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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is a "abc7 news" special report. super tuesday, now reporting. so many states are in play tonight. the single biggest day of voting. georgia, virginia, and vermont has closed and we predict hillary clinton will win georgia, she will virginia, and bernie sanders will take his home state of vermont in a big way. i'm here with john. hillary clinton, john, develops
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her delegate lead. donald trump, no question he's the front-runner tonight. the question is, is he in command of this race? >> the question is how big a night and whether or not ted cruz, marco rubio, and even john kasich will able to get enough wins to get enough delegates so that they can live to fight another day and overtake trump in future primaries. >> that is all for us right now. get the latest election results at any time at we'll break down all the results and what it means for both nominations tonight at 10:00 eastern. for now, back to regular programming. for many of you, that's "world news tonight" with david muir. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." good afternoon, and thank you for joining us now. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. we'll keep you updated on the st. results and developments throughout this news cast and throughout the evening here on abc 7. we're going to start with
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disappointing results from the state's snow pack survey. >> while there was snow, it looked very different from two months ago. the good news, we're having a better winter than last. the bad, we expected more. >> wayne freedman joins us live with today's results. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon. when you see fulsome lake behind me and compare it to the dust bowl we had last year, it would seem encouraging. but the numbers are in across the state. the average is only 85% of normal. we went along today, while they did some measuring. welcome to the high sierra, just off highway 50, where sometimes pretty pictures do not mean the best news. this is runoff, snow that had been on the ground. >> it was a bad february. >> reporter: this is frank gierke of california's department of water resources and this is phillip's station, california's most photographed snow course.
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it is where every month in winter, frank measures water content while trail and photographed by reporters representing curious noose outlets from across the state. >> a lot of science is somewhat ritualistic in that it is repetitive. >> reporter: hence the plunging and measuring, the same spot for more than half a century here. >> the whole idea is to eliminate any variability apart from the water content. >> reporter: the basin of the snow already melting. what began as a wet weather, fueled by el nino, just plain stalled last month. here, the snow depth measured 58.3 inches. to summarize, the content level is 105% of normal, better than last year and better than a lot of other spots here in california. but if we were to ask frank gierke -- if you could talk to el nino, what would the message be?
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>> pretty poor performance considering the hype. >> reporter: translated, californians will not be dying of thirst this summer and won't lose any more water, either. but the drought continues. from phillips station in the sierra, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> if you could talk to el nino, you would say bring it on in march. >> this is a live picture from our east bay hills camera. spencer christian is here now with our accuweather update. >> rain is coming our way, but not the rain we're about to show you right now. while we have sunny skies here for the most part, light rain up in the northern most part of the state around your rika and crescent city. 63 degrees in san francisco. 63 in half moon bay. here's a live view from our
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camera along the bay bridge there. 71 in concord. starting at 5:00 this afternoon, notice the weak frontal system to the north will fizzle. we may get a few clouds here in the bay area. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, we're looking at dry conditions and a sunny start to the day tomorrow. i'll show you in just a moment some vigorous storms, encouraging rainfall coming our way. >> spencer, we ale see you in a few minutes. three deputies are charged in connection with an alleged jailhouse fight club. prosecutors say they forced men to fight each other like gladiators. and when the inmates refused, they would be threatened with physical harm. they have 48 hours to surrender.
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rally today, calling for justice for a man shot and skilled by san francisco police two years ago. he was shot 14 times in 2014. today, four police officers involved in that shooting are defending themselves in a civil trial over the death of the city college student. officers said they believed he was pointing a gun at them. he was carrying a taser, which his family says was licensed and needed for his job. west valley community college in saratoga will remain closed for the rest of the day because of a bomb threat. this is video of the campus from sky 7 hd. administrators made the call to cancel classes and evacuate around 9:00 this morning. the decision came after a student found a note on campus, mentioning a bomb. a sweep of the entire campus has turned up nothing. quick thinking by a dump truck driver.
