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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. mike? >> good morning, yes, an appetizer, a light portion compared to the overstuffing thanksgiving-like rain we will have tomorrow and friday. the north bay is where it is all going to fall and just scattered height rain and, also in the east bay and heading down into the south bay, a better rain pictures right now is the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge near the toll plaza and my 12-hour day planner starting off mild, mid-40s to low 50s and in the mid-to-upper 60s as the rain tapers and heads north cannot evening must of us dry. >> we look new at our emeryville camera and the east shore freeway between golden gate field and emeryville and into the macarthur maze it is looking good here but you will find metering lights are turned on this morning at 5:39 and traffic is stacking to the maze for a good solid 10 or 15 minute
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wait. we have an accident in the fremont area and this is at the fremont boulevard off-ramp with the gentleman out there waving for help. the north by drive is. coming you. >> as you head out this morning, track the rain where you are going with the news app by enabling the public alert to receive breaking both information and we have resources to help you land for the storms at >> incredible images from seattle where an explosion levels a building. you can still see the flames and smoke from the position of the building with several businesses housed in this area. our reporter is in the newsroom with new video of the explosion. >> the new video shows how powerful the explosion was and it has taken from a security camera in a neighboring building. watch this.
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we learn the firefighter firefighters will be okay with minor injuries. they are committing identity report of a gas electric at a mini mart in seattle when the building exploded. cries are there putting water on what is left which is just a big pile of debris. the blast badly damaged two neighboring build evening and shattered the windows of others. people have been evacuated for several blocks, and crews just showed up on the scene doing surveys to make sure that the area is safe. >> the survey will not give us the broader incident, if there is a leak or piping problem, but we have in indication. we not know that for sure. >> they still trying to figure out what, exact, happened. new this morning at 6:00, big flames if vallejo overnight and crews were working to put out a fire at a tow yard, a
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motor home want up if flames and crews got the fire under control before it spread through the your. you can see that more home is a total loss. the cause of the fire is now "under investigation." >> developing news in the peninsula, a neighborhood that has been stricken with raw sewage overlows faces another problem. john it o is in milbrae with what the neighbors are dealing with this morning. janet? >> yes, this is such a frustrating situation. a neighbor said whether it is dealing with water flooding into your home that one thing but they are dealing with raw sewage and it is a zingy mess. one home is flooding again this morning, and the toilet kept overflow and he hired a private company to vacuum the water after the crews were here trying to clear the sewer line that now is clogged with rocks and other debris. you can see the soggy mess in the garage where the water seeped in.
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the problem started on monday. a homeowner say raw sewage spelled into the home and they have to scrape it over when it dried out but the situation is for from over. it turns out a private contractor was fixing a sewer line at a neighbor's house that conducts to the city line and forgot to put the cap open. five hopes have been flooded. the contractor himself said that he had 3" of water in his house. the situation has him in disbelieve. >> nightmare. times tens. >> you are staying at a hotel? >> yes. yes. >> he said there is water damage through his to step house and he doesn't know how long it will take to get things back to the way they were. the couple sewer rat has not comment on the problem. the city and the nays are blaming them for starting and cause all of this.
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>> thank you, janet as we have recorded all morning, ace trains are back in service following the monday derailment. all ace trains four in the morning and four in the evening are expected to run. they will travel at reduced speeds through niles scan republican. officials say a mudslide pushed the tree on to the track causing the derailment. >> sheriff sergeant said it was a near miracle that no one was killed. four people were seriously injured in the derailment. one passenger decided to take a nap during the trip from santa clara to pleasanton. >> suddenly, bam, bam reality and just amazing, it wasry dick house with lits everywhere, and emergency vehicles. >> i could see people coming off the window and heard "help, help
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." people were rushing to help. athere were 200 passengers on the train. in all, nine were taken to the hospital. all the berkeley police department stepping up efforts to catch a sexual assault suspect. a man who attacked and raped a female student could be concluded to three other assaults. this is a previous incident of a pan warned for questioning. officers passing owe flyers to the students. police want the community to look out for suspect. >> we created a cream -- crime alert flyer with personal safety tips. >> police are can all four crimes. >> thousands of san francisco students whose parents are in jail or prison are set to get more expert. the school board members decided to really out new curriculum and
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training focusing on vulnerable students in the unified school district. there is no formal count constitutes with incarcerated students but 19,000 live in san francisco while the parents were lockup in 20 ten -- 2010. >> the major role ferries will take on when the the big one hits. >> track your weather and how it is asurveillance cameraing the traffic this morning. announcer: if the hardest part of your day is the staying awake part... [train horn blares] sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. with a 100 night low price guarantee, sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress!
