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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. get up. get going. i am reggie aqui. >> we are glad you are with us on this tuesday. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking our forecast.
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mike? good morning, gang, the high clouds are keeping us mild this morning. you can see them increasing the west. they are not going to be with us all day. you will see a break mid-morning to mid-afternoon before they run in the afternoon to evening hours. we have east wind at four miles per hour and no fog at the golden gate bridge with temperatures running in the upper 40s to mid-50s through the morning commute and low 60s to nearly 70 by noon from the coast inland and notice in the 60s at 4:00, and a sea breeze kicking in, and, still, immediate thissen at mid-40's to low 60s with a few sprinkles. traffic time, frances? >> yes, nice and quiet and i am hope it stays that way. we are check out the ride on westbound 8930 through berkeley highway 4 to the bay bridge is only 17 minutes. not too many accidents and headed to the richmond-san rafael bridge, delay-free at this point, mass transit is looking good, ace, bart, and caltrain reporting necessity delays.
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natasha? >> we start this hour with breaking news right now an early morning sweep in san francisco to move out the homeless. amy hollyfield is on the scene. what is happening right now, amy? >> it is time to go. this is the day that authorities have decided they are going to clean out this area at division street. they say they have done all the talking they can do. trying to convince people to leave the area and go to a shelter saying no more talking, though requireds to shelter today. today they are enforcing the order that is in place. they estimate that this are about 50 tents left here to clear out this morning, and this is the area around division and show place square so they have to elections they are working. if they refused to go, the city can take their stiff and store it for 90 days. people can claim it or after 90 days the city can throw it away. the homeless would refused to go
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will be arrested for violating the order. however, it has been peaceful and cooperative so for. officials say they are not having any trouble, a couple of people have told me they do plan to pack up and leave and they understand they knew this was coming. one person told me he plans to move around the corner and he does not want to go to a shelter. a couple of others say they are headed to golden gate park so these people are not interested in seeking shelter. they realize they cannot stay here. we will continue to cover this story throughout the morning so stay with us as this is just unfolding. so far, cooperative and peaceful . >> happening today, ain't mate >> happening today, ain't mate at -- accused of beating ain't mate to
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death. the inmate will testify the guards were in the unit while michael tyree was being beaten and the judge will decide if there is probably cause to put the guards on trail. >> the sonoma county sheriff is investigating after a body washed ashore. the body was discovered yesterday by a jogger. the coroner now is working to 8:00 his identity and cause of death. investigators say the last people reported missing in the area is this man, santa rosa attorney, steven mitchell. deputies stop searching for him when they found no evidence of powell play. >> family and friends gathered to remember a 22-year-old mother from san jose. it has been two weeks since stacey aguilar's death with her home decorated in purple flowers. her boyfriend shot and killed her on valentine's day. >> can know how someone could do that. the time i have seen her she seemed like a very happy person and outgoing and super nice.
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>> her remains are taken to the hometown of mexico, and her boyfriend, edmond pedraza has been arrested. the search for a man missing from dunes beach is not expected to resume. the man was last seen going under rough surf. a coast guard team was called to help to rescue. >> we had an hour's worth of dive searching, conditions were rough. not permitting an effective search. we have the harbor out here with the boat. we have a coast guard cutter out, as well. >> officials say at least two or three people called for help from the beach after seeing the man go into the water. one person jumped in trying to save him and was nothinged down and could not pull him out. all the alameda city council will vote on an ordinance designed to stabilize represent. it comes a day after a group
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filed a ballot to enact city-wide rent control. the alameda renters coalition ties the rent increases to the consumer price index. rent control has been an super bowl issue for alameda. last area, emotions spilled over weapon renters tried to enter a city council meeting. a new housing ordinance is in affect in san jose after the supreme court refused to hear a challenge. the court has turned down a building industry challenge. it said that at least 15% residential units must be reserved for row income philae -- low income bayers saying it amounts to unconstitutional taking private property. >> a huge day for voters across the country, super tuesday, and amid the crucial voting and caucusing this is rising tension. a "time" magazine photographer roughed up last flight bit secret service at a donald trump rally. you can see the argument and the
