th anniversary this year and the happiest place on earth is marking a milestone with a two-hour television special. dancing with the star's derek huff is acting as master of ceremonies. other stars taking part includes harrison ford, sir elton john, jimmy kimmel and neil patrick harris. it begins at 8:00 p.m. at any time on abc7. disney is our parent company. still ahead on the abc7 sunday beyoncé is getting backlash from her controversial super bowl performance. now some of calling for a boycott of her upcoming tour. >> she's facing a boycott of her upcoming tour, facing security questions. and now some union leaders are
9:35 am
calling for cops not to be at hand when her formation comes to their city. >> the police in miami where her tour kicks off cited controversy over her super bowl halftime show. >> okay. >> and taking a vote to suggest all law enforcement officers boycott the april 26th concert, claiming that the superstar promotes an anti-police message in her latest video. despite the independent union leader called, the miami police department reassuring fans that it will have a sufficient number of police officer staffing this and every event that happens in our city. ♪ >> but the idea of a beyoncé strike may be catching on. president of the national police union calling for a similar protest by cops it represents. >> ultimately we are asking
9:36 am
officers not to volunteer. >> in addition, police unions in tampa also calling for some form of boycott when beyoncé rolls into town with houston, boston and new york considering it when she comes there. note ♪ >> not every police union is ready to get in formation. in a statement to abc news, the president of the dallas police organization writing the only focus at this time is reducing violent crime in dallas. abc news, new york. >> still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. radar sensors and automatic steering. those are just two parts of toyota's new technology package for one of the most popular cars in california. first the time right now is 9:36. a live look outside from santa cruz. you can see some people out there already exploring the beach. lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a few moments. and don't forget the oscars is
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just seven days away. comedian chris rock will host them right here on abc7. we hope you will watch to see who wins.
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>> welcome back. a quick look from the east bay hills camera. traffic is moving well between interstate 80. lisa returns with the full accuweather forecast. lyft and up to its tricks yet again. after successfully fooling san francisco with jerry rice under cover, lyft recruited nascar driver danica patrick to drive in charlotte. >> buckle up for safety. you're going to need it. my boyfriend thinks i'm a horrible driver. >> why? >> i follow too and i drive too
9:40 am
sometimes i come around the corner and i pretend i'm crossing the finish line. [laughter] >> i try to get like 500 miles in on sunday. and i try to do it in like under four hours. [laughter] >> on each ride, as you heard, patrick vaguely talks about her days as a nascar driver, but none of her passengers seem to catch on. eventually she told all her shocked drivers who she was. many decided to snap a selfie. 9:40, the time. a four inch lock of john lennon's hair sold yesterday for thousands of dollars. it's the largest lock of john lennon's hair of offered at auction. a hairdresser cut the beetle's hair for the movie roll. the person who bought it is from the u. k. and collects beetles momentous. >> interesting. okay. good morning, everyone. you see all the sunshine out your window and you are
9:41 am
wondering about this. yeah, we are slipping below 100% of normal in the sierra nevada they have for a snowpack. temperatures in the low 50s today. right now it's 30. we have 60 in the offing in the sierra nevada. i'll let you know what's ahead coming up. >> also next, klay thompson and the warriors rebound from friday night's rare loss with a big win over the clippers. we have the highlights and post-game reaction
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>> in sports, the dubs beat the clippers in a game you could only see on abc7. the warriors improve to 19-0 in nationally televised games this season. rick quan has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. after suffering their worst loss in the steve kerr era in portland, the warriors were looking to bounce back in l.a. at the staples center where even the clippers' andre jordan wanted to be like steph. early it looked like golden state would blow out the clips, but he gets it back to klay thompson for the basket. going with the small lineup, the
9:45 am
warriors were making it look easy. draymond green to steph for the hoop there. and thompson for the tray. golden state led by 13 after one. spieth got in on the act. curry finds him for the big dunk. warriors led by 10 at the break. the clippers turn it over here. thompson will get it to harrison barnes for the slam dunk. another turnover by the clips. and this is so pretty. curry to iggie, to thompson, who finished with a game high 32. the clippers did get a big gain from jamal crawford from downtown l.a. he knocks down the three and scored a team-high 25. draymond green got another triple-double with this feed to steph for 3 points. looks like it's over, but the clips bench scores 13 straight. a pair of three-pointers and the lead was down to just three. after a bad inbound, c.j. wilcox with a chance to tie it at the buzzer, but no good. the warriors hang on to win 115-112. >> i love playing.
9:46 am
you know, under the lights. this is what you play for, the big stage. it doesn't get much bigger than playing in l.a. and this has been a rivalry between us guys. and to win the game like that is big. i knew i had to bring my game, especially after losing last night. >> we didn't want to do what we did last night. that was embarrassing. it's good to get a good win in against a great team. you know, start the road trip off again on the right note. and when we take care of the ball we are solid and almost impossible to beat. >> for years gonzaga was the class in the wcc but last night st. mary's had a chance to complete their first series sweep of the series since 1995. they were in spokane. the zags' eric mcclellan takes it coast-to-coast. st. mary's led by 7 at the half. and then knocked down three. the great pass to jock. and st. mary's holds off gonzaga
9:47 am
63-58. with two games left, they are in first place in the west coast conference. usf at loyola marymount. they tie it up in the final seconds. dante reynolds is there for the put-back. steven haney puts up a point for a win but it's no good. there it was all loyola. haney pops for three of his 25. loyola wins. 100 to 87. head coach johnny is punched up as stanford took home washington. he misses the three but doesn't give up on the play. steps in front. scores. he had 20 points. but the huskies would pull away to win. this dunk. not a replay here but it looks like. a late dime for another jam. washington wins 64-53. stanford drops to 13-12 overall. 6-8 in the pac-12. and that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick quan. have a great day.
