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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. coming up on 5:00 a.m., i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> a lot is go on. meteorologist mike nicco is track, the forecast. a little bit of radar return showing up from oakland and alameda across the san francisco daly city, colma to san bruno and hillsborough and back to pacifica. sprinkles for you and a better chance of light rain around dublin and pleasanton and livermore through the sunol grade and down fremont and milpitas to alum rock. the cold front will move through and the winds are coming from the southwest. we will have periods of light rain through the morning commute and into the afternoon where it will taper. on the hayward side we had one roll through and you will run into some wet pavement from time to time, at 50 to 56 and mild.
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low-to-mid 60s at noon, upper 50s to mid-60s at 4:00, and by 7:00, the threat is over. sue? we have green on the roads for the road sensors and an exception is. coming out of the central valley from tracy to dublin and we see slowing over the altamont pass. the green on the map means the potential for rain and could affect the commute opposed to the green on the roads. one is good and one is slippery. road work at 98th through 106th and slow traffic in the central valley. speeds of 22 miles per hour. you are look at 20-25 miles per hour into dublin/pleasanton. back with a look at south bay drive coming up. >> continuing to follow breaking news in walnut creek where investigators are putting together what happened moments before a car flew off interstate 880 and land upside down in the building below.
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matt? >> emergency services of here cleaning up the scene in and around the building cut off the wall to get the building secure. i spoke with the owner 20 minutes ago and he said i was using as a yoga studio. the bmw flew off 680 through the parking lot and hit the building on boulevard circle wedging itself upside down and barely missed an ambulance staged in the parking lot. the drivers were stuck inside and the firefighter cut the doors off to get to them but not before making sure it was safe to go inside. >> we had to access it up the building. this video we shot half an hour ago of the bmw throed away. it is amazing the male and female everyone alive at the scene. they have major injuries.
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the sheriff started the pursuit with in word open why they chased the vehicle. the owner of the willing said this section of the building is red tagged so no one is allowed inside. >> you thank you, matt. more breaking news, we are tracking a situation in livermore with a lost police activity this morning right near the police station. we saw crime scene tape go up and now investigators are trying to put together exactly what happened. amy hollyfield, what do we know at the scene? >> they still have crime tape up here in livermore in front of city hall at pacific avenue. that is the back entrance to the police department and it looks like that is where they focusing their attention. we were told that there was a man here threatening police at police station but they told us that there is no longer a threat to the area
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us how it ended. the police officers are okay and there is no longer a threat. they are still working on same as far at what they will tell us were we are here waiting for more information. we will get it to you when it is available. the san francisco police officers association is accusing distribute tone george gascon of making disparageing remarks about minorities saying he was friendly with union leaders when police chief and made disaerialing remarks about minorities in their presence. the union is firing back against the d.a. in a dispute. both sides have been going after it since the d.a. have been investigating police bias. month response from the d.a.'s office. >> new detail on the homeless sweep on division street in san francisco. it wasn't the only large homeless community cleared out.
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under highway 101 we are told 100 or more homeless lived here. as of yesterday most tents and homes were gone. >> there are only file of us and we are holding it down. >> the police told everyone to leave over the weekend and knows he will have to leave, too. some would left have relocated at a temporary city shelter. >> south bay high school wrestler said he got person lease -- herpes from a match and wants the tournament postponed. he has skin infections all over his face. he said he was diagnosed with herpes and thing he get it from wrestling match used at a tournament at independence high school in san jose last month. he is concerned that he could have spread the infection to other wrestlers. the california federation said that the tournament this weekend will go on as per national
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protocols and doctors are present. >> people would live near a popular tourist spot in san francisco say it is attracting thieves with an uptick in break-ins. people are taking matters into their own hands. >> tourists take pictures of the base of the steps in san francisco at the inner sunset and at the feet is a scar when, broken glass littering the streets. crime in the area is out of control and no longer feels safe parking her car outside her own house. >> the thieves are casing the area. they are hooking for out-of-state plates and waiting for people to park. >> sometimes they are as brazen as going up to someone and saying are you looking for the steps, keep walking all the way up to the stop. >> thieves have u.n. time to empty a car during the 10-minutes it takes an unsuspecting victim, usually a
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tourist, to walk up and down the tiled steps. garcia has reported the break-in s and citing a suspicious car. >> the precinct is inundate asked cannot keep up with all of reports. saw that an excuse? >> i don't think so. >> neighbors have been posting flyers around the area warning visitors of break-ins. they are also talking to people in person. posting warnings on yelp and have reached out to the city asking for permanent signs. she wants visitors to remember the beautiful art and stunning views from the top not the ugly scene she is sick of seeing by the cars parked below. >> a lawsuit has been filed in san francisco against a familiar-sounding name who you have probably see on reality tv show "flip the house," he is accused of fraud through the seminars promoting getting rich by flipping homes.
