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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> i was never more happy to see flashing lights in my life. >> then i saw people, you know, floating over from the other side of the train because the train flipped. >> passengers expressed their fear and relief after a derailment of an east bay commuter train. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm kristen sze, in for larry beil. work began today to pick up and move the train cars that derailed. nine people were injured. the train hit debris from a hud slide around 7:30 last night. a spokesperson says this is a
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first. as of right now, there's no word whether trains will be on track tomorrow. let's take a live look at the scene right now. this is from sky 7 hd. you can see the train car there, it has been hoisted up. you can see some of the equipment and the workers there. "abc7 news" reporter laura anthony is live on the scene and she has the latest for us. laura? >> reporter: it's been quite a scene out here all day we've been watching them right this train. let's show you what it looks like right now as we're standing on the banks of alameda creek. that train car was the one we've all seen down in the creek. it was the one that derailed completely off the tracks. a lead car last night. we have seen them spend the day with cranes, with cables, and dozens of workers up there, delicately lifting this car back onto the tracks.
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we already heard today from the first responders who came on scene here last night, and sprang into action. >> people that were out on the tracks at the time. some people were in the cars. >> reporter: cal fire was among the first to arrive last night after the derailment. >> we're having a difficult time figuring out how to access anyone. >> reporter: first priority, accessing the passengers trapped inside. >> it was tight quarters, because the car is on its side, and then you can't really tell from here, but there's two levels. it's on a hillside, very slippery, with mud and debris. >> reporter: these are photos taken by one passenger of others standing on the banks in blankets. >> obviously, we don't train for these type of things in law
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enforcement necessarily, so a chaotic even when we got here. >> it was dark and cold. a lot of water here flowing. >> reporter: with daylight, crews began the tricky task of removing the two cars that had derailed. one was upright but off the tracks. >> they're going to bring that down to the river, all the way down to the river, and it's going to be parallel to the tracks. they'll use cranes to position it back on the tracks. >> reporter: again, this is a live look at the scene. that is the car that was in the creek. you can see the crane there is lifting it up. they've got it upright there next to the tracks, but right now they're trying to get it up on the tracks.
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so the tracks appear to be getting close to being cleared. we understand there have been some minor repairs on the tracks and they've been clearing the mudslides. again, no word just yet when trains will begin running again. laura anthony, "abc7 news." a lot of progress just in the last hour. emergency personnel who arrived first feared there would be many more injuries based on the violence of the crash. this is the video taken shortly after it happened. passengers described the ride uneventful until they reached niles canyon. >> it reminded me of the movie with harrison ford. it was just like that. >> wong spoke with vic lee about his ordeal. coming up at 5:00, he shoes us his photos taken moments after the crash. the accident is having a big
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impact on train and car commuters. here is that part of the story. >> reporter: no sound of trains coming and going here at the a-station. this is where many people board to head to san jose for work. except this morning, michael kasinski saw this sign saying there would be no service. >> i'm going to have a long drive home tonight. >> reporter: we saw drivers pour into the parking lot, surprised to see no one here. their morning plans in a bit of a scramble. >> last night we got a text about 9:00 saying that there was a derailment and see if we can get some drivers and start car pooling. >> reporter: for those who didn't want to sit in traffic, there's a diner from about a
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mile from where the trains crashed. >> to see the cars in the water was a big deal. >> reporter: luckily it wasn't a big deal for the diner to open earlier. a spokesperson says they are taking it day by day but hope to resume service within the next few days. coverage of the derailment continues on "abc7 news" at 5:00 and 6:00. follow the story online and get instant updates by following us on twitter at "abc7 news" bay area. our other big story, another impending storm. this is a live look outside right now as more rain moves in. you can see clouds over the bay. meteorologist sandhya patel is in for spencer. so, she has the umbrella out. >> yes, the sprinkles just started here in san francisco. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. this is moisture moving in ahead of our system. as you take a look, there's a
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lot of green on the screen, and we are seeing light showers from san mateo. we have been tracking a few light showers in the heelsburg area. we bring in the storm impact scale, one is light, five is severe. the storm tonight is a one, up to a third of an inch of rain. expect the showers to continue at 10:00 tonight through midnight, and we head into the morning commute and you will have some wet roadways as the scattered showers continue between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. rainfall totals, not impressive. this is a weak system. so about a third of an inch in napa, santa rosa, 0.03 of an inch in san jose. we'll talk about the stronger storms on the way.
