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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. >> those words were exchanged today as mitt romney launches an assault on donald trump. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. this comes ahead of another critical gop debate tonight. >> megan hughes is live in washington, d.c. now with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. mitt romney is trying to lead an anti-trump movement here. he's calling on trump to release taxes and calling him a fraud. the 2012 nominee mitt romney
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says donald trump is playing the american public for suckers. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university. >> reporter: trump responding on the campaign trail in maine. >> mitt was a disaster as a candidate. >> reporter: the two had a very different relationship four years ago. >> it's my honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> reporter: while romney is not endorsing one candidate, he suggests voters back the remaining candidates, which, if successful, would lead to a nomination fight at the gop convention. >> the nomination has not been sewn up. these are the kinds of things that happen in a competitive primary. >> reporter: at tonight's debate in detroit, trump will be facing not only his opponents but fox moderator megyn kelly. on the democratic side, the investigation over her use of
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classified e-mails continues to haunt hillary clinton's campaign. today, the clinton aide who established her private server was granted immunity. and bernie sanders in michigan hit her on jobs and trade. >> was he right to support nafta? the answer is she was very, very wrong. >> reporter: tonight's debate stage for the first time, there will only be four gop candidates. dr. ben carson is expected to formally suspend his campaign tomorrow. in washington, megan hughes, "abc7 news." >> thank you, megan. >> >> today's war of words between trump and romney has other politicians taking sides. >> and locally it has local politicians assessing the trump factor. kristen sze has more. >> reporter: republicans are using facebook to dive into this latest war between trump and romney. john kasich posted, well said, mitt romney. along with a picture of the oval office saying the one who works here should make us proud.
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marco rubio posted, donald trump built this campaign around promising he'll keep jobs in america. but sarah palin posted, thank you, mitt. trump's favorability just rose. and this, trump may be raising eyebrows, but he's also raising voter interest. >> i think donald trump has tapped into something that is very important to the people of this state and this country, they're very frustrated with republicans and democrats. >> reporter: both are running there are the republican nomination for the u.s. senate seats held by barbara boxer. he says local gop candidates would like to shed the negatives. >> system of the things that have happened the last two weeks
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i find disturbing and we should stop that as soon as possible and get back to the important issues. >> reporter: by the way, many analysts already saying the only way to stop trump from getting the nomination is to keep him from winning many delegates here in california. >> kristen, thank you very much. they are getting ready for more rain in pacifica, where erosion has take an toll along beach street. you can see the areas blocked off or part of the sea wall collapsed. a sinkhole appeared and was patched up. workers will be on call as saturday's storm approaches to respond quickly to any new problems. sandbags are stacked along a san francisco street that had severe flooding last month. this is what it looked like in early january. residents say the rain overwhelmed drains and caused sewer water to flow on the streets. a live look outside from our emeryville camera. a lot of gray out there, a sign of things to come. a series of storms on the way,
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with the rain starting tomorrow during the morning commute. spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. spencer? >> things are relatively calm now, cloudy skies. the rainfall today has been rather light. here's live doppler 7 hd, as you pointed out. cloudy skies and a few pockets of light rain are scattered about. castro valley and livermore seeing light rainfall. east of san jose and over the mt. hamilton area, some light rain. out towards tracy and stockton, as well. here's the storm impact scale. we rank every storm this winter numerically one through five. the storm coming our way on saturday is going to be a strong storm, ranking three on the storm impact scale, producing one to two inches of rain in the lower elevation, three to six inches in the hills, with winds gusting over 50 miles per hour at times and a flash flood watch in effect in the burn areas in lake county from 4:00 p.m.
