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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news in the mission district this morning, a massive fire destroys what is last of a building in the area. all the same building that burned 14 months ago. we are on the scene with more. >> yes, reggie and matt, if this looks familiar it caught on fire a year ago. we are on the corner of 22nd and mission, the large white building across the street from sketchers. there used to be a popeyes. firefighters are here taking down the ladder. they checked for hotspots and to make sure there would be no more
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flareups. it took an hour and a half to get the fire under control. it broke out around midnight in a vacant building with flames shooting out of the roof and neighbors across the street had to be evacuated. there was a large fire at the same building last john. -- january. firefighters are suspicious that squatters may have been staying inside and set off a heat source. >> we had a hard time getting into the build because of the doors barred up and the windows were boarded up from the previous fire so we had to cut our way in. the stairway was filled with debris and we could not make it to the interior stairway so we had to climb the fire escape. >> those over evacuated residents have been allowed to go home and you can see firefighters are now climbing into the trucks and they are preparing to leave but this is a large investigation to find out what the source was, how the
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fire started. investigators will be here. you can see part of 22nd is closed to traffic as you hit mission treat. thank you, very much. good morning, it is 5:02 i am reggie aqui and i am matt keller here for natasha zouves. >> mikes how is it looking? >> more dry. especially over the weekend. we still have the need for slowing. around piedmont. you can see on 580 coming down the hill, shower there moving through san mateo and on either side of the santa clara valley we have showers so that means santa cruz mountains are wet and sprinkles that moved through sfo, 44-54 showers are tapering around 7:00 to noon and cool and upper 50s and only to 60 with sunshine this afternoon. if you are headed out no need for the umbrella low-to-mid 50s. mass transit? >> we have 77 trains on time for bart. no problem. and muni is looking good. and ace train one is on time out
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of the central valley. train one pulling interest vasco in a couple of minutes. we will come back and look at the peninsula sig-alert next report. >> developing news in the east bay. pg&e cruz are working to restore gas service. 2,500 customers in moraga, at look at the scene where a sink hill formed near ream boulevard and moraga. a light pole fell and severed a gas pipe causing a leak. hundreds were evacuated. the leak was capped at midnight. pg&e said 100 service representatives will go door-to-door to light pilot lights for those affected. >> imagine the person waking up this morning to find this tree on top of his car. it happened at 1:00 a.m. in oakland. the combination of a lot of rain and strong winds was too much. >> the latest storm took down plenty of trees throughout san francisco up to 50 by last
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night, a large branch snapped. it fell on top of a car at 33rd avenue at lincoln park play ground. >> i was looking out the window and were watching a squirrel jump from branch to branch to branch and started coming down very slowly and move right on top of the car. >> folks in danville are in for more more 100 so look at the mess at the bottom of the hill and what they are dealing with, a man's backyard is filled where dirt and debris. >> this morning, a landslide is ripping two moraga homes from their foundation with a slight shift in the soil destroying boat homes -- both homes. it could have been prevented. >> it looks impressive. i have never seen earth move
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like that. >> the home is hanging by a thread. a small landslide which began on tuesday has claimed much of the hill and rip the his home's foundation away leaving it in shambles. >> it has been a slow-motion process but dropping numerous feet a day to day. >> the house next door in bad shape. the landslide is swallowing earth below the home, falling another 4-5' and getting precarious. no time to waste. neighbors are pitching in to help both families move clothes and belongings from their home now too dangerous to live in. >> we want everyone to know though are in our prayers and blessing and trying to get them moved. >> homeowners are worried they could be next. >> we are watching in fear. >> laura said east bay mud hours the hillside and blame the utility for not doing more to prevent landslides after a fall landslide several months ago. to think utility would know something like this is a
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possibility and to not warn the community seems negligent. >> they said a soil study never warned of portland slide danger here. >> we are working with the home owners as far as the specifics, right now, we are focused on the immediate situation. >> crews could finish knocking down an apartment on the edge of a cliff in pacifica today. the rain did not stop the demolition. people would live there moved out because of weakening of the ground below the building and it was worst this winter. city could not wait any longer. can you track the rain where you live on live doppler hd on our free abc news app, to get the latest weather conditions, road closures and understood updates download the app 67 able push alerts. >> and the hot cop of the castro is expected to be in court for a preliminary hearing. he was charged with two felony counts of hit and run after hitting two men in san