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>> thank you, sandhya. and you can use the free "abc7 news" app to track weather. man with a knife following a domestic violence attack. >> we have new information on the scene last night from the witnesses who tried to help the stabbing victims. repo kati kat katie? >> reporter: first an update on the stabbing victims. the male victim is still hospitalized in critical condition, the female victim was released. witnesses we spoke to said the man was wielding a knife and not stopping. james and victor tried to help their neighbors entangled in a fight. >> he got stabbed in the face and the neck and a lot of blood was coming out.
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>> reporter: a male victim stumbled into the street around 6:15 last night. >> he was coming back to stab the guy some more and the lady grabbed him from behind and they both fell to the ground. >> reporter: then the man who police say is an estranged husband began stabbing the female victim. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that's when he says a young girl came out of the house in the line of fire behind the suspect. >> the cop was good, he didn't pull the trigger right away. i called the girl, she came around, then the girl asked him to stop. >> reporter: he says the man still held the knife as the officer fired. >> we don't know where he was shot from, but he was shot as he was moving towards the house. >> it was three in a row and the guy turned back around and kept
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walking having been hit three times. he fired two or three more. >> reporter: the man died on scene. police responded to the same location in december for domestic violence. new details in the case of current and former san francisco deputies accused in connection with an alleged fight club involving jail inmates. today, current deputy clifford sheeba pleaded together. two others pleaded not guilty yesterday to felony and misdemeanor charges. a rare celestial phenomena is sweeping across parts of our planet right now and you can witness it live. >> wayne freedman is live at the exploretorium, which is offering us a front review of a total eclipse. >> reporter: the kind of view no
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one could have imagined 100 years ago, eclipses were so very rare. now when an eclipse happens, wen look at it on the internet. we are just about at the moment they describe as first contact. look over my shoulder. that's a live picture. there it is, it's just around 4:00 there on the sun. you can see the shadow. only gets better as we see day become night for four minutes and we're watching it happen live. the signal is coming via satellite. they sent 15 people there, it was a 63-hour journey by plane and the last 40 by boat, all to capture the eclipse and make it accessible to the public here.
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you might wonder why did they pick an atoll in the middle of the pacific. >> i started hunting for islands and i found a few atolls there, and i selected this island in micronesia. it's near the path of totality. so the closer to the center of that area you get to, the longer totality is, so we'll have just over four minutes of totality. >> reporter: and four minutes of totality, what will be a three-hour event. now you literally can watch the moon streak across the face of the sun. 90 minutes from now roughly. it will last for four minutes and then we get the reverse process and we're here to watch it. we're live at the exploretorium.
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wayne freedman, "abc7 news." we have a countdown clock. >> you can watch that clock and count down with us until that moment of total solar eclipse. >> it should be exciting. and stay right here for more news on "abc7 news" at 4:00. a call for a state of emergency for the homeless. and our hotline is now hope with a specialist standing by to take your questions.
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a san francisco supervisor wants the city to declare a state of emergency on homelessness. "abc7 news" was at mission city as he stood in front of the homeless shelter to announce his plan. the declaration would speed up the opening of navigation centers like this one. >> it allows them to get housing and services, substance abuse,mental health. it has created housing for more than 300 people. >> reporter: compost wants three more centers opened in the next six months. he wants san francisco to pay for it with emergency reserve funds. the director of the mayor's office says the city is already working to open two new centers. a rally in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood opposing efforts to evict dozens of residents from a market
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street building. they were angry that the land lord is trying to evict the residents. the eviction battle has been ongoing for two years. the land lord wants to transform the building into office space. there's only a little more than a month left until the tax deadline. today, we have some help. >> michael finney has a team of experts standing by to answer your questions. michael? >> good afternoon. we do have the experts here, people here from the irs, we have accountants. if you've got a question, we have an answer. give us a call right now, 415-954-7621. joining me right now is arlette lee. you're security, right? you're the law enforcement part of irs. >> yes, i am. i'm with irs criminal investigation. >> there are three big scams that we're hearing about right now. >> right.