9:48 am
>> live doppler 7hd showing pretty much nothing on t we had some fog earlier. and temperatures bottomed out into the mid-30s by the delta. you were 37 in livermore. and right now we widen the perspective. we have some high clouds well to the north in northern california. the big dome is going to be pushing into the bay area. that's higher pressure pushing down on the atmosphere against the wind shift tomorrow. temperatures will respond with more 70s tomorrow. a couple of weak weather systems will move over the ridge throughout the week. flattens somewhat but then it rebounds for even warmer weather close to the end of the week. here's a look back looking back at the cities. low 50s san jose, morgan hill.
9:49 am
12 mountain view, oakland. 55 on the coast. and santa cruz, speaking of the coast, low 50s for you it morning. and over in our inland valleys from the north bay to east bay we have mid-40s for you in napa, santa rosa and livermore. temperatures will be climbing through the 350's in the next couple of hours with really nothing to curb the warmth with the sun. in fact, we will get the wind shift tomorrow and that will ablow for temperatures to climb to unseasonably warm readings throughout the week ahead. evened to san jose will be climbing about three or four degrees. so clear and cool this morning, but more sunshine today. flirting with records for several days this week. so as we take a look at some of the cloud cover that will be invading northern california, some of it may slip into sonoma and napa. you see a few returns here. this is 4:00 in the afternoon. but high pressure continues to build. we will continue to see this follow apart and get warmer and
9:50 am
warmer as we go through the work week. so there's a system there. extreme northern california. 49 today in the northern sierra. 61 in yosemite. we are looking at 70s today in los angeles. mid-80s tuesday and wednesday and close to the coast, as well. san jose today coming up from yesterday's reading at the airport in the low 60s. 67 today. look what happens tomorrow. and for most cities around the bay you will jump up considerably tomorrow with our offshore flow. mid-70s all week long and look what happens by thursday here in the mid-70s. we see the temperatures drop by the end of the week. a weak frontal system that will helpfully break down the ridge and bring back the rain. fremont, and we talked about san jose. 68 santa cruz. upper 60s for oakland and napa. san francisco above your average and a cool 60 at half moon bay. milder today.
9:51 am
warming trend tomorrow stays with us all week long a few clouds on wednesday. thursday the upper 70s. even at the coast. and friday still holding on with the unseasonable warmth and we look for the cooler weather on saturday, hoping we can put a rain drop in there at some point into late saturday and sunday. that's it for february. monday is the last day of february, next monday. >> what happened to winter? >> it's coming back. it's got to come back. there's hope for march. >> thank you. within of the top-selling cars in california just got a little smarter. jonathan bloom went for a ride in the new 20
9:52 am
he wanted to see how the self-driving technology is already making things safer. >> when toyota launched its first prius, starting a car with a button was revolutionary enough. now on the fourth release some things haven't changed. 51. >> up to 58 miles an hour in the city. >> but a lot has and much is hidden. >> in the front you know we have the parking sensors. >> the whole car is covered with sensors hidden in crevices. >> you have this hidden. >> it monitors the vehicle in front of you. >> automatically keeping pace with traffic to stay a save distance behind. it's part of a package called toyota safety sense. >> did you just hear that? that was a lane departure. >> that warning is nothing new. but now when the cars camera detects you are drifting out of your lane the steering wheel will automatically nudge you back in. >> i still need to fully turn it but it started to turn it for me. >> there's a warning when a car is in your blind spot or if you are about to back into something, and it can detect pedestrians. >> if someone walks out in front of your car, this will stop your vehicle and you avoid hitting somebody. >> it's part of a larger piece of the vision for toyota. they will eventually have a car that can drive itself, if you want it to. >> what if cars could become trusted partners? >> it's been just a few months since they started a robotics partner at m.i.t. after all, google's first self-driving car was a prius,
9:53 am
and the computer vision used in their new safety systems in the current cars is similar to what cars need to start driving themselves. they even no traffic conditions and displays the speed limit on the windshield. whether you obey it is up to you. >> i do know the speed limit >> just don't abide by it. jonathan bloom. abc7 news. >> up next, celebrating the year of the monkey in the south bay. of the monkey in the south bay. the bi
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at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $212 million powerball drawing. >> nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot soars to $236 million. the winning numbers from the super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all six in that drawing either, so wednesday's jackpot grows to $19 million. happening today, you can celebrate traditional and modern vietnamese culture in san jose with the tet festival for the lunar new year. it's an all-in-one festival that celebrates the union of humans, nature and the living of the dead. there will be firecrackers, line dances and a talent show. tickets are seven dollars online or ten dollars at the gate. >> final weather check.
9:57 am
>> parties everywhere. with all the sunshine it should be a beautiful day. temperatures coming up from yesterday's readings. the coolest numbers on the coast with a bit of an onshore flow. 668 oakland and morgan hill. numbers coming up in the inland valleys. cool in livermore and the wind shifts to an offshore component and that's when most neighborhoods will be in the 70s. we stay that way almost all week long. the warmest day look to be thursday. plenty of records perhaps the middle of the week to end of the week. and maybe some rain by the weekend. >> lisa, thank you. we appreciate your time. for lisa, carolyn and the rest of the morning crew, i'm kris nguyen. the news continues now on facebook, twitter and all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. we hope you will join us tonight for the abc7 news at 5:00. a live look outside this morning at the golden gate bridge. make it a great day, everybody!
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