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the truck lost its brakes coming down a hill. the driver veered the truck into some bushes and fence. no one was injured. had the driver not veered off, she likely would have rammed into houses or a line of cars backed up at the intersection below. an ambulance responding to a medical emergency hit a woman walking near city college of san francisco today. ski 7 hd over the intersection of ocean avenue and house street where the accident happened just before 8:00. nobody in the ambulance was hurt. two people are recovering after a fire swept through their mobile hospital last night. paramedics treated the residents for smoke inhalation. they also gave oxygen to a dog found inside. that's that picture there that firefighters shared with us. the dog is okay and they're still trying to figure out how this fire got started. health officials are warning uc students about the norovirus
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after self-dozen became ill with symptoms. >> kristen sze has the latest. >> reporter: this is a flyer health officials are now posting online, on campus, and at student dorms. since february 20, they've received 29 reports of students with norovirus like symptoms. students have been showing up complaining of nausha and diarrhea. a south asian student group puts on the event each year. >> it was pretty bad. so it was severe on sunday. severe on monday. but then after that, it just went away. >> reporter: of the 200 dancers who came from all over, about three dozen got sick on the way home. all recovered within a couple of
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days. health officials have cleared the food vendor. crews are now cleaning all common areas of the campus. no single location or event ties all the cases together. norovirus is easily spread in a college setting where people live closely together. so we have some prevention tips for you. wash your hands p s frequently soap and water. wash contaminated clothing and linens right away and stay home when you're sick. >> kristen, thank you. a san francisco homeless encampment that was ordered to be cleared is now gone. 50 city workers moved in at 5:00 this morning to clear the tent city located at division and harrison streets. barricades are now set up to keep the homeless from reoccupying. the city set a 5:00 p.m. deadline on sunday for everybody to be gone. that came and went without action until tuesday. officials say it was a health hazard and it had to close. the city has asked the homeless
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to go to pier 80. but the homeless said they plan on moving around the corner. new details on san francisco's effort to increase the age to buy tobacco. a short time ago, supervisors approved the age increase from 18 to 21. santa clara county also has a minimum age of 21. the tobacco industry may fight this. the ordinance is expected to go into effect june 1. the w tunnel. road signs went up renaming the tunnel just north of the golden gate bridge. the legislature approved the name change last summer. supporters had to raise $3,000 privately to put road signs on both sides of the tunnel. that change originated from an online petition right after the death of williams. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, a vicious guard dog.
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>> plus, in the spotlight. the woman bringing back her oscar glory to the bay area. and the signs are coming down. the big changes and
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this is "abc7 news." the legal battle between apple and the fbi played out on capitol hill today, just one day after a federal judge in new york ruled in a separate case saying apple does not have to help the federal government unlock an iphone. here's reporter elizabeth herr.
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>> reporter: from the courthouse to capitol hill -- >> you're expecting somebody to obey an order that they don't want to do. >> reporter: the case pitting apple against the fbi took center stage in washington. >> essentially we're asking apple take the vicious guard dog away, and let us pick the lock. >> reporter: the fbi insisting they're not asking an toll create a so-called magic key, maintaining they want access to just one iphone longing to one of the san bernardino shooters for blclues? >> is there somebody else? >> reporter: apple has asked the court to have this case thrown out, arguing unlocking that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. >> the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. >> reporter: in a similar but unrelated case, a judge ruled apple cannot be compelled to help the justice department unlock an iphone.