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the first one is the identity theft where one uses your social security to file a tax return. your stolen social security to file a return. then we try to get a fraudulent lead on doing that. so what happens in those cases is you're not able to file your tax return. and so -- >> because you're got to say, wait, you already filed. >> yes, someone already filed using your information. so you have to file an identity theft affidavit, then a paper tax return. >> wow. the second one is the one that we always hear on the phone or they call up and threaten. let's go to the third one. >> the third one is a phishing e-mail. what we're seeing is a purported ceo or executive of a company sends an e-mail to their hr department requesting employee information. what happens is the employee in the hr department responds to the e-mail with that information. so what happens is that information goes to someone else
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other than the ceo of the company, and what we're finding is some of those employees are getting false tax returns filed in their name. >> so it circles back to that first one again. arlette lee from irs criminal investigations, thank you very much. we're going to be here until 8:00. so give us a call. 415-954-7621. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> thank you, michael. the u.s. justice department is appealing a ruling by a new york court that protects apple from unlocking an iphone connected to a drug case. last week, the judge ruled the government lacks authority to order apple to unlock the phone. this case is separate from the san bernardino case, but it could bolster apple's fight to keep from unlocking that phone, as well. this afternoon, we're getting a now look at apple's new spaceship campus in
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cupertino. crews have been installing glass panels and it will house 13,000 employees. construction is expected to wrap by the end of this year, with the opening scheduled for next year. it's time to check on our weather. >> a little wet for those little leaguers out there right now, sandhya. >> at least it's not washing out their games. right now, i don't need the umbrella, because the sprinkles have stopped behind me and really north and south. looking at cloud cover. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. you will see sprinkles, light showers for your evening commute. you look at our radar and i eat shoal you where we are seeing green on your screen from san francisco. bay view district into the south district, light showers here. and up in the north bay, we are
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watching a few showers around clearlake. could be heavier as we head toward the next couple of days. temperatures right now in the 50s. here's a live look, where it is overcast right now. a weak system between night and wednesday morning. a stronger storm will stand two days and heavier rain with flooding is possible. we bring in our storm impact scale. thursday-friday's system is a moderate storm, a two, with the heaviest rain in the north bay with a concern of flooding. 11:00 p.m. wednesday, just cloud cover. 5:00 a.m. thursday and you see yellows indicating the moderate rain. 10:00 a.m. it shifts into san francisco, the east bay on thursday. notice it doesn't move very far south. that's the system that will stall out 7:00 p.m. thursday. still looking at pockets of moderate rain. friday morning, wet roadways with pockets of moderate to heavy rain moving through at
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8:00 a.m., continuing around 10:00 a.m., the wet weather, and then we'll keep the showers going through the evening hours. as far as three-day rain totals, this is impressive in the north day. almost four inches in santa rosa. heading inland, and we're expecting half an inch in livermore, san jose. so not everyone will get the equal share of rain. here's the concern, russian river, expected to hit flood stage, which is 32 feet. saturday morning, it's forecast to hit 32 feet. so if you live near the river or you're going to be up in the gernville, keep in that mind. for the afternoon, mostly cloudy except for a few showers lingering around the north bay. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you a one on our storm impact scale tomorrow. two for thursday and friday. that's when we may see some urban small stream flooding.
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saturday, a one, evening rain in the north bay. sunday, it's going to be breezy and wet. both ones on the storm impact scale carrying over into monday. sunday, we spring forward and do to daylight saving time at 2:00 a.m., it becomes 3:00 a.m. kristen, ama? >> that hour again. up next, the big reveal for "dancing with the stars." coming up, who's hitting the dance floors. plus? >> hogging multiple seats on b.a.r.t. could soon
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we finally know which celebrity also be going head to head or foot to foot late they are month on "dancing with the stars." they stopped by "good morning america" for the big reveal. ♪ >> he's won an emmy, he's won a pea bodiy.
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>> it is geraldo rivera. >> he will be competing against kim fields. denver broncos line backer ron miller, pittsburgh steelers wide receiver antonio brown. miesha barton is also will be competing against jodi sweeten, and gma's own ginger zee. "dancing with the stars" appears march 21 right here on abc 7. starting tonight, you can watch a new tv show based on the biblical books of samuel. it follows saul and david, the kings of israel, their families and the political rivals. abc 7 spoke with two of the actors.
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one described how his character's personality was difficult to portray. >> the violence rages, but also underneath it all is a great man and a great king. so he's a quite complicated character to may. >> watch the premiere of "kings and prophets" tonight at 10:00. followed by "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> when "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues, hillary clinton and donald trump hope to cement the status as the front-runners, with four caucuses and primaries today. new details are emerging about nancy reagan's funeral services. and her most important request of all. also ahead, what happens when children
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." > salvage crews are removing train cars from yesterday's train derailment. nine people were hurt in the crash. today, two of them rain in the hospital. "abc7 news" reporter laura anthony is at the crash site and tweeted some photos earlier.