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fright. we are joined from virginia with more on super tuesday. stehpanie? >> good morning to you, reggie, it is super tuesday and voters in virginia can now cast their ballot. we have seen a good amount of people headed to the positiving center in alexandria. with all the polls closed we could have nominees for both parties. the biggest voting difficult of of the -- day of year, voters will go to the positives in a dozen state and a united states territory with 1,610 delegates at stake. >> let me be clear, i will not compromise away your religious rights. >> cruz helping to win big in texas. talking religious liberty and the supreme court nomination. >> but in virginia, tension at a trump rail limit a large group of student protesters marched out of event and as they passed, a photographer from "time"
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magazine lone to the ground by a secret service agent. the secret service is investigating. >> i don't think america has ever stop being great. what with need to do is make america whole. >> hillary clinton hoping to keep her lead over bernie sanders. >> now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >> here in virginia many voters are expected to turn out today. much more than the last time both parties held presidential primaries. in alexandria, virginia, for abc7 news. reggie? >> very interesting. abc coverage of super tuesday begins today at 7:00 p.m. preeing jeopardy and wheel of fortune with episodes tomorrow morning at 2:10 here so society your dvr. >> engineers take another measurement of the sierra snow pack. higher temperatures in the
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mountains and less snow in february could mean a disappointing reading. this video shows the last survey in february with a last snow fall that is replenishing the reservoir and contributed to a third of the california water when it melts. >> in 40 minutes i have a look at the seven-day forecast with a last snow especially this weekend. 50 in castro valley. fremont and union city and el sobrante at june. berkeley is 58. followed by alameda at 56. oakland is 53. mid-50s along the peninsula. 57 in san francisco. pacifica is 58. san jose is 2355 and 40s inland and pleasanton and livermore at 48 degrees. today, pollen if you are mountain biking or jogging and the trails are dry, and walking the dog, mild to warm this afternoon, and from the east bay hills camera, temperatures are 60s around san francisco and low-to-mid 70s for the rest us and a few sprinkles possible in
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the north bay, and so little i did not put it in there, rain on wednesday, and more on thursday with the hour by hour look at that first, the ride is pretty nice. frances? >> i have a nice ride. the bay bridge toll plaza is delay free, through oakland approach the maze and lanes could be blocked until 5:30 but not slowing anyone down. we will check out the bay bridge toll plaza and 5:30 again because that is when they have been turning on the metering lights, and 680 subbeyond north main through walnut creek, in slowing but for westbound 580, from tracy to castro valley, now 54 minutes and a slow ride north 101 looking good through san jose and 280, fine, heading into downtown san francisco. >> commuters crossing the antioch bridge will be joy improv -- enjoy improved
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with improveed highway conditions after three years of construction. local transportation agency opened the new pair of ramps yesterday evening. one ramp connected westbound highway 4 to highway 160 leading to the bridge. the other ramp connects 160 to eastbound highway 4. >> another embarrassing of situation for yahoo. situation for yahoo. all the
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. sunnyvale yahoo could be writing down the entire $1 billion purchase of tumblr write off $230 million of the value and new it is reported that there is a chance it could write off most of this purchase businesses on a report filled yesterday. on upside, revenue for the company is still growing. yahoo named tumblr the three major products for the been going forward. >> the body of a ski instructor missing for a month has finally been found. the search team training at sugar bowl resort found the body year. you may remember the 23-year-old ski instructor was seen in mid-january on the 15th. dogs were brought in to the area where the cell phone last
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sounded. the body was found under 5' of snow. >> scientists may have found the first evidence of the zika virus causing contrary paralysis. patients developed this two years ago dug an outbreak in tahiti leaving patients unable to move and forces them to depend on life support. most patients regainful movement but the condition can be fatal. more evidence is needed from other locations to be conclusive . it is transmitted primarily through mosquitoes. >> 16 tech companies representing 90 percent of the health records market are trying to stop blocking information sharing. most hospitals have gone digital the systems do not talk to each other which limits their usefulness for the patient. >> lawmakers have approved a new tax plan after months of debate.