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saturday to 4:00 p.a.m. sunday. and in the sierra, winter storm watch is in effect, looking at 8 to 16 inches of new snow above 5,000 feet. and there may be downed trees and power outages with the weekend storms. they're going to be powerful. >> thank you so much, spencer. the biggest names in the tech sector are rallying around apple and their battle with the federal government. today, facebook, google, twitter, oracle, and a wave of other tech giants filed briefs in support of apple. the companies argue that government's demand for apple to build a back doorway to hack its devices would undermine security. agencies representing prosecutors filed briefs in support of the government saying criminals could go free if investigators can't access devices.
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in walnut creek, take a look at this video of a crash inside a yoga studio. first responders say it's amazing no one was killed after a speeding vehicle flew off the freeway and into the building. laura, that's incredible. >> reporter: dan, police say this car was going about 90 miles an hour when it was spotted in lafayette. by the time it got here, it flew off the freeway, down this embankment, across this parking lot about 100 yards in all. >> he had to go in there and secure the building, shore it up. >> reporter: even veteran first responders couldn't believe that the two people inside this bmw survived. that after the sedan flew off highway 24, through a series of trees and bushes and slid on its roof across a parking lot and into a building. it took firefighters 40 minutes to free throw the two badly
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injured people inside. >> we saw the car inside the building, and thought how did it get there? and unbelievable the way it made it from the freeway down to the bushes and the fence and through the buildings. >> reporter: there just happened to be an amr ambulance sitting in the parking lot waiting for a call. >> to have an ambulance here, was able to call 911, and get our crew here was huge. >> thank god that it happened when it did and nobody was in there. >> reporter: police had been chasing the bmw moments earlier for speeding but called off that pursuit seconds before the crash. in laura anthony, "abc7 news." san francisco police have charged these two men for trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. 43-year-old mark burnstein and
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39-year-old shea lin arranged meet the girl for sex. the two before taken into custody after lengthy investigations. following years of walkouts, a tentative deal has been reached between sutter health and thousands of registered nurses. the nurse's union says the proposed agreement covers rns in berkeley and oakland. the deal would call for pay increases up to 28% over four years' time. better benefits and new safety protocols. a spokesperson says they are happy with the agreement and hope that the nurses ratify it. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, the big contribution soccer star randy chastain will be making to science. and a rare sea creature spotted off the california
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coast. what experts say is cause thing species to come so close. and looking to test your fear of heights? the new thrill ride this summer. and developments in the search for this band of robbers caught on surveillance video. >> and we're checking your traffic. right hand side is your south bound traffic heading towards san francisco. it's moving in both directions.
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randy chastain announced
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today she will donate her brain after she dies to boston university. the 47-year-old santa clara graduate is just the seventh woman to offer her brain to the program which looks for signs of a degenerative brain disease linked to concussions. she suffered two concussions in college and never shied away from heading the ball after 40 years of playing the game. steph curry received another honor this afternoon, earning the western conference player of the month award. he's the first player in franchise history to get it twice in the same reason. he perhaps saved his best for last, nailing the buzzer shot last saturday. the warriors get another chance to take down the thunder in a few minutes. "abc7 news" was there earlier today in oakland and so was
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civil rights leader jesse jackson. >> they give a certain joy in this place and it's a pleasure to watch them. >> it's not clear tonight if steph curry and andre iguodala would play. if they win, it would make it 44 games tonight. a rare species of sea horse has been spotted in southern california. mattie gomez talks to the diver who made this discovery. >> reporter: this diver's greatest find hasn't been in the deep sea but just a few feet of water. >> i just happened to see the sea horse, which was totally a surprise. it's not something in 3,000 hours or 27 years, 5,000 dives i've seen. >> reporter: he first saw them