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students of the seminar say the system does not work. he released a statement saying and i quote, "164 out of 1.5 million people have decideed that continuous hard work is not for them." >> hopefully drive this morning is not too hard because the rain has been fairly light. can you see over the next six hours it will be scattered and light but the threat is out there. it is mild this morning. along the east bay shore. as you head inland it is cool in orinda at 55 to 60 at alameda. the temperatures this morning are mid-50s to terribly 60 degrees. sfo shows radar with activity over the to which you so sprinkles are possible but the tree pollen is high today no matter how much rain we get. it will not be enough. 101 and 880, in san jose, looking dry right now but, remember, throughout the day, periods of light showers are possible. temperatures are cooler and low-to-mid 60s.
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we will have more scattered showers friday and probably a better chance of warm air start to roll in low-to-upper 60s and saturday, windy, with heavy rain and low-to-mid 60s. i will give you an hour-by-hour look at saturday coming up in the couple of inches of rain that are possible. i will update you on our storm impact scale, will. sue? >> yes, we are going to san jose and look at 280, the headlights headed in the northbound direction. just under the 880 and 17 overcrossing driving to cupertino on 280 at seven minutes from the 880 overcrossing. here is 87 beyond the s&p center, a couple of headlights through the screen, obviously everyone is moving nicely at the limit here. green on our traffic map is good with the exception of slow traffic out of tracy and it is looking nice all the way around. some of the mass transit 38 trains out of bart on time. muni is looking good this morning and ace train one headed
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into vasco station on time. back with a look at the bay bridge and if there is a backup in the next couple of minutes. >> now the time of pg&e for the deadly san bruno explosion nearly six years ago. >> it could create quite the traffic jam with reports plan to truck a giant section of pipeline to front of the federal courthouse in san francisco. the "san francisco chronicle" said it could be the first pieces of evidence presented to the jury. pg&e is fighting the idea and asking the judge to stop it. the prosecutors say the show and toll is an essential part of proving pg&e is guilty of 13 criminal charges in the 2010 pipe line explosion. eight people died. 38 homes in san bruno were destroyed. >> possible relief for renters in san jose with a proposal that could save you some cash. >> pay bills online could be more convenient but it may not more convenient but it may not be so h
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a san francisco family is awaiting a bone transplant for a child but now the father is out of a job. he received a termination letter from his employer, a resident manager for a building can means he also lives there, rent-free.
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the company said that because she no longer needed, he must also give up his apartment by the end of the month. >> our lawyer is asking for reasonable accommodation because we cannot pack up and move out when half of our family is in the hospital. >> he is talking about his 18 -month-old son positives would cancer and need adds bone marrow transplant. a gofundme page is set up at to help out. all the san jose represent control ordinance could face challenges, the business journal reports that the housing department released recommendations to modify the rent which affects 44,000 units. one change includes determine how much landlords are allowed to increase rents each year, with five more meet thing month before the final recommendations to the city council in april. it could be more difficult for young people in california to buy tobacco, a package of bills up for vote today.