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experts call it a legal victory for apple. also wearing in is the attorney general loretta lynch, saying for the victims and the public, the government must do everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks. some of yosemite national park's most iconic attractions have new names today because of a bitter legal fight that was never settled. >> one of the biggest changes, the historic hotel is becoming the majestic yosemite hotel. here's our report with the transition and the search for a historic sign believed to have been stolen. >> reporter: this stone gate house marks the entrance to yosemite's most luxurious hotel, the alani. but the simple structure is now missing the sign that was placed at its peak in 1930. >> it was stolen sometime saturday evening. we're clearly not happy about
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this. this is a crime. we're investigating it fully. >> reporter: ron and joan dodge took a photo next to the sign in 1977 after getting married. they suspect it was taken by someone upset about the name change. >> people have an attachment to this hotel and park the way we do. so i'm sure that was in their heart. >> reporter: the current provider trademarked the original names, and the park service is now fighting a ruling that would cost more than $50 million to buy the rights. >> it's just heartbreaking to see. and i hope that at some point down the road that we can reverse this. >> reporter: changing the names is a major undertaking. here at the alani alone, you can find it on everything from shuttle stops to floor mats to wine bottles.
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gift shops are selling items at half price. joined dog owners to oppose more dog restrictions in federal park lands. the park service is proposing to greatly reduce the area where dogs can run off leash at ocean beach and other parks at the golden gate recreational area. the supersizers will consider a resolution today, but officially opposes the play. > it's been less than 24 hours since bli foust walked the red carpet. she won best picture for "spotlight" th." >> people always say "after all the president's men," there was
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a big surge for journalism students. i don't know if this will do the same, but i hope we can help bring that back. >> she will continue supporting investigative journalism. "spotlight" is receiving a stamp of approval from the vatican, praising the effort to bring attention to the story of the priest sex abuse hidden by the boston archdiocese. the edit entertainment news, the rolling stones are heading to cuba. the legendary band announced today they'll play a free concert in havana march 25, three days after president obama's visit. the concert is expected to draw a massive audience in a country where the government once persecuted people for listening to rock music, which was seen as a tool of western capitalism.
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tickets for another surprise prince concert just went on sale at 4:00, and this is a big last-minute addition. prince sent out this tweet saying live at oracle arena this friday. tickets range in price from $50 to $500. yes, $500 for prince, who just performed in oakland over the weekend with two concerts at the paramount theater on sunday. we're both working on friday, otherwise we might be there. >> that would be awesome. >> you know what else would be awesome in "purple rain" or rain of any color. >> yeah, we would take it. >> rain is on the way. i can't guaranty what color it will be, but it is coming our way. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, on this sunny afternoon. enjoy this now, because we have rain coming. we certainly need it. let's take a live view from our
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camera looking northwest. rain arrives tomorrow night into thursday morning, that's storm number one. two more storms this weekend, wet and windy weekend. and this unsettled pattern continues into next week. here's the storm impact scale. the storm coming our way tomorrow night and into thursday ranks only one. so it's a light storm, with rainfall projections between a quarter and three quarters of an inch. starting about 8:00 tomorrow morning, a partly cloudy start to the day, becoming cloudier later in the day. tomorrow night, rain pushing into sonoma county, cloverdale wet at that hour. rain will be near santa rosa. by 10:00 p.m., most of the north bay getting rainfall down to the golden gate. by midnight, rain moving through san francisco, on to the peninsula, over to the east bay. 5:00 thursday morning, there will be wet spots and rainy
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areas, tapering off by thursday. our projections for rainfall totals are that by 1:00 p.m. thursday, we'll see up to three quarters of an inch or more. but generally, not more than about 0.4 of an inch. we resume the forecast, 10:00 friday morning. notice rain developments late friday into friday night. that's just the beginning of what will be a wet and stormy weekend. it may continue beyond the weekend. tonight, overnight look for lows in the upper 40s to right around 50. tomorrow, partly cloudy early, becoming cloudier in the afternoon and eving with rain tomorrow night. highs ranging from low 60s at the coast and low 70s inland. here's the seven-day forecast. the first storm on thursday, that ranks one on the storm impact scale. lingering clouds on friday. a stronger storm, one on saturday, one on sunday, both