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parents and community members are heart broken after word of nearly a century old elementary school in chinatown will close its doors. melanie woodrow tweeted it all. it's all due to the low enrollment. she'll have more details at 5:00. and it's another pivotal night for the candidates in the rice for the white house. republicans face contests in four states and the democrats battle it out in two. here's live picture for you from a bernie sanders' rally in miami. the candidate himself is speaking right now to supporters. reporter megan hughes has the latest. >> reporter: the battle at the ballot box, playing out as voters make their pick for president. idaho and hawaii are holding republican contest. polls show donald trump leading in all of them. despite negative publicity,
4:32 pm
today the better business bureau reporting that when trump university was open they received multiple complaints. >> these complaints affected the trump university rating, which was as low as a d minus in 2010. >> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton is also expected to win tonight. ted cruz in north carolina a state that votes next week, asking for republicans to consolidate. >> maybe now you're supporting marco rubio or john kasich. none of them have a path to beating donald trump. >> reporter: john kasich made michigan a focus of his campaign. >> have the state of michigan send a message and launch me into the state of ohio where we will have a whole new day in american politics. >> reporter: robe o calls from mitt romney may have given him a boost. romney did another one for marco rubio in florida, making good on
4:33 pm
his pledge to help any candidate to take on trump. rubio in florida today is looking ahead. florida as well as ohio will be among five states up for grabs next tuesday, a week from today. severe flooding in texas has caused major problems for residents in the area. the storm damaged hundreds of homes, triggering a tornado warning. but luckily none touched down. winds reached 50 to 60 miles per hour. and six children were rescued after the bus they were riding in got caught in flood waters. the justice department is investigating the fbi agents involved in a traffic stop where an armed occupier was killed in oregon. the agents did not disclose that they fired shots that missed robert finicum in oregon. investigators say the agents should have included why they shot at finicum in the initial
4:34 pm
review. the world is remembering nancy reagan who was first lady when ronald reagan was in the white house. brandi hitt is at the reagan presidential library with more. >> reporter: ronald and nancy reagan were inseparable. constantly holding hands in a love story spanning 50 years. and that connection was of the utmost first lady even after her death. is there one thing nancy reagan definitely wanted to happen at her funeral service? >> her most important request, which was to be laid to rest as close as physically possible to ronnie, so when her casket is lowered into the ground, she'll be as close to him as though they could hold hands. >> reporter: this was the last time they were close in 2004, when the former president was laid to rest. among the 1,000 invited guests who will now attend her private
4:35 pm
service friday, former president bush, hillary clinton and michelle obama. >> i'm so grateful for her kindness to me over the years. >> reporter: mrs. reagan will lie in repose wednesday and thursday. >> i knew the day was coming, of course, but i wasn't ready. >> reporter: in this interview, she even recalled this conversation with the reverend billy graham. >> i just want you to tell me that when i go, that ronnie's going to be there, waiting for me. and he said oh, yes, absolutely nanny. >> reporter: tens of thousands are expected to attend the public viewings. brandy hit, abc news, simi valley, california. virginia has become the first state to approve legislation regulating the online fantasy sports industry. the bill signed by governor
4:36 pm
terry mccullough regulates the sites. fantasy sites have to pay a $50,000 registration fee and submit to audits. still to come, these photos went viral after a man saved his son from what could have been a very serious injury. >> coming up, we hear from a dad who is being called a hero. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. cloudy skies from the south beach camera. we have a few showers and sprinkles moving through the bay area. i'll let you know when the stronger storm arrives coming up. >> and this is a live picture of the solar eclipse under way right now. how spectacular is that? this picture is from cameras set up in micromeenesiamicronesia. stay us with for our special re
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it's 4:39. another look here from the camera checking out the total solar eclipse that is going to happen pretty soon. your already see the moon in front of the sun. this is a view from micronesia. we are under an hour away from totality. so stick around and you can see that clock on the corner of your screen there on the right bottom showing the time. and we'll be on the whole time with experts and live from the
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exploretorium. we can't our news coverage. nike has suspended its $70 million deal with maria sharapova. sharapova admitted she failed a drug test during the australian open in january. nike is putting their relationship on hold until investigators clear things up. a florida boy is calling his dad a hero for protecting him during a baseball game over the weekend. you may have seen this picture. that dad shawn cunningham, reached out at the last second to deflect a bat that was heading straight for his 8-year-old son, landon. it happened saturday at a pittsburgh pirates/atlanta braves preseason game. dad and son appeared today on "good morning america." >> didn't have a lot of time to react. just did whatever i could to block it or deflect the bat. really had no idea how close it