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you will be tacked based on how many patients are served. companies paying more in taxes under the plan will benefit from corporate and premium tax rollbacks. the deal allows the state to comply with federal rules and secure $1 billion in federal funding. it needs to be approved by the obama administration. >> have your smartphone and laptops ready for reservations on campgrounds across california with popular areas going in ten minutes. saturday nights and labor day weekends are the must popular. the forest service takes reservations for national forest camp grounds at 7:00 and state parks start at 8:00. yosemite reservations start in mid-march. >> maybe our rain will begin then, too, or earlier. >> we will take baby steps, and ramp up the rain season after it looks to be absent in february.
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first, a look at san rafael where we have sense of fog starting, first, with the sprinkles and that is going to happen cross the north bay this afternoon into the evening hours and we will have a light rain for all of us on wednesday, thursday, and friday and the moderate-to-heavy rain will arrive this weekend. even thunderstorms are possible. on sunday. the next six hours you can see it is quiet for all us. we will bring out our storm impact scale "1" is light, we have had the struck ones, and in major or severe "4" or "5" and this is light on wednesday night into thursday morning with rainfall amount higher than yesterday, and quarter-inch to three-quarters inch and light winds. on wednesday evening not much going on but to 9:00 you can see the light-to-moderate yellow showing in the north bay but it goes away moving through the
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heart of bay at 2:00, and, still, lingering showers from 4:00 to 7:00 on thursday morning. as far as rainfall, a small amount in the south bay which is the least amount, at mostly .1" for most of us. my seven-day forecast shows another light shower open friday. the heavy stuff comes in on saturday and sunday. if you have outdoor plans move them inside. >> thank you, mike. in the south bay we have a check of highway 87 and i saw emergency vehicles heading southbound but i could not find anything reported with the c.h.p. at this point. it is still looking good through san jose right new. also, i will check out the san mateo bridge next, and traffic is fine and this is westbound out of hayward into foster city with mass transit delay-free for ace, bart, and caltrain. it is quiet right new. >> it looks good. if you live in marin, listen up, a new incentive to get more
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people to take the ferry. our media partner reports starting next month you can park for free at the larkspur ferry terminal week days during the afternoon hours after 1:00 p.m. daily parking is usually $2. the goal is to get more on boats during the afternoon runs to help with the evening commute. >> do you snap? snap? >> senate chap -- snapchat. more proof it is gaining in popularity. >> in the tech bytes a battle over videos heating up with the new player is snapchat with users watching eight billion videos each day on the app the same number views as facebook and five times larger than just a year ago. >> high-tech and super fast. check out from 30 to 62 in 2.5 seconds debuting today at the retail price of $2.6 million.
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you lost me there. finally, the umbrella that weapons you dry but it will tell you when it is going to rain. >> it knows when it is going to rain because of a build in sensor and it can send you a reminder of the location if you lose the umbrella. >> you just have to remember it. >> mike nicco? >> we don't need the umbrella we have mike. >> steph curry is named player of week the first in worse history to win the award fur types in one season. >> but he is questionable tonight for the game against atlanta because on this play in the third quarter on saturday, westbrook step open his ankle and twisted it. he did not practice yesterday. but steph curry wantses to play tenth. >> if i'm good enough to play...i don't want to put myself in jeopardy and be
5:21 am
understanding for two or three weeks, but if i was shooting 25% i would have the same mentality. >> the warriors take on the hawks tone at oracle arena at 7:30. >> this is not deja vu another surprise prince concert is on sale today at oracle arena according to the concert giver with the concert on friday, tickets on sale at noon today and the last two concerts can be any indication it will be great but it will sell out in a couple of minutes. >> he is a huge steph curry fan. he praised him throughout the concerts at 7:00 and 9:00 on sunday. >> extra time for your "kiss." >> seven things you need to know ahead. >> a group of sailers
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light & fit feel free to enjoy. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things you need to know. one, breaking news in san francisco, an early morning sweep now underway to move out the homeless. authorities want to get them off the street and into a shelter. last week the city give them 72 hours notice to vacate under 101 >> two, february had 29 days. it looks like they wanted 30. warm and dry today. look at the rain chances on thursday and through the weekend, each storm will have heavier rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. winter is back in the seven-day outlook. >> no rain today. no fog, no accidents. an easy commute for riders. just minor wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. the coast guard is hoping
5:25 am
can you identify a man swept out to sea yesterday at half moon bay. officials will decide at 8:00 this morning whether to resume the search. >> five, apple will face off with the fbi in the congressional hearing. an order by the f.b.i. they say to hack into the phone of san bernardino gunmen infringes on the privacy of apple users. >> super tuesday is here. voters in a left -- states are heading to caucus and vote. >> scott kelly returns to work after a year in space participating in three space walks and grew plants the he will touch down at 8:30 our time. tomorrow, he is headed back to houston. >> welcome home. >> a yacht san francisco at sea could be rare finds, but you may not expect to find this.