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>> good morning, we are seeing scat cleared light rain through the morning commute. it has made it to the south bay. here is a look at bow we and 880 where the light rain is falling. we will continue the trend in the north by this afternoon. heavy rain tomorrow. and windy with heavy rain on friday. here is a look at san jose. during the same time trade. the intensity is almosting in. all of rain is going to fall north of you. especially across the north by. that is going to public the
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russian river to the becomes especially saturday morning when it crests at police department stage. we have an hour by hour look at the rain coming up. sue? >> good conditions leaving novato southbound 101 and beyond the civic center at 21 minute drive in to san francisco. not bad. here is way will fine. rain, rain, rain. slick road conditions. use extra caution. we have the accident. c.h.p. is saying it is in a different direction. they say it is northbound 880 at fremont boulevard near the off-ramp. i am a put seeing any red sensors so hopefully they will have that cleared. we will look at the mass trend it openings in a few 89. >> a couple of letting everyone know how to play for free on a private jet. u.s. take time, search, and an app. the blogers found the trip through the online promotion earning points that paid for the
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whole flight. >> a picture our driver's license for safety and they said okay i will send you an invoice that said "zero," at the bottom. >> there are sites that are dedicated to spit out the best price deal including air fare, www., and www. you can 18 for tweeting and liking a pest open facebook. >> a city is trying to clear the air downtown pushing out smokers. >> in hawaii a surfer is knocked out by the wave and people on the beach came to his rescue. >> if lake tahoe you need the chains track the wet weather with and you can see the snow up there at heavenly. heavenly. a lot snow in the
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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >> fest oh, oakland, sunnyvale, by by. new this morning, reaction from paul mccartney and ring go starr after the public of judge martin considered the 5th beatle signing the band in
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1962 and produced most albums. ring go broke the news of the debt on twitter and tweeted this photo of the band with martin that wering fans for their sport. this morning, paul mccartney tweeted "the world has lost a truly great man." george martin was 90. >> nancy reagan will lie in repose for public viewing with thousands expected to pay respects to her in simi veil. hillary clinton is traveling to southern california to attend mrs. reagan's funeral on friday. former president germ w. bush and his wife laura and former first lady cater will be among the thousand invited guests. >> we will check with "good morning america" on what is at 7:00. >> good morning, neck on "good morning america" the race for white house and bernie sanders surprising win in michigan and donald trump out on top in mississippi, michigan, and hawaii and the relates could change the race, donald trump and john kasich join us next on
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"good morning america" today. >> we see you at 7:00. >> the bay is preparing for the next big earthquake with the p role that ferries play. the transportation authority has released a report say ferries can help survivors get to a safe location and can help first responders and disaster workers get around after a massiver. to help you prepare, look at the prepare paid at you will fine guidelines for stocking a survival earthquake kit and developing an emergency family plan the. >> it could be harder to smoke if san rafael. the city council will consider putting out e-cigarette in public cigarettes, as well, and taking aim annaning an exception that allows victims to smoke while passing through the downtown corridor. the city council will taking up the recommendations later this in. >> many of you have could still be talking about the total eclipse but ds showed up to the
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some are storm yesterday to catch it. the images were courtesy of a crew that flew all the way down to micronesia to see it. the total eclipse is fascinating. >> it thats a global constant and items it off. the sun goes away in the middle of day. that is dramatic. >> if you missed it, you have two opportunities to see a total eclipse one crossing the united states next year. or go to check out the one from yesterday. >> it will be as close as oregon where they will get a great shot. >> i will dry up there. >> going over kansas city and some of the kids could be in kansas city. >> neat. neat. wish we can have seen what they were see but the total eclipse was impressive. to go totally dark and dark in the middle of the she
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why people who be scared. live doppler 7 hd showing in to be cared of. we have hit rain. all streets are wet. in the south bay, we have areas that are wet right now. headed through the sunol grid to livermore and and an altamont pass and 6 death to walnut creek, oakland, bay bridge to sfo that is headed to the san mateo and dumbarton bridge and the least amount of radar returns are across the not bay and we could see the rain falling lightly south on 101. height rain and milder today, wet pattern, six days rain with the heaviest tomorrow and friday so bring out our storm impact scale, today is light and we can go up to "5" or severe. tomorrow is moderate. with a catch. ways are heavy rain and flooding condition only across the north by. that is how divisive the storm is going to be.