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francisco's north beach last november and running from the scene. today in the hearing the judge will determine whether there is enough evidence to first him to stand trial. he is out on bail and also on medical leave. >> c.h.p. is still looking for two gunmen who opened fire on a party bus in oakland early on saturday morning. four people were hurt. investigator say the bus was east of the bay bridge in oakland making the transition to southbound interstate 880 when a red s.u.v. pulled up and the people inside the vehicle opened fire. one of the four victims was critically injured but is expected to survive. >> the c.h.p. said the people on the bus were uncooperative and would not provide a statement. >> supporters of st. mary's school in san francisco demand the an diocese work with them to find a way to keep the school open. we were in san francisco's chinatown as they demonstrated yesterday. the archdiocese said the
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enrollment is dropping. supporters say they have raised $15 million in the past and want a way to save it now. >> we are trying to keep it going and we have dozens trying to keep it going and we want the an diocese and the parish for work with us to put together a plan to keep it going. >> st. mary's is suspending operations at the help of the school year in june, and 80 students have to find a new school. >> 5:08, and here is a look at live doppler hd across the san mateo bridge on the san mateo bridge headed to foster city and crane avenue right there, where we have a light shower and at 280 and 84 or 92 all coming together in the santa cruz mountains. our temperatures, orinda at 51. as warm as richmond and oakland and union city and hayward at 56. i can see a lot of mid-50s around our neighborhoods until you get to the north bay santa rosa at 49, and pacifica is 51.
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san rafael is dry south on 101. today, we will have a dry afternoon transitioning back to dryer air and more spring warmth but evermight that is meaning the nation the form and tomorrow we have the fog giving way to high clouds and sunshine and lows to mid-60s and on wednesday high clouds and sunshine and low 60s at the coast and upper 60s to nearly 70 and warmer weather coming up in the seven-day forecast. if you head to the beaches, trouble there, today. sue? >> we are going to walnut creek to look at the drive between lasten hill and walnut creek, and into 24 to san ramon valley looking great this morning, moving the at limit, and 24 is looking good to the tunnel, and san mateo bridge is 15 minutes at this hour if you head from toll plaza and up to the highway rise. we still have this sig-alert in affect in belmont and san carlos area southbound highway 101 only one lane is getting by, with no
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estimated time of opening and right now i only see 15-minute delay down to w >> we are getting paid to spend more time with your children, who would not want that? state lawmakers say it is a bad idea. idea. >> how the weather on the tra
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>> benicia, smoke, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> sheriff deputies are blaming the weather and excessive speed for a narrow miss on the train tracks in novato. the smart train almost hit a pickup that ran on to the trucks from 101 off ramp. a viewer in novato sent thus video, the smart train was traveling slowly and stopped in time. >> vallejo police are trying to find two people accused of stealing high end sun glasses and frames. the crime happened last month at the crime happened last month at bayside family january. >> a customer went on a shooting attack at a maryland police station right outside of washington, dc, opening fire on prince george's county on the first officer. the officer died. he was days away from turning 29.
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>> another suspect links to the attack is also in custody. >> turkey is conducting airstrikes this morning in retaliation against rebels in northern iraq. the rebels are believed responsible for a car bomb attack that killed 37 people and hurt more than 100 in ankara after targeting a bus stop. the pro kurdish party condemned this. the obama administration a few days ago issued a security warning about a not to attack turkey housing. >> more time off for parents sounds great for them but not everyone thinks so. california lawmakers are working on a measure that allows parents to take up to these days of paid time off each year to play more active role in the school life. some businesses say they can taught afford to give their employees the three days off. >> it is surprising to me. especially the way the economy is right new and people are always looking for money and where we will find money to give
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causes. >> noun should choose between paying the bills and participating in child's education. eight proposal updates the california family and school and partnership act and not apply to small businesses only those with more than 25 employees. >> special happy birthday to steph curry, celebrating 28th birthday. birthday. >> he tweeted # saturday night at a fight club in san francisco. she posted this picture on instagram. her birthday is march 23rd. the proceeds benefited his "nothing but net campaign," and "no kid hungry," charity and hopes to win with the pelicans tonight at oracle arena. >> i feel lake he is giving me presents when he plays. >> when he shoots a three he looks over at i in the stamps and winking.