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in january checking on an octopus den. >> at first i didn't believe it. of course, no camera, you think oh, i don't have a camera, nobody will believe me. >> reporter: after two months of searching, his patience and determination paid off. >> yesterday, i came over and had my camera, took 88 pictures of what i think is a female, very bright, sharp, eye makeup, the whole works. she's beautiful. >> reporter: warmer waters from el nino might be the reason these sea horses are drifting so far up the coastline. >> they are a species that's typically found san diego southward through mexico into peru. however, this the last year or so, we've seen unusually warm waters off our coast. so we have been hearing sightings of this particular sea horse species along newport beach, palace verdes, so people
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are seeing them. >> reporter: and other creatures have also been spotted. >> i think it's going to be good for diving and to see some stuff that's way different than what everybody gets to see. the tallest building in the west is getting a new addition. check it out. u.s. link tower in l.a. is adding a 45-foot long glass side to the observation deck. it will begin on the 70th floor and go down one level, hovering 1,000 feet above. it's expected to be done by june. >> you know who will be first in line for that? he loves heights. >> spencer. >> can't get enough. >> you can tell that's not true. >> it's all we can do to get you on the roof. >> yeah, even that's a challenge sometimes. the clouds indicate we've got some stormy weather coming our way. here's live doppler 7 hd. at the moment, just a few pockets of light rain scattered
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around the bay area. east of san jose and some over in the east bay moving out. rainfall totals have not been very impressive, about 0.22 of an inch. just a trace of rainfall. here's a view of the clouds over sfo. scattered showers tomorrow. stronger storms move in this weekend. lit be rainy and windy, a possibility of thunderstorms over the weekend. 5:00 tomorrow morning, there will be showers, maybe some pockets of moderate to heavy rain. so look out for a wet commute tomorrow morning. then later during the day, we'll see those showers break up into more widely scattered pockets of rain. but after tomorrow, we have the big boys coming in on saturday. a storm ranking three, a strong storm on our storm impact scale moves in, bringing one to two inches of rain, generally in the lower elevations.
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in the hills, winds gusting up to 55 miles per hour. here's the forecast animation for that. starting at 8:00 saturday morning, pockets of rain, heavier and steadier during the day. by 1:00 p.m., look for stormy conditions. by 6:00 saturday evening, it will be very stormy, widespread areas of moderate to heavy rainfall. powerful, gusty winds will be blowing. continuing into the nighttime hours, breaking up a little bit saturday night. winds gusting, picking up at 10:00 saturday morning, going into 5:00 saturday afternoon. by that time, gusts on the coast at 53 miles per hour, right around the bay, 44 miles per hour. in san francisco, 39. oakland, 41. up north, getting stronger in some spots. gale watches posted for the coastal waters. so it will be windy enough that there could be downed trees and power outages with this storm.
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rainfall totals by 11:00 saturday night, reaching two to four inches in the mountains. three to six inches in the south bay. tonight, showers move through, lows in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, widy scattered showers, but perhaps some locally heavy, but brief downpours in the morning hours. highs in the low 60s at the coast to upper 60s inland. saturday's storm is a three on the storm impact scale. sunday's storm is two. maybe even some thunderstorms on sunday. showers on monday. dry breaks on tuesday and wednesday and maybe some showers developing again next thursday. bring it on because we need it. >> absolutely. thanks very much. up next, a collector's dream. seven rare ty cobb baseball cards. what his grandson has to say about this rare find. and a live look at traffic
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outside, as we get into the meat of the afternoon commute. it is moving along fairly well in both directions, no problems there. stay with us. we'll contin
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the discovery of seven rare ty cobb baseball cards were found in a crumbled paper bag by a family clearing out a relative's home in southern california. professional authorities puts the value of the card at more than seven figures apiece. >> i'm really pleased that these were discovered, because they're going to get spread around, poem enjoy them, and the sport of baseball will have something to talk about for a little while. >> herschel cobb wrote a book about his grandfather called "heart of the tiger." it was about the days they spent
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together after ty cobb retired from baseball. every dog is lovable in its own unique way, but only one is being called the coolest dog. check out piper. there's a reason why he's in the snow wearing goggles and a safety vest. the 7-year-old border collie has a very special duty at a michigan airport. his job is to run and keep the runways clear. >> piper is a wildlife control canine. he chases away all sorts of wildlife, birds, fox, you name it from the runways. anything we don't want to come into contact with piper doesn't paycheck, but he gets rewarded with lots and lots of treats. >> well deserved. never seen anything like it. looks like a fighter pilot. very cool. now for today's gma hot list, the biggest and best moments from our friends at "good morning america." >> here's your 60 second hot list from "gma today." hit it.