5:26 am
the body of a mummified german man was discovered yesterday on a yacht near the fill -- philippines sailing around the world for 20 years and they do not know how he died or when. authorities identified him through documents on bart and -- on board and reaching out to the family. >> real life rosey r-i-v-e-ter were honored. they worked at the richmond shipyard were honored representing a time when women's work shifted dramatically. the california legislative women's caucus partnered with the governor's office to organize the ceremony. creations -- congratulations. >> local competition could have left 100 students sick. >> a major change starting at yosemite today and what you will notice the next time you visit notice the next time you visit welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning to you. time to get up and get going. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. we have a look of the weather. and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. high clouds. mild temperatures. live doppler hd is showing no rain. not today. beautiful shot of downtown san francisco. 44 to 54. 62 to 70 at lunch. mostly sunny this afternoon. 60 at coast to 68 inland. 56 to 60 at 7:00. i have rain on the way. that is next. frances? >> we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has changed in the last few minutes. if you want to beat the metering lights usually the magic time is 5:30. it is backing up.
5:30 am
good cross the bay bridge toll plaza and quiet but tracy to dublin is the slow spot at an hour and 12 minutes. >> back to breaking news in san francisco, a sweep on division street is underway with homeless people given notice a week ago to leave. amy hollyfield is on the scene. what is going on now, amy? >> natasha there is a lot of activity. we have garbage trucks putting trash away. we have crews putting tent in the back of their truck on get them out of here today. it is clear out day. officials have spent the last few days talking to the homeless asking them to leave, trying to get them in shelters. that is over. they have done all they can. today they are sweeping through. everyone has to leave. they will not take people to shelters. they are saying, you have to get
5:31 am
out of here. i asked a man why he did not leave before now with evacuation order in place for a week. he said he thought they were all bluffing. he will go around the corner. he does not want to go to a shelter. >> i don't like shelters. they remind me of jail decide when the homeless people...they are stealing. and using. >> we are in the area of division street. the couple of streets that slat off -- that shoot off of it. there is a large homeless help campment. it started to grow when the rains hit because they hike the protection from the freeway. they have been told they have to go. this are 50 tents they will clear out this morning. so far, it has been cooperative. no problems. everyone is appearing to be leaving without any trouble.
5:32 am
if they refuse to go they can be arrested. we have not seen that happen. >> breaking overnight two people are recovering this morning after a fire inside of their home in oakland that broke out at 10:15 in a mobile high. crews got it under control in ten minutes. two residents went to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and a dog. firefighters say it started in the front bedroom. there is no word on the cause. >> apple and the fbi will face off for the first time since the federal judge ordered apple to hack the iphone belonging to a san bernardino shooter. janet is in burlingame with how the hearing could impact iphone users. >> good morning, reggie, apple is celebrating a victory but it has another huge hurdle to tackle today. apple's lawyer will face off against the fbi on capitol hill
5:33 am
answering tough questions. in a congressional hearing. the f.b.i. wants to unlock the iphone of a terrorist in the san bernardino shooting. apple said they would have to credit a special software compromising the security of millions. c.e.o. tim cook said it is the equivalent to condition certificate. in a similar situation in new york a judge has ruled in a narcotics case apple does not have to help the f.b.i. unlock an iphone. mayor is holders support the c.e.o. and congress members are criticizing the cupertino company for the stance. a possible neuro-- outbreak has affected hundreds. they were on a flight and the attendants ran out of vomit bags.