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>> great. great. reggie and i just enjoy the game >> high surf advisory through 3:00, with swells up to 15-18' and a risk of being swept into the ocean be careful if you walk loan the water edge, not a for idea. a shower over the port of oakland and right over the airport right now. and one is heading to crow scan beyond road if you take that cut from san ramon to castro valley be came. residual moisture and a northwest wind at 11 and wetness on the golden gate bridge. we have a few showers through the morning commute and partly sunny this afternoon. cooler nights and watch out for dense fog advisory in the morning and spring warmth the rest of the week. today the temperatures are below average from santa rosa and san rafael half moon bay and 58. along with richmond to concord and san jose at 62 to antioch at
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63. tonight the thick of the fog is in the central valley and some of that will try to spill and the inland east bay neighborhood to the under of the week when we get a breeze and patchy fog tomorrow dense in the north bay upper 30s to low 40s. my seven-day forecast shows after 13 consecutive days of wet weather in the bay area, seven without a storm impact scale, spring is saturday with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. sue? >> we will look at a couple of hotspots, around the bay area, we have a sig-alert on the peninsula, southbound 101 and it looks like that has been cleared. that is, length news, southbound 101 at millionly the roadway is green and that is good. we also have in the napa valley a full road closure because of a rock and mudslide northbound 121 from wooden valley to 128 so avoid that area. for local residents there is one way traffic criminal in affect. we will come back and look at
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the bay bridge backup or potential backup in a few minutes. >> richard simmons is fine. there was a ruler, a report he was held against his will, his representative said that is nonsense, he said he is not in any danger but rumors have been swirling he is trapped in a home and one said the housekeeper was keeping him against his will. but the representative said simmons is working to help millions would need i announcing a new property soon. more on simmons disappearance on "good morning america" and all i can say please let there be another sweatin' to the oldies. >> microsoft has a budget friend smartphone and a way to make intent surfing faster. here are the tech bytes. >> good morning, coming to america, new smartphone for microsoft. it features a 5" h.d. screen and
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access to the digital assistance, that now has been only available in europe. price tag? $199. >> could the dreaded sickle of death be a thing of the past? researchers at harvard say they have a way to load web pages 34% faster. >> no word on when the technology could be put in practice. >> the star of the show of the south by southwest festival was a human-like robot that responds to a customers' move using artificial intelligence and is talking to people and used in some japanese stores. >> how does it deal with angry customers? >> matt? tonight is the night you have been waiting for. >> all bachelor fans across the country, the season finale down country, the season finale down to two girls who will ben
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>> i know too much about this because i have a wife would wants it and loves the show. >> as your wife knows it will be the whilest finale because he has told both women he is in love with both of them the fun starts at 8:00 and then ben will hit h sit down with the post i am pulling for joe-gentleman because it -- joe-joe because is a ridiculous name. >> i can talk about ufc fights and my wife can talk about bachelor, one of those things you have to deal with when you get married. >> today is "national napping day," observe the day after return of daylight saving time so spring forward change has you groggy a nap can be just the thing to give you a best. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know use start the day. and use mosquitoes to fight a
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try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. >> here are seven things you need to know before you go. mike? >> yes, stray shower this morning. otherwise no significant storms the next seven days. what will we talk about? temperatures nearly 80 and a last pollen coming your way. i will let you know when the warm weather gets to your neighborhood. >> two, following your monday morning commute, roads are slick. heads up. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. back with warmer sig-alert with an update. >> three, breaking news from overnight, a fire broke identity inside a vacant building near mission and 22nd in san francisco's mission district and the same building burned last year. it burns for an hour before crews knocked it down. last new york city inspectors ordered the owner to tear down the building for safety ropes.