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>> mitt romney says donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump yoifunivers? your response? >> he is a failed candidate. >> your victims say they were scammed. >> 98% of those people liked the school. >> that was before they took the courses. >> we have an "a" from the better business bureau. >> according to the "new york daily news," you got a d minus. >> you're wrong. >> the former head of the cia said the military will refuse to act if you order torture. if you order torture and the military refuses to carry out your orders, how will you respond? >> i'm a leader. i don't think that would happen. the oscars, very funny bit you did. what was that about? >> that was above my wig. >> next time you're here, i want you to jam. >> we can do that. [ applause ] >> that's today's gma lot list.
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see you in the morning. >> catch "good morning america" weekdays 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. right here on abc 7 following the "abc7 news." still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, our brought could use the rain come thing weekend. why are local agencies releasing water today? plus, a judge's punishment today for a woman known as the serial stowaway. and -- look at him now. assault survivor bryan stow's new
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here are headlines. republicans are lining up to denounce the front-runner, calling donald trump a phony. senator john mccain and house speaker paul ryan also rejected trump today. trump supported romney's run for president four years ago. he responded today by calling romney a choke artist. this 20-year-old nanny is charged with felony abuse for smothering a 13-month-old baby in livermore. melanie woodrow tweeted the incident was caught on a nanny cam and the baby went limp but is now doing okay. she'll have a live report at 5:00. get ready for a wet and
4:29 pm
windy weekend. spencer christian tweeted out this image you see here, showing predicted wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour in san francisco on saturday. he'll join us in a few minutes with a timeline of the next big storm. along with all the rain expected this weekend, we also expect to see the russian river rising in sonoma county. wayne, it's because of a water release to keep people safe from flooding. >> reporter: that's right. behind me you see the russian river, which is running fine for this time of the year, could be a little higher. we haven't had a big water release for the entire month of february. that is going to change. and when it does, so will the river behind us. any time of the year, sit a reference point. >> we just like to see the flow of the water. >> reporter: kelly, her friend carol, and the russian river flowing well enough this winter for the white water effect. and we're likely to see more of
4:30 pm
it after a release upstream by the army corps of engineers. >> the last thing we want to do is have this -- say the river comes out and hits as hard as predicted. if we do not have enough room to store that water, we could jeopardize the lives of everybody downstream. >> reporter: he manages this region with big rains predicted, he must strike a balance between water conservation and safety downstream. >> the amount we're releasing right now is about 500 cubic feet per second. that will reduce the amount of water we have behind that project by about, all said and done, about 1,000 acre feet. in terms of somebody living off of that, you're looking at the water supply that would be used up in about two days. >> reporter: so technically, it's not a lot, it's a
4:31 pm
precaution. better to be safe, they say, than wet. from sonoma county, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." livermore police say a man with a history of mental illness killed himself in front of their police station last night. the 66-year-old left behind a suicide note. an officer got back to the station and recognized the man's car. the officer approached, heard the shot go off and returned fire. >> i heard four gunshots, and they were very loud. since i live right here, it was kind of nerve-racking. >> investigators are confident it was not one of their bullets that killed the woman. marilyn hartman, who has repeatedly sneaked on airplanes nationwide, has been sent to a treatment facility following her latest attempt in chicago. she was arrested last month at
4:32 pm
chicago's o'hare airport. she was ordered by a judge to stay away from airports and chicago's union station. she has stowed away on at least three flights in the past. a suspected drunk driver who drives for uber, crashed into the side of an empty tour bus in san diego last night. witnesses say he scuffled with police and dragged that he was driving over 100 miles an hour while on his way to pick up a fare. a spokesperson said the driver had not worked since sunday. uber put him on leave and could fire him if he's found guilty of drunk driving. three people are now in custody after a break-in at a gun store in houston, texas. security camera footage shows a truck yanking off the front doors of the store with a chain. from there, ten people run inside. two of them smash displace cases
4:33 pm
with hammers. others grab rifles and semiautomatic weapons. they were in and out in two minutes. they were in such a hurry, they left behind guns they dropped. neighbors weren't surprised by the quick arrest. >> i figured somebody would talk about it and somebody would get wind of it. >> police say some of the 50 or so stolen firearms have been recovered. south african olympic star oscar pistorius could be headed to prison. pistorius admitted to killing his girlfriend in 2013 but said he mistook her for an intruder. he was initially convicted on manslaughter and served probation. but the court upgraded the sentence. the public is getting its new look at the transportation hub in lower manhattan.