5:34 am
>> does not sound very good. the berkeley public health division is investigating if the symptoms are norovirus and if there is a common link. 200 students from uc berkeley and other universals were at a dance competition in oakland on february 20. since that time 140 have become ill with symptoms of vomiting and fever. some of the students were sick on their flight home and had to be hospitalized. the paper reports that three cases have been confirmed as norovirus. the dance competition was held at the paramount theater in oakland where prince performed. it was catered but inspectors have not said if the food is to blame. we do not know who the caters was. >> thank you. happening today, four san francisco police officers will
5:35 am
go to trial in the wrongful death case of a city college student. the parents of alex nieto are seeking unspecified damage after the officers shot him 48 times killing him in march of 2014. the officers thought he was pointing a gun at him. he was just carrying a taser which the familiar said he was licensed to and need for his job. protesters will rally outside the federal courthouse starting at 8:00 this morning. in rip pond this morning, pestle continue their seven for a gunman who shot and killed a teen yesterday morning. this happened on the richmond greenway walking path which runs along the bart tracks on south 33rd. family members say they have no idea why anyone who shoot 14 -year-old. [ inaudible ] he was okay. never sassed his mother or parents but on the street
5:36 am
anything can happen. anything can happen. >> he was a freshman at kennedy while. he was shot sell times in the chest. the suspect ran away. this is the fourth homicide. >> inspectors will make sure pumps are working properly after a bus overheated and the driver pulled into the bus station. the engine caught fire. workers shut off the pumps. several buildings were evacuated including a starbucks and burger king. the buss with towed away and this is not much left. no passengers on board. a firefighter suffered a minor injury wind chill he was hit by equipment. >> when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us #abc7now and we will she it on air. >> today is super tuesday.
5:37 am
it is the biggest voting day of the year. it is a crucial test for presidential candidates. people in a dozen states and the united states set will voting and caucusing with 1,400 delegates at state. emotions are high at donald trump rally in virginia. student profiters marched out and a "time" magazine photographer was then to the ground by a secret service agent. 49% of republican voters will support trump if he runs for president. >> special coverage of super tuesday begins today add 7:00 p.m. preempting "jeopardy," and p.m. preempting "jeopardy," and "wheel of fortune," so >> now the north bay temperatures: vallejo, 51, san rafael, 53, tiburon, 2357. everyone else in the
5:38 am
mid-to-upper 40s. no fog. low-to-mid 40s along the bay shore. laugh yet is 48. brentwood is 50. at 280 at 17 in san jose, we can see it this morning. tree pollen makes for hazy afternoon. fine particulates are moderate. in "spare the air". in walnut creek an area that was clear yesterday is clear now. we will ask frances if there is anything unusual with the traffic. she is working on an accident and we will have that in ten seconds. it is today we have upper 60s to mid-70s and low-to-mid 70s tomorrow with evening rain possible and the prosecute of us get rain on thursday morning and that is just the beginning. wait until you see the weekend forecast. frances? >> yes, a new crash reported and the c.h.p. is on the way right new in the cordelia junction westbound 80 near 680. three cars involved.
5:39 am
no slowing yet. we will watch it. a nice looking ride in san jose north we 04 headlights, quiet this morning. pretty much everywhere, just the usual delays and westbound 580 through the altamont pass, and no problems on 101 southbound right here through san rafael, down to the golden gate bridge and in fact the drive time across the golden gate bridge is easy nine minutes and smooth ride across the bay bridge at nine minutes and san mateo bridge westbound only 16 minutes >> thank you, frances. mystery in the park, next history that disappeared at yosemite just as a major name change is about to take place. >> another shooting on a stretch of interstate 80 has drivers of interstate 80 has drivers anxious and c. ♪
5:40 am
♪ ♪
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>> the abc news app on go on your schedule. >> we have followed super tuesday investigating all morning. right new we want to take you to arlington, massachusetts, can see people are turning out but severe weather is expected in the northeast to impact the voting. >> unbelievable, deja vu for a san carlos family. the this has happened twice at
5:43 am
the same house. a gravel truck lost control and lost control and washed into the home's bedroom. the driver had several injuries but should recover. the daughter said two years ago an s.u.v. hit the home. she said the damage this time around is a lot worse. >> c.h.p. said seven shootings in five months on interstate 80 are not random. the latest shooting happened on saturday morning at 1:00 a.m. in rich monday. the victim has been identified at 39-year-old leslie graham of el sobrante. another drier pulled up and opened fire alongside him. it is the 7th shooting open i-80 between pinole and berkeley since november. two were deadly. victim was targeted. >> the last victim has ties to north richmond gangs. we can tell each of the incidents was a targeted
5:44 am
incident. >> if you have any information c.h.p. wants it hear from you. >> a man accused of kidnapping his own fell including two children in southern california is still out there. he led authorities on a chase crass several orange county freeways last note that ended in an sure's long stand off. our sister station in los angeles smoke to a witness who said police may have shot the man. at tips during the slow speed chase he moved through the streets and drove into the oncoming traffic until finally coming to a step when the stand off began. you will see a picture now of him with a child this one arm and a cell phone against his ear. police stray a restraining order against him. at some point he stopped, let the kids and a woman out. they all okay. he is still loose. >> a new era at yosemite. the park is officially switching over to a new concession group covering up signs because of a multi million dollar lawsuit.