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>> four, two people are dead after a head-on crash on highway 4 near discovery bay overnight hitting another car sending it for a ravine. three children were rescued and one adult in critical condition. >> pg&e crews tried to restore gas service to 2,500 customers in moraga and a sinkhole formed near rheem boulevard and moraga after a a right pole fell severing a gas line that caused a leak. >> keg log shows a worker urinate on the food assembly line at the memphis facility in 2014. affected products include rice crispies. crispies. >> the fishermen carolina and they tagged it and set the shark free. amino people have been outraged
5:25 am
over the response of the water crisis in flint, michigan and today senator boxer is doing something about it. california senator introducing a bill allowing future presidents to give out immediate federal funds for any disaster he or she democrats "worthy." michigan was denied help because the con dam nation was not considered a natural disaster. the legislation would untie the president's hands in what many consider congressional clutter. >> scientists have a radical new approach to fight the zika virus using mosquitoes to help stop it from spreading further. the modified male would be released into the wild carrying a deadly gene making the off spring die before they are old enough to bite. scientists in brazil are using the mosquitoes. >> it produces two million male mosquitoes modified each week in the gene. >> you 100 cases have been
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confirmed in 31 states in the united states. the food and drug administration is investigating possible testing in florida. it does not sit well with residents of the florida keys where the insects are releases and a decision is expected next month. >> florida grandmother celebrated her double lung trance plant by doing her favorite thing. >> that is right, she tested out the new lungs on friday by dancing with doctors and nurses before leaving the hospital. she is dependent on a thank for a decade and the 60-year-old had surgery at a florida hospital in january and the important posted the youtube. >> i have not dance for a long-term because i could not breathe and i have always loved to dance. we did it. >> she found out about the dance
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because her granddaughter told her. >> wonder if she will...what next? >> at least she did not have the double transplant during the "ma carena." >> an amtrak goes off the rail in the midwest. >> and local rivers were pushed to their limit with people forced from their homes over flood concerns. >> you can see a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. stay on top of weather and stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am matt keller. here for natasha zouves. i am regular. it is monday again. march 14. a quick check of both and traffic. dry after today. >> yes, after the morning we
5:30 am
will be more dry. moving through danville a light shower, near concord, and in oakland, and right near fremont and heading to los altos hills. there is still residual moisture on the roads and a lost humidity in the air. kind of a damp morning with temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to mid-50s. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50s at noon and you will need the sunglasses, we will get to near 60, low-to-mid 60s by 7:00. with fog in the forecast. dangerous surf is coming up. sue? all the golden gate bridge shows smoot sailing. with four lanes in the southbound direction. a few minutes ago we watched the barrier move from three three tr an indication of smooth sailing. no fog, mike will look back at other areas of fog, and further north they are looking great, southbound 101 between novato and san francisco a nice 21-minute drive and usually sig-alert on the peninsula has been cleared and we are back with a look to see if the metering lights are own at bay
5:31 am
bridge. >> breaking news in san francisco's mission district a boarded inbuilding burst into flames overnight and you can see the fire shooting from the abandoned three-story building near mission and 22nd an apartment complexes with we evacuated while crews fought fire. no word on the cause of the fire, the same building involved in a ferocious fire last january. the owner did not do enough to help them get back into their homes and city inspectors have ordered the building be continue down for safety reasons. >> two people are dead after a crash on highway 4 near discovery bay. it happened at 111 o'clock a mile east of old river bridge. official say a car swerved and hit another car head on. one car carrying six people including three children went into a ravine with two adults killed and uninjured. officials believe the victims are from stockton and adults in the other car was critically injured with ford won on the cause of the swerve.
5:32 am
>> is sinkhole in the road could be a problem in moraga causing panic last night as hundreds flowed businesses and shelter in place in their hems. amy hollyfield is the at site near the sinkhole that caused a gas leak. amy? >> yes, reggie, the good news is the gas leak is over. it is in longer leaking gas. some people are not getting hot showers and that is a problem. look behind me you can sigh crews are here and they have a lot of work left to do. the inconvenience will linger and life will not be the same for a while with the sinkhole big at 10g10 and though are worried it is growing is 9 plaintiff at center street will be closed for a while so you have to deal with the detours to get to the 24 hour fitness and the movie theater and some do not have gas this morning. >> we want to make sure the area was safe and we had to use the
5:33 am