4:34 pm
the hub will connect trains two and from new jersey with 11 lines as well as a ferry service. it was budgeted at $2 billion but soared to $4 billion. how do you like your job? google is listed as the best place to work in america, again. this is the seventh time the internet giant has taken the top spot in the annual ranking. it's number one based on an extensive employee survey. google has great health care coverage, offers generous salaries and free bees, too. still to come here on "abc7 news" at 4:00, how much money san francisco made from hotels during super bowl 50. but first -- everyone on the green, including
4:35 pm
tiger woods. his big shot, that's next. i'm spencer christian. lots of clouds over the bay right now. rain is on the way and it will hang around for a while. at 4:35, checking the traffic on the macarthur. that's your traffic off 80 trying to get to the bay bridge and into san francisco. on the left hand side, that's 80 east bou
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♪ there's no age limit on fun at a bruce springsteen concert. he pulled a 91-year-old out of the crowd to dance with him in st. paul, minnesota. the crowd loved it. turns out jeany danced with the boss in 1999 when she was a spry 80-year-old. >> that's why people just love him. and 16-month-old joelle will put a smile on your face. mom caitlin shot video of her walking through the supermarket smiling and waving and hugging other shoppers. that's sweet. >> adorable. tiger woods couldn't have
4:39 pm
dreamed of a better opening to the new court he designed outside of houston, texas. [ applause ] >> isn't that great? 11-year-old taylor made a hole in one on the inaugural shot. >> what are the odds? taylor holed it out from 81 yards away, earning a big hug from tiger himself. woods, who is recovering from back surgery, joked about trying to follow that. which is a very tough act to follow, even for tiger woods. >> good for him. >> good timing, too. >> let's check on the weather. definitely different out there today. >> you can really sense something is coming and this sounds intense. >> it could be quite intense, dan. conditions are relatively calm around the bay area right now. as you see, areas of pockets of scattered showers in the south bay. santa cruz mountains and out
4:40 pm
over the east bay. this is the most active region right here in the south bay. once again, talking about scattered showers. over the next six hours, we expect conditions to get calmer with less rainfall. but there's a lot coming our way beginning tomorrow and through the weekend. statewide tomorrow, showery, wet and rainy over the northern 2/3 of the state. here in the bay area tomorrow, showers and periods of rain tomorrow with highs ranging from low to mid 60s at the coast, upper 60s inland. near the bay, rain chances over the next seven days. 80% tomorrow. 100% both saturday and sunday. those are the two days when we get our stormiest rain. possibly power outages and downed trees. 60% chance of showers or rain on monday. and then just minimal chances later in the week next week. we certainly got some turbulent weather ahead, especially over the weekend. >> sounds like it. thank you very much. still ahead on "abc7 news"
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at 4:00, astronaut scott kelly reunites with family after a year-long space mission. one of the first things he did at home and how he's grown. how one airline manufacturer is trying to make bathrooms a little less germy. more flight also be going to could bea and apple is increasing customer support. those stories and more, next.