5:45 am
a thief stole the sign to one hotel from the gate husband. it was there since 1927. >> stolen on saturday evening. we clearly not happy about this. it is a crime. we are investigating fully. >> people have an attachment to the hotel the way ronald and i do and i am sure that was in their heart. >> the now park areas are renamed because the former concession group trademarks the original name and the park service is fighting a ruling that would cost more than $50 million to bay back the rights. the hotel is now called "the majestic." >> a new generation will call it by the new name. >> wet march? >> not so were today, maybe a
5:46 am
few sprinkles but not from the clouds, they are high thin clouds at 30,000 feet. we are waiting for lower clouds that will move across the north by at 5:00 this afternoon through the evening hours and a few sprinkles and otherwise mount tamalpais with march dry and warm. that is it. our first storm arrives tomorrow evening through thursday morning and it looks like a wet to stormy weekend coming up and the first 13-14 days of march was supposed to be above average as far as precision. we have brought back the storm impact scale "1" is light and "2" is moderate and no "4" or "5" and wednesday night into thursday the rainfall amounts up from yesterday at three-quarters with light winds so still a "1" at 5:00 tomorrow, nothing going on. tomorrow, light-to-moderate rain and then the moderate rain goes away and yellow fizzles to light
5:47 am
rain, at 7:00, scattered height rain for the commute, and left over moisture is possible. especially north of the san mateo bridge. by 9:00 it is again. look at the south bay, minimal amount and babe only up quarter-inch. gone, also, after today, 60s rolling with showers and storms on saturday and sunday. frances? >> we will take you to the slow spots in the bay area with the heaviest traffic westbound 580 out of tracy it is a crawl into the altamont pass, and there was a stall blocking the lane only for a few minutes and it has made it really slow along the stretch so from tracy to dublin the drive is an hour and 26 minutes. also, heads up on southbound 680 from dublin to mission boulevard still looking green at 17
5:48 am
minutes with tire tread reported in the left lane near mission boulevard and a big-rig and several cars have pulled over to the shoulder. if you want did take mass transit, good to go, basketball, muni and caltrain reporting no delays. reggie? natasha? >> a four-year old boy in australia learned a valuable lesson after he got his am stuck in a vending machine. the arm was caught in the anti-theft mechanism. it took circumstances -- six hours to release him. the father said his son was overwhelmed with the allure of something he had never encountered before. [ inaudible ] >> i don't think he had seen a vending machine before and he saw the oreos and biscuits and a few other things... >> the father could not complement the first responders
5:49 am
enough saying they were amazing. >> really glad he is okay. >> new at 6:00 a north bay animal rescue is closing over financial issues but the community is rallying to help. >> promoted as a way to boost the woman's sex drive with the results in. all the taxpayer could be on the all the taxpayer could be on the hook for millions of welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship.