system, 2,500 customers have been impacted. we are doing everything possible to make sure we restore service safely and as quickly as possible. the sinkhole opened up at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. at 5:30, a light pole fell. it hit and rupture add gas line. that is when the gas leaked. necessity had to evacuate a shopping center including the gym and movie theater. they had shelter in place for residents. that has been lifted. the scare is over but the work conditions. a few miles away moraga is dealing with another big problem, a landslide threatening homes near the moraga country club with the deck and foundation of a home breaking away. a neighboring home is also threatened, and him owners say the hill started sliding on tuesday. east bay mud blames the hill,
5:34 am
and residents blame the utility for not doing more after a landslide a few months ago the they put tarps on the ground to keep more soil from being washed away and now will hire an engineer. >> parents going to dublin elementary school have to take another route to get there. a water main break damaged part of the road near the school. alameda county fire tweeted this video last night so expect some detours. the district officials think the playground may have flooded and it will be out this morning to check for the damage. classes resume this morning in a dozen schools in marin and sonoma closed by the the latest storms after canceling on friday because of flooding concerns. this is a full list at >> heads up to napa county drivers. do you see that? caltrain tweeted this photo, a big crack in the road. this is highway 121 in napa
5:35 am
county from 128 wooden valley. it will be closed because of the storm-related damage. c.h.p. website said that preliminary reports show part of 121 could be closed for a month. >> sonoma to monterey people are witnessed to be careful near the ocean. there is a high surf advisory in affect until this afternoon. in san francisco we met a man and his wife. they usually walking the dog loan the water edge but they were keeping their continue. he said his dog usually plays in the surf but they keep him out. >> saturateed soil and in san francisco below an apartment building at 17th gave way sending mud and boulders on the sidewalk. inspectors looked at the damage and said there is no imminent threat but advised calling in an engineer to make sure it does not need to be shored in. 175 were evacuated from a mobile home park in morgan hill. hopefully they can go home
5:36 am
today. it depend on the creek that rose sharply. the big fear is the creek would swallow the bridge that connects the comp and the residents would be trapped. >> it was scary. i was just at the people trying to grab whatever and lying to tell my kids to grab whatever you could grab. >> at the had of the evacuees were able to stay with family and friends and severals do had to spend the night at the cal fire station in morgan hill. >> we appreciate the weather figures and video you have shared with a lot of images of reservoirs and fast flowing creeks. when you see interesting weather happening, share it with us #abc7now and you could see it on rain or online keep tracking this and be sure do download our free app and enable push alerts. >> new details on breaking news in southwest kansas, 29 people have now been taken to hospitals because of an amtrak train derailment. officials say the train was going from los angeles to
5:37 am
chicago and derailed outside of dodge city, kansas, at midnight. five of the nine cars flipped on to their side and amtrak is helping the rest get to the final destination with no word on the cause. >> this afternoon, three santa clara county jail guards are scheduled ton murder and assault. rodriguez and farris and are accuseed of beating a mentally ill inmade to death. the judge ruled this morning this was enough evidence to proceed to a trial that is held later this year. >> an armed robber loose in the north bay, the suspect threatened to shoot a store clerk that happened on hopper avenue. santa rosa police provided the know theys showing the clerk struggling with the suspect as he fought become. the clerk suffered minor injuries when the problem are hit him in the head with a glass bottle. >> today, people in palo alto
5:38 am
will find out more about plans to tackle the traffic and parking problems. an idea is to add a business tax to a transportation measure on the november ballot. the measure would hike the sales tax by half a crept. the city leaders say it will not raise enough money to pay for everything that needs to be done and the city is looking at public and private panships to pay for transportation projects. >> tracking the light showers in san leandro and bancroft and mcarthur boulevard and ban crest avenue and heading over to san ramon, coming out of danville but near vista bay and down the canyon we have a shower and through the sunol grade expect it to be wet, also. if you head out in the north bay it is cooler from 45 right now, in rohnert park to san rafael and vallejo at 55 and we have mid-50s up and down the bay shoreline into san jose at 5 a, and lafayette at june. here is the activity planner today, the dangerous surf until 3:00 this afternoon, our benches, jogging and walking the dog will be wet this only but it
5:39 am
will be dry this afternoon. here is a look from our camera you can see the winds breezey from time to time today and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60. below average. tomorrow, fog and high clouds and on wednesday, mid-60s around san francisco, but low-to-mid 70s for the rest of us and that is not the warmest day in the forecast. that is. coming up. >> moderate slow on east shore freeway if the drive takes you through albany and into berkeley and the macarthur maze you are look at 20-minute drive from golden gate field into san francisco a nice solid stream of headlights headed westbound. at the bay bridge metering lights are turned on at 5:29 and car poolers are getting by fine and stacked up for ten minutes behind the overpass to get into san francisco. slowing out of the central valley, tracy, for 35-40 minutes