4:41 pm
came to my son's face until i saw the picture sunday night. >> landon had just borrowed his phone to text a picture to his mom he had just taken, just then the bat slipped out of the hands of danny ortiz, who was batting. landon says he will go to another game as long as his dad is sitting right next to him. >> gosh, that could have been so bad. >> things go flying at a baseball game. time to turn to our weather meteorologist. >> yes, the showers are starting to pick up here. it's getting breezy outside. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll show you where it is raining right now. light returns right now. street level radar, air base parkway and your evening commute will include wet roadways in the east bay, berkeley, the
4:42 pm
peninsula showing you the straight level radar, and you take a look at the statewide temperatures, 46 in tahoe. 63 in look at the rain chances. pretty much have a rain chance every single day with a guaranty thursday and friday, right on through monday. that thursday/friday time period is when we have the stronger storm coming in. join us at 5:00 and we'll see how much rain we can expect. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, new concerns about the dangers of distracted texting. but this has nothing to do with driving. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. so why did a team travel thousands of miles to view the solar eclipse in the middle of
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans.
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we are just under an hour away from the total solar eclipse that will take place over the pacific ocean. this is animation of the path of the eclipse. >> that's right. but you can watch it from the comfort of your own home right here on abc 7. this is a live look from cameras that are set up in micronesia right now. spectacular. >> amazing. meteorologist drew tuma is live at the exploratorium with a look at what is expected. drew? >> reporter: the exploratorium growing up in the bay area, it's kind of a rite of passage for folks. they come here to learn about science and do experiments. today, they have traveled to micronesia thousands of miles away to witness a solar eclipse firsthand. everyone's first thought is why can't we see it in the bay area? despite the cloud cover, solar eclipses only happen over a very short period of distance. it's when the moon goes between the earth and the sun. and when that happens, you get a
4:47 pm
shad low cast on a portion of t earth and that is only 60 to 120 miles wide. so not a wide area that will see the total eclipse. that's why the exploratorium has sent a team to micronesia. they will see the total solar eclipse firsthand. only about half a percent of the earth's population can see this solar eclipse. we have a live feed there of the folks there awaiting that total solar eclipse. we'll bring it to you live in the 5:00 hour. back to you guys. >> looks like the weather is nice there. watch the total solar eclipse right here on "abc7 news." we'll bring it to you live if it happens tonight at 5:30, which means world news tonight will air at 6:30.
4:48 pm
if you have questions about your taxes, we have answers. >> michael finney is here to answer some of the questions. michael, what do you have? >> we have a lot of people contacting us. here's the telephone number, 415-954-7621. or you can ask on social media, #askfinney. we have a bunch of irs people here. we have some enrolled agents, as well. norm goldman, what is an enrolled agent? >> we are federally licensed tax practitioners, and we represent clients at all levels of the irs, as well as prepare tax returns. >> i know you want to talk about the california renter's tax credit? >> yes. >> what is that? >> it's a nonrefundable credit that if you're renting and you pay rent for more than half the year as your principal residence, you can get a credit against your taxes.
4:49 pm
you have to owe taxes to get the credit. if you're single or filing separately, it's $60. if you're married filing a joint return, it's $120. >> that's some nice money. i appreciate you being here. again, you join us all the time. this is norm here, from the california society of enrolled agents. we're going to be here until 8:00 taking your phone calls and your social media questions at #askfinney. we can handle nearly any language, so if you have a language barrier, have them call in. if we can't handle it here tonight, we'll hook them up later. reporting live, i'm michael finney. >> thank you, michael. in health news, binge watching tv is linked to depression. >> and it's a big development in cancer treatment. >> binge watching tv, including popular netflix shows has been
4:50 pm
linked to depression and anxiety. researchers say the binge watchers reported highers levels of stress and depression and is a growing public health concern. the study defines binge watching as two to five consecutive hours of tv in one day. and a molecule has been slowed that slows cancer. this molecule, which is called cvr-5884, slows down the production of an amino acid involved with cancer by 30%. tobacco companies are being criticized for lax age verification on e-cigarette websites. when researchers reviewed the websites, they found just one of them required detailed registration. they are supposed to have strict age verification. being out of shape ups the risk of diabetes, regardless of
4:51 pm
weight. researchers in new york found low aerobic and muscular fitness increased diabetes, even those in thin. i'm jane king. here's to your health. we all know it's dangerous to drive and text. a new study shows just how dangerous texting while walking can be. researchers found the number killed last near increased nearly 25%. one possible cause is more distracted people are walking around while on their phones. t.j. holmes spoke to one woman who was texting while carrying her 3-month-old daughter when she fell. >> i pressed send and steffed off the curb and twisted both ankles.