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stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. it appears san francisco scored big with super bowl 50. the city's travel association says that more than $8 million in hotel tax was generated from february 4 through the 7th. an increase of more than $5 million over the same period last year. hotel tax money goes directly
4:45 pm
into the city's general fund. the group says this projection does not include money from sales and business taxes or other revenues to the private and public sector. astronaut scott kelly has some twin bragging rights. after nearly a year in space, he returned two inches taller. his mission is part of a nasa study with his brother mark. mark tweeted out this picture today, saying they locked me up like hannibal lector. nasa hopes the research will help them get humans to mars. lauren lyster has more. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly this morning back home in houston. >> it's just an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth. >> reporter: he spent 340 days aboard the space station, the first american to spend so much time in the cosmos. now he's returning many firsts since returning. first hugs with his children and girlfriend. >> i missed everyone very much.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: kelly tweeting out, his first flowers, a contrast from the ones he raised in space. his first plunge in the pool. >> that feels good. >> reporter: during his year there, he completed almost 144 million miles, equal to the moon and back 300 times. the mission, to test human endurance. key for potential human travel to mars. >> by going to mars one day, it will make things better here on earth. so i'm happy to be part of that. >> reporter: and now scott will be compared to his identical twin, mark. his next mission, undergoing medical testing and providing data here on earth. on twitter, president obama said he hopes gravity isn't a drag. even if it is, kelly came back
4:47 pm
two inches taller. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. relief is on the horizon for germaphobes. they have developed a new way to eliminate 99% of germs in three seconds. the lights would come on in between uses. the airline maker is trying to develop a hands free door latch and a floor vacuum, as well. here's jane king. >> the cdc says the proportion of pregnancies in the united states that were unintended dropped from 51% to 45%, between 2009 and 2013. in addition to the affects of unintended pregnancies on women, they have been associated with worse health outcomes for
4:48 pm
children. the biggest part of the reason for the decline is a big increase in women using long acting contraceptives. ovarian cancer is being shortchanged in terms of understanding, even though it is one of the deadliest cancer there is is. the national academy of medicine says women and doctors don't pay enough attention to bleeding and bloating until it's too late. a popular app used for checking blood pressure is inaccurate. the johns hopkins researchers found 80% of people with clinically high blood pressure showed normal blood presh we are th -- pressure with this app.
4:49 pm
from the nasdaq market site, i'm jane king. here's to your health. americans will soon be able to fly to the island nation of cuba. >> michael finney has the story. >> you can, but you can't. maybe. >> i just want to see the rolling stones play there. >> the thawing of u.s. relations with cuba means more americans will be able to visit. 110 new air routes are expected to open up to cuba. america and southwest are two of the airlines applying for the route. there will be 20 flights daily to havana. this will be the first time air travel from the u.s. to cuba has resumed in 50 years. those allowed to visit, you can go but you can't really go, are family of cuba, humanitarians and researchers. tourists from the u.s. are still not allowed to travel there. apple customers will be allowed to tweet to an apple account dedicated to support
4:50 pm
apple's range of products. the account will provide helpful information for customers, apple staff will monitor the account to answer any questions you might have. among the tricks, apple supporters already shared our instructions on how to create a checklist in the app. now that the barbie doll comes in more shapes and sizes, target put out this photo showing the new barbies wearing the 2016 swimsuits. the suits are made for every body type. barbie dolls have long been criticized for having unrealistic body measurements. one clarification to make. i reported in june costco will transition to american city
4:51 pm
visa. costco will accept any visa card. i misspoke when i said city visa bank. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, bryan stow's new mission. how the beating survivor is inspiring young students to stand up to bullies. >> and kristen sze has a look at what's coming up at 5:00. coming up next, b.a.r.t.'s plan to reduce commute congestion. but there is a catch. and the building boom planned for oakland. it's almost like adding a new town. and how you can see the early encounters between china and the west, rig