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5:00 in the morning, heavy rain in the independence part of sonoma, sliding during the morning hours through the north bay and as far south as the dumbarton bridge and by noon, well, i am done and head back to the north in the evening and heavier rain through 5:00 on friday morning and the rest of us get the heavy rain from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. now, i will show you two-thirds of 1" in san jose, and nearly 6" in santa rosa. that is why we will have flooding conditions and it makes us a "2" in the north by. bart has 48 train on time. we have 66:20, route 24, canceled. another is coming in 10 or 15 minutes. ace train is become in service. train one into santa clara and train three is headed into vasco so we will monitor that for you
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this morning. now, we will look at our map, a new accident to report southbound 880, i am seeing traffic stack up to 238 for a good solid 15-minute delay. we will be back to look at the bay bridge backup in a few. >> do your friends gave you a hard time for posting photos of your meals? according to an article that was published poe toes of your food mack you feel better and make the food taste better. here is the reason. scientists believe when a person takes a photo and delays eating it, they have time to savor the meal longer so they perceive it to be more enjoyable. >> but it doesn't make you more interesting. >> michael finney has important information before you my your next car.
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>> and incredible rescue in hawaii two men risked their hawaii two men risked their lives to save a man on a
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storm-impact scale, today is level "1" for lit rain the keep the umbrella hand. drive safely. traffic accident the storm on the news app. down led it -- led it now. >> this is what lifeguards train for: a dangerous day of surfing
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and manage give&boogie turned almost deadly. the man disappeared and is knocked out cold after hit his head on the reef. that is whennen off duty life guard and a surfer jumped interest action. >> i raced to him as fast as i could, grab the leash and pulled him up and he was purple and folky. >> after to days in the hospital he is happy to be alive and thank will for the two rescuers in the right place at that moment. >> now ask finney with a lot of questions so we property if extra team members to help get you answered. >> michael, can a dealership sell a vehicle with expired tags or stickers? if
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it happen as lot the when you sign the contract they put a rigs if there that says you are not going to register the car and update and make sure everything is updateed. >> if you have a question, report it on the smart 15 or tablet and head to abc7 news share it askfinney and it could be answered right here. >> next, i want you to see this picture on your screen, that is from seattle, we have covered this bringing news all morning, crews are still, welcoming to put out -- working to put out flames after a massive explosion. >> silicon valley leaders including tim cook conspiring against donald trump with a meeting that takes republican party in a new direction. >> trains rolling again this morning following an ace train derailment in the east bay and how passengers are reacting as they get on board. >> sprinkles yesterday, and
6:27 am
pockets of light rain today and our chances of rain the next six days with the heaviest rain tomorrow and friday with flooding that is possible. flooding that is possible. stay tun
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news much. >> you will need a coat or an umbrella. chances are you will see rain. live doppler hd is show us there are showers.
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as we speak. >> on the bay bridge cars are dealing with the damp conditions. you should be prepared for wet commute for the rest of the week. good morning. i am matt keller. >> i am reggie aqui. by the end of the week if you are in the north bay you will need an arc. >> yes, it will be a situation with heavy rain and flooding around guerneville on saturday. with the russian river. that is coming up. but, first, out the door as the gays mentioned you can see pockets of light rain. we will continue to be touched by light rain. the commute is wet. even in san jose. you can see downtown it is wet right new. there is drizzle through the 7:00 hour. milder at let 50s and the rain tapers and heads not by 4:00. the evening is convey it. the reprieve is brief. >> beyond powell street and
6:31 am
emeryville to the macarthur maze what is interesting is the computer lane, the far last lane, h.o.v. lane is backed up. the rest of the lanes are moving fine. behind the toll plaza meter lights on at 5:29 and car poolers are avoid the backup. that is the from way to go. now, a check of mass transit. >> ace trains are back running happening soon after the derailment and it took a huge effort to make it happen of the crews cleared the put slide out of the niles canyon in one difficult. amy hollyfield is in pleasanton as commuters are rolling. >> i got a text from a man on the first train through the spot where the train derailed say it was a smooth ride and everyone was calm and relaxed. some look out the when at the spot with the train derailed. here is what it looked like yesterday. an upsetting thing to look at
6:32 am
and think about the passengers say they not worried about taking the train. >> no second thoughts. i am happy to ride again. drove yesterday. driving home thinks so i lie the train. no second thoughts. >> no serves? >> if. trains are slow down through the area where the accident happened but the rock is fine. we will test it. for you. we will help on the nbc trip at 6:48 to take the ride through the area with a report from the train. join us as we test drive the ace train. >> ace rain is trying to figure out what can be done to prevent an accident like this from happening again and will meet with union pacific of installing fencing with sensors along the stretch of cap beyond. the sensors alert engineers if a mutt slide or trees hit the
6:33 am
tracks. they are used in western colorado. for the latest enable push alert s which are free. >> in seattle, a powerful explosion that levels a building. you can see the aftermath, now, from seattle, sending nine firefighters to the hospital. two of them have been released. the rest have non-life threatening injuries. which is incredible when you see the scene playing out on the screen. crews checked out report of a gas leak when the building headed. the utility has shut off gas to check build we valves to make sure there are no more leaks. the camera pulls out and you can see how massive the levels of the remaining is an older neighborhood in seattle which is something like the mission neighborhood here, a lot of businesses on the street.