5:40 am
from tracy to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. we will check on mass transit options for monday morning. >> the drivers learned the hard way why you do not want did do that. >> troublemakers. troubling makers. they are not protesters but disrupters. >> taking aim at donald trump >> taking aim at donald trump what is
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. thank you is the sound people all over the bay area will hear today, it took crews three hours to chop up and remove a fallen tree on highway one north of jenner. the drivers were stuck in a flood along valley ford road yesterday during the storm. they removed their cars from the floodwaters. you can see the impact of the storm in a place where you expect to see water: the russian river surging to the bangs at the height of the storm. >> in arkansas, flooding is not the problem but winds are causing the damage. the mobile home took it on the chin from one of four tornadoes. parts of the home ended up if a tree. tornado watches were in affect for 40 counties in arkansas and louisiana and texas. >> wrestling, punching, the wild scenes continue at rallies for
5:44 am
donald trump. this morning there is growing concern over security at future events for the republican presidential frontrunner and whether trump is causing these. on saturday, in ohio, a man tried to rush the stage but was stopped by bodyguards. the 22-year-old said the act was pre-planned but never intended to hurt anyone. people are blaming trump for violence but he said the commends will not stop. >> the last debate my daughter and my wife said, don't, just let them say what they want, whatever they want, and act presidential, and i said i cannot do that, i cannot did that when they come at me we have to go back. don't we agree? really? >> if trump wins both florida and ohio in the primary he could be unstoppable for the nomination. and donald trump used a doctored
5:45 am
video toally that the man had ties to isis and he said the same thing to reporters at a rally, and the man denies he has had anything to do with isis and we have found nothing tying the young man to isis. >> the democrats, the presidential candidates were at a townhall at he state university and bernie sanders and hillary clinton denouncing the violence of the donald trump event. >> bernie sanders denies the charges by trump that his supporters are causing the trouble saying his campaign has never encouraged anyone to disrupt anything. >> hillary clinton is leading in all five state holding primaries tomorrow. >> we can expect a big battle in washington, dc, president obama will likely announce a nominee to the supreme court. that could cause an explosion from republicans who have you haved not to confirm any pick of the president until after the election. one republican senator said that they will treat any nominee lik a pinatt
5:46 am
we are going to get away from politics and talk about sports and the break coats which people are involved in, just one bay area team. all the ncaa released 68 teams for the march madness tournament. cal is one, the fourth seed in the south facing hawaii in spokane on friday. st. mary's bubble was busted after not receiving a bid, and fresno is 14th street in the midwest and bulldogs take on it on thursday in denver. always an exciting time and mike you are in the tournament, your alma mater? >> way down there, way down. anumber one overall seed is university of kansas? >> yes, and we could be on a collision course with cal. >> unless you play berkeley. >> what? we did recruit ivan but he went to cal anyway. he will have fun.
5:47 am
old guys against young guys. we have a lot of juniors and seniors. good morning, everyone, walnut creek looking quiet. weather-wise. the traffic is speeding up. i wanted it show you our rain togethers from friday and saturday and sunday and 3.5" and danville, 3.5" and san is 2.25" and .75" in palo alto why we are saturated. we have high surf advisory with leftovers from the weekend storm until 3:00, with large breakers and sneaker waves and risk if you turn your back of being swept out. union city down to fremont you can see the parkway, we have fremont boulevard and nail -- niles boulevard wet. and over the next six hours you can see a dry trend as we head
5:48 am
through the afternoon. 280 and 17, resaid i'll moisture on the ground but not expecting much, if anything, this morning and a sprinkle or two as we transition to sunny conditions and dense fog and spring warmth with temperatures at 58 to 63 degrees and tonight it will be much cooler and heater could kick on in the upper 30s inland to mid-40s, around the bay shore. my seven-day forecast forecast is not a single day with a storm impact scale but look at thursday, nearly 70 at the coast and mid-to-upper 70s and warm this weekend. sue? >> if you want to avoid the slick roads with the rain lingering and puddling bart has 44 trains on time and muni is hooking good and ace train one on time into fremont and ace train 3 on time, as well-being train 3 on time, as well-being and that is headed into
5:49 am
580, two lanes are blocked with four cars involved. i am seeing traffic slowing through the livermore valley area. we have an accident also out of the robin williams tunnel on the waldo grade southbound 101 solo spinout blocking the left lane approaching the golden gate bridge. flooding at the with a lot of standing water. we will look at the bay bridge commute in a few. >> a stubbing flight on a commercial flight with an international investigation under way. >> buyer beware, a pricey cream that claims not only to do wonders for your face but some people say gives you super weird dreams. >> keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with the news now with a look at nissan leaf...