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do you know all the answers this >> every script we would get, we would rush to the hair and makeup room and say, did you read it yet? it's crazy. it's just such a wonderful ensemble of actors. our minds were kind of blown with each one. >> catch the premiere of "the family" at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. ground breaking for the 14-acre "star wars" themed land will soon begin next month. it's the biggest expansion of disneyland in decades. it will feature a ride that lets visitors pilot the millennium falc falcon. brian stow was the former
4:56 pm
paramedic attacked five years ago. he now has a new mission in life. >> i'm bryan stow and i want to share my story with you. nine months i was in a coma. nine months. i was on a ventilator with a feeding tube. >> reporter: it was a far different bryan stow from the paramedic who was beaten march 31, 2011, outside dodger stadium. the victim who suffered severe brain injury. today, he walked there, albeit on crutches. a huge victory in his long road to recovery. >> i want to stop bullies and violence. >> reporter: he called his attackers adult bullies, two men who are paying for their crimes in prison. but stowe has a new window in his life with a new mission -- >> i survived for a reason. i'm finding my purpose again. i'm on a mission to tell my story of survival.
4:57 pm
i want to stop bullies from hurting anyone else. >> reporter: the youngsters in the packed auditorium listened to his story. the strength of his message written on their faces. at the end, he asked the students to take a pledge. >> i will tnot be a bystander t bullying. i will stand up and speak up when i witness bullying. [ applause ] >> reporter: his message struck a chord among his young audience. >> you see him saving lives as a paramedic, and now that something bad has happened to him, he's still saving lives. >> reporter: 14-year-old luke hofstater said he had been bullied. >> he made me feel like i wasn't up to anybody's standards. >> reporter: forever a giants' fan, he was asked if he had a message for other fans as the baseball season approaches. >> go, giants!
4:58 pm
>> reporter: vic lee, "abc7 news." >> great to see his progress. thank you for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now with dan and kristen. breaking news in san jose. a jail on lockdown after dozens of inmates start throwing punches. plus -- >> i think it's terrible. >> the assault arrest of a 20-year-old babysitter. police say a nanny cam captured her shocking behavior. a car goes airborne into a building. first responders are amazed. >> it's incredibly lucky. the tech industry's biggest names band together. plus, bringing the gray wolf back to california. not everyone thinks this is a good idea. >> "abc7 news" starts right now with live, breaking news. >> and it is happening in san jose, where less than 24 hours after the security cameras were
4:59 pm
installed in the county jail, a big brawl breaks out this afternoon in one of the cell blocks. good evening. >> i'm kristen sze. let's go straight to our reporter live at the jail. lisa? >> reporter: this happened just after 2:00. haz/mat crews were just allowed to go into the jail to help the cleanup. medics are also inside. the fight was between two inmates at first. then according to a sheriff's department spokesperson, more inmates jumped in. he did not give me an exact number but said "more than ten inmates were involved, close to 20." as a result, this jail is still on lockdown at this hour. this is just one day after the sheriff installed 12 cameras she personally bought at costco. this comes after three guards were arrested for allegedly beating an inmate to death. the incident was not caught on cameras, which is why the
5:00 pm
sheriff has stepped up surveillance. today's fight took place in unit 4-a, which is a maximum security wing, and where the new cameras were just installed. >> lisa, thank you very much. the jail is also where guards have been accused of fatally beating an inmate. >> today is the fourth day of a preliminary hearing of those guards accused of the killing. >> katie utis is live with that story. >> reporter: i just stepped out of the courtroom. the judge is still making up his mind. they are up on the sixth floor of the hall of justice right now. today, the defense pointed out michael tyree threatened to commit suicide, saying he may have killed himself and it wasn't the guard. one attorney tried to show his injuries could have been self-inflicted. but the medical examiner says the force was consistent with a


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