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bringing wind with them, as well as more rainfall than the first storm. they'll both rank two on the storm impact scale. sunday's storm may produce thunderstorms. then rain or showers lingering into monday and rather unsettled weather on tuesday. so we're going to get another blast of rainy weather that we need before winter completely disappears. >> bring it on. >> thank you, spencer. up next, after nearly a year
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nasa astronaut scott kelly is heading back to earth after nearly a year in space. he's been at the international space station longer than any other u.s. astronaut. abc news reporter lauren lister takes a look at what this mission means. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly this morning tweelting
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photos of his last sun rise in space. he's headed back to earth today, this after 340 days orbitting earth. he's now the american who has spent the most time in space. >> i'm ready to come home. it's not like i'm climbing the walls or anything to get out of here. i recognize the importance of what we're doing. >> reporter: yesterday, kelly handed over command of the iss to start the process of leaving. >> which, of course, is always bittersweet, when you leave this incredible place. >> reporter: he said good night to earth one last night posting this photo on twitter. last year, this soyuz rocket launched from kazakhstan beginning his journey. the point of the nasa mission, to figure out if humans could survive a trip to mars. that would require a year and a half in space. back here on earth, his brother has been undergoing testing at the same time. scientists will compare the two
4:26 pm
men when scott returns. mark telling "abc7 news" last year -- >> i had the really easy part. >> reporter: does he think humans can make it to mars? >> from a subjective perspective, absolutely. >> reporter: he touches down tonight and then testing begins to see how space has affected his body. before this, only four humans had spent a year or more in space on a mission. >> the soyuz capsule that will bring him home is expected to dock in about 35 minutes. we'll have that at 5:00. >> a year in space is a long time. we could see a revival of super sonic jet travel. nasa granted a contract to lockheed martin to develop a jet that could fly faster than the speed of sound. the super sonic commercial flights ended more than a decade
4:27 pm
og with the grounding of a concord which was too noisy. new at 4:00 continues. the new allegations of abuse against two priests inside a new grand jury report. and will today make or break the presidential candidates? we have the very latest on
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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7
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news." taking a look at the headlines at 4:30, all classes have been canceled at west valley community college after what school officials say was a credible bomb threat. this is video from sky 7 hd. a student claimed to have found a note mentioning a bomb located in a specific part of the college. a sweep of the college turned up nothing. and a tweet about the court hearing in santa clara to determine if three jail guards will be tried for murder. we'll have a live report at 5:00. "abc7 news" reporter melanie woodrow in san francisco covering another instance of alleged abuse by jail guards. charges were filed today against three former and current sheriff's deputies for arranging fights between jail inmates. california's monthly snow survey delivered some lackluster results.
4:31 pm
just 83% of average. disappointing for water experts expecting el nino to bring much more water. super tuesday is here. voters in multiple states cast their ballots. the candidates are making last-minute stops across the country trying to snag the snage polls. marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: on the biggest day of voting until the general election -- >> i just want to be responsible and vote. >> reporter: a final super tuesday push from the candidates. >> we are so excited about tonight and the choice and the message you are going to send to america. >> reporter: with 12 states voting today and 1610 delegates at stake overall, marco rubio and ted cruz are focused on stopping donald trump. cruz voting today in texas, counting on a much-needed win. >> there is no doubt any candidate who cannot win his
4:32 pm
home state has real problems. >> reporter: trump polled well ahead nationally among republicans, a new poll out shows hillary clinton stands to easily beat trump if they face off in november. >> i haven't even started on hillary. hillary cannot make america great. >> reporter: today clinton hoping for a repeat of south carolina. >> i will work really hard for you. >> reporter: while bernie sanders casting his ballot in vermont. >> bernie sanders here in vermont got at least one vote. >> reporter: says regardless of today's outcome, he is not backing down. and the candidates are already looking ahead to another big voting day two weeks before florida's primary. trump, clinton, and rubio will all be there tonight, campaigning and waiting for all of the super tuesday results. marci gonzalez, "abc7 news," austin, texas. we want to listen in vermont where bernie sanders is claiming victory at this point. [ applause ]
4:33 pm
>> it is about dealing with the unpleasant truths that exist in america today and having the guts to confront that. [ applause ] it is about recognizing that in our state, we have town meetings and people come out and they argue, and then they vote. one person, one vote! [ applause ] >> so bernie sanders claiming victory there. they are feel the bern in vermont in his home state and he was expected to win by a large margin. joined now by political reporter carla marinucci. we hear so much about super tuesday. explain why today is so critical for both parties. >> this is the motherload.