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arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) >> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
5:52 am
>> you could have saying what? a multimillion dollar tab for taxpayers could be possible if park officials vote this afternoon to close a gun club near san leandro. here is the issue: cleaning up the lead pollution left behind bit bullets. management claims the club cannot afford the clean up and is giving a thumb's up to the closure. if that happens the costs will go to all of us, the taxpayers, and it is not cheap, $22 million. the owner of the privately owned club are asking for a 10-year extension. it could get tense this afternoon at the meeting as gun lovers and environmentalists and neighbors will show up. >> the so-called female viagra has lackluster results. in august the f.d.a. approved the drug to treat low sexual desire, the first-of-its-kind approved. results show it did not enhance most women emphasis sex life. or increase the protective their encounter. it was linked to a hire risk of
5:53 am
being sleepy and nausea. >> health regulators add new warnings to a permanent contraceptive implant with the colds inserted into the tubes that cause the body to grow ten use and block the tube. many women complained of severe pain and pleading. pain and pleading. some requireed >> girl scout in southern california learned an pent lesson while selling cookies. >> a anyone-- nine-yea selling cookies with her mother and a pan handed her $100 for five becomes. she gave him $75 in change. he left. police later condition firmed the bill was a counterfeit. >> there are good people in this room. there are bad people. it was a good lesson to learn.
5:54 am
>> the story has a happy ending while waiting for the officer to arrive a good samaritan heard the story and gave her a real $100. the woman said she did not want her to have a bad girl scout expense. girl scouts usually recommend the girl scouts not accept larger than $20 bills. >> 5:54 on tuesday. february, five days of measurable rain is it. i could see knit my yard. maybe you could if you were working over the weekend. look what it has continue to the snow pack, it has dehydrated it at 85%, and a pattern change with rain around eureka and chico and another record high is possible at 57 and 79 if los angeles and 93 in palm springs. we have talked how much rain we will get. my seven-day forecast shows lake tahoe has rain on thursday, rain
5:55 am
changing to snow on saturday, and moderate-to-heavy snow on sunday and more coming next week >> now the crash, better news, c.h.p. headed to the area and nothing was found block, weekend 80 and 680 and looking good eastbound. in the south bay, we have reports of a minor injury crash if san jose from the on-ramp to southbound 101. heads up there. really, most folks are slowing down north 101 moving beyond 680 north 101 beyond 880 is looking good all the way up the peninsula. >> imagine you are driving home at night and you see this, it is dark, you have the camera on and the lights brighten crew the sky. it happened in scotland. this is not lightning. people called police saying they saw a firewall screech with a
5:56 am
violent bang and the homes started to shake. chris is running this camera and the video here. folks say this is actually a meteor shore. everyone is fine. >> nasa is back in the jet travel game, giving a $20 million contract to lockheed martin to develop a new passenger jet that can fly faster than the speed of sound. this is a preliminary design. right there. the plan is expended to make flying safer, greener, and quieter. the jet uses technology to credit a soft rather than the large boom. supersonic travel ended a decade ago. >> google is admitting a self driving car was at fault if an accident on february 14. the google s.u.v. hit a mountain view city because. the car was pulling to the far right ahead of a turn and there were sandbags blocking the way
5:57 am
so the car needed to emergency back to the center. that is when it struck the bus. google said the test driver allowed the car to make the move because they expected the bus to slow down or stop. >> breaking news we have been tracking all morning, authorities are clearing out a homeless camp in san francisco and what it means for anyone who is commutes in the area. >> did you get enough sleep? if not you could end up gaining weight. weight. the new link between sleep and
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in the battle of the burgers, jack made a "declaration of delicious"... he took a stand for hand-leafed lettuce and fresh-sliced tomatoes. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, and mouth... ...with buttery bakery buns for all and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is almost 6:00 a.m. and i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> welcome to march. now a check on weather and traffic. we are hoping we will spread some rain throughout the month. >> we are. we will start with sprinkles in the north bay and the bottom will fall out of the forecast. the big storm is. coming our way.
6:00 am
until then the next three hours nothing to worry about. no fog. just the sun. and the low angle. when it comes over the horizon eastbound. temperatures are hanging in the mid-50 by 9:00. by noon we are low 60s to 70 from the cost inland. we will hang on to the 60 during the afternoon hours and back into the mid-to-upper 50s by 7:00 with sprinkles in the evening. frances has a new citizen. what is go on? >> c.h.p. is on its way in san jose. north 101. a car is sideways belonging the lane -- blocking the lanes. the bay bridge toll plaza has typical delays. backed up to the maze. the metering lights turned on at 5:30. crowded on when 80 through emeryville. i will have more open san jose accident in my next report. >> breaking news to report right enjoy san francisco firefighters responding to reports of a very


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