6:34 am
you can get updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. a storm -- store employees in san jose is shot and still gets off a few hits with a baseball bat before 10:00 p.m., the two armed robber shots clerk with non-life threatening injuries. >> bernie sanders is bringing a last momentum to the d debate after a huge upset over hillary clinton in the michigan primary. the result and astonishing. even veteran reporters. this was not a big margin, 1.5% which is only 20,000 voters but the fact he when after such a deficit. >> i take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls that had us 20-25 points down. would repudiated the pundits would say that bernie sanders was not going anywhere.
6:35 am
>> on respect side donald trump won gone, three primaries in michigan, hawaii and mississippi and the next primaries are on tuesday when voters head to ohio and florida presidents, key states for delegates. >> donald trump big named trying to get involved with derailing the campaign. >> an exclusive group of people including tech ceo's and billionaire donors and g.o.p. heavyweights met in secret to hatch a plan to knock donald trump out of race. it is reported that the private meeting happened on sea island off the cost of georgia. this forum is private. and off the record. but some details are leaking. it is reported that apple c.e.o. tim cook and tesla's elon musk and larry page were there along with karl rove and speaker of the house paul ryan and
6:36 am
republican senators, the annual meeting but this year it was all about donald trump and how to derail the campaign focusing on his weaknesses. they found this people do not see donald trump as presidential or someone they want their kids to look up to. the event include floridaed if governor jeb bush and senator ted cruz and new jersey governor chris christie who help $ed -- who endorsed donald trump. we do not know the details. >> oakland police are investigating why an officer mistakenly arrested a double amputee who died in custody a his wife was found dead. the jailers send him to the infederalry to be treed for low blood sugar. he was found dead on sunday. after, the coroner -- his wife died of natural causes. >> closing agents it a wrongful death trial filed against four san francisco police officers.
6:37 am
police shot can killed action election nature -- nieto. he was carrying a taser and officers thought it was a gun. the jury will receive the case at noon. the red cross is help seven people displaced by an apartment fire. the fremont fire department tweeted this photo showing crews at the apartments on fremont boulevard. it broke out at 9 pock -- at 9:30 last night. everyone got out okay. >> parents of students at st. mary's in chinatown are mad. the archdiocese announced they were suspending school operations. >> the community has raised over $15 million! what the hell has happened to that? >> the crowd let their views be heard and the ambassador day cease said the school enrollment
6:38 am
is falling and he cannot afford to keep it open. parents feel betrayed. >> i am a devastated the community was not given an opportunity to participate in builting a constructive solution. >> we lost someone who will come in and republican the facility and the enrollment was lower this year than last year. we cannot revert even if we work closely. >> the program, preschool and saturday language schools will continue to operate and the parish said it will place families at new schools. >> look closely at the photo, the yellow circle in the middle is a man stuck if marin county on the bench. the 33-year-old map spent monday night there. 18 hours before he was shots. you can see the highway patrol helicopter went in for the rescue. how did he get in that situation? he took a shortcut on the beach
6:39 am
to get to the car. the tide rose. it trapped him. he did not have a cell phone. >> many of you are scrolling through photos of the know they on social media. but you can not top this. a total eclipse chaser snapped this from alaska airlines. this was work out the delight was going from anchorage to honolulu, and the airline calculated the path of this total eclipse a year ago. to do this the flight had to be re-routed a bit over the pacific and they had to delay the flight time in order to get the perfect view. >> imagine how were they college for this at $100 for an extra bag. >> but the peanuts are free. >> good morning, everyone, coming up on a betterry car returns over the san mateo
6:40 am
bridge toward foster city and semi-yes. walking the dog in the only rain it will be better this afternoon, as will riding the bicycle. dry pavement. but if you think of kayaking or canoeing it is breezy is dry this afternoon. light rain is falling on valve ralph and 101 southbound the case through the morning, tapering this afternoon, and heavy rain for the bay on thursday and all of us on friday and the temperatures falling into the 50s with rainfall intensity for santa rosa off the charts in some areas so we will have issues with the russian river at guerneville on saturday morning at blood stage. >> 55 bart trains on schedule this morning, a great way to avoid driving with the wet roads and another golden gate bridge bus cancellation from mill valley, 653 is canceled with another in continue or 15 minutes after that but if you take the 6:53 not happening this