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>> 20 year since the california legislature help acted meaning ful tobacco control legislation and in that time we have gone from being the national leader to being at the back of the pack. >> the bill includes regulations on e-cigarettes, tougher restrictions for smoking in school donees, and a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco. this week, the city of san francisco raised the minimum from 189 to 21. >> republican presidential candidates gather for the debate tonight and we could see a rematch between donald trump and megyn kelly. >> there will also be one less candidate on the stage. here is the fall out from super tuesday. >> with donald trump high poll numbers materializing to vote and a commanding lead in the delegate count, republicans working to stop the man on track to lead the going. >> today, mitt romney will make the case against the frontrunner
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, trump tweeting two time failed candidate mitt romney is telling republicans how to get elected. >> four-years ago the two men stood side-by-side. >> it is my honor, real honor, and privilege, to endorse mitt romney. >> with ben carson the only republican hinting at leaving the race ted cruz is encouraging the supporters of others to abandon their number one choice. >> if you have been supporting another candidate, we welcome you. >> ted cruz arguing he alone can stop a president clinton or a president trump. ♪ tonight >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton take on the air of nominee as a star-studded fundraiser. >> thank you all so much! >> bernie sanders argued that the d race is not yet settled. >> not is inof thible today. >> the "washington post" is reporting this morning that the
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hillary clinton aide would set up the private e-mail server is granted immunity by the f.b.i. saying that they are pleased he cooperating. >> i did not expect that outfit on katy perry. >> i liked i. >> we have coverage on the debate at 11:00 with complete election coverage any time on >> we do have our umbrellas ready just in case. >> you have to hold on, too, because the wind could blow the rain sideways so you may need to have other use of staying dry. today, the umbrella is perfect. here is walnut creek, where it is dry looking southbound on 680 and on live doppler hd you can see knocking on the doorstep from concord, pleasanton hill to lafayette and orinda light rain. it stretches along 24 to berkeley to oakland and piedmont and san leandro and across to
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south san francisco and millbrae and pacifica and also toward half moon bay. we have this little system moving out toward livermore in the altamont pass and heading to tracy so maybe a little bit wet moving through the altamont pass there are scattered light radar returns and we will have that today. periods of light rain showers mostly cloudy, cooler, the big storm coming in this weekend and there will be one on saturday, one on sunday, and a break on monday afternoon and into tuesday and wednesday. our storm impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, but we will focus on saturday's storm, a strong, yes, as strong as we have had all year, with heavy rain in the evening hours, afternoon and evening, thunderstorms and gusts up to 50 miles per hour and on friday evening, scattered showers you can seat yellows and oranges and as we head overnight into saturday morning, it is lighter
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but, look at this: breaking out during the afternoon and evening hours maybe red popping up, 1-2" of rain possible. saturday and maybe another 1" on sunday. the bay bridge is a beautiful shot of the eastern span in san francisco, you are looking good, golden gate field to the city is 15 minutes with break lights around the curve headed to the tunnel. otherwise, not bad. a few cash-paying cars left hand lane, and otherwise, no delays but we will check on metering lights in a few minutes. green is good across the bay area on the roads and we are not seeing much slowing with the exception of tracy and up and over the altamont pass which is typical with 38-minute drive from tracy to dublin area. stay tuned. how many of us have pushed to paying bills on-line? now, consumer group is actually recommending you stick with that old fashioned paper for the
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bills. >> bangs and credit car companies and other businesses are pushing companies to get the statements electronally but that could create more harm than good. >> the report said that it takes longer to go online and to remember all of the vital information needed to access accounts. do it automatically? >> interesting. >> two major fast make it easier to pay. >> the pentagon is looking for a few good hackers. here are the tech bytes. >> google is changing the million payment game. >> the new hands free app allows users to purchase by saying "i pay with google." connecting to cash registers by wi-fi and blue tooth. >> mcdonald's is on board and testing it in the bay area. >> pentagon is looking for a few good...hackers say they will pay
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a big bounty to those who can detect vulnerability in the government's system. >> check out future of vehicle tires. good year is unveiling the new tire that offers driving 360-degree motion. the tire connects to the car using magnetic levitation and stopping and starting using magnetic field. >> anything to help the pack -- parking. >> you will not believe the message that a thief left after he stole her wallet. herpes alert what a high school herpes alert what a high school student is asking to help
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with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> it is wet. you can see it on live doppler hd. but it is light. it will be scattered.