4:34 pm
more delegates than any other night. more than half needed to get to the nomination for the republicans. >> so high expectations for donald trump. we'll see if he can run the table in all these states with the exception of texas. that's expected to go to ted cruz. but boy, donald trump is looking like somebody who is unstoppable. and we'll also see if some of these voters will coalesce around rubio or ted cruz. >> going forward for the republican party, this is a huge deal, because there's a lot of factions here that don't want to see donald trump get the nomination and what's going to happen? >> you're so right. tonight, we will see if there's any effect -- if any kryptonite
4:35 pm
for donald trump, including his huge controversy over the klu klux klan this week. a lot of republican leaders are looking at this and freaking out, wondering are they going to have to support a third party candidate or go with their college to support the republican nominee? if it's donald trump, he could have an effect all the way down the line and the republicans are starting to see that picture as of tonight. >> what about the democratic side? >> we saw bernie sanders declare a victory. senator clinton has already been declared the winner in georgia and virginia, which was considered a must-win state for her. it's looking like a good night for her. we may start calling her the presumptive nominee very soon. >> great having you. a pleasure and lots more to come. as the political season heats up, our special coverage begins tonight at 7:00 and continues again at 10:00. you can catch tonight's episodes tomorrow morning beginning at
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2:10 here on abc 7, so set your dvr for that. a new grand jury report claims two bishops covered up the sexual abuse of children by more than 50 church figures. the findings are based on the evidence of a once secret archive, documenting 40 years of such abuse. the report says the abuse went on for four decades. pennsylvania's attorney general says none of the alleged criminal acts could be prosecuted because some abusers have died or statutes of limitations have run their course. the attorney for one bishop says the accusations are unfounded. still to come on "abc7 news" at 4:00, big celebration backfires at a high school basketball game. we'll show you what happened. i'm spencer christian. taking a look at clouds in various levels of the atmosphere ahead of a string of rainy days.
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it is "sports illustrated" turn to celebrate the golden state warriors. the article provides an inside look into this unique team and the dynamic and inspiring mindsets of the warriors' players. the warriors are back in action at home tonight against atlanta.
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but steph curry and andre iguodala are both listed as game-time decisions as injuries. a high school basketball team in rhode island learned a valuable lesson about playing until the buzzer sounds. check it out. a player for the broncos steals an inbounds pass in the air to run out the clock. but the player on the other team came down with the ball and quickly called a time-out. the chargers set up their out of bounds play and executed it perfectly. oh, yeah. a lob drop for the winning score. 60-59, they're the rhode island state champs. >> oh, i feel so bad for that kid. it's an alert play. magic johnson used to do this all the time, the final second, just throw the ball down to the other end.
4:41 pm
except don't throw it straight up in the air. he's not going to forget that for quite a while. >> brutal. >> that's a bad way to go out. transition to spencer christian. spencer, you are a very competitive athlete. never did anything like that. >> no, no. i've had some bad moments on the court, but not quite that bad. let's take a look. this is going to be a good moment on my court. rain coming our way. we have mainly sunny skies right now, but clouds will be thickening as we go into wednesday. notice statewide tomorrow, rain pushing to the northwestern corner of the state. some of that rain works into the bay area. southern california tomorrow sunny and warm. partly to mostly sunny skies, highs from low 60s at the coast and a few low 70s inland. the north bay gets rain tomorrow night and into thursday.