6:41 am
morning. ace train one arrived on time in santa clara and san jose. 3 is coming in to the vasco station and 5 is ready to leave oakland ton. everything is looking great. we have amy hollyfield on that ace train we will hear about it in a couple of minutes. >> update on the cute ten-year-old boy from antioch. he returned a missing wallet to the rightful owner and recognized during a city council meeting, and a photo of the boy standing with assembly member. also, a photo posted with the certificate and a cash reward. he found the wallet at a motor cross of vent in oakland and superintendent it to the owner along with an adorable letter. the woman gave him a cash reward and parted the letter open facebook where it went viral. >> if your personal data was,
6:42 am
supposed by home depot hacking you could be in for cash. >> more trouble for a neighborhood flooded with sewage this week. >> but, first, a look the at san mateo bridge and as always, back up. we show you live doppler 7 hd on we show you live doppler 7 hd on the screen
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>> news in millbrae may not be what you want to see or smell. raw sewage backing into a home two days after it happened the first type. janet o has the stomach turning video. janet? >> yes, look at crews cleaning. they have been here all morning. the family is staying as a hotel and the call said the houses with understooded again. crews are trying to clear the sewer. the toilet overflowed and water was soon in the garage. the problem started on mop when home owners saw raw sue an agency flowed into the home. a private contractor was work on a line and forget to cap it leading to rock and debris clogging it. five homes were flooded. the situation is unbelievable.
6:46 am
>> never experienced this before. i ask people that work in the city, doing repair they have never seen anything like this i talked to other people, other contractors, and this...this does not happen. >> he is waiting as the private company vacuums the water out of the house. the company, sewer rat, is blamed for cause this and they have yet responded. janet, thank you. if you are economicked by the home depot security breach you could get money from two years ago. and now historic day for the stork market in the money report. >> good morning, everyone. we are positive today. the dow is up 55 points and the suspect and nasdaq are trading slightly higher. as you mention today is an anniversary, the 7th anniversary of the start of pull market march 9, 2009, after
6:47 am
plummeting during the financial crisis. the dow is up 159 mrs. since that time. two years after home desan bernardino said 5 million credit cards were compromiseed in a data breach they have reached a $19 million tell to set a lawsuit and comment the customers. as part of the settlement, home depot will set up $13 million fund to reimburse shoppers for their expenses. if you my car since in california you are paying more then most other states with the average premium in the state at $1,7252. a separate study found filing a single auto claim of $9 or more in california result in increase of 78% the most in the study. examine mobile has payments to the gas pitch but you have to use their app rather than your mobile wallet and that app is iphone only. the way it woulds is recognizing
6:48 am
you are near an common mobile station and authorize the payment using apple pay. >> i still use a credit card. i am so 20 late the. >> don't they say done use a drove because it could spark an explosion. >> now we will be swiping our phone. it must not be real. >> excitement in someone's live. >> speak of that we have excitement with the weather. very small amount of rain. they causing issues. sue will tell you about that. now, santa cruz mountains, light rain is falling from there and a break spreading across the south bay and you can see upstream cross the heart of the bay more light rain failing and this is spreading interest our inland east bay neighborhoods and the fewest radar returns across the north bay and the tower cameras have light rain there and 43 minutes is a we are agency aing
6:49 am
as far as flight arrival delays with light rain falling and light rain will taper and head north this afternoon and moderate-to-heavy rip tomorrow and friday cross the earth bay where the flooding is most likely and the trees coming down. as far as our storm derail today's storm is light and tomorrow, moderate, and this is how it looks waves of heavy rain and flooding condition and matt asked about south bay and i said the storm could be a "1" in the south bay and a "3" in the north bay is how discerning it will be with the rainfall amount. snow is moderate to half rain falling tomorrow morning in the forth bay and supplies to the dumbarton bridge and then it is done and headed back north and tomorrow night, moderate-to-heavy rain all night in the north bay through friday morning and the rest of us get it friday. look at the rainfall two-thirds of an inch in the south bay and you go up to the north bay and 6". that is why we will have an