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i have upgraded the weekend storms on our storm impact scale. we have thunderstorms. gusty winds. heavy flooding rain. an hour-by-hour look at that is coming you. >> two, following your thursday morning commute, here is back at the bay bridge toll plaza a couple of cars stacked up for cash-paying folks. no metering lights. we will follow that. it looks like c.h.p.'s pursuit on the peninsula when we return. >> breaking news in walnut creek , giant hole and high speed chase ended with a car flying off interstate 680 crashing upside down inside of a yoga studio. to people in the car have major injuries and workers are shoring up the building. >> 9 area in livermore around police headquarters is safe again. a man threatened the officers but he is for longer a throat but they are not elaborateing. >> the santa county jail has 20
5:25 am
new security cameras courtesy of sheriff laurie smith who went to costco using her own money to buy the cameras. >> 25 years ago today, four l.a.p.d. police officers were caught on camera beating rodney king on a los angeles street. king led officers on a short chase and they tried to pull him over and that led to roasts and some of our first conversations about police and minorities in america. >> astronaut scott kelly is spending time with family and friends landing in houston overnight after spending almost a year on the international space station. he was welcomed home with beer and apple pie. >> a southern california woman got a big surprise when she opened her mailbox this weekend. all the person would stole her wallet wanted to teach her a lesson and sent her this letter saying they should shop let, keep her wallet safe and enjoy more.
5:26 am
>> no! >> i started reading this letter and i thought you have to be kidding me. violated to have someone act like they know me. someone who is stealing...thousands of dollars worth of tell me i am too materialistic. >> it said "do your own nails." >> whoa! >> she lost her wallet in a store parking lot and the thieves kept the wallet and took $50 and the target gift card but left that note. >> nice. >> nerve. >> now a man would now is an assistant professor at stanford, analyzing movement of the water hilly beetle. didn't you always wander? >> everyone has a passion the. >> beetles never separate from the surface of the water there they appear to fly across it. >> it is an insect with the
5:27 am
capacity to control its locomotion at half a meter a second without detapping from -- detaching from the water surface.. >> the bug rests only a tip of the flag on the water surface and flaps its wings 115 times a second to propel across the water. >> thank you, reggie. now i know teach about a water beetle. stay tuned.
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on thursday at 5:30. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is friday eve. a lot of breaking news. but meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the wet weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone. the key is "little, light." oakland, san leandro, across the bay to san mateo and to san bruno we have sprinkles more than rain moving through walnut creek now and the altamont pass. a little bit more developing across the north bay. right now, walnut creek you can see it is barely reaching the ground. no spray come up from the cars as we look southbound on 680. my 12-hour day planner, if you scheduled around the rainy spots in the only commute, it is mild at mid-to-upper 50s and isolated showers and a lesser chance by noon and an uptick in the afternoon to scattered showers and what you will really notice it is cooler than yesterday, 50s and 60s and in the evening it goes away but a lot more rain is coming up in the seven-day forecast.
5:31 am
sue? >> a minute to go. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. instant fill in. we have a 10-minute delay behind the toll plaza into the macarthur maze for the morning drive and if you can take bart it is a great idea. they on time running 38 trains and the traffic map is looking green and that is good. we will come back with an insurance accident that looks to be wound up at the peninsula at ralston in a few minutes. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news in walnut creek where crews are scrambling to secure a building that houses a yoga studio after a car flew off interstate 680 and slammed into the building. matt spoke to the building's owner? matt? yes, i spoke with the owner about 45 minutes ago and he told me that this part of building is used as a yoga studio. it is red tagged with
5:32 am
construction crews cleaning up and the biggest concern is making it safe for people to go inside. check out what caused all of damage, a bmw flew off 680 being chased by police. it want through a parking lot. it hit the building wedging itself upside down. it barely missed an ambulance stationed in the parking lot. the male drive and female passenger were stuck inside. firefighters had to cut the car doors off. they were taken to the hospital with major injuries. the building owner spoke to us about what he saw. >> you took pictures of the car and it is amazing they could survive at all with the damage to the car. this video of the bmw towed away and the sheriff started the pursuit with no word on why they chased the vehicle or identity of driver or the passenger.