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the abc7 news app on the go on eye schedule. news that lives where you live. >> u.c. president napolitano is overhauling the review process for sexual harassment claims against administration after allegations against a former dean of uc berkeley law school. last thursday, there was a resignation after a former executive assistant accused him of making numerous unwanted advances. she said he received only a temporary pay cut and orders to have counseling as punishment after a campus investigation that substantiated her claims. >> could a night cream cause nightmares? use others of the face cream say it is giving temperature bad
5:53 am
dreams. the company handed out samples and they got a lot of feedback including dream reviews. the company said there is no scientific backing for the claim. >> happening now, the european space agency is starting the first stage of a two part mission to determine if mars has had alien life and one is launched to reach the red land it in october checking data and analyze the planet's atmosphere because details of life could be hidden there. they want to figure out how to land big payload on mars and use solar electric power to help with missions. >> skiers are fighting a temptation this morning to ditch work or school and head to the sierra can you see people enjoying the new snow dropped by the latest storms. this is video provided by california resort and they say this is the best winter if years and giving sierra businesses a
5:54 am
much needed best. a wanting if you are headed there. >> avalanche warning through 7:00 this morning, for lake tahoe and all the areas shaded in blue but i can taught wait to see the electronic measurements when they come in between 7:30 and 80 this morning i will make sure to tweet it out if you missed that and let you know how good the weekend snow was. enough to cause avalanche warnings. 39 in lake tahoe with snow showers this morning. we will see partly cloudy conditions through the central veal and mid-60s, and 59 in monterey and 69 in los angeles and 83 in palm springs. here is my seven-day forecast for lake tahoe, breezy today with the morning snow, and we are back to increasely average temperatures on tuesday and warmer-than-average with low-to-mid 50s on wednesday and thursday and friday and upper 50s on saturday. take the sunscreen. sue? >> metering lights are turned own at 5:29, and this you go, a
5:55 am
lot of cars stacked up to pay the toms with a good solid 20 minutes from golden gate field through the toll plaza and interest san francisco. if you can car pool, the lanes are wide open. we watched them whiz on by with no delays. at the dublin/pleasanton area we had an early accident and it is cleared from the lanes with residual slow traffic. and to the east, westbound 580 near north flynn a huge pothole is causing the flat tires there so heads up, back with a look at the south bay drive in a few minutes. our san francisco police searching for four men who attacked a woman and got her cell phone. it happened at 11 on thursday night. a woman was walking home on van dyk and noticed the men following her. show ran. two chased her. police say one of them shoved her to the ground and another grabbed her cell phone. >> french investigators are calling for new reporting requirements for doctors treating pilots. this is a year after a german
5:56 am
wings co-pilot suffering from depression deliberately crashed his plane killing everyone on board. he locked the cap out of the cockpit and influence the plane into the alps. 150 people died in the crash. the doctors does not thing he should be flying but privacy concerns prevented them from telling anyone. >> if you own a nissan leaf there is a recall, 46,000 of the cars are recalled because of brake problems. the recall covered leafs sold between 213 and 2015. cold weather owners may have to push hearter on the brakes to stop. the computers in the brake system need to be rerecommended -- reprogrammed. >> today is pi day, 3.14 is pi day the ratio of the circle compared to the diameter. students can go to the san francisco zoo for free to celebrate show your student i.d. and partnering with the
5:57 am
san francisco giants to celebrate with five animals named at players and coaches. the celebration started in the bay area in the late 1980's at the exploritorium in san francisco. >> one of the san francisco's most iconic views could be off limits to cars. the city wants to batch you from driving on one side of twin peaks. >> the protecting news we have been telling you about all morning, abandoned building burst into flames in the mission district of san francisco and district of san francisco and what we are
5:58 am
i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price. it's a deal you'll devour.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> look at the dramatic scene in the mission district. an apartment building goes up in flames. it is not the first time. >> what you can expect as you head out the door, live doppler
6:00 am
hd showing most of the rain has moved out and a welcome sight for many after the drenching weekend across the bay area. >> good morning, i am matt keller here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. a busy morning. welcome to monday. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows boundary from discovery bay through livermore and sunol grade and fremont and to los altos sliding to the southeast. our best chance of light showers for the morning commute. the exploritorium shows the clouds protecting up so get ready for sunshine, 44 to 54 this morning and by noon in the mid-to-upper 50s and topping out at 60 at 4:00 and enjoy a quiet evening in the low-to-mid 50s. wondering if the rain is become to average? sue? >> yes, checking on the south bay commute we have highway 280 headed in the northbound direction the 880 overcrossing right here and we have traffic


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