6:50 am
issue with the potential of flooding. let me get to the seven-day forecast and what you are going to see, "1" is light written on saturday and sunday. >> chais required on both highway 80 and 50 in the sierra. a look at walnut creek, fog is settling in on the roads with slick roads and 20-minute drive from highway 4 to highway 24 as it disappears into the clouds in walnut creek. over all traffic map shows hotspot slowing if your neighborhood and we had an early accident southbound 880, that new is cleared and traffic is still stacked to 238 for 25 minute drive from 238 to highway 84 we will be back in a little bit with more pass transit. we had a delay with ace train five looking stockton. we will check on that in a pit. >> it will be easier to get to las vegas from north bay with new flights from santa rosa to
6:51 am
las vegas starting in may as well as flights to phoenix, arizona, service between sonoma and orange county begins next week. >> most of us can use help with degreeses and our luggage, and there will be a new airport butler program at sfo, with a bunch v.i.p. services can be preaned to making flying easier. >> san jose officials are asking for residents to have a tax increase to fix up the city, that would result in $40 million a contrary for 15 years. officials say san jose is spenting a first keel tough last 10 years and needs the money to restore services. the certify shows many residents when the money spent on public safety. >> this is it, we were on the embarcadero if san francisco as cruise started demolishing sinbad, the water front
6:52 am
restaurant shut down four months ago and the port of san francisco evicted the stunt and owners to be replaced with an, spokesmanned ferry terminal -- with an expanded ferry terminal. with an expanded ferry terminal. >> be sure to be able push
6:53 am
>> here are seven things to
6:54 am
though before you go. >> grab the umbrella and patience. we are wet. with the rain tapering and starting to head to the north bay as we head into the afternoon. we get a break tonight. before the heavy rain arrives tomorrow morning. >> two, a wet commute if you want to opt out, bart has 55 trains on time. golden gate bus four is canceled. another is coming along. ace train 3 is on time headed to present and 5 is ten minutes late. >> we continue to monitor breaking news from see allege. nine fires were injured in a natural gas explosion. this is a look at the scene. official say the help skis are minor. >> four, a picture from ace train this morning, inside as commuters make their bay back on to the regular commute. the trains are back to service at the monday's derailment all four trains expected to be in service and a mudslide knock
6:55 am
over. >> folks in a millbrae neighborhood are dealing with a big most and a home owners say raw sewage flooded the home and garage. >> the body follow first lady nancy reagan will lie if repose for public vowing. thousands of people are expected to pay their respects at the reagan presidential library if simi valley. >> bernie sanders tromped the political experts by upsetting hillary clinton yesterday in the michigan primary. bernie sanders will carry the momentum and the debate tonight and donald trump took three of four contests losing only idaho to ted cruz. >> south bay is fought getting that much but north bay will get lot? >> favor times as much in the north by. the seven seven shows a light storm with most of the light
6:56 am
rain falling this morning and tapering and the rain will move in to the north by tonight. we will wake up moderate-to-heavy rain this time tomorrow and slide to the south, touch the south bay, return to thursday night into friday morning and return become to the south by on friday afternoon. >> very good. sue will update traffic. back in 25 minutes. >> follow us on your mobile devices. >> "good morning america" is next.
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technology designed fou. so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning, america. trump triumphs again. the gop front-runner winning big in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. now calling on the party to unite behind him. >> so, what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> and bernie sanders' stunning hillary clinton. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> a major upset defying predictions. the race tighter than ever. our team breaking it down. donald trump and john kasich both join us this morning. also right now, severe storms hit the south. flash floods and pounding hail. dozens already rescued as more severe weather and heavy rain moves in. hulk hogan takes the stand facing tough questions about his private tape saying his famous


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