4:42 pm
next seven days will bring us quite a bit of rainfall. a very rain yil weekend for both day, saturday and sunday with storms producing rainy conditions. we're estimating over the next seven days, parts of the east bay will see 2 1/2 to 3 inches of rain. san francisco about 3 inches over the next seven days. 234 the north bay, 3 to 4 1/2 inches of rain we estimate will fall. so we do indeed have a rainy pattern coming our way and we certainly need it. >> thank you so much, spencer. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, high tech security takes center stage in san francisco. the top concern, apple. i'm michael finney. driverless cars are the future, or are at, we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest.
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we have breaking news on this super tuesday. donald trump has won the republican presidential primary in georgia, and that follows wins by bernie sanders in vermont, as well as hillary clinton in virginia, georgia, and american samoa. stay with us for the latest super tuesday results throughout the evening. security experts from across the globe are meeting at the
4:46 pm
moscone center right now. you can bet the battle between apple and the fbi is front and center. >> jonathan bloom was there today as the nation's nsa director and attorney general both made their cases and joins us live with a look at what happened. >> reporter: that's right. some of the biggest minds in computer security were here all week for this conference. that drew some of the biggest names from the u.s. government. the attorney general and that of the national security agency both made their case on stage to this audience of professionals who have found themselves in the spotlight. if the u.s. attorney general got a lukewarm reception, it may be that she was in enemy territory. >> absolutely i understand the attorney general's opinion. i think most of us here do not agree with her. >> reporter: at the world's largest security conference, one issue was in the spotlight. >> apple decided to make products that serve their customers. >> reporter: the fbi versus apple. >> what the fbi is asking for
4:47 pm
seems inappropriate and this debate really belongs in congress. >> reporter: the head of the nsa took the stage begging the industry to work with the government. >> we're spending a lot of time right now talking to each other about what we can't do. and in many ways we're not even talking to each other. we're just talking past each other. >> reporter: some say being able to break iphone security would give government too much power. the attorney general argued not being able to gives too much pow tore apple. >> do we let one company, no matter how great the company, no matter how beautiful their devices, do we let one company divide this issue for all of us? >> reporter: tech companies are designing even tougher security for unbreakable encryption. >> if you have this type of true random number, you can bypass that achilles heel of security. >> reporter: it was a pseudo random number generator that caused a weakness in some firewalls. now some security researchers blame that weakness for the hack on the office of personnel
4:48 pm
management. >> it's possible that a u.s. government back door was responsible for the compromise of the u.s. government. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." blue cheese, possibly concam nated, has been recalled. >> yeah, a popular store. whole foods announced the voluntary recall of wall tag blue cheese. return it to the store with a receipt for a refund. it's possibly contaminated with listeria. no illnesses have been reported due to time -- i should say due to the contamination so far. costco members are in for a big change. the long-time american express
4:49 pm
card branded with the costco logo is being replaced. we told you about this months ago. well, beginning in june, the card will be the only credit card accepted at costco. contact american express about your card, and you'll probably be offered a new one without the logo and points. it seems most americans still have doubts about the driverless car. 75% would not feel safe in those cars. the same survey did get advocates of reason to be hopeful. 67% say they like features such as automatic braking and self-parking. some say they're safer because they can't be distracted. "time" magazine just did a huge cover story, that's all we're going to be in, in just a few years. topping health news, more evidence that exercise prevents cancer. >> here's jane king.