5:33 am
>> i have seen the video and it is something. >> news of the santa county jail has been so negative the sheriff is now taking matters into her own hands using her credit to buy $700 worth of surveillance cameras. she get them at costco for $630 each. she felt compelled to act after listening the plan for a $20 million system will 2:00 two yours. >> we will have captains and lieutenants that and view this and it is an interim solution because it is not a $20 million solution it is $700 for the year but it will be adequate. it will be very good. >> right new the cameras are installed in only one housing area, and the sheriff said if it works out she will go to costco and buy more. the cameras come four months after the beating death of michael tyree. >> a south bay high school athlete got herpes from a
5:34 am
wrestling mat and wants the tournament this weekend to be put on hold for others. >> he say the leagues developed after a tournament at independence high school in san jose last month. a couple of days ago, the doctors diagnosed him with herpes a skin infection caused by herpes prevalent in the wrestling community and last as long time the he is concerned he could have spread it to other wrestlers and wants officials to postpone the state tournament until the incubation period is over. >> either they need to be stopped from wrestling or the tournament needs to be postpone ed so continue just trying to prethen this from getting to others. >> i don't think they should cancel the state tournament.
5:35 am
the kids have worked hard and earned the right to be this. >> the head coach said that each athlete has a skin infection before get on the matt and the federation said that the tournament will go on. doctors will be on hand. >> so hard to look at the pictures. >> and if you take bart in the east bay to people are facing charges this morning for stealing from passenger's cars. we were at oakland at bartization in lake merritt as police announced an arrest on the theft of converters: 23 have been stoling at bart lots in the past month. thieves go after the converters because they are easy to steal and can fetch several hundred dollars each. >> now developing news, north korea is thumbing its nose at tough new sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council. the communist country fired
5:36 am
several short-range missiles into the eastern sea after sanctions were passed to squeeze the parts of north korean economy that finance nuclear and missile program. the united states ambassador said that the sans have loopholes big enough to drive a truck through. >> paylation transport minister said there is a "high possibility," part of the debris belongs to a boeing 777. >> an money tourist found a piece of a plane in mozambique over the weekend and they are working to identify if this is pat of plane missing for two years now. the debris is 1,200 miles away from the spot where a confirm part of the plane was found last july. >> astronaut scott kelly is back on united states soil landing if houston where the family gave him a big hug last night. he spent 340 days at the international space station more
5:37 am
than any other american astronaut. he left houston in february days before the 51st product. >> i left here in february, i don't know what day it was in february, but i was 50. and now i am 52. great to be back in texas. on united states soil. it is an unbelievable feeling to be back here. on planet earth. in our great country. back with my family and my friends. >> each -- not every day vice president's wife arrives at your plane bringing gifts. beer and apple pie. >> you apple could be ready to dust off the first officization rate here in san francisco. they are going to open new offices if san francisco according to reuters and will take two floor in a bridge building at 2nd street in s
5:38 am
francisco housing 500 workers. >> coming up on 5:38 on thursday. our lawns are thirsty and getting sprinkles, from glen ellen across 37 to novato and san rafael and a few sprinkles around pittsburg, and clayton and walnut creek and lafayette and mosten hill and possibly to alamo and danville with just a few scattered light showers over the next three hours. not all of us are going to get wet. outdoor activities "fair," because this is a chance of getting wet at some point today. garden is better this weekend. dodging drops and same if you walk the dog it will be wet. here is a look from the east bay hills camera you can see how high the clouds are with the moisture around 15,000 feet.
5:39 am
chances are continuing during the afternoon hours and what you will notice is the temperatures are cooler, mid-to-upper 60s with scattered showers throughout tomorrow's forecast and the heaviest and strongest storm, heaviest rain and fastest winds are on saturday with an hour-by-hour look at that and updated storm impact scale. sue? >> yes, the tail lights at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. looking at our drive times, tracy to dublin is tooking good, moderate drive at 42 minutes and highway 4 antioch slowing down, but 20 minutes into concord and san rafael looking great. san mateo bridge at 15 minutes across the span getting over to the peninsula where we had an early high speed chase with c.h.p. and vehicle going 85 to 90 miles per hour swerving between lanes which has wrapped up. use caution. roads can be slick.