4:52 pm
"abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, new hope for those overcrowded b.a.r.t. trains. a proposal that could force those seat hogs to move over. coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00, a school with a hong history in san francisco is now closing its doors. >> drew mentioned we're going to take you to where the action is and check out the solar eclipse. we'll have a lot more, and you nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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>> you are looking at a live picture of the solar eclipse underway right now. this is a super closeup. this is the feed from cameras set up on micronesia. stay with "abc7 news" for a special report on the solar eclipse coming up at 5:30 and countdown to totality with us using the countdown clock on the right hand side of your screen
4:56 pm
about 42 minutes before that happens. >> talk about hi-def. b.a.r.t. trains are getting more crowded, but not everyone is being a good sport. >> jonathan bloom explains one b.a.r.t. board member is proposing a hefty fine for thoe who take up more than their fair share of seats. >> reporter: after a long day of work, sometimes you just want to sit. >> if i need a seat, i need a seat. >> reporter: but seats are scarce on trains and for some people, one isn't enough. >> laying down and taking two seats. >> reporter: in a train packed with standing passengers, this duffel bag is riding first class. and then there's this commonly called man spreading. >> sometimes they're sitting really wide. >> reporter: in new york, hogging seats is such a problem, they made posters about it.
4:57 pm
but the bay area might take it a step further. >> allow the police to enforce one seat, one rider. >> reporter: joel keller says right now there's nothing police can do. he's proposing a $100 fine for the first offense. >> i would rather have the police having a tool allowing them to intervene. >> reporter: everyone agrees hogging seats is rude. but whether it should be illegal, director keller may be in the minority. >> we don't need more tickets in society. >> probably not a good idea. we have enough laws. >> reporter: there's concern it could hurt the homeless. >> what if he couldn't find a shelter? his shelter was this train. >> reporter: keller will work to ensure he doesn't target the homeless. >> people are just being lazy and not very nice. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." what are your thoughts on
4:58 pm
b.a.r.t.'s crowded trains? we want to hear from you. thank you for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm ama daetz. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. a train stuck on the side of a cliff in east bay. passengers recall the terrifying moments. a long-time catholic school in san francisco is closing its doors. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. live doppler 7 hd, tracking the showers right now. >> and we'll take you where the action happened to a remote island in the pacific for a rare look at a total solar eclipse. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm ama daetz in for dan ashley. we begin with developing news on the eighth train cash in alameda county. work began today to pick up and
4:59 pm
move train cars that derailed injuring nine people. >> laura anthony begins our team coverage. will train service be running there tomorrow? that's what commuters want to know? >> reporter: at this point, we still do not know. they are waiting for the go ahead from union pacific, that has been out here all afternoon clearing this train. the train just left. we'll show you what it looked like earlier today. by late this afternoon, the ace train car that had been laying in alameda creek was attached to cables, repositioned, then lifted back up to the tracks it left last night. it was an elaborate process, involving a crane and dozens of people. >> they're going to bring that down to the river, and it's going for parallel to the track.
5:00 pm
they're going to use cranes to pick that up and position it back on the tracks. >> reporter: the cleanup was nearly complete less than 24 hours after the east train ran off the tracks due to a mudslide. >> people that were out on the tracks at the time, some people were in the cars. >> reporter: justin duffy was among the first to arrive last night after the five-car train derailed and the front car plunged into the creek. >> i need an additional three ambulances. >> reporter: first priority was getting to the passengers trapped inside the car submerged in water. >> the car was on its side. there's two levels, it's on a hillside, very slippery in there. >> obviously, we don't train for these type of things in law enforcement necessarily. so a chaotic scene when we got here. >> it was dark and cold. a lot of water here flowing.


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