4:50 pm
>> researchers are exploring the role of exercise in lowering cancer risks. danish researchers found that active minds were much more less likely to develop cancer than inactive ones. massage is also showing to rejuvenate an exhausted body, improving circulation. people who don't get enough sleep may put on the pounds because they've got the munchies. a study finds not enough sleep can get the same impulses to get the munchies as marijuana. and organic nail salons serving up manicures free of dangerous toxins. a study found a chemical common
4:51 pm
in manicures is linked to weight gain and could disrupt hormones. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. mcdonald's is testing is an idea to take its happy meals to the next level. you know the famous red box? it can now turn into a virtual reality headset. the especially boxes are being tested in sweden. all you need to do to make it work is have a smartphone that can be slipped between the folds of the box for a 360 video experience. no word when we can see them in the u.s. >> happy goggles? "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, a vote expected tonight on the closure of a popular east day gun club. but there is one big sticking point and we'll explain when we return. right now, dan is here with a look at what's coming up on
4:52 pm
"abc7 news" at 5:00. >> thank you very much. coming up next, two bay area women sharing pictures from the oscars. how they got to meet kate let and lady gaga. and these kids are one step closer to their dream. all that and a lot more when we
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tonight at 8:00, it's the muppets. at 9:00, agent carter. at 10:00, special coverage of super tuesday. followed by "abc7 news" at 11:00. happening right now in the east bay, a battle over the future of a popular shooting range. >> supporters are sounding off as board members prepare to vote. chris nguyen is there and has the story. >> at this golf course in astro valley --
4:56 pm
>> i was omt expecting 50, 60 people. i had no idea it would be this many. >> reporter: an overflow crowd. >> just trying to make a decision. it's really a difficult decision. [ overlapping speaker ] >> reporter: they'll vote whether to keep the shooting range open. park officials say the site is contaminated with more than 50 years of accumulated lead. they're recommending it be closed and are asking for board approval to negotiate a six-month lease expense with the gun club. that extension would be used for a transition period. >> lead is highly toxic. this is not an issue of pro or anti gun but being anti-lead. >> right now i have two grandsons that are just about the age i want to take them out to shoot. and this is the only real close place to shoot. >> this has provided an outlet
4:57 pm
for my son and i to do together to enjoy. we're been embraced by this community. >> reporter: others who live nearby say it's time to close the range. >> you can't enjoy it if there's the sound of gunfire going off all the time. >> it's there all the time from the inside and outside of the house. walking on the trails, and it's pervasive. >> reporter: right now the board is taking public comment. they're expected to make their final decision by the end of tonight's meeting. chris nguyen, "abc7 news." san francisco's tough gun laws make it even tougher. supervisor mark farrell introduced a gun storage and trigger lock law today. it would require every san francisco resident with a gun to keep it in a locked container in their home or disable the gun with a trigger lock. in october, the city's last gun shop closed with the owners citing the city's gun regulations as the main reason. that's going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news" at 4:00.
4:58 pm
thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now with kristen and dan. >> he touched people's lives. he mattered. >> a sister talks about her brother killed at a bay area jail. tonight, the three men accused of taking his life, and what an inmate says he saw them do. plus -- >> and we're getting a better idea tonight of where we stand five years into this drought. is it time to hope for a march merkel? s is >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and donald trump. the big wins just scored on this super tuesday. and -- >> it's kind of been like this whirlwind experience. >> and the dreams coming true for some bay area kids. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> just silence. >> kicking his head. that was his welfare check.
4:59 pm
that was his last welfare check. he was gone. >> a stark description about the death of michael tiery inside a south bay jail and another inmate says he saw the whole thing. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> a former inmate of the santa clara county jail says he witnessed the beating death of a mentally ill inmate. it's part of a hearing to determine if the jail guards will be tried for murder. we're live at the hall of justice tonight with the story. katie? >> reporter: the former inmate who testified today said he had at least a partial view of michael tyree's cell. he could see waist down from the upper floor. he says after the alleged beating, when an officer came back to check, he did so by nudging his head with his boot.
5:00 pm
this as the inmate says the guards picked on mentally ill inmates. >> what he conveyed in his testimony was so intense. >> reporter: the attorney for michael tyree's family says what juan perez testified to in court. >> meaning how the officer treated the mentally ill inmates. it was just so mean that itself was crazy. >> reporter: perez says he witnessed the jail guard s ente the cell the night of his death. >> michael's cries for help and just silence. >> reporter: now the deputies face murder charges for the death and assault under the color of authority charges for the alleged beating of another inmate, who is also mentally ill. >> he touched people's lives. he


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