5:40 am
the green on the map is rain. potential for the commute. the green on the roads is go. we are at the limit. we will be back with another look at the drive times and mass transit. coming up. >> we have commuting in the bay known to be a pain but this could make you feel better. >> a study shows the commute could be quit a bit worse. the cities with the long of the average commute include new york at one, an average of 34.7 minutes. long island is second, 33 minutes. washington, dc, third, with the top bay area city is oakland coming in at seven. an average commute of under 30 minutes. >> gays, remember the fake teen doctor who had everyone talking last month? the kid would called himself dr. love? he is back. he is back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo , this is abc7. >> the trial continues against four san francisco police officers. we were there yesterday when the officers arrived in federal court to testify in the suit filed by the family of alex nieto who died two years ago after officers fired 3489 times. officers not he had a gun but, instead, he had a taser which the familiar said he had to have
5:44 am
for the job. a rookie cop on a training run fired most of the shots but testified that he was still standing with his weapon aimed at the officers. >> the officer is not allowed to say because someone is a threat that makes it a threat so it has to be evaluated. if something is reasonable or credible or not. >> at issue is whether nature to pilled the taser from a hollister and aimed at the officers. one of the witnesses will testify he had his happens in the jacket when police opened fire. all the community is showing they will not stand for hate crimes after dozens came to a meeting last night on human relations and could not believe that two burning logs were found under a family car with race racial note. >> whoever perpetrated this is outnumbered many thousands to one.
5:45 am
>> police are surveillance video and asking for more. there will be a community for rule on diverse any. >> if you headed to south by southwest you can see president obama and the first lady. the festival for technology and film and music is held in austin, texas, and president obama will speak next friday at the start of the interactive portion and the first lady will be in a music event and talk about "let girls learn." the florida teen acauses of posing a doctor is facing charges for a third time. the 18-year-old love robinson or dr. love did not comment yesterday. the teen is accuses of selling 86-year-old woman fake vitamins and stealing her check become taking $34,000 to pay bills. a judge ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation.
5:46 am
>> the lawyers said thestein not ill. >> okay... >> rain is in the forecast. >> finally. >> finally. it will be significant this weekend. we have upped the storm impact scale from "2" to "3" but right new you can see the low clouds hanging over san francisco and a drop or two on the scam a lens with sprinkles and a little bit light rain pulling out of walnut creek and heading to stone value road and alamo and danville. as we cross the east bay hill you can see it is updated mcarthur boulevard to san lorenzo and redwood city and cross the we san mateo bridge, to san mateo, to redwood city and sandhill road to palo alto with a few sprinkles. in san jose, 280 at 17, it is quiet.
5:47 am
you get a few sprinkles next hour. we have mostly clouds and this is unsetted but it will not rain all day but it will rain in some spots the next two days. it will be light have the umbrella handy. the stronger storms are this weekend and we will get a brief break. our storm impact scale is "1" light and "2" is moderate and we are up to "3" with saturday's storm so the delayed model convinced us it will be a "3" with half rain and thunderstorms and gusts up to 50 miles per hour. on friday at 5:00, in the evening, the scattered showers, some moderate association have the umbrella handy, a little bit of a lull overnight through saturday morning with waves of light sures and from 3:00 on until 11:00 that is when the heavy rain starts to roll in and how heavy? i will show you, with the poe external of 1-2" in the south by.
5:48 am
my seven-day forecast shows that is followed up with a "2" moderate storm reaching into monday morning and the commute is wet and we will get a break on tuesday and wednesday. >> try to get dizzy if the travels take you from novato, southbound on 101 beyond the north gate ma'am and civic center to lincoln avenue, the brake lights heading in the southbound direction for 21-minute drive into san francisco. and at the golden gate bridge, the rain is on the camera lens with slick road conditions. give yourself extra time. frein on the surface and the center map is good with slow traffic from the central valley with an accident near grant line 580 westbound but that is off to the right shoulder and not causing too many delays. the drive out of antioch is 35 minute drive from antioch bogging down through pittsburg and into bay point and concord. the mass transit, 42 trains on train for bart, ace train one
5:49 am
and three on time with no problems where muni. stay tuned. the texas trooper charged in the case sandra bland has been officially fired accused of lying about the 2015 arrest of brand and the controversial traffic step caught on camera. the torn said that trooper was look out for his safety and the family of bland an african-american woman from chicago sued authorities ran the bill where she was fund dead which was ruled a "homicide." >> police in houston are trying to capture the bold bandits after a well ok straighted smash-and-grab. watch this. they pushed the truck to the front of the store and ripped it off, smashing cases when they were inside with hammers and made off with more than 50 guns and rifles in less than five minutes. police arrested three of guys and are still looking for seven
5:50 am
more. if you think more are on bart during the commute you got that right, the agency is reporting record ridership. but, first, we learn more of an east bay high school battle over changing their mascot with some claiming it is rooted in racism. >> a frightening sight for a >> a frightening sight for a family in florida with an
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> a battle is going on in the east bay over a mascot at the high school. >> students wanted to change the image that goes with the long-standing mascot, rebel guy. we take a look. >> he is wherever you look at
5:53 am
san lorenzo high on the sign, on sweatshirts and outside and inside of the gym. but, now, and say that it is time for rebel guy to go. >> we want a mascot that has zero reflection of a confederate-like image. >> the principal is leading the tonight get rid of the mascot but not the name. we love being rebels, being courageous, and high spirited and standing up for what is wrong and for what is right. >> the mascot dates back to anyone then when rebel guy was seen as a softening of the prior image, can clearly depicted a confederate colonel. that was also a time when the confederate flag was prominent in the high school sporting events and the year back was called "the confederate." some have blmed allegiance to remember billion guy on social media, no supporter spoke before the school board on tuesday. the students? >> should it be changed? >> yes.
5:54 am
>> why? >> it represents racism. >> does it not offend me some say it is like...i think. does not offend no one it is not a problem until it was pointed out. >> last people think it is offensive, but not to me so we should change it. all the school board will make the decision in the coming weeks . we were the gators can would make sense if we were in florida but we were not these gays are, the florida family had a gift in their pool and they called a trapper when it started thrash ing around. would you want to be that close? the mouth that close? to your feet? the trapper got the 9' gator out of the pool and said the gator was hanging out for a while. it is florida. alike me trying to get my dog to
5:55 am
the bath. >> 9 snow is melting in alaska. that means the dog sled race is not what it used to be they are receiving snow by rail for the first time being hauled 300 cubic yards of snow bit railroad and the dogs will have less of a challenge. the route is only three miles this area. eight miles shorter than last year. 85 mushers and the teams will be on the starting line on saturday. >> that does not seem right. >> meteorologist mike nicco we are tracking wet weather today. much more to come this weekend. >> absolutely. this is the appetizer the smaller portion, and you can see it and mainly green and light green with sprinkles to light showers this morning and throughout the afternoon. especially to the monterey bay. now, what will happen a wet start to the weekend for the sierra with rain mostly on saturday and it change over to snow on sunday so the snow tolls
5:56 am
are lower than yesterday because of the system coming in warmer, but, still, 1' is possible. my seven-day outlook shows for lake tahoe you will see light showers today, tomorrow, heavier rain on saturday, and heavy snow on sunday with moderate snow lingering into monday. i will have the day planner next. sue? >> the macarthur maze is moving nicely and 80 westbound golden gate field to san francisco just under 20 minutes and metering lights are on at the toll plaza and you have a delay when you get beyond that, though, you are on smooth sailing into san francisco. if you can car pool, each morning we watched them whizzing by with in delays. green on the mat is good as far as the road sensors with slow traffic from the central valley and the green on there is rain for the drive. or potential for rain for the commute.
5:57 am
guys? >> newborn twins have birthdays years apart although they are only born minutes apart. the twins were born premature at 26 weeks and we are told they are doing well. miles was been at 11:58 on sunday and his little brother walter came in at 12:09 on monday. in berkeley. because of the leap day walter will only have his birthday once every four years. >> i am sort of seeing fights and teasing and all of that kind of good stuff in theres to -- the years to come. >> they be in the hospital for a few months while they grow and gain strength. >> next we are tracking breaking news frommism right now, a large police presence, a crime scene and now investigators are trying to figure out what happened. and the possibility that ben carson could be dropping out of carson could be dropping out of the presi
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:00 on the dot. we are starting with live doppler hd right now and you can see the greens with light rain moving through the bay area right now with wealth roads on the morning commute. i am natasha zouves. >> welcome to thursday. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco and a check on the wet weather. mike? good morning, everyone. if you like to take the shortcut between castro valley and crow canyon we are seeing better radar returns and that is sliding down to hayward and drawn city and newark, fremont, ride across the dumbarton bridge to palo alto and redwood city and woodside, all slowly sliding to the south with sprinkles to possibly light rain. you can see more of it develops across the north bay. that is the case, waves of light showers and you can see one hit the golden gate bridge a few drops on the camera right there. areas of rain, mild and in the


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